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BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black
BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black
Price: $368.00
15 used & new from $368.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Newer is not necesarily better, we like the older model more., March 4, 2011
I have been the proud owner of both a single and double bob revolution stroller for four years now. When the new model was released, I rushed to the nearest REI (that day) and purchased the double just to try it out. It's been over a month now and I have used the new model daily and frankly, the older model is better for a few reasons.

Let me start out by pointing out the positive aspects of the newest model:
The under storage basket is a bit larger and easier to access.
The window in the hood is larger (that said it doesn't really give you much more of a view of your child(ren)).
I like the springy action in the hood, allowing it to have several different positions and also making it easier to close back up (but not easier to open than the previous model)
I like that the handle bar is just a bit skinnier than the older one. It seems like the foam is tougher too, more rip-resistant.
I like that the "bump" above the swivel wheel is hard plastic instead of cloth. One less part to get dirty or tear.
I like the fabric better. Seems more resistant to rips and fading and also seems easier to clean.

Now for the negative:
I hate the new seat belts. They suck. I liked the rings that were easy to pull to tighten, now it's a bit more complicated, slightly irritating. I also hate that the crotch strap is so short that I have to yank and pull just to fasten the harness on my ONE YEAR OLD. BOB claims that they made it longer but it definitely isn't. It's much easier to fasten the strap on the older model, maybe because the fabric that it's attached to is softer and therefore more flexible so it flexes upward to help the straps meet each other... whatever the reason, it's really difficult for me to buckle him in now, and it really digs into his crotch (poor guy, can't imagine what it will be like when he's older). He's not even chunky or anything. Huge disapointment.

I hate the firmness of the seats. They don't help absorb some of the shock like the old one. Every time we hit a bump in the sidewalk in the new stroller, they hit their heads on the metal frame, and this NEVER happened in the older model. And the following statement probably shouldn't count but I'll say it anyways. We never used to put the seat belts on our kids in the other stroller (think amusement parks, in and out) and never had anyone fall out because the seat was so soft is sort of enveloped their bodies. However, during the first week we had it, my husband turned a corner to abruptly while walking at a slow pace (which wasn't even that hard) and my son was launched out of the stroller. He was sitting upright, but not leaning forward or anything. Thank GOD he was just fine. Our fault for not putting their seat belts on but we liked having the option of not being required to do so every time they get in the stroller.

Seats don't recline as far back. I do like how we don't have to mess with the clips anymore, but they don't recline as fully as the other one.

The triggers under the sides of the handle bar which allow you to close your stroller are plastic and are harder to "activate" making collapsing the stroller a bit of a pain. What I mean is that you have to completely squeeze them in order for you to fold it forward where as the older model you could just squeeze them a little and it would fold up.

BOB claims that there is more head room with the newer model due to their velcro strap system which allows you to pull the hood back and fasten it down, but I don't see a difference. In all actuality, there is less room for my daughter's head because the seat bottoms are hard instead of soft so her bottom doesn't sink into the stroller at all, making her sit up higher in the stroller. Less head clearance instead of more. You think they would have made the seat backs at least a few inches higher so that the older childrens' heads don't hit the top. My daughter is not even 4 yet and she's not tall for her age but her head touches the hood already. She's not even close to hitting the weight limit nor is she ready to give up her stroller rides.

There's a built in running strap that is NOT removable on the right side of the handle bar, exactly in the spot where you want to put your hand. I cannot tell you how irritating this is, nor how irritated my husband is because he's left-handed and the strap is too short to reach around his left wrist, meaning he cannot hold onto the stroller with his dominant hand while jogging if he wants to wear the strap.

The price is an extra $40 so after tax I paid close to $700. Seriously? So glad REI has a fantastic return policy.

Bottom line, newer is not always better. I'm so glad I didn't sell my old one, we are keeping that one and returning the new one to the store.
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