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OXO Good Grips All-in-Reach Shower Shelf
OXO Good Grips All-in-Reach Shower Shelf
Price: $34.99
2 used & new from $34.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Top Shelf Shelf!, December 17, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I have had a few OXO Good Grips products over the years and every single one of them has been excellent. That's the case for the All-In-Reach Shower Shelf (or Big Bin Shower Caddy as it is listed on the packaging).

This caddy is very simple to install. The hook that fits over the shower head is rubberized, preventing slipping and holds tightly in place. The caddy also features two "Stronghold Suction" suction cups that you can move up and down the caddy to find a solid surface. The suction cups hold tight to surfaces and they "click" when you put them in place. Simply line them up where you want them to be and press the button until you hear a clicking noise letting you know that it's secure.

There are holes for fitting shampoo bottles or some body wash bottles that allow you to store them upside down. This allows the soap to filter to the bottom of the bottle (no more shaking needed).

The shelf is long and wide enough to fit multiple bottles, soaps, sponges, etc.

This caddy is definitely recommended.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Stainless Steel Soap, 1.97 oz.
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Stainless Steel Soap, 1.97 oz.

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4.0 out of 5 stars It Sounded Kind Of Dumb To Me!, December 13, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
In all of my life I had never heard of "steel soap" until I was offered Zwilling J.A. Henckels Stainless Steel Soap through the Amazon Vine program. Its claim: The ability to remove odors left on hands by things like garlic, onions, fish, etc. Basically, this steel soap promises to remove the onion and fishy smell from your hands after preparing such items in the kitchen.

When I read the description and the use for this item, I had to give it a try. After ordering it, I asked a few friends and some of my family about "steel soap." Only a couple of them had ever heard of such a thing and couldn't wait to hear what my results would be after a few uses.

Well, the thing works, no matter how silly it sounds, looks, and feels. To use it, you simply rub it through your hands under warm or cold water for about twenty to thirty seconds. It gets pretty much all of the smell of onions and garlic off of your hands. I make a lot of gumbo and my gumbo calls for onions, so I've had plenty of opportunities to use this steel soap after making a pot or two of it.

If I have any complaints, it's the fact that the "soap" could use a little more texture on its surface. It's not slippery at all, but with almost no texture to it, it doesn't "feel" like it's cleaning anything. Also, while it does remove most of the odor, it doesn't entirely remove it. You'll need to wash with regular soap after using the steel version in order to knock out the rest of the smell (of course, you should clean your hands with regular soap any way).

Overall, a good product. I recommend it.

Master Craft Camo Cap Hangup Organizer
Master Craft Camo Cap Hangup Organizer
Price: $11.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Neatly "Cap" Off Your Closet, December 11, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
There's not a lot to say about the Master Craft Camo Cap Hangup Organizer. Basically it's a heavy canvas fabric strip with a hanger at the top and twelve Velcro straps that allow you to stack up to thirty six total (three per Velcro clasp) caps on it. It keeps caps with either a snap back or Velcro strap up and neatly out of the way in the closet, in the shop, or anywhere else you want to hang the organizer.

The organizer is very well contructed and looks like it will last a long time. I have an older and more traditional metal wire cap hanger that allows you to stack caps on top of each other and easily slide them out of the two cradled bars that hold them in place. The only problem with that is that eventually the weight of the caps at the top of the stack push down on the bottom caps and can eventually damage/severely bend the brims of the lower caps or simply fall out of the hanger.

The Master Craft Organizer eliminates that with the Velcro straps, but does put pressure on the back of the caps, which may lead to stretched out caps later on.

Overall, this organizer does what it claims it can do. If you don't mind a camo design, pick one of these organizers for your closet.

Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired By Anna and Elsa
Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired By Anna and Elsa
by Theodora Mjoll Jack
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.50
20 used & new from $7.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Cool Off With These Fun Braids!, December 8, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I have a thirteen year old daughter. Despite being at "that" age where Disney's animated fare is sometimes looked down upon by her peers, my daughter still loves Disney animated films and television shows (and I love that she does). One of her recent favorites is "Frozen," and she's also a huge fan of braiding her hair, younger girls' hair, and basically any long-haired head that is willing to let her practice braiding on. When I was offered this book, I had to get it for her to try out.

Also, full disclosure here: I'm bald, so she can't practice on me.

The book opens with an illustrated "braid school" tutorial that shows young girls (and their friends, parents, nieces, nephews, uncles, etc.) how to execute basic braid techniques. From there, the book goes into numerous styles of braids and has photographs that show you how to do them yourself step by step.

The photos are of young girls just like every other daughter or niece out there, including a lovely special needs girl (which is SOOOOO awesome that they included her).

The level of skill varies with each braid, but as with all things, practice makes perfect.

Some of the styles require a Topsy Tail device and are noted as such. This is just a little bit of information you might want to know before getting this book.

Overall, this is an excellent little book that helps young girls braid their hair just like the characters from "Frozen" and beyond.

Highly recommended.

Star Wars Hero Multivitamin Gummy, 120 Count
Star Wars Hero Multivitamin Gummy, 120 Count
Price: $10.69
3 used & new from $10.69

5.0 out of 5 stars Approve, Master Yoda Does!, December 5, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Despite being an old Jedi Master with a rather high midichlorian count, I knew that I could always use an extra boost to help the Force flow easier throughout my mind and body. The Force guided me to select these Star Wars Hero Multivitamin Gummies when they were offered to me on Amazon VIne. Being of the "Children 4 and up" variety, I took the recommended two gummy dosage. The flavor was very nice, but the initial stench from the bottle was a bit off-putting.

My padawan learner, aged seven, also felt moved by the Force to try these out. Like myself, he really enjoyed the flavor but was initially shocked by the smell of the gummies when I Force-opened the bottle. We thought that it might be a Sith trick! Luckily we used the Force to realize that the stench was just your standard medicinal smell that most gummy vitamins come with although it was much stronger than usual with this bottle.

His sister, also a Force user (but leaning to the Dark Side), has braces, so these gummies were off limits for her.

Once we consumed the gummies (shaped like the Star Wars logo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker), we immediately felt a spike in our midichlorian rate. We felt as if we could take on the Empire all by ourselves! Hopefully you will be moved by the Force to consume these vitamins. Even Master Windu says that they are tasty!

In all seriousness, these gummies are an excellent source of ten vitamins and minerals that all growing padawans can use. The bottle does have a very strong odor when you open it, but don't let that turn you off to actually trying the gummies. The flavors in the Chewbacca bottle are grape, orange, and cherry. In my opinion, the grape ones are the best, but my son prefers the cherry ones.

If you're little padawan is a huge fan of Star Wars, go ahead and grab a bottle of these vitamin gummies. They'll love you for it and will boosting their vitamin intake as well.

May the Force be with you!

Nnewts: Book 1
Nnewts: Book 1
by Doug TenNapel
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $15.47

3.0 out of 5 stars It's Good, But Doesn't Seem To Fit Its Intended Audience, December 5, 2014
This review is from: Nnewts: Book 1 (Hardcover)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Graphix brings to life a unique little hero in "Nnewts, Book One: Escape From The Lizzarks" by Doug TenNapel. The story finds a young amphibious Nnewt named Herk on the run from a powerful wizard after his village is destroyed by the Lizzarks, a wild clan of scaly lizard creatures.

Herk suffers from having frail legs which make him unable to walk, so he's almost entirely waterbound or dependent upon others on the ground. When his village is destroyed, he loses everything and is forced to flee from his home. Once he is somewhat safely away from the Lizzarks, he discovers an ancient and abandoned Nnewt land and also finds something very special that's just for him. He ends up discovering a new city of Nnewts as well.

The Wizzark sends an experienced hunter to track down Herk, and eventually he catches up to him. But does this mean the end of Herk? You'll have to read the graphic novel to find out!

This story is geared toward children aged eight to eleven, but in all honesty there are parts of the story that are very, very violent and could be a bit too much for younger children. There are vicious attacks on Herk's friends and family (and almost all of them end badly) that are illustrated with great detail. That's all fine except for the fact that most of the characters are rather cartoonish in appearance, which means parents who don't do their research might assume that this is safe for children younger than the suggested age. Even more problems arise due to the fact that older kids might find the graphic novel a bit too "childish" for them, turning off older readers as well.

The story isn't bad. I just don't believe that it securely fits into any specific age group. The illustrations are pretty good and the color is nice. The illustrations, a couple of creatures in particular, remind me of Tim Burton's work, and there are elements of the story that screamed "Star Wars" whenever I came across them.

All in all, this is an okay tale. If you're youngster can handle violent death, being separated from one's family, and seeing good guys turn evil, they might enjoy this book. Otherwise, you might want to check out another title.

Van Gogh: A Power Seething (Icons)
Van Gogh: A Power Seething (Icons)
by Julian Bell
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $15.40

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A Portrait Of Van Gogh, December 4, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I picked up Julian Bell's "Van Gogh: A Power Seething" hoping to gain some insight on the man that is so well known for works like "The Starry Night" and "Wheatfield With Crows." I've always been interested in Van Gogh's work and his frantic life, and Bell does a very decent job of giving a summary of both in this book.

It's a biography primarily culled from the letters that Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo, as well as a few to his sister, Wil, and his mother, Ana. This provides the reader with a very personal look at Vincent's life. He had a way with words that was nearly equal to his work with paint. Reading these excerpts from his letters was the most enjoyable aspect of this book. Other letters (primarily from Theo to Vincent) and other sources were also used.

Bell covers the entirety of Van Gogh's brief and often tumultuous life, using the letters to describe his bouts of anger, frustration, and melancholy as a result of a mental illness that seemed to get worse as he aged. Bell shows us how Vincent and Theo truly were loving brothers despite numerous confrontations with each other. We also get to see how Vincent could become extremely gentle and caring in the way that he helped his mother when she became bedridden for awhile due to injury and in the way he loved the child of Gordina de Groot despite not being the boy's father.

In short, Bell lets us see the life of one of the greatest artists ever (at least in my opinion) and shows us just how truly tragic it was.

So why three stars? For starters (and this is just my opinon), Bell's use of the letters and then interweaving his own writing between often made it difficult to see where Van Gogh's writing ended and Bell's began. Bell's overall writing style is also a bit too wordy in my opinion. I'm as much of a fan of big words and mouthy descriptions as any other fellow, but it grew tiring to read some of Bell's long-winded prose after awhile.

Despite the style of writing used (and again, this is in my opinion), this book is an excellent brief description of the life of someone who happens to be one of my favorite artists. It has made me hungry to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh, and I plan to do just that.
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Grund M3021-46220 Harmony Series Designer Tapestry Art, X-Large
Grund M3021-46220 Harmony Series Designer Tapestry Art, X-Large
Price: $130.66
2 used & new from $119.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Beautiful And Soft Addition To Our Home!, November 29, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I must be honest and admit that I wasn't expecting much more than just another bathroom rug when I was offered the Grund Harmony Series X-Large Tapestry. What I actually received was much more than that!

When it arrived in the mail, tightly and neatly bound, I immediately noticed how light the tapestry was despite its size (about four feet across and all the way around). When I opened the tapestry up and rolled it across my living room floor to give it a once over, I felt just how soft it was. It is really, really soft! I also liked the very bright and vibrant colors.

My kids enjoyed the tapestry as well. Like myself, they love how soft it is and the colors. It also got approval from my wife and our cat!

The tapestry features a non-skid bottom to prevent it from slipping in the bathroom or on any other home surface. It comes with a five year warranty as well.

I highly recommend picking up one of these tapestries for your home. It is soft, lovely, and very durable.

Graphic Skinz Design Studio Motorized Vacuum Chamber for Boys Includes Machine, 3 Models and 30 Transfer Skinz (45916AA-4)
Graphic Skinz Design Studio Motorized Vacuum Chamber for Boys Includes Machine, 3 Models and 30 Transfer Skinz (45916AA-4)
Offered by York & Company
Price: $38.60
35 used & new from $15.36

4.0 out of 5 stars Trick Out Your Toys!, November 29, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
The Graphic Skinz Design Studio Motorized Vacuum Chamber for Boys by RoseArt is a cool toy that's perfect for kids wanting to modify or "trick out" their toys or other things. The kit comes with three buildable models (shark, spider, truck) and you can take each piece of the models and wrap a "skin" around it to make a unique looking toy.

Take each piece of the model, choose a skin to apply to it, and then use a moistened sponge (sponge included) to attach the skin to the piece. Like other reviewers have stated, some of the pieces can be a chore to apply the skin to, especially if there are a lot of curves, grooves, or indentations. Once you've got the skin on, you're ready for the vacuum chamber.

Slip the skinned piece into the vacuum chamber and then press and hold down the button to "wrap" the skin to the piece. This will take about twenty or so seconds, and then you can take the item out of the chamber. However, I recommend leaving the item in the chamber a little bit longer just to make sure the skin is wrapped on tightly. We had a couple of skins tear on us while removing items from the chamber.

After you've skinned all of the pieces, you can put the model together and play with it.

The included "skinz" with this set featured nature and stylized themes which I must say were pretty cool. It's a bit hard to gauge the color and brightness/darkness of the skin before actually applying it to the models, but they are all very nice.

I know that a lot of people are turned off by the "for boys" and "for girls" labels, but I'm not that bothered by it. My daughter thought that the "skinz" in this set were cool, but she looked at the set for girls on the web and actually likes them better. My son loves this set, and it doesn't hurt that he loves sharks at the moment.

Once you've skinned the included toys, you can skin pretty much anything else that will fit into the vacuum chamber. There are refill packs available for this item as well as packs that include more models to build.

This is a very fun toy that lets children put their own spin on the "skin" of their toys. If you're child is under the age of eight, I highly recommend assisting them with every step of the process until they get the hang of it. Once they've got the process down, though, you can let them skin items on their own.


2015 Womens Cosplay Calendar
2015 Womens Cosplay Calendar
by Cheri Cerio
Edition: Paperback
Price: $16.76
8 used & new from $16.76

5.0 out of 5 stars Twelve Months Of Epic Geekiness!, November 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Last year, Geeks Empowering Extraordinary Kids (G.E.E.K.) released a trio of charity calendars that helped raise much needed funds for children with Downs Syndrome, Autism, and to assist their families. This year, G.E.E.K. returns with two calendars, a Mens Charity Cosplay Calendar and the one I'm reviewing, the Womens Charity Cosplay Calendar.

Like last year's version of the womens calendar, the 2015 version features excellent photos of female cosplayers in their own cosplay creations. Some of the featured models were also in last year's calendar (but in different costumes). The costumes put together by these lovely ladies range from She-Ra, Princess of Power to Carmen Sandiego and the Invisible Woman to Mad Moxxi. Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a nod to Steampunk are also included. Many of the costumes are highly detailed, and the hard work put into them shows through the photographs taken by Rick Heno and Ricky Hoener.

The birthstone for each month is listed, along with all of the major holidays listed in most calendars. Also included are nerdy birthdays like that of Nikola Tesla, geeky holidays like Star Wars Day (May the 4th), regional convention dates, and at least one designation for each month (for instance, July is National Anti-Boredom Month).

This calendar (or its male equivalent) would make an excellent gift for any nerd or geek in your family. If you're a DC or if you're a Marvel, both are covered by this calendar. The photos, while beautiful, are not racy at all, so you can rest assured that this calendar will look lovely on your wall or in your cubicle at work.

I highly recommend this wonderful calendar. Pick up one to support the charity and to show your geek pride! Also, if you live in the Gulf South region of the United States, the odds of you running into some of the models at conventions are very high. I've met a few (and personally know some of them) and all of them were happy to autograph last year's calendar for me.

Let your geek flag fly and pick up one of these awesome calendars!

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