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Platypus PlusBottle, 1 Liter with Closure Cap
Platypus PlusBottle, 1 Liter with Closure Cap
Price: Click here to see our price
9 used & new from $13.56

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Surprised to find so many reasons not to like them, August 15, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Platypus PlusBottle (Sports)
I had wanted a Platypus for many years. I did lots of research and even watched several YouTube videos on handy uses of the Platypus and was so excited when mine finally arrived. Unfortunately, after trying it out, I'm sad to say I'm not a fan.

I bought two of these (one for me and one for a companion, as we were traveling together to India), along with a SteriPen, two Sawyer filters, and two cap kits for connections. (I know it was the overkill, but I like to be prepared, especially when it comes to clean water). The contraption was a hassle, but I was willing to deal with it, for pure water. I also bought new Vapor (brand) bottles (my usual travel bottle, but not Sawyer filter direct-connect compatible). I tried the setup at home and the main thing I didn't like about the Platypus was the "beach ball" taste of the water that came out. This was especially strong after using the SteriPen with it. I'm pretty picky about taste, especially that of my EDC water and water from the Platy was gross. My "not as picky" hubby agreed.

In addition, the "pour" opening is smaller than my Vapur, making it harder to get liquid (or ice, if u want to use it as an anti-swelling/medical device) in. The benefit however, is that it is a standard opening, so caps can be switched and, potentially, replaced on the road (especially since many people will prolly lose the protective cover at some point). Personally, I also prefer a one-handed flip cap, for ease of opening and closing, as well as cap security. The Vapur has it, this Platypus does not.

Lastly, the carry hole is not as convenient. It makes rolling/folding the bottle more cumbersome, it's "sharper" on my fingers than my Vapur (when hooked on fingers for carrying, even short-term), and you need a secondary carabiner or hook or durable cord to attach it to things.

This Platypus bottle does feel thicker and a bit softer than my Vapur bottle, but that does not cancel out the other, much more functional Cons of the product.

It does carry water (it's main job) and it didn't seem to leak during my very short trial. I'm mixed about the silver-ion coating, as I've read good and bad. I guess it also depends on how they get it to bond and if it ever dissipates/loses effectiveness. You could just as easily add colloidal silver or an anti-slime agent / charcoal filter of your choice to the water. While I have used filters, I've never needed one in my Vapur bottles, even when using daily for weeks on end (without access to thorough washing facilities).

Overall, this platypus made me realize how awesome the Vapur bottles are. In a SHTF/TEOTWAWKI/Emergency situation, since I already have this Platypus, I'd prolly store some water supply in it and then transfer smaller amounts to my Vapurs for EDC, maybe using a charcoal filter (if I had one), to possibly help remove the beach ball/vinyl taste. However, I'm sticking to my Vapur bottles for all other circumstances. For me, they are better designed and the water comes out cleaner-tasting.

I rely on reviews to help me make informed decisions. I hope this review was helpful to you.

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips, Caramel Sea Salt, 1.43 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Dang Toasted Coconut Chips, Caramel Sea Salt, 1.43 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Price: $26.86
5 used & new from $26.86

5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious! Small bags, NOT resealable., July 5, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Unfortunately, these are delicious and healthy, as they are somewhat pricey and I don't like that there's such a small amount in each bag. Yes, this helps provide a bit of discipline, so you are more likely to just eat one serving (or, even more likely to eat the 1.4 servings it's packaged as); however, it is kind of wasteful and I wish there was a more eco-friendly way to package and distribute these, as they are one of my favorite snack foods. I'd purchased the larger bags in the past, with the resealable top, but when I ordered this one, I didn't realize these were the smaller version (sans the resealable feature).

In addition to my preference for the taste, I also prefer the ingredients in this** flavor over the plain flavor (coconut sugar** vs sugar, and sea salt** vs salt). Interestingly, despite this flavor being "caramel sea salt", this flavor does not list caramel as an ingredient. Magical.

I checked the prices on the subscribe and save for the single pack of the larger size vs the 12-pack of the smaller size, and, as of right now, with a 15% S&S discount on both, and a 10% coupon for the 12-pack, it's only a 1-cent per ounce difference. I'll stick with the larger, resealable bags for now.

These are really delicious and quite healthy as a small snack. If you have trouble with willpower, you might have to be creative to help curb your cravings for handfuls of these tasty chips. Oh, and to describe them: they are larger shaved slices of coconut, just the right blend of crispyness and tenderness. If you like coconut at all, you'll probably really love these. I eat them straight, but you could use them as a garnish on a fancy dessert or a tasty topping for a fruit bowl or even ice cream. While I do wish the packaging was different, I hope they keep the edible part exactly as it is.

And, heed my warning, these, and the dark chocolate dipped ones are quite possibly addictive. Like, really.

I rely on reviews to help me make informed buying decisions. I hope you found this review helpful :)

Bamboo Charcoal Clothes Blanket Folding Storage Organizer Box Bag Closet (Apricot, XL)
Bamboo Charcoal Clothes Blanket Folding Storage Organizer Box Bag Closet (Apricot, XL)

2.0 out of 5 stars where's the bamboo charcoal???, July 4, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Exact title, as of the date of my order and the date of this review: "Bamboo Charcoal Clothes Blanket Folding Storage Organizer Box Bag Closet (Apricot, XL)"

I suppose this could be my fault, but when I see "bamboo charcoal" as the title of an item, I read it as being made of bamboo charcoal material, a property that would help eliminate odors and keep things fresh, and a smart thing to have for an item like this. When it arrived, shipped from China, as indicated by the foreign writing all over it the shipping envelope, I was surprised to find a non-woven polypropylene-type of product that seemed to have a slight "plasticy" smell. Not horrible, but certainly something I'd air out a bit before putting linens or clothes into, especially since I expected a product which would help keep things fresh! I thought maybe I'd read the description wrong, but upon a second look, I saw that it does in fact say "bamboo charcoal..." and that the color I purchased is Apricot. I even checked inside thinking there was possibly a bamboo charcoal sachet or panel somewhere. Nope, nothing. I have no idea why the words "bamboo charcoal" are in the title of this item (other than, possibly an attempt to "greenwash " or otherwise capitalize on the popularity of a great feature available elsewhere).

The bag itself is large and the clear window panel is handy (albeit, probably vinyl, which many try to avoid). Unlike other storage bags I've just now seen on-line, similar to this one, this bag does not have any handles on the side. Surely, this would be a beneficial and handy feature to have, especially with such a large, and likely heavy (once filled) container. I've only had it a few days, but it seems adequate for the purpose of storing occasionally-accessed items such as guest linens or seasonal clothing. But, I certainly wouldn't buy it if you are planning to use it daily, or are desiring the feature of bamboo charcoal in your product.

I started a return, but it was purchased from an Amazon Marketplace seller and I'll have to wait for them to review it before I'll know if my request is approved. It says "This return request will be sent to ACEFAST INC for review. This item was sold and shipped by an Amazon seller, ACEFAST INC. They will review this return request within 48 hours. If it's approved, they will email a label or instructions on how to return your items." For under $7, I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of waiting, sending back, and finding a replacement. I would not buy this again, and I feel a bit deceived, due to the inaccuracy in the title.

If anyone finds out where the bamboo charcoal is in this product, please comment below. Thanks!

I rely on reviews to help me make informed buying decisions. I hope you found this review helpful :)

TruthPaste Natural Toothpaste - Flouride Free - Ayurvedic Toothpaste made with Organic Oils - Natural Calcium Bentonite - Essential Oils - 2oz. | 60ml.
TruthPaste Natural Toothpaste - Flouride Free - Ayurvedic Toothpaste made with Organic Oils - Natural Calcium Bentonite - Essential Oils - 2oz. | 60ml.
Offered by TruthPaste
Price: $17.99

34 of 36 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Lotsa pros, a few cons, and one deal-breaker, July 4, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Despite the high price tag (or, possibly, because of it), I really, really wanted to love this toothpaste. I've been a natural, glycerin-free and fluoride-free toothpaste and toothpowder fan for several years. I've tried almost every brand I've come across. In addition to other popular natural "pastes", I've tried several based on salt, baking soda, eggplant charcoal, horsehair, diatomaceous earth, horsetail grass, various oils, and, I have also used other clay products, including the clay-based Earth Paste, which I generally liked. Unfortunately, this Truthpaste did not agree with my mouth. :( Details below...

FYI, this is not a "foamy" type of toothpaste, at all. I didn't expect that and it has no bearing on my rating, I just wanted to mention it, as it can be a difference for those new to oil-based natural toothpastes. I've done oil-pulling before and I kinda like that oily feeling. This has it, but is also very gritty, due to the addition of the clay (calcium bentonite).

Toothpaste is kind of a "personal" thing, so your experience may differ; however, here are Pros and Cons, from my perspective:

- natural ingredients (no glycerin and no fluoride; several other beneficial ones in there, instead)
- taste is yummy (reminds me of Pepsodent, from my childhood)
- TSA-acceptable 2 oz. glass jar (albeit, plastic lid)
- gritty/grainy consistency (yes, it's clay, and yes, I liked it)
- Ayurvedic philosophy (I'm a believer, and a strong Kapha)
- no stevia (that stuff is disgusting)
- available on Amazon (& prime, too!)

- price (at $18 for 2 oz of toothpaste, it's kind of elitist)
- dispensing method (dip your toothbrush, get a different amount each time, prolly too much {$$!}, oh, and you're sticking your toothbrush IN each time. I'm not a big fan of this, and I'm the only one who used it - I can't imagine sharing a jar with others! And, yes, I know many of the ingredients are anti-bacterial, etc. and you dip a "clean" toothbrush in, which is why I was ok with trying it, but I'd still be hesitant to share it.)
- sticky-ish, clumpy texture (this makes it hard to measure each "serving", and makes it mash into the bristles of your brush and stick to the very bottom, and also makes it a bit messy in the bathroom with grey clay spots on the sink & faucet)
- grittiness remains between my teeth, even after extra rinsing (flossing does help, but sometimes, I'm in a rush and just want to freshen up quickly. What's weird is, I've used all sorts of other clay-pastes, as well as several different types of powders, and none have ever left this feeling in-between my teeth, like Truthpaste does.)
- amount in jar doesn't really last a long time, especially considering the price (I got maybe 2+ weeks of use, and was already at half a jar before I stopped using it. My previous product lasted about 4 months, and took up much less space in my ditty.)
- Honestly, I might have dealt with all the previous Cons, had this not happened: it gave my tongue a weird white coating. I tried extra rinses, tongue scraping with stainless steel then copper tongue scrapers, but it was still there. Only when I switched to another toothpaste (I have 5 different ones I tried), did the coating go away and not return. And, it wasn't a typical Kapha-esque coating, it was different. I realize that there's a theory of detoxing when trying a new product like this, but I eat fairly clean and have only natural products in my home, so any detoxing shouldn't be so immediate and so drastic. Regardless, I couldn't deal with all the other Cons AND the white coating, so after a few trials of stopping, switching, and then restarting (to make sure the problem wasn't a coincidence or in my imagination), I gave the rest of the jar to my hubby to try. He's reluctant, as he doesn't like clay toothpastes (for the flavor/texture, and the dirty sink issue), so I don't have anything to report yet.

I'm glad to see others have had such positive experiences with this toothpaste and I'm happy that another natural product exists here on Amazon, I just wish it worked for me. (Although, my $5 / 4 month toothpowder is much easier on the wallet!) Oh, and if you got to this point and don't know why someone would not want glycerin or flouride (or other potentially toxic / harmful junk) in their toothpaste, take a few moments to google it and find out. I'm no scientist, but my teeth and gums (which, despite fairly great home care and frequent professional cleanings, seemed to be problematic at each previous check-up), have been immensely improved since I switched from glycerin-based to glycerin-free mouth care products (toothpowder, floss, mouthwash, chewing gum...). Food for thought.

I rely on reviews to help me make informed buying decisions. I hope you found this review helpful :)
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 29, 2015 7:10 AM PDT

SLIM-SATION Women's Plus-Size Wide Band Pull On Straight Leg Capri, Denim, 18W
SLIM-SATION Women's Plus-Size Wide Band Pull On Straight Leg Capri, Denim, 18W
Price: $63.00

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fits great, stretchy, but a bit hot and noisy, July 1, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Update 2015 Aug:
I wear these pants almost every day now. I get compliments every time. I am overhauling my wardrobe because of it. Can a pair of pants change your life? Quite possibly. Yes, they're loud, but now it's like "look at me in my awesome pants" loud. I've worn them to work, to brunch, on a train, to dip my feet in a river, out w/friends, hiking, to a video-taping, to scale a 14k' summit, and to a concert... I may just be in love. They're still kinda hot, a bit scratchy, and loud, but suuuuuper cute, comfy, & flattering. A rare combo in curvy women's clothes. One weird thing is, if you drop liquid on them, they pucker. A guy accidentally splashed a full beer on me (grrr) and it was like the pants transformed into some wearable creature skin. This also happens with water. Disappears when it dries, tho. Amazon, please lightning deal these again; or, drop the price a bit - I'm also considering trying the ankle pant version.

Original review:
I almost never wear pants (except to yoga). These might just change that. The fit is really great - I have a tiny waist and very wide hips and a wonderfully curvy "bedunk-a-dunk" in the back. Usually, bottoms are too small in the thigh, but these are proportioned well for me. Mid-rise, very, very stretchy. Handy rear pockets. Good length for a 5'2", with longer legs. They pull-on like tights/leggings, no buttons or zipper.

I'm not a big fan of the fabric. It's quite loud - and even discounting chub rub, they're oddly noisy all over. My hearing is highly sensitive, so maybe no one else hears it. It's also quite scratchy and stiff (despite its stretchyness). I haven't washed them yet, maybe that will help?

I don't know if I'd wear them on a warm day, I imagine the fabric would be hot. And, I'd be worried about wearing them in a quiet place where you have to walk (research day at the library?). However, the fit is really great and the Lightning Deal made them affordable, so I plan to keep them. I'd even consider buying a second pair in another color, but the current price is prohibitive.

Vista Point DENVER Colorado
Vista Point DENVER Colorado
Price: $2.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Better than a mindless sitcom; if you can get past the music, June 8, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Mostly interesting, well-paced overview of Denver and a few cities around(-ish) it - Aspen, Colorado Springs, etc. (Surprisingly, not Boulder - is it that new of a city??). The video quality isn't great, but it's not awful. The music, however, is comically dated and terrible - lots of 80's sounding too-loud midi-tracks. Well, 90% of it is, anyway. If you imagine the video as a script, the music changes with pretty much each paragraph. This is good and bad, as they take away one horrendous track (just as you're getting used to it and it's starting to "fade" from your consciousness), but then replace it with another new, and equally awful track. There's certainly worse things in life and this was good for a chuckle.

The information presented varies: State Buildings, Public Spaces, Native American Indian History, Scenic Locations, Shopping Areas, Tourist Spots, Historical Lodging, and Notable People, etc. This is an older video, so there's no mention of the new marijuana laws, or the culture / economy that's recently grown from them. I'd prefer a bit less information on shopping malls and costly government buildings, and more information on the natural surroundings, but that's my own personal preference.

Also, the narrator has a very strong accent that doesn't sound like any place I've been in America, including Denver. He has a great speaking voice, but it might have been cool to have someone who grew up in the area do the narration - I don't know if there's a "Denver accent", but there's always something in the language that's unique to an area. I find hearing it to be part of the charm of travel.

Overall, a pretty good watch. Low commitment, more interesting than a mindless sitcom.

I rely on reviews to help me make informed consumer decisions I hope this review helped you :)

Birkenstock Back Strap ''Kano'' from Birko-Flor in Black 41.0 EU N
Birkenstock Back Strap ''Kano'' from Birko-Flor in Black 41.0 EU N

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Comfy, grippy, soft! A comparison to typical Milanos, etc., May 25, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've been wearing Birks (various styles/lines) for over 20 years. Recently, I slipped and gashed up my knee while on a trip overseas. The cause was a bad combo of flat birkenstock soles, and small gravelly bits on a large, 'declined' boulder (note, my 80-year companion in grippy Sketchers navigated this terrain easily). While I LOOOOOVE my birks, I love safety a bit more. With another hilly walking trip in my future, I decided to seek out a safer pair of shoes. I turned to birks, since I know they fit well and are super comfy. I happened upon this style, never having seen them before and, they filled my second requirement, a backstrap. I was especially drawn to the anti-static properties, thinking of the uncomfortable shocks I've gotten in the past, and wondering if it would have any effect like "earthing".

Ordering them from a marketplace seller in germany, and having no reviews so far, I was a bit worried about what I was going to get. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised by the fast shipping, great packaging, and of course, awesome shoes!

If you're wondering how they differ from the usual Milano or other typical style birk, here ya go, in no particular order:
- the sidewall strap is mounted "inside" the area of the footbed. On my other typical birk sandals, the strap is glued/mounted to the outside. This "inside mount" does make it a bit narrower (on an already "narrow" categorized shoe / filled in footprint)
- the back strap has an "attachment point" on the inside of the ankle. On my others, this is just made from a single piece of strap. I was worried about rubbing, since it causes a very apparent ridge on the inside, but so far I haven't noticed an issue.
- the strap material is much more flexible than my other birks' straps. This is nice, since I've felt some roughness on those other ones, but not at all on these. However, this can cause a bit of "buckling/popping out" on the edges, if you have wider feet. It's not a big deal to me, as the other features outweigh that, and I'm not really wearing these for their sexiness factor.
- The holes in the top two straps are a bit "stingy". I have mine at the "loosest" (how they came), and I can't imagine tightening them very much. Moreso, I doubt that they would even be able to reach to each other at the narrowest holes that are already punched. If you have "high" feet, or just more mass in your feet, you may have to poke a hole or two, to allow enough room for the top straps to fit. Not a big deal, but the hole pattern does seem to be a bit more 'snug' than my others.
- The soles are very curvy, inside and outside. Inside, there's quite a bit of support in a few areas. The arch bump seems to be a little farther forward (closer to the toes) than my others, but not so much so that it's a problem. Also, the outer 'toe wall' seems a bit more substantial, offering a tad more protection to the front of the toe line.
- the ESD (anti-static) feature adds a few "dots" and a bit of stickyness? under the ball of the foot, but nothing too distracting and certainly not uncomfortable.
- the footbed of the ESD style is a heathered grey. The straps are black, and there is a small yellow "button" logo on the side, indicating the ESD feature. The non-ESD footbed is brown, regardless of strap color.
- the fuzzy lining of the footbed is suuuuper soft and it makes me want to wear them both all the time, and not as much (so it doesn't wear off!) It's almost like walking in super fuzzy slippers.
- the footbed seems to be the "soft footbed" style. I actually prefer the more standard footbed, with less "sinking in", but I can see how others might like these, as there's not really any "breaking in period" needed.
- The footbed/sole is also very flexible, much moreso than my other birks. This makes me feel good about the traction concern, as I believe I will have a bit more of a "form fitting" footprint, which can be especially helpful when walking on very "convoluted"/rooty/cratered/uneven ground. This is a "bonus" safety feature that I hadn't anticipated when I made my purchase.
- So far, the soles seem quite grippy (but I've only done basic initial "testing" in my home, on carpet and vinyl floors, and stairs). There is definitely a more varied tread and I imagine this would also provide better traction (one of my main reasons for purchase).
- Overall, in ALL areas (strap, footbed, sole), they are very flexible and soft to your feet. Super comfy!!
- I believe they may be slightly lighter than my usual Milanos, but I haven't tested this theory.
- One negative is that they do have a sort of "chemically" smell, that my other Birks do not. I believe this may be due to the grippy tread sole, or possibly the straps. I am quite sensitive, so you may not even smell it, but I figured I'd mention it. Normally, I do avoid products with an odor/off-gas potential, etc, but these ticked all the other boxes for important features.

I did try to look at other brands for a grippy, comfy, supportive sandal (columbia, keen, teva, merrell, sketchers, etc), but none had the style I desired and most were even more expensive. Plus, while I've owned at least one pair of all of those other brands (and, for some, many pairs), I've always found birks to be the most comfortable on me. I'm a 41.

Just a quick note about the seller, in case you're also cautious about international purchases: mine came from Shoe Shop Rempp and I was very pleased with their shipping speed and well-packaged order. In addition, I received exactly what I ordered - always a plus!

I hope these last at least as long as my other Birks and I'm looking forward to many fun and safe treks to new and wonderful places in my Kanos!

I rely on reviews to help me make informed decisions. I hope this review helped you. :)

Fishers Finery Ecofabric Women's V-neck Tee - Comfort Fit - Black XL Size X-Large
Fishers Finery Ecofabric Women's V-neck Tee - Comfort Fit - Black XL Size X-Large
Offered by Fishers Finery
Price: $29.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Comfy, soft, great fit, excellent fabric!!, May 25, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These shirts are GREAT!! I've bought 4 so far, as they fit me just right and are SUPER soft! Lately, shirt sizes seem to be shrinking and getting all sorts of wacky, with narrowing and lengthening being an issue. I am short-waisted, narrow-waisted, with wider hips and bust and this shirt style fits me just right. Just long enough to cover the waistline of pants/skirts, but not so long that they are dragging below the crotch/butt area. I do not like my shirts to fit that way, and so many are made too long and you either have to stretch them around your hips, or bunch them up. Often, this makes your waist look thicker, too. Ugh! I also like the length of the sleeves. Long enough for a nice coverage, but not so long as to be matronly or hot. Lots of shirts these days skimp on sleeve length, making them unflattering unless you've got very toned arms. The V-neck is just the right depth and angle. Again, so many other shirts I've bought are quite low-cut (even when that's not really the intention).

I wear this shirt to the gym with yoga pants and, I wear it to work with a nice skirt. I LOVE that they are made from sustainable materials (yay, healthy bamboo and organic cotton!), and I'd hope they're made in a "fair trade" type of factory. Although I do think they are a good value, I wish they were a bit less expensive (they are my most expensive shirts!). They wash and wear well (sometimes, I hang them to dry), but they will take longer than a polyester shirt to dry. I know this, because I hand-washed and hung-dried both on a recent trip overseas, and this took much longer to dry.

Overall, I highly recommend this shirt. Fishers Finery, please keep making this style, and add a few more colors, too! Royals: red, purple, or blue? Even dark teal, maybe??

I rely on reviews to help me make informed buying decisions,. I hope this review helped you. :)

Allison Brittney Women's Plus-Size Foam Cup Maxi Dress with Detail, Midnight Navy, 1X
Allison Brittney Women's Plus-Size Foam Cup Maxi Dress with Detail, Midnight Navy, 1X

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great dress! Here's how to cut the pads (& one note of caution), May 25, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Bought this in the deep blue and wore it to a casual wedding with a cute white crochet bolero and white hat. Yes, the foam "cups" (they're actually thin foam pads, attached to the dress at the bottom of the pad only) do shift a bit and weren't my "shape" at all. One even had a "nipple" look to it that wasn't very attractive. Before wearing, I also cut mine out (thanks to the other reviewers who said they had done this successfully!)

I was a bit nervous, but it worked perfectly! For anyone else interested, here's how I did it: on the inside fabric layer of the bust (the one that lays against your skin), I carefully cut a 1" or so horizontal (parallel to the waistband) slit right in the middle (between where the breasts sit). That way, if it pulled there wouldn't be a weird gap shape showing through. Plus, I could access both "pads" from the center. (Surely, there are other good places to cut this hole, too). Then, I simply dug around a little until I had the left pad in hand, gently pulled it toward the slit, and then rolled/folded it a bit until it fit through the hole. Then, I took a sharp pair of scissors and cut the little fabric tab that held the pad in place. I cut it in the middle of the pad and the dress, in case I needed to reattach it, or something else, to the dress. Then, I did the same thing with the right side pad. If I was more industrious, I'd sew up the hole (and maybe I will someday), but even without that, it worked perfectly.

I was really nervous about messing up the dress, but I'd tried on dozens, even after after buying this one, and this one really did look the best (besides the pad issue). I wore a bra with clear straps (a little tacky and not super comfy, but supportive and not too visible), and a pair of high-waisted Hanes support short things underneath just to smooth everything out for photos and stuff. Got lots of compliments and, despite being "dressed up" (ugh!) and it being almost 90-degrees F and humid, I was EXTREMELY comfortable from start to finish (even went to a lively birthday party after the day-long wedding!). Seriously, wearing this dress is like wearing pajamas! It's just stretchy enough, and it's super soft. I'm considering buying the other colors, too! If you're courageous, you could even wear this dress with a good strapless bra, as the empire waist helps a little with support. I was dancing and moving around a lot, so I'm glad I had the extra security of the clear straps.

Also, I'm 5'2" and thankfully, didn't have to hem it (of note, I did buy both my usual size, and one size up, just in case, and the size up was a tad longer). I don't wear heels, but I did wear a pair of white fitflops, which do have a 1" or so platform on the bottom. I danced barefoot and it didn't drag too much, but not sure if I would have been ok walking around in true flats in this dress. If you're my height, just something to consider. I'm very short-waisted, narrow-waisted, wide hips and bust, with longer legs, and it's not easy for me to find dresses that fit right and fall in just the right places. This one was pretty much perfect. Didn't even come up too high under the arms (a common problem I find).

The main downside to this dress is that it almost seems like a "disposable" dress (or, at least only wear it once to a nicer function), as the fabric around the bust/under the arms was very "pilled" by the end of the night (albeit a very long night!). I would expect this from knits after extensive wearings/washings, but just one wearing!?!? I'm even a little hesitant to wash it now, as I'm concerned about the construction and the "jewels" around the waist. Fortunately, it wasn't very expensive, and it hit the mark in all the other areas that I am focused on.

Overall, I'm very glad I bought it. So far, I've gotten one great day out of it, and plan to wear it to other casual/comfy functions.

I rely on reviews to help me make informed buying decisions. I hope this review helped you! :)

Mr. Ellie Pooh Elephant Dung Paper Card Stock, Robin's Egg Blue (CS-Light Blue)
Mr. Ellie Pooh Elephant Dung Paper Card Stock, Robin's Egg Blue (CS-Light Blue)
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5.0 out of 5 stars We all dug the dung, May 1, 2015
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I used 4 packs of these for my wedding invitations. I printed directly on them using a large office laser printer, then cut them, and shaped the corners. All handling (printing/cutting/shaping) response was appropriate for the method & the medium.

Individual sheets varied in thickness from one to the next - not enough to affect printing, but enough to notice the difference. I liked that aspect, but that's my personal preference. These papers are a bit thicker than typical papers so you cut fewer at once.

There are "pieces" of things in the paper (bits of straw and other "elephant treats"), some sheets had very small holes, and the color varied a bit (I believe the packs I got had been stored in the sun, as there was some obvious shelf fading). This was in early 2014 and they were out of stock for a while, so this fading may no longer be an issue. It only bothered me a little.

Ink disbursement on them can be somewhat inconsistent, due to the uneven surface and "natural effects" listed above. I was able to use all prints, and I preferred the natural/organic look for my wedding. If you're considering using these papers, I'm guessing you like that look, too.

I loved the eco-friendliness, and the unique-ness of the paper. In some places, it has somewhat of a soft "hand feel", kind of like a natural felt.

Oh, and people really dug the dung aspect!

I rely on reviews to help me make informed product decisions. I hope this review was helpful to you :)

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