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Sorel Women's Glacier NL1042 Boot,Black,10 M US
Sorel Women's Glacier NL1042 Boot,Black,10 M US

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love, LOve, LOVE My Glaciers!!, January 1, 2012
These boots are exactly as described - the darnedest warmest boots ever made and they are virtually indestructible. I've owned 3 pairs of Sorels in the last 30 years and the only part that I managed to wear out was the treads from walking on asphalt.

Yes, they have that "Hi- I'm in the military" look about them but when you're trekking through knee deep snow or shoveling your lane way at 3am when it's -30oC you will be the only one doing so with a smile on your face.

These are a utility boot - no doubt about it and they serve their intended function to a T. They're not made for the city street fashionistas, although I personally like the look of them. They are made for people who want warm, dry feet no matter where they are or for how long.

I drive in them and don't find them awkward on the pedals at all. I walk for miles in them and they're not a super light boot but they're not that bad either. The gaiters work really well in keeping snow out. The soles have a nice grip on ice.

I'm very happy that Sorel made the Glaciers with a more robust gaiter material than the usual ripstop cloth. The ripstop was tough but would start to sag a bit after a year or so. This material stands up really well on it's own.

I found the sizing true to size and no problems with width. People with narrow feet might find that they feel big. In that case, I would go a size down (or wear extra socks). The felt PAC's will 'crush' with wear and you should end up with a good fit.

The one and only thing I would change would be the lack of arch support inherent in all PAC boots. My own work around to this problem is to size an arch support orthodic (insert) to the boot shell and install it onto the foot bed under the PAC.

Yep - love my Glaciers. You'll have to pry them from my cold dead feet.

Baffin Women's Chloe Insulated Boot
Baffin Women's Chloe Insulated Boot
Price: $101.67 - $139.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding WInter Boot, January 1, 2012
I needed a pair of winter boots as a stylish alternative to my 'to die for' but clunky looking Sorels. Something I could wear around town without feeling like I just came out of the back 40. I could have picked any old pair up but I absolutely can not tolerate cold feet.

Sorel does make more stylish boots but they were not available where I live. I stumbled on to the Baffin's and immediately liked the looks of them. Good height in the shaft to tuck pants in to keep snow and wet out. A good sized opening for easy on and off. Cute faux shearling trim (they really should have gone real for the little bit that's there though) and I loved the 'sand' color.

I did find them a little narrow. I normally take an 8-8.5 and had to get a size 9. There is a bit of 'crush' that will occur with wear in the liner so they will expand a little more over time.

They feel good on the feet. Not too heavy, really good ankle support and amazing grip on icy surfaces.

The liner is a lot thinner than the Sorel felt pacs and I was a little concerned about how warm they'd be but I was pleasantly surprised. I've worn them in -27oC temps for better than 4 hours and they were toasty warm. Not a single part of my foot felt cold and my circulation isn't what it used to be.

Quality of the stitching and materials used is above average and I expect to get years out of these boots.

The boots are sold with a 5 layer liner but a 7 layer liner is also available to order separately. I don't think you'll need it though unless you reside on the tundra.

I've received lots of compliments on them so they pass the style test as well.

I've read a few folks having had problems with the plastic glide and/or laces breaking but they all seem to be from early 2011. I tug like heck on mine and haven't had any issues. Might have just been a batch part issue. Stuff happens - the worlds not perfect.

My bottom line: Very warm, stable, comfortable, quality boot that's easy on the eye, as well as the foot.

Columbia Sportswear Women's Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather Boot,Black/ Bright Rose,6 M US
Columbia Sportswear Women's Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather Boot,Black/ Bright Rose,6 M US
Offered by Sneaker Kingdom Shoe Shop
Price: $129.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars What A Shame, December 10, 2011
For years I've heard folks rave about the Columbia Bugaboot and this year when looking for a winter boot to wear around town I bought a pair of the Bugaboot Plus.

They've been updated this year with what they call "omni-heat" technology which is a metalized lining in the boot that reflects heat back to your foot. In these boots this new fangled insulation does not extend onto the foot bed. Even though they are rated at -32c/-25F after only 2-3 hours in them at -5c my ankles were warm but my toes were cold both in feeling and to the touch. I don't know what the other raters were wearing for socks that they found them warm but with a pair of medium thick sport socks I found them to be anything but warm. I would not want to be wearing these at -32c.

The opening of the shaft is also VERY small (and this is also apparent in the pictures) when the boot is laced to the top. Small enough that when you tuck the bottom of your jeans in you actually can't get the over padded tongue in place well enough to lace all the way to the top. I tried lacing down one set of hooks to accommodate the jeans but after a few steps they just rode up out of the boot and I found myself constantly re-tucking and re-lacing.

The gusset on the tongue only goes half way up the shaft as well which means snow will get in unless your pants are over top of the boot.

Sizing is on the small and narrow side. I take an 8 normally and had to get a 9 to fit well.

The whole boot was extremely stiff especially the back of the shaft and I found it very uncomfortable on the back of my leg. Driving made that even worse. Just pushing down on the accelerator was enough to make the top of the boots push hard enough into the back of my leg that it was VERY uncomfortable. This may go away with time and wear if you're willing to wait it out. I'm not.

On the up side - there is really good support in these boots and they keep your feet nice and straight and in line with your ankles. The grip on ice is also really good.

They went back. I live in a climate where -20c/-4F is an average winter temperature and I'm afraid these boots just don't cut it.

The original Bugaboot or the Bugaboot Xtm (which has a 600g lining instead of the 200g lining may be better but the business with the shaft of this boot was enough to put me off of Bugaboots for good.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Split Decision Here..., July 25, 2009
I have 2 80lb dogs and a cat. I trim their nails on a regular basis as part of a regular grooming regime and more often than not they need only a quick clean up of split ends of the nails from their walks on rocks and whatnot. I thought that the Pedipaws would be perfect so I bought one on line.
A bit disappointing, but with a few surprise benefits. I've given you an honest list of what I found and what I like or don't like about it and you can decide if it's something that you might be interested in for yourself.

1) No batteries with the product. Although this is always disappointing it is of no surprise to me and I think you will find that any product that requires the use of alk. type batteries will not ship them with their product. The reason being that the batteries have a shelf life where the product probably does not. If the alk. battery breaks down before being sold you've got an environmental and unhealthy hazard on your hands when you open the box. Even if the batteries have not decayed they could go flat over time. So better to buy good fresh ones anyway when you purchase the product. I thought everyone knew this.

2) The 'so-called' safety cover over the emery drum is pointless. The advert clearly states that it is there to prevent the nail from going too far into the drum and over filing the nail. The hole is so large that it wouldn't prevent you from doing that at all and in fact presents a real difficulty in trying to line the drum up with the tip of the dogs nail properly because you can't see what you are doing very well through the cover. I tried again with the COVER REMOVED and found that my control of the tool and where I placed it on the nail was much better. Just keep in mind that with the cover off you'll need to make sure you're not going to tangle it in anything like long hair (your's or the dogs, jewelry, etc... just be careful.

3) It then became apparent that there was insufficient torque on the drum to properly sand down the nail tip. If you press as hard as one really needs to to effectively sand down the nail (at least on a large dog) it stops the drum in it's tracks. For animals with smaller nails (like cats, birds, rodents, etc...) it would more than likely be adequate. It seemed to work fine on my cat or the one nail I managed to get done before she completely freaked over the buzzing sound of the motor. Now if she hears it or sees it - she's gone! :) My dogs didn't have an issue with the noise at all.

4) I think the emery paper they use on the drums may be part of the problem with the above issue. I purchased some same size sanding drums from a local hardware store (for somewhat less than the refills offered by Pedipaws, by the way) but in a FINER GRIT of emery and it works a LITTLE better and doesn't seem to stop as quickly.

5) DO NOT USE ON WET NAILS! If you've just given your pet a bath or have just been out and their feet are wet, wait until the nails are completely dry before trying to use this product. Other wise it will just shred the nail and leave it all split on the ends. This wasn't covered in the instruction manual and I think should have been given the damage it can do.

6) I did find some other uses for this item though now that I am interchanging drum heads on my own. As an artist and crafter, I use many rotary tools but I've always wanted one with a really slow speed setting for smaller objects or more detailed work and for this purpose it's GREAT! When I discovered this the tool got moved to the art room.

As for my pets paws... I agree that nail clippers are archaic and damage nails and I don't like to use them either. I still trim the cat with clippers because she won't have it any other way. For the dogs I now use a narrow sanding block with emery paper in it. Always stroke in the same direction (towards the tip), press as hard as you need where you need, gets right uder the nail too so you can clean up the bottom edges as well, no noise, no drums to buy, takes half the time and costs a couple of bucks and the dogs love/hate it just as much as the Pedipaws.

The Pedipaws is still in the art room and currently working at sanding down some soap stone I'm working on. Maye they should re-market it as just that! :)

I would have given it higher marks for the craft aspect of it but then that's not what it's being marketed as... so 2 stars only.

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