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Sony VAIO Tap All-in-One Touchscreen SVJ20215CXB 20-Inch Desktop (Black)
Sony VAIO Tap All-in-One Touchscreen SVJ20215CXB 20-Inch Desktop (Black)

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4.0 out of 5 stars For Searching the Internet: A Whole New Ball Game, March 22, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It's the closest thing I have seen to the sort of computers they had on Star Trek.
It's incredible. I haven't picked up the mouse or pounded the keyboard more than a handful of times since I got this machine.... When it comes to Internet surfing and YouTube watching this gizmo is responsive and agile.

You can even talk your search query into the Google Search App with voice control.It's so sharp that I have lost count of how many times I have asked the app, What time is it? and a voice comes back telling me.I guess you could do that on any computer. But it really fits the character of this one.

I just sit there and am mesmerized by the beauty of even simple apps like Wikipedia for this interface. It's so fast and so responsive that I can just think and touch and presto! it takes me there.

I have to admit Windows 8 does look and act beautiful on this baby.. I haven't until now seen any reason for Windows 8. But they have really tailored it for a touch interface. Even Bing, which until now I almost never used, looks sharp with a search screen that has an active video of a Pacific Ocean coastline as a backdrop for the search box.

I have the i5 version, which I have heard is the i5 version for a laptop, with the baseline memory and hard drive and it still works great. I gave this 4 stars because the screen while being high resolution is not at the highest it could be. Still it looks pretty good. Also you can adjust the angle of the screen from near vertical to flat and even turn it sideways and get a long vertical screen.

I think Sony marketing is probably not showing off this machine enough. It is really special and just plain fun.

Sony  NEX-5R/B 16.1 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD - Body Only (Black)
Sony NEX-5R/B 16.1 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD - Body Only (Black)
Offered by LGeOO Electronics
Price: $373.75
16 used & new from $194.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nex-5R: Like Turning the Nex-5N into a Souped Up Hot Rod and Yet..., October 25, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)

I have heard that a 3rd party manufacturer has announced something called a LENS SPEED BOOSTER for the NEX series that will enable the attachment of a "full frame lens" to the NEX mount including of course the NEX5R. According to one review " When you attach a full-frame lens to the adapter, it will give your mirrorless' APS-C or MFT sensor nearly full-frame coverage out of that lens, while increasing the amount of light hitting the sensor by one stop. So a 50mm f/1.4 effectively becomes a 35mm f/1.0". The NEX5R has what is called an APS-C size sensor. The so called full frame sensor is a larger sensor size found on more expensive cameras and is supposed to be the same size as the old 35mm film. This is another example of 3rd party add on s including the various adapters that allow the attachment of a variety of lenses. You'll have to search on the Internet for details of the new lens booster.


Much more than just loading photos onto a computer by WiFi, one of the key capabilities of the NEX5R is the ability to modify the camera and make it more powerful by uploading new apps to it. It's sort of like buying a camera that can grow more powerful over time. It depends on your imagination as well as Sony's.
Two new apps have been added to the app store. As I mention below, these apps join others including the remote control app which I think is wonderful. THE REMOTE CONTROL APP WORKS WITH TABLETS TOO,you can SEE THE IMAGE ON A SCREEN MUCH LARGER THAN THE LCD OF THE CAMERA. Remember the NEX 5R GENERATES IT's OWN WI-FI SIGNAL. You DON'T NEED TO BE IN A WIFI HOTSPOT.

1. Timelapse , which as the name implies automates time lapse photography
2. Cine photo , which creates a sort of photo-video mashup where part of the "photo" is a movie.
You can see samples at the app store.


The ability to see yourself (something the Nex5n and the Nex6 can't do) as well as yourself and others or yourself and the surroundings is incredibly handy. It enables many shots at interesting angles you just wouldn't get and the ability to frame the picture or video leads to more great shots and fewer duds. I can't over emphasize this. Until you try this yourself it isn't obvious what a potential boon this could be. You'll scratch your head wondering why so few other cameras (exceptions, albeit more of point and shoot type, include the Samsung MV800 and MV900, BenQ G1 and the Casio ZR1000)


The EXTRA CONTROL WHEEL allows for better manual control vs playing with with the menu screen on the 5N. By rotating the control wheel on top and the wheel on the back you can get full control of aperture and shutter speed in manual. Using that together with the histogram and you can adjust for exquisite pictures. Why use manual control? Because sometimes the semi automated settings just don't get you what you want.


This camera can TAKE GREAT PICTURES in less light THAN OTHER CAMERAS using higher ISO with less image noise. Automatic white balance (color adjustment) to get accurate colors in the picture works better outdoors than in. I often need to use Custom White Balance indoors to get accurate colors. It's easy,set it to custom and just aim the lens at something in the room that is white and click the shutter.

See below for UPDATE ON USEFULNESS AND FUN OF THE REMOTE CONTROL APP FOR CELL PHONES AND TABLETS. This remote control app facilitates self portraits and group or scenery shots with yourself in the picture,something which turns out to be very handy creating a lot more opportunities for photos as does the 180 degree and also fractions thereof, tiltable screen. (once you have worked with an articulating screen such as this one that allows views from all sorts of angles you will scratch your head wondering why all cameras don't have one)


The 16 megapixel sensor on the 5R seems to have hit a sweet spot for light sensitivity. The megapixel count along with the large size of the sensor helps get better pictures versus a point and shoot. It is also easier to get shallow depth of field which lets you focus on the subject and blur the background. Some reviews argue that the 16 megapixel sensor as on the 5R actually produces better looking pictures at higher ISO than the 24 megapixel sensor on the NEX 7 because the 24 megapixel sensor has more pixels squeezed in and therefore smaller pixel size. Smaller size pixels usually produce more noise than larger size pixels.

When you increase ISO, you are increasing sensitivity to light but you also get more noise, it's like turning up the volume on an AM radio with a weak station, it gets louder but maybe also more static.
So when higher ISO,(sensitivity to light) is employed to get pictures in darker conditions, they say that the 16 megapixel sensor actually produces superior pictures with less image noise than the 24 megapixel sensor!


But a new day has dawned and now I am the proud owner of the Nex-5R. It's like they sent the Nex-5N to a hot rod shop and they ripped out the engine and dashboard and replaced it with a souped up turbocharged 16 cylinder engine with a voice controlled light activated dashboard. This baby has an OPTIONAL TOUCH SHUTTER on the 180 degree flexible screen, you just touch the screen ,not only does it lock focus, it takes the shot! And that SOUPED UP HYBRID focus using a contrast /phase detection combo means speedier focus with pictures when the subject is moving.Having phase detection cuts down on the hunting that contrast detection does.


ISO for VIDEO and PICTURES: The ISO for video (sensitivity in darkness) is ADJUSTABLE THROUGH 6400 vs 3200 on the 5N. The ISO for pictures is ADJUSTABLE to 25,600. The availability of the Multi Frame Noise Reduction APP will help with the problem of image noise in darker conditions. This is a built in feature on the SLT cameras.


The NEX 5R offers SUPERIOR AUTO (does more) and INTELLIGENT AUTO vs the NEX 5N which offers only INTELLIGENT AUTO.
The TILT screen on the NEX 5R tilts upward 180 degrees to allow self portraits and portraits with yourself and others or scenery, the tilt screen on the NEX 6 does not go to 180. The NEX 5R DOES HAVE a TOUCH SCREEN and an OPTIONAL TOUCH SHUTTER (see below) vs The NEX 5N that has a TOUCH SCREEN ONLY. The NEX 6 DOES NOT HAVE A TOUCH SCREEN.

By the way, Sony offers a free software update for some older NEX lenses so they can use the ultra fast hybrid focus of the 5R.


May or may not occur and depends on the environment. I can feel the camera heating up as it is recording. I RAN ONE TEST in a 70 degree room and got a warning indicator at around 18 minutes.I did not wait to see when the camera would shut down. Many if not most dslr cameras especially from other manufacturers, C or N ? have limited short shooting times.


The REMOTE CONTROL CAMERA APP is turning out to be more USEFUL than I thought it would be. It allows you to SEE a (nice reproduction) image on your cell phone of what the camera is seeing AND trigger the shutter to capture the picture.. ALSO it has the option of introducing a 2 second TIME DELAY IF you wish. (Remote control does not seem to work in video, I think it ought to!).. This app concept is a great idea. It's sort of like buying a camera that can get more powerful with time. They NEED A LOT MORE APPS. But they are on the right track.

The App is USEFUL and FUN. Remember the NEX 5R GENERATES IT's OWN WI-FI SIGNAL. You DON'T NEED TO BE IN A WIFI HOTSPOT. Making a change on the camera is reflected on the tablet image, eg. changing the aperture. Images can be saved to a folder on the tablet in the Gallery. The APP worked on a Google Nexus 7 but not a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I see from comments on the play store that many Galaxy Tab owners have experienced this and are looking for an update.


Sony cameras push the technology. Yet,they always seem to leave something out or take something away. Case in point, I bought the SLT-A33. Great for video except the built in mic picks up the noise of the lens motor so I plugged in an external remote lavalier mic..Voila, no camera noise! but the camera shuts down on me when the sensor overheats. OK, so then I bought the Nex-5n. It takes great video and photos but there is no place to plug in an external mic and Sony sells one, count em, one external mic that fits on the "smart" accessory terminal (And still picks up local camera noise such as when you touch, tap or jostle the camera or rotate the lens barrel). The NEX 5R AND the NEX 6 do NOT have an external mic input (the NEX 6 does have a non proprietary hot shoe, though) but the NEX 7 DOES have an external mic input.
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