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Mischief Makers
Mischief Makers
Offered by Brower Games
Price: $299.84
40 used & new from $14.25

5.0 out of 5 stars Mischief Makers is a treasureable gem on N64, April 29, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Mischief Makers (Video Game)
Mischief Makers is true shining gem on the N64! It is on of the most unique platformers on the N64 and one of the most unique side-scrolling platformers in general. The total game length (rushing through the game and getting zero yellow gems) is about 1 hour. An advanced player can complete this game with getting all the yellow gems and A-Ranks can do it in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the game is not terribly long, but is well-worth the 2-D sidescrolling experience on the N64 with its unique gameplay and design.

Every single level in this game is different and is very memorable. That is extremely rare for many games. I would say that each level is about as memorable as Super Mario 3. Personally, I think if a game has ONLY 2 or 3 bad levels that you don't really mind playing, that you are a great level designer. The only levels I never really liked were "The Day Of" and "7 Clancer Kids". Every other stage is perfect. If you are actually good at the game, the levels can be completed super quickly. I find that many players that rank this game with a low score actually are bad at platformers other than Mario or Sonic. This game is relatively easy.

In every stage, you need to grab, shake and throw enemies which is extremely addicting. If you are truly skilled, then you can get creative with throwing Clancers to speed the game up.

The controls are perfect. They are solid, they are tight, the controls work with the presentation of the game! Use the D-pad to dash quicker than with the C-buttons. This is another complaint I hear from people, they can't figure out how to dash fast. Press down+A at the same time to super dash and press A again to fly into the air.

The music is just too good! It fits the game 100%. Songs like Vertigo fit the upward scaling of the stages, it gives you a perfect sense that you are in a high place. The boss battle music is probably the most intense music you will here in any boss battle situation. The voice acting is about as good as StarFox 64! The lines are exceptionally memorable and the voice actors ACTUALLY cared about the parts that they were playing. Marina and Cerberus Alpha REALLY shine in this game!

The challenge of this game starts very low, but goes up at a perfect rate. It is not like Zelda II, easy palace, then immediately Death Mountain. As you progress through this game, your skills that you acquired from the beginning and throughout the game will help you get 100% complete on this game.

Mischief Makers is notorious for a bug in the cave levels that causes a stop function. On the ROLLING ROCK and 7 CLANCER KIDS stages, something happens with the game's in-game clock that causes it to freeze. This happens on both USA and Japanese version. I tried this by playing the USA version on a Japanese system and vice-versa. The result is the same.

The bottom-line, if you are looking for a great platformer, Mischief Makers is a great game that will challenge even the most adept platformer players. Another unique, over-looked platformer is Plok on SNES.

The title to this game is just a title. The Japanese name is called "Trouble Makers". Just ignore the name. As far as the story goes, it is a platformer, if the gameplay is good, who cares about the story too much.

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Collectors Edition - Nintendo 3DS
Mega Man Legacy Collection - Collectors Edition - Nintendo 3DS
Price: $49.99
54 used & new from $44.96

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect port of Megaman NES with a golden gift!, March 16, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is the closest thing I have come across with ports of games to a new console from the older consoles. Not only is this package from Megaman's heyday, but the colors are actually brightened in a special way that it suitable for a screen. This is what people have been considering an HD port of this game. The game is still 256x240, that will always be the case. However, the images are actually enlarged nicely, but are not stretched. The enlarged picture feels natural.

This is also the first Megaman port onto another console that emulates the NES sound chip perfectly. On Megaman Anniversary Collection, the noise channel was too loud with pulse 1 and 2 sounding static-like. On the Wii VC versions, they had different issues where the games would unnaturally slow down like the Wii was either busy doing a different process or couldn't handle NES hardware emulation. On the 3DS, it seems that the game is either acting as an onboard NES emulator or that the games can run on a 3DS script making it act like a real NES.

The package of games are just fantastic. The golden Megaman Amiibo makes a VERY nice display. I actually just bought this game for this Amiibo. The Amiibo itself unlocks a few more challenges in the Amiibo Reader section. Most of them are boss rushes from all the games.

Speaking of challenges, I was actually disappointed with these. The challenges seem to have no rhyme or reason. They were just random sections of the games that were thrown together. Even this would be OK, but the fact that when you reach the end of a defined section indicated by a black space ball, you are brought to the next part. The game pauses for briefly, however, the screen remains dark until the game resumes at which case, you have no idea what is coming up next. This makes sections involving Quickman's beams a real pain. The challenges are reasonable, but don't really make any sense. I was hoping for extra or modified stages. A stage editor would have been the best addition to the game.

Overall, this is a great game, just don't expect too much from the challenges section.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards : Prima Official Strategy Guide
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards : Prima Official Strategy Guide
by Matthew K. Brady
Edition: Paperback
19 used & new from $37.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Japanese guides are better than USA versions., September 16, 2015
Stop right here. Don't buy this guide unless you already are really good at this game and just need a quick refresher on where most of the shards are. This guide sort of lets you know where the shards are, but not how to get them. Isn't that the purpose of the player's guides? I bought this one and the Japanese guide at the same time. Here are the differences:

No maps
No real strategies mentioned
Basic information on shard locations with zoomed in cameras
No mention of world 7
Doesn't tell you how to defeat Miracle Matter
"Guide" on multiplayer is just filler words that might as well say "keep practicing and you will get better"
Character names are sometimes wrong

Fully detailed maps with extra screenshots showing where the shards are and how to get them
Makes sure you know how to get the shards and where they are
Doesn't tell you how to unlock world 7, it just assumes that if you were actually using the guide to find all the shards, world 7 will open
World 7 has the map shown and tells you exactly what to do against O2
Detailed strategies on how to defeat every part of Miracle Matter
The guide does what it can to help you out against computer players in multiplayer mode and extra tips for cornering most players in the checkerboard game
It was as if Nintendo actually proofread the guide and provided maps ripped straight from the game to be printed on paper.

There hasn't been a single good USA version of a guide since Zelda 64 from Nintendo Power. Most USA guides after that game were just some screenshots of the games, way too much text no one reads and no maps. The Japanese guides even today maker sure that the guide is written for the game you are playing. Every single Japanese guide I bought had fully detailed maps to start with and actually covered the game completely. Like in Pokemon USA guides, there is still no mention of Arceus or something. The Japanese version of Pokemon Platinum acknowledges Arceus and Darkrai while the newer games acknowledge all the Pokemon that are in that game while the USA versions deny their existence. You buy a player's guide to know everything you can about the game. That's where the Japanese guides got it right. It's like the USA versions are written by people using the Japanese guide and then want to write their one, take some pictures of the game and just write a bunch of text that can't actually help anyone.

If I were you, don't buy USA versions of game guides unless you want to read a book. If at all possible, avoid Prima games guides. They have always been bad or unhelpful.

Maimai ゴージャス★つめあわせBOX
Maimai ゴージャス★つめあわせBOX
Price: $140.10
6 used & new from $140.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Greatest music game that no one knows about!, July 13, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Maimai is without a doubt the best thing to hit the arcade since the idea of an arcade machine. The game is extremely hectic combining the style of DDR and beatmania into a full on interactive parapara dancing machine game where you use your hands on the touch screen by tapping buttons, sliding stars or freeze buttons. The music is perfect for this kind of game, everything is upbeat Japanese music to keep the rhythm going. There seems to be no american music plaguing the game like DDR had (thankfully). If you ever visit Japan, definitely check this game out. It is the greatest. The soundtrack to this game is also amazing. There were very few songs on here that I didn't like, I would say for every 10 to 15 songs, there was maybe 1 I didn't like which is a pretty good ratio. In DDR, after DDR Supernova had some american music, the game started going downhill. When DDRX hit the scene, I quit the game completely. When I went to Japan and played DDR arcade machines, there was no american music. I guess this country was the only one unfortunate enough to get stuck with that kind of music.

This set comes with the gloves that are absolutely essential to play this game if want to get serious. It also comes with a book that has each song in it with a tip for expert and master modes and a comment from the artist per song. There are also 2 stickers that go to your "aime" arcade card which is used to save your gameplay and access your save file from any maimai machine in Japan. Naturally, the pack comes with a 2 disc soundtrack (songs listed below) and a DVD that contains all of the in game music videos in a 2.5 hour segment.

Anyway, here is the track listing for this game:
TRACK 01 ''''SE ver maimai
TRACK 02 '''''SE
TRACK 03 '''''SE
TRACK 04 '''''SE ver maimai
TRACK 05 '''''BGM ver maimai
TRACK 06 '''''''BGM
TRACK 07 '''''
TRACK 08 Sweets×Sweets
TRACK 09 True Love Song
TRACK 10 Color My World
TRACK 11 ''''''
TRACK 12 ''''
TRACK 13 '''''
TRACK 14 BaBan!! -'''-
TRACK 15 ''''''''''''
TRACK 16 JACKY [Remix]
TRACK 17 Urban Crusher [Remix]
TRACK 18 ''''''
'maimai PLUS''
TRACK 19 maimai'''''''''''''
TRACK 20 We Gonna Party
TRACK 21 Lionheart
TRACK 22 Streak
TRACK 23 Sprintrances
TRACK 24 air's gravity
TRACK 25 Acceleration
TRACK 26 Starlight Disco
TRACK 27 maimai'''''''
TRACK 28 ''''
TRACK 29 ''''''''
TRACK 30 Space Harrier Main Theme [Reborn]
TRACK 31 Quartet Theme [Reborn]
TRACK 32 Sky High [Reborn]
TRACK 33 Like the Wind [Reborn]
TRACK 34 YA'DA'YO [Reborn]
TRACK 35 Spin me harder
TRACK 36 Night Fly
TRACK 37 Feel My Fire
TRACK 38 Link
TRACK 40 Fragrance
TRACK 41 '' -'''''-
TRACK 42 ''''''
TRACK 43 Nerverakes
TRACK 44 Black Out
TRACK 45 Turn around
TRACK 46 Endless World
TRACK 47 '''O'clock
TRACK 48 ''''''
TRACK 49 ''''BGM ver maimai
TRACK 50 '''SE ver maimai
TRACK 51 ''''''SE ver maimai
TRACK 52 ''''''SE ver maimai
TRACK 53 ''''''SE ver maimai
TRACK 54 ''''''SE ver maimai
TRACK 55 '''''''SE ver maimai
TRACK 56 '''''''SE ver maimai

'maimai GreeN''
TRACK 01 ''''SE ver GreeN
TRACK 02 '''''BGM ver GreeN
TRACK 03 '''''SE ver GreeN
TRACK 04 Cosmic Train
TRACK 05 mai''mai' feat.''''''''
TRACK 06 Get Happy
TRACK 07 Pixel Voyage
TRACK 08 ''''''''''
TRACK 09 Backyun! -'''-
TRACK 10 Beat of getting entangled
TRACK 11 Blew Moon
TRACK 12 '''''
TRACK 14 L'epilogue
TRACK 16 Death Scythe
TRACK 18 System "Z"
TRACK 19 Garakuta Doll Play
TRACK 20 ''''''''' [H.] [Remix]
TRACK 21 DADDY MULK -Groove remix-
'maimai GreeN PLUS''
TRACK 22 ''''WASH! '''''''''''''
TRACK 23 Monochrome Rainbow
TRACK 26 End of Twilight
TRACK 27 Heartbeats
TRACK 28 Life Feels Good
TRACK 30 ''''''GO!GO!GO!GC! -GMT remix-
TRACK 32 ''''''''' OPA-OPA! -GMT remix-
TRACK 33 ''! ''! RACER -GMT mashup-
TRACK 34 ''''''OPA!OPA!OPA! -GMT mashup-
TRACK 35 ''''''''GO!GO!GO! -GMT mashup-
TRACK 36 ''''
TRACK 37 ''''''
TRACK 38 '''''''''
TRACK 39 '''''
TRACK 40 '''SE ver GreeN
TRACK 41 ''''''''BGM ver GreeN
TRACK 42 ''''''SE ver GreeN
TRACK 43 ''''''SE ver GreeN
TRACK 44 ''''''BGM ver GreeN
TRACK 45 '''''''SE ver GreeN
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Malcolm in the Middle - Complete Collection (Seasons 1-7) - 22-DVD Box Set ( Malcolm in the Middle - Seasons One to Seven ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - United Kingdom ]
Malcolm in the Middle - Complete Collection (Seasons 1-7) - 22-DVD Box Set ( Malcolm in the Middle - Seasons One to Seven ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - United Kingdom ]
DVD ~ Bryan Cranston
Offered by Cinema Cornucopia
Price: $149.99
16 used & new from $121.01

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best show to grace television!, March 22, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I don't where to even begin. This show was so good, very accurate portrayal of many families in the United States including my own, all kinds of chaotic plots per episode, an absolutely superb cast, very addicting TV show, all of the before the show starts intros to show something funny, fantastic writing and acting and just basically everything you need to create a perfect family TV show.

One of the things that makes this show so good is just how realistic this show can be displaying families with some exaggerated plots and use of materials that many may not have access to. For example, in 1 episode, Hal gets a steam-roller to crush things because he enjoys crushing things. The purpose is basically to show what would happen if you yourself actually had a steam-roller. Some of the before the TV show starts shows what almost everyone has done. In 1 episode, everyone's parents have said not to play ball in the house. In this segment, it shows what actually happens when you play baseball in the house. They naturally break something, they then say they should stop. Then Reese or Malcolm says OK, but you would have been out. They then proceed to keep playing. All of these things shown throughout this show, everyone can relate to at least 1 way or another. That is what separates 1 good show from something else.

The bottom line is that if you missed this show when it was on TV, then you have no idea what you have been missing. Any viewer of this series will easily tell you that it is worth watching at least once. On American TV, I don't think this show comes on anymore, however, it still airs in other countries. This show was never available on US-NTSC formats, it is available on PAL only. Be careful when someone says that they do have a copy of this show on US-NTSC they are trying to sell. It will be a pirated version. I did some research as to why this was never released in the US except for the first 2 seasons, it had something to do with music rights. They were not sure if this show would do well enough to cover all the rights to the content to make it profitable.

If you do not have a Region 2 PAL DVD player, then you still have options. Also, note that there is a big difference between Region 2 NTSC and Region 2 PAL. Region 2 NTSC is for Japan. Your Japanese DVD Player or Japanese PS2 will not play these discs.
-Import a PAL DVD player (cannot be from Australia, that is Region 6)
-Get a region free DVD player
-Import a European PAL Region 2 PS2 / PS3 (untested on PS4)
-The most obvious solution is just use your computer. VLC Media player does not scan regions on discs, they will play everything from everywhere. If you use Microsoft Media Players, they will allow you to switch your regions 6 times and then lock it. This affects everything DVD rom in your computer.

The only places I know this boxset was released are:
UK (Region 2 PAL)
Germany (Region 2 PAL)
Australia (Region 6 PAL)

The United States is Region 1-NTSC-U for DVD and Region A for blurays. Blurays can be multi-regioned (be able to play Regions ABC [all])
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Offered by So Good Cool Japan
Price: $39.99
172 used & new from $27.45

5.0 out of 5 stars Probably the best soundtrack for any Nintendo 3DS game, December 15, 2014
Not only is the game a massive improvement over Pokemon X:Y, but is a great advanced version of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with everything being upgraded respectfully and very much care being taken into consideration in this installment of Pokemon. With a great game comes an epic soundtrack. I have always loved the Pokemon games for their great music outside of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. With a game like an RPG and hearing the same music over and over, it needs to be good. Some of the upgraded music Nintendo did for Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver were a little annoying, it still had some great remixes. This soundtrack on the otherhand is fantastic. The theme of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is the primal revival of the 2 titans Kyogre (pronounced KAI OGER from the Japanese transliteration カイオーガ) and Groudon. The game retains that primal theme throughout the game's soundtrack keeping a great consistent theme throughout the entire game. If you are interested in great game music, I highly recommend this game soundtrack. I strongly recommend getting this on a physical disc and not some itunes download version. The itunes version is missing some songs.

Here is the game's complete song listing (Japanese):
Disc 1 -01- タイトルデモ~ホウエン地方の旅立ち~
Disc 1 -02- タイトルデモ2
Disc 1 -03- タイトル~メインテーマ~
Disc 1 -04- オープニングセレクト
Disc 1 -05- ミシロタウン
Disc 1 -06- オダマキ研究所
Disc 1 -07- ハルカ
Disc 1 -08- たすけてくれ!
Disc 1 -09- 戦闘!野生ポケモン
Disc 1 -10- 野生ポケモンに勝利!
Disc 1 -11- 101番道路
Disc 1 -12- コトキタウン
Disc 1 -13- 道具を手に入れた!
Disc 1 -14- 連れて行く
Disc 1 -15- ポケモンセンター
Disc 1 -16- 回復
Disc 1 -17- 視線!たんぱんこぞう
Disc 1 -18- 図鑑評価...これから!
Disc 1 -19- 視線!ミニスカート
Disc 1 -20- 戦闘!トレーナー
Disc 1 -21- トレーナーに勝利!
Disc 1 -22- レベルがあがった!
Disc 1 -23- トウカシティ
Disc 1 -24- 図鑑評価...まだまだ!
Disc 1 -25- ミツルのテーマ
Disc 1 -26- 104番道路
Disc 1 -27- トウカの森
Disc 1 -28- マグマ団登場!
Disc 1 -29- 戦闘!アクア団・マグマ団
Disc 1 -30- アクア団・マグマ団に勝利!
Disc 1 -31- カナズミシティ
Disc 1 -32- トレーナーズスクール
Disc 1 -33- たいせつな道具を手に入れた!
Disc 1 -34- 海を越えて
Disc 1 -35- ムロタウン
Disc 1 -36- 視線!うきわガール
Disc 1 -37- 図鑑評価...がんばって!
Disc 1 -38- カイナシティ
Disc 1 -39- 海の科学博物館
Disc 1 -40- マグマ団・アクア団リーダーのテーマ
Disc 1 -41- 110番道路
Disc 1 -42- サイクリング
Disc 1 -43- 視線!トライアスロン
Disc 1 -44- シダケタウン
Disc 1 -45- ポケモンのタマゴをもらった!
Disc 1 -46- 113番道路
Disc 1 -47- 視線!ふたごちゃん
Disc 1 -48- ハジツゲタウン
Disc 1 -49- ロープウェイ
Disc 2 -01- えんとつやま
Disc 2 -02- 視線!やまおとこ
Disc 2 -03- 111番道路
Disc 2 -04- 図鑑評価...なかなか
Disc 2 -05- ジム
Disc 2 -06- 戦闘!ジムリーダー
Disc 2 -07- ジムリーダー四天王に勝利!
Disc 2 -08- ジムバッジを手に入れた!
Disc 2 -09- わざマシンを手に入れた!
Disc 2 -10- いつか来た道
Disc 2 -11- なみのり
Disc 2 -12- ダイゴにつかまって
Disc 2 -13- みなみのことう
Disc 2 -14- メガストーンを手に入れた!
Disc 2 -15- 119番道路
Disc 2 -16- 一触即発!~赤やら、青やら
Disc 2 -17- ヒワマキシティ
Disc 2 -18- 120番道路
Disc 2 -19- インタビュアー
Disc 2 -20- サファリゾーン
Disc 2 -21- 図鑑評価...いいかんじ!
Disc 2 -22- 視線!ジェントルマン
Disc 2 -23- ミナモシティ
Disc 2 -24- 美術館
Disc 2 -25- わざわすれ
Disc 2 -26- ユウキ
Disc 2 -27- 戦闘!ユウキ・カルカ
Disc 2 -28- 進化
Disc 2 -29- 進化おめでとう!
Disc 2 -30- フレンドリィショップ
Disc 2 -31- 図鑑評価...すごい!
Disc 2 -32- おくりびやま
Disc 2 -33- 視線!サイキッカー
Disc 2 -34- 視線!オカルトマニア
Disc 2 -35- おくりびやま外壁
Disc 2 -36- べにいろのたま・あいいろのたま
Disc 3 -01- 蠢くヤツら
Disc 3 -02- アジト
Disc 3 -03- GORENPATSU!!!!!
Disc 3 -04- 崩壊へのカウントダウン
Disc 3 -05- ダイビング
Disc 3 -06- 視線!ダイバー
Disc 3 -07- アクア団登場
Disc 3 -08- 戦闘!アクア団・マグマ団のリーダー
Disc 3 -09- 目覚める
Disc 3 -10- 日照り
Disc 3 -11- 大雨
Disc 3 -12- ルネシティ
Disc 3 -13- めざめのほこら
Disc 3 -14- 戦闘!ゲンシカイキ
Disc 3 -15- 共存
Disc 3 -16- むげんのふえ
Disc 3 -17- 天翔る夢
Disc 3 -18- 天翔る幻
Disc 3 -19- 視線!ビキニのおねえさん
Disc 3 -20- サイユウシティ
Disc 3 -21- チャンピオンロード
Disc 3 -22- 視線!エリートトレーナー
Disc 3 -23- ライバルのテーマ
Disc 3 -24- 四天王登場!
Disc 3 -25- 戦闘!四天王
Disc 3 -26- チャンピオンダイゴ
Disc 3 -27- 決戦!ダイゴ
Disc 3 -28- ダイゴに勝利!
Disc 3 -29- 栄光の部屋
Disc 3 -30- 殿堂入り
Disc 3 -31- いっしょにかえろう
Disc 3 -32- エンディング
Disc 3 -33- THE END
Disc 4 -01- 悠久を継ぎし者たち
Disc 4 -02- AZOTH
Disc 4 -03- そらのはしら
Disc 4 -04- 流星哀歌
Disc 4 -05- 戦闘!超古代ポケモン
Disc 4 -06- 戦闘!伝承者ヒガナ
Disc 4 -07- per aspera ad astra!
Disc 4 -08- 戦闘!デオキシス
Disc 4 -09- はじまりのしらべ -theme of Ωα-
Disc 4 -10- 図鑑評価...すばらしい!
Disc 4 -11- きのみを手に入れた!
Disc 4 -12- コンテストロビー
Disc 4 -13- ルチアのテーマ
Disc 4 -14- ライブ衣装にドレスアップ
Disc 4 -15- ポケモンコンテストライブでお披露目!
Disc 4 -16- ポケモンコンテストライブでアピール!
Disc 4 -17- 結果発表
Disc 4 -18- コンテスト優勝
Disc 4 -19- コンテストでランクアップ!
Disc 4 -20- カラクリ屋敷
Disc 4 -21- スーパーひみつきち
Disc 4 -22- もようがえガッズを手に入れた!
Disc 4 -23- 団がランクアップ!
Disc 4 -24- 視線!だいすきクラブ
Disc 4 -25- 視線!こわいおじさん
Disc 4 -26- シーキンセツ
Disc 4 -27- おふれのせきしつ
Disc 4 -28- 戦闘!レジロック・レジアイス・レジスチル
Disc 4 -29- ポケモンリンク
Disc 4 -30- 時をかけた証をもらった!
Disc 4 -31- 図鑑評価...完成!
Disc 4 -32- バトルリゾート
Disc 4 -33- バトルハウス
Disc 4 -34- バトルポイントをもらった!
Disc 4 -35- 戦闘!バトルシャトレーヌ
Disc 4 -36- ポケモンセンターで誕生日!
Disc 4 -37- 決勝!ワールドチャンピオンシップス
Disc 4 -38- 戦闘!デオキシス(original ver.)
Disc 4 -39- 戦闘!フロンティアブレーン(original ver.)
Disc 4 -40- ミュージカル「カーニバルンパッパ!」
Disc 4 -41- TRICK MASTER ~カラク REMIX!~
Disc 4 -42- アピール☆ラブ
Disc 5 -01- タイトルデモ~ホウエン地方の旅立ち~
Disc 5 -02- タイトル2~ダブルバトル~
Disc 5 -03- タイトル~メインテーマ~
Disc 5 -04- オープニングセレクト
Disc 5 -05- ミシロタウン
Disc 5 -06- オダマキ研究所
Disc 5 -07- ハルカ
Disc 5 -08- たすけてくれ!
Disc 5 -09- 戦闘!野生ポケモン
Disc 5 -10- 野生ポケモンに勝利!
Disc 5 -11- 101番道路
Disc 5 -12- コトキタウン
Disc 5 -13- ポケモンセンター
Disc 5 -14- 回復
Disc 5 -15- 視線!たんぱんこぞう
Disc 5 -16- 視線!ミニスカート
Disc 5 -17- 戦闘!トレーナー
Disc 5 -18- トレーナーに総理!
Disc 5 -19- レベルアップ
Disc 5 -20- トウカシティ
Disc 5 -21- 連れて行く
Disc 5 -22- 104番道路
Disc 5 -23- トウカの森
Disc 5 -24- マグマ団登場!
Disc 5 -25- 戦闘!アクア・マグマ団
Disc 5 -26- アクア・マグマ団に勝利!
Disc 5 -27- カナズミシティ
Disc 5 -28- トレーナーズスクール
Disc 5 -29- 海を越えて
Disc 5 -30- ムロダタウン
Disc 5 -31- 視線!うきわガール
Disc 5 -32- カイナシティ
Disc 5 -33- 海の科学博物館
Disc 5 -34- 110番道路
Disc 5 -35- サイクリング
Disc 5 -36- ゲームコーナー
Disc 5 -37- 当たり!
Disc 5 -38- 残念
Disc 5 -39- BDタイム
Disc 5 -40- 大当たり!
Disc 5 -41- ジダケタウン
Disc 5 -42- 113番道路
Disc 5 -43- ふたごちゃん
Disc 5 -44- ハジツゲタウン
Disc 5 -45- ロープウェイ
Disc 5 -46- えんとつやま
Disc 5 -47- 視線!やまおとこ
Disc 5 -48- 111番道路
Disc 5 -49- ジム
Disc 5 -50- 戦闘!ジムリーダー
Disc 5 -51- ジムリーダー勝利!
Disc 5 -52- バッジゲット
Disc 5 -53- わざマシンゲット
Disc 5 -54- なみのり
Disc 6 -01- 119番道路
Disc 6 -02- ヒワマキシティ
Disc 6 -03- 120番道路
Disc 6 -04- インタビュアー
Disc 6 -05- サファリゾーン
Disc 6 -06- 視線!ジェントルマン
Disc 6 -07- ミナモシティ
Disc 6 -08- 美術館
Disc 6 -09- わざ忘れ
Disc 6 -10- ユウキ
Disc 6 -11- 戦闘!ユウキ・ハルカ
Disc 6 -12- 進化
Disc 6 -13- 進化おめでとう
Disc 6 -14- フレンドリィショップ
Disc 6 -15- おくりびやま
Disc 6 -16- 視線!サイキッカー
Disc 6 -17- 視線!オカルトマニア
Disc 6 -18- おくりびやま外壁
Disc 6 -19- アジト
Disc 6 -20- どうぐゲット
Disc 6 -21- アクア団登場!
Disc 6 -22- 戦闘!アクア・マグマ団リーダー
Disc 6 -23- 目覚める超古代ポケモン
Disc 6 -24- 日照り
Disc 6 -25- 大雨
Disc 6 -26- ダイビング
Disc 6 -27- ルネシティ
Disc 6 -28- めざめのほうこら
Disc 6 -29- 戦闘!超古代ポケモン
Disc 6 -30- 視線!ビキニのおねえさん
Disc 6 -31- サイユウシティ
Disc 6 -32- きのみゲット
Disc 6 -33- コンテストロビー
Disc 6 -34- コンテスト!
Disc 6 -35- 結果発表
Disc 6 -36- コンテスト優勝
Disc 6 -37- おふれのせきしつ
Disc 6 -38- 戦闘!レジロック・レジアイス・レジスチル
Disc 6 -39- カラクリ屋敷
Disc 6 -40- すてられぶね
Disc 6 -41- バトルタワー
Disc 6 -42- チャンピオンロード
Disc 6 -43- 視線!エリートトレーナー
Disc 6 -44- 四天王登場!
Disc 6 -45- 戦闘!四天王
Disc 6 -46- チャンピオンダイゴ
Disc 6 -47- 決戦!ダイゴ
Disc 6 -48- ダイゴに勝利!
Disc 6 -49- 栄光の部屋
Disc 6 -50- 殿堂入り
Disc 6 -51- エンディング
Disc 6 -52- THE END
Disc 6 -53- TRICK MASTER
Disc 6 -55- STEVEN STONE

Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo 3DS [Japan Import]
Super Smash Brothers - Nintendo 3DS [Japan Import]
Offered by Thanksshop Japan
Price: $46.07
240 used & new from $28.53

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5.0 out of 5 stars The quintessential game for the Nintendo 3DS, October 7, 2014
In 1999, a new fighting game was released, a concept of dealing massive damage to your friends and then throwing them off the edge was introduced and many were hooked instantly.
In 2001, the game that became the reason to own a Gamecube was released. Everything that designates a perfect sequel to any game. A great cast of characters and the argued to be one of the best games of all time, so good that many today still play this.
In 2008, Super Smash Brothers X was introduced and for many fans of the series, was nowhere near as good as its predecessor, but even so, a great game to add to your collection, even though Snake was introduced.
Finally, in 2014, the series was brought to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Many would say, it is about time we got the game on a handheld that didn't require an emulator.

Super Smash Brothers 3DS provides a grand improvment over Super Smash Brothers X for Wii and the concept of splitting up gameplay modes between 2 games usually ends up bad, however in this case, proved to be a great thing to do. The modes split up between the games work with the system to maximize the basic gameplay and enjoyment value of the game. Many times, Nintendo has proven that you need to sacrifice quality for portability, this is not at all the case for this game. The framerate in the 3DS version is considerably higher than the Wii version and plays at full speed during local 2 player modes. Even for the hardware challenges, this game pushes the 3DS to the limit without hindering the gameplay at all. Only a few times have I had opponents not appear in All-Star mode leaving me in limbo. I contacted Nintendo about it and they got it taken care of.

Super Smash Brothers 3DS is a portable version of the best fighting game series and with this game, there is a good chance of you running into someone who also has this game and you will be able to play.

Large roster
Fieldrush mode
Little to no language barrier
Reasonable challenge
Enough challenges to keep you busy for a while (Japanese recommended to understand goals)
Items, MANY items
Great attention to detail
Designed for the new Nintendo 3DS (October 11, 2014 release)
Amiibo support (I am not sure if it is good or not, that just goes with the Amiibo themselves)

Too many unknown characters, I had to research who they were (Shulk, Reflet, Rukina, Palutena)
It seems all the stages move
Roy has not returned
Mewtwo has not returned, Lucario still exists
Ganondorf and Falco are still the Smash Brothers X versions, not the DX versions
Black Pit is an EXACT copy of regular Pit eating up a character slot, not just a costume
No stage editor

I strongly recommend getting this game, along with the new Nintendo 3DS LL and the Wii U version.

Battletoads, Famicom (Japanese Import)
Battletoads, Famicom (Japanese Import)
34 used & new from $109.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Everything you need to know about the Famicom Battletoads, September 29, 2014
Battletoads for NES is nearly impossible, but wait, what about the Japanese version of the game? All the difficulty, glitches, and major problems in the NES version were fixed and now Battletoads is actually playable and significantly easier than the NES version.

If you are familiar with Battletoads on NES, you probably owned a GameGenie and still couldn't beat the game because of outrageous difficulty or cheap deaths. In the Famicom version, you won't even consider using a GameGenie because if you die, it was probably your fault. The places that have unfair deaths usually have an extra life nearby that respawns every time you die so you don't feel cheated one bit. The overall gameplay was absolutely fantastic and was always fun punching stuff, sadly on the USA version, few saw passed level 3 and even fewer saw passed level 7, many would quit on level 8 or 9. Had the original been designed a little less difficult, there may still be sequels to this game series.

About the game, the game is very fun, has a very addicting soundtrack, controls very well, supports 2 player mode (you have a select screen on the Japanese version), and is very creative, especially for the time. I highly recommend playing Battletoads, if the USA version is too difficult, then I highly advise getting the Famicom verison. Struggling on the USA for years, I was able to beat this version very easily.

Level 1:
-No apparent differences other than some enemies dying in 1 ramhorn move instead of 2
Level 2:
-Laserbeams are spread farther apart
-Silver robots take 1 wrecking ball instead of 2
Level 3:
-2 platforms before the race part has no enemy
-During the race, walls are spread farther apart
-On the USA version, there is a spot where you have to time jumps by pressing A on smaller platforms, they are replaced by ramps
-When you see the planes, the last one was removed
Level 4:
-All speed level 3 speed Spinies were dropped to level 2 speed
-After the first snowman section, a ceiling tile was removed to make the jump over spikes easier
-On the last section, the ceiling of spikes was removed
-I think the bouncing walls were removed in the last part
Level 5:
-Logs are spread farther apart
-Big Blarg has less HP
-There are fewer mines
Level 6:
-Many spikes were removed throughout
-Almost every snake takes a different, much easier path)
-All speed level 5 snakes were dropped to level 2 speed
Level 7:
-Tricky log platforming was removed
-Planes fly MUCH slower
-The last section goes much easier paths
-There are fewer fireballs and missiles
Level 8:
-Electric machines travel longer and fire slower
-1 goo monster was removed 1/2 way through the level
-No speed level 3 platforms
-Fewer electric platforms
-Some suction fans were removed
-The boss has 3/4 HP and is easier by jumping around less
Level 9:
-Silver electric robots do not explode when you touch them
-Ducks die in 1 hit instead of 10 I think
-Many spikes were removed
-Metal wheels give you more of a chance
Level 10:
-All 3 rats' paths were slightly modified so they take a more indirect path to give you more of a chance
-Part 3 is a little shorter
-The boss has less hits and moves at 1/2 speed
Level 11:
-Cornering gives you a better boost
-Does not freeze Player 2 in place like the USA version
-The boss has 1/2 HP and moves less vigorously
Level 12:
-Player 2 can actually play this level without GameGenie
-Some rhinos take 1 hit instead of 3 (if you use ramhorns)
-Green clouds can be knocked off the screen with a stick before the initialize
-Red clouds can be killed
-1 less giant red face that blows you off the screen
-The spot that had 5 consecutive green disappearing platforms are now red, green, red, green, red
-Getting sticks when the red face blows you off the level is easier to land below (the platforms appear closer to you)
Level 13:
-Boss does not drill dive
-Boss has fewer hits
-Boss cannot 1 hit KO you
-Some text has been changed (if you translate it 100%)
-Dark Queen's home is DARKSPACE
-Intruder Excluder has been changed to Elevator Shaft (same level)
-The intro music's last bass drum skips a beat (to simulate a fadeout?)

These are all the differences I have noticed between the USA and Japanese versions, I highly recommend getting this game and playing it with a friend as opposed to the USA version.

Bases Loaded 3
Bases Loaded 3
53 used & new from $1.59

3.0 out of 5 stars OK game, better as an NES donor cart., August 8, 2014
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This review is from: Bases Loaded 3 (Video Game)
Well, it is Baseball. I wouldn't consider this a good game. I actually prefer RBI Baseball by Tengen, it plays more fluidly and has some comedic elements. This game is playable and is fun to play a few times with someone.
I give this a 3 star because this game has a very common NES mapper that works with many custom games to be burned on to NES games. It is also a very cheap game. If you are into custom NES game development and need a donor cartridge, this game is probably your best bet.

Offered by FIRELIGHT
Price: $44.24
21 used & new from $26.18

5.0 out of 5 stars Both Juon Movie's soundtracks on 1 disc! (tracklist here), July 19, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It took me forever, but this is the original soundtrack to the Japanese versions of The Grudge titled 呪怨 (Juon). This soundtrack actually has a real horror feel to it through the whole way unlike the American versions. That doesn't mean the American ones are at all bad. Every Grudge song between this CD and the 2 American music CDs were fantastic. This soundtrack uses a creepy piano very often throughout the album. I am guessing in Japanese culture, the piano being played this way is very suspenseful because the exact same rhythm appeared in a Japanese horror game for Nintendo DS called Nanashi no Game Me.

It is nice that the soundtrack for the Japanese Grudge movies were put together in a single album. Most of the tracks are about 2 minutes if you average them all together, some are 4 minutes, others are about 1 and a half minutes long. The shortest song is about 50 seconds.

The bottom line is that if you are all a fan of The Grudge or Juon, you should definitely pick this up.

Here is the tracklist for this album:
1. 呪怨テーマ
2. 押入れと澱んだ空気
3. 黒い影~覗き込んでいたもの
4. 小さな潜む影
5. 蠢く気配
6. 遠い面影~ねじれた時空間
7. そこにずっといたもの
8. お化け屋敷
9. 遠い記憶~宿命
10. 連れにきたもの
11. 呪怨テーマ~理佳を呼ぶ家
12. 伽椰子テーマ~暗がりにいたもの
13. 反復される光景~理佳が宿していた暗がり
14. 終わりなき惨劇〈呪怨2〉
15. 暗躍する気配~呪怨テーマ
16. 胎内に宿したもの
17. 京子テーマ~時間は全てを破壊する
18. 壁の音
19. 京子テーマ~伽椰子テーマ
20. 日記~伽椰子テーマ
21. 黒髪にまとわりつく呪い
22. 過去の惨劇~伽椰子テーマ
23. 死者の魂とぬくもり~呪怨テーマ
24. 伝染していく夢
25. 転生する怨念
26. 圭介の見たもの
27. 腕に抱いたもの
28. 呪怨テーマ~悪しきものへの母性
29. 呪怨テーマ(ビデオ版)
30. 何かいる
31. 残留思念~潰された想い
32. 追憶の果て
33. 呪怨テーマ~連鎖
34. 伽椰子の声~喉を潰された呻き

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