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Solid Gold Lil' Boss Holistic Dry Dog Food, Turkey & Vegetable, Grain & Gluten Free, Active Dogs of All Life Stages, Small, 4lb Bag
Solid Gold Lil' Boss Holistic Dry Dog Food, Turkey & Vegetable, Grain & Gluten Free, Active Dogs of All Life Stages, Small, 4lb Bag
Offered by Efc Pet Supply
Price: $18.99
4 used & new from $16.99

5.0 out of 5 stars My Lil' Boss Gave It Two Paws UP!, October 8, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
"Who's the boss? They’re the boss!"<<this is from the advert for this dry dog food and sure as shootin', the company sure got THAT right! Would ANY of us dote on our kids the same way that we do our Fur Babies??? I have to laugh because no accommodations were made for "taste" when my brother and I were growing up: if we didn't like something, we were forced to sit at the table until the offending food was gone...even if it was ice cold and congealed! But, with our pets, we'll open up can after can after bag of food if they turn up their cute wet nose, sniff, and walk away. Oh Lord, Save Us From Ourselves! LOL

This food designed for small dogs with small mouths is FANTASTIC!!!! The first ingredient listed is "Turkey"; that's great news! The remaining ingredients are also healthy, and unlike one reviewer who actually ate 3 pieces, I was convinced by "Terry's" diving into the food bowl that this was a winning kibble! I do so wish that dogs were a bit more 'cat-like' in relishing their food rather than "snarfing" it up like a Hoover, but they are what they are, so I only give my pup very small quantities of this kibble, in hopes that at some point, he can actually TASTE it!

I also like that the kibble "stayed put" and didn't walk itself all over the kitchen floor. Perhaps it's the tinier size or some feature I'm not aware of, but it stayed put in the bowl until gone.

Nice price. Very nice food. No bad odors from the bag or the "after effects", whist going for his "walkies". :D

Nylabone 3 Count 3 Point Nutri Dent Dog Bone, Medium
Nylabone 3 Count 3 Point Nutri Dent Dog Bone, Medium
Price: $10.49

3.0 out of 5 stars The Price Is Too Dear To Consider Regular Purchases, October 8, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I love my pets like most people who dote on them but I also love paying my mortgage and car payment on time. I already buy healthy and pricey cat and dog food for my Fur Babies and don't deny them special treats but at an astronomical price of at $4.60 cents a piece, these treats are utterly un-affordable for most people. I have a small Jack Russell Terrier and the package recommends that you can break the 3 part treat into 3 smaller pieces, I guess to save money. But, like many others have mentioned, the broken pieces are SO small and dogs are wont to "inhale" their food, that I was terrified of having him choke on the small hard piece.

So, I gifted him an entire 3-point Nutri Dent, which he tossed around like a stuffed toy for a bit, and then consumed the entire thing in 5 minutes, flat! All I could think of was how long it took my minimum wage friends to earn $4.60...literally a half hour of their life...gobbled down in 5 minutes! I love that my dog loved the treat but I can't justify the cost. Instead, I'd rather buy a whole fryer for that amount of money, put it into a pot for a couple of hours time, and come out with several natural "treats" and meals for my spunky pup, including the broth.

Nice idea but this is a Rich Person's Indulgence for their pet. :(

Burr Coffee Grinder, E-PRANCE Hand Coffee Mill with Stainless-Steel Design, Adjustable Finess Setting, 30g Capacity
Burr Coffee Grinder, E-PRANCE Hand Coffee Mill with Stainless-Steel Design, Adjustable Finess Setting, 30g Capacity
Offered by E-PRANCE
Price: $18.99
2 used & new from $18.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Be Your Own Barista With This Hand Coffee Mill, October 4, 2015
I travel each week and stay at motels 3-4 days of each week. To save money and make my life a wee bit easier, I stay at budget motels and part of that "budget" paradigm is that there's ZERO FRILLS that come with the places I stay at. That means NO COFFEE MAKERS, among other niceties, so I just bring my ancient 12 year old Mr. Coffee Maker with me and *bingo-bango*... coffee brewed right in my room, first thing when I wake up.

I bring ground coffee with me but there are times that I ache for FRESHLY ground coffee...there's just NO comparison between coffee that's been pre-ground and sitting around in a can vs. beans that you grind and within a minute, add to your coffee basket for a nice, hot brew.

So, when I was offered the chance to try out this Off The Grid/Personal-Sized Hand Coffee Mill, I jumped at the chance to be able to enjoy freshly ground coffee while On The Road.

When it arrived, it's in a nicely illustrated box that show & tells you about the product and how to set it up. Inside, the two main units: the handle and the coffee container, are each cocooned in plastic bubble wrap, preventing any and all scratches. (see my photos for size and components; soda can is for perspective) The main canister breaks down into 3 parts: the lid with the hole in it, that fits over the bean hopper; the bean hopper itself where you load up the beans; and the canister at the bottom with TWO handy "see-through-windows" on the sides, to gauge your ground bean progress. The handle makes up the 4th part, which is separate from the main body.

I had NO problem taking the parts apart and getting them ready for a TEST GRIND, giving everything a nice wash in sudsy water and then wiping them down well so they were bone dry. Prior to grinding, I took the Scientific Route and measured out just "how many ounces of ground coffee" I normally put into my brew basket: it came to 4.5 dry ounces, so that was my identical target with the grind.

I then measured out 4 dry ounces of French Roast beans into an empty paper filter, and used the filter as a "funnel" to fill the bean chamber: worked like a charm with nary a bean spilled. Mind you, because of the grinding apparatus, the hopper only could hold TWO of the FOUR ounces of beans, so I had to do two grinds.

I proceeded to begin turning the handle on the grinder, with it placed on the counter.Within seconds, I realized that I needed far more leverage than what the counter would provide so I sat on the couch, placed the main body of the grinder between my thighs, held the grinder body steady with my left hand and began to crank away, at a rotation of 1 crank per second. It was a very leisurely crank, as I knew that would be my "norm".

Soon, I could ~smell~ the beans!!!! Oh, what joy! I stopped grinding, opened up the bottom hopper and the most lovely of lovely coffee grounds were encased inside: smelling like Heaven on the best day! The grind that the mill was pre-set on was a very fine espresso grind and I just kept it there for the experiment. It took 2.5 minutes of leisure grinding to complete the first of two 2 ounce fills of the bean hopper; after I dumped the filled grounds hopper into my paper filter, I refilled the top immediately with the remaining 2 dry ounces of beans and kept on doing "the daily grind." Within 2.5 more minutes, I was done.

I then proceeded to brew up that coffee to see if it really differed from pre-ground to hand-ground. Oh, and did it deliver!!! I can FINALLY now have freshly ground and brewed coffee in my motel room any time that I want to commit 5 minutes to loading/grinding/re-loading and doing the final grind. Clean up was a snap as I only washed the ground hopper and used my blow dryer to blow out the bean hopper. The website suggest cleaning the entire thing weekly; I don't know if I'd go that far, as I think a Once A Month deep clean/wash/dry would suffice.

The weight is very light but NOT cheap nor chintzy, so you can pack this in luggage or a brief case and not feel much added weight at all. It is VERY well constructed and aside from the noise associated with the ground beans, there is NO other squeak-squawk-or noise. The handle slips on very well to the cog that extends from the grinder and NEVER slipped off or even hesitated. This is one exceedingly well made coffee mill!

Who would this be perfect for? College students. Coffee purists who want a GREAT cuppa, at work. Hunters. like me. Back Packers. And the list goes on and on and on.

I was offered this mill for free, to try it out and provide a fair and very honest review. It surpassed ALL expectations and if I had not received a sample, I would have bought it outright! A thoughtful gift for your Coffee Addict Friend, with a bag o' beans provided, of course!
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The Ultimate Disney Party Book: 8 Fantastic Disney Themes, Over 65 Recipes and Crafts for the Perfect Party
The Ultimate Disney Party Book: 8 Fantastic Disney Themes, Over 65 Recipes and Crafts for the Perfect Party
by Cynthia Littlefield
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.76
54 used & new from $6.71

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun Times for Girl's and Boy's Events, NOT Just Birthdays!, October 3, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I'm really surprised over the harsh reviews of this book! Wow, talk about a Buzz Kill, which is just the OPPOSITE of what you think when you hear the word "Disney". The #1 complaint that I've read is that it "...doesn't have Anna or Elsa". Oh, Boo-F'ing-Who!!!! Seriously, Folks??? If you are any kind of on-line shopper and can READ (thanks to a 3rd grade education), you can see from both the product's description and the photos ON THE COVER, that Anna/Elsa/Frozen is NOT part of this book! What "is" part of this book are the following: Aladdin, Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie, Monsters, Inc., Wreck-it Ralph, Planes, and Captain Hook. The "Frozen" franchise has it's own separate book; it would be interesting to read reviews of that one to see if anyone's complaining that Minnie or Aladdin aren't included?

I knew EXACTLY what I was ordering when I read the product description and took advantage of the "Look Inside" option that amazon provides. A book that describes "party suggestions" is naturally going to be Craft-Conscious and also have loads of projects, of which this book does, in aces! You can choose from the simplest skill set of gluing a jewel onto a ribbon to look like Jasmine, to creating a GIANT pinata that looks like a building for a Wreck-It-Ralph party. Instructions are super simple; no, there are no step-by-step photos but again, if you can READ, you can clearly create each project.

Recipes are pretty simple and straight forward: my two favourites are the Cut-Out Pita Animals and the Skull Watermelon. There are some that are more complicated and if you have both the time and skill set, you're sure to be pleased with the outcome.

BUY THIS BOOK if you like Disney characters, Disney characters featured on the cover and have ANY kind of craft talent, at all. And for some of the simpler recipes, get your kids involved in making a Theme Day, which is what I'm using this book for: to entertain my wee ones when they come over for a visit. I'm NOT limiting this book to birthday parties; it's too cool for a Once A Year Event. :D

ZHPUAT 5.3" Morning Clock,Low Light Sensor Technology,Light On Backligt When Detect Low Light,Soft Light That Won't Disturb The Sleep,Progressively Louder Wakey Alarm Wake You Up Softly.Color White
ZHPUAT 5.3" Morning Clock,Low Light Sensor Technology,Light On Backligt When Detect Low Light,Soft Light That Won't Disturb The Sleep,Progressively Louder Wakey Alarm Wake You Up Softly.Color White
Offered by ZhiPuAoTe
Price: $24.68
2 used & new from $11.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Low Tech For A High Tech World, October 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Since the invention of the Smartphone/Tablet, many items that we used to use are now relegated to the "dust bin" of life. Items such as independent digital cameras, alarm clocks, analog phone, transistor radio....even a wrist watch....are now part and parcel of your average Tech Device. But, like many other people have discovered, having those "independent items" to use, divorced from your power hungry Smartphone and it's chronically drained battery is a Good Thing to re-embrace.

I'm one of those people.

I travel for a living as a landscape architect. Four days out of each week I live out of motels so that I can design/consult/and install landscapes around the Midwest. After years traveling and gleefully "dumping" all that stuff and weight of that stuff, I'm slowly adding back INTO my suitcase some items that just make far more sense to have around then constantly relying on my Smartphone.

One of those things is a normal/regular/"plain ol' alarm clock". I ordered mine in the zippy and fun Turquoise Colour; I suffer from "Black-Tech Overload" and was delighted that this clock came in so many colour options. Size-wise, it's about the size of a can of soda but weighs far less, making it easy to carry about in your luggage.

There are SO many features of this clock that I LOVE:

1) "Just Right Size": not too big/not too wee/ not too Goldilock's and her bed, it was "just right".

2) LARGE FRICKIN' NUMBERS!!! My eyes are old, so having large numbers that I can read without fumbling for my glasses at night is a bonus! There's the option to have either a 12 or 24 hour time display.

3) It's NOT "just" a clock but also tells you the date/year/temperature (in F or C) and the posted alarm time, not just a silly "bell" icon like smartphones use.

4) Set Up is brainless! A very detailed and thorough Instructions Manual comes with the clock but I didn't have to open it up to set the entire clock; I only read through the manual to write this review. As some people have mentioned, the clock doesn't allow you to "go back" if you're a heavy handed programmer; you WILL have to cycle through 60 minutes or 100 years if you blow past the number. I blasted past the minute set-up by not paying attention and had NO PROBLEM going through the minutes to find the one I needed. I sure don't fault the clock for my lack of attention span.

5) I also REALLY LIKE that this clock takes normal batteries, meaning, "NO CHARGING VIA A USB MICRO CABLE!" I am already drowning in cables and devices that DEMAND to be charged via a port...I literally can't handle one.more.thing. that is tied to cables. I get around the Environmental Concern by only buying batteries that can be recharged to avoid filling up landfills; I'm guessing that the power drain from this clock is minimal and will only need recharging once a month.

6) Alarm sound: It starts out with 1 beep, then builds up to 2 beeps and then it increases in pattern and intensity. I am a light sleeper so in the first couple of seconds, I'm awake and reach for the clock to flip UP the bar that shuts off the alarm. The SNOOZE cycle is every 5 minutes; I tested it out for 30 minutes and it was accurate in coming back up to cycle.

7) I intentionally have the Low Light Sensor set up because I wake up several times a night from an ancient back injury and check the clock each time to see when I can take my next pill to counteract the pain I live with. When I used my smartphone, I was always fumbling for it's small/flat size, often dropping it under the bed, or "compelled" to check emails/alerts...breaking up my sleep cycle even more. I'm an Adult and I know better than to check emails at 2:30 am; now, this Low Tech Clock keeps me away from them and sends me right back to sleep.

This clock is a Win/Win for so many reasons: light weight/does the job/very affordable/pretty colour range. In "The Old Days", you could walk into ANY retail store and pick one of these up; nowadays, merchants have forced us consumers to shop on line for what we need. I'm just glad that ZHPUAT listens to it's audience and provides us with a device still sorely needed in today's high tech world. :D
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RIVBOS 806 POLARIZED Sports Sunglasses with 5 Set Interchangeable Lenses for Cycling
RIVBOS 806 POLARIZED Sports Sunglasses with 5 Set Interchangeable Lenses for Cycling
Offered by RIVBOS
Price: $49.98

5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING *BANG* For Your Bucks$$$$$, October 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
WOW!!! When in the world, when you order an item, do you get/receive MORE than you ever expected? Rare, indeed!

When I received these sunglasses, I didn't even know "what" it was that I was opening, because the metal mesh fiber storage case was SO "tech" honest to goodness looked like another Bluetooth speaker that I'd have ordered! LOL But nope!, it was the case for an entire extravaganza of Sunglasses Goodies. :D

Let's start with the case: it's LARGE!!!! Unless you travel around with a backpack or duffle bag, this is NOT going to work for you to carry around with you in your average bag/brief case. This is the kind of case that you either leave in your truck/car or at home, and make the right decisions at the start of the day as to "which" lens/accessory you need. However, if you are going camping/backpacking, there is a very sturdy clip on the side, whereby you can attach the case to the exterior of your pack. The dimensions are 7" across the length by 4.25 " width; it is 2" thick. Once you get over the cool exterior's texture, you unzip a very sturdy zipper to reveal the "Oh My Goodness" bounty of what's inside!

Comes With Hard Protection Box, Special Design for this Fashion Glasses Kit, Lined With Sponge.
1* Sport Glasses Frame
5* Lenses(The Black One is Polarized Len) mine had polarized; clear; yellow; blue; and a dark grey. According to the pamphlet, there are 10 types of lens available for these glasses!
1* Hard Protection Box
1* Elastic Sport Belt
1* Lenses Pouch
1* Cleaning Cloth
1* Movement Head Harness

There's a teeny tiny 1.5" x 2.5" card, showing a rural road that states: "TEST: Wear glasses to see the beautiful pattern." Well, I don't know if I was being 'punked' or not, but I viewed the card through ALL of the lenses and saw NUTTIN'. Guess I flunked THAT test. LOL

Changing them out is a piece of cake: simply slide down the lens in the sun-glass frame and slide up another lens. I used my fingers to get a better/solid grip and then used the lens cloth to remove any smudges. Each lens comes enclosed in a reusable plastic baggie.

I work outdoors for a living so I rely on good lenses to keep my eyes healthy. But, in a 10 hour work day, weather conditions can change, A LOT, so having one pair of glasses to change with the hours never works out well. I love that I can finally wear the same frames all day long, and change from a yellow lens for rainy/foggy conditions, to a clear one for protecting my eyes from dust when using the leaf blower, to the polarized lens when the sun finally makes a roaring come-back later in the day. The frames are REALLY comfortable: the temple bars hold them nicely to your head (I have a very large head for a chick!) and the nose piece does NOT leave those ugly "nose dents" that cheaper glasses are wont to do.

Price-wise: I don't know how they do it! The case alone should be the price of this entire ensemble; instead, you receive the case, the 5 lenses, the frame, a dust cloth, lanyard to attach to the frame and the motion headgear. If you need an IMPRESSIVE gift for a man or woman who spends a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, you can NOT go wrong with this set! RIVBOS really cares not only about their customer's well-being but also the well-being of their product: the case has actual slots in soft foam to make sure that they are stored safely.

All my adult kids are Outdoor Nuts and I already know what I'm ordering them for their Stocking Stuffer: THESE glasses! I don't know what else you can buy for under $20 that provides so much *bang* for your hard-earned buck!

I was offered the chance to receive these glasses in exchange for a fair and honest review. I've worn them for over 30 hours now and have field tested them in all the weather that Michigan can throw at them, except snow...which I'm sure will come before Halloween! They really passed the Landscape Test and I'm delighted to wear them.

Coidak Sunflower LED Light 10W Magic 7 Colors Auto Voice Activated RGB Stage Lighting for Disco Bar DJ Club Dance Party White
Coidak Sunflower LED Light 10W Magic 7 Colors Auto Voice Activated RGB Stage Lighting for Disco Bar DJ Club Dance Party White
Offered by Coidak
Price: $19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars $10 Bucks Gives You an INSTANT Party! :D, October 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'll gladly admit it: I LOVE DISCO! I was a young bride when it roared onto the scene in the late 70's with "Saturday Night Fever" bringing it to the national forefront. Living in Chicago, my husband and I danced the night away at the many discos on Rush, Oak and State, that was some kind of fun!

So, I jumped at the chance to Bring Back The Magic with this incredibly affordable "Pocket Sized Disco Light", although it's branded as a Sunflower Light, which it does resemble, in a Tech Way.

The light arrived like something 'naughty' used to: In a plain brown envelope in a plain brown box. No instructions. Nuttin'! However, if you read any reviews prior to ordering this, you'd already know that it's pretty Low Tech: plug it in, provide a music source and that's it. There is a channel under the light so that you can snake the power cord through it, so that it lays flat.

So, that's what I did: plugged it into an outlet in a pitch dark room, queued up Pandora to my Disco Station and let the magic happen! When initially plugged in, prior to having music, it does it's thing of flashing lights, but really excels when tunes are provided. I had a lot of fun seeing what the light sequences were like to different types of music: Disco/Big Band/Ruth Brown/Michael Jackson, and then Classical Christmas! I must say: DON'T JUST USE THIS FOR DISCO PARTIES!!!! Try it out on any Christmas Station that you have and it will be guaranteed to ADD to the festive fun and festival of lights that we associate with the holidays. I actually found that the Christmas setting was my favourite because I wasn't expecting the lights to respond so well to slower tunes; you should see what it does to the Nutcracker Suite! I'm certainly going to be using this coloured light for our holiday parties!

There is so little available to the consumer nowadays that you can afford and that provides so much fun. The incredibly LOW PRICE of less than $10 bucks, you can not only delight yourself but also anyone else in your immediate vicinity who enjoys a bit of good, clean fun. :D

Letouch® Bossa 1350mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger (5V/750Mh Output) Universal for iPhone Samsung HTC Smart Phone with Micro USB Credit Card Size (Rose)
Letouch® Bossa 1350mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger (5V/750Mh Output) Universal for iPhone Samsung HTC Smart Phone with Micro USB Credit Card Size (Rose)
Offered by Letouch -US
Price: $31.99
2 used & new from $16.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Feed Your Power Hungry Beasts In Style!, September 29, 2015
The World We Live In Now, is NOT the World We Grew Up In, if you are older tha's30 years old. WHAT in the World did we need to charge, DAILY, when we were in our teens/20's/30's or even 40's? NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING! Phones were stuck onto the wall or needed to rest in a charging cradle, computers were GIANT behemoths that lived up to their names of being DESK TOP computers, and music came through a Boom Box or Walkman with speakers still locked and loaded to the power grid.

Welcome to the year 2015!!!! Now, if you live ANY kind of normal life, you have at least TWO devices that need daily charging: a smartphone and an e-reader. But, if you're a Tech Head like me and you own your own company that takes advantage of EVERYTHING Tech out there, you need up to TEN rechargeable items, per day, to get through the day! Although I have two wicked cool multi-port chargers that I can plug all of my devices into each night, sometimes my power hungry devices need a boost during the day.

Enter this Ultra-Slim, Ultra-Trim, and Uber-Chic Portable Power Charger. It's the same size as a standard charge card and a wee bit fatter: think 2-3 cards stuck together. I got the HOT PINK version, which feeds my Inner Barbie. It came nicely packaged in a sturdy box with a see-through window showing the charger. Inside, is the Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Tiny USB to Micro USB power cord that you charge the charger with. And attached to the actual charger, is a 1.5 inch Micro USB cord that you attach to the device you want to charge.

There is an almost hidden ON/OFF switch at the top of the charger; click it ON and hook up your device to charge and a Blue Light indicates it's charging. The light does NOT *flash*; it's a constant blue until is discharged, whereby it turns yellow and needs to be recharged. I was able to power up a tablet and a portable lantern on ONE charge of the charger, but neither of the devices was dead.

This is a very light weight and elegant solution to the problem that many people have of "I had a DEAD battery!", which is why they didn't return your calls. So, if YOU are Pro-Active and just want a boost, or you know someone who ALWAYS has a dead battery, you can buy one of these for yourself and one to gift away. Now, if you don't receive that phone call back, there's a bigger reason than a dead battery. D'Oh!

Windows 10 Simplified
Windows 10 Simplified
by Paul McFedries
Edition: Paperback
Price: $14.32
56 used & new from $13.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Literally, "A Picture is WORTH a Thousand Useless Words!", September 29, 2015
This review is from: Windows 10 Simplified (Paperback)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Okay, I ordered this book because I am a VERY visual learner and after I abandoned the "Windows 10 for Dummy's book", I was desperate to learn this new system beyond the most rudimentary of knowledge. For people like ME, I absolutely NEED basic because I have to learn to crawl before I walk or run.

See, I'm a landscape architect. I deal in "absolutes" my entire day: soil, sun, water, shovels, hoses, etc. There are HUGE landscape companies that are friends of mine that STILL have no computer in their office and do all their billing by hand and all of their appointments, etc. with paper and pen! So, I have a really good excuse for NOT KNOWING BASIC ANYTHING regarding computers and I am delighted with this book!

First, IT'S IN COLOUR!!! I'm like colour! Second, if you know ANYTHING, when the book shows you what a "mouse pointer" looks like, you feel SMART, which encourages you to learn more. Third, for those of us that this book was designed for, you'll feel like a frickin' Whiz Kid, when you get done with even one chapter! I've flipped through the entire book beyond chapter one and I had NO IDEA that so many features were available.

My 'down season' is Winter, so that's when I plan on going page by page each day. After that time, I'll come back and update my review, but for now, I'm beyond DELIGHTED with the concept and the chance to teach 'this old dog some very new tricks!'

Dr. Scholl's Diabetes & Circulatory Diabetic Sock Low Cut Medium Light Pink 1 Pair Size 3-9
Dr. Scholl's Diabetes & Circulatory Diabetic Sock Low Cut Medium Light Pink 1 Pair Size 3-9
Offered by Renfro Socks
Price: $6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME for "Cankles" and When You Stand on Your Feet ALL Day Long!, September 28, 2015
First off, you will NOT see a "Verified Purchase" because I buy mine at Walmart, where a 3-pack in Black sells for $8.44!!! So, head to Walmart if you want to save serious money! I do NOT know if they come in other colours at the store as I'm only interested in Black.

Now, on to the review. I am one of those women who inherited from her Mom, who inherited from her Mom, who inherited from HER Mom (Great-Grandmother!) the infamous and much sneered at "cankles"...legs that never had true ankles but just a 'fence-post' of a leg from thigh to foot. ~sigh~ Photos from the early part of the century show my Great Granny, holding milk pails, standing in sturdy shoes with some serious Scandinavian Cankles. It is What It Is, gang. At least they get me to where I'm going. LOL

The major problem with cankles is that "normal" socks and shoes aren't built for us folks, hitting us in fleshy areas that ultimately cut into and reduce the blood flow to our legs and feet, resulting in VERY swollen legs/feet at the end of the day.

So, for all of my life, I've had to literally cut into socks to open them up, allowing for the normal swelling that legs are prone to do, especially if you are on your feet for 8-10 hours per day! And of course, cutting into the cuffs of normal socks drastically reduces their lifespan, so I'm chronically buying new 'normal' socks every couple of months.

I discovered THESE socks when a diabetic friend of mine asked me to pick up some pairs for her..."...if you're going to Walmart." I had never heard of "diabetic socks" and asked her to explain them to me. She said, "They allow for your feet and legs to swell and don't cut into your flesh."

"SIGN ME UP!", I wanted to scream! I bought Sheila her pairs, picked up a 3-pack for myself, and I've never bought another type of sock, since! They are NOT those super-thick extra cushioned socks that squeeze your feet to death; they are nice and plush but thin enough to not press against any shoe I wear with them. The "Low Cut" is wonderful for a person with already thick ankles that doesn't need to draw even more attention to them. The cuffs are very soft, NOT TIGHT IN THE LEAST, and at the end of wearing them for 12 hours, you do NOT see ugly welts on your skin from tighter socks cutting off your circulation! I used to be in SUCH EXTREME PAIN from wearing normal socks, that half of the time I'd go sockless in my work boots, resulting in the stinkiest of feet, blisters galore and black feet from the soil that gets into my boots each day, being a landscaper. Now, I don't have ANY of those problems!

I wish to bits& pieces that I had Betty Grable legs but I don't. So, for anyone else that suffers from healthy but unpopular shaped legs, THIS is the way to go!

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