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Audiobooks for Indies: The One-Stop Guide for Authors Looking to Make More Money Selling Audiobooks
Audiobooks for Indies: The One-Stop Guide for Authors Looking to Make More Money Selling Audiobooks
Price: $3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cannot imagine a better guide on this subject!, November 22, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
If you are a self-published author considering turning your work into an audiobook, this book is exactly everything you hope it will be.

Simon Whistler has created the most comprehensive tutorial on the subject of creating audiobooks -- with one very important context -- it's very much written for and from the perspective of indie, self-published authors looking to get their books into an audiobook format.

There are other strong technical guides out there that focus on the sound engineering aspects, but much of that information will be over the head of the average author. While very specific, the technical guides on ACX are intimidating and left me more with the questions:

"Do I really want to go down this rabbit hole? Can I afford it? How "cheap" can I get away with on the equipment if I record an audiobook myself? Am I going to invest too much up front and then discover once I'm too far in that I should have gone with a royalty share or paid a professional?"

Simon guides you through the various options available to you and gives you very specific figures to evaluate your project. There are formulae (even spreadsheets you can download) to help you break down the cost of producing the book. Ratios like number of words compared to number of hours to cost.

More importantly, there are guides to help you determine which route to take (Professional, Royalty Share, or DIY) based on how many ebooks you're currently selling per month.

There are even figures based on how many audiobooks you can expect to sell per number of book sales to help you calculate the amount of months it will likely take you to earn back your investment.

I prefer fiction that is read by the author and was already leaning towards DIY, so I zeroed on on the chapter "DIY." I was very pleased with how thorough Simon's recommendations are -- on everything from the type of microphone to purchase, to setting up your recording space, to software advice. There are screen shots for working with Audacity that carefully illustrate exactly what you should be looking for… Simon even gives advice about what to drink!

There are case studies for every author/ potential situation, so you ought to be able to find a detailed exploration of someone who is on the exact same path you are considering.

There is an excellent glossary of terms, as well as a fully hyperlinked index of online sites and resources.

Write Your Novel From The Middle: A New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between
Write Your Novel From The Middle: A New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Looking for a magic pill to make writing your novel easier?, June 18, 2014
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I feel like, as fiction writers, we're always hoping that there is some "secret" -- some trick, some magic, template, formula, recipe, special goggles -- that will make writing our novels suddenly easier.

While I believe that, ultimately, there is no secret key, that you simply have to study and try and toss and turn and work your way through *your own process of writing a novel…

I also believe Jim Bell's teaching may be the closest a fiction writer can get to a set of magic tools.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Jim Bell's workshops.

His techniques are practical, adaptable, and motivating.

Even if you don't follow every little detail 100%, just wrestling with any of his ideas and looking at your book through his lens, will inevitably make your work better. Maybe even a LOT better.

Sometimes the biggest problem is that you don't know what you don't know.

Jim's books show you exactly where to look to find out. This book, in particular, identifies one singular point that connects all the other threads, both of plot and characterization. Find it, and your novel plots itself and your character has a true arc.

Considering the Kindle price, the relatively brief length without a lot of fluff WRITE YOUR NOVEL FROM THE MIDDLE is a must. I downloaded it, went to a cafe for a few hours, and devoured it. (The coffee cost more than this book.)

Absolutely useful and a worthwhile investment of my time.

Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover, Black (does not fit Kindle Paperwhite)
Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover, Black (does not fit Kindle Paperwhite)

55 of 56 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Elegant Solution - I am NOT "Disappointed", December 3, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After reading all the disheartening and negative reviews here -- and ordering the Kindle Touch Case with Light ANYWAY as I felt it was the only real option -- I have to share a different opinion:

I was prepared to be disappointed -- I am pleased.

I had the last generation Kindle 3 and case with light.

This new Touch version is an extremely positive evolution in terms of overall aesthetics and design. The overall look and feel of product carry a lot of weight with me. I am generally attracted to the Apple brand/ design aesthetic.

I loved the functionality of the old Kindle 3 and case, but honestly felt it was a bit clunky and felt old-fashioned -- like a prop you'd see on a 1980's sci-fi rerun.

This new Touch case is truly "slick" -- not just as in the tactile surface of the case itself -- but in the use of the word that describes something clever, expensive, and thoughtful.

The leather materials *are* thin -- but not in a "cheap" way, in a very slim, streamlined, elegant way.

There is no feeling of bulk to the case at all.

The light bulb itself is comparable to older versions in terms of performance, but more pleasingly and simply articulated -- built into -- the design of the case itself.

Everything about this feels like it was designed to be a seamless accessory to the Kindle.

It feels purposeful and intentional.

*The Rubber Band Thingy
The one thing everyone misses -- the "rubber band" to hold it closed. That was never a big deal to me. I don't really miss it that much, myself, I mean... there's not a single book I own that has a rubber band to close the cover. My wallet doesn't have a built-in rubber band. My laptop doesn't either.

While I wouldn't hate it if this case had one, I honestly can't imagine how one could be added without detracting from the overall high-end design.

I'm glad I did not let the reviews here deter me from ordering this item.

The Kindle Design Team is headed a really strong direction.

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