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API Reef Master Test Kit
API Reef Master Test Kit
Price: $26.27
33 used & new from $18.49

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Adequate Test Kit - Moderate API Product Endorsement in the Instructions, June 10, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: API Reef Master Test Kit (Misc.)
Simply put having a test kit is essential for any reef aquarium keeper. I only have a 28-gallon tall aquarium with just soft corals, a feather duster, a few damsels & a couple of cleaner shrimp. The API Reef Master Kit is well packaged and everything is labeled very clearly. I sometimes have difficulty interpreting the nitrate and phosphate tests as the results are limited to viewing color code charts of different shades of green and orange. For example when I conduct the test for nitrates, my resulting shade of green from my test tube is in the range of .50 to 1.0 as my best guess instead of .50 or 1.0.

The instructions are very well written and easy to follow although I can't help, but notice API's intentional attempt at product placement by their brand. For example if your test kit yields a high result for phosphates, the instructions recommends that you purchase & use API's Phos-Zorb to help reduce phosphates in addition to conducting water changes & removing waste. If you have low calcium levels you can use API's Eco Calcium Marine to increase calcium levels. If your nitrates are high you can use API Tap Water Filter to help reduce nitrates in addition to water changes & the removal of waste.

Some other reviewers have complained about the absence of the ammonia test, but I have already owned API's ammonia test kit (with its different shades of yellow test results chart) that I used when I initially cycled my aquarium, so adding the reef master kit just supplemented to what I already have. Didn't need the instructions help to buy another API product for ammonia testing because I already did.

Overall an adequate test kit for the very important task of truly knowing what's in your aquarium water (or at least ballpark figure ranges) to help your corals, fish & invertebrates thrive successfully.
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TerrorVision / The Video Dead (Bluray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]
TerrorVision / The Video Dead (Bluray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Gerrit Graham
Price: $13.40
11 used & new from $12.80

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "Is Stanley a Manly Man?", April 1, 2013
Sorry for the inconveniance, just a review of "Terror Vision" !

I bought the Terror Vision/The Video Dead DVD/Blu-Ray combo mainly for Terror Vision. A b-rated horror/comedy from the 1980's that was a personal favorite of mine as I still have a VHS copy of it.

In a nutshell, the film is about a space monster that is accidently transported to earth via a unsuspecting family's satellite dish. However, the real highlight of the film isn't the monster, but the wacky cast of humans especially the very, disfunctional Putterman family. The swinger parents, gung-ho military grandpa, Cindy Lauper look-a-like valley girl Suzy (played brilliantly by actress, Diane Franklin), Suzy's boyfriend, a heavy metal clad "O.D." (played by John Gries AKA Uncle Rico from "Napolean Dynamite") and the brave, little hero Sherman (played by a very young Chad Allen who later played a sheriff in the "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" TV series). As I found out from writer/director Ted Nicolaou who stated in his commentary & special features interview, the film was bashed by critics & the general audience on its initial release, but developed sort of a cult following later after its home video release. Simply the type of film that you either love or hate!

Both the Blu-Ray & DVD look fantastic as both feature films are presented in widescreen 1.78:1 anamorphic transfers. Dolby Digital Audio for the DVD & DTS HD audio for the Blu-Ray. Both feature films on each disc (DVD & Blu-Ray). The special features are identical for both the DVD & Blu-Ray. I posted images of my set above.

For Special Features, Terror Vision has a full-feature length commentary with writer/director Ted Nicolaou, actress Diane Franklin (Suzy Putterman) and actor John Greis (O.D.). Besides all three commentators' personal experiences with the film that are discussed, most of the commentary is screen specific as all three participants pretty much talk about each scene as it goes.

A 34-minute behind the scenes & making of featurette is also included as we get the usual director, cast & crew interviews with some behind the scenes stills & video clips. We get current video interviews from writer/director Ted Nicolaou, actresses Diane Franklin (Suzy Putterman) & Mary Woonov (Racquel Putterman), actors John Greis (O.D.) & Chad Allen (Sherman Putterman) and many others. It was interesting to note the following;

Entire film was shot in location just outside of Rome, Italy with a predominately American cast, but predominately Italian film crew.

Chad Allen was only about nine years old in the film, but his concerned, religious parents viewed the set and had mild complaints about the numerous erotic, nude paintings that dominated the interiors of the Putterman household set.

According to the director, Belinda Carlisle was a cast consideration for the role of Suzy Putterman & Harry Shearer for the role of the father, Stanley Putterman, but both were either not interested in the roles or were unavailable.

Frank Zappa was a consideration to score the film's music, but was either unavailable or not interested so Richard Band, scored the film instead & a L.A. rock-band called "The Fibonaccis" performed the "Terror Vision" theme song.

Actress Mary Woonov was originally casted to play the late night TV show vixen "Medusa", but insisted on playing the mother, Racquel Putterman instead.

The special features conclude with a photo gallery consisting about twenty photos of cast/crew shots & multiple Theatrical posters (some international).
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Works Great for Me!, March 26, 2013
I use my Mag Float 30 (small) for my 28-gallon acrylic hexagon reef aquarium. Acrylic hexagons are probably some of the hardest types of aquariums to clean especially if you try to use any of the long-handle, plastic scrubbers due to limited, top-clearance access. I still use my plastic-handle scrubber periodically, but the Mag Float helps me reach the areas that I cannot reach. I really like how the Mag float magnet floats to the top when separtated. Like the other reviewer stated, I cannot scrub the curved edges with the Mag Float. Despite what other reviewers have stated I have not encountered any scratches on my acrylic aquarium due to the use of the Mag Float. Works fine with me!

Aqua Tech Fish Aquarium Magnetic Algae Remover
Aqua Tech Fish Aquarium Magnetic Algae Remover
Offered by jasonscornerusa
Price: $11.90
8 used & new from $3.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Doesn't Scrape Hard Enough!, March 21, 2013
I bought this from a local store at a very cheap price thinking it could be a quick fix to scrubbing off some tough algae spots in my acrylic, hexagon aquarium that I cannot reach with my plastic-handle acrylic scraper. The Aquatech scraper's pads are like a soft felt pad and was only able to remove some soft algae, but not the more coarse algae that is more prevalent in my reef tank. I'm going to spend a little more next time & get the Mag-Float cleaner instead.

Aqueon 30-Gallon QuietFlow Internal Filter, Medium
Aqueon 30-Gallon QuietFlow Internal Filter, Medium
Offered by It's A Big Deal
Price: $31.71
13 used & new from $29.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Simple & Effective!, March 18, 2013
I purchased the Aqueon 30-gallon Quietflow Iternal Filter (medium) as a second filter for my 28-gallon tall reef aquarium that already has a HOB filter. My aquarium has a black backround so it was easy to blend this filter into the background. I really like how thin this filter is compared to most other internal filters that are more bulkier in appearance. The replacement filter (my medium uses one Aqueon large size filter replacement) is your standard disposable filter with some carbon, but I was suprised to see how small it was as it only fits in the bottom half of the whole filter. The bottom half of the filter mounts to the aquarium wall via four small, but firm suction cups while the top half that houses the motor just snaps on top. Looks very easy to swap filter cartridges if you don't mind getting your hands a little wet as all you do is remove the top half of the filter, remove a small plastic retainer plate and swap the filter cartridge.

It is very quiet and the power consumption is only 7 watts. The rate of flow is adjustable via a small sliding plastic clip as I have set my filter on maximum (142 gallons per hour on max). The direction of flow can be adjusted in numerous positions as the filter can be mounted horizontally or vertically. I mounted my Aqueon internal filter so that the output shoots in a opposite direction against my Koralia power-head. Overall, simple but effective!

New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula 1mm Sinking Pellet Fish Food
New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula 1mm Sinking Pellet Fish Food
Offered by Lake View
Price: $8.76
12 used & new from $7.20

5.0 out of 5 stars Satisfies Everybody in my Marine Aquarium!, February 1, 2013
My aquarium store dealer recommended New Life Spectrum pellets to me & so far all of my fish & invertebrates are eating it very well. I have yellow tail damsels, a blue velvet damsel & a 3-stripe damsel that snatch the pellets from either the surface water or when it gently floats down. My fish have very small mouths so sometimes they have to bite the pellets multiple times to eat it. Whatever pellets they miss my cleaner shrimp grab them from the sand floor or on top of live rocks. Sometimes the pellets land on my sea anemone or polyps and they eat them too! I still feed my marine fish frozen mysis about once or twice a week, but I feed the New Life Spectrum pellets the rest of the week.

HDE LCD Fish Tank Thermometer
HDE LCD Fish Tank Thermometer
Offered by sany58520store
Price: $4.60
6 used & new from $2.36

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Thermometer, but Mines Occasionally Turns On by Itself!, January 22, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After getting tired of squinting my eyes to see the temperature of my alcohol thermometer in my reef tank I decided to try a digital version. Like the other reviewer mentioned my digital LCD thermometer arrived in the mail with the power turned on. No big deal. I wish the suction cup holding the probe was black instead of clear like the other reviewer mentioned because a clear suction cup submerged under water appears white. No big deal for me either as I hid my thermometer probe & suction cup behind some live rocks. So far everything works great as I just turn my LCD thermometer on occasionally to check the temperature of my reef tank & then turn it off. Sometimes I just leave it on longer as I still maintain my alcohol thermometer on the other side of the aquarium that I can occasionally still read when it isn't covered by algae. Occasionally I noticed that the thermometer turns on by itself, but that is no big deal to me. Recommended as it generally works great & you can't beat the price considering most digital aquarium thermometers that I see in local stores costs so much more.

Update 4-2-13. I been leaving my LCD thermostat with the power on for the last month & had no problems with it so far. No problems with it turning off by itself. Been so reliable that I removed my standing thermometer.
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Green Element EVO 18"-22" LED Aquarium Light Fixture - Reef Capable 10x3W
Green Element EVO 18"-22" LED Aquarium Light Fixture - Reef Capable 10x3W
Offered by Tech 'n' Toy
Price: $55.99

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Bright Light for a Good Price !!!, January 17, 2013
I use this light for a 28-gallon hexagon marine aquarium with live corals so I need a strong light. My light has 1,700 lumens that only uses 30 watts! I have polyps, hammer corals, mushrooms, a crocea clam & a bubble tip anemone that love this light. I used it for over three months now & had no problems. A little warm to touch when all the lights are on, but not hot. Runs very cool when just the moonlights(actinic lights) are on. As you can see this LED light is very similiar to the Marineland brand LED lights, but the Green Element brand costs much less. Just like the Marineland version there is only one switch for the bright lights & moonlights (actinic lights).Just three switch positions; on (all lights), off & actinic lights only. I highly recommend this LED light for your aquarium!
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Duracell DU5211 Cell Phone Car Charger for Samsung
Duracell DU5211 Cell Phone Car Charger for Samsung
Offered by The 34th Psalm
Price: $6.95
2 used & new from $1.95

2.0 out of 5 stars Retractable Cord Eventually Shorted Out!, January 9, 2013
Sometimes I miss the pre-smart phone days when I used to charge a cell phone about once a week. Nowadays I have to charge my smart phone at least once a day or multiple times daily. Sometimes I wish I had a USB port on my body so I could charge my phone all day when I'm not near AC power.

The Duracell car charger for Samsung phones works great with my Samsung Stratosphere. I like the retractable cord that extends about 2.5 feet and retracts with a push of a button. Eliminates the hassle of excess cords coiled in my vehicle. My charger came with two different adaptor plugs that connect with the main charger cord via "screw in" connection. The charger plug end that plugs into the auto electric socket has a green light that lights up when connected.

However, after a few months of usage, I noticed that the cord began to short out because the constant retraction of the cord caused too much physical strain on the wire and it began to no longer work. Bought another Duracell car charger, but a different type that doesn't feature the retractable cord.
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Aquatop PF25-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization
Aquatop PF25-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization
Price: $44.69
14 used & new from $38.85

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Filter so Far!, December 7, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is for; Aquatop PF25-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization

I only had this filter running in my 28-gallon tall hex tank for just over a month & have been very pleased with it so far. My acrylic tall, aquarium only has a 7" opening for back-hanging filters, so at 6.5" wide this filter was a prefect fit. Note that it is very important that the lip of your aquarium must be 3/4" OR LESS. Any lip thicker than 3/4" & this filter WILL NOT fit. Fortunately the lip of my tank is exactly 5/8". My tank is for Marine fish as I have damsels, cleaner shrimp, live corals & some other live invertebrates.

The filter also comes with a small bag of ceramic rings (usefull for biological purposes) in addition to the standard disposable cartridge with activated carbon. The filter does have a surface skimmmer that does skim the surface of the water, but unlike traditional protein skimmers there is no collection cup to clean. The flow rate is adjustable by a simple turn of the knob on the top part of the filter near the intake tubes. The unit pump is very quiet. My aquarium is in my living room, so I could hardly hear it when I'm watching television. The only noise I hear is the water from the filter going back to the tank.

The UV sterilizer works on a separate switch and can operate independently from the filter's main pump. I run my filter 24-7, but I turn my UV sterilizer off or on occasionally. When it is on you see just a a slight glow on the bottom of the filter which helps me to remind me that it is on. To replace the bulb, you just unscrew the bottom assembly that houses the bulb.

Overall, I like the quality & value of this filter so far, but time will tell to see how it holds up. If you buy this filter & install it please insure that all of the plastic parts are not cracked and that they all snap together firmly. I made a slight mistake on the intake tube near the top part of the filter in which two pieces were not firmly snapped togther & I had some water run down the side of my tank! Yikes, but it was easily fixed. Overall, you can't beat the price/value for an outside filter, surface skimmer & UV sterilzer all in one unit. Recommended!
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