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Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories
Price: $11.88
119 used & new from $4.82

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1.0 out of 5 stars Totally without direction... I'm afraid this will be the last Coldplay album I'll ever buy, May 22, 2014
This review is from: Ghost Stories (Audio CD)
I'm afraid so! Coldplay now is totally lost in its intentions to create new music... even to create something, whatever! The albums sounds like a long and lost boat going nowhere. They even seem bored whole playing these songs. They even sound like they are settled with mediocrity here. I'm sorry for all the fans around the world bit this album (even more than the horrendous Mylo Xyloto) is meant to be forgotten.

It's just uninspired and without ANY moment of excitement at all!

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Xbox 360
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Xbox 360
Price: Click here to see our price
264 used & new from $10.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best Assassins Creed game since Brotherhood., November 5, 2013
You must know that I'm a huge fan of the AC saga ever since the 1st one came out. And I just love every Assassins Creed game. Each and every one of them and of course as many of us, I have my favorites as well. When I got Assassins Creed 3 last year I was really excited for all the story line but the storyline turned to be kind of slow and I believe that's exactly what killed the possibilities for the game to stand out next to AC 1, 2 or even Brotherhood.

When Assassins Creed 4 was announced early this year I knew right away that it was going to be as awesome and fun as it is just because the pirates theme and the way AC 3 ended. And you know what? I could tell you a million reasons why you should buy this game: the pace of the game is so dynamic, the exploration is really fun and entertaining, the storyline is more interesting.... I could tell you all this and even more about this game but, instead of that I'm going to give another reason why this is a great Assassins Creed game. If you are really familiarize with the AC games you should know that the Animus provides the player with a set of information of the locations, places, people etc... that the player can check while playing. Well, if you actually READ all this you'll find out that what you are playing and what you are doing in the game actually happened at some point of history with an 85 or 90% of accuracy. Did you know that pirates were actually related with Templars at some point of history? But this hypothesis was never proved. Or did you know that the Templars appearing in this game actually existed (not as Templars per se)?

The thing with the Assassins Creed games and the level of enjoyment you can have depends on how much you are familiarized with the game of course and how much you read the animus database in order for you to be informed. Personally, months before the game was released I started reading and investigating stuff about the pirates era. This helps you to have a vast idea of what you're supposed to do or see or the people you are going to meet. It's a great way to start enjoying such a great game like this.

Price: $10.00
32 used & new from $8.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful and amazing portrait from Rilo Kiley, June 25, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: RKives (Audio CD)
When I first met this band was back in 2008 when I ran into "Under the blacklight". So, I felt in love with this álbum and from there on. I bought their three previous records and what I found was the sound of magic and love for the simple pleasure of making music. When I realized they splited I was kind of sad because I was looking forward for them to make greater and better music. So, I got excited when I found out about this b-sides and rarities récord from them that I decided to get it last week and yesterday it arrived home.

I can honestly say that Rilo Kiley had great ideas and tunes to share with the people and the music community that this album doesn't even sound as a b-side/rarities compilation at all! It has so many great songs that you can't understand why they never realesed them as A-sides. I personally must admit that the song "All the drugs" was the one I immediatly felt in love with. that honestly can't be a b-side but more like an A-side they forgot somewhere. On the other hand, I've never imagined listening to a Rilo Kiley in "heavy rock" mode but that was exactly what happened with "A town called Lucky"... great performance of Jenny Lewis there and "Emotional" seems to be another rocker approach that the band had back then when that song was recorded.

All in all, this record is meant for fans of the band and non-fans as well cause since "Rkives" have great tracks anyone could like it. FYI, the pictures of Jenny Lewis in the booklet are great. She is such a talented and beautiful singer:)

Comedown Machine
Comedown Machine
Price: $11.88
90 used & new from $3.52

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5.0 out of 5 stars Comedown machine went way up!, March 30, 2013
This review is from: Comedown Machine (Audio CD)
"Comedown machine" can be describe with only one word: FUN! The Strokes made a bet for an upbeat record with songs that you can even dance (nope! I'm not kidding here) and I believe they won taking all the stack home.

Oh, God! where to start? "All the time" and "50/50" must be the rock songs in this record and believe me, when you listen th second one there will be a "Sex pistols" thing going on there. "One way trigger" is so special. It made me laught out loud and at the same time I loved it. Call me crazy but I feel that this song has a "Take on me (A-ha)" vibe going on. "Tap out" and "Welcome to Japan" must be my other favorites in the record. Casablancas is so in love with this vintage sound that goes between the late 70's and mid 80's and with this couple of songs there's no doubt about it. "80's comedown machine" sounds like an underground band playing in a club of outsiders back in 1984 or 1985 trying to be so different from all the "sell out music" that was on the radio back then. It's an experiment really just as it was "Ask me anything" from "First impressions of earth" (2006). I love both. "Happy ending" and "Chances" are other cool songs that I know I'll keep on playing over and over again for the simple reason that they show where the band is right now and why the have so much fun in there.

"Comedown machine" and "Angles" (2011) could've been a double album because they kind of go on the same path but CM walks faster without being attached to anything. Now, if you are expecting another "Is this it?" (2001) album with the rawness of it, you better look somewhere else cause The Strokes has nothing to show you here and, if I were you (yes! I'm talking to you "Is this it?" lovers) I would get over that record because I don't think that The Strokes have the intention to repeat themselves that way ever again. By the way, I loved the album cover... RCA??? hahahaha so 70's

Girl Who Got Away (Deluxe Edition)
Girl Who Got Away (Deluxe Edition)
Offered by Fulfillment Express US
Price: $10.97
52 used & new from $4.87

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3.0 out of 5 stars Dido's surface only, March 30, 2013
After listening "Safe trip home" (2008) I thought that eventhough it was a good record with a more organic sound that Dido had worked with for it, that record itself was kind of lost trying to follow a path that was never found. Now, back to 2013 with "Girl who got away" I see this main issue with the album refered to "deepness and emotion". It seems to me that Dido tried to go back to a more pop sound that she has always been used to but, in the process she lost that magic.

"No freedom" was not exactly the single I was hoping for when it was released but, I liked it hoping that the album had something more outstanding. Unfortunely, there is no such thing in this record. There are songs that try to make a point in its sound and lyrics and they do actually but, there are others that just get lost. "Sitting on the roof of the world", "End of night", "Let us move on..." and of course "No freedom" accomplish its purpose in the album for them to be there but, as far as the rest of the songs is concerned, they only show Dido's talent in its surface without really going deeper.

Dido has always been a singer I DO believe is capable of making great songs when she's really into it but, this record feels like it was rushed by the business men more than by Dido. I really hope that she returns for the next album as her full capacity because that's how "Life for rent" (2003) felt back then:)

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider
Offered by QuantumBang (NO TAX)
Price: $16.88
174 used & new from $6.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tomb Raider's best, March 6, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Tomb Raider (Video Game)
I've played for about 2 hours or so the game so far.. since I got it just this noon and I'm more than pleased with it. So far, I can realize that this is by far the best Tomb Raider game ever made! Everything was updated in this new version of the series.. gameplay, sensitivity, realism and of course, graphics. But, most of all, the engagement that the game established between the player and Lara is amazing.... just like you were going through everything Lara is going through in the game.

As many people have said it here, besides the graphics the story is pretty interesting... nothing new for me since all TR stories have been great for me to play so far, but, not like this one because of all the elements included in this new adventure. The voice acting is superb! just like you were checking a movie out. The settings are gorgeous and creepy at the same time... as part of the story this element plays a huge role in the game. On the other hand, the enemies look so real that when Lara shoots them or flash them out with an arrow, the way they die is so realistic.. especially when Lara uses a gun since they don't die just by one shot but by plenty of them depending on where you place them.

Now, to get serious I must say that Lara looks so gorgeous on this game as well... more like a naive and yet complete woman. My crush on her has been there ever since I played my first TR game back in 2007 with the first XBOX console. But on this new adventure she looks so real and beautiful... to the point that it breaks my heart seeing her die... I know, I know, I went too far but still, it hurts me seeing her dying.

I believe I'm just at the beginning of the game or so... I'm entering now in some kind of cave or tunnel after passing a village on fire with a japanese look but, I don't really need to beat the game or play for more hours since it's so obvious the huge effort the developers placed on the making of the game. And for that I just want to thank them.... not that I ever saw anything wrong with it in fact, if they had released a TR/Underworld 2 with the same graphics and some improvements, I would've enjoyed it equally but, the change is more than welcome here.

My honest opinion as a regular gamer is... do not rent it, buy it cause you'll spend hours and hours playing it for the story and for the misteries around it.

Love you Lara Croft!!!
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 7, 2013 7:44 PM PST

Price: $10.00
102 used & new from $2.88

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4.0 out of 5 stars ¡Tre! ends the trilogy with a lot of fun!, December 17, 2012
This review is from: Tre (Audio CD)
I laught out loud every time people complaint that Green Day songs sound alike and there are a lot of fillers in their albums. First of all, I wouldn't take any GD album seriously neither in its content nor its form. And when there was an album to take seriously (American idiot-2004) it caught me by surprise listening to "Jesus of suburbia" while I was going, "Um... what happened with the nuts GD I used to know... this is AWESOME!!!".

Anyway, ¡UNO! was a really great "punk-rock" album that went straight to the point, ¡DOS! was more like a fun record to listen to remembering some 60's or 70's vibe in the songs that were there. Now, ¡TRE! goes back and forward in that matter. By times it sounds so superfluous and by others a little bit more serious. Personally, so far my favorite songs are "Sex, drug and violence" (this one reminds me to an old GD..a la 2000 light years away), "99 revolutions" (great, great song... enough said), "Missing you" (GD architepical song... this is pretty cool too), "The forgotten" (eventhough it sounds a little bit pushed in the sound... it's a great tune from GD). This is a record to enjoy just because.

Personally, now that I listened to the three records i would place them in the following rank: 1.- UNO, 2.- TRE and 3.- DOS. Each and everyone of them has its appeal. it depends in what mood you are.

Halo 4 - Xbox 360 (Standard Game)
Halo 4 - Xbox 360 (Standard Game)
Offered by Doremi Music USA
Price: $19.02
555 used & new from $4.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Halo 4 without Bungie.(updated), November 8, 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
It is a known fact that behind a great game there's a great group of developers who work hard in order to make games look good and awesome not only in the gameplay mode or graphics but also in the way the story or the game itself makes you feel (Assassin's Creed III would be my finest example of that). Well, without Bungie around to take care of business with Halo 4, the game turned out to be fun but hollow in many other aspects.

343 induestries tried hard (that's an obvious statement when you look at the game) to make this game great and big but, unfortunely it seems that while they were worried about how a Halo game should be, they missed essential features of the Halo series to include in this one. The graphics to start with are just ok but not "Halo great" as we (the fans) were used to since the awesome Halo 3 or even Reach. For some reason this game looks patched in that matter. On the other hand, the sound of the guns are pretty weak too. A Halo game must make you feel the adrenaline while you're pulling the trigger on shotguns, machine guns and even on a magnum but honestly, this is not seen in Halo 4, I mean, the sensation of a Halo game is just not there anymore. By moments I feel like I'm playing a old version of Halo from the previous XBOX console (the one before 360 kicked in) and that's a shame because I had some good expectations about the game but unfortunely it didn't meet most of them.

On the bright side, I feel that the story is good and the gameplay is still fun but I would've prefered getting a game that it didn't remind me to Call of Duty.

I know I'm going to play this game until I finish with it but after that I really doubt that I would feel in the mood to play it again. My personal advice to the people for 343 industries is that if they're planning on releasing a Halo 5 or 6 in the future they must work harder.... way harder in graphics and sounds because Halo 4 should be considered as their lesson on how a "Halo" game is not meant to be.

Additional comments:
After playing the whole campaign I must say that I was wrong about my ratIng of the game. Although I still think that the graphics and the weapon sounds could've been better, the campaign gets more exciting as you move forward. I guess the first couple of stages aren't as exciting as the rest of them. Also the story gets more and more interesting as well. This is the reason why I changed my mind about the rating. Bungie might not be around anymore but the fun is still there:)
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 9, 2012 12:13 PM PST

Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed III
Price: $13.99
370 used & new from $4.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Assassin's Creed III shines as the sun of America did back in those days, November 5, 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Assassin's Creed III (Video Game)
As an AC fan I must say that this game is amazing and the changes they made make it looks way better and fluid than the previous ACs but still, I love the previous games as much as I'm falling in love with this one as well.

So, why am I giving a 4-star rate instead of 5? Well, I believe this has a lot to do with the beginning of the game. As you may know, you start this great story (the one of Desmond since he appeared in AC 1 and that has kept me looking forward to the other Assassin's Creed games) with Haytham Kenway (Connor's father) in England (the theater mission is AMAZING... one of the best missions I've played in the series) and then you move to America looking for some people to have your own "gang" (I'll use this word instead in order not to spoil this part for the ones who haven't played it yet) and then in the process you get to meet Connor's mother. Well, I had a lot of fun in that part and during the whole thing I was stuck on my chair in front of the T.V. with my brother as if we were watching movie, really. But, by moments I felt that they could've cut some scenes or even some missions that were a bit long. Believe me, this has nothing to do with the character of Mr. Kenway. He was a great "assassin" as well but, in order to move things faster, they could've had 5 or 6 missions with him instead of 9 or 10 (that's not accurate at all... I'm just giving you guys the idea). My point on this is that, in order to get to Connor faster (believe me, once you start playing with Connor since his chilhood and teenage years, everything's so cool) they could've cut a couple of things there. Now, with this being said. I DO believe that the other "flaws" that a lot of people here have pointed out on the game are just not relevant to me at all.

The graphics on the game are STUNNING and yes, there are glitches here and there (some of them way too obvious) but, that doesn't stop me to play AC3 at all. I'm not interested in looking at that, I'm interested in what Connor's doing, what people I need to talk to and those kind of things, you know. Now, I've read that the combat mode changed for the worse according to some people. That's not true at all. Yes, it's hard at first to get used to the moves and buttons and stuff but, once you get them, it's so excited killing guards and objectives as well as sooooo fun. Now, people also have said that it's impossible to walk on roofs now because there are too many guards here and there and for almost anything you're spotted and you have to either fight againts 40 soldiers or run before they get you. So???? this is an Assassin's Creed game, hello??? When did Ezio or Altair have it easy while sneaking into a palace or market or whatever they were up to? I'm sorry but those kind of complains are just said by picky fans that expect to be the master Assassin without getting hurt. Come on! even Altair or Ezio had to run once in a while. So, stop complaining and start making tactics (as I do) in order to get through this "so called flaw". Now, I'm very happy with Connor's moves and health and everything because now that there are no magic medicines or formulas, this game gets more challenging and I like it that way. I mean, challenging doesn't mean "impossible" to do I must clarify.

Now I believe I'm half way in the story and so far I've enjoyed it so much mainly because of it (as common in every AC game I've played). You guys should know that I often stop killing people and running around the cities or woods in order to read in the animus the mini-biographies and information about the people and places you run into while playing (an addition I've loved since they included in AC2). Believe me I've learned a lot about the American revolution history and the people that had to do with it. You know, there's something that I have always enjoyed about the AC games, the way they combine fiction with history and facts that actually happened in the past (for example, in AC2 I didn't know that the Borgia family existed as well as Rodrigo Borgia or that the Templars were actually a real group of people).

If you are a fan of the series, you'll love this game and if you're not... it is a good place to start but I recommend you the previous ones in order to get really into the story. I'm looking forward Assassin's Creed 4! Wow! where would it be? In what time of history? A Must get for sure!

Push And Shove
Push And Shove
Offered by B68 Solutions Limited
Price: $6.49
130 used & new from $0.24

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3.0 out of 5 stars Mmmm.... fun album but lack of a more organic sound, September 27, 2012
This review is from: Push And Shove (Audio CD)
No doubt's new album is really fun and addictive if you are a casual listener who enjoys pop music nowadays but, as far as the fans of ND is concerned (myself included) is difficult to really understand what the band is trying to do here. When "Rock Steady" (2001) was released I found it to be the most commercial album of the band so far but, at the same time it was really well produced and most of the songs were memorable in there: the amazing Underneath it all, Detective, Hella good, Don't let me down, Running, etc. "Push and Shove" (2012) kind of follows that path where No doubt is trying to get friendlier with the radio in order to be liked by more people. Unfortunely, I kind of feel that this record is more commited to that than to show the band's real talent.

Honestly, this is not a bad record at all, in fact it's really entertaining but, the electronic parts or samplers somehow wraps everything up without letting you appreciate what the band is actually playing in the album. I mean, are there any guitars somewhere? what about the trumpets and drums that they use for their ska style? I DO agree that bands must evolve and with them, their sound needs to change as well but, this record kind of shows the "easy way" to do that. Making a song sound so "pop" that is difficult to really understand that No doubt is actually playing on this record.

I'd rather not talk about the songs and let you check that yourself in order to evaluate the album's features and I really hope that you point at me to say, "you were wrong" because, eventhough I "kind of" like the album i feel that the record company didn't really let the band flow naturally in here so, they decided to add a bunch of "catchy" samplers in order to be radio-friendly.

I love No Doubt for a million reasons you would never believe. I have never been a fan of the kind of music they play but I do love them and now I have all their albums. I'm just not getting "Push and shove"

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