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Harney & Sons White Tea, Dragon Pearl Jasmine, 20 Sachets
Harney & Sons White Tea, Dragon Pearl Jasmine, 20 Sachets
Price: $11.69
10 used & new from $10.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Most flavorful and delicious jasmine tea ever! ♥, June 2, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is my favorite tea ever! I am about to order some more because someone said something about jasmine tea and it reminded me of this great jasmine pearl tea I used to get! Thankfully Amazon keeps good track of all the stuff you ordered, because sure enough, here was the listed order. The sachets are so romantic too. They're just precious. It makes me feel like my experience is elevated beyond just an everyday beverage. The taste is so pure too since it's a pearl tea. I feel like including the buds is the best way to truly taste the flavor of the jasmine instead of just having a slightly aromatic scented tea, it really is a flavorful tea too. I adore the tin as well and kept it for reuse. My only regret is that I can't seem to bring myself to try any of the other flavors so my tins will all match. If this tea wasn't so amazingly delicious then I could try some other kinds and have a better collection of tins haha! Oh well, maybe one day I can stray and try some others. In the meantime at least the colors on this tin are beautiful so I am lucky there.

Wildstar Deluxe Edition [Online Game Code]
Wildstar Deluxe Edition [Online Game Code]

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars First impressions are GREAT!, June 2, 2014
It's just my first impression since I have only been able to play for a couple days so far, but I definitely think it's the next big MMO. I've played more MMORPGs than I can count (FFXI, FFXIV, WoW, GW2, Aion, AIKA, MapleStory, Neverwinter, RIFT, Tera, LotR, etc.) so perhaps I'm just biased for the genre, but I am loving it!

I really appreciate the path system combined with the class system to give you a few options for playstyle as you progress through the game. Just pick a path that suits your style (soldier path for those who love to kill things and explorer path for those who like to find hidden areas - my fave). I've started 8 characters to get a feel for the different options and figure out what kind of character I really want to be, so I have a good grasp of the basics by now. I definitely prefer the explorer path, but I've tried them all. Settler is pretty awesome for the buffs too. Scientist was a lot of extra work, but I do miss it when I see a hidden door only a scientist can open! Soldier is not for me, I don't like to just kill endlessly, but some people do so that's the path for them!

I love the playstyle too, because you can choose your class based upon what kind of fighting you want to do and I don't feel like playing a button-masher so I am steering clear of the warrior and the spellslinger for now, but I really like my esper for some unique hybrid options as I level her.

My favorite aspect of the game so far would have to be the movement style (I love the double jumps as well as special items/areas that allow you to jump so high you're flying). It reminds me of the old Crash Bandicoot games in that sense and I do love to jump around hehe.

For my personal playstyle I really love the explorer path. Pretty much every RPG has inspired the urge to explore, but this game truly rewards you for it and caters to that kind of player in more than just an easter egg or hidden treasure kind-of-way. The explorer path opens up new quests in every zone for someone with just my sensibilities. It's so fun to be shrunken down to explore a hidden cave like Alice in Wonderland or find a way to open up a glowing path in the sky or to weave your way through the tree vines and up to the very top. These are the kinds of things I would do anyway, just to find a useless deadend that the programmers created for fun. Now that secret path actually has a purpose if you choose explorer.

I also love the AMP/skill tree kind of thing (always loved that setup in the old Final Fantasy games) so every character you level can be unique even if you choose the same exact race/class/path combo! I love that sort of flexibility that allows me to play how I want to and allows me to change the way my class works later if I realize I need different abilities for pvp or something.

The humor and cartoon style kinda lean Sam and Max for any fans of that old series and that's one of my favorite things so far if you actually take the time to read the stuff in the game lol (though nothing will ever truly compare to Sam and Max, Wildstar is the only MMO I've ever played that had even a little bit of that flavor). <3

I'm really looking forward to customizing my house and getting mounts later. That always adds more fun to any game. Wildstar looks like they really outdid themselves in those areas as well and I haven't even got to that stuff yet! I've been busy having fun creating characters and figuring everything out. Now I think I have a character I want to level as a main and I can get into the meat of all that soon! :)

Anyway, just wanted to share my initial impressions since a lot of people are considering this title. I love it so far and am so glad I bought it!
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Tera Online - PC
Tera Online - PC
Price: $25.63
33 used & new from $0.58

0 of 4 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Too easy and GMs won't fix problems caused by bugs in the game!, January 20, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Tera Online - PC (Video Game)
I just wanted to let everyone know that if a bug causes you to lose rewards or items in this game GMs won't do anything except thank you for the bug report. Completely unacceptable to steal my time for NOTHING! As a result, I hate this game, but I bet you will too even if you don't get ripped off as I did. The game is FAR too easy, it takes week to get to 60? End-game is super-boring and tedious and they couldn't even write nice cutscenes. The entire plot of the game is dull and it's hard to focus on the storyline when it's so boring. Then you get to end-game and it's a clear rip off of FFXI, okaaaay thanks for Sky Garden Tera, it's NOTHING like Sky in FFXI LOL! *Rolls eyes* Not worth it, even if it's F2P, the game is designed as a money sink. You cannot play it without spending money. I pretty much guarantee you'll spend more on this game than WoW or any of the competitors. I know I did! All for what? So the GMs can screw me over when a bug takes away my rewards. Cool. Awesome. Never ever recommending this game to anyone as a result of their TERRIBLE GMs as well as their TERRIBLE game overall! Do you have anything challenging in the entire game besides battlegrounds that are challenging from simply being unbalanced teams? So fun. >.>
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Princess Baby, Night-Night
Princess Baby, Night-Night
by Karen Katz
Edition: Hardcover
67 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars My daughter's ABSOLUTE favorite, but we explain Princess Baby is naughty., December 31, 2013
One of the worst reviews of this book complains that Princess Baby and her parents are modeling bad behavior so this is a terrible book, but I disagree. This is my 2-year-old's ULTIMATE FAVORITE book and we read many times every day. She has never resisted going to sleep or tried to brush the "teeth" of her stuffed animals as a result of reading this book. She is actually capable of understanding that Princess Baby is being silly and a little bit naughty. We talk about that as we turn pages, "Oh my gosh, she isn't getting ready for bed at all is she? She's brushing her teddy bear's teeth, oopsies, that's naughty huh?" And my toddler enthusiastically agrees and laughs.

I had a book when I was a toddler called "I'm Not Sleepy" and this book is reminiscent of that. Many kids DO resist going to sleep, not because they're naughty, but simply because life is so much fun at that age so they just don't want to miss out on anything. This book is portraying a child who wants to play instead of getting ready for bed. Whoopdie-do! It is not some horribly damaging book that you need to keep away from your kids.

I personally think my toddler is smart enough to understand she isn't to copycat everything she reads. We have "Dinosaur vs. Bedtime" as well and she never ROARS about bedtime either. Perhaps only my child is smart enough to understand Mommy and Daddy know best and not to do the naughty things she reads in books, but I personally think MOST if not ALL children can actually differentiate too.

I love this book and Karen Katz is my daughter's favorite author/illustrator, we have a TON of her books and I wouldn't want anyone to fear this book based on negative reviews. If you're able to talk to your child and explain Princess Baby is being a "princess/diva/naughty/silly" then it's fine. Honestly, I think the whole exchange between Princess Baby and her "absentee" parents took a minute or two, but you can see the illustrations LOVING parents changing places as the story goes on, which indicates they're moving through the house coming to find Princess Baby and see whether she's really doing those things or not. Once they get to her room, the tired baby has already fallen asleep from having too much fun. What a terrible role model *rolls eyes.* C'mon, get real! It's a normal toddler, being a silly baby in a beautifully illustrated and endearing book. What's not to love about this one? We love it anyway. ♥

UPDATE - some additional things to love about this book that I forgot to mention: the sparkly crown on the cover and the page where she kisses all her stuffed animals goodnight, because my daughter loves to kiss each animal on the page for that part and it's SO CUTE!!! :)

Look and Find: Minnie Mouse
Look and Find: Minnie Mouse
by Editors of Publications International LTD
Edition: Hardcover
78 used & new from $0.01

15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Look-and-Find that is the perfect challenge for a 2-year-old!, December 30, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am so happy to have found the perfect Look-and-Find for my toddler. It actually challenges her without being so difficult she gives up. The pages with her favorite characters are the easiest and she gets a little tripped up on the plants page especially, but it's great that the book gives such variety as far as things to look for. There are 8 or so images to look for on each double-page and it's lots of fun to do together. I'd recommend it.

First Look and Find:  Sofia the First (1st Look and Find)
First Look and Find: Sofia the First (1st Look and Find)
by Editors of Publications International
Edition: Board book
70 used & new from $0.33

3.0 out of 5 stars Too big to really be a "look-and-find.", December 30, 2013
My daughter is almost two and she is ready for all sorts of mental challenges, so this Christmas I got her a lot of educational toys including several look-and-finds. Unfortunately this book isn't much of a challenge for her at all. The images to find are giant on a spread-apart background with very few things to look at. Perhaps this would be better suited to a 16-month old or a little younger, but by two, it's just a regular book. A giant-sized and annoying regular book that I wouldn't have bought had I known the scale of it would translate that way.

And like I said, it's GIANT (I have to put it UNDER the bookcase with the Graeme Base books, so if anyone is familiar with those you know how big they are), so that is a big negative for a city-dweller like myself. Our condo is petite to put it nicely lol, so we don't have room for giant books unless they're super-awesome and deserving of the spot, like those gorgeous Graeme Base books!

We also got Minnie Mouse look-and-find and I'd recommend that one over this one if your child likes both characters, because the Minnie Mouse one is actually a perfect fit for my toddler. She is challenged, but not so much that she can't do it. And it's appropriately sized too! <3

Look Find Editors Publications International

Anker 18W / 3.6A Car Charger with Built-in Micro USB Cord for Android - The First and Only Adapter to Deliver Simultaneous, Full-Speed Charges to iPads and Smartphones
Anker 18W / 3.6A Car Charger with Built-in Micro USB Cord for Android - The First and Only Adapter to Deliver Simultaneous, Full-Speed Charges to iPads and Smartphones

1.0 out of 5 stars Had it for a few days and it has something rattling around, broken or loose already., December 30, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
UPDATE: this charger lasted me about a week.

Meh, this charger is okay. I already have a rattling sound from some tiny piece broken loose inside, thankfully it was nothing essential since it still charges. It charges quickly, so that's a plus, but another con is that the plug is small and awkward to the point where you want pull on the wire to unplug it, which would surely cause undue strain and cause it to break prematurely, however, it is difficult to pull it out by the plastic housing as would be appropriate due to the smaller size of the device. The wire is also very short and not very useful when in my car. I can barely reach the phone to a comfortable position to use it while plugged in and actually find myself unplugging it if I am ever waiting in my car and need to read or browse FB. So, all-in-all, I'd say you get what you pay for and this cheapie charger is a good deal for the price, but if you have another $10 to spend, you might want to do that for a charger that won't constantly annoy you or possibly break a short while after purchasing. :/ I maybe should've saved up $10 more for this purchase, because I do see myself needing a new/better one soon, so I'll end up spending $30-ish on 2 charges in the long-run. Oops! Don't make the same mistake I did I guess. Only buy this if you really need to save those dollars right now.

Bendon Publishing Let's Go to Town! (Hello Kitty Touch and Feel Books)
Bendon Publishing Let's Go to Town! (Hello Kitty Touch and Feel Books)
Offered by Gifts 'n More
Price: $6.99
3 used & new from $5.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best touch-and-feel books ever!, July 5, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'm so glad I found these books for my toddler, because a lot of the other touch-and-feel books are such low quality it really is annoying even reading them! These Hello Kitty books are actually made of a good quality, the touchable spots are rather large and there is at least one, if not more, touchable spots on every page (some other books just have a slightly different texture or something and they feel like such a rip-off). I recommend these books highly to anyone looking for a touch-and-feel for their child. :)

Hape - Butterfly Wooden Push and Pull Toy
Hape - Butterfly Wooden Push and Pull Toy
Price: $20.02
22 used & new from $16.42

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Cute toy, but mine is already broken. :(, May 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I got this toy as one of my daughter's first birthday presents. She turned one in January (2013) and this toy is already broken (May 2013). The wood is very durable, but the elastic string connecting the wings is not. Perhaps we just had a bad accident where the toy landed just the wrong way and the toy won't break for anyone else, but this was just my experience. I'm sad and I'm not sure if I should buy another one or not. My daughter did like the toy a lot.

Boynton's Greatest Hits: Volume 1/Blue Hat, Green Hat; A to Z; Moo, Baa, La La La!; Doggies (Boynton Board Books)
Boynton's Greatest Hits: Volume 1/Blue Hat, Green Hat; A to Z; Moo, Baa, La La La!; Doggies (Boynton Board Books)
by Sandra Boynton
Edition: Board book
Price: $14.66
90 used & new from $8.76

3 of 7 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Am I the only one who doesn't like these books?, May 9, 2013
Wow, I wish the reviews for these books weren't so great, because this is the set my dad bought for my daughter based on the reviews. I personally do not like these books though and I wish he had been led to another set instead. I think the illustrations are weird and ugly honestly. I am just not a fan. My daughter doesn't seem impressed by them either and she ADORES books. She would've loved a Karen Katz set instead. And me too lol. I am certainly not complaining about a gift, but I'm just sharing a different perspective to help other potential buyers. This is not the best set for EVERYONE. There is at least ONE person who doesn't like them hehe. Perhaps I am the only one, but if you like more modern drawings with soft/clean lines then this might not be the best set for you.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 16, 2015 12:31 PM PDT

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