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Eloide Frege
Eloide Frege
8 used & new from $15.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Varied and well produced debut album, May 23, 2004
This review is from: Eloide Frege (Audio CD)
Elodie is the (surprise) winner of Star Academy 3, a very popular French talent search show comparable to Operacion Triunfo (Spain) or Fame Academy (UK). Her first album has been carefully produced in England (some say in Dido's spirit). Elodie positions herself in the French Divas category, as previous winner Nolwenn Leroy. Compared to Nolwenn, she proposes a more varied album but obviously possesses less technique. She is forcing her voice on several occasions. It does not make this a bad album, it is even rather agreeable to listen to.
1. "De l'eau" (Water): the first single is a power ballad that starts slowly to build up on the chorus. Heavy rotation and a dramatic video (at the opposite of the romantic and transparent look chosen for the album leaflet pictures) made it a hit but I don't think it's the best track on the album. She forces her voice on the chorus. The lyrics are an allusion to Elodie's habit to cry at least once per day during her stay at the academy.
2. "Faire semblant" (Make believe/Pretend): The lyrics are kind of autobiographical (Elodie had a bad relationship in the past) and Elodie says it is one of her favourites. The heavy, strong verses contrast with the lighter, sweeter chorus in an usual construction.
3."Viens jusqu'à moi": I'm biased about this song, because it's a duet with my favourite contestant, finalist Michal. It's a romantic ballad (also available on Michal "de l'or et des poussières" together with a second duet even better in my opinion, "J'ai murmuré va-t-en"): "Drop down the armours, come to break brick by brick all walls and fill in all distances that keep you away from me; I'm sharing your wounds, I understand your errors, your erasures; if you tell me the words you were thinking softly, reach out to me".
4. "Moins de toi" will remind you of Lara Fabian: Rick Allison, one of her long time collaborator is signing the ballad. It has single potential. "You see it's like in the past, everything still at the same place, here nothing's changed except there's less of you; you see I have a little too much space, everything's too big for me, I don't find my place easily in a place where you are not".
5. "On se retrouvera" (we will find each other again): This song is slightly more upbeat and has a radio friendly chorus, but I feel it more as an album filler.
6."Je te dis non" (I tell you No): Elodie is the first StarAc winner authorized to use a personal composition on her first album (Jenifer did not write and it was denied to Nolwenn). The song jazzy arrangements are interesting and I like Elodie's vocals here. She sounds different and sensuous. The song is close to her heart because her boyfriend Edouard (met in the academy) plays guitar on it.
7."Sans en avoir l'air": This classic power ballad grew on me because of the sweet melancholy of the lyrics: "I don't know the one you were with, I don't want to know who she really is for you; I have no hate inside, the one that make you drown; it's like a silence that would not leave me; but love you without showing it I could not (...) I feel your heart beating, beating and this fog in your easy, I see it"
8."Pardon": This is the second track composed by Elodie. I am not sure what to think about it. Do the heavy arrangements make it catchy (the songs seems to be popular among the fans) or rather annoying because too bombastic and over dramatic? Lyrics are about receiving a break up letter: "You said Sorry I can't stay anymore, you're hanged on my heart, I'm only leaving a letter, some low deed maybe; and I've read Sorry for me you suffered too much and my conscience lives in hell; if I have to choose Sorry, let me run away"
9. "Quand il me manque" (when I'm missing him): This is another power ballad about waiting for your loved one to come back. I think it is more an album filler.
10."Je sais si peu": This song is about growing up through experience, discovering life and love. "I know so little about life, who could have teach me? I know so little about life, sweetness and tender gestures; I know so little about life but I prefer to wait a little longer (...) will you understand me?"
11."Pourtant": Here comes the third track written by Elodie. Stylistically speaking it is the best but I don't see it as a single. "I hate this black angel you are, I'm wearing this wound you made me and I'm sweating with all my blood my passion of you and my rage as much; keep your words and presents, I despise them as much as you're lying; I'm praying someone would break the chains that attach me to you because yet I love you".
12."Je n'ai pas de remords": This is a favourite of mine, a sort of 'murder ballad'. She wakes up next to her lover feeling bad: he's getting married but with another. The end of the story? "This morning I would need warmth, comfort because weather is getter worse; this morning I'm feeling bad I made a hole in your body (...) I have no remorse's because you still exists". Strange isn't it?
Elodie Frégé has potential and she does have stage presence. She still has to work on her vocal technique to become a really good singer. In the end, she's proposing a good, if not extraordinary, debut that should give her the opportunity to develop on stage during her first solo tour.

Nolwenn Leroy
Nolwenn Leroy
Price: $13.34
60 used & new from $3.52

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful voice, formatted album, May 23, 2004
This review is from: Nolwenn Leroy (Audio CD)
Nolwenn won Star Academy 2d season (equivalent to Spain Operacion Triunfo and UK Fame Academy). Her voice and technical skills made her the vocal coach pet. The 15 other contestants reckon she had the best voice of the gang. She seduced several serious people in the business, even some reluctant to real TV concepts.
Laurent Voulzy, one of the most reserved among French artists, wrote her the luminous "Suivre une étoile" (follow a star), Lara Fabian gave her "Inévitablement", a typical Lara Fabian's ballad. One of my favourite sons is "Une femme cachée", elegantly written by Daniel Lavoie: "one woman hidden inside of me, one woman ready for all fights would like that when she'll wake up, you'd hear her voice and you'd be there to open her your arms". It's a beautiful song about leaving adolescence and becoming a woman (Nolwenn was 20).
Pascal Obispo is producing most of the album, bringing with him some of his usual songwriters. Lionel Florence wrote the power ballad "Cassé" (broken), the first single about a lost love (some saw an allusion to Nolwenn's dad who left the house when she was 10). It went to n°1. He also wrote "14 Février": "There are days when gods forget about you, when some memories become heavy, days you shouldn't live or you should put between parenthesis, just one day I erased forever, February 14". Finally he collaborated to "Rayer l'émotion inutile" (delete the useless emotion) with Hocine Hallaf, one of the mid-tempo songs of the album I like a lot.
"Finir contre toi" gives Nolwenn the possibility to show some sensuality and it fits her warm voice very well: "I will never tell you wher my desires take me, how much my body hates me when I destroy those dreams; he who feels the warmth of your hidden looks, who burns every hour spent next to you; if you knew (...) the battle I fight not to end up close to you". It is another of my favourites.
"Vu d'en haut" has a strong chorus that makes it a real pop anthem but the evident construction might quickly tire the listener: "Seen from above there is only air and water, there is no chains or no bars, seen from above, a life without frontiers and without flags; all I see is the light of some torchs, seen from above". "Etre une femme" has the same type of structure: "To be a woman on earth, be a queen or be a mother, or barefoot without prayers, we're always lonely; be a woman on earth is love or hell, it's sowing without knowing it the beginning of a story". "Jure-moi" is another song to show Nolwenn's power vocals skills. "Ce qu'il nous faudrait" (what we would need" is a sweet and tender album filler, used as b-side for "Cassé". The song is about wishing a better life and better understanding between humans. "Qui mieux que moi" (who better than me will know how to love you) sounds as well much like a filler and closes the album on a quiet note.
Knowing that Nolwenn was only given one month to choose the songs and record them, while rehearsing for the Star Academy tour with 7 other contestants, I can only applause at the effort. She cleverly chose among what was proposed, the producers did a good job and she avoids falling into the "screaming from the top of my lungs" type of vocals even in the power ballads. Her next step will be to release a less formatted and more personal second album (she should enter in studio in November 2004) to stand up against the numerous French divas of the moment. She will also have to learn to communicate her passion to her public. Seeing her singing live Tori Amos (Crucify), Sarah McLachlan (I will remember you) or "Kissing you" alone with her piano promises the best.

L'Album Des Singles Solos
L'Album Des Singles Solos
Price: $19.76
14 used & new from $1.66

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Popular French Talent Search show 2d season finalists, May 23, 2004
Star Academy is not the equivalent of American Idol (for that look for "(A La Recherche De La) Nouvelle Star") but rather the French version of "Operacion Triunfo" (Spain) or "Fame Academy" (UK). This album compiles the first solo singles of the 9 best contestants (on 16) of the second season.
1. "Un autre Monde": the 9 singers cover a hit by a popular 80's rock band. Fair track.
2. "Embrasse": The rebel of the academy George-Alain Jones lost the boys semi final to his best friend Houcine. His folk rock influences shows in this song. Universal big boss like him, he might end up releasing an album, someday.
3. "Au jour le jour": "Blond as the sun" Emma Daumas lost the girls semi final to "dark as the moon" Nolwenn. The first single is a taste of what you'll find on her album "Le saut de l'ange": pop rock a la Avril Lavigne. She wrote or co-wrote most of the songs. Her second single is a huge hit and she is gaining more and more sympathy in the press.
4. "Laisse-moi": Jeremy Chatelain is not the best singer of the lot but the most creative. He said he was conscious Universal had no project for him after the StarAc tour, so he worked hard to present them demos. His work paid off: he was the second to release an album. Songs are produced with a lot of electric guitars and lyrics are often intelligent. Critics were positive about him.
5."Cassé": Beautiful Nolwenn Leroy, the vocal coach pet, trained to classical singing and violin player, is the winner of this edition. This power ballad written by Lionel Florence introduces her first (self titled) album produced by Pascal Obispo. Currently on tour, the girl has received a lot of support from several artists, including Lara Fabian and Laurent Voulzy. She should enter in studio in November 2004 to start recording her second opus foreseen for 2005 - rumours say, with Voulzy again.
6."Etre un homme comme vous": Houcine is the unlucky finalist of this edition. This is the French version of "Jungle Book 2" song. Phil Collins himself wrote some songs with him for his first album (not a joke, Phil is a huge fan of Star Academy and came several time on the show to sing with the contestants), but so far no release date has been given.
7."Pas de temps à perdre": Fabien got a lot of support from teen girls, but his weak vocals could not guaranty him more than a flop with this pop single a la Billy Crawford.
8. "Quitte ou double": Aurélie Konaté co-wrote the lyrics of this sensuous and sweet ballad. She is now part of the crew of "Belles belles belles" musical.
9. "Tout le monde le dit": Alexandre flopped to make a hit with this fair song. He was a musician before entering the academy and is now back with his original band with no recording project so far. At least, he gained love (he became Aurélie's boyfriend).
10. "Superwoman": Anne-Laure tries to become a female David Guetta with this dance track. It was not a hit at all, but the girl took part in several TV shows and wrote a book about her coming out.
11. "L'amitié" by the 9 contestants. This is a funny little song that Jeremy liked a lot and became a kind of anthem for the fans.
Beware not to mix up Star Academy (France) with Star Académie (Québec) as one of the previous reviewers did. To find more about Star Academy 2 see "Star Academy chante Michel Berger" (tribute to singer song writer Michel Berger from the 16 contestants) and "Star Academy fait sa boum" (80's covers with the 8 best- poor production). If you're enjoying it, I also recommend Star Academy 3 albums (much better produced with better contestants too): "Star Academy 3 fait sa bamba" (cover of 60's hits by the 16 contestants), "Star Academy 3 tribute to Elton John" (with 14 contestants), "Star Academy 3: les meilleurs moments" (with the top 8) as well as Star Academy 3 singles compilation.

L'Album Des Singles Solos
L'Album Des Singles Solos
Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $21.27
13 used & new from $4.21

3.0 out of 5 stars Popular French Talent Search Show, third season finalists, April 22, 2004
The third season of Star Academy, French version of Spanish Operacion Triunfo and English Fame Academy, not to be mixed up with "(A La Recherche De La) Nouvelle Star", the equivalent to American Idol, ended in December 2003. The 8 "best" contestants have already released their 1st singles, that you will find compiled here.
1. " De l'eau " - Elodie Frégé: Surprise winner of this edition, Elodie is following the steps of Nolwenn Leroy, winner of StarAc 2. This is a power ballad that starts slow and builds up on the chorus. It's not the best track on Elodie self-titled debut album (released March 2004) in my opinion, but it is a hit. Interesting to note that Elodie wrote 3 songs on her album, something that was not permitted to previous winners. The album includes a duet with Michal.
2. "C'est un beau roman (c'est une belle histoire)" - Michal, Patxi, Lukas & Premix: the boys who made the top 8 plus Edouard cover this 70's hit by Michel Fugain. Nice sing along song, fair track.
3. "Le monde est stone" - Elodie, Sofia & Morganne: the 3 girls who made the top 8 cover a classic from "Starmania" musical. The voices are flowing well all together and the arrangements are different. Good version.
4. "Tu mets de l'or" - Michal: Runner up Michal, a Polish pianist described by the teachers as the most brilliant of the lot, will release his first album in April 2004. This first single surprises at first: it's a waltz! The romantic and melancholic lyrics suit the boy well. I'm curious about the album, announced as a mix a piano ballad and electro sounds a la Daho. It should include a duet with Elodie and a song in Polish...
5. "Roxanne" - Sofia Essaïdi: From the first show down all bookmakers were giving the Maroccan perfect pro as the winner. She inexplicably losts the girls semi final to Elodie. She sang this Police hit twice on the show, once in duet with Sting, once in "Moulin Rouge" style. The single is jazzy and classy and show off her technique.
6. "A l'anglaise" - Patxi Garat: His idol is Rafaël, it shows in his song writing: unlucky boys semi finalist wrote and composed this good song with intelligent lyrics. This style suits his short vocal range. Working good in the charts so far.
7. "Duel" - Morganne Matis: Morganne goes pop rock with heavy guitars. The girl has a good voice, the track is fair, but is it distinctive enough?
8. "Le chaos" - Lukas Delcourt: Lukas has always been honest: before StarAc he never sang a note. He won his place among the 8 best thanks to teen girls who saved him from exclusion 8 times, a record in the show history (he's good looking, got a lot of charisma and is the best dancer of this edition). But he also gained support from people who appreciated his dedication, real passion for the stage and hard work. His first album will be released in April 2004 and should be in N'Sync (as this single) and Justin solo work style.
9. "Oui ou non" - Premix: Pierre, Romain and Edouard made the clever choice to associate themselves in a band (the first band born out of StarAc). The boys wrote, composed and produced their first album (just released in April 2004) that includes their first catchy single.
Three contestants are not sure yet to release an album. They get the chance to record a second solo track on this compilation.
10. "Alice" - Sofia Essaïdi: At first place I was unsure about the song but the more I listen to it the more I like it. With arrangements a la Garbage and somber lyrics about disillusions (the Alice in question is Alice in Wonderland), Sofia lashes out some frustrations about the way StarAc production treated her. Let's hope we'll hear more.
11. "Dans le rang" - Patxi Garat: another good track from Patxi, in the same French folk style with less irony and bittersweet smile than A l'anglaise.
12. "Assez de larmes" - Morganne Matis: another pop rock track heavy on guitars. She is popular but following the steps of Emma Daumas, from StarAc 2 might make it difficult for her to establish her own career.
If you like this, pick up "Star Academy 3: les meilleurs moments" with the same contestants. "Star Academy 3 fait sa bamba" and "Star Academy 3 chante Elton John" complete the serie. A live album should also be released in the coming months (the 9 contestants present on this compilation are currently on extensive tour).

Simple Things
Simple Things
64 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars Cozy Chill out album with great vocalists, March 12, 2003
This review is from: Simple Things (Audio CD)
Lovers of downbeat electro and lounge will appreciate this cozy album. Put this in the CD player and curl up with a book in your favorite seat. My favorite tracks are "Destiny", "Distractions" and "In the waiting line" who are served with the brilliant vocals of Sophie Barker and Sia Furler. Not surprisingly they all have been singles! I also loved the soulful voice of Mozez on "Simple things", "I have seen" and "This world". The voices give a warm human touch to the electro tracks.
The songs alternate with instrumental tracks and the album flows well that way. "Polaris" and "Likufanele" stand out among the instrumentals for me, while "Give it away", "Red Dust", "Out of town" and "End Theme" tend more to get the skip treatment when I'm not in the mood for that type of music. A perfect album to relax and dream on.

All Good Things
All Good Things
Price: $34.13
36 used & new from $4.70

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The voice deserves 5 stars, the songs slightly less, March 12, 2003
This review is from: All Good Things (Audio CD)
Sissel is a household name in Norway and I'm curious about any artist coming from that corner of the world. I had never heard her sing, except for the not representative "Prince Igor" collaboration with Warren G, but I got more or less what I expected from an artist of her reputation: high profile pop music. Most of the ballads would not sound out of place on Céline Dion albums ("Keep falling down", "Better Off Alone", "Sarah's song").
She has a beautiful soprano voice and she never forces it. She would sing New York entire phone book, I would probably still listen with an open mouth and dreamy eyes. Shame some of the material is rather bland and do not use better that great instrument (reason why I cannot rate higher - even if 3 stars is a positive rating in my standard).
The Norwegian song "Lær meg a kjenne" is my favorite. It sounds like a classic piece, and the combination of the breathy vocals, the light orchestra (a little bit a piano) and the language that I don't understand create a feeling of unreality and dream. Interesting is also her duet with Norwegian pop singer Espen Lind "Where the lost ones go". I will also pinpoint her collaboration with Morten Abel, a hype singer of the moment in Norway, for "All Good Things". The young Lene Marlin (who took Europe by storm with her first album "Playing my game" in 1999) wrote two beautiful ballads: "Should it matter" and "We both know". "Weightless" will make you feel like floating around.
If you are listening to Sarah Brightman and Andrea Boccelli, you will love this.

38 used & new from $0.01

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fresh French pop with concerned lyrics, February 6, 2003
This review is from: Zizanie (Audio CD)
"La Zizanie" is her 4th album. She is now established among the singer songwriters that matter in France. Her trademark is playing with words and expressions, which makes her lyrics difficult to translate literally.
The three singles released so far have got a lot of airplay. "Rue de la paix" is an upbeat utopian song about peace, commercial equity and ecology: "I'm selling everything I own against everything I'm missing, I'm selling what can be bought against what's priceless. I'm selling what I'm worth against what I value most and if it's not worth a dime, I will give everything away to build up an hotel on Peace Street (...) I'm buying a world where everyone wins." The dance track "Adam et Yves" is about homosexuality: "which love is ideal, who's normal? They go from parties to failures, always glamorous. Yet they've been to war to dare to love each other in daylight". In the tender ballad "Sur toi", she explains to her loved one: "You don't write you're not missing anything, that you're happy, that everything is fine. That's why I don't write about you". Instead she writes about what bothers, hurts or scares her without sounding heavy or dark thanks to the well produced and often danceable music and the humor she can bring to the lyrics.
For example, the vicious circle of domestic violence and lack of love depicted with half words in the fragile ballad "On éteint" (One turns the light off), or women rights in "Aux armes citoyennes". The bouncy "Tais-toi et rap" (shut up and rap) is a song about becoming someone and taking your future in your hands even if you're coming from a disadvantaged area. The song destroys the cliché 'immigrants (mainly Algerians, Turkish, Moroccans in France) equals non-schooled youth imitating American hip-hop culture'. It is an answer to the insecurity feeling exploited by Right Extremists. Other danceable tracks are "Danse avec les loops" (just released on single), portraying young people clubbing culture as their only evasion from a life they do not control, "La Zizanie" and "Cheese", about Star System and today's cult of personalities: "Is my skirt short enough to hope show bizz opens its doors to me (...). Is the frame becoming the center of our world rather than what we have inside? (...) Say Cheese, I know that image is stronger and takes the full page".
"La fan de sa vie" is about building up your life around your favorite singer or actor. "You're the fan of his life, there is a bunch of love hanged on your bedroom walls (...) You're a fan and you'll be until the day you'll see that love is not for sale but for living it". Zazie goes introspective in the ballads "Qui m'aime me fuit" (Who loves me avoid me) and "Si j'étais moi" (If I were me), a song about the difficulty to accept yourself. "Dans la lune" (In the moon) is a dreamy ballad about escaping the problems inherited from previous generations.
Easy to listen to, but mature and thoughtful: a recommendable artist.

A-Ha - Live at Vallhall - Homecoming
A-Ha - Live at Vallhall - Homecoming
21 used & new from $3.74

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great concert and loads of bonus added, February 6, 2003
This is the first time that a-ha releases a full concert on DVD. It was the final concert of the Minor Earth Major Tour in Oslo, and the crowd was composed from fans from every corner of the planet. Some came from as far away as Japan and Brazil.
Four types of people should get this DVD.
One, the fans who are following the band since their beginnings, or even more recently - because if they have been to any show of the tour they will enjoy the memories and if they have not, it will give them an idea of how it felt.
Two, the fans who liked them in the 80's and lost track after that - because they will be filled in about what they missed in the bonus features and get some of their favourite songs in a brand new live version.
Three, those who believe MTV and VH1 when they call a-ha 'one-hit wonders' - they will get the facts right in the bonus features.
Four, people who do not know a-ha yet and enjoy good pop-rock music with well-written lyrics and real sense of melody - because this is what a-ha is about.
I was in the crowd at that concert, and I loved every minute of it. Getting to live it again with this DVD is a real treat. If Magne is the most talkative, Paul is obviously enjoying himself playing guitar (he rocks) and singing backing vocals. He is keeping an eye on everyone on stage. Morten has the difficult task to pull out some often very demanding songs until the end. I still think singing "Summer Moved On" at the end of a concert is suicidal, but he seems to go through it without problem. The backing band is doing a great job and the graceful Anelli Drecker (from the Norwegian band Bel Canto) brings a welcome feminine presence on stage.
The track list is a mix of old and new songs. There are the crowd pleasers: the inevitable "Take On Me", "Hunting High and Low" (listen to the crowd singing), "The Living Daylights", "The sun always shines on TV" and "Manhattan Skyline" to name but a few. The new songs are much more alive than in the studio version thanks to the band rockier sound: "Minor earth major Sky", "The sun never shone that day", the nice ballad "You'll never get over me".... Only sad note: the second encore "Angel" was cut from the DVD. My personal highlights: the 'unplugged' part of the concert, with piano/guitar/voice versions of "Stay On These Roads" or "Crying in the rain" and the wonderful "Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Counts" and Anneli's entry on "I wish I cared" with the little game between Morten and her.
The bonus features are a goldmine. The 4 videos of the Minor Earth album are included. There is a long interview of the three guys and informative individual reports about their whereabouts during the 7 years of separation (including the videos for Magne "Dragonfly" and Savoy "Star"). You also get an acoustic set recorded for Norwegian TV in honour of a Norwegian charity. There is a short 'backstage' feature, and a small report 'in the bus'. You will get a short glimpse of the atmosphere at the 'a-ha fan party' that followed the concert and a 'facts sheet' with biography and career summary.
Do not miss the live album, "How Can I sleep with your voice in my head", released on March 24, 2003 (make sure you get the 2 CDs set version including a video track). It will document the "Lifelines" tour. Now we're ready for the next step... and for a new studio album in 2004?

Faces Down
Faces Down
Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $7.98
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Talent and personality in sight, October 3, 2002
This review is from: Faces Down (Audio CD)
Sondre Lerche was only 16 when he wrote these songs. It should not mislead you: this is not another 'teen musician' TRL likes so much. The result is surprisingly mature. If you like guys who write good folk-rock guitar melodies and care about their lyrics, this one is for you. Mix Bruce Springsteen, Toploader and Pete Yorn with Prefab Sprout (Sondre worships Paddy McAloon) for the music and Beck for the voice and you will get a rough idea.
The evident singles "Dead Passengers" and "Sleep on needles" have gotten regular airplay on Belgian alternative rock radios. "Suffused with love" is a great mid-tempo ballad with ghost synth and guitars. "Side Two" is totally acoustic with just guitar and vocals. On the fresh upbeat "Modern Nature", Sondre shares vocals with Lilian Samdal, the feminine touch bringing variety. The drums solo 'tap dancing noise'imitation in the middle of the song gives a humorous feel to the ensemble. "Virtue and wine" starts slowly with piano and strings to turn into a rocky tune. The pace changes inside of this song show the mastery of this young man in writing melodies. I also like a lot "All luck ran out" quick rock pace. "You know so well", "On and off again" and the excellent (9:25 long) "Things you call fate" complete this first album. I own the european version, and I'm missing the bonus track you will get on this US release.
This young Norwegian is showcasing a real song writing talent and a very personal musical world, which deserves to get attention. If today's music bizz lets him grow he might do great stuff in the future.

Rough Dreams
Rough Dreams
36 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Original sounding band, September 5, 2002
This review is from: Rough Dreams (Audio CD)
This is an intriguing band. "Rough dreams" sounds more polished than their first album on the production side, but remains imaginative. Ambrosia's voice is one of a kind and can be mesmerizing. Listen to the difference between the short opener "Wagers" where she sounds like a more than girly Gwen Stefani and "After the Prince and the Showgirl" where she turns into a Soul diva... You feel the girl's character and personality in her voice.
"Gone Too Far" is a little jewel of electro jazz with a touch of pop. "Thundercats" is a great rock track with electric guitars and recitative vocals. "Stealing Home" sounds a little bit country. "John, 2/4" and its tango rhythm makes me think about some Hooverphonic songs. With "Reseda Casino" (which reminds me of Garbage), it is one of the most radio friendly songs on the album. "Ten Minutes" and its urban feel is also a potential single. "Queen-sized Tomb" is a rock ballad with fragile and passionate vocals flying above the electric guitars. I wonder about some strange and cryptic lyrics though (murder, mental disorder?). Maybe they are connected to the album title?
Varied, changing, surprising, it is rare to find a band who dares to leave the beaten paths... If they keep on that way they might turn into a great original alternative band.

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