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Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Potato Recipe, Grain Free, 3 lbs
Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Potato Recipe, Grain Free, 3 lbs
Price: $9.99
3 used & new from $9.99

2.0 out of 5 stars I am not making this up~, July 16, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This food may be perfectly nutritious, but my 5-year-old female cat -- who likes almost everything -- treats it like most kids treat brussel sprouts. I actually had it in a dish along with another dry food, and my cat meticulously pulled every piece of this out of the dish and threw it on the floor, then ate the other food remaining in the dish. (OK, seriously, she's very good with her paws.) I've been trying a range of dry foods to see what she likes most, and this food is definitely not it; she meows like she's starving when this is in the dish.

It's a good thing there are lots of other nutritious, high-quality options in dry cat food.

Golden State Fruit Imperial Comice Pears Deluxe Fruit Gift Set
Golden State Fruit Imperial Comice Pears Deluxe Fruit Gift Set
Offered by Golden State Fruit
Price: $24.95

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Not Even Close! - Received a box of D'Anjou pears with a label for Comice, March 5, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These are definitely NOT Comice pears. I have been eating Comice pears for several decades, and these are very clearly D'Anjou pears (admittedly pretty ones but not worth $30+) which I could buy at any local supermarkets. I intended to treat myself to some pears as I live in the Great Plains now, but lived in the NW for 30 years and had easy access to Comice pears in season every year. Imagine my disappointment on opening the box and finding all these pretty-but-completely-wrong pears!

I saw the same on another review, and think the company really needs to get their act together, because any grower of Comice pears ought to have no trouble telling them from D'Anjou! The shape is different, the color is different, the skin is different and, most of all, the aroma and taste are COMPLETELY different.
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OPI Nail Lacquer, Green on the Runway, 18.64 Fluid Ounce
OPI Nail Lacquer, Green on the Runway, 18.64 Fluid Ounce
Offered by JeVan Collection
Price: $11.20
7 used & new from $6.91

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very versatile and durable color ... colors ... color-shifting something-not-pastel pretty polish, February 19, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I love this color ... errr ... colorS?

This is the most undefinable color-shifting polish I've ever seen. When I first put it on, it looked almost like a dark grey. When it dried, it was primarily a dark hunter-green and just the right level of ooooh-sparkly, but in different types of light, it looks different. It's definitely got some pinkish-gold that can show up at some angles. As I look at the bottle right now, on a table with a lamp directly over it, the primary color is pinky-purple.

OK, I don't know what it is, I just love it.

This polish works for me even with just on coat, though I often use two. It goes over another polish without any visible bleed-through. I am no fan of the OPI brush, but it does suffice and is thick enough to easily cover your big-toe nail with a few strokes; I'd mostly prefer if it just had a bit more precision to it. I do use a very clear top coat to protect my toenails, but this one hardly seems to need it; it dries pretty hard and doesn't easily chip or scrape.

So, yes, I'd buy it again, if I ran out of green ... er ... pink-purple-grey ... er .... well, something ooh-sparkly!

MyGift® Chrome Plated 2 Tier Dish Rack Storage w/ Cup Drainer & Cutlery Drying Basket
MyGift® Chrome Plated 2 Tier Dish Rack Storage w/ Cup Drainer & Cutlery Drying Basket
Offered by MyGift
Price: $32.99
4 used & new from $28.04

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty impressive but it would've been trivial to make this a 5-star product, February 19, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a nicely-made two-tier dish rack, and it has a few advantages over similar products in this price range (up to $15 more).
- The size seems ideal for many stand-up kitchens, and yet it holds a lot
- The silverware basket is far better than most competing products. the cross-pieces get progressively closer together from top-to-bottom, and the bottom has more of a mesh than wire. So silverware items don't fall through nor out the sides, and they stay safely in the basket.
- The drip tray on the bottom is a nice addition, rather than having to find one separately.
- This rack holds quite a lot of dishes and cooking items. The bottom will hold the equivalent of two large mixing bowls side-by-side. There are 6 cup holders. The silverware basket will hold something like service-for-4 plus cooking utensils.

The slightly (not very) disappointing features are:

- The rack is a bit taller than I realized, so I have the long side going front-to-back next to the sink, just so I can fit plates in the top.
- The top and bottom are not at all interchangeable, so I can't put the plates on the bottom part.
- The seller and manufacturer, for some inexplicable reason, did not provide even a scrap of information about assembly. Well, I am used to assembling things, but some people aren't, and they might have issues figuring out in what order you have to put this together, where things go, how to adjust the sides (because there is a long threaded area but basically you have to put the side between the regular nut on the inside and the cap nut on the outside, and tighten the outside first and then the inside.) I'm not quite sure why the threading is SO much longer than could be usable with this design.
- There are plastic clips that act as legs for the bottom, but there's no hint anywhere that this is their function. They keep the metal from sitting directly on the counter, so presumably it will not tend to trap water between metal and counter.
- As others have stated, the drip tray is only under the main rack, so glasses and silverware will drip beyond the reach of the tray. I agree that this should be put on a drying mat if you care about keeping your counters dry.

In answer to questions some reviewers and buyers have asked: This rack is not stainless-steel, and I am contacting the seller to ask for a correction on the catalog page. This is, as the box indicates, rust-resistant chrome-plated steel. It is, therefore, more durable and stronger, while lightweight, than aluminum could ever be, but there is also the possibility that the chrome could flake or dull over time. I would NOT suggest using steel wool pads to clean this, as you could with true stainless steel items. However, it appears that all the competing products are also chrome-over-steel, and there is no reason to think this won't hold up as well as any other product in this type of use (constantly around water, moving dishes and tableware in & out, etc.) Keep in mind that your sink faucets are probably chrome-plated brass and your vehicle probably has many bits of exposed chrome; clean it as soon as it starts to look gunky (soap and water usually works at this stage), and avoid scratching it.

Overall, it seems comparable or superior to the competing products in a few ways, and has a very pleasant appearance that doesn't over-emphasize its shiny-chromeness.

Magic Shower/Tub Splash Guard
Magic Shower/Tub Splash Guard
Price: $15.99
3 used & new from $15.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to install, tall, and sturdy, November 7, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Before you purchase this particular splash guard, pay attention to the dimensions! The measurements on the catalog page are accurate: This is 28.5" tall, with the "wing" that protects against splashes being ~28" high. There are much-shorter and somewhat-taller splash guards, though I couldn't find any taller ones near this price range. Unless you are a very tall person who aims the shower spray very high, this should more-than-suffice for most use, because the primary avenue of water escaping from the shower is down near the rim of the tub where it curves, due to the gap between curtain and tub.

This product is much sturdier than most of the similar products that I've seen in real life (as opposed to seeing them in a catalog). It is a very solid white color, which I prefer as I live in an area with very hard water, and anything clear tends to start looking dingy very quickly, requiring extra maintenance to remove constant mineral buildup. Frankly, I don't want to put that level of attention to something meant to just keep water off the floor, that spends its life hidden behind my shower curtain.

Installation of the guard is very simply. It arrives in two pieces, the base and the riser part of the "L". Both have strips of common foam adhesive mounting tape. The base piece has the tape mounted along the bottom and turning the corner to go up the "L" about an inch. This helps avoid having a gap at the critical point where the bottom-back edge of the guard meets the spot where the wall meets the tub.

If you are not a person who instantly can detect when things are not perfectly straight or level, I'd suggest putting the assembled guard into place (as it arrives) and marking the locations, before you try to mount it. Since it's more than 2 ft tall, otherwise it will be much too easy to mount crooked, which you won't notice until too late. (For the record, I didn't make that mistake this time, but I've gone blithely along and mis-mounted things often enough in the past that I decided to be more careful with this.)

The guard should be installed approximately centered on the tub rim. Installation is simple once you've marked it enough to place it correctly:
1) Slide the riser piece off the base, since it comes assembled.
2) Peel the tape-backing strip off the bottom piece, and place it carefully where you've marked, being sure that the bottom-back corner is snug to the corner between the tub and wall. Apply some pressure so it sticks well along the base.
3) Slide the riser piece partway onto the base. Peel the tape-backing strip off the back piece, push the riser back into place (by sliding it along the base) until it is as snug to the wall as you can get it. Use some pressure to ensure that the entire length of the back is as tightly against the wall as you can get it. If your wall is straight or tiled, this should fit flush completely against it for the whole height of the guard.
4) ONLY if your wall is extremely uneven so that there isn't a straight surface to which to mount the riser, you may need to use a lightweight caulk to fill any gaps. This would be unusual in most modern bathrooms.

That's all it takes. Despite the 4 steps listed above, it's really a 2-minute 2-step installation (1- bottom, 2-riser).

If you've done this correctly, the guard should naturally slip between your shower curtain and liner when you close the curtain.

Since the water in my shower is fairly high-pressure and tends to bounce all around the tub, I am using this in conjunction with the very clever Shower Splash Guards for the top of the curtain, which help hold your curtain where the tub turns the corner. With a normal shower that is just splashing from your height on down, you shouldn't need the extra protection at the top.

This is a high-quality product for the price (compared to other similar guards) and is very easy to install. It's a simple effective design that does what it should.

No Title Available

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Eh, August 7, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Thirteen candies for $15 before shipping costs. I'm not sure why the picture shows three boxes: It's one small-ish box. The licorice caramels aren't very special in themselves, certainly not up to the par of Gustaf's or another available on this site and from Prime. They're not bad, just definitely not $1+ candies. And the 3 boxes shown seems a bit deceptive, though of course if you bother to read the full description and to "think math", you'll realize that it's a tiny bit of candy for a significant chunk of change.

Booda Clean Step Litter Box
Booda Clean Step Litter Box
Offered by Petco
Price: $39.99
2 used & new from $33.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Innovative design but flawed final production, July 9, 2015
This litter box is a grand example of some very good ideas incorporated into a good design, then executed very poorly for the final product.

- As others have noted, the lid is very difficult to align properly to get it on. It doesn't snap into place at all. And even when it's on perfectly, the one I got has a bulge on one side that simply won't align because the manufacturing is flawed ... leading to the leakage of pee to the outside of the tray, if your cat is inclined to urinate against the inner side of the litter box (as many do).

- The liner doesn't "drape" over the box as illustrated in the incredibly-sparse instructions; it is a bit too small to actually fit the box, so has to be hooked and stretched to fit. This liner is, in fact, just a plain rectangular plastic bag, so it's not hugely surprising that it doesn't fit the kidney-shaped tray. I ended up taping the included sample liner to the box in several places and stretching it over one end, then using flat landscape plastic after that rather than buying liners that are over-priced and simply don't fit.

- If you're thinking you can move this thing by grabbing the top handle, forget it. As stated above, the lid doesn't latch; the handle is just for removing the lid. Put it where you need it before you fill it.

- The included instructions are lacking, to say the least. For example, the unit comes with a figure-8 shaped part that is the flat plastic filter holder and the part that snaps under the top, combined. But there's NOTHING included about how to attach this (which has to be fit in two separate places). Anyone unaccustomed to assembling things could well be baffled as to how to assemble this piece; there's nothing to even indicate that the filter holder goes on the side of the lid rather than at the top, and nothing to guide one into lining up the top piece other than guesswork.

All that said, the positives are:
* It's a very large litter box and so will comfortably accommodate larger cats.
* Due to the design of the opening and the tread on the "stairs" (really a ramp) there will be less litter tracking and less transmission of smell. (However, it's no better than the basic rectangular covered litter box that I had before this.)
* It is interesting-looking enough to not necessarily need to be hidden (though the selection of colors is surprisingly limited to bland metallic tones.)
* It is reasonably priced, provided you don't buy it from someone who charges twice as much as most of the sellers do.
* Some cats will really like the complete privacy in which they can "do their business".

Surface Mount Corner Brackets for Table Aprons
Surface Mount Corner Brackets for Table Aprons
Offered by Juno Industries
Price: $11.39
2 used & new from $5.49

5.0 out of 5 stars My use is unconventional, but these were great., June 19, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Not just for tables, though I know that's what the design intends. I needed a way to quickly put together a few custom-sized garden boxes. Maybe I'm lazy, but these work perfectly to attach the sides and bottom (using the area intended for attaching a table-top.) they are very sturdy -- more so than most of the brackets I've seen used on kitchen tables. And if I were building a table with legs, I'd prefer these because the two holes to hold the legs are obviously going to hold the leg more securely and straight than just one center hole/bolt.

Well, I know that my use is unconventional, but I saw no other corner brackets that would make my job easier, and allow me to avoid creating a bunch of extra holes in the wood to keep the pieces together.

Even with the shipping cost added, these were in the range of $2.50 per bracket (package contains 4) which really can't be beat, especially considering the sturdiness and quality of these.

Gypsy Hybrid Pepper 4 Plants - Fry/Roast
Gypsy Hybrid Pepper 4 Plants - Fry/Roast

5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite pepper -- good healthy plants this year, May 20, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Gypsy peppers are my favorite sweet pepper to grow each year, since they yield early and are beautiful long colorful peppers. Last year, the plants I received from Hirt's were all wonderful except for the gypsy peppers, which were spindly, devoid of most leaves, pale yellow-green, and none of which (4) survived to yield. I didn't write a negative review at the time only because everything else that I ordered from Hirt's was in wonderful condition.

This year, the plants shipped to me by Hirt's were larger and far healthier, and they're already developing small peppers just a few weeks after receiving them. All have survived the transplanting and taken to their new locations well.

Hirt's is not at all the only place that sells gypsy pepper plants, but I believe that I can look forward to a lovely yield of my favorite pepper, come mid-summer. I've attached a picture of a gypsy pepper that came from a plant I grew a few years ago.

Superior Source Extra Strength D3, 10,000 IU, 100 Count
Superior Source Extra Strength D3, 10,000 IU, 100 Count
Price: $14.99
11 used & new from $12.10

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars They actually do work -- my blood tests prove it, May 12, 2015
I didn't buy these the first time from Amazon, but rather directly from another online company. I've been trying to get my vitamin D levels up for more than 5 years now, which is not easy when living in the low-sunshine Pacific NW. I've even done a few months of 50,000IU prescription D taken twice/wk, and still not been able to get my levels up.

My current doctor recommended trying the sublingual D, which I didn't know was available. She said it had worked well with some of her cancer patients who couldn't get their D up from normal tablets or capsules. After 2 months on this, taking one per day, my D levels went up to normal.

Seriously, it's the first time that I've been able to get my vitamin D levels up for *years*.

Despite the dosage, these are very tiny tablets and I had my doubts. But I no longer doubt; they do work, for those of us who somehow can't raise our D level by digesting things in our stomach.

They don't taste great but aren't horrible, and they are tiny cylinders, so I would expect most people to be able to take these without issue.

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