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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
Price: $3.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars it feels like there is a whole story left being untold here, February 17, 2015
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May contain spoilers! There is absolutely no explanation of what the Japanese woman's connection to the Foot Clan feels like there is a whole story left being untold here. Also, apparently the Turtles stumble into all of the Foot Clan in their lair, the Foot take a few potshots, but then...give up? They're supposedly all over this chemical plant but they're practically nonexistent in the last 20 minutes. Heck, there's no security for the chemical plant and Vern and April just walk around all over the place, despite the fact that it's the base for an evil crime lord who wants to poison New York City.

The entire fight with Shredder appeared very formulaic: turtles get their butt kicked, regroup, start fighting again, start winning, end up throwing their weapons at Shredder, end up beating Shredder.

And I wish they had stuck with the original concept of the Foot Clan more. Maybe not all in purple outfits, but it seems silly to make them not ninjas when they are called the Foot Clan...or not use the idea of them being robots when one of the villains owns an entire robotic facility.

Nice job on classic references, including "tonight I dine on turtle soup."

Price: $1.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Lacks credibility and at times, action, August 5, 2013
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This would be a much better series if the good guys didn't end up surrendering their weapons at least once every episodes. In episode 307 or so they even gave up their weapons twice. Twice, in 40 minutes. It also seems to happen regardless of how tactically sound a shoot-out would be. In addition, decisions by the second Mass appear to be largely made on an emotional/plot basis rather than regards to practicality or strategy (ie- the President going off on combat missions with little to no intelligence, no one seeking vengeance against mind-controlled human traitors).

PROTOTYPE - Playstation 3
PROTOTYPE - Playstation 3
Offered by DealTavern
Price: $28.60
87 used & new from $8.10

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4.0 out of 5 stars Innovative gameplay, but frustrating flaws, August 3, 2012
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 

Innovative gameplay- if this game had come along ten years earlier, it would be crap and you wouldn't be able to do half the things that make this game awesome. You can turn your limbs into all sort of weapons like harpoons, whips, hammers, claws, blades, can even send out tendrils in all directions to smash everything in sight.
-Good challenge- The game gives you a sense of being immensely powerful while presenting a worthy challenge. At times it may feel like the Hulk (or the video game Hulk: Ultimate Destruction- yes the good Hulk game) because of this.
-Opportunity to use weapons and highjack vehicles in addition to your abilities.
-While powerful, the game does a good job of giving you reason to use the stealth approach at times.
-You get to eat people.
-Upgrade your powers to become more powerful.
-Glide through the air, walk on walls...that kind of thing.

-Flawed targeting system locks on whatever it wants to, making it hard to focus on the target you want. This is frustrating during challenges, during boss battles, and whenever you want to make a strategic attack on multiple opponents.
-Problems with grabbing- the grab button also doubles as an attack for some reason, so you have to be pointed JUST THE RIGHT WAY sometimes to grab something instead of attacking. Maybe on a console you can make an excuse for this, but I'm playing the PC version- they really couldn't find another key to use?
Crappy saving system- the game relies on checkpoints rather than manual saves. This wouldn't be so bad except for the following:

-Checkpoints are only for if you die. If you quit out of the game, you have to restart the whole mission over. I don't understand this...the game clearly has the potential to save that data after I exit, so why doesn't it? This is 2012, no 1990 on an NES. There's no excuse for a poor saving system.
-When you restart a checkpoint, your health and attack modes are set back to default. That means if you originally fought a boss with supercharged health and an active power...well, you lost the health, the opportunity for a powerful devastator attack, and you have to re-select your ability again (which can only be done in-game, thus taking precious seconds away from attacking).
-Because of all three of these problems, my battle with the final boss was much harder than it should have been.

Sacred: Gold Edition - PC
Sacred: Gold Edition - PC
21 used & new from $2.34

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2.0 out of 5 stars Poor substitute for the source material, August 3, 2012
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Sacred II takes its graphics and its gameplay from Diablo II...with its own unique set of additions/changes.


-You can ride horses! Some abilities can't be used while on the horse, but these are generally sensible things.
-Hotkey up to four weapons and skills for easy access.
-Combo system for combining skills.
-Includes DRAGONS. did they miss that in Diablo II?
-no running to retrieve all your gear from your carcass when you die. (YAY!)
-Game saves your location, so you won't instantly be teleported back to a default location when you quit, like you do in Diablo II.
-Belts don't give you extra potion spots- they just add to armor (overall, not too much of an inconvenience).
-Spears are swung like staves.
-Character dialogue is sometimes cheesy and annoying during gameplay, not to mention inconsistant in characterization. You'll run into this a lot as the vampiress. Apparently she's one of the good guys, hoping to win back her soul by fighting evil and injustice.

This would be fine if it wasn't carried out so terribly. The vampiress's stock dialogue includes the following:

"There are mortals here, but rather than stir my bloodlust, these meek creatures incite in me a desire for forgiveness. I shall not harm them." This made me want to puke it was so cheesy. You won't catch Angel or Spike uttering crap dialogue like that, and THEY'RE vampires seeking forgiveness for past misdeeds.
"Cities are quite the feeding place for vampires. It's an all you can eat buffet!"
"This church is a great place for vampires...lots of dark corners."
"Your blood is weak!" battle taunt

-Maps are HORRIBLY done, and you may spend so much time trying to get from point A to B that you may just give up and you stop progressing through the story. No good wiki guides, either. The maps for Diablo I and II weren't artwork, but they told you where you were and where you needed to go. These maps have no key or labeling, so you kinda have to figure out what all the markings are. They are also inaccurate- my map didn't show 2/3s of a fort and at one point told me I was in the midst of a lake when I was on solid land. The maps are the WORST flaw in this game.

-Combo system doesn't add anything to game. Really. You are at no point required to use combos and button mashing of abilities is just as easy.
-Skill upgrade takes away from character customization. In Diablo II, you accumulate skill points to spend as you see fit. In Sacred, you are given certain jewel-like items as a reward for completing quests and stuff. This wouldn't be a big deal except each jewel can only be used to upgrade a certain skill. You may run into three jewels, for example, and each of them will tell you which ability it will upgrade. If you want to upgrade a different skill- well, tough.

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition - Xbox 360
Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition - Xbox 360
Price: $26.99
32 used & new from $18.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Some very good, some very bad parts., May 3, 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
First off, probably the only RPG I've played where I didn't want to viciously murder at least one of my companions by the end of the game (I'm talking about you, Neeshka and Qara of Neverwinter Nights 2). Every character has a great personality, and your companions will engage one another in (often hilarious) dialogue. The graphics look great, and there is a good sense of the benefits and shortcomings of each weapon style and type. Item creation is much easier than in Neverwinter Nights 2, where you have to go all over the continent to search for the required materials. Sometimes you will have to make decisions on whose word to trust without knowing who is being honest with you (ie- Morrigan or her mother)

Now for the bad part. Visibility and targeting make absolutely no sense. Enemies would at time appear out of thin air. This could make sense if the enemies were being stealthy, but they're not. I once stood on a hilltop and could not even see the army of Undead that the villagers were fighting. Keep in mind that higher elevation should IMPROVE your visibility. At other times, I could clearly see an enemy but the game wouldn't let me target him until I moved the character slightly forward or to the side.

Additionally, I didn't feel like the mage class contributed enough to the game. All of the spells that end up doing damage to a large number of opponents end up screwing over your melee characters via friendly fire. Some spells such as mind blast and mass paralysis are useful, but you can stun multiple enemies simply by having an archer with scattershot or a bard use Song of Fascination.

Also, merchant stores were kind of limited in some areas, such as health potions. Although you can also get healing via spells, random health potions by looting carcasses, or making your own health potions, it was still rather irritating that I managed to buy out every health poultice on the continent.

I was kinda disappointed to find out that some of the battles prior to the final boss were tougher than the archdemon himself.
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