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First Alert PA100 Personal Security Alarm with Flashlight
First Alert PA100 Personal Security Alarm with Flashlight
Price: $25.21
31 used & new from $18.48

5.0 out of 5 stars Peace of Mind? PRICELESS!!!, November 19, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I've read all 8 reviews for this product and apparently, I am the ONLY one who ordered it that lives in a densely populated city. THAT is why I ordered this device rather than luggage, laptop and hotel room security. And unlike others who plan on placing this discreetly into pockets or purses, I am going to be wearing this personal alarm firmly attached to my wrist and with the alarm part HIGHLY VISIBLE and swingin' away with each step!

Perps in large urban areas are the Ultimate Hunters: they have their skills honed with a sharp eye and fast movements. The see EVERYTHING and gauge their victims according to "How Easily I Can Rob/Beat Down This Person." Even in the best well-policed areas of Chicago, men and women in broad daylight are having their Smartphones and bags ripped right out of their hands or are held at knife or gun point for a stupid phone. The people who end up KEEPING their belongings are the ones with the Pepper Spray and Personal Security Alarms; I now have both! I love to be outdoors in Lincoln Park but it's a large area with a lot of shrubbery; having this hanging from my wrist will give me that much needed security when I walk/jog/or bike the paths along the lake.

After reading the reviews, I was a bit terrified by the "potential volume" and inability to shut the alarm off once I inserted the battery. That's why I read and reread the instructions, to make sure that I could activate it, test the alarm and more importantly, SHUT THE DARN THING OFF!!! Here's the skinny: Insert battery in the standard "Pull down tab on back panel, hinge comes off, insert battery, close hinged panel." There is a slight *sharp* BEEP...and that is it! No need to fear your ears getting secondary piercings from the volume!

To TEST the alarm, there are 3 "buttons" to press: 1) The top one is to set the motion detector feature; 2) the round middle one is to activate the flashlight which you MUST keep your finger pressed upon to keep the light ON; and 3) the alarm button. I intentionally activated this UNDERNEATH my bed-covers + pillow, as I did not know HOW loud it would be. You press and HOLD the bottom button for a second and then both the alarm blasts out and the flashlight flashes...LOUDLY, thank goodness, as that is why you bought it! After I activated it, I slowly removed it from underneath the covers so that I could judge just HOW piercing it was, and it is...mission accomplished. To deactivate it, simply hold the same button DOWN, again, for a second and both the alarm and flashlight turn off with a *BEEP* and the centre flashlight button flashing a bright red light. I tried over and over again to 'accidentally' activate the alarm by pressing it once and it will NOT accidentally turn on. Nice.

Many people have given the exact dimensions of the unit, but if you are more a visual person, the alarm is about the size of 1/2 of an avocado's pit. It fits extremely well in the palm of your hand if you want discretion, but my goal is NO DISCRETION and complete scary visibility to anyone sizing me up as their next victim.

There are very, very detailed instructions on how to activate the motion detector, the instant alarm and other features so KEEP THOSE INSTRUCTIONS WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM! If you plan on using this for travel, keep the instructions inside of your luggage. Since I'll be carrying it on me and don't need the luggage or room feature, my instructions will be kept in my file drawer.

The lanyard supplied is lengthy enough to fit a large wrist. Also, many reviews have wished that the buttons were colour-coded for easy viewing. A quick way around that is use someone's nail polish colours (yours or a friends) and choose two highly distinct colours to paint the top and bottom buttons. I've done this with my garage remote and the polish lasts for months before it wears off and needs to be replaced and that's with multiple uses per day. Applied to this device, the painted buttons will probably last the lifetime of the unit.

For the price of a cheap dinner out at a diner, I am beyond pleased with the size, loudness, effectiveness and cost of this alarm. And as others have said, "I pray that NO ONE who buys this has harm come to them and truly needs to use it!"

K&H 3093 Extreme Weather Kitty Pad with Fleece Cover
K&H 3093 Extreme Weather Kitty Pad with Fleece Cover
Price: $37.99
49 used & new from $35.33

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Like a Warm Cuddle For Your Kitty >^..^<, November 19, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Like so many other people who have purchased this heated kitty pad, we have taken over the responsibility for what we call "Throw Away Kitties"...cats that are tossed out by our local country neighbors because they stopped being cute; got tired of taking care of them; got pregnant and don't want the care; etc. Currently, we have 5 cats and one kitten that we lovingly care for throughout the year.

After last years Polar Vortex, we built a shelter for them using an old outdoor metal-framed sofa, covering the faded cushions with warm wool blankets and then making a "tent" of two heavy-duty tarps to protect them from the elements. However, we know that at 20 degrees BELOW ZERO, the inside temperature of that tent still must be at the freezing level so we bought two of these pads to place under one of the wool blankets, making a nice warm stretch across the entire length of the patio furniture couch.

The heating element of this kitty pad is inside of an air-tight black casing that feels like the thick plastic that Boot Trays are made of; it does NOT bend and is very nicely weighted.. The electric cord is 5.5 feet long, is insulated and is covered with a steel spring-like coil so that resists chewing if you have cats that do that sort of thing. One thing we LOVED about the plug is that is a "two-pronged" rather than a "three-pronged" plug, which made it SO wonderful to add to our 3-outlet outdoor heavy duty extension cord. The remaining outlet has the been used for K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Caf. There is an ivory-colored fluffy pad like the old Shearling Coat interiors of the '60's and is washable.

Since the two pads we bought are hidden inside of the tarped tent we made for our kitties, there is no real way to eyeball them to see if they liked them or used them. However...when the *pop* out from either end of the tent, they are lazy-eyed, stretching and beautifully warm to the touch, which assures me that they, indeed, are loving and using these pads.

For the small cost of these units and the even smaller cost of the electricity to run them, our return is HUGE in regards to the love and wellness that our Throw-Away kitties give back to us! No longer, homeless, they are Keep Always Kitties, instead. :D

CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Land with Fresh Bison for Dogs
CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Land with Fresh Bison for Dogs
Price: $53.99
14 used & new from $53.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Tail Waggin' Good!, November 19, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
We rescued a mixed breed puppy a couple of months ago that had been so neglected and abused, she had lost most of her fur. Poor dear, River! Our vet recommended a grain-free diet and raw meat to bring her back to wellness. It's been 3.5 months now and River's fur is finally coming back as a soft fluffy down, and we have high hopes that her permanent fur will come back from feeding her this kibble.

It is small size, so it is easy for small dogs to eat and she devours this Bison meat blend. We had bought the lamb variety in the past but she seems to prefer this one. So, we mix both the lamb and bison together, and that turned out to be a winning combination!

This is a U.S.A. product made by a small company, which I applaud as we support Small Businesses throughout the year.

No odor, the poop comes out fairly free of nasty odors and a little goes a long way since it's so dense in nutrients. River and her family are very pleased!

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 1-Ounce Bottle, Original
Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 1-Ounce Bottle, Original
Price: $8.59
15 used & new from $5.29

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Scent-sational!!! :D + Updates, November 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I was looking at cat videos on youtube (admit it...YOU DO, TOO!!!) when one of those forced adverts popped up onto the screen..the kind that won't click OFF until it counts down.

It was an advert for Poo-Pourri, which honestly, I thought I was watching a SNL skit from it's Golden Years! It was only at the VERY END of the advert, when the fetching British Bird referenced...~gasp~AMAZON REVIEWS~gasp~...that I even began to think this was a legit product.

So, a quick search on Amazon brought me HERE, and after reading review after review, I decided to order the 1 ounce bottle and the 16 ounce refill. They arrived in record time and I got a little "treat"...the pretty little silver chain that graces the 2 & 4 ounce sizes, was also on my 1 ounce size. It just adds that wee bit more of glamour for an item tasked with taking care of our "business."

Odor is normally NOT a problem in our family, as we eat a very well balanced diet of healthy things. However, there are times that we go deeply Ethnic and the unusual spices and ingredients cause a Chemical Combination that results in all of my family REALLY NEEDING THIS PRODUCT!! I gave my family members a tutorial on "How to Use This" and "When to Use This," and so far, so good. Of course, when something is new, we ALL want to over use and over abuse a product, so my young daughter was also using this after she peed! No amount of pleading on my part would get her to change, so I'm glad that I bought the refill.

I don't know what the other scents smell like but I was intrigued by the Mandarin/Mint description of the Original version. The liquid is milky white, so it's easy to see in the glass bottle when it needs to be refilled. But, I must add: the scent is SO beautiful and SO "happy-invoking", that I've been spraying it on our air vents when the furnace is on and it perfumes the entire house in seconds. It is a charming and Summer-like fragrance that just brings joy to the surrounding air.

I'm delighted that there was SOME benefit to my Cat Video obsession! LOL

Updates on Nov. 20, 2014: If you are even considering buying this fantastic product for poo, THERE'S MORE USES!!! As I mentioned above, the Original Scent is SO happy, SO joyful, SO mood-lifting that I thought, "WHY am I just using this for a waste product?" So, I began to experiment. I tried 1 squirt per room, as an air freshner. SCORE! The uplifting fragrance lasts for hours! Then, I thought, "What if it worked like Febreeze, on fabric?", so I applied 1 squirt on stinky chair cushions that soccer-playing kids and dogs like to lounge on. SCORE!, again! It covered the stinky scent right up! What an incredibly useful multi-purpose spray!

So, if you are not thinking of ordering a refill for the wee bottle but could use the spray in the ways that I listed (perhaps more, if you're creative), then Head's's NOT just for poo! Order that refill bottle and banish ALL odors from your home in a joyful way. :D

K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Caf
K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Caf
Offered by Hammacher Schlemmer
Price: $34.95
33 used & new from $34.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Purr-fect For My "Throw-Away" Kitties >^..^<, November 15, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Oh, my poor darling "Throw-Away" kitties! I have 5 "Disposable Babies" that I've adopted throughout the years in my rural part of Michigan and have never had a problem caring for them until last year's infamous Polar Vortex! Yes, they ALL survived but it was a true battle with the elements, having to go outside in 96 inches of snow to dig out their frozen solid water bowls and frosh solid wet food! I do feed them dry but also augment their food with wet so they can feel pampered, as all puss's should.

The water bowls needed to be brought inside every half an hour, the food froze before they could finish the can (and this was with adding the hottest of water that they could tolerate); it was just hell for months upon months with keeping them, and myself, alive!

I had never heard of heated water bowls until too late to bother ordering them last year (found out about them in May!) and like regular folks, I blew off doing anything about them until now. It's early November and we're right back into a Polar Vortex again (forecasters call it a "Bombogenesis", to be truthful) with 14.4" of snow on the ground in Berrien County, Michigan and high's that are 30 degrees BELOW what they should be: 23 degrees vs. 53 degrees! As soon as the Weather Channel began to announce this latest Deep Freeze, I got off my lazy butt and ordered this Thermo Bowl set, and not a day too soon. I was back to changing their water and microwaving their food the past three days but no longer! I have this set up in their shelter and it's working flawlessly. :D

I looked at so many models for heated bowls that I became over-whelmed. The reason WHY I finally went with this model was the two sizes of bowls and that the bowls are REMOVABLE & STAINLESS STEEL! I have topped them off 3 times today, not from evaporation but because my kitties are beyond thrilled to drink water that isn't 32 degrees with a crust of ice surrounding it!

I also took the exceptional advice of "K. Duke" and placed the flat wet-food bowls ON TOP of the heated water to act as a Bain Marie, keeping the food completely warm until they lick their plate clean! Since this only takes a matter of minutes for the food to be gone, I simply sit outside with them and then lift the empty bowls out of the way so that they can get to the water.

Today was a perfect day to test them out. Daytime temps were 20 degrees above zero; the two regular water bowls were rock solid with ice. The two water bowls in the Thermo-kitty were luke warm and drinkable! The protective coiling around the cord is a very thoughtful touch; I know that I won't have chewing problems with my cats but perhaps dogs or bunnies enjoy non-noming more on cords than cats do?

The weight to the unit is substantial and seems incapable of being flipped or tossed over; there would really need to be a Knock-Down/Drag Out Fight in the Kitty Corral for this to be tipped over.

For now, I'm beyond pleased with the quality, the price, the weight, and the extra details like the wrapped cord and removable bowls. Thank you, Thermo-Kitty Cafe!

Nordic Ware Eggs Plus Pan
Nordic Ware Eggs Plus Pan
Price: $72.03

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Viking of a Pan, fit for Feast or Fancy! :D, November 14, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
When I was a very young bride living on the border of St. Louis Park and Minneapolis back in the '70's, my husband and I lived a stone's throw away from the Nordic Ware store. EVERY woman in Minnesota knew the quality of their products and they ended up on everyone's Wedding Gift List or Christmas List. Even now, 40 years after receiving my 1st of many-many Bundt pans created by Nordic Ware, that first pan is still in flawless working order and turning out flawless Bundt cakes. :D

So, it was with NO introduction necessary to that incredible company and their standards that I jumped at the chance to try this intriguing and innovative 4-Compartment Pan, invented by a dear gentleman named Eddie Stacey. Stacey receives full and glowing credit for inventing this pan and has the distinction of being a World Famous Stuntman (who knew!) with 48 years in the film and television industry. He then went on to develop restaurants, apparently in his spare time, and with even more spare time, invented this pan! Wow, what a guy...a true polymath, to be sure!

Upon ordering, this pan shipped in record time: 16 hours from "Confirm Order" to UPS a knockin' at my door...right at the time I was beating eggs for two omelets. Talk about fortuitous timing! All I can say is "Thank Goodness I watched the videos and visited the website" because once unboxed and washed, I put this to immediate use to make some custom omelets for both my husband and I.

Before I get into how the pan works for cooking, let's do statistics:

I measured the quantity of water necessary to fill the water well: 4 ounces. Anything more than that and you'll need a turkey baster to remove the liquid!

Each food well holds 6 ounces comfortably, so plan for that volume. The food well size is 3/4" by 4", with the well's sides slightly tapering outward like a pie tin.

The weight is HEFTY, and that's EMPTY! Once filled with food, it's going to turn into a 2-hand's lift to remove from stove top to hot pad.The handle is very sturdy, as is the lid, creating a nice, tight seal to steam your food.

The pan comes with a small 4-sided colour brochure that whets your appetite for amazing dishes, made both with and without water. There are 6 photos on each side of NO STEAM and STEAM, but NO RECIPES!!! So, be forewarned: if you are thinking of ordering this pan, go directly to the website of eggspluspan dot com where you will find 50+ recipes in every kind of category to inspire you to greatness in the kitchen!

It does NOT come in a box (other than the one it's shipped in) but has the standard coloured wrap-around cardboard with photos of completed dishes and the standard precautions of "Hot When Touched" and "Wash Before Using", etc.

There is supposed to be an Accessories Kit introduced in 2015 with two turning spatulas, a 4" cutter for cutting bread and to form hamburger patties and a hot pad. Seriously, if you cook at ALL, you'll have 100% of everything you need to use this pan! Wooden tools are highly suggested to not scratch the non-stick surface. And now...on to How Did The Pan Perform....

The options for creating meals in this pan are two-fold: either WITH water (4 ounces in the water well) or WITHOUT water for items you want crispy like pancakes or hash-browns. I chose to add the 4 ounces of water to the pan as that's the pan's real selling point. I have to be honest: this is to play around with! Where I was originally going to be making one GIANT omelet in the fry pan for my husband and I to share, I did a "cooler clean-out" of the frig and created four unique omelets: Gruyere + Chives; Bacon + Cheddar; Sauteed Tomato + Avocado; and Salmon + Cream Cheese. The video recommends to first put some butter in each food well and I used a pastry brush to get all sides coated. Then, you use that surface to fry/saute or brown any meats or veggies you plan to add to the omelet. Once done with that step, you pour the water into the surrounding well, your eggs into the food well on top of the cooked ingredients, cover it and set your timer to 2-3 minutes. I peeked in on the process at the 2 minute mark and the eggs weren't set, yet, but they were rising to a fluffy goodness, so I placed the lid back, left it on for another 2 minutes and opened the lid to 4 pristine and appetite-sparking omelets...made perfectly perfect by the process and the well's confines!

Unlike standard omelets made in a pan, these were light and cloud-like but completely cooked; between the two of us, my husband and I had half of each one, acting like kid's at Christmas with the selections we had created. This weekend, I plan to put the pan through it's paces in the WITHOUT STEAM trials of making pancakes and hash-browns in them and will come back with updates.

At $79.00, this pan isn't cheap. But, if you know Nordic Ware, NOTHING they make is "cheap" and it's built to literally be passed on to the next generation. This pan is a delight for families that have multiple tastes or where someone has a specific food allergy or request (Vegetarian vs. Omnivore). It also allows you to make full egg vs egg white omelets simultaneously or cook 2 omelets and make hash-browns at the same time. I can also see that it would be very handy to make multiple mini-meat loaves, eating one and freezing the others, all the while using only 1 pan instead of 4 mini loaf pans.

Having owned and loved Nordic Ware for the past 40+ years of my life, I have full confidence in it's longevity of use and also for the creative ways to be put to use. In this instance, you DO get your money's worth out of this invention! Well done, Mr. Eddie Stacey, well done!
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Duragold 14k Yellow Gold 7mm Ball Studs
Duragold 14k Yellow Gold 7mm Ball Studs
Price: $36.44

5.0 out of 5 stars The "Golden Globes", Baby! :D, November 14, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Back when Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (or otherwise known as "My Childhood In The Early '60's"), it was a Right of Passage for little Scandinavian/German/Polish girls to be ALLOWED to have their ears pierced when we turned 10 years old. Any earlier, and your family was 'suspect' of being Hooligans or "Loose" or worse yet...BOHEMIANS!!! There was no such thing as a Piercing Gun...piercing was done Old School and reminiscent of a mild form of torture from 'The Game of Thrones'. It was done in one of two circumstances: either a caring Mum or Granma would place a "dot" of ink on your ear lobe as to where the earring would ultimately be worn or it was done at a Sleep-Over, with many other girls waiting for their piercing but always under adult supervision. After everyone's agreement that the ink dot was in the correct spot, an ice cube would be placed against the earlobe with a towel placed on your shoulder to catch the drops of melted water...and BLOOD! A sterilized Darning Needle threaded with Dental Floss was then placed at the spot to be pierced with a half of a raw potato behind the earlobe and at the count of "One, Two, Three", the needle was poked through your ear, into the waiting potato half!!! (If it was deemed that you were a "chicken", the piercing happened at the count of "Two" so you were caught unprepared and wouldn't squeal as loudly.) LOL

When the shock to your system had subsided, the needle was then pushed through and the 12" length of dental floss was pulled through so that 3" was on the backside of the earlobe and 9" remained at the front of the lobe. Each day, you were to advance the floss a 1/2" by pulling it from the back; this allowed the hole to slowly heal but remain open for your eventual earring. What an exciting day it was for us 10 year old girls to be at the last ONE INCH of floss, as we proudly 'Peacocked' around school, with all our friends, teachers and family knowing that the next day, we'd be sporting a shiny new pair of GOLD BALL EARRINGS in each ear!!!

Which brings me to THESE gold ball earrings. What a trip back in time to be wearing these again!!! For the money, they absolutely EXCEED ALL EXPECTATIONS of what almost $40.00 14K Gold earrings should look like. The gold is gleaming/glistening, dare I say, effulgent. I don't know if it's specifically the "Duragold" process but they shine far more than almost all other gold items that I own, which makes them showstoppers to the casual eye. For those that care, they are a product of the "Good Ol' U.S. of A", which is nice to know. They come presented in a handsome presentation box, resting in a velvet-like display tray.

There were two reasons why I wanted to buy some substantially sized gold ball earrings: 1) I work in a dangerous profession: landscaping. I have a non-negotiable policy for ALL workers, including myself: no rings, bracelets, watches or chains can be worn during work because of the high risk of a branch or power tool catching the piece of jewelry and injuring the employee. The ONLY jewelry allowed are post earrings, for both men and women, as even dangling earrings can get caught in a shrub and rip it right out of your ear!!! 2) Because I owned NO simple gold ball earring, the gemstone posts that I wore became filthy at the end of each day, from sweat, sunblock lotion, and just debris blown into my face at the job site. I was simply sick and tired that each night part of my "cleaning routine" also involved soaking my gemstone earrings each evening to remove the gunk stored behind the mounting. Also, by not wearing earrings, daily, the holes in my ears were beginning to heal shut, even after 52 years of being pierced! I either had to allow them to grow shut (not an option!) or invest in some simple gold balls, again. Mission accomplished on both scores by ordering these earrings.

Now, if you've read many of the reviews of these earrings before ordering them, (as I also did), you'll see all kinds of negative comments: TOO BIG!, TOO EXPENSIVE!, THE BACK SLIDES OFF! Let me give you the facts on these earrings:

1) Too big. Well, that is EXACTLY why I ordered this size!!! If you don't know how large 7mm is, think of the size of a LARGE fresh garden pea, prior to cooking. It's identical in size to that. Or, the size of most pearls in a pearl necklace. If you are looking for those dainty-sized balls for multiple piercings, go with a 5 or 5.5mm ball.

2) Too expensive. Really? At $37 bucks and change, you think 14K 7mm gold ball earrings are too expensive? I did a quick search of Tiffany's website and the ONLY gold ball earrings that they list are currently selling for FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS A PAIR, and the size is 5.5mm!!! These charmers are 10 times less expensive than Tiffany's!

3) The back sliding off. Okay, that's a very serious issue. The days of affordable 14k gold earrings being created like Days of Yore are gone!gone!gone! Back in 1962, when I received my 1st pair, gold prices were $35.23 per Troy Ounce. Posts of ball earrings were SO substantially thick and SO long, that they could have been substituted temporarily for that "Golden Spike" hammered into the joining of the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869! With current gold prices at $1,167.80 per Troy Ounce, the average person couldn't afford ANYTHING 14K gold unless compromises were made: and sadly, one of those compromises is the width of post studs, which is WHY the backs are falling off of earrings. No longer are they thick and substantial, they are slim imitations of what they used to be; the posts have changed but the backs for the posts, have sadly not!

To solve that problem for myself, after having lost earring after earring, I no longer use ANY of the Sterling or Gold backs that come with new earrings; I immediately slip these onto them: Beadaholique 144-Piece Clear Rubber Bullet Clutch Earring Safety Backs. These backs fit SO snug and so tight to ANY width wire or post that it is impossible to lose your earrings! So, unless you can afford $400.00 gold ball earrings, buy a pack of these rubber safety backs for $1.30 and buy earrings that you can afford to enjoy!

I adore everything about these earrings that I ordered. The price is too good to believe, the shine is insane, the size is perfect to make a statement, they are safe for me to wear to work, and the presentation box would make any person happy to receive them as a present. If you indeed "Get What You Pay For", then I hit the Jackpot with ordering these Golden Globes. :D

Mrs. Mays Fruit and Nut Toppers, Blueberry Almond, 4-Ounce (Pack of 6)
Mrs. Mays Fruit and Nut Toppers, Blueberry Almond, 4-Ounce (Pack of 6)
Price: $20.79

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I Found My Thrill With These Blueberry Treats!, November 13, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Hypoglycemia runs in my family and all of my life, I've had to make sure that I was NEVER without a "treat" handy so I wouldn't black out as I did in early childhood. Back in the Old Days, that "treat" would be Lifesaver candy or a can of Coke, as literally recommended by our family doctor. Well, as I said, this was the OLD days; now, we know better and with modern life, I now carry small carry-cups of applesauce or bags of grapes to eat every hour to maintain a sugar level above 50 to 54 mg/dL.

But, in cold weather or in many social situations, you can't be spooning up applesauce or munching on grapes. That's why I was very excited to try out these little treats, which are all natural, to maintain my blood sugar. They require no spoons and no refrigeration unlike my other two choices.

Vine mentioned that I'd be receiving 6 packs but I received one. That's perfectly fine by me as I'll be buying these outright now, after devouring the bag in 3 days time. The vendor should provide a photo of what the product looks like: each nugget is about the size of a LEGO and looks like chopped up almonds stuck together with a jam. My initial taste was of Blueberry and just a delightful sweetness, followed my the blissful crunch of almonds as I 'nom-nom-nomed' on a nugget. It only took 2 or 3 of them to leave me pleasantly satisfied and my blood sugar level at an working level. And, it's nice to have something else to carry with me beside fruit.

For anyone with my condition that is looking for a wonderfully tasty treat that requires NO refrigeration, I highly recommend this product. It was fun and tasty to try something new that I'll be buying from now on. :D

NUXE Merveillance Expert Correcting Cream for Visible Lines, 1.5 oz.
NUXE Merveillance Expert Correcting Cream for Visible Lines, 1.5 oz.
Price: $57.00
2 used & new from $57.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Stink Face, for REAL!!!, November 13, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Another Vine Reviewer titled her review "Stink Face". I had not yet received this product to try and review so I held off on any opinion of the subject title until I got it.

Let me tell you, STINK FACE doesn't even BEGIN to describe the STINK from this cream!!! :( But, first, a bit of background on myself and fragrance: My Mum was an Avon Lady and since I was born, I was her Lab Rat/Crash Test Dummy for trying on every single product and fragrance that Avon made from 1952 until she retired in 1990. So, I was plumped and slathered with scent 24/7 and I LOVED it! Fast-forward into my Adulthood: every night I burn either incense or scented candles; I have a small company that specializes in Essential Oil products and I have a plethora of scented bath products from Perlier and Bath and Body Works. I also owned a floral shop for 10 years, being in the same room as 100's of hyacinths and Stargazer Lily's, two of the most HIGHLY FRAGRANT flowers that exist! Needless to say: I LOVE FRAGRANCE. When it's natural. And NOT overwhelming. This cream is neither.

Having had the blessing to try, via Vine, the amazing StriVectin Labs Anti Aging Cream @ $90 bucks an ounce, I was hopeful to try the NUXE cream at half the price. Sadly, it now resides in my Trash Bin. :(

Upon opening the jar, I gave the cream a sniff and thought, "Well, this is pleasant enough, surely NOT a "stink face". It was much thicker and denser a cream than the StriVectin and took a bit of rubbing on my skin to get it fully spread; not so with the StriVectin. Once it dried, I sadly noticed the very same dull and waxy look that my skin has had with 100% of the other skin care products that I've used EXCEPT the StriVectin: sure, my skin is soft but there is NO GLOW and those fine lines that age has graced me with around my lips and eyes were the same as before I applied the cream.

I went into the bedroom to read. Five minutes later, I kept getting a nasty taste inside of my mouth, caused by my randomly licking my lips which had had the edges treated with the cream. THIS has NEVER happened to me with ANY cream and I have always applied moisturizer around my lip area! As minutes went by, the scent of the product kept increasing and increasing as my skin warmed it up and finally, after 15 minutes of wearing it, I was in the bathroom, scrubbing it off! Even an hour later, I couldn't get the scent off of my skin, despite 2 more washings and this is coming from a girl WHO LOVES SCENTED THINGS!!!! The closest that I can come to describing my reaction to the fragrance is if one of those cheap gel air fresheners in "Floral" was taped to my chin and a plastic bag placed loosely over my head...yeah, it was THAT bad!

Despite having the cream on my skin for 15 minutes, unlike the StriVectin cream, there was 0% different in my skin texture or softening; the StriVectin has had immediate and very long lasting effects on me. However, my results vary wildly from other users of that cream, who broke out in rashes and acne upon using it. Go figure!

Not wanting to be a wasteful person, I then tried to use the cream on my feet after giving myself a pedicure. No such luck! With warm socks on my feet, the scent traveled up from them and I became a Walking Room Deodorizer! My teen son had to laugh and called me "Stink Foot" so perhaps I should have used THAT phrase for my subject title? I realize from reading the other reviews that most users like this and enjoy it with some receiving the benefits of anti-aging that it advertised and I'm happy for them. But for me, this was an EPIC FAIL, which leaves me sad and disappointed. I would hate to have actually paid for this product with these disappointing results.

Beadaholique Clear Rubber Bullet Clutch Earring Safety Backs (144)
Beadaholique Clear Rubber Bullet Clutch Earring Safety Backs (144)
Offered by BLUE LAKE
Price: $1.30
47 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars "I've Got Your Back!!!", November 13, 2014
Yup, if earring backs could write, THIS is what they'd say! "I've got your back to your post or French Wire earrings!"

You will NOT see a "Verified Purchase" label on my review because I simply scoot over to my JoAnne Fabric's store which is a 1/4 mile away from me and pick up these identical backs over there.

Now, HOW did I become familiar with this item? I have been making my own jewelry for over 20 years and when I became increasingly frustrated at losing earring after earring of custom made (and irreplaceable) earrings, my sales girl at JoAnne's pointed them out to me and I've been a dedicated buyer of them, ever since! When she was educating me about plastic earring backs, she mentioned both the one I'm reviewing and also this one, 100-PieceEarringSafetyBacksforFishHookEarrings,Clear, so I bought both kinds and tried them out.

The reason why I intentionally use this type of back vs. the other one listed is multifold: 1) The raised edge of the bell-form allows for a much firmer and sturdier 'grip' when attempting to slide them onto the back of your earring, which you can't see! 2) This particular kind of plastic earring nut stays SOFT and pliable much much longer than the exceedingly small "tube" type that is sold for French Wires. I initially bought that type but the plastic is hard and brittle right out of the bag and with multiple uses of the back, the hole continues to expand, making it useless for the tension necessary to keep the nut attached to your post or your wire! I lost two pairs of French Wire earrings because that stupid HARD tube nut fell right off after several uses, and then the earring went away, too. BIG Bummer! :( 3) Buy the large capacity bag rather than a smaller capacity bag because the nuts will discolour with use and become a very dirty grey if you wear a particular pair of earrings a lot. When they turn icky, I simply pop on a fresh pair and I'm good to go, again.

Also, a head's up: because the hole in the above nut is VERY SMALL, it truly helps if you "pre-poke" it with your earring so you don't get frustrated or bend the post/wire. Some of my sterling posts are quite thick (especially the hand-crafted/imported ones) and some of my French Wires have flattened rectangular wires that have been pounded flat by the artist. If I had not pre-poked the hole in the plastic nut, I could have permanently damaged the earrings; once, I actually had to take a sewing needle to open up a pair of plastic nuts because the French Wire was SO large that it wouldn't go through initially. So, a bit of hand's on advice from you to me. :D

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