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Casio Men's AE1200WHD-1A Stainless Steel Digital Watch
Casio Men's AE1200WHD-1A Stainless Steel Digital Watch
Price: $23.95
13 used & new from $22.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Value, Tons of Features, July 8, 2014
I own several Casios ranging from the $10 F91-W to the several hundred dollar Pro Trek Pathfinder and I must say, I think this AE1200 model is my favorite.

First of all, it has all of the basic features anyone could really want or need. It lacks the Alt-Baro-Compass feature of the Pathfinders, but who really uses that stuff anyway, especially when we all have smart phones and GPS devices? The basic time, multiple alarms, timer and chronograph are what most people actually use and this watch has them all.

Secondly, the AE1200 is larger and more imposing than many of it's low-end Casio counterparts, making it a more striking and eye-catching choice than the old-school retro digital models. Those retro models are cool, but this one is just more practical and wearable.

Lastly, the price is outstanding for the amount of watch you get. Good looks, nice size and weight, 100m water resistance, tons of useful features, and a 10 year battery, all for about $20.

It's amazing that Casio can design, manufacture and ship such good products for so little. I highly recommend this model.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 25, 2014 3:49 PM PDT

Timex Men's T5E231 "Ironman Traditional" Watch
Timex Men's T5E231 "Ironman Traditional" Watch
Price: $44.47
10 used & new from $44.47

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Solid, Great Features, April 29, 2014
This is an excellent watch overall and I give it 5/5 stars. Although the price is a touch high compared to Casio models, it works well and seems to be pretty tough. In general, I prefer Casio, but I do like the large display and durability this Timex Ironman offers. I've had it for several years and it performs well. I also like the fact that it has normal band lugs (something Casio often strays from) which enable me to apply various aftermarket bands. This is nice, since I'm not a huge fan of the typical rubber bands on most digitalis. Anyway, it's solid and works well.

The Unknown Known
The Unknown Known
Price: $0.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Interesting Documentary...From an Iraq War Veteran's Perpsective, April 26, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Clearly, Donald Rumsfeld is an easy target and the Iraq War was far from a tidy affair. This doc attempts to provide some exposition into the thoughts, strategy and planning that went into the Iraq War and into Rumsfeld's overall career as a two-time Secretary of Defense. I appreciate such an effort and I find the subject matter very interesting, given that I spent 27 months in Iraq as a US Army soldier. However, I found the doc to be fairly one-dimensional and relatively uninteresting.

I remain interested in the fundamental objectives behind the Iraq War, such as oil resources, counter-terrorism, neo-imperialism, etc, but this doc did not provide any new commentary. Instead, this presentation seemed more interested in the semantic nuances of Rumsfeld's numerous "snowflake" memos to his Department of Defense staff; interesting, but not really substantial. These commentaries are interesting, but they didn't, in and of themselves, offer the cutting insight I had hoped for.

Overall, I finished the doc with a continued interest in the "who, what, when, where, why and how" and I actually felt more sympathetic to Rumsfeld himself than I had before. Is he a camera-ready statesman? No. Is he a debonair politician? No. However, I found his responses to be relatively honest, elucidating and accurate. Overall, I would give this doc mediocre ratings at best. I appreciate the effort, but I think Morris was bogged down in political bias and therefore, less focused on objective fact than on pursuing his preconceived ideas. Watch this only if you're interested in a bit of biographical background and some superficial insight into the Iraq War.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 29, 2014 10:01 PM PDT

Casio Men's AE-1000W-1AVDF Sporty Digital Quartz Watch
Casio Men's AE-1000W-1AVDF Sporty Digital Quartz Watch
Price: $18.74
18 used & new from $17.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oustanding Bargain, Great Features, April 25, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I love this watch. It is very durable, looks nice, has a ton of good features and is basically free. You won't be disappointed if you get one. The button layout is easy and intuitive, the alarm is loud, the band is comfortable and overall it is a comfortable and attractive watch. I ordered five of them for gifts for my groomsmen (I know, not exactly high roller giving Casio watches as gifts), but they are rock solid, look good and affordable.

Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Chronograph
Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Chronograph
Price: $228.00 - $622.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Among the Greatest Multi-Function Watches, April 19, 2014
I've had this watch for several years now and it still holds up. It is a little pricier than some of the competition from Casio and Timex. However, it offers some nice advantages over most others, with only a couple drawbacks. I wore mine for two tours in Iraq and it performed perfectly. Not that I truly ever relied on the Comp-Baro-Alti features, because we always had other more advanced devices for that. But it was reassuring to have those capabilities on my wrist at all times. And the basic time, stopwatch, alarm and timer functions were used often and performed well.

User replaceable battery - very helpful in the field and easy to do, saves money.
Broad array of functions - easy to manipulate the various features with a little practice and reading the manual.
Very accurate - the watch loses very little time over the months and years, good quartz movement.
Good water resistance - not a dive watch, but it holds up well, even under several meters of water, which I've done.
Comfortable despite its large size - pretty light weight and a large, comfortable band.
Easy to read - large face, big numbers.
Attractive design - very distinct look.

Not solar-atomic (like Casio Pathfinder) - however, battery is easily replaced and the quartz movement is very accurate.
Thicker case - more so than the Casio PAW1300, but not too bad.
Bottonology - the button function layout is different than most Timex and Casios, but isn't too hard to figure out.
Price - higher than many, but not excessive for what you get.

Overall, despite the drawbacks referenced above, I highly recommend the Suunto X-Lander and I would assume the other Suunto models are also good. Serves me well.

Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow
Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow
Offered by Think Fast
Price: $54.99
14 used & new from $54.72

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Pillow, Greatly Helps Sleep., March 29, 2014
Initially, my wife tried a standard full length body pillow, but it wasn't really effective. Her sleep suffered and between work and school, she was pretty tired and worn down at the end of the day. So we decided to try the Boppy pillow, which we picked up at Walmart for about $45. At first, we were doubtful about the velcro attachments, but after only one night, she was sold on it. The customizable shape of this model allows her to find the most comfortable position to sleep and provides good support for the whole body. And the velcro attachments stay connected through the night. In just a couple weeks of use, she has noticed much better and more restful sleep and more energy during the day. We highly recommend this pillow for any pregnant woman who may have trouble getting good sleep.

The ORIGINAL Bed Band. Adjustable Fastener/Holder/Strap for Your Sheets. Patent Pending.
The ORIGINAL Bed Band. Adjustable Fastener/Holder/Strap for Your Sheets. Patent Pending.
Offered by Bed Band Store LLC
Price: $13.99
3 used & new from $13.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, works perfectly., March 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have a pillow top king and a couple of matress protectors and my sheets were always coming off at night. Annoying. But the problem is completely resolved now. Since I attached these to the outer matress protector layer, everything has stayed fimly in place. Great product.


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4.0 out of 5 stars Vostok Amphibia - Ten Year Review, March 2, 2014
I know there are polarized views on the Vostok Amphibia diver watches. Some laud them as the best value in an authentic dive-rated automatic, while others argue they are inferior and their only appeal is that they are Russian and therefore cool and eclectic. After over ten years of intermittent wearing, I fall somewhere in between, though more on the positive side.

I ordered mine in 2004 from the site and it took forever to arrive, given the customs and slow Ruski processing. However, when I received the watch it was very pleasing, aesthetically and mechanically. Despite being new production, they definitely have a vintage look and feel. But not in a cheap or commercial way, more in an authentic way. To me, they really capture that 1960s sort of Jacques Cousteau feel, especially when paired with an aftermarket shark mesh or jubilee band. The factory supplied band was crappy leather, but I planned to install a better band anyway. I went with a 20mm jubilee bracelet, but I think a NATO or Zulu style strap would also complement the watch well. On the negative side, the watch's crown is pretty crappy. It is screw down, but when engaging the movement, it is far from Swiss perfection. When unscrewed, the crown is wobbly and not very confidence inspiring. And resetting the date requires the awkward "back to 9 and forward to 1" procedure, rather than a normal independent date adjustment. However, these are not major concerns, given the watches price point and intended purpose.

Aesthetics aside, the watch actually performs pretty well. I've worn mine in several meters of sea water, not scuba diving, but pretty legitimate diving activity. And it has not fogged or otherwise indicated any kind of seal failure. It also seems to be made of good quality steel and not some form of cheap alloy or chrome-coated resin. I did a polish job on mine using Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish to make the case and base back pop a little more and I think it worked well. In terms of accuracy, mine is about +4 seconds per day, which isn't bad. When first winding and wearing it, the accuracy was more variable, but when you wear it for a few days it seems to regulate to a more accurate timekeeping capacity, in my observation. So my observed averge is about +4 seconds per 24 hours.

Overall, these are pretty nice watches, especially given their relative low cost. I admit that perhaps there is some variability in quality, given all the different Vostok Amphibia options that are out there on Ebay, etc. I'm never fully confident that what I'm buying from some Russian seller is genuine. However, I think you are safe to get one of these for about $50-75 and feel pretty confident in it. They are solid, keep good time and above all, they have a very distinctive look. So after ten years of ownership, I still recommend them.

Seiko Men's SKX175 Stainless Steel Automatic Dive Watch
Seiko Men's SKX175 Stainless Steel Automatic Dive Watch
Offered by shopemco
Price: $229.00
16 used & new from $229.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Solid as a rock, over a decade later. Excellent watch., February 24, 2014
I bought this watch in early 2004 and it is just as solid and beautiful as the day I bought it over ten years ago. Not like ten years is some enormous amount of time, but any big watch guy knows that's quite a while to hang on to a timepiece. At least for me. I tend to flip watches with regularity and I'm really glad I have hung on to this one. I ordered it via Amazon when I was at Fort Huachuca, AZ for Army training and I wore it in Iraq for a 12-month tour. After that I wore it less often, but not because of any specific issue, I just moved on to the newest and coolest watch. Anyway, I recently rediscovered this Seiko masterpiece in my case and I am really glad I have it still. Unlike the current issue model, mine has a Seiko Singapore movement, rather than a Malaysian movement. But in both cases, my understanding is that the watch is assembled in Japan using the same movement. So the precise origin of the movement's construction may not be a big deal. Anyway, mine keeps great time, given its cost. Obviously, it can't keep pace with a Casio Solar Atomic model, which is another favorite of mine, but it still is pretty accurate. I've worn mine all day for many days now and its accuracy is about +5 to 7 seconds per 24 hours. I think that's pretty good. And whatever concern you may have over the inherent inaccuracy of Seiko automatics versus general quartz movements, I will say that the absolute aesthetic beauty of this watch greatly outweighs them. It is a stunner. From the robust case width and bold color scheme to the jubilee band and fit and finish, this model is a clear win. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a classic retro diver look.

Sexy Pink Stretch Lace Open Crotch Boy Shorts Panties - Large
Sexy Pink Stretch Lace Open Crotch Boy Shorts Panties - Large
Offered by Pampered Diva
Price: $6.01
2 used & new from $3.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, Wife Loved Them, February 15, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought these for my wife on Valentine's Day and I was pretty uncertain on whether they'd fit right and look good. But they do. She says they are actually really comfortable to wear around. And I'll say, they also look really, really hot. So given the price, they are a great choice.

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