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modulR iPad 2 Case + Hand Strap (C21-50-A)
modulR iPad 2 Case + Hand Strap (C21-50-A)
Offered by PSA DEALS
Price: $9.99
5 used & new from $9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars What is better than protecting the ipad in a drop? Not dropping your ipad!, June 11, 2012
I ride the subway. One hand is necessary to hold on. I see others propping the edges of their ipads between their fingertips at the edges and their guts or chests to avoid dropping this expensive item on urban surfaces that are not as forgiving as wood flooring or carpet. They are suckers, I think. This case keeps the ipad on my hand rather than awkwardly wedged between my fingertips and, once on, I can't image how I'd drop it. Its good for reading in bed, and you can hook the velcro loop over anything and hang it from your fridge or the back of a car seat.

But: I bought this after hearing the company was planning a compatible smart-type case. It never materialized so I still bought an apple smart cover, but it is not useful for propping up the ipad (the little nubs on the Modulr case do not allow the smart case to lean in a trifold position). This wastes my money and my patience.

Whitmor 6060-267 Supreme 5-Tier Shelves, Chrome
Whitmor 6060-267 Supreme 5-Tier Shelves, Chrome
Price: $73.06
45 used & new from $65.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars Highly flexible, inexpensive shelving, June 11, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is our second set. They are sturdy and good looking, and easy to modify (in our case, from book shelves to kitchen shelves to utility shelves back to kitchen shelves) to meet fluctuating needs. But: I like to think i can judge for myself what I want out of shelves, and I wish Amazon and whitmor would sell this stuff piece by piece. It is all modular so why cant I buy, say, one with nine shelves? or just three? I know there are basics necessary for the assembly to be stable, but beyond that, why not just trust the people to know what they want?

Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace Spinner 21.5 Expandable Suitcase
Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace Spinner 21.5 Expandable Suitcase
Price: $173.24 - $266.22

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4.0 out of 5 stars Stable and good for interurban travelers., June 7, 2012

- Very good stability, unlike competing models.

- Large, double wheels (8 total) add stability and are very good on city streets (good for urban travelers; see below)

- Can be pulled like a two-wheel easily on rougher terrain, but still glide smoothly on all four wheels in the airport.

-Mine came with a very lightweight nylon bag, a triangle-shaped type with a drawstring closure with two cords connected to the outer corners, making it useful as a little daypack comfortable with a little jacket, sun glasses case, a hat and a few other things inside. Also good as a laundry bag.
- handle long enough for me to use in any position - I am 6"

- internal compression straps are dinky and do not compress, really. This would not be such a big deal except that compression helps you pack for stability and keep heavy objects or stacks of clothes close to the center of the bag's gravity.
- 30% more than i wanted to spend.

The bag I wanted was the Victorinox Avolve 22" thanks to a very thoughtful and exhaustive review a customer posted on the Amazon listing, but decided that it was out of my price range (and I do not travel as much as that reviewer, by a long shot). I almost bought the very affordable Samsonite Dkx 21" from a discount store but abandoned the purchase when I saw Amazon reviewers found it unstable and prone to falling over (a most inconvenient feature in a bag style people seek out for its convenience).

What I did not see addressed in any review were my particular needs: I fly regularly between two cities where, on each end, I use public transport and eventually end up pulling my luggage many blocks of city streets before I reach my destination. (I assume many Amazon reviewers go from the airport to their destinations by car). In my case, I was concerned to have a stable rolling suitcase that can handle some measure of slushy, uneven sidewalks. My older, much larger two-wheeled samsonite with in-line skate wheels has done that job well. but two-wheel models are somewhat difficult to maneuver on a subway or crowded bus because you need specific leverage on the wheels when pushing the bag, and need the wheels oriented just so when pulling it, and crowded environments don't always make that easy. I therefore wanted a 'spinner' with wheels that can be pulled over rougher terrain like a two-wheeler.

The Hyperspace appears to fit the bill. I have only taken it on one plane trip, but have used it a great deal to transport groceries from my car to my apartment. it remains stable even when somewhat topheavy, and the wheels ride smoothly on sidewalk, including through patches of dust and pebbles that can collect in curbs.

In all, I think it is a good choice for people who anticipate terrain beyond the airport curb, and want to the full benefit of a spinner.

Update: I have now used the bag for five junkets. One started out on public transit in Chicago to Ohare, a flight to Boston, into a taxi to a conference, then on Boston public transit to a bus to New York city to public transit to Brooklyn, then back on the subway and a bus to Laguardia, back to O'hare and onto the subway, and a 1/4 mile walk to my apartment. It is a stable champ, maneuverable in all kinds of crowds, and not a burden. You are not supposed to lift it by its pulling handle, but I do - with lots of heavy stuff in it - and I do not see any ill effects. I am glad I bought it, and I regret buying many, many things.
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RCA RP5430 AM/FM Clock Radio with 1.4-Inch Display and Auto Time Set (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
RCA RP5430 AM/FM Clock Radio with 1.4-Inch Display and Auto Time Set (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

1.0 out of 5 stars Beware!, August 25, 2008
I liked the big display, easy to set-features and the tuning accuracy afforded by a digital tuner. Two problems: if you turn the volume all the way up, you may have total silence from the radio (I missed my flight). Second, after three months the buttons that operate the alarm broke, and broke in a way my tinkering could not fix (the plastic buttons correspond to a mechanism fairly deep below the casing, and they somehow disengaged with normal use). So now its just a radio I keep in my bathroom. Between the cost of the radio and the missed flight to Japan with a nonrefundable ticket, owning this radio cost me $2000. If there is one thing a clock radio should surely do is be at maximum volume when you turn it to maximum volume!

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