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Magic [ Exclusive]
Magic [ Exclusive]
Price: $11.23
3 used & new from $5.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Okay, it's pretty good, October 21, 2012
I left a review for this album about a week ago that was a heavy criticism and gave it 2 stars. Well, after listening to the album again a few times, I've realized I was wrong.

Magic is pretty good, but I gave it 4 stars because while it isn't the worst Smash Mouth album(that prestigious title goes to The Gift Of Rock), it might be the most problematic.

First off, why in the heck did this album need some no-name rapper called J Dash to taint some of their songs? He pretty much ruins two perfectly good songs and added nothing good to the album. Magic would have been just as good without him. Seriously, though, what was Smash Mouth thinking? Do they think that J Dash actually appeals to their current demographic? The people who listen to Smash Mouth today are not the same people who listened to Smash Mouth back in 1999. Maybe they just liked J Dash, so whatever. It's their album. I just wish I could get a copy of Magic that didn't feature J Dash.

Another thing that got on my nerves is the fact that most of the songs are love songs. One here and there is great and all, but I think the only song on the album that wasn't a love song in some way was Justin Bieber. *shiver*

Now the song itself is actually pretty good, but why did they need to have a song about Justin Bieber? They should have named the song "Smash Mouth", because most of it actually better describes them.

The last issue I really have is that, while most of the songs are pretty distinct, some of them sound like songs we've already heard before from other artists. The song called Magic sounded like songs already sung, though I can't put my finger on a particular song or artist. Out Of Love also sounds kind of generic, as well as She's Into Me(still a great song, though).

So here's my opinion of each song:

Perfect Planet - Great Smash Mouthy song. It's unique, but also what you'd expect from this band. Nice and catchy.
Live to Love Another Day - Also fun, and sounds like it could have been on Smash Mouth(self-titled album).
Magic - Just alright. Sounds kinda generic, but I like how synthy it is. J Dash reduces its value.
Justin Bieber - Cool music but lame subject matter.
Out of Love - Generic slow love/disillusionment song. Not bad but not very good.
Flippin' Out - Fun and happy song that is screwed up by J Dash from the start.
Future Ex Wife - I like it.
Better With Time - Slow and jazzy song. It's rather nice.
The Game - A very stand-out track. Great rhythm.
She's Into Me - Very nice slow song.
Don't You Forget About Me - Just alright. Not great, but a somewhat decent end to the album.

Overall, Magic is definitely worth buying. It's not their best effort in recent years(I think Summer Girl is a little better), but it doesn't disappoint.

Here's how I rate the albums:

#1 Astro Lounge
#2 Summer Girl
#3 Get The Picture
#4 Magic
#5 Smash Mouth
#6 Fush Yu Mang
#7 The Gift Of Rock

My rating isn't worth much because Fush Yu Mang is still one of my favorite albums. There's a lot of space between FYM and The Gift Of Rock. Don't buy that album. Instead, buy Magic!

Pure Protein Natural Whey Protein, Vanilla Cream Shake, 14 Ounce
Pure Protein Natural Whey Protein, Vanilla Cream Shake, 14 Ounce
Price: $10.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent low-cost whey protein, October 19, 2012
It seems to me like quite a few people reviewing this product over-reacted quite a bit.

This is not a perfect product, hence why I did not give it 5 stars. But that's merely by design, which is why I think it's still a good product. It's cheaper for a reason, and you get what you pay for. More expensive flavored whey protein powders might mask the whey taste and smell better than this one. Personally, I don't know what people are talking about when they say this product makes them gag. It's not particularly great tasting, but I didn't find it offensive. It's sweet, it's vanilla flavored, and you can taste/smell the whey to some extent. If you've never smelled pure whey protein powder before, it might seem strange.

I think this is a great product for the price. I got the 14oz tub for $9 at the grocery store, and it doesn't lack the scoop like with some other cheaper whey protein powders. This is much cheaper than getting the same amount of protein via $2-$3 prepackaged drinks. People who claim this has aspartame are either wrong or they picked up a different product. This protein powder is sweetened with stevia, a natural plant-derived sweetener without calories. 1 scoop(27g) only contains 100 calories and only 3 grams of sugar. Still more sugar than I'd like, but it's at last tolerable. But then again, this is meant to be a shake and not just pure powder.

So if you're looking to add whey protein to your diet, but you're not necessarily willing to blow $29.99 just to try it out, Jillian Michaels' whey protein is a good way to go. It's also a decent option if you're a cheapskate like I am and you don't expect it to taste like rainbows. If you mix it with some fruit in a shake, you don't even notice the flavor much anyway.

Price: $10.99
27 used & new from $5.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Understandably underrated, April 9, 2012
This review is from: Prophet (Audio CD)
I'm a big Lewis Black fan, just so you know(not that it really means a thing). I'm here to say that The Prophet is underrated.

This is the only Lewis Black album that is almost universally trash-talked about, and it seems as if nobody wants it. I remember when it was first supposedly released, I couldn't find it on Amazon or anywhere else on the internet to download. Now over a year since it came out, I finally got a listen to The Prophet and I've had a little time to think about it.

Really, it's not that bad. The common reasons why people don't like this album is that the audio quality is poor, which is true, and lots of the jokes aren't evergreen, which is also true. This is an album that was released in 2011, but the political jokes are about George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, etc. They're kind of funny if you are old enough to understand those jokes/rants, but we've already heard Lewis make the same rants about these people before. However, the reason for this isn't because Lewis is losing his edge(I'd argue the opposite), but that this album is simply a recording of his earlier material.

Also, the majority of what is on the album is material that hasn't been heard yet or unrefined. I own all of Lewis Black's albums, some of which I have autographed, so I've listened to them pretty thoroughly and while the latter half of the album isn't interesting, The Prophet is still worth listening to. I can't find many facts on this album, but this is clearly earlier Lewis Black material and it's interesting to listen to how Lewis Black's act has developed over time.

The Prophet is, in my opinion, for current Lewis Black fans only. This IS NOT a good introduction into Lewis Black, and if you are looking to introduce yourself to his comedy, please listen to his album "Anticipation". While it has very little political comedy in it, I think it is the funniest of his works and it goes to show he's a good enough comedian that he can be funny without always resorting to his same schtick.

My only real complaint is that with the quality of the audio and the datedness of the material, this album should be offered as half-price, or at the very least, it should be included as a bonus disc with a better Lewis Black album.

So I gave this one 4 stars. It's fine if you're a rabid Black fan, but it's pretty stale if you new to him.
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H2go Hydrogen Powered Radio Control Car Standard Set
H2go Hydrogen Powered Radio Control Car Standard Set
Offered by BeeStreet
Price: $68.95
4 used & new from $68.95

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Awesome toy but difficult to get working, January 28, 2012
= Durability:2.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Just like the title of this review: It's an awesome toy, but it's a pain in the rear to get it working.

If you are considering buying this gadget, don't be discouraged by negative reviews on Amazon! It's a huge pain to get it to work, and the instructions are very confusing. But once you get it working, it's awesome.

Overall, I'd say this is not a good toy for most kids. Don't buy your kid this toy if he/she is not interested in science or electronics. If your child doesn't care about those things, then he or she will be very bored by this toy. On the other hand, if your child likes doing science projects and has a decent level of patience, then this might make a good Christmas gift. This is even a great gadget for adults!

But you need a heck of a lot of patience. These days people want instant gratification, and unless you are using this toy on a regular basis, that isn't what you are going to get out of this gadget. Keep in mind that this is what is referred to as a science toy; that means that rather than producing it with instant gratification in mind, it is made to do something innovative and because that is challenging it needs to be used by someone who has an appreciation for that kind of innovation. It's not going to run in seconds by pouring water into it! If you don't have the patience, then don't bother. And don't just leave negative reviews on this product after a short time of trying to get your car to work. I think this company gets a lot of flack for creating a completely unique toy that doesn't exactly work the way a Tyco RC car does.

Does it actually run on hydrogen? YES. Some people think it's just a trick and it's actually running off of a lithium ion battery, but it isn't. The charger unit actually uses hydrolysis to split the water into oxygen(a byproduct) and hydrogen(the fuel that goes into the car). This is why you MUST use distilled water and NOTHING ELSE! If you use water that has minerals, your car probably won't run at all and the charging station will have a tough time generating hydrogen. That really shows that the car is actually running on hydrogen! Distilled water is very cheap and can be found at virtually every supermarket.

The main problem with getting this car to work is when you first have to do the "warm up". A warm up must be done whenever you haven't used the car in a while, and of course when you first take the toy out of the box. The instructions make it sound simplistic, but it doesn't always do it. During the warm up, the light is supposed to turn on on the car and it should cycle hydrogen through the fuel cell. But the light wouldn't come on and it would do absolutely nothing. If this happens to you, you must keep pumping and releasing hydrogen into the car until it works. Pump some hydrogen into the car; if the warm-up light doesn't come on when you have the warm-up switched on, then turn it off, press the release button to release the hydrogen from the car, and repeat. IT WILL eventually work. Once you get it working, you will then be able to easily use it repeatedly. Occasionally you will have to warm it up again but it won't be a hassle to get the warm up light to come on. That is unless you haven't used the car in months.

This car does work, and it's very fun to use! Don't be disappointed and give up when you realize the car isn't going to come flying out of the box! This IS NOT a Tyco RC car! Keep trying, and you will get it to work! If it still doesn't work, contact the company through the email on their website! Their support is very friendly and they helped me get it to work and even offered to send me a new fuel cell for the car(free of charge!) in case the car still didn't work. But then it did! :)

SMARTVIEW 300 Mirror Black
SMARTVIEW 300 Mirror Black
Offered by BIC Warehouse
Price: $9.77
10 used & new from $5.06

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't let it's professional look deceive you!, August 16, 2011
This is the worst bike mirror I have ever used.

First of all, who the heck wants to be holding on to an uncomfortable piece of plastic with velcro straps the whole time they ride? It's distracting and uncomfortable, and I constantly had to readjust it.

Secondly, the quality is shoddy. I had mine for a few weeks before I bumped it lightly on the wall in my garage and the cheesy plastic arm snapped in the middle! It's not even reinforced!

I want to know why every store carries mirrors like these, and not the ones I used to have as a kid that attached directly to the handlebar and adjusts just by bending it. Why create a design that should help save the mirror from damage but then make the actual parts as cheesy as possible!?

Everything made by Bell is garbage and I should have learned from the speedometer that didn't work, the tire pump that didn't work at all, and the chain punch that broke after a few uses. I'm shocked that this company is still in business! They're the epitome of cheap Chinese imports!

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