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The Elder Scrolls Online - PC/Mac
The Elder Scrolls Online - PC/Mac
Offered by GenerationWW
Price: $49.98
16 used & new from $36.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars Its a new game, but too many bugs nonetheless, April 27, 2014
If this were a F2P game, I wouldn't be writing this. But as you pay for the game and then pay a monthly subscription, its not forgivable.

The bugs are quest breaking, such as one where you have to leap from platform to platform, while sprinting, and hitting the jump button at just the right time so you can land on another platform. You then have to leap to your death from said platform, while trying to shoot an 'X', so you can continue on to the next area. This is on the main quest, right towards the end. This is also time sensitive, you have a very limited amount of time to get it just right.

If this were a game that involved a lot of jumping and had highly tuned mechanics for such, that'd be one thing. Its not. I often find myself hitting the space bar to jump and nothing happens. The same with other buttons as well. I read the ESO forums where people were complaining that they had jumped over 50 times or spent hours trying to get this just right.

There are also NPCs that don't respond on quests. There are NPCs that will follow you on specific quests, ostensibly to assist you, then they stand there and watch you get pummeled, doing nothing.

I've also fallen through bridges, gotten trapped inside rocks that spawned on top of me, fallen through floors, gotten stuck inside stairs, etc. These sorts of things would again be acceptable in a free game, but not one which you pay for.

Speaking of spawns, I oftentimes had to sit there, waiting, while an NPC slowly materialized, or a building, or a set of stairs, etc. I turned the graphics as low as they would go and still.......waiting.

I played up to level 50 (as high as you can currently go), got to the aforementioned platform jumping issue right towards the end, tried it a few times (also watching hordes of other people uselessly jumping to their deaths) and then quit. I believe I tried the majority of the quests, got awards for completing the majority of the quests in a given area, I think I gave the game a pretty thorough chance.

They do manage to break the mold of 'go kill 20 rats and then come back' quests. They do as good a job of changing that as anybody can ask. Well done. The quests are fun (those that you can complete). There are some that need some fine tuning in regard to difficulty level or end bosses. They're still manageable, but if you're a casual player, expect some issues.

I tried the crafting, but it seems pretty pointless right now, the best equipment I received were rewards for quest completions. For those who are familiar with the Elder Scrolls games, I got the point as a blacksmith where I could forge ebon equipment. But it was much weaker than anything I could get as a reward or off of a critter (if I was lucky and it had some good loot).

For those who are familiar with auction houses (as they have in most MMOs), prepare to be disappointed. You can join a guild (you can actually join up to 5 guilds) and sell things in their private/guild only auction house, but that's it. On the other hand, whats the point anyway, since anything you might possibly make can be outshined by completing a quest.

While the majority of the quests are fun, it was evident that some were just not well thought out. There are several bosses in each area that take a group of people to beat. These are fun, but some of them are bosses that you have to stand there and wait for them to summon another boss (if you run up and start attacking right away, they don't summon and you don't credit for beating that boss). Sadly, this is an online game and inevitably there are those individuals who will stand there for hours on end, so they can run up and spoil the quest for everybody. Boss spawns, everybody waits, one guy runs up and spoils it for everybody, then runs away giggling about it. Then comes back for the next respawn.

I played the Elder Scrolls games since Daggerfall. I am a fan, just not of this installment. Too many mistakes, too many bugs, too slow to fix 'em. There is no good reason for being two weeks into a game and the main quest line has a mission you cant complete. Or that people die 50 times in a row trying to complete.

I cant say anything about the PvP aspect, I didn't really even get to it.

I unsubscribed. Hopefully they'll come out with another Skyrim or Morrowind or the like. I'll cheerfully buy that game.

Knights of Badassdom [HD]
Knights of Badassdom [HD]
Price: $12.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Theres a fine line between funny-dumb and just dumb - *spoilers*, February 25, 2014
I waited with some anticipation for this movie to come out, it was played up quite a bit online. And, I will admit, I played D&D back into day. I should have taken a clue from delay after delay. Ultimately, I think it was delayed because the producers realized that no one should have to suffer this much needlessly.

And with Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, and that Zahn guy, how could it go wrong? F me, I really need to stop asking questions like that.

I guess if we were to look at movies like Cabin in the Woods, or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, we would see horror comedy done well. As I recall, they might show the dude flying into the woodchipper, but its from a side view, where you don't see his spleen getting ripped out. Not this movie. That spleen gets ripped out and munched on in graphic detail. Tough to find a chuckle, unless you're Hannibal Lecter. Graphic evisceration just lacks humor.

And the special effects. I think the effort to bring back Claymation in this movie was heartfelt, but poorly done. I thought the Claymation in the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans was much better (before anyone throws a hissy fit, I do know that it wasnt Claymation, Claymation would have been better than this. The playdoh monsters I made fight my star wars action figures 30 years ago would have been better).

The end of the movie. They just cobbled that together in the last ten minutes. The 'hero' of the movie sings some atonal gloom metal at the apocalyptic demon beast, thereby killing it. God knows , it nearly did me in too.

I am reminded of the following passage from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, 'During a recitation by their Poet Master Grunthos the Flatulent of his poem "Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning" four of his audience members died of internal haemorrhaging, and the President of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council, survived by gnawing one of his own legs off. Grunthos is reported to have been "disappointed" by the poem's reception, and was about to embark on a reading of his twelve-book epic entitled My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles when his own major intestine, in a desperate attempt to save life and civilization, leaped straight up through his neck and throttled his brain.

If only we could all be so lucky.

I gave the second star because Summer Glau is hot. That's it. If she'd worn less clothing, I probably would have given this movie three stars. My value system may be flawed.

Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed III
Price: $17.46
304 used & new from $2.98

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2.0 out of 5 stars If you thought 4 was great and wanted more, dont go back to 3 *spoilers*, January 1, 2014
This review is from: Assassin's Creed III (Video Game)
I made the above mistake. Mea culpa. I liked the open sandbox world of 4 and the freedom to do what you wanted, up to and including using the weapons you purchased.

In the case of 3 though, you work your ways towards getting the better weapons, only to find that it still somehow takes five consecutive hits to kill the average enemy. What the heck is getting George Washington's sword worth, if it does the exact same damage as your entry level hatchet? You have to build your village up over the course of the entire game, do all the homestead missions, make everybody happy, so you can earn the weapon that is exactly the same as the weapon you started with, just visually different. Hatchet takes five consecutive hits, epic end game sword takes five consecutive hits. Whats the point. I guess maybe all the cool kids have it.

The storyline gets increasingly nonsensical too. You end up killing your best friend, they guy you grew up with. The game makes a point of indicating that he is, essentially, your cousin. You kill him because one day, after decades of friendship, this complete stranger shows up once, tells your best friend a lie, your friend just completely buys it and turns on you without saying a word to you beforehand. Now bear in mind that you and you best friend not only grew up together and are family, you're also native American during a time when native americans were constantly getting the shaft from the white man. The guy who shows up and lies is a white dude. And is somehow completely trusted.


You also cant actually use the weapons you buy when you want to use them. In 4, if you bought a weapon, you could use it whenever you wanted. Not in 3, if you get to a boss fight, you suddenly are unable to whip out your pistol and shoot the guy (a la Indiana Jones). No, you have to have a sword fight. Because, well just because.

The same holds true for the very end, when you chase a bad guy through town. At one point, my character is standing about ten feet from the guy, but cant shoot him, because....because....well....its the chase scene. Yes, you have a gun, but using the gun would make way too much sense. Its better to chase the guy, on foot, through a burning building while he commands soldiers to block you, shoot at you, and otherwise make you miserable. Its just not sufficiently dramatic enough to shoot the guy. You have to go through the unending chase scene.

If there was any reason for this, even a lame one, I'd be ok with it. You dropped your gun. Your gun jammed. There was a hole in your bag and all your bullets fell out. The same with your buddy turning on you. Give me a better reason than some stranger showed up one day and told a lie. Something more plausible with a little more depth. Maybe he was always jealous, maybe he got greedy and turned to the dark side of the force, because he thought your were diddling Princess Leia's mom. Something, anything, really. Say he was Replicant, I don't care, just make it more plausible than some dude we never met showed up one day, talked some crap, and I thought. 'wow, I guess I better kill my best friend.'

As for gameplay, I have to agree with many others, I don't think this was playtested. I don't know when this game came out, but it must have been pressed for time, right before a holiday or something. For example, to capture a fort, you have to go through a sequence of events, one of which is killing the fort commander. Great, except that he shows up on your little map, but when you get there, he isn't actually there. Theres a marker showing where he's supposed to be, but he still isn't there. You just fought your way through an entire fort, just to get to the center, where the commander is supposed to be, only to find a blank spot. This didn't happen to me just once, it happened multiple times.

I thought 4 was great, maybe the combat was a little too easy in 4, but otherwise, great fun.

This was ok, just don't have any preconceptions about it being as open as 4. Or being able to use your guns to end chases. Or the quality of your weapons actually making any difference.

Swan Song
Swan Song
by Robert R. McCammon
Edition: Paperback
31 used & new from $18.99

17 of 32 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars poorly thought out, June 3, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Swan Song (Paperback)
I'm a little more than halfway through this book and I'm starting to lean towards not finishing it.

I dont think the author did much research, if any. One of his main characters is an air force colonel, who he describes as being special forces, cracking heads in the crook of his arm, fighting in vietnam, Iraq, etc. While the air force does have search and rescue soldiers, the ground pounding special forces folks are marine recon, army rangers, navy seals, etc. I cant claim to be an authority on all the special forces, but I did google a few sites, no mention of air force special forces anywhere. And of course, later on, the air force colonel dons a nazi uniform and struts around, admiring all his shiny ribbons. Really? This is such a cliche, idiotic portrayal of somebody in the military, it makes me cringe. How much effort would it have taken the author to do some research on the military. At least utilize a branch that actually has special forces. I wont even get into the fact that somebody who makes it to the rank of colonel would typically be a pretty well educated person, who takes his duty to his country pretty seriously. Putting on a Nazi uniform and strutting around admiring himself is really just the height of moronic writing.

In another case, the big bad evil dude who is trying to get a magic ring, is only a mile away from the person who has the ring. The author makes a point, several times, of pointing out that the evil dude has a french racing bike and tours the country via the same. Rather than take a five minute ride to the ring, the evil dude decides it would be better to travel further on and ambush the person with the ring. He's been looking for this stupid ring for seven years and now has the choice of either a five minute bike ride, or walking through the woods for hours to get the next town to set up an ambush. Jesus wept.

Not to mention, the author's repeated attempts to show how evil the evil dude is by having him ride his bicycle over corpses, rather than around. Obviously the author has never ridden a bicycle. Let alone a racing bicycle. And the evil guy laughing at the 'Faces of Death' movie, in the beginning of the story. Repeatedly laughing, over and over, playing the movie again. Laughing again. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Thats how effing evil he is, he laughs at Faces of Death. Muahahahahahaha.

The repeated, nonsensical decisions by major characters, the poorly done research, its just too much for me to take. If the author was 17 or 18 years old when he wrote this or if this was the first book he ever wrote, then he did an ok job. Otherwise, this is just too painful to continue reading. Anybody capable of rational thought should avoid this book.

I will have to make the inevitable comparison to the 'The Stand'. Say what you will about Stephen King, at least he made his evil dude actually act evil, speech, mannerisms, etc. Not just sit there and virtually say, 'Look at me, look at me, evil, evil over here. I'm really, really evil. Super evil. Lock up your wives and daughters. Evil is here.' I suppose overblown is the word I'm looking for. The author really needs to learn some subtlety.

Painfully stupid. Poorly researched backgrounds. I cant recommend this to anyone who is capable of rational thought. If you're the type of person who can just sit and read something and not think about it, then have it, it would probably be a pretty good read. If you think a character shooting someone with a shotgun and the victim being blasted back through the air is a deeply flawed concept, then this book isnt for you. If you think that sort of thing is realistic because you saw it in a hollywood movie, then read on. You'll likely really enjoy this story.
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DVD ~ David Dyer
Price: $9.03
76 used & new from $0.64

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4.0 out of 5 stars Comedy and horror - well done, February 10, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Severance (DVD)
I went into this expecting a generic/cliche slasher flick - group goes into the woods, stereotypical stoner, jock, hot chick, geeks, ahole boss, etc.

It does that and then gives them their own somewhat bizarre and overdone personalities, such as the boss's attempt to be PC.

Rarely does a movie successfully combine horror and comedy, there were definitely some tongue in cheek moments here. Maybe no side-splitting laughter to be found, but I'd say it was darkly twisted and I laughed several times throughout.

I'd say it closely resembled 'Cabin in the Woods', if you enjoyed that movie, you might appreciate this one.

If you're looking for gory torture/porn, look elsewhere. This has some gore to it, but it isnt Saw or Hostel. I'd say this movie conentrates more on the humor than the horror and does it well.

Resident Evil: Retribution
Resident Evil: Retribution
Price: $9.99

59 of 88 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Not the worst movie ever, but close, December 23, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'll start by saying that I have watched all the previous movies in the franchise. Like many of the reviewers here, I agree that that this was, by far, the worst of the lot.

Action movies have a long and storied history of poor plots and little sense and the Resident Evil series is proudly no different. Sadly, this has really gone to the extreme here. I'm guessing that the director just figured if he had nonstop explosions, gunfire, and cleavage, nobody would notice the horrendous plot holes. I'll admit, the cleavage was why I gave this movie the second star. Yay cleavage!

Otherwise, I might have missed it, but during the great escape sequence, they all have to get off the elevator, because the power has been shut off. The elevator is their only way to escape, so they're summarily humped, unless they get it powered up again. The good guys stand around trying to figure out how to get it fixed. Cue the bad guys to show up and gunfire ensues. Good guys go running everywhere, saving people and shooting back. Suddenly the elevator has power again, for no apparent reason, allowing the remaining good guys to survive. Lame. No explanation, no hacking the mainframe, no hot wiring, no reconfiguring the deflector array to emit a phase tachyon pulse, no recalculating the flux capacitor to emit 1.21 gigawatts, nothing. It just works again.

Or the chick in the slinky red dress. She has a gun strapped to her thigh in one scene, where the good guys are trapped in a house. No other guns in sight, the dress definitely would have revealed any other weapons. Suddenly a firefight breaks out and she now hands Milla her one gun and yet now has a pistol in either hand. Sure, it always looks cool in a movie to be firing two guns, but magically appearing guns is a bit hard to believe. I wont go into the inexhaustible supplies of ammunition, but these guys would have needed a truck to follow them around, keeping them constantly supplied with bullets. Unless they were carrying all those extra bullets in their cleavage. I hadnt thought of that. Multipurpose.

And then theres the final fight scene, out of the underwater soviet testing facility, up on the frozen-over lake above. The good guys are making their escape in their sno cat, trekking scross the ice. They are forced to stop and have yet another fight. The only way to stop one of the bad people is to fire a bunch of bullets into the ice at her feet, breaking the ice and sending her into the freezing, nazi-zombie infested waters below. I dont know, but I'm guessing a sno cat which can carry a group of people probably weighs a couple tons. Firing some bullets into ice thick enough to support that kind of weight probably wouldnt do squat. Not to mention, the unstoppable evil chick has a punch that crushes people's sternums and kills them in one blow. She also gets hit in the face with a metal fire extinguisher, swung by a fairly large individual. She doesnt even blink. So why did her fight against two of the good guys go on for ten minutes?

Sadly, this is yet another hollywood insult to people around the world. If you add enough explosions nobody will notice the gaping plot holes and weak story.

I wont delve into the horrible acting, you're watching a Resident Evil movie, dont expect Oscar moments.

There are quite a few other ridiculous moments, such as the grapple gun which apparently has limitless cable. The almost instantaneous results of the T virus, whereas it took quite awhile in the prior movies to effect results. The completely ludicrous concept of building an entire mockup of new york, tokyo, berlin, and moscow, ostensibly for testing purposes. We have an artifical intelligence that runs an antire corporation/evil empire that plans on eradicating humanity, but it cant run simulations without plywood sets and clones? Jesus wept.
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Fist of the North Star
Fist of the North Star
DVD ~ Gary Daniels
Offered by btrdev
Price: $43.25
10 used & new from $0.02

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1.0 out of 5 stars Domino's pizza - spoilers, December 10, 2012
This review is from: Fist of the North Star (DVD)
I once ate some Domino's pizza, about 15 years or so ago. It disagreed with me, violently. I was sick for three days, not knowing which end was going to explode first, or if it was going to be both at the same time. The putrefying stench was the most vile thing on earth. It was hard to believe that the human body was capable of emitting such a noisome horror. The smell permeated every room in the house and lingered, despite opening the doors and windows. Dogs out on the street vomited uncontrollably. Insects died in mid-flight. Virgins in a tri country area were immaculately deflowered (or not so immaculately). By the end, it felt like I was excreting battery acid, I was praying for merciful death to come take me away. It was bad.

This movie was worse.

I will confess that I have a spot in my heart for campy, cheesy, B-Movies. At first, I thought thats what I was watching, though B-movie would have been a compliment in this case. However about 30 minutes into the movie, I realized that this movie was actually taking itself seriously. Before I came to the realization that this was intended to be serious, I actually thought it might have been some sort of bizarre homage to gay films. The main character dude was always oiled up, flexing, and striking these bizarre poses. He managed to lose his shirt in almost every scene. They stated that he had a girlfriend, but I honestly expected him to ride off into the sunset with Costas Mandylor, side-saddle, on the back of a pink unicorn.

The sets. They could have watched Mad Max a couple more times to get it down. A post apocalyptic world should be dirty. There should be rubble and debris scattered around. This seemed too clean somehow. If I had studied theater or cinema, I could probably give a better description of why the setting just didnt seem right. But then if I had studied theater or cinema and had watched this, I probably would have felt obliged to gouge my own eyes out.

The actors. When you're watching the intro credits and see Downtown Julie Brown, Chris Penn, and Clint Howard, you know what you're getting into. The main character, Ken. At first I thought it was Ben Stiller from the clips of Tropic Thunder, where he was playing the lone wolf survivor type hero in a post apocalyptic world. Those were humorous spoofs of such type movies. This wasnt humorous, it was trying to take that character and make a story about him. Which could actually have been pretty funny, if played to that.

Speaking of the story, its pretty difficult to follow. From what I could discern, Oily-good-guy's dad is the master of the Fist of the North Star. Costas Mandylor is the master of the Southern Cross. World War III breaks out and it now rains acid. The two kung fu schools can never fight each other, or presumably bad things will happen, theres prophecy and such. Prophecy states that they musnt ever fight. I would guess that if the kung fu school of the Fist of the North Star and the school of the Southern Cross ever fought each other, the consequences would be dire, like they would make a bad live action film with some second rate actors. Oh, wait....

Anyway, Costas beats the tar outta the flexing good guy and steals his girlfriend. To add insult to injury, or maybe the other way around, Costas stick his fingers into the good guy. The good guy, violated, wanders off into the wastes. Costas goes to flexy good guy's dad and shoots him dead. This apparently bequeathes mystical powers on flexy good guy. Dead dad floats in the air and says profound things about justice and vengeance, pretty much what you'd expect really. I got the impression that oily good guy was kind of a disappointment to his dad. But then he did abandon his girlfriend and let strange men stick their fingers in him. I'd be disappointed too, all things considered.

Costas kills some guy who wandered into his house. His bad guys kill a bunch of people who apparently mine canned goods. We have a flashback scene where oily good guy gives his girlfriend his sack of nuts, right before wandering off. Said girlfriend spends some time opening the sack and gazing, mournfully, at oily good guy's nuts. Costas find girlfriend holding onto the nuts and smacks them out of her hand, sending the nuts flying about the room.

Oily good guy goes to Costas' house and beats the heck out of a bunch of minions, who conveniently all attack from the front and in limited numbers. Usually one or two at a time. Sometimes one who has a weapon of some sort will attack, but only when the good guy has a couple seconds to brace himself for the attack and take the weapon away. You've seen these movies, you know the drill. The minions all lie on the ground, sufficiently pummeled, paving the way to the end boss, I mean Costas.

Theres the penultimate death fight between oily guy and Costas. The girlfriend spends some time running away from Chris Penn, which lets be honest, probably isnt the first time thats happened in Chris's life.

And Costas kills oily good guy. Hah, just kidding, you know that didnt happen. Oily good guy wins the day, gets the girl, and goes on to do something. I'm guessing he's probably concerned with picking up his nuts. The minions, those who survived, all bow down to the girlfriend and oily good guy. Presumably, the peaceful villagers go back to collecting cans.

I'd like to say that this isnt the worst movie I've ever seen. I just dont think I can do it. It has every hackneyed cliche ever written. The fight scenes are terrible. You can see some of the punches and kicks falling well short of their marks. When you're looking to Downtown Julie Brown for the premiere acting in the movie, its bad.

In ending my review on a positive note, I will say that I am relatively sure I will never see a worse movie. Thats the kindest thing I have to say after watching this. So watching this was, in a way, sort of a relief. Everything will be better after this.

Price: $3.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Dont buy into the positive reviews - spoilers, November 1, 2012
This review is from: Scalene (Amazon Instant Video)
Save yourself, its too late for me....

Based on the reviews, I watched this trainwreck of a film. If you expect a taut, intellectual thriller, possibly with some action and suspense, this is not the film for you. After watching this movie, I went back and looked at the positive reviews and noticed that 23 out of 40 of the four and five star reviews were all written on the same day, August 21, 2012. That same day was not the release date or even close to it. And most of these reviews are one or two sentences long and thats it. I'm going to rush to judgment here and suppose that somebody is padding the numbers to artifically inflate the number of stars for this indie film. Several of the other 'glowing' reviews are within a day or two of Aug 21. All the other reviews are spread out over a significant span of time. I'm calling shenanigans.

Its just not good.

It drags at about a snails pace. The plot is easily discernible in the first fifteen minutes.

The concept of the three-sided story is entertaining, but not enough to save this movie. The idea that a sociology major who plans on specializing in caregiving hasnt learned anything by her senior year about abuse and how to deal with it is ludicrous. Instead of following through on her initial phone call to report the possible abuse to the authorities, she decides that staging a fake rape with the individual is the better idea. Really. She goes so far as to give her mentally handicapped patient a handjob into a dixie cup to acquire his sperm, so that she can make her story more credible and accumulate some material evidence. I'm not sure if theres a handjob 101 class or if its in the graduate level of study, but I'm pretty sure it isnt the typical recommended course of treatment. Probably offcampus on the job training, I'd guess.

Rather than talk to a professor, or her parents, or the police, or follow up on it further with the mother, the answer is apparently - stage a fake rape and get the mentally handicapped invalid removed from his mother's care. This is obviosuly better than actually trying to discern if there is actual abuse going on.

This was painfully stupid. Now I'm not saying that sociology majors are smarter than a bagful of doorknobs, but this was an all time low.

This movie had the potential to be intriguing, but the stupidity factor was overwhelming. All the positive reviews are just a slap in the face.
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Price: $2.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars sleepless in seattle, October 27, 2012
This review is from: Audition (Amazon Instant Video)
A poignant and whimsical retelling of 'sleepless in seattle' - a middle aged widower with a precocious son looks for love in the modern day hectic world. His search for romance is urged on by his son, who notes that his father appears lonely and downhearted.

Hence the introduction of the father's film producer friend. The two characters stage a film with dozens of eligible young women ostensibly auditioning for the lead role. Meanwhile, of course, the father has ulterior motives in meeting and interviewing the ladies.

When the father meets the leading lady, there is an instant chemistry between the two and they hit it off, going out to dinner, spending the weekend together, meeting her stepfather, etc. She has a troubled past, including abuse and the shattering of her dreams as a ballerina, but has resolved many of her issues with her abusive stepfather and now apparently cares for him at her residence.

Finally, she comes back to his house, where things get off on the wrong foot when the young lady introduces the father to her amateur acupuncture skills. This is also the moment in the movie when the young lady meets the son and there is definitely some friction between the two.

The end of the movie is unclear, but I am optimistic that these two lovebirds will make it work out in the end, despite their differences. They may have some issues to resolve and possibly some couples counseling, but you just know that love conquers all and they'll stay together.
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Price: $1.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not a bad show, some flaws, April 8, 2012
As long as you can suspend your disbelief, this isnt a bad show.

It has a couple issues that left me scratching my head though.

At one point, during a clandestine 'sting' operation where the good guys are dropping off a backpack full of cash for the bad guy to pick up, some kids on bicycles grab the backpack and take off. The nearby undercover agent actually yells 'Undercover agent' at the fleeing kids, trying to get them to stop. You're on a plainclothes assignment that hinges on secrecy in the middle of a park and you yell at the top of your lungs that you're an undercover agent, not kowing if the bad guy is there or not. Something that incredibly moronic really should have been caught and edited out or reshot.

The relationship between the main character and his doctor girlfriend is also something else. She appears to be a pediatric surgeon who was top of her class, completed her residency, etc. Her thug excon motorcycle boyfriend is always broke, the motorcycle club is constantly broke and scrounging for cash. One of the members is six months behind on his alimony and two months behind on his child support. Whats the point of being a gun running, motorcycle riding, criminal if it doesnt at least pay well. Their being broke seems to be a recurring theme.

If your girlfriend is a pediatric surgeon (average salary in the US $355,000), its time to hang up your helmet and become a stay at home dad. Sit on the couch and eat bon bons. Pet your pomeranian. Whatever. Especially when your criminal enterprises result in your going to jail and getting stabbed and then still being broke. The entire relationship is really laughable, as it relies on you believing that she is bright enough to accomplish the aforementioned, yet unbelievably stupid enough to want to be an 'old lady', even when her boyfriend goes off, fooling around with porn stars. Even when one of the other wives gets shot in the back of the head by one of the gang members. Even when the main characters mother is caught and destined to go to prison. Even when another club members wife is beaten to death and left in a ditch by the side of the road. Oh yes, and the gang rape of the main characters mother. 'Old lady' does not seem to be a career choice with a lot of upside to it.

Speaking of jail, there is one poor sob, who is in the motorcycle gang and is currently in jail, gets his one good eye poked out, gets his wife killed, he gets put on death row, all due to being in this motorcycle gang. I cant help but think that maybe his continuing devotion to the gang is misplaced, as it really doesnt seem to be going all that well for him. Nonetheless the gang seems to constantly be asking him for favors and to gather intel, etc. He lost is one good eye, his wife, his freedom, and in the near future, his life, all for this gang. At some point I think you'd just have to tell your buddies to go pound sand, you've done enough. Especially since, even if he did get out, he could never ride a motorcycle again (he only has 10% vision left) and the club has some sort of rule to the effect that if you cant ride, you cant be a member.

These are the drawbacks, or at least the inconsistences as I saw them. Not too terrible, but a bit silly and unbelievable.

On the other hand, the action scenes are pretty good. There are also some pretty humorous scenes. I wont delve into detail on those, other than to say that some of the laughs make the unbelievable bits pale a bit.

Overall, its fun to watch as long as you dont watch it with a critical mindset.
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