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Viva Labs Organic Cacao Powder: Raw and Non-GMO, 1lb Bag
Viva Labs Organic Cacao Powder: Raw and Non-GMO, 1lb Bag
Offered by Premium Vitamins
Price: $18.95
3 used & new from $10.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Cuckcoo For Cacao Powder!, October 21, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
One of the largest blessings of being a Vine Member is being given a chance to try and review products that you never knew existed. That's how I discovered the wonderful product made by Viva Labs. Although I consider my eating habits far healthier than the "normal" person, there's a vast amount of REALLY healthy/natural food that is completely off of my radar. Why? Simply because I've been blessed by not having any allergies to food products so I don't have to do the Heavy Lifting that other individuals need to do that can't process in their bodies what I sometimes take for granted.

I try to buy Organic and Fair trade items whenever I can and this Cacao Powder meets that criteria. I've ordered very expensive/imported cacao powders from online companies but ONLY for use with baking; it had never occurred to me that Cacao Powder had health benefits! Who knew? After reading countless reviews about the 1) Fiber and 2) Micronutrients in this product, I knew that I had to try it both for baking and adding it to my daily diet.

OMG...what a joy to the tongue! I have tried adding small amounts to my morning smoothies: Strawberry & Cacao smoothie...To Die For! Then I added small amounts to my morning French Pressed coffee...absolutely THE BEST mocha in the World! I've since added small amounts to my oatmeal with sliced bananas, to sugar cookies as a flavor dusting combined with powdered sugar, and in my most cherished chocolate cake recipe. In ALL cases, the flavor just *burst* into your mouth and gave you that deep sense of satisfaction that you dream of having when you think "chocolate". A real PLUS of this product is the instantaneous quality of dissolving into whatever you mix it with. I don't know the science behind why THIS product mixes so well without creating those nasty clumps of cacao that take ~forever~ to dissolve, but this powder is a true dream to use!

As others have said, the price is insanely fair and affordable and the pouch that it comes in is of a large/substantial size measuring about 10" x 6". When you think about it, the large bag that is shipped to you is the price of only TWO large mocha coffee drinks; this will last you far longer than those 2 cuppas did. I keep mine in the freezer to keep it super fresh; if I'm adding it to cold products, I take out the amount I need half an hour before I need it so it can warm to room temperature.

Now that I know about Viva Labs Organic Cacao Powder and it's taste and health benefits, it will be regularly ordered to enjoy each day. :D

The Shadow Of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy Book 1)
The Shadow Of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy Book 1)
Price: $2.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Like Reading a Bowl of Alphabet Soup ~groan~, October 19, 2014
Eryth Mmorg. Tal. Taag's Peak. Tawwas. Broken Cities. Tal'kamar. Door of Iladriel. Res Kartha. Lyth. Wells of Mor Aruil. The Keeper. Nethgalla at the Crossroads. Talan Gol. Ilin Tora. The Mirrors. Aarkein Devaed. The Gate. The Waters of Renewal.

Is ANYONE still with me, here?!?! Those eighteen names and places were littered throughout JUST the prologue of this book by author James Islington. What should have taken me 3 minutes, TOPS, to read any short intro to a book, took me over half an hour, as I had to keep going back, forth, back, forth and finally take NOTES on what was what and who was who. Since I had only downloaded the sample of this book (smart move, there!), X-Ray isn't an option, so Note Taking #101 was my only recourse. :(

Lest you think I'm some fan of namby-pamby mindless Fantasy/Sci-Fi, I'M NOT! I first read the entire L.o.t.R's books at age 8 years old. I've read ALL of Robert Jordan's series, the complete Barsoom Chronicles, G.R.R. Martin's G.o.T.'s books, J.K. Rowling's and many other serialized fantasy works, from old to new.

I get that it's canon to create new words for Brave New Worlds: Aragon, Bilbo Baggins, Muggle, Barsoom, and Gyffindor, to name a few. But...for Jiminy Cricket's Sake...spread them out, PUH-LEASE! For ANY author to pull up a dump truck of not only foreign word's but ORIGINAL foreign words and plop them into a reader's lap to digest within the first couple of pages, is more than THIS mere Mortal can digest!

Regarding this book, I even went so far as to finish the free sample but knew it wasn't for me. If keeping track of all the characters and places that I read within an hour's time is a sign of high intelligence, then please allow me to get a Dunce's Cap and go sit by myself with The Princess of Mars, again.

I admire anyone who can hold on to and process the sheer amount of place/person names in this trilogy. :D
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Pines (The Wayward Pines Trilogy Book 1)
Pines (The Wayward Pines Trilogy Book 1)
Price: $4.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Wayward Plot :(, October 19, 2014
At 62 years of age, I grew up devouring the BEST of Sci-Fi, either from the written word or TV. Yes, I was there for Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, and Robert A. Heinlein. I also watched LIVE (not Hulu nor Netflix) the original Star Trek, each resurrection of the show, The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Twin Peaks and M. Night Shyamalan's films. Like some people are experts on wine or coffee, I consider myself an expert on Sci-Fi.

So, it was with GREAT EXPECTATIONS that I looked forward to reading this trilogy. I knew I was in serious trouble when I barely could make it through the introduction of Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke. I actually had to advance my Kindle to future pages to see if the stilted/truncated narrative changed course; I found out it did. I'm guessing that what the author was trying to achieve was transferring Ethan's confusion into text, but all it did was confuse ME.

Once past the grindingly dull intro, I began reading the remainder of the book. I began reading the remainder of the book. I began reading the remainder of the book.

If you're wondering why I just repeated those lines three times, then you'll share my confusion with the Peat/Repeat/Peat/Repeat format of this book. After Ethan's 3rd (or was it his 4th? or 5th) attempt to get beyond the hospital/diner/hotel/town limits, I had to close the book and head off to Wikipedia to see if I should continue. Dang!!! You KNOW you're in trouble when even Wikipedia has ABSOLUTELY NO BREAK DOWN OF THIS BOOK'S PLOT, WHATSOEVER! I don't know if fans of the book are deleting it or FOX TV is deleting the plot but this is the 1st time I've turned to Wiki and NOT found a full breakdown of a book or tv show. I then turned to the web and what I read from critics of either the book or upcoming "TV Event" mirrored my opinion: confusing plot, too much redundancy, and not enough forward movement.

I realize that the author, Blake Crouch, is trying to honour his love for The Twilight Show and Twin Peaks. But, in his attempting to tap into their genius of plots, all he did was chew up their suspense and regurgitate it like a cow chewing cud. Just because you process raw ingredients four different times, it doesn't mean it turns into a product worth having.

I've seen the Wash/Rinse/Repeat plot device happen many times with HUGE success. The movie "Groundhog Day" is a prime example and also an episode on Star Trek: TNG, called "Cause and Effect". In that episode, the Enterprise creates a time loop from a temporal distortion they create, trying to evade a collision with another ship. Like Wayward Pines, they repeat the same actions for several scenes, BUT...the crew begin to get a sense of Deja Vu about the repeats and ultimately leave clues for themselves to discover and to escape the time loops.

If this book, the first of three, ever got to the point, I'll never know. I finally called it quits when Ethan was escaping, ~yawn~, once again and continued to play Loopy De Loop with the towns road and the Nasty Stereotype Sherriff clocks him one, knocking him out, ~yawn~, once again. I just needed some FORWARD development, none of which seemed coming.

A sincere "Bravo!" to all the people who not only made it through Book #1 but all three books. You're better readers than I. As for me, I'll wait until FOX sends this out over the air waves in 2015, hoping that the "Book is better than the Film" meme is reversed.

Logitech 915-000237 Harmony Ultimate Home Touch Screen Remote for 15 Home Entertainment and Automation Devices (Black)
Logitech 915-000237 Harmony Ultimate Home Touch Screen Remote for 15 Home Entertainment and Automation Devices (Black)
Price: $349.99
7 used & new from $290.00

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Smart Remote for a Dumb Owner :D, October 19, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I've never owned a Universal Remote before and have no prior experience with one. But, as we continue to upgrade our home's TV viewing options, it became clear that we absolutely had to have "One Remote To Rule Them All." From the DVR remote to the TV remote, the Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System, Black were constantly fumbling around to remember to grab the correct one.

I did NOT set this up! My son did as it was beyond my desire to fiddle around with the programming and linking of the devices. Again, this is our very 1st Universal Remote so we have no experience using one or nothing to compare it to.

Bottom Line: we all love it! If you have a really tech-ed out home with security system and a large home entertainment/gaming system, then all the options and bells & whistles will appeal to you. But, for our 3 devices that this remote controls, it's perfect. After a week of use, we all got used to the touch screen and our mistaken swipes became fewer and fewer. It fits easily in one hand for using with your thumb. I like being able to program in events so I can quit leaving Post It (tm) notes all over the coffee table for TV events.

Nice product for our Dumb Home. Possibly GREAT product for someone who has a truly High Tech home.

Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed
Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed
by Sonia Choquette
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $24.17
8 used & new from $20.00

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Physician, Heal Thyself., October 14, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Many of us have heard this phrase: "Physician, Heal Thyself." But, what exactly does it mean?

According to this website that explains phrases, this is their interpretation:

"Attend to one's own faults, in preference to pointing out the faults of others.

The phrase alludes to the readiness and ability of physicians to heal sickness in others while sometimes not being able or willing to heal themselves. This suggests something of 'the cobbler always wears the worst shoes', that is, cobblers are too poor and busy to attend to their own footwear. It also suggests that physicians, while often being able to help the sick, cannot always do so and, when sick themselves, are no better placed than anyone else."

I've heard all of my life that people that go into the Healing Arts, whether physical, psychological or metaphysical are driven by a desire to heal an ancient wound within themselves. And, having finished this book, it appears that Sonia was "Guilty As Charged", tending to others pain while stuffing down the pain within herself.

Micro-Backstory: I rarely buy a paper book any longer, preferring to use my Kindle to hold books vs. a bookcase that takes up space and needs dusting. However, when I saw the author of this book, I didn't hesitate a moment in ordering it because Sonia Choquette was MY spiritual advisor back in the early 80's when she charged a mere $50 dollars an hour instead of the obscene $1,500 for 90 minutes!!!! We actually had sessions in her living room, in her apartment/condo on Lake Shore Drive. At that time, when she was just acquiring a cliental, she was approachable, personable and truly helped me on my journey of healing. Through her help, attending various Women Within Workshops and 6 years of therapy, I emerged as "healed" as a person can, from earlier traumas.

I honestly had not thought of Sonia once since then and reading this book made me sad. It details her anger/rage/frustration with her life and I could only think, "Physician, Heal Thyself". HOW can a person who professes to help others straighten up their lives live in such chaos within their own?

She spills her pain and guts in this book and I tried to divorce myself from knowing her personally while reading it, which I was partially successful in achieving. But, I seriously doubt that doing a "Walk-About" could do the massive amount of healing that this Healer still requires.

Think of a person's soul that is damaged as akin to a house that has Dry Rot and Mold. You can slap all the fresh paint on it that you want, but unless you take out the dis-ease, the rot and mold will continue to taint the very air that you breath. Having myself Walked The Walk so that I could Talk The Talk, I know that it took me several decades of Reiki, Re-birthing, Chakra Alignment, Crystal Therapy and just plain Therapy to get to the level of Wellness that I currently enjoy. Had I known that I could just do a Forrest Gump of running/walking myself into Wellness, I could have saved myself several $1,000's and $1,000's of dollars by buying a pair of New Balance shoes and hitting the Appalachian Trail.

I had no idea that my little Sonia of Old had turned into such a Phenom since I last sat in her lounge. Apparently, she still is healing but I wish she'd continue to remove the dry rot and mold within, so she could apply what she learned in healing others.

Interesting read if you don't know her. Suspicious read if you do.
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DII 100% Cotton, Printed Damask Chef Kitchen Apron, Machine Washable, Great Hostess Gift, Cooking or Baking Apron with Pockets, Gray
DII 100% Cotton, Printed Damask Chef Kitchen Apron, Machine Washable, Great Hostess Gift, Cooking or Baking Apron with Pockets, Gray
Price: $14.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Saves Your Clothes from Fry-A-Palooza Splatters!, October 12, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Back when I was growing up, ALL women, whether they could cook or not, owned aprons, plural. There were Hostess Aprons, those frilly, delightful concoctions of gauze and embroidery that women wore as a Fashion Statement while serving mad men and their spouses Manhattans and Whiskey Sours along with the exotic rumaki appetizers. And then there were the Workhorse Aprons, the REAL apron that was designed to protect precious clothing from spaghetti and bacon splatters.

Then, the late '60's happened and women were burning their bras...and their aprons as signs of Women's Rights. Food was microwaved, not slaved over. Or, picked up from the drive through. Ah, progress.

But, fortunately, the iconic apron is making a comeback with Millennial's and Gen X'rs...and even those of us from ancient times that grew up seeing, sewing and wearing aprons every day. I still have both my Mum's and Gran's collections of aprons, and on very special occasions I'll wear them.

But, THIS apron and it's Cousins that you can buy from this company is a pleasant blend of both Hostess and Workhorse. Some of the aprons have flounces; mine is the straight up A-Line with side pockets. I love it! I use the pockets for everything from pens to annotate hand written 1st time recipes, to the timers I need, and of course, Kleenex (TM). :D There's enough coverage at the top to protect from greasy bacon splatter and enough coverage at the bottom to protect against dripping pots or to wipe your hands upon. I've not had a problem with the single strap; it works great for me. I'm a large, buxom women so if this apron provides ME with coverage, if you're the same size or smaller, you'll be pleased with the coverage and protection it provides.

The print I chose is the black and white floral; I am SO glad that the old "Kiss The Cook" aprons have gone the way of the Thrift Store as I was never a fan of words on clothing. I also own the flouncy pink camouflage apron and that one is just fun to wear for people's reactions.

Several washes and ironings later, it's still bright and crisp with no hems unraveling or coming apart. For the price, this is a high quality item that gets used every day in our home.

Concept Board Game
Concept Board Game
Price: $29.36
36 used & new from $25.55

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Get Your Ticket Ready for Imagination Island. :D, October 10, 2014
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Concept Board Game (Toy)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
When I was a young girl, there was a Mormon family that lived by us and I was always envious of their Family Home Evenings. For those of you unfamiliar with this time, Family Home Evening includes a game or fun activity, treats, and a short lesson from the gospel. Many times, my friend, who was my age, invited me to join them and I looked forward to each time that many generations from the same family could truly enjoy being together.

If there was ever a time for anyone, of any persuasion, to embrace this bonding experience, it's NOW! Between the omnipresent Smartphone, Xbox or binge watching 10 hours of a TV show, we've become fractured and splintered from the ones we love.

That is why I love this game so much. It's fun for any age above 8 years old, as long as you still "have your wits about you." I read many reviews about this game before ordering it so we've embraced many of the suggestions such as no scoring, group guessing and incorporating different game cards into the mix.

It stimulates creative thinking and problem solving, rather than blindly moving a coloured piece of plastic around and around a board. We've played this game with only adults, mixed ages and I've also had the grandkids play this among themselves. It's now become the Go To Game at our house, since we've worn out Pictionary and Clue.

Like many successful games, the name of the game says it all: "Concept" because whoever dreamed up this game truly came up with one heckofa great 'concept' for fun! :D

Wipe New HDL6PCMTRRT Headlight Restore Kit
Wipe New HDL6PCMTRRT Headlight Restore Kit
Price: $9.68
8 used & new from $9.68

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Like the Difference Between Night & Day!, October 10, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
When I bought my beloved used Honda, four years ago, it was in mint condition, except for the milky-white lenses on the headlights! My dealer that I bought it from offered to "restore them for $120 bucks!" Hey, it was in the middle of the Great Recession AND I was buying a USED car because that I could afford, so an additional $120 smackers from my wallet wasn't going to happen.

I always wondered during these past four years, if I should have found a way to get my headlights restored, as my husband and I live in a very rural area of Michigan with gravel roads and no street lights. As the lenses got milkier and more opaque, I stopped driving by twilight as I literally could not see far enough ahead of me to avoid critters jumping into the road or grade changes on our gravel roads.

So, when I saw this kit and read the reviews, I had to get it and pray that it would provide clarity to extend my hours of driving. And it magic...well, magic that you work on for two days! I've never recommended that someone who is reading MY review read another person's review also, but I need to recommend Alex S's exceptional Step-By-Step details on how to work with this kit. I can't improve upon his words so I'm simply saying, "Go Read Them and then Come Back HERE."

I printed out Alex's directions, waited for two good dry sunny days and set to it. Yeah, it was work with the cleaning, sanding, wiping, waiting and then the Hold Your Breath Moment when you wipe the fluid over the lenses, hoping that all your effort was worth it. And it was! Those lenses sparkled like diamonds for the first time since owning the car and I couldn't wait for twilight to give them a trial. Finally, it became dark and we took the car out onto the wooded roads. My Goodness, I had forgotten just how far headlights really broadcast their beams, when shining through CLEAR 'glass'! It truly was the difference between night and day, bringing back my confidence in being able to attend evening events safely.

Yes, this kit works! No, it is not instantaneous. But, for the low-low cost plus your labor, it's a HUGE savings from what a car dealer/mechanic will charge you for the same results. :D

Presonus Ceres C4.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers with Bluetooth
Presonus Ceres C4.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers with Bluetooth
Price: $299.00
8 used & new from $299.00

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Virgin's Tale., October 5, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This is NOT the review you read if you already work for PreSonus or are Clive Davis.

This IS the review you read if you are a) new to Bluetooth speakers; b) Have never in your life set up speakers with wires; or c) All of the above.

I am a curious mix of Love & Fear of musical technology. All of my life, I've embraced the new and been a pioneer in seeing the advantages of 8-Track to Cassette to CD to MP3 to Streaming. (Vinyl is a stand alone art form). However, I have also been "That Girl" who, upon buying the latest technological wonder, has promptly shoved the box into her Dad's/Brother's/Boyfriend's/Husband's/Son's arms and said, "YOU set it up for me!"

It's not that I couldn't learn. I just plain didn't WANT TO LEARN about all those black & red & white wires and where the heck they all went!

Well, this is a Virgin's Tale, of someone who feared and dreaded learning anything at all about this art form. So, if I can set these speakers up, ANY ONE CAN DO SO!!!

First, some background about me and Bluetooth speakers: I am Queen Of The Bluetooth Speakers, ever since they became available to market. I have one B.T. speaker that is SO small, it matches the size of that old plastic Kodak film canister. I have my beloved Bose speakers, from Soundlink to Mini, and more Jam Plus portable speakers than should be legal.

But, I've never tried or experienced separated Bluetooth speakers for that true Stereo high-fidelity sound before. Like many other reviewers have mentioned, I've not heard of the company Presonus, so trying out these 2-way powered speakers connected by WIRES!!! was going to open up an entirely new world of F.E.A.R...and possible enrichment of sound for me to experience.

But before we get into particulars, there's three things you must know:

1) Each speaker is QUITE large, measuring 9.5" high, 7" deep, 6.5" wide, so wherever you plan to set them up, you must factor their footprint into the equation. They make their presence known!

2) They run off of electricity so they are NOT portable and you must also have an outlet close to set up. Or, an extension cord to get to that outlet, which is what I needed.

3) The wire that connects the two speakers is quite short (4 feet) so the entire set up has to be planned in advance. What I mean by this is that if you have a cluttered bookcase *cough*ME*cough*, it's the perfect time to clean and tidy up that area. LOL

Now, as to the unboxing:

1) It comes in a beautiful box that DEMANDS to be examined even before you cut the tape sealing it shut. On the front, is an 'almost true to size' photo of what you'll be staring at on a daily basis. On one of the narrow sides, you'll see a state-of-the-art recording studio with the buzz words over the photo: "You may not have heard of PreSonus, but you hear us every day." Nice.

On the other long side, it shows the working side of the left hand speaker (the active speaker) so your little Techno heart can go pitter-patter before you even open up the box. It also has all those technical things that I don't understand that so many others DO: "22 mm silk-dome tweeter; 4.5 inch long-throw Kevlar woofer, etc." And on the other short side of the box is a short paragraph extolling the virtues of PreSonus home listening.

2) Once you open up the box, the speakers are very-very securely packaged. They skimped on nothing! A thick recessed piece of Styrofoam cradles the speakers and once you slide that off, each individual speaker is also cradled in a bottom piece of Styrofoam and individually wrapped in plastic. All the accessories that you need to read and set up are located by one of the speakers.

3) Accessories include a 1) Quick Start Guide in several languages and NOT enough English if this is your Virgin attempt at a wire hook up. (Plenty enough English if you're an old pro.LOL)There are two sets of sticky-foot pads to attach to the bottom of the speakers (more on those, later); a 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone output; a 1/8" (3.5mm) auxiliary input; speaker connection cables; a AC power cord; the speakers (duh!); a cool little bumper sticker for your hybrid car that says "PreSonus"; a "Welcome to the Family" letter from PreSonus, and the usual 'Warnings and Compliance Guide."

4) If it sounds like I knew what I was doing by listing the aforementioned stuff, I don't. I got that list of goodies straight off the box. So, when I unboxed everything and stared at stuff that I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER on how to set it up, I literally had to force myself to not leap up, go to my husband and son in the lounge and beg, "Can you please set these speakers up for me...pretty please with sugar on it?" *bat-bat of eyelashes*

Nope! At 62 years of age, I was rootin'-tootin' determined to Tough Nut my way through this unknown mess of wires and figure it out for myself...for once in my life! So, I laid everything out in front of me. I saw that the speakers were conveniently labeled "Right" and "Left". Phew! That's a great help!!! Then, I looked at the multilingual Quick Guide and SAW the items drawn on the guide but with NO identification of "What in the Sam Hill?" they were for or where they went!

Fortunately, well fueled by several mugs of French Press coffee and an entire day off with nothing to do but set this system up, I persevered and muddled through it. When I came to that group of twin wires that had nothing but exposed wire, I looked at the back of the speakers and thought, "Where the Hell do THESE things go?" I remember the old days of wrapping wires around 'thing's on the back of floor speakers and became fearful, again. But, I timidly touched the things on the back of the speaker that looked like fuse switches, pressed them, saw they opened and had my "Eureka!" moment...those stripped wires must go in >HERE<!!!

Now, if you are done laughing at me and with me, and have NEVER had to do this yourself, I'm simply passing along this hint: I placed each speaker on my lap, face down. I then simultaneously pressed BOTH switches open with my thumb, inserted the wires in the right coloured boxes, said a prayer and let the switches close. (I did NOT have the Power Cord plugged in, yet, as I was terrified that I'd electrocute myself!) It was only after having theoretically hooked up the speakers, that I plugged the unit in, saw it light up, and then proceeded to attempt my 1st pairing.

I turned the unit on by not pressing a button IN, but pressing the ON button DOWN, like a toggle switch. It instantly began to *blink* (your sign of pairing) and I had already prepped my Samsung Galaxy tablet to Pandora and Discoverable. It took in a mere second but I was NOT PREPARED for the sounds coming out of the speaker and I *yelped* like nobody's business!!! LOL My dear husband came running into the study where I was setting this up, convinced that I was on fire, and said, "What happened? Are you okay?" I sat there laughing and holding my sides and I finally confessed, "The darn thing SCARED ME with the power of the sound coming out of it!"

And it's the truth!!! If you are old enough to remember hearing your Dark Side of the Moon or Ladies of the Canyon albums on a kick-arse stereo speakers, than >this< is the speaker system that you need to own! I ran the speakers through the following artists: Lady Gaga; Brian Crain; Pink Martini; Will Smith; and Brian Crain. All sounded like nothing I've ever heard before, simply because I've NEVER heard any of those artists in stereo...only downloads or streaming.

But I knew these speakers were something else when I then paired them with my laptop and ran Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)through them. As I sat there, tears running down my face with joy, I realized just HOW MUCH I had missed becoming dissolved into the music when I listened to it and how thin and diminished so much of the music experience we live with, on a daily basis. Oh, how my heart...and ears...rejoiced at hearing the violins swelling in Scheherazade once again! It had been over 20 years since we ditched our stand-up speakers and I had forgotten what concert level or studio quality sound 'tasted' like to my brain. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....bliss.

I have them set up at eye/ear level on top of a short bookcase, several inches from the wall. Regarding those considerate "sticky" tabs that they provided to you, (4 in each square), I simply cut them apart into their individual units, and placed them, felt side down without removing the protective backing, under each corner of the speakers once I had them set up where I wanted them. I chose to not apply the sticky directly to the speakers as experience has taught me that they get nasty over time and NEVER come off again!

Whether music is your profession, your passion, or just background noise, if you can afford this price point, these are the ONLY speakers that I'd recommend to bring back those glory days of the elephant-sized speakers we Baby Boomers grew up groovin' to. And if you are too young too remember those days, then right now...make THIS time YOUR time to discover what music should sound like!

In closing, I'm copying the quote from the flap on the PreSonus box:

"Music is our life.
PreSonus is our day job.
These are the speakers
we listen to at home."

Black and Decker BL1820SG-P Fusion Blade Digital Blender
Black and Decker BL1820SG-P Fusion Blade Digital Blender
Price: $51.10
2 used & new from $35.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Save Your Money & Make Your Smoothies At Home!, October 4, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Every single morning, ever since McDonald's started serving smoothies, I would visit my local store and buy a smoothie for around $3.50 each day, seven days a week. At the end of that week, that's almost $25.00 and in a month's time, that adds up to $100! Now, do the math...make it a year and I've spent close to $1,200 per year on a small smoothie for breakfast!!!

So, when I saw this blender that is pitched as being FOR smoothies, I had to give it a try immediately. Plus, having the personal size smoothie container to take with me made all the difference in my deciding to order it.

It has NOT disappointed me and in one week's time, it has cut my smoothie budget in HALF! In one year's time, that means that I will have saved over $600.00 that I can easily enjoy on a VACATION, rather than a smoothie! LOL

Like some other reviewers have stated, I ONLY use very soft fruit in my smoothies, as that's what I like. It's either thawed berries, mashed mangoes or mashed bananas. My formula that I enjoy is 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of Simply Juice, 1 Yoplait yogurt flavor and a cup of fruit. Blend it all together, pour it into the To-Go mug, and your out the door to work in record time!

I've experienced no problem with tipping, rocking or wobbling; perhaps it's because I'm not using fruit that taxes the motor? I've seen hard-core blenders that you can toss hard veggies, whole eggs and such into it for one of those REALLY healthy smoothies but I'm not keen on those drinks. I just need/want something sweet and easily digestible for my ride to work at 5:30 am each day. Clean up is a snap; I just rinse it out with piping hot water first, then squirt some Fairy Liquid into it, blend the suds/water; let it stand while I'm taking a shower and then rinse the entire thing out with hot water again.

I know that my friend's at McDonald's will be wondering where I have gone, but I can always stop in for a Dollar Sweet Tea to say "Hi!". :D

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