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The Singer  (Irin Chronicles) (Volume 2)
The Singer (Irin Chronicles) (Volume 2)
by Elizabeth Hunter
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.99
25 used & new from $6.60

4.0 out of 5 stars The Singer was a nice change of pace that highlights some of the ability ..., October 4, 2015
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Ava and Malachi story continues in The Singer. The abrupt cliff hanger of The Scribe left the future for this series in the unknown, but it was without a bit of hopeful anticipation. The Singer was a nice change of pace that highlights some of the ability and significance of the Irina. Ava character takes this opportunity to expand her knowledge, as well as, begin training for the battles that are sure to come. The pace of this sequel was much slower than that we experienced in The Scribe, but it was not an apparent hindrance to the flow of the story. The story follows a much different journey with the alternate narrations. I finish this sequel with many new questions as to the directions and purposes for characters after the developments here. There is not much that can be revealed in a review of this story without spoiling the experience, but it is safe to say that this is wonderful addition to the library of Elizabeth Hunter novels. This author is incredibly talented, and each adventure proves just as entertaining as the last. This author is a BookWhisperer Favorite!!!

The Affiliate (Ascension Book 1)
The Affiliate (Ascension Book 1)
Price: $3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars really liked this book but I also found it a little ..., September 24, 2015
Oh, why must I be so confused? I really, really liked this book but I also found it a little confusing at times. Let’s talk about the confusion first and then get on to all the good things.

First, I think it was how the ARC was formatted that confused me the most. Sometimes I had no idea who was speaking in the text and had to read down the paragraph until I found who was speaking and then worked my way up by going back and forth between the two characters and lines. It was quite time consuming, confusing, and I am sure I missed some information between all of it. Also, I felt like there were hardly any answers given in this first book. Granted, it looks like it is going to be a part of a series (which I am excited about) but I really have no idea where any of this is going – I am just excited that it is continuing (I’m invested now!) I guess that could be good in most cases but I finished the last page feeling a little left out of the direction that the book was going in and what was set up in the past. And again, this might be because I missed something important like I stated above.

What I really liked about this is the world that Linde created. On her seventeen birthday, Cyrene is granted the position of an Affiliate…to the Queen. She quickly finds out that this position was not what she expected. While making friends (and enemies) in the palace, Cyrene finds herself distracted by a book that her younger sister gave her on her Presenting day, the murders of two of Byern’s Affiliates, and the attention of King Edric and Prince Kael.

During all of this, Linde takes you on a ride, collecting little bits of information that become useful at times (even though I have so many more questions left!) all while weaving a tale of mystery and murder, history and prophecy, friendship and a little side of romance.

I feel like Linde is setting us up for an even better second book since we know the background of the country, the characters, and what has already went down. I hope the second starts off with a bang and continues to skyrocket with awesomeness.

Opposition (A Lux Novel Book 5)
Opposition (A Lux Novel Book 5)
Offered by Macmillan
Price: $6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars And I will say that I loved every bit of it, September 20, 2015
Well, it is over. A series I started in 2009 has finally had its last page turned and is over. And I will say that I loved every bit of it. Looking back at all my reviews for this series, all ranked 5 stars, have been nothing but praises for the characters, the story, the writing, and the author. JLA is just a magical human being with a super magical ability to write exactly what I want to read even if I don’t know that I want to read it.

The fourth book left us with Dee, Dawson, and Daemon leaving the group behind to join the Luxens (NOOOOO, come back guys!) leaving Archer, Luc, Beth, and Kat wondering what the heck is going on. From that moment, the momentum of this book didn’t stop. JLA plunges you into a world of chaos that makes you want to flip through the pages as quickly as possible in hopes for some kind of emotional relief.

A lot of things go down in this book. I can’t even tell you how surprised I was when I realized all of the revelations, plans, and battles existed in this finale. The only way that I can explain it is to say that it is like you are on this huge roller coaster just traveling up, up, up, up….and you keep traveling – collecting all this information, making all these plans, fighting all these peoples (and aliens) and there is no down time until the very end. I kept thinking that there had to be a sixth book coming out because there was no way that JLA was going to be able to resolve everything, but she does, because she is amazing.

I have loved Kat and Daemon from day one. They are amazing characters and their love is inspiring. And lets not forget Dee and the others that have been present but I also fell for the new characters that recently were added, like Archer.

I have also loved the world that JLA created – Earth being populated with not only humans but hidden aliens, some good and some bad. However, in the end, we all bond together for the right cause – the beauty of life.

There hasn’t been a book by JLA that hasn’t won my heart and I doubt that there ever will be.

The Dark Ones (The Dark Ones Saga) (Volume 1)
The Dark Ones (The Dark Ones Saga) (Volume 1)
by Rachel Van Dyken
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.44
4 used & new from $9.44

5.0 out of 5 stars Another Amazing Story from an Amazing Author, September 20, 2015
Rachel Van Dyken made my favorites list some time ago with the debut of the Eagle Elite Series. Her knack for the action packed yet romantic story is a rarity. Each and ever story she creates has a certain element darkness that will be highlight and overcome by hope and love. Her awsomeness is something that is lacked in a simply good story. Her stories go beyond that of a good story into the greats with what appears to be little to no effort. There was not much evidence to suggest this being her first attempt at paranormal, and I must say kudos to you awesome lady. I chalk it up to the incredible talent I have seen through each and every one of her stories. An adventure with Rachel is never anything but fascinating. She can write extraordinary story of action and danger mixed with an enticing love story that is not restricted by genre, and she makes it look like breathing. Further proof why I put my trust in her abilities as a BookWhisperer Favorite, it is her amazing and talented writing style that makes each new adventure so tantalizing.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

Hold On (The 'Burg Series Book 6)
Hold On (The 'Burg Series Book 6)
Price: $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Merry=amazing, September 7, 2015
I am 100% positive that I am in need of therapy after this wonderful series. I hate it when perfect books come to an end and I hate it even more when perfect series come to an end…hence, the therapy. I am elated because I have this amazing series in my heart, I am sad because it is over.

Out of the entire series, Joe and Vi have been my favorite for a long time. There was just something about them that had me holding them close to my heart and then came Merry and Cher. I wouldn’t say that they have taken Vi and Joe’s spot but I will say that both couples are on an equal level of pure love for me.

Cher was strong and wonderful. A single mom and a kick-ass lady who has loved Merry from afar stole my heart immediately. Her love for her town, the residents in it, her family, and what she has built for herself was heart-warming. And then Merry walked into the scene. HOLY CRAPOLA! One of my absolute favorite KA men, hands down. That man just makes me melt in all different ways. Merry, a cop and recently divorced, starts to fold himself into Cher’s life after a drunken night. But first they are hesitant; these two characters have not had the best of lives with all of the sugar coating on top that one could ask for so why would they think they could have that together? They really don’t at first. It is a struggle for both to see that together they are perfect, separate they are just exist. Throughout the entire book, these two characters are constantly bogged down, knocked down, and found fighting for themselves and each other.

And gawd, their love for each other is what I want, what I aspire to have, what I need. Cloning Merry would probably be my best bet if it were even possible.

Can I just take this time to compliment KA on her writing, her characters, and her stories? She can just take me away, suck me in, and I will live and breathe with her characters. It is purely beautiful all the ways these books enthrall me. Her epilogue in this book had me in tears through the whole chapter. It was wrapped up in a nice, pretty bow for all to be touched by – not only for Merry and Cher but for all the ‘Burg’s residents.

From the first book I read from KA to the last she writes, she will always be one of my favorites.

Origin (A Lux Novel Book 4)
Origin (A Lux Novel Book 4)
Offered by Macmillan
Price: $5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The BookWhisperer's Review, September 7, 2015
Lately I have had a not so great time with books. Out of the vast majority that I have read, I haven’t liked them or loved them or they haven’t touched my soul in some way. Yes, there have been some that I liked or loved in the last few handfuls that I have picked up but mostly I have been in a book slump. Origin brought me out of said book slump. THIS IS WHY I HEART JENNIFER L ARMENTROUT!!!

It has been…wait, let me check…almost three years since I read the third book in this series. THREE YEARS! Normally, I feel like I would have to restart the series to get back in and know what has happen so that what is going to happen makes sense. I did this when all the Harry Potter movies came out – I either reread the books or watched the past movies. The beauty about this series and its author is that I didn’t need to do any of it. I remembered exactly where the last book ended and every event leading up to that point. It just shows you how wonderful JLA is…which is super wonderful.

A brilliant fourth book in an even more brilliant series. I was absolutely captivated the entire time. Kat and Daemon won my love as the cutest couple the moment they first got to together and they still hold that trophy. Their love is so pure and magical that I am extremely jealous of this fictional couple.

All of the suspense, drama, action, and unveiling of secrets were out of this world. My jaw was dropped the entire time from what JLA created and revealed. My heart also skipped multiple beats during the time when Kat and Daemon had their moments together, even if they were super sweet and PG rated.

The Lux series has fantastic writing by a talented author who weaves her wonderful creations into pure greatness.

Too Hard to Handle (Black Knights Inc.)
Too Hard to Handle (Black Knights Inc.)
by Julie Ann Walker
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.99
55 used & new from $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars I loved the little snippets that we got from the last ..., September 1, 2015
I loved the little snippets that we got from the last book “Full Throttle” that involved Dan and Penni and that started to show the slow build of their, (well, the best that we could call it at that moment would be) relationship. Just starting to get to know each other, Dan and Penni ran into some rough times, and some lusty times, but ultimately parted without saying much to each other. This book picks up a few months after they last saw each other. Dan hasn’t stopped thinking about her and Penni holds a secret.

In true Black Knight fashion, this book was pack with action and sexy times. Dan and Penni are perfect for each other and they are slowly starting to realize just how perfect they are together. However, there are a few things that are getting in the way. First, Dan is gone when Penni stops by the BKI facility, which leads the gang to send Penni down south, and right in the middle of a dangerous mission that Dan is in the midst of working. Seeing Penni again brings every emotion right back into the forefront but there are a few things that Penni doesn’t know about Dan. Mainly, that he is a widower, making it hard for him to grow close to any woman since he held his murdered wife in his arms outside of the BKI facility.

JAW did set up two upcoming characters, (well, at least I hope they are) Chelsea and Dagan. *And, I hope Ozzie and the reporter – but that is just a wish.* Their story followed the snippets that Dan and Penni’s did in the last book. There are small, intimate moments that you get to see between these two but mostly they just like to bicker and banter at each other. I can’t wait for their story.

BKI is a wonderful series and JAW does a fantastic job brining each character to life and keeping the drama and action at a level that is comparable to the romance.

Make Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel
Make Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The BookWhisperer's Review, August 30, 2015
All right, Roxy and Louis were cute together. Ben and Honey were adorable together. But something about Russell and Abby made the other two couples old news to me. I think it was probably the fact that we have gotten to know Russell and Abby slightly more over the last two books. And we find out Russell’s attraction to Abby in the last book and it just builds. They have this wonderful friendship together to where Russell is basically a surrogate to Abby: he takes care of her, lets her fall asleep on him, and kills spiders for her. It’s kinda beautiful! This whole time, Russell is madly in love with Abby but thinks that she is too good for him. And this whole time, Abby slightly clueless of Russell’s feels until a specific moment makes it click in her head that Russell is the one. However, no matter how much Russell wants Abby, he won’t let himself because he knows they are different in many ways; mostly stature and experience.

Even though I wanted to shake both Abby and Russell until they realized that they were perfect for each other, I found them to by my favorite couple. Heck, they were my favorite couple even when they weren’t a couple. Just the way that Russell was always looking out for Abby make me sigh with appreciation. And Abby and her adoration for Russell and just her plain belief that he could do anything that he ever wanted made me know that she was right for Russell. And then came the dirty talk…yeah, I am leaving it at that but it was real nice to read.

Again, Tessa Bailey is amazing and she created two amazing characters in this book and made me want to live their lives, even with their ups and downs just so I could experience that intense love.

Need Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel
Need Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel
by Tessa Bailey
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $4.99
41 used & new from $2.40

4.0 out of 5 stars The BookWhisperer's Review, August 30, 2015
*Warning: may contain spoilers*

After reading Chase Me, I was interested in how Honey and Ben’s story would turn out. Honey, planning to seduce Ben, her English professor. And Ben, loving everything that Honey writes but not knowing exactly which student she is until their groups merger into one and all is revealed.

Let me tell you that I enjoyed this book. I loved Ben as an English professor. There is always something deep inside me that loves a man who admires the classics. I also loved that Ben admired Honey’s talented writing before he even was able to put a face to the name. It made me feel like his want for her had more meaning than just her beautiful looks. And Honey was a well thought-out character who felt deeply for her family, friends, and Ben. Their secret time together was amazing hot but it didn’t sizzle all the time.

Ben’s past kept creeping up in the back of his mind and prevented him from becoming serious with Honey until a family emergency sent Honey back home. And what I found to be super sweet was that the moment Ben realized that she was away, he couldn’t stand not having her by his side. Normally, I wouldn’t like that in any other book, but Tessa has this wonderful ability to take her male characters, make them extremely alpha like but in a sweet way. This revelation for Ben sends him to Honey’s hometown to win her back. All is well and good until it happens…and I just have to leave it there. The book is set up for it, I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming, but it came and broke my heart. I had no idea how we (yes, me and the characters) were going to get past this. I mean something big happens guys. But then how the wrongs were mended was beautiful. My heart grew because it was so touching and heartfelt.

Like always, Tessa Bailey is just amazing at what she does. I think by all

Heart-Shaped Hack
Heart-Shaped Hack
by Tracey Garvis-Graves
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.60
15 used & new from $9.50

4.0 out of 5 stars which sounded amazing, and I was very excited to see it ..., August 27, 2015
This review is from: Heart-Shaped Hack (Paperback)
I signed up for the blog tour based on the synopsis, which sounded amazing, and I was very excited to see it pop up on my reading app. I dug in and became slightly concerned if I was going to like this book. For the first few chapters, I felt that Kate was just a one-dimensional character. She didn’t strike me as anything besides being kind-hearted. And it further stood out in my mind when Ian came along. He was filled with quick wit, mystery, and sexiness. Ian’s character had so many dimensions that it started making up for the lack of Kate’s. But slowly Kate’s character came out of her shell and started showing what a well-rounded character she was (and how I hoped she would have been in the first half of the book.)

Ian and Kate’s love was adorable – considering the hilarious but slightly creepy way they met. Their banter was perfect. Where one had a weakness, the other had strength. And once paired together, it was quite perfect to read how their growing love bloomed. Just at that pinnacle peak of their relationship, danger strikes and a once strong love starts to crumble. I knew this part was necessary but it still didn’t make it hurt any less. I felt the pain right along with the characters and longed for the good old days in the beginning of their relationship.

The biggest thing for me, that really made me enjoy this book, was the way that Ian expressed his love for Kate. Even though this book is told through Kate’s POV, how the author wrote Ian’s actions and expressions nailed his growing love. You walked away knowing that he would do anything for Kate, no matter what price. I think it would be interesting to have a book (or small novella) of the book told through Ian’s POV.

I will say that the transitions between scenes were a little hard for me. I don’t know if it was because I received an ARC, which may have a lot to do with it, but things would skip without any warning. I am hoping that this is the case and that the file version of the book will be formatted appropriately so it won’t leave the readers utterly confused at moments.

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