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Mr Darcy's Valentine: Darcy and Elizabeth What If? #7
Mr Darcy's Valentine: Darcy and Elizabeth What If? #7
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Darcy experiences Groundhog Day, March 9, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Sweet and original. Darcy must repeat his proposal until Elizabeth accepts due to a spell cast by two little angel figurines. It's sort of a Groundhog Day but in Rosings. I enjoyed it very much and it didn't matter that it was short since it wasn't a plot that could be stretched indefinitely. It was just the right size and just the right price.

A Tapestry of Lives, Book 2: A Variation on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
A Tapestry of Lives, Book 2: A Variation on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Price: $7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Loved the character develoment., March 8, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The entire book only covers the relatively short period between second proposal and wedding. The author manages to instill interest in what would otherwise be fairly predictable, deepen and develop E & D's relationship, and enlighten the reader (and the characters, really) as to the many factors and events that made each the type of person they became. It was beautifully done and leaves you with a deeper understanding and confidence that these two will have a very fulfilling marriage.

I am not a big fan of breaking up stories into several volumes. Very often you're left with the feeling that it could very well have been covered in one book. But the development in this character-driven book needed its own space so, this once, I don't mind.

DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Perfect Shower, Baby or Birthday Gift for Toddler 32x32" Hooded Towel for Infant to Toddler - Owl
DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Perfect Shower, Baby or Birthday Gift for Toddler 32x32" Hooded Towel for Infant to Toddler - Owl
Price: $18.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Adorable towel for your little sweetheart., March 7, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This is an adorable and nicely plush oversized baby towel. It should dry a baby through three year old very nicely after a bath or swim lesson. I say "should" because I've had no opportunity to test this theory. I wanted to put this adorable towel in my granddaughter's Easter basket instead of yet another stuffed animal, but she arrived at my house without warning and I hadn't yet hidden it. Now I can't take it away from her. She drags it everywhere; wears it as if it was a wedding veil or super-hero costume (I have no idea which) and drags it all over the floor; and takes it with her all over the house. It is, obviously, going to be a toy not a towel for the immediate future.

By all means, get this little towel, I highly recommend it. It's adorable and your little one will look really cute coming out of the tub. But learn from my cautionary tale and assign it to bathroom duty before they decide it's a toy. As for me, I'm a grandmother, I already brought up two children by the rules, and now it's my turn to have fun. So, if Alessandra thinks this is a toy, it's a toy.

Disney Sofia the First Balloon Tea Party Playset
Disney Sofia the First Balloon Tea Party Playset
Price: $24.99
8 used & new from $24.99

4.0 out of 5 stars An extra doll would have given it 5 stars., March 7, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
In a four-year-old's mind it makes perfect sense that Princess Sofia would have a tea party in a balloon, so this toy fits right into the fantasy. The option of having the tea under an umbrella (purple, of course) seems a bit more logical but is, apparently not as exciting. Since the balloon is floating through the air (propelled none too gently by a four-year-old) it is a good thing that the dishes and food can be firmly attached to the table during the voyage and until landing.

It is made a lot better and feels sturdier than I expected based on recent experience. Since my niece is a dedicated princess this toy was going to be a hit, regardless, so it's good to know that, in this case, the praise is deserved.

I have two relatively minor objections: 1st: the cup and saucer especially are tiny and, aside from the danger for children under three, they are easily dropped and otherwise misplaced. I had to uninstall her booster seat to be able to find and retrieve the cake (the largest piece) when she lost it in the car as I was driving her home. I am definitely going to research getting replacement parts. My second objection is that only one doll comes with it. What kind of a party can one lonely doll have? The toy should come with at least one guest, since there is service for two.

But, other than those objections, this is a pretty good toy. It encourages conversation, social graces, hosting skills (a very close relative to sharing) and imaginative play. The fact that it's well made and promises durability (if you manage to hold on to all the small parts) is an added bonus. It really hit the bullseye with a four-year old, but I see a five, six, even 7-year old playing with it and it's good for playing alone or with a friend. All in all, a very good toy.

Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Fire at Fusel Lodge! Track Set
Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Fire at Fusel Lodge! Track Set
Price: $22.99
11 used & new from $22.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting, especially if you get additional kits to connect to it., March 3, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Like everything else, there are pluses and minuses to every assessment.

On the plus side, the toy has a familiar feel, as the plane is a Disney 'character' he recognizes; this is the first time I've seen one of these tracks with a plane instead of a car and that adds a certain novelty to it; the toy works as it's supposed to (the plane follows the track, doesn't fall off, goes thrillingly fast, etc). My 6 year old grandson is really enjoying playing with it and none of the parts have broken or come apart (not a bad accomplishment considering he does not have the gentlest touch).

On the minus side, there is only one plot, one option. The plane comes down the track and puts the fires out. Then it does it again, and again, and again. That's it. You might think that the pluses are more than the minuses but I can't help feeling that the thrill will wear off and then what? You can, however, get additional playsets--at an additional price. If I were to review only the toy on this page I would give it a 3 due to its lack of versatility or possibilities to use a child's imagination in other directions.

As a Vine Reviewer, I received three 'extensions.' These are sold separately and are not part of the kit on this page. I have to admit that they DO add versatility and now the toy becomes much more multi-faceted and imaginative. There is a gas station for the plane (or planes) to gas up in. (I would rate this a 3, unless your child is especially intrigued by refueling stations, but it gives the child one more thing to do). There is a wildfire rescue set that makes it possible to put out fires at a forest campsite, etc. (I would rate this a 3 also, as it's pretty limited in scope) and, best of all, an air attack training playset, which I would rate a 5. My grandson is particularly fascinated by this one. This comes complete with a building that has an elevator and a sort of flight simulator and plastic water globs to drop on fires.

All of these need to be assembled. Assembly is of medium difficulty. Everything works together to expand and connect to the original unit (the one on this page.) My overall rating of 4 is due to the overall possibilities, the fact that it is well-designed, good materials and stays together. One problem, though, this is not the kind of toy that goes back in its box for storage. I have it on a large cardboard and he plays with it on the floor. Then, when he leaves, I carry the cardboard and keep it on top of his bed.

Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff  (BP786)
Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff (BP786)
Offered by Corydor
Price: $69.99
47 used & new from $68.24

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Works great, easy-to-use, well-designed., February 26, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I am very pleased with this blood pressure monitor and only have one suggestion on how it could be better. My rating should be 4 3/4 stars. I will leave that one detail to the end, but there are so many wonderful things about it that getting to the end may take a while. In no particular order, here are features and things I particularly like.

-This is a unit that is easy to use. I have the feeling that it is geared to those who are completely unfamiliar with monitoring blood pressure or for the elderly who need to have the unit do the thinking for them and the numbers to be huge and bright.

--The arm cuff fits medium to large arms with a sort of spring that clamps to the right size you need for your arm (9” to 17”). All you have to worry about is placing the air hose more or less centered on your inner arm above the elbow, press a button, and the machine takes over.

-The unit is designed for use by two people (A & B) and it remembers each person’s history. If someone other than A & B needs to take their blood pressure, he can do so on guest mode without skewing the records of A & B. This is a particularly well thought out option.

-I very much like the fact that the final reading you see is not a single reading, but an average of three readings.

-There are green and orange lights by the systolic and diastolic readings. Green means it’s within “normal” range, and orange means elevated. These notifications are based on an assumption that 135 over 85 is the current ideal you shouldn’t go over.

-Recent and past readings can be reviewed by pressing the arrows on the unit.

-Some of the instructions given for the correct taking of blood pressure measurements are not all factors I have followed in the past. While I did sit, hold my arm properly and so on, I wasn’t aware that I had to rest for 15 minutes before starting; or that 30 minutes after eating, exercising, bathing, or drinking wine or alcohol. This was news to me and, now that I’m complying, my readings are more consistent seem to make more sense.

-The unit can be run on batteries or a/c power.

-The unit is configured for two users, and you set date and time to help the unit organize, analyze, and average the readings by user, date, and time of day for each reading for up to 200 readings.

-The unit easily syncs with (pairs with) your smart phone via an app. All your relevant information is there.

So what change would I prefer? Well, while it’s nice to have the info on your phone, you have to have a wireless printer that can connect with your phone so you can actually give your cardiologist something he can put in his files. I have found that I can print from my Epson Workforce 840 from my Samsung phone, but not everyone has a wireless printer, so this limits the usefulness for a lot of people.

I had gotten my mother another Omrom model (BP7911T) that actually connects to the computer (Microsoft Windows, apparently not Apple, from XP onward) to a website from which you can print more easily. Granted, it’s considerably more expensive. My unit does not connect because it doesn’t have the USB port needed.

But, other than that, this is an excellent, excellent, unit and I’m delighted to have it. An added bonus is that, since I know that date and time of day are being tracked, I’m much more disciplined and less random about monitoring my blood pressure.

T.S. Shure Pocket Bears Wooden Magnetic Dress-Ups
T.S. Shure Pocket Bears Wooden Magnetic Dress-Ups
Price: $14.52
5 used & new from $14.52

4.0 out of 5 stars Cute, fun, and imaginative toy for little girls., February 18, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This toy reminded me of the paper dolls I played with as a child (except, of course, the pieces come pre-cut). It is rated for ages 3 and over and, since some of the pieces are small enough to fit through a toilet paper roll, it is a valid concern. Nevertheless, I play with it with my 2-year old granddaughter, who really enjoys it. She loves clothes, shoes, dressing, choosing her own clothes, and looking at herself with each new outfit. I find it easier to dress the bear over and over than to constantly change her clothes. The clothes go on via magnets which are strong enough to cling but soft enough for little hands to snap off. It might be nice if the magnets were just a tad stronger because in situations such as pretending the bear is walking or running, sometimes a piece of clothing drops off. Another thing that might have been nice would be a stand for the little bears to be upright, even with their shoes on.

If she were to give this toy a star rating, I think she would go for a 6. I am a little bit more picky. Of the over 40 pieces, about 4 were a little bit rough around the edges and my husband had so smooth them out a bit with fine sandpaper. To avoid losing pieces, we only play at the table and I am with her the whole time. Otherwise, I cannot imagine what a mess this would be. Still, you have to lay out all the pieces so she can choose what to make the bears wear and it's a bit of a mess. It keeps her entertained for what is, for her, an amazingly long time. When my 4 year-old niece comes over, they each take a bear and play together (under my supervision) with a lot of giggles and no fighting or meltdowns. When the time comes to put it away, everything fits easily back into the box and there is an acrylic slide-on top that holds it all in

It should be noted that both bears have hair ribbons and all the clothes are for girls. Some reviewers find this objectionable, but I don't really think a boy would be interested in playing with this kind of toy in the first place.

A Tapestry of Lives, Book 1: A Variation on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
A Tapestry of Lives, Book 1: A Variation on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Price: $7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Very good, but not great., February 18, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Probably due to the exuberantly complimentary reviews I started reading with such high expectations that they would have been impossible to meet. I did find the story interesting; the editing less defective than usual; the writing style and plot well crafted--but it is not as incredibly brilliant as so many 5 star reviews would lead you to expect. It isn't, for example, up to the level of an Abigail Reynolds variation, but it is better than most of what's out there (it is also more expensive than most of what's out there, of course.) It could have been a bit longer. The Gardiner's social acceptance was a bit exaggerated, and Lizzy's perfection almost bordered on the irritating. However, I wasn't in the mood for too much angst or too many obstacles and, in that respect, this book certainly fit the bill.

On the plus side, it is an entertaining and well-written variation. I very much appreciate the fact that it is clearly labeled "Book 1" and that book 1 is a complete, stand-alone book that comes to a satisfactory conclusion and does not leave you hanging. I will buy book 2, when and if it ever comes out because it is always good to know in advance that the writer is competent and entertaining.

weBoost Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit
Price: $549.99
7 used & new from $549.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Has performed perfectly so far., February 17, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I ordered the weboost "boost your signal" antenna set from Vine because at my son's home they are surrounded by tall buildings on three sides that I suspect often interfere with cell phone signals, leading to frequent dropped calls. I have seldom been able to send or receive a call from inside his apartment. I help him with clerical and Photoshop-related business issues so I spend blocks of time there almost every week. Like most young people, he does not have a land line, so when I'm there, I'm entirely dependent on the cell phone which made me sort of nervous.

He had somewhat better luck with his calls, as did his wife but neither could say that they could depend on their phones. This is a big issue. Changing carriers or phone models did not improve matters, and going to the porch to talk sometimes captured a signal, but the sound of the wind on the 25th floor made this side of the conversation unintelligible. I figured that a device that boosted the signal would be worth a shot, especially since he conducts a fair amount of business from his home office and it's unprofessional every time a call drops.

So far, he's been happy with the results and I'm delighted. A true test of its efficacy would be seeing how it does over the course of a year - even before we installed the weboost, he'd have periods of good luck with the signal. I was not as lucky, so for me it's day and night. So based on the early returns, I'm very satisfied with the product. In the early going we have not dropped or choppy calls. All calls, sent and received, have been completed clearly and with no need to call back and apologize to whomever you left stranded or talking to themselves!

I'll write a little bit about the design in case any of you are searching for more information on the product. It's not just a one-part product. It comes with three main parts (four if you count the AC cables): an outside directional antenna that does require some installation and handiwork (we installed this on the porch facing downtown), an inside panel antenna, and a connect 4G device. So it does require a little time and work to get it up and running. As far as the design of the parts, they are black and fairly compact, as discreet as say a modem or wireless router, so they don't attract attention if you mount them in the right place.

It claims to boost signal for all cellular carrier and so far I haven't seen anything that contradicts that. I think of it as having a private cellular antenna and not having to depend as much with whatever cellular antennas are located in the area. This may or may not be an accurate assumption, but it seems to work that way. Not only have I had no problems, but I verified with my son that neither have any guests or clients using different phones and different carriers. I'm pretty impressed so far.

The Darcy Brothers: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
The Darcy Brothers: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Price: $3.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful story I will read again., February 17, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Given the authors, particularly Abigail Reynolds, I didn't bother to download a preview. I bought it right away and I'm so glad I did. It is a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Maybe if I'd ordered the preview, I wouldn't have bought the book. I found Theo to be so obnoxious in those first pages that I figured I couldn't take a whole book with him in it. How wrong I was. The interplay between the two brothers was beautiful to see. You grow to understand them both deeply and develop understanding about the wounds that shaped them and how logical the misinterpretations each had for the other's actions and reactions.

The character of Lady Catherine is more sinister than ever, but the evolution of Anne (once freed of her mother's schemes) ranges between believable and not quite so. Georgina is beautifully portrayed and, of course, the romance between Lizzy and Darcy touches the heart.

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