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ASUS X205 11.6 Inch Laptop [OLD VERSION]
ASUS X205 11.6 Inch Laptop [OLD VERSION]
Offered by Pro Sell
Price: $189.00
64 used & new from $99.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect for the price, but close enough!, November 14, 2014
I ordered this laptop the day after it was released. As time would have it, I was looking for something light weight to use for school that could run office and didn't cost $300-$400. This fit the bill nicely. Time to jump right into the review, docking stars will be tough since I got this laptop for $100 at staples.

The Screen: Great quality, plenty bright enough at the highest setting to view in the sunlight, or dark enough that it won't blind you in a dark room.

The Keyboard: Awesome. I was worried about getting a smaller laptop that would have a cramped keyboard. I have large hands and typing on certain laptops I make tons of errors and end up bumping the touchpad. I have no issues with this.
My only complaint on the keyboard is there is only one tiny light for the caps lock, and it is located next to the battery and charge lights (on the front). You really don't see this when you are typing. A tiny light in the empty space at the top of the keyboard would have been an ideal place for this (like most keyboards). Windows 8 does not have any sort of screen prompts to let you know if caps is on or off that I am aware of.

The Touchpad: Some say its finicky, I haven't had any issues with it. The Asus Smart Gesture works fine, I disabled the pinch to zoom though as I sometimes do that accidentally.
Tiny complaint: Having the clicker integrated into the touch pad makes it difficult to find in the dark sometimes, I sort of wish it were raised up a little, or the divider between the left and right mouse button was something you could feel (like the home keys have).

The Storage: This is where the laptop hurts. From the factory, you have 17.1GB of free space, not bad right? Well once you install all the updates for Windows, you are left with about 12-13gb. The recovery partition has a reserved 8GB file size, even though the file size itself is only 5GB. I did a trick that I will explain at the end of the review to gain that 3GB back. 12.1GB isn't a lot. Considering Microsoft Office is 3GB in itself before you install all the updates, you can be pressed for space.
Workaround: Micro SD. I bought a 64GB micro sd to put my music on. I had originally installed Office and Itunes to it as well, it worked fine but you could tell it was a bit sluggish. I will explain why next.

The Micro SD Reader: This is just my ignorance of not knowing how card readers worked. I had assumed that if it was onboard you could get the max speeds possible out of any card. This is not true. This card reader is limited to USB 2.0 speeds, so don't go spending a ton of money on a really fast micro sd. You will always be capped around 20-25 mb/s.

The processor and ram: The processor is plenty fast for this computer, and asus has tweaked windows 8 to only use 500mb of ram, so 1.5gb is a good amount of ram. I can run Chrome (with apps and extensions) with multiple tabs, itunes and office and hover around 1.5gb of ram in use.

The Battery: This is my only gripe. You do get excellent battery life on this laptop. However, it seems to be a common issue that the laptop is being shipped with around 10% battery wear. I have talked to a few others who own it and as you can see on some screenshots uploaded. Mine has went from 7% to 10% in a week, and I have only had 4-5 charge cycles (I charge at about 10-15% life). Definitely something to keep an eye on as times goes on.

The recovery partition: You can move this to a USB stick if you would like, I did this in hopes that it would delete the recovery partition. From what I can tell, there is no way to delete the recovery partition without using the command prompt. So When I created my recovery USB I booted from it to test to make sure it worked before I attempted to delete the partition. During the install it asks if you want to re-partition the drives, I chose yes. This took a bit but it gave me 20.1gb free and lowered the recovery partition to the 5gb it takes up.

Final notes: Nothing can be upgraded on this laptop, everything is soldered in as other reviewers have said. No fans make this thing noiseless. Don't expect to play 3D games on this, it's not built for that. Terraria runs at about 45 FPS.

The website says it comes with office 365, I can't confirm because I have my own personal office installed on it. There is no windows 8.1 key that I can tell, just a onedrive key in the box.

One final note: don't expect to get 12 hours of battery life unless you are just doing web browsing. Watching Twitch, Youtube, Or Netflix will run the processor at 90-100% constantly, which will obviously drain the battery a lot quicker. A lot of reviewers mention the two circular stabilizers on the back of the display damaging the desk. I can't say that I have this issue, i've opened it many times on my wooden desk and there are no marks to be found.

Also, not sure if it is a software or hardware issue, but the fn+f7 which is supposed to turn the display OFF, also stops any music that may be playing and essentially puts your computer to sleep. You can use a blank screensaver, or change closing the lid to do nothing to resolve this issue.

TLDR; Awesome laptop, has some small inconveniences. You can get it for $180-$200 and I think it is well worth the money if you just want a lightweight laptop to carry around and do work or browse the internet on.

EDIT: I just picked up the non signature version from staples for $100. Here are the differences:

Some bloat that can easily be uninstalled, free space on a fresh install is still 17.1GB
Recovery partition is still 8 GB, but actually 5.5GB (asus software probably)
A popup that asks you to register.
A couple Asus programs you can uninstall (cloud storage and update)

A word of warning: Check for dead pixels - I went 2/2 on laptops with a dead pixel on the screen.
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Onkyo HT-S3500 660 Watt 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package
Onkyo HT-S3500 660 Watt 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package
Price: $398.40
8 used & new from $249.99

37 of 44 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Far exceeded my expectations!, May 19, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I don't write reviews too often, but I was stuck between this and the Sony model priced very similar. I am extremely glad I went for this, the build quality is fantastic, it is very user friendly! My only complain is that the receiver gets VERY HOT! I am not sure why they did not put some sort of fan in the back too ventilate the air but it almost burns when you touch it (granted mine is not in a very good spot right now).

When the package arrives, I was in sheer shock at just how large the box was. I saw the Sony system at Bestbuy in the box and this doubles the size. It was extremely well packaged on the inside, the sub-woofer is HUGE! The headphone jack is sadly not 3.5mm but there is an AUX in the back I will have too try for my android (I sadly do not own an ipod so the USB port is useless).

-Amazing build and sound quality for the money
-A TON of hookups, I don't think you'll fill this receiver up unless you own a ton of electronics.
-Speaker wire can be replaced and upgraded
-Easy setup, directions weren't too clear on what too put where but use common sense, its all color coded!
-On-Screen Display is very nice (must be over HDMI too see it)
-Packaging was very good, sadly amazon just shipped me the box so everyone could see what it was..would rather it have been placed in a normal box for privacy.
-Remote isn't over-cluttered.

-Manual must be read on a CD, no paper copy is given.
-Receiver gets HOT! Make sure you have it in a well ventilated area!

That's all I can think of, I haven't had this more than 12 hours so I will attempt to update my review as time goes on. I cannot comment on the music optimizer. I cannot get it too work properly with my PC because my sound card is using DTS encoders.

Edit: I moved the receiver on top of my desk and now that it can breathe from all sides the heat situation has really gone down. I originally had it crammed into a small part of my entertainment center with almost the entire thing covered up (I figured this would be a problem). Doesnt get near as hot now, just make sure you give it plenty of room too breathe!
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