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Bad Girls
Bad Girls
Price: $5.99
81 used & new from $1.46

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5.0 out of 5 stars DISCO PAR EXCELLANCE, December 20, 2005
This review is from: Bad Girls (Audio CD)
This is one of the great treasures of the disco era along with Chic's "Risque" and is proof that disco could be a winning and respectable art form if placed in the right hands.
Bad Girls has a smorgasboard of classic songs and the thing that stands out for me is that Donna Summer didn't have to borrow or sample someone else's melody in order to achieve a hit.
This is the real thing laced with the distinct dignity of being totally created by the artists on the cover as opposed to the unethical standards of today that somehow have become acceptable.
"Hot Stuff" is fiery disco coated with a scintillating rock edge and "Bad Girls" struts with funky groove attitude.
Donna Summer also displays her talent for songwriting on the sensitive and sensual "Dim all the Lights" which starts out as a breezy ballad then explodes into a disco stompdown.
There's a little bit of country flavor on the tender ballad "On my Honour" and a taste of rock crunch in "My Baby understands".
I also love Donna's delicate spoken intro to the heart melting ballad "All through the night" because it feels like she's talking right to you.
Donna Summer had that kind of sincerity and intimacy in her performances that made you fall in love with her from the get go.
Donna Summer ends the album with three dance scorchers starting with the pulsating seductive declaration of "Our Love" which slides right into the enchanting hypnotic harmony of "Lucky" then slams into the finish line with the Harold Faltermeier co written adrenaline frenzied rush of "Sunset People".
Donna Summer is at her absolute peak here handling country,disco, and rock with the utmost ease and with a winning musical sophistication.
The production of Giorgio Moroder is fantastic and i especially love the slick way one song segue ways into another.
For example, the playful "Love will always find you" grooves along in its saxophone melody then suddenly stops and the cool mysterious "Walk Away" kicks right in and it just sounds so tight.
"Bad Girls" is an absolute wild enchanting sexy sensual tour de force that will sink under your skin and make your blood boil and get your feet grooving.
So click that button and give in to this Bad Girl because deep down you know you want it.


Price: $7.19
214 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars You Gotta Be Kidding Me!!!!, December 5, 2005
This review is from: Switch (Audio CD)
I grew up on Michael Hutchence and the glory days of Inxs so i was extremely cynical on Switch being convincing and i felt i would be ready to compare the past to the present.

Boy was i wrong!!!

Michael Hutchence is no doubt irreplaceable with his soulful sexy distinctive vocal combination made out of 1 part Morrison,1 part Jagger, and 1 part Bryan Ferry.

His writing skills also was a prime contribution to the band's success but J.D. who in the end of the competition proved he fit like a glove in this band proves that he can revive Inxs and make them sound fresh.

Some people will say that J.D. sometimes trys to sing like Hutchence but he's not.

He's merely being sexy vocally and being sexy vocally does not automatically make you a clone of a former sex drenched singer.

J.D. brings his own sensuality to the music as well as his own distinctive timbre of voice and personal insight into the material.

I also believe that this fresh new blood has revived the once dryed up and uninspired Inxs (see Elegantly Wasted).

This band sounds revved up again like it's 1989 again but it's not that same sound.

There still is that trademark slick pop funkiness but it sounds updated and made for 2005.

The batch of tunes are for the most part well written and performed with intensity and passion with a nice mix of upbeat tunes and ballads.

From the impassioned balladry of "Afterglow" to the invigorating rush of "Devil's Party" to the smokin' remake of J.D.'s "Pretty Vegas" this album delivers.

So for the die hard Hutchence fans who refuse to even give this a shot you're missing out.

Inxs lives and delivers the goods on this release.

Go ahead and make the SWITCH.

Oscar F.

Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Cowboy
DVD ~ Dustin Hoffman
Offered by Mediaflix
Price: $8.81
99 used & new from $3.44

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5.0 out of 5 stars Midnight Cowboy takes a trip out of Wonderland, November 30, 2005
This review is from: Midnight Cowboy (DVD)
Midnight Cowboy is one of my most beloved movies ever and it could possibly be my favorite movie of all time.
John Schlesinger directs with no holds barred blatant reality gusto and we experience the gritty and tortured streets of the big apple and the smorgasboard of colorful characters that fill these streets.
Jon Voight in a performance never bettered in his career is Joe Buck .
Joe Buck is an extremely naive adult with the brains and maturity of a 5 year old who's been thru a few traumatic damaging experiences involving his mother, grandmother,and girlfriend.
Joe is tired of the small town life and becomes hungry for the big city life of New York.
His ambition is to become a prosperous street hustler as he believes that New York is a mecca for sex crazed beings just waiting for a texas cowboy to sweep them off their feet.
Joe eventually realizes that it's not that easy to hustle as he gets conned by a "helluva gorgeous chick" then by the scummy cripple Ratzo played superbly by Dustin Hoffman in a peak career performance.
Dustin Hoffman creates here a character as memorable as Don Corleone with his signature bum leg,greasy hair,nasel voice, and his unforgettable dialogue "Hey.. I'm walking here".
Ratzo then invites Joe to his condemned apartment after Joe gets locked out of his room and they slowly start to form a bond.
It's incredibly moving how they survive thru the poverty and how Ratzo dreams to move to Miami where he believes the sun and coconut can restore his decaying body.
I won't tell you anymore but i promise you that you will be moved by this film.
It's a film of indestructable power that remains with you for the rest of your life.
The perfectly chosen soundtrack provides the ideal soundscape for every scene from Nillsens "Everbody's Talkin" to the final haunting harmonica dominated instrumental.
Midnight Cowboy is the time capsule to 1969 and though this makes this film old it's content can never age because this is what real life can be for some of the unfortuante ones.
So take a walk on the wild side and pick up this Midnight Cowboy and prepare to have your heart shattered and your mind haunted by its timeless imagery.

Oscar F.

Verdi: Rigoletto
Verdi: Rigoletto
Offered by Fulfillment Express US
Price: $14.43
40 used & new from $7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars LOOKING FOR A KILLER RIGOLETTO? YOU FOUND IT!, October 1, 2005
This review is from: Verdi: Rigoletto (Audio CD)
This recording dates from the 60's and contains a first class cast that carries Verdi's vision with the utmost dedication and intensity.
Bergonzi's Duke is sheer macho swagger and arrogance and is as carefree as can be.
Bergonzi also has no problem slamming and sustaining the high c at the end of "La Donna e' mobile" and handles the rest of his part with the utmost ease and with elegant musical phrasing.
Fischer Dieskau is masterful in his interpretation of Rigoletto as he gives explicit heartfelt meaning to the words that he is singing so you can really feel the torment,love,rage,vengeance,and cruelty that spills from Rigoletto's soul.
Dieskau has a wonderful tone as well as the power,vocal security,and musical intelligence to make the most of his part.
The thing about Dieskau is that he's not here to just produce a wonderful sound but to possess the spirit of Rigoletto and there's no way to not be moved by such a soulful performance.
Scotto is near ideal in her interpretation of Gilda as we hear the innocent,gullible,and determined aspects dramatic wise combined with a staggering display of technical virtuoso vocal fireworks that could stand alongside the great Joan Sutherland.
Finally we come to conductor Rafael Kubelik who is mindblowing in this performance.
He is at once electrifying,precise,poetic,keenly dramatic,tender, and in tune to every aspect of Verdi's masterful score.
I've never heard this opera conducted better as Kubelik flys on a wave of inspiration that equals the intensity of a Toscannini with the depth of a Giulini. The sound quality is excellant with crisp clear sound and wide range and the booklet inside gives detail to each track though it is quite skimpy but then again it is a bargain.
This is a Rigoletto that is guaranteed to satisfy listeners who appreciate real opera.
When i say real opera i mean performers who not only sing the notes but performers who embrace and transform themselves into the characters that they are playing.
Opera is not a recital but a complete art form and this particular recording gives you this in spades.
Go for it!

Oscar F.
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All the Best
All the Best
Offered by MediaNett
Price: $42.11
74 used & new from $0.01

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Pick Of The Patch....DID THEY GET IT RIGHT?????, September 10, 2005
This review is from: All the Best (Audio CD)
What's not to like if you admire catchy melodies,big hooks, and stellar vocals????
This collection has a solid taste of Mccartney's flair with that musical pen from the broadway style melodrama of "No more lonely nights' and "My Love" to epic blockbusters like "Live and let die".
You'll find the rockin' "Band on the run" which shift changes like a wild chameleon from a breezy pop tease to a foot stompin' anthem and then there's the fist pumpin' adrenaline kick of "Jet".
You will also find Macca's jubilant collaboration with the gloved one (before the insanity hit) on "Say Say Say" and the easy listening pop of "With A Little Luck" which concludes with those signature revved up Little Richard style vocals.
This set will also delight with its inclusion of the cruising rock cool of "Junior's farm" and the sappy yet irresistable pop charm of "Silly Love Songs" which is highlighted by Macca's lyrical virtuosic bass lines.
Now it all makes for an enjoyable listen but what were they thinkin' when they decided not to include Macca's best rocker "Maybe I'm Amazed"?????
I find it hard to comprehend but it is the case so Macca's record company needs to wake up and enhance this old collection with "Maybe i'm amazed" as well as some other classics that happened before and long after this set was released like "My Brave Face", "Figure of eight", "Getting Closer", "Here Today", and ESPECIALLY "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five" which is one of my personal fave's.
Let's hope they can really make a collection that lives up to the title instead of giving us more of the same...

Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart
Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart
DVD ~ Lou Reed
13 used & new from $27.71

24 of 25 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Split the Veins and Rip thru the Blood, August 26, 2005
Lou Reed's Rock n' roll Heart documentary is a sensitive and revealing look into the prince of darkness.
We get incredible live footage of Lou doing "Kicks" and a sample of Lou and his rock n' roll animal band tearing thru "Sweet Jane" with Lou dressed all in black with collar entering the stage as someone screams out "play Heroin" and he screams back "shut the f##k up".
We also get to hear an acoustic take of "Heroin" live from Italy which is pretty terrific and a hard edged rendition of "dirty blvd" is included as well, so from a performance standpoint this program delivers.
The basis of the program covers how Lou got started in music from his first guitar lessons to his high school bands to his songwriting job for a company that catered to whatever fads were happening at the time.
Lou also discusses his joy of meeting one of his mentors by the name of Delmore Schwartz in college and how his poetic genius helped shape Lou's art.
The program then goes into the beginnings of the Velvet Underground which obviously follows the band's acceptance into the Andy Warhol factory.
Here we get to see that whole wild scene where art,dancing,film, and music all came together thru Andy Warhol's artistic eye with revealing interviews from people who worked in the factory and performance footage.
One of the best bits of the program is where 2 of the original characters who make up the "Walk on the Wild Side" classic discuss the song then sing the song with such touching adoration and nostalgia.
A segment about Lou's insane "Metal machine Music" project follows then they touch lightly on a few other ventures then discuss in length the "New York" album and so on.
Interviews from Patti Smith,Thurston Moore,David Bowie,David Byrne, and Jim Carroll are all entertaining and informative as they tell us what part of Lou Reed influenced and touched their life.
The video ends in a most special way as the camera focuses on each individual who participated in the program.
The individual has to stare at the camera without moving just like Andy Warhol used to do in his screen tests and it's a hoot to see people like Jim Carroll and David Bowie just crack up in the middle of their pose.
There's other goodies that make up the program but i don't want to give it all away because it's truly a wonderful and heartwarming documentary.
I've seen it many times and it's always fresh and sincerely moving so if you love Lou then you will love his rock n' roll heart.
As Lou said "My life was saved by Rock n' roll!!! Rock n'Roll!!!" and i hope your life can also find the salvation...

Oscar F.

Cracked Rear View
Cracked Rear View
Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $6.99
1409 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars EAT YOUR HEART Out Beatles+Stones!!HOOTIE RULES!!!!!!!!, August 22, 2005
This review is from: Cracked Rear View (Audio CD)
Wow! Cracked rear View is such a classic bursting at the seams with gripping monolithic piledriving rock n' roll.

Songs like "Time" put to shame Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" as Darius Rucker belts out his vocals like a man possessed with pitbull rabies and the crunching mind melting guitar axework would make Jimmy Page make a mess in his pants.

Quick!!!! Get the huggies for Maestro Page.

Ah yes!!!! Now we can NEVER forget the sublime melodic masterpiece that is "hold my bone" no..wait a minute,i mean "Hold my hand" with its dylan inspired lyrics that just rip into your soul and melt your heart.

"I'm going to love you the best that the best that i can!!!!!"

Surely John Lennon would have bowed down to this master tunesmith by the name of Hootie!!!!!

Bob Dylan sure as heck couldn't deny the poetic bliss of "Only wanna be with you" with those surreal picturesque lyrics and that soul stirring axework.

Here's a sample of some greatness

"Now there's nothing i can do...i only wanna be with you!!!!"

Now how can you not break down from the gut wrenching intensity when you hear those poetic words and to top it off the dolphins make him cry!!!!

ME TOO!!!!!!

I finally found my musical soul mate.

Oh thank you rock gods!!!!!

I must finally mention my absolute favorite tune here because it's a doozy and because i ALWAYS save the best for last.

You ready???????

"Let Her FRY"... oh no i mean "Let her Cry".

I was thinking about the bacon frying up in my pan.

But what a classic we have here.

Indeed Darius Rucker must have been blessed by the rock gods when his crew came up with this molten lava savage piece of ballad and those vocals just put to shame good ol' Marvin Gaye and Al Green as they are UNWORTHY when compared to the soul LOVEMAN that IS HOOTIE!!!!!!!!

You want a sexual healing then listen to "LET HER CRY!!!".

Now let me tell ya that "Let her cry" makes me cry and then immediately i need a box of kleenex because i can't stop crying because this song moves me like a good laxative moves me!!!!!!

Hey Jagger and Richards!!!!Listen up and take notes when Mr.Hootie delivers such heartwrenching anthems like this and learn something!!!!!!!

Yes,Mr. Hootie is a gift to the public and they should never take for granted Mr. hootie because Mr. Hootie is a rock god.

Bow down to the master all ye who enter the wonderful magical world of HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH and his CRACKED REAR!!!!!!!!
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La Traviata
La Traviata
17 used & new from $2.09

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Ceccato The Tempo Turtle Almost Spoils La Traviata, August 21, 2005
This review is from: La Traviata (Audio CD)
This is a good bargain if you're searching for a taste of Traviata.
The cast is very good with Beverly Sills as Violetta, Nicolai Gedda as Alfredo, and Rolando Panarei as Germont.
Beverly Sills handles the demanding technical passages of act 1 and act 2 very well though her singing is not as dazzling or spectacular as Joan Sutherland's but that has more to do with the conductor's intermittant sluggish tempos which drain the sparkle,intensity, and flow out of some of the arias.
Where Sills triumphs over Sutherland is in the dramatic department as we experience a more sensitive and revealing portrait of the tragic Violetta which truly reaches the listener's heart.
Nicolai Gedda is fabulous as Alfredo producing heroic beautiful tone,elegant phrasing, and convincing sensitive characterization and Rolando Panarei makes an imposing Germont with that rich full bodied baritone pulling thru the vocal tightropes with ease meanwhile producing a compelling and colorful portrait of the old man.
The packaging is not generous as their is no text translation but a track by track summary that is extremely skimpy in its details but you do get a little biography on Sills and Gedda as well as a few details about the composer Giuseppe Verdi.
The extracts that were selected for this release are well chosen though the final aria "Prendi quest'e L'immagine" is not present which is a notable flaw as listener's should be able to hear the final moments of La Traviata when Violetta dies.
Oh well, what can you do except complement this release with another highlights cd or just break down and get the complete opera which is actually the best choice since it is one of Giuseppe Verdi's greatest compositions and he is the king of all opera.
I hope this review was helpful to you and happy opera hunting.

Further Quality Listening:Complete Traviata's=Cotrubas,Milnes,
Domingo,Kleiber on DG + Callas,Di Stefano, Giulini live on ancient mono Emi but worth it+ Sutherland,Bergonzi,Pritchard on Decca.
IL Trovatore with Bjorling,Milanov,Warren,Cellini on Rca,
Rigoletto with Pavarotti,Sutherland,Milnes on Decca,
Aida with Domingo,Caballe,Muti on Emi, La Boheme with Domingo,Caballe,Solti on STEREO Rca or with Bjorling,De los Angeles,Beecham on MONO Emi if you don't mind the inferior sonics.

DVD ~ Mickey Rourke
Offered by Solo Enterprises
Price: $49.99
28 used & new from $13.99

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I Can't Believe it!...She's like a Vacuam Cleaner!!!!, July 29, 2005
This review is from: Barfly (DVD)
Man, i love this freakin' movie because i'm a supporter of all freaks who rebel against typical society rules and routine.

Mickey Rourke plays Henry Chinaski who lives to drink his days away and beat the living crap out of someone or get his grimy stinky butt kicked during the late night hours.

This screenplay was based on a story written by the legendary drunken genius Charles Bukowski and Mickey Rourke does justice to this disgusting yet utterly intriguing and enchanting character named Henry.

Henry is a writer who lives to escape what he dreads but without hurting anybody in the process.

He can't stand the night bartender of his favorite hangout because he represents everything that he hates from his cliched "Ladies Man" with the muscles appearance to his macho superficial way of existence.

So he looks forward to going to the alley to fist fight the Bartender (ably played by Frank Stallone) any chance he can with mixed results depending on whether he's had some fuel (Food) in his system.

I found it to be a hoot when Henry gets his face smashed in with a glob of gooey blood hanging out of his mouth and responding with "Is that all you mother can hit harder than that".

Henry eventually walks into another dive and sees the love of his life sitting across the room and he heads over to Wanda played superbly by Faye Dunnaway.

Wanda is a battered pile of garbage but it's her disheveled beauty and possibly her stench that attracts Henry.

When Henry asks her what she did for a career she responds "I drink".

Wanda might have been kicked around but she has a dignity and a rough sense of femininity that is so likeable.

So they get together and have their fling and though they encounter each others demons they still stick it out.

Henry eventually gets discovered but he turns his back on that steel cage of proper society and continues with his familiar destructive ways.

Henry is not a person to hate but to pity yet you can really admire him because he lives by his own rules.

He survives without resorting to destroying others and his dedication to his poetry and writing as well as his love for Mahler and Mozart is admirable.

Henry might smell like a big pile of poop but he has a good heart and a winning witty way about him that you overlook the smell.

Destruction never looked so glorious with barf drenched drawers and all.

Here's a drink to my friends and to Henry Chinaski and don't forget to wash your underwear!!!!!

Oscar F.

Band on the Run: 25th Anniversary Edition
Band on the Run: 25th Anniversary Edition
74 used & new from $2.48

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Mccartney takes his Wings out to ROCK, July 25, 2005
"Band on the run" is Mccartney's apex not only because of the eclectic mix of sounds but because of the consistant quality flowing through the entire disc.
"Band on the run" shift changes with the thrills of a chameleon as it opens up in laid back fashion twisting then into a shuffling rocker then transforming itself into a breezy acoustic anthem.
"Jet" and "Helen Wheels" cruise with rock n' roll abandon with the latter tearing into a smokin' guitar outro.
"Let me Roll it" is swaggering blues cool complemented by Mccartney's bold Elvis style vocals.
Macca also dishes out his delicate side as heard in the tender "Bluebird" and the soothing low key charm of "Mamouna".
"Band on the run" concludes with the amusing infectious sing a long song "Picasso's last words" and the desperate epic rock of "Nineteen hundred and eighty five".
"Band on the run" is a gem throughout and is definitely a lot easier on the pocket than a ticket to a Mccartney show which peak as high as $250.00.
Mccartney should know better than to take advantage of his fans devotion but then again John was the one with soul.
I love you Paul but not that much.

Oscar F.

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