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Sexy Evil Genius
Sexy Evil Genius
DVD ~ Michelle Trachtenberg
Price: $14.96
63 used & new from $0.53

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2.0 out of 5 stars Dull movie with a cast of characters from TV shows, November 30, 2013
This review is from: Sexy Evil Genius (DVD)
Our cast of characters are exes of a woman that mysteriously invites them to a bar. They discuss and tell their stories of love gone wrong with flashback sequences, but for the most part its literally just 5 people in a bar for the entire movie. Well they do move from the bar to a table when the party gets larger. Its all dialog and backstory building to a twist ending. Its really dull stuff that could have made for a great 30 minute episode of the Twilight Zone when the talked about sexy evil genius finally walks in with her new fiance. Hey at least the movie has actors and actresses you've seen in Buffy, Family Guy, Lost, Battlestar Galactica and William Baldwin! Think of it.... seeing them for 90 minutes. One plays the evil genius, one plays a funny nerdy high school boyfriend, one plays the ex junkie lesbian ex, another plays the black ex band mate ex boyfriend, and finally one plays the new boyfriend that got the evil genius off for murder.

You learn so much about what an evil genius this character is that it seems overkill within 15 minutes and then they keep going with how evil and twisted she is. Its 80 minutes setting up the twist ending. Spare yourself this movie. 90 minutes of 5 people sitting at a table.

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake - Sony PSP
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake - Sony PSP
Price: $4.95
59 used & new from $1.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Really enjoyable class based tower defense capture the flag, June 26, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This game is delightfully awesome, charming, easy to play and a joy to play. Its an adorable class based tower defense game? You have your castle and your enemy has theirs. Inside of your castle is your enemy's princess and in your enemy's castle is your princess. The object is to keep your enemy's princess and return your princess to your castle's throne.

You have 6 classes (well 5 classes and 1 lack of class). You start off with no class, and you can change classes to Warrior, Archer, Worker, Mage and Healer just by wearing hats. Warriors take out doors and kill pretty easy at close range. Archers tend to take out anything living from a distance, workers can bomb buildings and fortify things, healers heal players and mages.... they mage? The teams are pretty big and if not populated by players, they're populated with bots. The bots seem pretty dumb and straight forward, but they'll adapt. If you kill them they'll come back and hunt you down. So if you're an archer that keeps sniping people the bots will come back for your head.

Gameplay couldn't be simpler. Pick up stuff (like hats and princess's) with the O button, attack with the square button, hold the attack to charge it, auto target with the L1, change weapons with the triangle, jump with the X button and its really just that simple.

Why is this 'fat princess' you may ask? Your workers can feed the captive princess cake, so she gets fatter and becomes more of a burden to steal and carry away. Over time she will slim down to make her easy to carry. Its all about fortification. Since this is a tower defense game, your workers can efficiently gather lumber to fortify outposts (towers) and build doors to your castle.

There are extra modes for solo play, such as a survival mode called 'gladiate' that sends waves of enemies after you. For you single players out there, the game has a story mode that has you playing with bots map after map. Its a very nice practice worth playing again and again. Story mode isn't any different than a normal match, but its just solo play with bots.

With the almost top down perspective you can see a lot of map around you. This adds to the fun when you're running with the princess. You can see where you're going AND you can see the enemies chasing you. This will give you a buzz. A lot of this is quick fun that gives you a buzz. An addictive buzz of getting the princess, killing people, taking back a captive princess. Its just a great time that lets you do what you want to. Even customize your character.

Please buy this cheap game. Its worth it. Buy it for PS3 or especially PSP which lacks the games that PS3 does.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Playstation 3
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Playstation 3
Offered by Priority Service Now
Price: $10.49
214 used & new from $5.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun and addictive turn based strategy / business sim?, June 13, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
The story is simple to this game. Aliens are invading and you are the commander of a secret group / army that must save humanity. The game is dual sided. At its core, this is a turn based tactical strategy where there is a game grid. You select your troops and send them off. Your troops on the game map have two part moves. You can either spend each troop's on movement or one move and one attack. You cannot attack twice (without abilities) and once you attack, that's the turn for that troop. Each troop / soldier starts out as a standard grunt with no abilities. You give them armor, a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and a misc item like a grenade, med kit, stun gun or body armor. Once they get a promotion (level up), they take on a specific job, such as a sniper, heavy weapons, support, assault and so on. Each promotion gives them a new ability that you can chose. The whole selection process and soldier loadout is done very simple. There are no overwhelming choices of 30 armors. At the most you might get a few for each category. Very simple, very quick and if you want you can customize your soldiers.

Back to the strategy game. Cover is your friend, you want to have cover between chess pieces and the alien chess pieces. Keep in mind since this is a strategy game, you see an almost overhead view. Sometimes when your soldiers are running to cover you will see an OTS perspective and when you take aim, you see the active soldier's perspective. That doesn't mean you have control of the aim of course. Every attack gets a percentage that you'll actually hit them. If there is no cover and close range the hit percentage is 90%+. If enemies are out of range or covered, that percentage turns into 60% or less. Flanking is important and the enemy will flank you if not destroy the cover.

When you start getting better weapons and armor, the game will beef up its enemies as well. You'll never be coasting by for too long. Once the difficulty starts ramping up, you'll find yourself unable to use common tactics like flanking, because when you flank on deeper missions, you risk waking up more enemies to join the battle.

The battles have different elements to them like if a soldier is critically injured (but not dead yet), they will bleed out and die within 3 rounds if not stabilized. Even if they're stabilized, that doesn't mean they're back in the fight. They just lie there and if you complete the mission, then you get them back. So a few battles will leave someone critically injured and you need to decide to bring a soldier with a med kit to stabilize them and risk having that person die in the process or do you clear out the enemy first and risk the person dying in the process or do you just let them die? Future upgrades make it so they can be revived to actively fight again and not just stabilized. It is a deep system that sets it apart from other games. It feels rewarding if you're able to pull it off.

These missions seem pretty randomized. Sometimes you'll have to chose from 3 missions. Each mission will give you a major reward like money or engineers or a new soldier. So there's a lot to consider when selecting a mission. The game will even warn you about the difficulty of the mission as well.

The other half of the game is the simulation of running your own agency and army. It is broken up into different divisions, like research, engineering, barracks, hanger and the war room. When you win matches and battles in the game you collect things to research. You assign what they should research and that will enable more things to make and buy like better armor, laser weapons and so on. Then with the engineering, that is where you buy and make the things. You also can see your facility and add other sections to your facility such as power plants, laboratories, satelite uplinks and so on. The barracks is where you update, hire soldiers and view dead soldiers. You can also do it before the missions begin so visiting the barracks isn't always a top priority. The soldiers are all randomly generated, which is awesome. You can modify their looks and info if you want to get into that.

Next up is the hanger, I should explain that you have satellites and can launch others. This gives you a first response to alien invasions. You will send up a fighter jet to take out the space ships. You do not control the fight.... you just watch it. The hanger is where you upgrade these air defenses. You will have hangers in every continent of the globe. So if all of your jets are in North America, there will be no air defense for Australia. And if you chose not to scramble a jet, then the aliens will come back later and destroy your satellites. You can upgrade to stealth satellites too. The final division contains finances where you can sell junk that you obtained from winning battles. More importantly you can see the globe's panic level. Every major country has a panic level. The higher the panic level, the less they'll pay your shadow corp. Basically its like a chart showing you how well you're doing and how much of the planet has been taken over.

Seeing where you are in the world's conquest means that if you lose a mission, you haven't lost. You won't redo the mission over and over until you beat it. When you lose, you lose. It is one battle in a war. I think that's one of the perks to the game, you have loss and you just have to accept it.

If you let a country slip and they get worse and worse, that means when you have a mission in that country it will be more difficult. And difficulty in this game is something to take note of. The game will warn you how difficult a mission is. I should also point out that if a soldier is killed in action, that's it for the soldier, they are no longer with you. You'll feel every death. You see your soldiers grow, you've customized their look, if not rename them so when they die, you feel it. Those are the hours you had them on your team and now they're dead. With other games it doesn't matter that much, but with this game you feel the impact. When your soldiers are injured, they can't participate in missions, which is the perfect reason to train usually unused less experienced soldiers. Its a very nice process.

The graphics are good, but not outstanding. Good atmosphere, lightning effects. There are little details that make it stand apart from other strategy games. The voice work is good as well. The game does a good job of feeding you information through voice overs. The soldiers have their own voices too.

In all, the two major elements of turn based strategy coupled with a business sim mean that you'll never overdose and get bored. There's always a break between the action of missions and that drives you to keep going, because when you're done with a mission.... then you need to do research and engineer stuff, but when you're done with that... there's a new mission to get to! I can understand that this game isn't for everyone. This is a very high quality game that you can sink hours and days into. You won't have the exact same experience twice.

The Cave [Online Game Code]
The Cave [Online Game Code]
Price: $14.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Teams of 3 on a side scrolling platformer point and click, April 16, 2013
Remember the days of point and click games where you'd collect objects then you'd reach some dead end and need to try everything from your inventory on something or craft 2 items from your inventory together (Shadowgate and Sam & Max come to mind)? Well this is a side scrolling platformer that does just that. You first pick a team from 7 characters, each with a single special ability. The Adventurer has a hook, the knight has a bubble, the hillbilly has stinky breath, the time traveler has some sort of teleport forward, the twins ... uh have creepiness, the monk has, well you get it. So you pick your team of 3 kind of like the old Maniac Mansion game and you send them down the cave. The real object is to find an item that you bring to a location to do something with. Yep, that sums up the game. There is a lot of useless travel, such as when you waste an item and need to go back. I'm not talking major back tracking, but its a minute of time that makes me think wow I really need to traverse this area to get a hot dog to give to something? Since it is side scrolling, there is jumping and box pulling, but no death. When you die, you just instantly respawn with no consequence. If there was a consequence, I'd hate to make the game any longer than it needs to be.

The charm of this game comes from the voice work done by the Cave itself and even its non speaking characters. The game is easy going and lighthearted, but to be honest I really feel like why am I doing this almost mindless busy work? There are no real enemies to speak of just death traps. Nothing makes me think that was such an awesome level I want to play the game again! But the real pain is that there is replayability since there are 7 characters. So to see everyone's ending, you need to play at least 3 times. Which is good... since there is replayability, but its bad since I don't want to replay the game.

It looks good, it feels good to play, but its just busy work with little entertainment. You might feel good thinking oh I use this with that, huzza! but that's about all the feeling this game gives me despite all of its charm. For $15, that price is dead on, but there will be a Steam sale somewhere that will have this game at $5 or less.

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Playstation 3
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Playstation 3
Offered by drum_video_games
Price: $7.80
126 used & new from $3.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars A good rental, that will force you to pay $30 to finish the story, April 4, 2013
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Plenty of people bought this game sight unseen, because its Aliens and its from Gearbox which made the hit game Borderlands. Plus the screenshots and videos looked really awesome. Well the great looking media is a lie. The reality is that this is a game that has been in development since 2006 and the actual in game graphics show that this was probably meant for Playstation 2. The cut scenes look terrible and low resolution.

With that being said, this is a sequel that is designed to fit between Aliens and Alien 3. This creates giant plot holes like why are they back at the Aliens planet and how the nuclear explosion didn't destroy everything. Or how a key character from the Aliens film got back. Not that I'm spoiling anything, you'll know it really quick. Major questions aren't answered, but I have a feeling they'll all be answered in the $30 DLC.

I did like the game for the 3 days that I played it, even if it was easy. The weapons have no punch or impact. Plus the weapons were designed for multiplayer with accuracy stats so you have a 70% chance of hitting them depending on the weapon. Even in single player. You can do the single player campaign cooperatively, but the extra players don't take pre existing roles they're just added into the game which just makes an easy game even easier.

There are trophies galore. Glitches galore. Clipping glitches like being able to throw a face hugger off you through a wall. Closing doors on NPCs to see them half in and half out of the door. The final boss you can clip through. Having my NPC friend run in slow motion... hilarious. I reload my weapon as I'm cutting the door so it goes into the ammor reload animation and the timer for the door cutting. Then goes into the door cutting.

After the first few hours, there is a great stealth level where you are gunless and forced to creep through an alien's den undetected. That level offers the most tense gameplay that would be similar to Alien 1. I really feel like you should have been less overpowered in this game. You feel like Hercules vs a kitten farm, because there is near limitless ammo and plenty of armor. You get regenerating health in brackets, which some would complain about, but its fine. The non human enemies barely hit you. They just jump out and straight into your gun fire. They either appear in front or behind you. Never from the side or the ceiling or the floor like they do in the movies.

If I don't not insta killing everyone I can see the enemy AI does have intelligence, which is strange, because it sure didn't playing the PC version. While the aliens are no threat at all, the human soldiers are a bigger threat, but pretty clueless when you flank them, but I guess that's a problem in most games. Friendly AI ends up shooting at walls thinking they can shoot through them. Another hilarious glitch is that 3 aliens will all jump to the exact same spot all at once and take up the same space directly in front of you.

The final and biggest glaring issue that I have is that to complete the story you need to buy $30 DLC that may or may not ever get finished. But you can buy it. That is the biggest insult of the game to anyone that spent $60 on this game is knowing they have to pay an extra $30 to finish it. My feeling would be different if I thought OMG that was a great game and I'm gonna play it again and again until the DLC comes out! Gearbox could have still done DLC to further the story. Maybe I'd be less angry with the ending if they had the ending after the final boss lead into the DLC. Kind of like the end would be the beginning of the DLC and not end the game. On top of that.... I have a feeling the game is so easy, because they want that $30 from you and the DLC will be more difficult.

With all of this being said, I felt Aliens vs Predator 2010 was a better game with a better story, with better graphics and lighting, with better multiplayer. Take that for what it's worth. Please rent this game if anything.

Demon's Souls
Demon's Souls
Offered by MOST WANTED
Price: $16.35
90 used & new from $9.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars A time consuming joy to play, April 3, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Demon's Souls (Video Game)
This is a great, yet time consuming action RPG with a unique foreboding atmosphere, great ambiance and killer line up of bosses. Its very immerse and makes you want to stay in the game longer and longer.

The battle mechanics are where this game shines. You have block, attack, parry (which seems to be useless), roll / dodge (shares a button with run), use item, menu and so on. You pretty much go into every battle holding the block. Let the enemy attack and then its your turn. Its really just as simple as that. You have a stamina bar that wears down when you run, block or attack. if your stamina is too low, an enemy can easily break through your block and then attack and kill you. This is pretty much every battle. It is time consuming. There greater foes that might challenge you with dodges and waiting for the right moment to attack or getting behind them to backstab them. These are more interesting and challenging. Like a heavy knight that will use potions quicker than you and raise his shield quicker than you. The bosses are an absolute highlight of the game if not just a good excuse to kill you.

You can't really breeze through enemies. Nor can you run through them as you can in other games. Eventually you'll get blocked or run out of stamina and have a mob of foes ready to kill you. Every attack, block, counter and item use seems to take too long of a time, which leaves you open for any number of things. When your weapons clang against a wall you take damage, which I guess makes sense.

Its not hard, difficult or challenging as people say it is. It is just time consuming. The game does a good job of spoon feeding you things in the tutorial level. At the end of the level, they have a boss that is designed to kill you and oh trust me, the bosses will kill you. See nothing else is really that challenging, but the bosses will just kill you. Once the first boss kills you, then you're thrown into the reality of the game that you're a soul that collects other souls as currency. If you just used all of your items on the boss, you need to buy them again with no currency. Then your weapon breaks so you need even more currency and if you spend 45 minutes getting 2/3rds the currency you need to buy a replacement weapon then you die, well that's 45 minutes you just wasted. There are of course blacksmiths that will repair your weapons at about 1/5th the cost to buy a new one.

As a 'soul' in a body, that leads into the game's uh multiplayer online yet single player mentality. The game is really single player, but you can see ghosts of other players. You can see blood spots from where they died and you can see a ghost of how they died. This will warn you if you want the warning. This is totally by choice that you can see it. You can also leave messages and read other messages left by other people. They can even tip you for your message whether its a hint, tip, warning or trick. There are plenty of people warning you of simple things and plenty more people trying to get you to recommend a message so they'll get tipped souls in return. Seems more like people trying to get out of the grinding.

Since this is an RPG there is plenty of reason to come back to this game after you beat it. You start each game by picking a class and your stats, movement and weapon skills vary, which can drastically alter your game experience. Such as I see plenty of dead spots with ghosts of archers and pikemen. Every weapon has its own rythem too. Quick blades you go stab stab stab once you find an opening, while larger blades are too slow, but effectively 1 swipe is worth 3 dagger stabs. Also with stabbing weapons you need to lock onto a target by pushing the left thumbstick. Otherwise, without locking on... you'll be lucky to hit something.

It is rare that I will actually play a game for hours and sink time into a game, but Demon Souls was able to get hours and hours out of me. I feel very committed to the game, because every action is so time consuming and yet rewarding. You get further being cautious than you ever will being quick about things. Your being cautious will keep you alive and keeping you alive will keep you playing.

Now for the few downsides. Let's start with the poor camera controls that prevent you from looking into a doorway when a first person perspective would let you see everything. Also, even with all of the warnings, you really need to stock up for bosses or use trial and error methods against the bosses. The only catch is that if you die on a boss... you restart the level. All of the enemies are there again and you lose all of your souls (currency). You still keep your items, you just need to slog your way through everything. That's your punishment for failure. Sure there are unlockable gates as a sort of shortcut through the levels, but if the boss is at the beginning of a level and you need fire to beat that boss, but the merchant is all the way at the back of a level, that just means you'll be playing for 30 more minutes before you face the boss again.

So be prepared to pour hours, days and weeks into this game. Every time you pick up the controller it turns into a commitment that is rewarded and punished for failure.

Currently its free for Play Station Plus members. It is well worth your time to give it a try if not pick it up for $20.

10 Years
10 Years
DVD ~ Channing Tatum
Price: $8.48
82 used & new from $1.06

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1.0 out of 5 stars So real its boring and dull, February 2, 2013
This review is from: 10 Years (DVD)
This is a really dull and slow movie. Its real in the fact that its duller than any real 10 year high school reunion. They have a great cast burdened with the task of acting normal and being put into normal everyday situations. There are plenty of stories here, friendships, budding romance, breaking up of a romance to rekindle an old frlame, terrible marriages and remorseful people that regret being jerks to minorities. There is subtle humor with little charm or spark of anything that would make this movie memorable for anything other than how real is dull. Please skip this movie. It will be on Lifetime soon enough for you to fall asleep to and talk about how real it is.

inFAMOUS - Playstation 3
inFAMOUS - Playstation 3
Offered by J & S GAMES
Price: $14.99
213 used & new from $3.45

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3.0 out of 5 stars Feels like a single player MMO with Uncharted's controls, January 31, 2013
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This is a comic book heroic open world slightly sandboxish game for the Playstation 3. You play as Cole, a man that after a bomb blast discovers he has electrical powers. You can shoot with electricity, throw electrical grenades, jump from tall buildings and send out a shockwave stomp. Almost everything that Spiderman or Batman can do, with none of the main villains. Speaking of main villains, the game doesn't really have one. Sure people go around mentioning 'her' but she's never really seen. She's not like an antagonist or anything.

The controls in the game are good. You can wall climb, hang off things, jump, aim and fire. Your powers seem infinite and you get more as you play through the game using experience points that you get from beating bad guys and helping people. There are plenty of enemies. In fact they're usually at rooftops shooting at you, which makes running out in the open really dangerous. So your best bet to stay alive is to climb to the top of buildings like Nathan Drake or Spiderman. I hear that the protagonist Cole is a messenger, but no messenger really wall crawls like he does. Plus they never really say he's a messenger in the game yet I hear developers talking about it. He also wears a backpack yet never uses it. Just seems like a waste.

The real downside is the open city exploration feels more like a single player MMO. You walk around to markers that are people who give quests and then you do a quest. At the end of it all, it just feels so random and inconsequential. Why did I just do that mission? To make another section of the city safe so people aren't shooting at me from rooftops? So that makes the game easier as time goes on when it should get more challenging.... So as you get bigger and better powers there are less enemies to use them on.

Oh and there's not much in the enemy variety. Pretty much gang members that all have the same exact look... suicide bombing gang members... guys working turrets on the back of trucks and some sort of strange ghosts. The enemy AI is good. They'll run away and be deadly accurate with a machine gun from half a mile away. Not that I'm complaining... if you take enough damage the screen turns grey and you run away and hide for a moment and poof, your health has been restored. I would have really loved to see more variety or even different gangs. Yep 1 single gang has control of an entire city and even though the cops have guns they don't have shootouts with them. No other citizen has a gun either. They just take pictures of you as you walk by and cheer your name when you do good. Some pedestrians will flag you down to tell you things like to restore a near dead person back to life. Yep some street walker drank poison or was shot to death but Super Cole can cure them with electricity like a defibrillator.

The main voice actors get on my nerves. The hero / anti hero has a gravely voice that seems out of place and his sidekick has a thick accent that seems completely out of place as well. Some consistency would have been nice.

In all this is still a good game, I'm just left feeling like all of the missions were just tacked on to an empty game with good controls.

Snow White: A Deadly Summer
Snow White: A Deadly Summer
DVD ~ Shanely Caswell
Price: $8.47
47 used & new from $0.01

1.0 out of 5 stars A terrible movie with flat acting and terrible direction, January 19, 2013
This review is from: Snow White: A Deadly Summer (DVD)
This is a bad low budget movie. So bad that its just bad. Everything from the wooden acting and terrible lighting to the characters with no personality, emotion, charm or flair. You'd expect this is some sort of high school project, but no its just a failed attempt to cash in on the Snow White name. Picking on this movie is just far too easy. Its one of those movies that you'll want to shut it off in the first five minutes and if you withstand it to the end it will slap you in the face with its ending. Even the camera angles seem off and very strange. Sometimes the camera angle doesn't change for a for a few minutes and that just seems lazy.

I was expecting this to be some modernization of the classic tale where Snow White is the daughter of a rich businessman or mayor and Snow's new step mother would kill him and she'd go off on a quest to stop her. Alas, this movie is totally different where a rich girl is sent off to a summer camp for troubled youths. Instead of 'sent away' I should have said taken away by force. She wakes up with 2 men that have come for her and take her away kind of against her will to the summer camp. I say kind of against her will, because she doesn't really fight it. When she arrives at the camp and meets the headmaster he tells her the several reasons she's there, one of which was grand theft auto when she didn't actually steal the car, nor did she stick up for herself. She was just okay with it. That's a major problem I have with this movie, everyone is okay with the flawed logic, no one really questions anything. No one tries to escape at least to a telephone to tell someone I've been kidnapped and put in some summer camp!

Eventually the other campers start dying. Lamely dying. There's no sense of dread or suspense. People are just found dead or someone says they're dead and you never actually see it. Each of the campers is so dull and uninspiring its just like a placeholder will no longer be on screen.

Please avoid this cash in.

DVD ~ AnnaLynne McCord
Price: $7.98
50 used & new from $1.50

4.0 out of 5 stars A slow build to an incredible finish with one of the most awkward characters in film history, December 30, 2012
This review is from: Excision (DVD)
This is the story of an extremely troubled, blunt and awkward teenage girl. This girl might go down in film history as the most awkward character in film history with lines like 'can you get STDs from sex with a dead person?' In her everyday normal life, she is clearly abnormal, scientific, logical and demented. In her dream / fantasies she is an overly sexual surgeon working on mutilated patients and 'getting busy with them.' This movie is clearly demented yet outside of her fantasies her world is grounded in reality. Everyone knows she's abnormal, strange and weird. Her mother tries to help if not control her. Her parent and principal both discipline her yet she continues down her stairway into craziness such as creepily paying a boy for sex and bracing her parents for her sister's inevitable death from some sort of lung cancer.

While this doesn't sound like a happy movie it seems a lot like an awkward comedy... yet still horror. She's so embarrassingly awkward that its hilarious to you the viewer, yet she's not in on the joke. It is amazingly played and acted.

There is an obvious slow build and it takes you on a journey deeper into her madness. A build so slow that you might not even think this movie has a point. It just continues and keeps going. I can understand if a lot of people feel it is plotless, but the fact that she's so terribly creepy makes it laugh out loud funny and entertaining.

This movie will have you laughing and the ending is unforgettable. There is no other movie like it that blends creepy comedy, horror and dirty sex appeal than this movie. However, the movie is of course not for everyone.

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