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Devil in a Blue Dress
Devil in a Blue Dress

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5.0 out of 5 stars Noir, L.A. Style, April 18, 2014
The year is 1948. The war is over, the boys are home from the war, everybody listens to the radio, but TV is here--the first world series will air in September of that year. There's plenty of work and the pay is good. For about $13,000 you can own your own California craftsman style cottge: two bedrooms with a lawn, built in bookcases, and great woodwork, with a big backyard in a nice little neighborhood. Ex-GI Ezekiel Rawlins, played with that low key grace and charm that makes Denzel Washington such a great actor, likes his life, loves his house and enjoys his neighbors. It's a good life, until he's fired from his job, the money starts running out, and the bank gets antsy about the mortage.

And that's how it starts to go noir..

The movie is based on the Walter Mosely novel of the same name, and the first in an ongoing saga of the black detective who lived at what could have been L.A.'s finest hour. Give or take. It's that golden age when a snazzy new car would set you back $1,500, you could gas it up for 23 cents a gallon, and if you wanted to see the USA in your Chevrolet you'd have money left over for lunch. Bread cost fifteen cents a loaf, the baloney another twenty, and you could wash it down with a cold beer for two bits. The movie industry was thriving,klieg lights along glamorous Hollywood Boulevard heralded star-studded premieres, the Red Car would get you anywhere in the city for a few cents. No traffic and no smog, the ocean was unpolluted, neighborhoods were free of graffiti and people sat on their porches at night enjoying those breezy L.A. nights. Of course the cops rousted anybody whose skin wasn't the right shade of white, nobody cared about job discrimination except the poor slob being discriminated against...and nobody cared about him. Women's rights? Don't make me laugh.

Easy needs a job. Fast. He meets a guy in a bar and a hundred bucks changes hands. Plenty more where that came from too. Next thing you know, Easy is hunting down a white dame with a secret or two and the object of interest of some very dangerous men in high places. We run afoul of hoods, bootleggers, crooks, thugs, oily operators with snap brim hats and pencil thin moustaches, and a cast of characters that makes every minute of this film entertaining. Everybody wears a hat, smokes unfiltered cigarettes, and downs their whiskey straight. We have plenty of shootings, lots of beating and one unfortunate choking. We get a look at Watts that makes you wish you could be there, listening to the music in those great smoke-filled cubs and dancing the until the sun came up. The plot flows, there are tough guys and dirty cops, politicians of every stripe, people you don't want to see die but who do, and a plot that gets muddled but always manages to dust itself off and keep going. Denzel couldn't be better. This is a role that was made for him. Don Cheadle, playing a lovable psychotic is superb. A grown up Jennifer Beals is great as the lovesick wearer of the Blue Dress.

Five stars for sheer entertainment and another chance to see Denzel Washington make great acting look easy.
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#1 Luxury Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 100% Pure, Undiluted & No Fillers - Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator & Moisturizer HA Serum - Best Anti Wrinkle Serum with Vitamin C - Nutrient-Rich Organic Herbs For BETTER Results - Enhances Collagen Growth - Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Choice - Free Guide "Secrets to Glowing Skin" - Experience Youthful Looking Skin & Instant Glow
#1 Luxury Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 100% Pure, Undiluted & No Fillers - Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator & Moisturizer HA Serum - Best Anti Wrinkle Serum with Vitamin C - Nutrient-Rich Organic Herbs For BETTER Results - Enhances Collagen Growth - Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Choice - Free Guide "Secrets to Glowing Skin" - Experience Youthful Looking Skin & Instant Glow
Offered by Celeste Le Beau
Price: $89.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional quality for the price..., April 17, 2014
You can spend $40 at the supermarket for some mass-produced night serum with traces of the active ingredients. Or you can spend the same amount on this entry from Forever Young and get some excellent skin care. You can see from the label the ratio of ingredients and this one seems to formulate correctly.

Don't get confused by the word 'acid.' This is not the kind of acid that peels or exfoliates. It's much more gentle. Hyaluronic Acid is the stuff that makes baby skin so fat and fluffy. The little critters are born with skin that is loaded with the stuff. As we get older, among the many treats we encounter, is a slowdown in the amount of good stuff our body manufactures. Hence, wrinkles.

There are many wrinkle cures and women are still diligently smearing collagen on the faces as it if does some good. It doesn't. Collagen is the stuff that bonds your skin to your body. You can't put on some poor cows ground up collagen and expect any benefits. You need to make your own, the same way you did when you were young and your own collagen was rubbery and supply and stringy so your skin had life and didn't form those ugly little quilts. Hyaluronic Acid helps a tiny bit. It plumps out the skin, and does, in fact, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles a little. Nothing but filler, botox or invasive procedures are going to get rid of the real grooves, but if you go to work early enough and are diligent, you can have skin that looks years younger than it should. (It also helps to have good genes, so next time you pick out parents, check their faces carefully.)

You aren't going to get miracles, but you can see a softening of wrinkles and that's ;pretty good. You can also stop them from getting worse, which is very good. Hyaluronic Acid is good for all skin types. If you are 20 years old, you should start using it now. Don't wait for damage to show up and fight a battle of attrition.

The pump also deserves mention. It works well, one pump gives you the right dose for one use. You don't have to dip your hands into the product and smear in a bunch of bacteria. Smart thinking.

You won't find a better moisturizer and 'rejuvenating skin cream' for the money. Five stars. I was give the product for evaluation by the manufacturer. The product arrived on February 14th and I have used it every day since them and my review is based on two months use. No miracles, but my skin looks good, it's not dry, there's no flaking, and after I use it, my skin looks good. At my age, I can't ask for much more.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 18, 2014 1:36 PM PDT

Brainwavz S1 In Ear Headphones
Brainwavz S1 In Ear Headphones
Offered by MP4NATION
Price: $59.50
3 used & new from $53.54

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Ear Buds that Fit and Provide Great Sound!, April 17, 2014
I was up-to-hear with most earbuds. The sound on the two pairs I had was not good, although they came with high recommendations and one with an equally high price tag. The earbuds that came with my eyephone were worthless and I've been looking for something decent. And also for a pair to use when I'm out biking. I usually listen to music, and the different with the Brainwavz S1 is remarkable. Sounds are crisp and clear, there is no distortion. My ear is far from perfect and I don't demand top of the line quality, just something that doesn't sound tinny. These do more than deliver.

When it comes to Audio books, this is a brand new area for me and I had a very hard time understanding a lot of dialogue with my old headphones. I ended up wearing my 'earmuff' headphones just so I could listen to Simon Prebble's wonderful Scots accent (playing the detective in the great mystery The Ice House) without thinking the guy was having a seizure. Now I wear these little gizmos and there is no problem with hearing the words and I don't look like an idiot. More that usual.

The other good thing about the Brainwavz S1 In Ear Headphones is the design. They fit in my ear and stay there. I'm not forever picking 'em up. The rubber holds nice and tight and the buds stay in place. If you are looking for a decent set of headphones, if you are not demanding the highest possible standards for music appreciation but just want to enjoy listening, and if you like audio books, these are what you want. And the price is right too. Five stars.
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HomeFlav Monkey Loves Banana Slicer
HomeFlav Monkey Loves Banana Slicer
Offered by HomeFlav
Price: $9.99
2 used & new from $9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Crazy Monkey Love..., April 15, 2014
How could you not love this little thingy. It slices bananas. Yeah. Bananas. Those soft things that you used to slice with a butterknife in about 30 seconds before dropping them in the cheerios. Now it takes about one second to do the same job, only better. Sure, we're doomed. Civilization is going to collapse because instead of our old pioneering spirit, we're sitting on our fat behinds eating sliced bananas and not even working for them. I'm going to blame Bush. You can blame Obama. The important thing is, we have more time for watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, eating snacks (like bananas and cereal) and lolling on the sofa. And if that is not worth the destruction of all that humanity has achieved over the millenniums, I don't know what is.

Look, the world could end anyway, no help from us. Solar pulse, Kim Il Whatever could press some button, or global warming could take us out. And really, if you were hard at work, doing a double shift, hungry from skipping dinner, exhausted from not taking weekends off, how much good would that sense of accomplishment do you when you saw the lights start to flicker. But if you sit there, all fat and happy and wondering what your toes look like, s;acking off from work to watch daytime TV and guzzling one bowl of cheerios and bananas after another, you'll think "What the heck, I wasn't going anyplace anyway."

The truth is, this is just the right tool for the job. Usually I'd grab the knife I used to butter the toast to cut the banana, which meant there were toast crumbs and a butter slick on my cereal. Unsightly. Plus I'm hungry in the morning and usually late, so I slice that banana fast. It's more like wedges, some thick, some thin. Hardly conducive to fine dining. It's the slippery slope, those off kilter slices and next thing you know, you're shoving them in your mouth as soon as their sliced, four or five at a time, and just grabbing a fistful of Cheerios, shoving that it too, and washing it down with a swig of milk out of the carton. Is that any way to live (actually it is; it's fun and you don't have a dish to wash). This gives you all the slices at one time, and precisely cut. But even more important, it somehow elevates you to this whole new realm where you could be of eating out of a bowl, and with a spoon like gourmets and humans.

So you decide. Do we tank civilization for an easier way to slice a banana? Remember. Civilization is rules, getting up when the alarm clock goes off, uncomfortable underwear, commuting in traffic, standing on line at the DMV and paying bills. Chaos on the other hand is laid back, sleeping in when it rains, no alarm clocks, putting sugar on anything, making slurping noises when you eat spaghetti and never having to contribute to the office birthday fund.

Think about it.
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StufZ Burger Press
StufZ Burger Press
Offered by Amazing DEALS Online
Price: $10.09
29 used & new from $5.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Get Stuffed!, April 14, 2014
This review is from: StufZ Burger Press
If you've been making hamburgers since you were yay high, get ready to start at the beginning again. You'd think this gizmo would be easy to use,, and it is...but only after you've gotten the knack. And when you do figure it out, you can make big, fat juicy burgers with hidden pockets of goodies -- and enjoy the added benefit of yet one more plastic doohickey to clean up. This thing goes into the dishwasher, but you do have go at it really well to rinse off all the meat residue. Even so, if you like hamburgers, it's worth it. And with summertime barbecue season ahead, this is something outdoor cooks should really enjoy. Not to mention the people they feed.

You need to go to the product website and watch the video. That's key. And follow directions. If you are like me and just use things straight out of the box, you'll end up disappointed. After making a mess and ending up with burgers oozing various stuffings or with patches of stuffing showing through or burgers that fell apart in the pan, and with a slurry of chopped beef all over the counters, I was getting no place fast. Then my Neighbor Who Cooks poked his head in the door, saw me struggling and suggested I readthe instructions. Oh, well, sure if you want to go that way. Sure, take the easy way out. Anyway, I watched and saw where I made my mistakes and fixed my technique. The result was big fat juicy burgers all loaded with tasty, hidden surprises. Use it correctly and the thing works. Use it intuitively and you'll be eating some kind of hamburger stew mess with a spoon.

And don't just make yourself some hamburger patties. They need to be the right size. This is important. You need a good measuring cup. The directions say 1/3 cut of meat per patty. One pound of 80/20 ground beef is 2 cups. One half pound is 1 cup, 1/3 of 1/2 pound is a sixth or something like a sixth of two sixth, and you can see that this is about where I started to get lost and panic set it. I finally figured out that after you do all the math, this is actually about 1/3 of a pound. So in half a cup of ground beef, you get one whole and one half burger. That means three per pound. I spent all day working this out using pencils and paper, the wall, the internet, my calculator and modeling clay. Then My Neighbor Who Cooks strolled in again and said "Well, 8 ounces are in a cup; if sixteen ounces in weight equal sixteen in liquid volume, an ounce is an ounce. See?" So I killed him. Anyway, after I hid the body I used 1/3 of a pound for my hamburgers and it worked out, but you'd think they'd just come out and say it and not do the cup ounces and meat ounces thing.

Anyway, now that I have saved you infinite trouble, you put your meat into the Stufz, add your stuffing and there you go. Nice little meat packages. I am extremely happy with the results. Leftover goat cheese? Why not. Blue cheese? Jalapenos or chipotles? Sure thing. Mushrooms and spinach? Brilliant. It's hard to go wrong. You don't actually need the StufZ, you could do your own hand-stuffed burgers, but this is surprisingly harder than you'd think. Getting the burgers to close properly, getting the seasoning to fit, it's messy and mostly it doesn't work. The StufZ gizmo makes it easy...once you figure it out. And remember to go large with the stuffings. No matter what, use a lot. If you're stingy, the contents sort of disappear and no one will notice. But if you really pile on the fillings, you are building little flavor bombs. Once someone bites in and hits that hidden goodies, it's magic.

I have not ventured past beef, but I may explore the byways of pork burgers, beef and pork mixtures, Italian sausage patties (with roasted garlic and pepper and onion stuffing?) For meat lovers and people who like to play with their food, this is fun and gives you all sorts of tasty variations on the old standby. It takes some practice to get it right, but StufZ is worth five stars. I received this from the manufacturer for review and am very happy with it.
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Etronic ® Ultra Comfort Massage Travel Neck Pillow - 6 Massage Modes - Headrest Strap - CE Certified [3-Year Warranty]
Etronic ® Ultra Comfort Massage Travel Neck Pillow - 6 Massage Modes - Headrest Strap - CE Certified [3-Year Warranty]
Offered by E Depot Express
Price: $19.99
2 used & new from $14.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Relaxing, good size, puts me to sleep..., April 14, 2014
This little vibrating neck pillow of Etronic is nice and small; you can tuck it in a tote bag and use while travelling (remember, those airline pillows are NEVER washed and there are always newspaper stories about the scary bacteria on the covers). I like the little button closing. I have other neck pillows without a closure and you have to sit still or keep picking them up. Small but smart little detail.

There are four cycles but I really can't tell the difference. There is low and high vibration, and a sort of thudding massage which also comes in low or high. Anything else is so subtle, it escaped my tired and worn out sensory system. But the pillow cycles between the four options if you like, or stays on one, your choice, and all of it feels good. It takes about five minutes for me to feel so relaxed, I'm asleep. Also, my cat loves this gizmo. She must think it's a fat, ugly Momma cat, I think. She likes to snuggle next to it. I was given this by the manufacturer for review and can find no problems and seems to vibrate at about the same speeds.

The pillow design is good. It fits perfectly on my neck, which is, I guess, average. So if you have a thick neck, there might be a problem. One reviewer says it fits his (her?) 18" neck, which is a lotta neck. My first husband had an 18 1/2 inch neck and he came with a mahout. Anyway, there are fancier models with more modes and more noticeable changes in rhythm and vibrations, but this is affordable and the gentle vibrating is extremely soothing. You miss out on the stimulating neck rub, but you can always save up and go for a massage. On the other hand, for lolling on the sofa while reading or watching TV, this is a nice bit of pampering and that's worth 5 stars. My only caveat: it does not come with a battery. I wish manufacturers would realize that "Batteries Included" is a big sales booster. And a big convenience for buyers.
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BelleSha Breathable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves
BelleSha Breathable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves
Offered by BellaSHA
Price: $10.05

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Quick Fix for Rough Hands, April 14, 2014
Most of us already use hand lotion, but older skin sometimes needs a little more help. Skin that's exposed to harsh substances needs extra care too. I garden and after wrestling with the roses, spraying, pruning, adding stuff to the soil, doing all those little jobs, my hands look like I've been pulling a barge down the canal. I use spa gloves occasionally when they need a fast rescue. They keep the moisturizer from dissipating too quickly so you get a lot of hand-healing and softening while you sleep. Slather on a lot of your favorite hand cream, pull on the gloves. That's all. These are light weight, they keep the lotion from getting all over the place and making a mess. I can use my Kindle with no problem. Just don't pet the cats too much. The gloves like to pick up cat hair. These are low to middle in terms of price, and about as good as some I've paid I lot more for. The fabric is like a stretchy cotton, light as a feather, and the gloves themselves don't inhibit movement. Or at least not too much. If you like picking up dimes instead of counting sheep at night, you'll have a problem. Otherwise they're fine. And they don't make hands feel hot or clammy.

Hands are a dead giveaway in showing age. Keeping them moisturized is really important if this matters to you. Use moisturizing gloves a couple of times a week if your hands are starting to show their age. I've done this for years and so far have avoided the quilty skin and bulgy veins. If only they had a glove that fit the rest of me...

Anyway, I received these from the manufacturer for review and I'm giving them five stars. They're everything you want in a moisturizing glove, no problems. Some readers complain that they are made for average sized hands. My hands are a good average at least, and these fit well and are comfortable. Any bigger and they'd be loose, any smaller and they'd be tight. If your hands are extra small or extra big, you may need to look further for sizes to accommodate your needs.
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HomeFlav Adorables Kitchen Timer Tomato
HomeFlav Adorables Kitchen Timer Tomato
Offered by HomeFlav
Price: $8.99

1.0 out of 5 stars No time at all.., April 14, 2014
This timer gave up the ghost after one sad effort. I set it for five minutes, it ticked away and a tiny bzzzz sounded for about a second. Next try...nothing. Several more attempts set it ticking, but that stopped after a few seconds. Too bad. It's adorable...the little red tomato would have been cute on the stove. I notice several reviewers find it works well, while others have had experiences similar to mine. Seems like a bit of a gamble. For the price, I would be reluctant to take the chance. I received mine from the manufacturer for review.
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YazyCraft Assorted Colors Metal Crochet Hooks set of 12
YazyCraft Assorted Colors Metal Crochet Hooks set of 12
Offered by YazyCraft
Price: $10.39
2 used & new from $10.37

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Not for the crochety..., April 13, 2014
These crochet hooks are cute, the colors make grabbing the right size easy, and for a novice whose work is not going to win awards anyway, they're a good place to start. The sizes are a bit off. My crochet teacher measured them against hers and says for fine work, there would be a problem. If you are showing a child (or fumble-fingered adult) how to crochet, they should not pose a problem. I'm making a scarf. Or a blanket. Or something. The difficulties I'm having are not, my teacher assures me, related to these needles. I have always wanted to do needlecraft. My mom used to knit and crochet and do needlepoint...she was the Needlepoint Lady at Bloomingdales for many years. All the women of the previous generation could sew, my sister can make beautiful things out of thread or wool or floss. Me...if I want to keep my hands busy I scratch my head. If you're like me and just checking out this crocheting situation, the YazyCraft collection is acceptable. If you have progressed beyond the "Why don't you just start all over..." stage, you'll want something better.
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HomeFlav 10" Non-ticking Silent Quartz Wall Clock
HomeFlav 10" Non-ticking Silent Quartz Wall Clock
Offered by HomeFlav
Price: $16.89

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hard Times..., April 13, 2014
This is a nice basic wall clock. Nothing fancy. Put it on the kitchen wall and you'll always know what time it is (unless it breaks, in which case I'll revise my review). This little Plain Jane is discreet. No bold statements. And it's almost silent, despite the name. You can hear a tiny little whirrrr if you listen for it. But it's a white noise and after ten minutes, it blended into the usual background noises and I didn't hear it anymore.

The hands are big and easy to see, the number plain and easy to read, and the sweeping second hand hard to miss. It's a handy kitchen clock for those of us who want to keep track of cooking times. I don't ask much from a clock and this one provides pretty much everything I need. If all you're looking for is something discreet that's easy to read and keeps time well, you can't go wrong for this price.
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