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Sundown Naturals Omega To Go Squeeze Packs, 2000 mg, 30 Count
Sundown Naturals Omega To Go Squeeze Packs, 2000 mg, 30 Count
Price: $27.30

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1.0 out of 5 stars Gack!, June 26, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
These are foul! It smells like orange, but the taste is orange nasty aftertaste gone wrong! I had to wipe my tongue just to get rid of the taste! Just get capsules. Better yet, put fish in your diet. Much better than this.

Viva Sol Premium Hook and Ring Game
Viva Sol Premium Hook and Ring Game
Price: $19.99
3 used & new from $19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun!, June 24, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This is a cute game. Well crafted. You're going to need quite a bit of space since the ring has to swing and it needs about10 feet in diameter. Best to play it outside, but this will not withstand bad weather so on a porch or someplace covered. I think of it as like playing pool since it's all angles and speed in getting the ring to catch.

The only minor issue was that to get the hook flush so you couldn't see the screw in the end was to trim the end of the screw in part as it came out the back and it wouldn't lay flat.

5 stars

Fun game. Well made. And it's not a board game, or something that requires electricity!

Fiskars 5 Inch Softgrip Scissors
Fiskars 5 Inch Softgrip Scissors
Price: $7.59
30 used & new from $7.05

4.0 out of 5 stars For sewing only, June 11, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I cut a lot of paper as a graphic designer and I thought these would help me be able to cut fine corners and the like. I learned quickly that these are crappy at that and pretty much have gone back to my larger scissors for my job. These are basically just for cutting thread, to snip something. They're cute, but I don't sew.

They are well made as all Fiskars, but still disappointed.

4 stars

They are well made, no defects, but for me it loses a star if it can't be more multi purpose.

Serta Pearce Plush Mattress, Queen
Serta Pearce Plush Mattress, Queen

5.0 out of 5 stars I really enjoy it, June 11, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
The mattress itself is well made, the design on it is beautiful (not like you'll ever see it, but even so...), and one of my favorite things - they put the hand grips on the ENDS of the bed so you can move it through doors! I never understood why manufacturers put them on the wide sides - no one carries a mattress through flat.

I don't get all the mumbo jumbo about what's in the mattress. It's more about how well I sleep on it. For me, sleep is very important since I have chronic back pain and I rarely sleep well. After years with a very firm bed, then a soft pillow top this mattress is a nice in between. It supports like a firm bed yet it contours to your body. So it's the best of both worlds.

As to how I sleep? I may still hurt but I actually wake up in the morning and just lay there enjoying the moment rather than getting up to find a heating pad for the pain. To me, that is brilliant!

5 stars

Well made, beautiful, hand grips on the right sides. I sleep better, the mattress contours to you, not you trying to contour to it. I would recommend this easily.

MIRA Chefs Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, Red
MIRA Chefs Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, Red
Offered by Coheso, Inc.
Price: $39.99
3 used & new from $15.69

5.0 out of 5 stars Not Good. :( 0 stars UPDATED to 4.5 stars, May 25, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I like the design of this food scale. The completely flat surface and the color, it's the reason I bought it. I have an Escali scale I've had for about 5-7 years and it works consistently well, I was just looking for something that looked 'cooler' and I love orange.

That being said - the Escali actually works. I was weighing some food out on the Mira and I needed the same amount to put into packets (around an ounce). After a while I noticed that some packets seemed to have more in them than others, so I tared out the container weight (it did actually work that time)and put them back on the scale to find there was more in some than others by a few grams. And when I would take them off, the negative weight for the container would change from 2 grams to 4 grams at any given time. When I would press lightly on the scale with nothing on it sometimes it would stay at 0 other times it would start adding or subtracting. This now makes me doubt anything I put on here unless I recheck it a few times which isn't a good thing, and I don't have time for that.

I realize that a couple of grams isn't major, but to me that takes a lot of stars off because it's the reason you get a food scale AND it needs to be accurate all the time. So then I started putting things on that weighed around a pound pressed the button to tare the weight, it didn't do the tare nine times out of ten, most of the time and just stayed at the weight that was on it, and when I would remove it and put it back on it would vary by a few grams each time and when I would remove it, it would vary on that number too. This is not good.

Lastly, the Mira shuts itself off after a minute of it sitting there. The Escali is four minutes. I prefer the four minute wait because I do a lot of food prep with the scale including a lot of taring and adding as it sits on the scale.

0 stars

It looks nice, but it's a pain in the behind. I'm not happy with it and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

UPDATED June 1, 2015

After a comment left from the company about their year warranty I got in touch with them and within a week they sent me a new one. This one works just fine and I have to commend them for their customer service. (I did put this one through the paces I put the other one through and it tared, the weight didn't vary any more than my old escali does. It's still as beautiful as ever-- I'm happy. :)

4.5 stars

I'm knocking off half a star because of the faulty first one and I wish they had a longer wait time before the scale shut off. But I'm very happy with my new one and because of this and their customer service I would recommend their scale.
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Contigo Party Cup, 16-Ounce, Red
Contigo Party Cup, 16-Ounce, Red
Price: $12.99
2 used & new from $12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A Soup Cup!, May 17, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I am a contigo fan. I have their travel mugs for hot tea and ice cold drinks which I use everyday and I love them!

When I got this cup and learned that it was supposed to be like the solo red cup that would keep your drink cold for up to 8 hours and I thought... okay, that's cool, but why would I just let a drink sit there for 8 hours? Especially at a party. Then I thought, well, who would take one to a party or would buy enough for there be a stack of them at a party? No one... but the idea is nice.

I did try it out, it kept my ice cubes around for a few hours, and the outside of the cup didn't get condensation and the drink stayed cold. But I had a regular cup next to it with the same thing and they both performed about the same other than the regular cup did get cold. So it wasn't THAT amazing.

My problem is that if I have a cup sitting next to me on a desk or someplace where I don't want to spill, I'm going to want a lid. Preferably one that doesn't leak if it tips over (which I've done a few times to my keyboard's regret).

I pondered about this cup for a week wondering its purpose as I had better things to use for cold and hot drinks. Then it came to me! Soup! I prefer soup in a mug or cup over a bowl and if this could keep soup hot or warm for a while then it's amazing! I tried it with boiling hot water and watched to see how long it would stay hot, even down to somewhat warm. After an hour the water was just above lukewarm so to me that's great! My hand never got hot on the cup and I don't have to try and eat it super fast once it's cooled down.

4.5 stars

I give it 4.5 as it does what is says. It keeps drinks cold a really long time. It's very nice looking and well made. Easy to wash. If you don't care about spills you're good to go. For me, it works great as a soup cup and I won't burn my hands.

As an afterthought I would also say this would be a good camping cup or maybe tailgating. It weighs 7.7 oz and holds 2 cups up to the metal before the plastic rim. And you could eat most meals out of it.

It loses half a star because regardless I feel it needs some kind of lid to avoid spills or to retain the heat or cold when you can't use it right then. I would recommend it but with reservation.

KitchenAid KBNSO8X2C Professional-Grade Nonstick 8"x2" Round Pan Bakeware
KitchenAid KBNSO8X2C Professional-Grade Nonstick 8"x2" Round Pan Bakeware
Price: $24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Good, May 11, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Having used an array of cake pans throughout my baking life I can say this is probably the best I've ever used. It weighs just under a pound, the non-stick is cleanly put on and works well in the oven and I like the lip on it is so easy to grab from anywhere around the pan and it probably stabilizes it more.

It works great in and out of the oven. I still grease it just like I would a regular pan but it has been easy to clean up which are really the things I look for in a cake pan.

5 stars

Works flawlessly and is very well made and looks professional. I would recommend it.

Purina Pro Plan True Nature Formula Canned Cat Food
Purina Pro Plan True Nature Formula Canned Cat Food
Price: $21.79
6 used & new from $21.79

5.0 out of 5 stars He likes it!, April 29, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I try my best to feed my cat a grain free diet and he gets a mix of dry foods and some wet every day. So I'm always happy to see more and more of them come out on the market.

The main ingredients are: chicken, liver, meat-by-products, water, poultry giblets - and then you get into guar gum and supplements.

He likes it, he ate half the can when I gave it to him.

A little pricey compared to other grain-free wet foods, I'm all for supporting the grain-free movement.

5 stars

The ingredients list is nice, my cat loves it and its grain -free. All the key things for a good cat food.

Wellness CORE Air Dried Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Indoor Turkey & Chicken Recipe, 2-Pound Bag
Wellness CORE Air Dried Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Indoor Turkey & Chicken Recipe, 2-Pound Bag
Price: $26.99
7 used & new from $20.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Very Good, a month ago (UPDATED), April 29, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)

I feed my cat a grain free diet and have found a lot of little symptoms like watery eyes and stuff like that have cleared up, so I'm always on the look out for grain free cat food and I'm a bit impressed with this one.

1. It's softer than dry food, but no refrigeration required.

2. The list of ingredients is very nice. The top of the list is; deboned chicken, deboned turkey, peas, gelatin, natural flavor (this one I'm curious about, because if they won't tell you what it is - then it's usually not good), tomato pomace, vegetable glycerin, pea fiber, salt... and once we hit that you know we're at the smaller amounts and it's mostly the regular supplements found in cat food. And cranberries... they mention that in the main part. Are cranberries good for cats? I don't know.

3. I like that the fat content is about 4% higher than one of the current foods he's eating. And fat is important.

4. He loves it; he devoured it as fast as I put it down.

My only sticking issue is the price. I love that it seems like they put a lot of time and effort into an air-dried cat food. But my cat and I really don't care about that. If it's grain-free and healthy and he likes it, then I'm sold. Also, it seems like a price for something organic and this isn't from what I'm seeing on the bag.

However, I have been looking for treats to give my cat that's not regular food for him and this fits the ticket since every treat available in the store contains wheat. He hasn't had treats in a very long time... until now.

5 stars

If price isn't an issue and your cat is like mine they'll love it. If price is an issue and your cat is 13 pounds and can eat... like mine, this is excellent for treats.

UPDATE: When I initially got this cat food for a week my cat would come when the bag was opened, he would eat it from my hand (which he's never done) and he loved it. Now --- he won't touch it, you put it out and he sniffs it and then leaves it alone and he will not touch it AT ALL. I'm not sure why... but he just won't. I've only seen him do that with one other cat food which was a generic brand years ago. Not sure why, but I have 3/4th's of a bag left and I don't know what to do with it.

1 star
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Ball FreshTech Electric Water Bath Canner, Silver
Ball FreshTech Electric Water Bath Canner, Silver
Price: $149.99
10 used & new from $138.99

22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars, April 29, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Ball's canning and mulitcooker starts off by having a heating base that controls the temperature so you don't need the stove. A `diffuser' to put on top of the bottles that keeps the heat in and the boiling water doesn't spit up at you (this also doubles as the base of a steamer you can insert inside it). A nice see-through lid with little steam vents, a rack for your cans so they don't sit on the bottom of the pot, and a spigot so you can drain the water through that and not dump it out.

Then there's the `we can do more', part. Boil pasta, cook soups and stews, a hot drink anyone?

The first thing I did with this cooker was make soup in it. My regular large pot of soup came up to the dip in the side of the pot, so not very far. Not even enough to cover the ham bone I had in it. To get it boiling and stay that way you had to put the heat up to the `canning' level. I learned this later as I put the heat at medium-high as was recommended in the book and the split peas never got done. So, you'll have to mess around with it to figure it out.

Regardless, the only time outside of canning you would bring this out is for a party of 20+ people, or you have a massive family with some teenage boys in the mix. It's just too big for a family of four, or you'll be eating leftovers for a month (I kid you not).

As for canning, I put pint jars in filling the pot about two-thirds of the way full with water, with the diffuser in and it set on canning heat. It took forty minutes to get it to a rolling boil. If you take it off of the canning heat the boiling stops. It did the job and stayed at the temperature needed, and the diffuser was very nice in keeping the water under control. I was impressed.

The only con for this is that the stopper for the spigot inside the pot never stayed in, they need to rethink that. Such as an option for something to replace the spigot if you don't want it in, like with soups. And if you want to do canning you need to keep this next to your sink to drain the water because even two-thirds full it was heavy (another mistake I won't make again). And cleaning the bottom of the pot where the heater sits inside it didn't get as clean as I would have liked (and the soup wasn't even at a full boil, however, a scrubber and a little elbow grease can take care of that).

4.5 stars

Well built, I was impressed with the quality of it. It did what it was designed to do. However, I would recommend it ONLY if you did a lot of canning, or you have a lot of parties or a HUGE family.

If they made a better spigot and another option for if you didn't want it in and they just had three options for heat `boiling/canning' `hard simmer' `low simmer', it would be a lot better and it would get five stars.

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