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Psychopathic: The Videos Vol. 2
Psychopathic: The Videos Vol. 2
DVD ~ Various
Price: $13.88
22 used & new from $10.24

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great collection of videos for the Juggalos., July 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Let's start with the packaging. It's not in the typical DVD case. It's actually in a Blu Ray style case, minus the Blu Ray logo at the top of the box. It's just clear. I actually like this alot. Makes the collection stand out and look more current. This is 2014, you know. It's 2 discs. Each video is introduced by someone. They let you know little facts about the videos and who directed them. I know who Rude Boy is from the Backyard Wrestling video game, but who is the guy with the face tats? I like his tats but I don't know who he is. Same with the blonde. She's hot as hell, and I would hit that, but no idea who she is. And I think the bald guy is Nate the Mack. Not 100% sure though.

Anyways, let's get to the videos:

ICP - Miracles - Not much needs to be said here. This is their most viewed video on YouTube, with over 15 million views. Includes the classic line of "Magnets, how do they work?" by Shaggy 2 Dope.

ABK - Nervous - This one ABK basically talks about how he gets nervous before he performs on stage. Pretty personal.

Blaze - Dub Sack - Okay this one tripped me out. I know Blaze as the gangsta rapper from 1 Less G in the Hood Deluxe. This is a happy go lucky sounding song and it's trippy. Talking about selling the loud. 15 for the Juggalos and 20 for everyone else. Which makes me wonder if he actually sold sacks at shows, indicting himself on this record. The video is filmed in a bad area of Detroit, but was filmed in the early morning because it's bright as hell outside.

ICP - Evil is Afraid - I love Hallowicked. Love all the Hallowicked songs ICP makes. This video is just a compilation of footage from the Hallowicked concerts. I wish they would release the Hallowicked 2014 concert on DVD this year.

Big Hoodoo - Hexed - This was my introduction for the artist. Not bad, I think he fits in nicely with the label.

Twiztid - HA HA HA HA - Okay this one is wild. Very creepy vibe to it. Love the chorus. Simply bad ass. It's crazy to see Monoxide dressed up as a creepy killer preacher. He really plays the part good. Did I mention I love the chorus?

ICP - In Yo Face! - Back and forth rapping between J and Shaggy. I like it a lot, Shaggy shines on this one. Filmed at some circus themed museum/concert venue. They normally don't allow any cameras in there so ICP either payed a lot to get the chance to film here or they were really respected by the venue owners.

Cold 187Um - An Offer He Can't Refuse - Okay this is just some gangsta rap that tells a mob story. The effects are really good. Obviously this guy is old, but we all know Psychopathic doesn't sign young talent. Despite this, the video was entertaining.

Violent JJ - Bad Bad Man - Not actually a song but just a sample of Violent J's song played over and over across a beat. Features the entire Psychopathic line up posing with little JJ. I liked the part when Blaze picked him up by the arms, lol.

ICP - Fonz Pond - Okay now this one I just don't get. It's not even the fact that it's about little kids getting killed, or even that it shows footage of little kids dying. That's not what got me. It's just that J is a great rapper and can tell a great story. But this one I just did not enjoy. It sounded forced, and I was surprised they went all out and did a video for it. Just.. weird. My opinion, mind you.

The Dayton Family - Cocaine - Okay now this one is wild. Talks about how they want to go where everybody sells cocaine. The chorus is all happy go lucky and I wasn't expecting that from this group. However, the video was extremely entertaining and the song was indeed catchy. Funny to see ICP make cameos as they toot the blow. Oh, I mean flour. Apparently it took 10 hours to clean up all the flour from the bottom of this tiny bar.

Blaze - Dead Man Walking - Another video I just didn't get. In the intro, they specifically made sure to say that Violent J wrote this song. I mean we all know Blaze has ghostwriters but geez. They called him out hardcore on this one. In the video, everybody just keeps killing Blaze. I just don't get it. He's 6 foot 10, I wouldn't mess with him. (And I'm 6'4 myself)

ICP - Juggalo Island - Very enjoyable. Very happy, but that's okay. Really makes me wish I could have gone to the Gathering this year. Or any year.. as I've never been. But it's catchy, and ICP showed mad love to the fam by letting them be in the video.

Zug Izland - Saved - Okay now this one is just weird. It's just strange to see a band on Psy. The guys all seem old as crap. The girls in the lingerie were hot and would def get it. But for some reason the quality on the video is bad. And the chorus is repetitive and just doesn't make much sense. Hell, the whole song doesn't make sense. They are in a church yet it's full of half naked girls and a band.. and the guy keeps singing about how the girl is saved? Idk... I got nothing. Not my thing here.

ABK - Peace Pipe - This one made me want to smoke. For real. The chorus is damn near mesmerizing. ABK really pulled off a hit with this one. Seriously, I'm ready to smoke again. Alas, my probation will stop that from happening, at least for the next 12 months.

Boondox - Inbred Evil - Bad ass. Love the chorus. Straight wicked southern country music right here. "Everybody must die, everybody must die, everbody must die." < My favorite part.

Big Hoodoo - Never Had - Okay now he won me over with this. He tells about his life growing up and how his mom hated him. The visuals go good with this too. Very good, props to you Mr. Hoodoo.

ICP - The Tower - The only video filmed from The Tempest. It's based on the Washington DC sniper shootings, remember those? Well J portrays himself as the actual sniper. Don't know what he was thinking but it's eerie. Goes in.

MC Breed - Rap Game - This guy died 1 year after filming this video. Standard club junt, doesn't fit on Psychopathic. However, it was on a sub label they had called Urban Zone something or another, but either way yeah it was kinda neat but I wouldn't watch it much. I do like his voice, though. I recognized it from "Swallow This Nut" off Forgotten Freshness 4 in 2006.

Blaze - Blaze Up - BAD ASS song. One of my favs from Clockwork Grey. On the intro, the guy was saying how this video was all crappy and they didn't want to release it. What? Is this another sneak diss at Blaze just because he left the label? Because there is nothing wrong with the video.. it's fine. Also has The R.O.C. in it. That guy is mysterious, he always comes and goes. Either way, "I got a gun and I'm holdin' it down, WHUT" < My favorite part.

Boondox - We All Fall - Did not like this one. It's all about death and it brought my mood down. Really don't want to be thinking about death on that level. The video is long, too.

Twiztid ft. Blaze - Triple Threat - I like this one a lot. Just straight up rapping from the 3, back and forth. They really work well together.

ICP - Beautiful Doom - This absolutely sucked. It was filmed from the end of Legz Diamond's guitar. Didn't make any sense and the editing was dumb. Maybe I'm missing something but this was a complete waste of time. And Legz Diamond is just weird, man. However his singing isn't so bad.

ABK - Last Chance - This one features an alcoholic mother and a suicidal father. However she is binge drinking Sutter Home wine. The hell? At least drink the hard liquor and malt liquor and beer if you're gonna be a true alcoholic. The wine ain't gonna cut it, homegirl.

Violent J - Jealously - This one is strange. Sure you could say it's racist because J is wanting to kill the black guy who is kissing on the white woman, but it's hard to blame him. Guy had his lips all over her. So J goes into the bathroom and snorts a line of cocaine, after that he pops 10 pills and chases it all down with hard liquor. A deadly mixture, but J was ready to kill. He wanted the neden all to himself. He ends up getting kicked out of the bar though and walks across the street in the front of the moving traffic and goes home. I like how he waits to get far away from the bouncers before he turns around and talks crap to them.

DJ Clay - Kept Grindin' - Always liked this song. Features everyone, also this is the only appearance from the Axe Murder Boyz on this entire set. Monoxide killed his verse, Madrox killed his verse, hell even ABK killed his verse. But Bonez claimed he was 24, but he looked a lot older. Could he have been abusing meth? We may never know. I'm a huge AMB fan for the record, I own all 4 albums and their EP.

ABK - Hey Girl - Strange song where ABK talks about kidnapping a girl and cutting her into pieces. He thinks she's into him.

Twiztid - Buckets of Blood - Their only animated music video. It's strange. Reminds me of the old Flash cartoon videos from the 90's. Worth a watch.

ABK - Grind to the Flow - Yet another ABK junt. Not much to say here... he doesn't wear face paint in some shots.

ICP - It's All Over - Kind of depressing because it's talking about the end of the world. Don't want to think about that at this point in time.

ICP - Chris Benoit - High production values. Inside the mind of a maniac. Pretty cool video.

ICP - Where's God? - I liked this one. J and Shaggy carry a cross through town like Jesus did. Good song, good message. Also shows a meth junkie shooting it up into his veins!

ICP - Night of the Chainsaw - The sequel to 1992's Night of the Axe. Directed by the same guy who directed Death Racers, which starred ICP. Reminds of The Evil Dead. Very cool stuff here. I like when he throws the chainsaw inside the guy's mouth.

ICP - Jump Around - Frame by frame remake of the original classic! Bad ass. Old school flow. Shaggy makes sure to diss the FBI in this one. As you know, ICP are suing the FBI for labeling Juggalos as a gang.

ICP - Hate Her to Death - This is awesome. Great song, great video. ICP say this is their favorite video they've ever filmed. The kid in the video goes hard in the paint and gets revenge. Did anyone else think the bully with the glasses actually looked like he should have been the one getting bullied? Idk. Maybe I'm stretching it here.

ICP - When I'm Clownin' ft. Danny Brown - Very strange. But you have to realize this was just a fun song and video. Danny Brown comes in and rips this junt open. Check him out, Juggalos. His discography is insane.

ICP - Forever - This video cost $45,000 to make! And they deemed it too lame to release it. Well here it is. What can I say about it? I was tripping out. It's so.... strange. You got J and Shaggy and Legz Diamond whistling throughout the whole thing. You got old people singing about going to Shangri-La! Very trippy! I liked Shaggy's bucket hat. You gotta see this one to believe it. It wasn't bad, but it def didn't seem like an ICP song/video.

Violent J - The Kreayshawn Song - Okay now this is hilarious. It's a love ballad to Kreay. J talks about how he wants to smash her in all kinds of ways. He even gets on stage! In one scene he's in a pink room covered in Kreaysawn pictures and he's holding tiny kitty cats. Very, very strange, but I was laughing the whole way thru. You gotta see this!!

The 4 Cyphers kicked ass! The 4th Cypher is a diss to the FBI. Monoxide KILLED the last verse on the last cypher, and that was a great way to end this collection. There are no hidden features or videos in the menu. All in all, this is a great collection at a great price. If you are down with the clown, add this to your collection now!

Clayfighter - Sega Genesis
Clayfighter - Sega Genesis
Offered by You Name the Game
Price: $79.99
33 used & new from $1.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Game is a classic., June 4, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a cartooney Mortal Kombat. The game is simply awesome. Awesome claymation graphics for the time, great character selection, funny sound bites, and cool levels. The game can be had for cheap and every Genesis owner should have this in their collection. Get it.

Hyperdimension Neptunia PP - PlayStation Vita
Hyperdimension Neptunia PP - PlayStation Vita
Price: $29.99
16 used & new from $26.99

3 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Loli loli, pop that body., June 4, 2014
In the vein of Hatsune Miku F, this is a rhythm game that is highly Japanese in content. A great addition to the Vita library, this game is niche and appeals to a certain audience. Not everyone is going to like this, but it's a light hearted music game that has no drama to depress you. It's chock full of content and expands upon the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. Get it.
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SVC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom
SVC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom
28 used & new from $5.60

5.0 out of 5 stars An underrated classic on the Xbox!!, April 12, 2014
I love this game. I've owned it since it's release. I first played it at the arcade, and when I found it was being ported to the Xbox, exclusively, I was overjoyed. It was 30 bucks when it came out and can be had for less than half of that nowadays. The game is underrated. People seem to forget about it, but not me. I'll always enjoy it. The graphics are great. SNK developed the game, so they have their own sprites that they use for the characters. There are a great selection of characters as well. On the character select screen, if you hold down the right trigger, you can select a bunch of new characters from both companies. The stages are great, the music is memorable, and each fighter talks to each other before a match. There are lots of modes, but I like the classic Arcade mode the most. I played a bunch of matches on Xbox Live before it was shut down, and had a blast. I would resort to choosing Hugo and being as cheap as possible when I would fight those hardcore players in Asia. But needless to say, this is an awesome game and it's worth buying an original Xbox for this. Pick it up!

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Offered by RYU'SHOP
Price: $15.54
51 used & new from $4.47

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A great album. Sean's sophomore release is great., September 14, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Hall of Fame (Audio CD)
Sean's debut album Finally Famous was alright. It just didn't do it for me. Well he's come back with a new album and boy is it great. This thing goes HARD. His flow has improved, his wordplay is great, and the beats are crazy. The features are good too. That Nas and Cudi joint . . that one is wild. And the song with Meek Mill and 2 Chainz goes too hard!! Basically what I'm trying to say is this is one of the best albums I've heard this year and I highly suggest you pick it up and add it to your collection. It's one of those albums that gets better with each listen. And that Milf song with Nicki Minaj and Juicy J is a standout track ... the bass is crazy and Nicki trips you out, and then Juicy comes in and just murks it with his verse. Great album.

No Filter [Explicit]
No Filter [Explicit]
Price: $7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Whole album goes hard!, August 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: No Filter [Explicit] (MP3 Music)
I gotta say it mane, this album is great. Jelly Roll really shines on this. His country raps get you crunked up. Lil Wyte is great too, but Jelly outshines him on this. He's still got that hunger in his voice.. crazy with the flows. The beats are crazy too. Get this. It's a Southern classic . .

Life & Times of Jonny Valiant
Life & Times of Jonny Valiant
Price: $14.98
32 used & new from $9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars An instant classic. One of the best albums of the year., August 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Rittz brings the heat for his debut album. Strange Music made a great choice in signing him. This album can be played over and over and it's still great every time. He raps fast, his wordplay is wicked. Makes you wanna drink and smoke all night when you listen to this. Almost every song on the whole thang is great, I would say the only three skippable tracks are Always Gon Be, Amen, and Sober. Everything else is crazy good. He's in his early 30's yet he puts it down harder than most people 10 years younger than him. Rittz is here to stay. Changing the game. Rappers, better step your game up. The bar has been raised.

Trap Lord
Trap Lord
Price: $10.48
68 used & new from $2.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Great album on another level!, August 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Trap Lord (Audio CD)
Ferg brings the heat with his debut LP. I always liked him from the start when I heard his verse on ASAP Rocky's "Kissin' Pink" back in 2011. The beats on this thang go in. The guest rappers all brought the heat. That Work Remix is crazy. Let It Go, Shabba, Hood Pope, Fergavicious are all crazy tracks. Something different. You got to check this album out for yourself, but you won't be disappointed. Ferg is the truth.

Price: $14.86
31 used & new from $8.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Great album . . something different., August 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Believers (Audio CD)
I'll start by saying I don't know anything about this group. I don't know their background, where they are from, or have heard any of their other work. But I decided to check them out because it's a new Strange Music release. Boy was I surprised. The album is great. They sound like a modern day Roots. The beats are crazy, and these guys are rapping on a diffeent level. They rap about getting wasted and high but at the same time the troubles of living sober. The album puts me in a good mood. I had to buy it and support. Mayday are the truth.

Stay Trippy
Stay Trippy
Price: $10.00
54 used & new from $5.70

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best albums of the year!, August 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Stay Trippy (Audio CD)
Juicy J dropped his first solo album 10 years ago, back in 2003. The Chronicles of the Juice Mane is a Southern classic. Straight gangsta. He comes back 10 years later with Stay Trippy, and he's better than ever. One of the absolute realest rappers in the game, he stays true to his roots. Rapping about smoking dope, counting money, and robbing people. He never sold out, he never let the game change him. It's insane that he has the late Pimp C on the second track on this album, Smokin' Rollin'. The man has been dead for 6 years and it's amazing that Juicy held on to his verse for so long before releasing it. Every song on this album goes hard. The beats are INSANE. Drink to this album and you will be more crunked up than you could ever imagine. The whole album puts you in a great mood. This is an instant classic, straight Southern fire. One to be played for years to come. Thank you Juicy J.

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