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Patuoxun® USB Desktop Charge Sync Docking Station Cradle for Google Nexus 4
Patuoxun® USB Desktop Charge Sync Docking Station Cradle for Google Nexus 4
Offered by Patuoxun
Price: $10.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid design to securely hold your Nexus 4, March 3, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It's been almost a year since I purchased my Nexus 4 and decided it was time for docking station. This is one of those purchases that isn't an absolute necessity but more of a nice to have. That said I do prefer storing the phone vertically which facilitates using it while charging and takes up slightly less desk space.

When shopping for a docking station there are several models out there such as Decrescent Universal Case Compatibile Micro USB Desktop Docking and Charging Station for Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, 820 & 800 and Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini & Ace 2 - Black or Docking station Micro USB for LG Google Nexus 4 Black - elegant design from kwmobile.. But with each of these 2 designs the phone is somewhat vulnerable as its only point of contact with the dock is through the micro USB connectors. It may work well for the most part but if you accidentally knock it over (with the phone inserted) your phone (or dock) could be irreparably damaged.

To be fair this design is not perfect either but after weighing the pros and cons I find it less of a compromise compared with the others. It's major shortcoming occurs during insertion when the phone must align it's internal USB connector with the docking station's external mating connector. This is not as bad as it sounds since there is only a slight misalignment during phone installation.

All you need to know is when sliding the phone into the station don't "slam" it in. Easily adjust the phone while inserting it (slightly press or pull the top of phone) so the 2 connectors align properly just before they contact each other, once they align press firmly so they fully engage. What I prefer with this design is the solid interface between the phone and dock. Since the phone contacts three sides of the station it isn't relying on just a fragile USB connection to hold it.

Docking stations are not complicated devices and some ppl seem to believe they need detailed instructions to get them to work. Think of it this way, the link between your phone and computer (or phone and USB power source) is the USB cable, when you add a docking station all you're doing is inserting another link or pass through between the phone and cable. Similar to adding an extension cord to a lamp, the dock is passive so it isn't introducing any electronic circuitry, it merely is providing a fixed 90 degree bend to allow the phone to be connected upright.

Prior to ordering my biggest concern was if this dock would accommodate my RINGKE FUSION for Google Nexus 4 Best Selling Shock Absorption Bumper + Anti Scratch Clear Back Premium Hybrid Case [Eco/DIY Pkg.][BLACK] and the answer to that is yes it will. The dock comes with a contoured spacer that conforms to the shape of the 3-sided "well" where the phone rests. It has a raised tab (protruding slightly above the dock) to easily remove it and provides about 0.056" / 1.42mm (used my calipers) clearance to accommodate the case. If your phone has no case then just leave the spacer inserted for a more snug fit.

After several weeks of use I've grown comfortable with this docking station, the more I use it the more I prefer it. I think it is stable, aesthetically pleasing and offers a good value. BTW, there are identical designs out there and as far as I can tell the only differences are resellers, price and labeling: Google Nexus 4 LG Charging Dock Black and VicTsing USB Data Sync Charging Cradle Dock for Google Nexus 4. At the time I purchased this model it had the advantage of being the least expensive including shipping...

- Aesthetically pleasing (subjective) design with stable footprint (less prone to tipping).
- Mounting interface holds phone securely with 3 points of phone body contact (not through single micro USB connector.
- Includes additional micro USB cord.
- Includes removable spacer to accommodate bumper case.

- Requires minimal attention during phone insertion to ensure proper phone to dock (USB) alignment connection.
- Needs 2 hands to install phone into dock to ensure proper alignment.

Poetic GraphGrip Case for Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen 2013 Android Tablet Black (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)
Poetic GraphGrip Case for Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen 2013 Android Tablet Black (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)
Offered by Smart Shop Online
Price: $14.95
2 used & new from $9.95

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Like an oversized smartphone bumper, February 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Soon after I purchased my Nexus 7 I immediately went looking for a case. I found many types out there in varying configurations. Most with covers that were either bi-folding, some with tri-folding and on and on. I first ordered the Poetic Slimline Case for Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen 2013 Android Tablet Black (With Auto Wake / Sleep Function) (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic) which was made well enough but felt too thin to offer any real protection and was troublesome each time folding and unfolding the lid.

It didn't take long for me to realize what I really wanted was a similar design to my Nexus 4 or a "rubberized" bumper case. I've had the this Poetic GraphGrip case since September of last year and it's the only case I use. It increases the Nexus 7 to near perfect thickness easily enabling gripping it from a flat table and "grippy" enough to keep it from slipping out of hand or off your lap.

I've not experienced any static, discoloration and it has remained very flexible (so far) without showing any signs of stiffness or drying out.

In fact my only complaint relates to the power and volume side buttons. The molded in positions are located precisely but are difficult to visually spot as the black buttons against the black case make them virtually invisible. Whenever I first pick up the tablet I am always rotating it (several times) to orient it so the switches are in the upper right side where I prefer them and are easier to find.

Other then that I find the case to be an almost ideal cover with all the holes lining up very accurately. Though it doesn't directly protect the glass it does protrude just proud of the screen so when you lay it down the glass isn't contacting a table top or whatever flat surface you place it on.

My suggestion to Poetic is to silkscreen 3 small color dots over push button switch positions to make them more visible. I seem to forever be pushing in the wrong place and hitting the wrong function button. Like turning off the screen when I meant to increase the volume. My own DIY has been to use an old school "white-out" pen and add a dot at each position (one for power and one each for volume up & down). It's crude remedy but get's the job done...

Lastly if you need additional protection for your tablet when you're out and about try the Mivizu Water Resistant Nylon Sleeve Case for Kindle Fire HD/HDx, iPad Mini 1/2, Nexus 7 FHD I found it not only accommodates the Nexus 7 (with the Poetic Slimeline case installed) but adds nice padded protection as well as additional storage for misc items like earphones, usb, etc.

Water Sentinel WSS-2 Refrigerator Replacement Filter
Water Sentinel WSS-2 Refrigerator Replacement Filter
Offered by DeepDiscountsco
Price: $22.07
11 used & new from $16.31

92 of 100 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Water Sentinel WSS-2 Filter vs Samsung DA29-00020B, October 24, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
In the 11 months we've owned our Samsung RF4287HARS 28 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel I've now had the opportunity to replace several water filters. The first time around I choose the Samsung DA29-00020B which back in April ran almost $33 and as of today is running at $35. The Samsung replacement filter is pretty much a no-brainer as it is designed and manufactured by Samsung so there was no doubt of it's reliability and quality.

This time around I decided to take a chance on an aftermarket replacement filter manufactured by Water Sentinel which I purchased last month for $21.89 and today is selling for $22.38. Obviously >56% is a significant savings compared with the Samsung filter.

After removing the Water Sentinel WSS-2 filter from the box the first thing I noticed is it's size. It is definitely thinner (smaller diameter) than the Samsung (see my detailed pics above), however overall length is about the same. The connection port or fitting has the same physical design and O-ring appears the same as Samsung's too.

The smaller diameter body may be a manufacturing/marketing cost reduction strategy rather than product inferiority. By making a smaller housing this one unit may fit multiple refrigerator models which helps reduce costs that Water Sentinel chooses to pass onto their customers. Or, they deliberately make their filters smaller knowing it will trigger refrigerators to signal owners and replace filters more frequently. Since it's only a theory and haven't owned it long enough I'm unable to say with any certainty. The closest analogy is gasohol, you pay less for the product but buy more frequently due to reduced energy content (lower mpg).

The installation process for these filters is similar so I will skip this part and mention only relevant differences. While I didn't do a timed water flow comparison, flow rate through the door appears slightly faster with Water Sentinel WSS-2 filter compared with the Samsung. If water flowing through filtering media is faster, it may mean there is less filter media inside the cartridge. Or it might indicate the old Samsung filter may be saturated with dissolved solids and is no longer effectively filtering. Since our refrigerator is connected to a reverse osmosis system it's hard to believe the old filter has become unusable. At this point I'll call it a draw and give Water Sentinel the benefit of the doubt.

It's important to keep in mind these filters do not typically filter to ultra-fine levels. In fact, all refrigerator filters primarily contain compressed carbon which is designed "to remove and/or reduce impurities and sediment that may be present in your drinking water." The carbon filters absorb certain elements and allow others to pass through. It also has the ability to "chemically breakdown" some impurities but not to a very high degree.

So what does all this mean? If you are looking to filter out bad taste; chlorine and slight odors from your drinking water and ice cubes these should all work fine. But if your concern for water safety justifiably greater you need to look at a reverse osmosis system which not only reduces chlorine taste and odor but arsenic, lead, perchlorate, cysts, cryptosporidium, giardia, entamoeba and others. From my own personal experience owning an RO system for almost 20 years you would be amazed how visibly contaminated (brown) the filters including these Purenex 1M-4PK 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack become after only 6 months from a certified city municipal water supply. And that's from contaminants that are visible. But we'll leave that for another review...

Today many appliances, devices and products are sold at or near cost, think printers (toner & ink cartridges); razors (blades); even Amazon's Kindles (books, movies & products) in order to sell consumables. While refrigerators are definitely not inexpensive the same business model applies to water filters. The cost to manufacture these cartridges are really not high, but the profit potential is. So it's wise to understand where and how filter cost reduction (by manufacturers) may adversely affect you. For example, some non-OEM ink jet cartridges can detrimentally effect your printer if they leak by ruining the printer and voiding the warranty. To their credit Water Sentinel does provide an "unconditional 90 day money back guarantee" and is good for 6 months or 300 gallons.

While there is always the remote possibility a defective filter could leak and damage your refrigerator, I believe the probability is very low. What most of us are looking for is quality, reliability and value.

I wish I could say unequivocally the Water Sentinel WSS-2 is a vastly superior filter to the Samsung, it's not. That said, for the Water Sentinel WSS-2 to be a better filter, it need only perform equal to the Samsung and with an appreciable cost advantage... based on that criteria I believe it is a good filter.

BTW, I've read a number of reviews where ppl have complained about noises after replacing their filters. Naturally I can't say with certainty but one possible problem may be air in the line. After installing any new filter it's important to purge all air from the line. Simply run a few large glasses of water through the door's water dispenser until the flow is smooth (no air bubbles). It's also helpful in eliminating any course particles or carbon dust trapped inside during manufacture, for most this will take care of any noises...
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Ravelli Tripods ATW Mini Tripod for Digital Camera or Webcam
Ravelli Tripods ATW Mini Tripod for Digital Camera or Webcam
Offered by PC Micro Store
Price: $4.76
23 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for what it is..., February 15, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It sort of tough to wax poetic about a miniature tripod especially one that costs only $1.99 + free S&H (at the time I write this) but here it is. As is the case with most marketing photos for small items, there is no camera or other objects displayed to gauge the tripod's size... this is a tiny stand and at best only elevates your camera about 4" above the table surface (depending on how you bend the legs).

That said, it still may prove helpful for a number of potential setups. Angling the camera upward to use with a timer is one I can think of. However the legs are way too short to even consider wrapping them around anything like a coat hook or tree branch.

The big issue for me is the quality... not very good. Mine arrived with one of the ball feet detached and the spiral leg deformed. Apparently the manufacturer wraps each leg with some type of plasticized metal laminate to improve the appearance of the bendable legs. The tripod was delivered with the leg coating delaminated (unwound) near the bottom where the ball is normally attached. BTW, this defect released a somewhat noticeable industrial solvent odor which can't be good.

Guess it's time to make use of Amazon's A-Z guarantee. The irony is after someone decides to replace or accept it's return, the money and energy spent will definitely exceed it's value and then some... guess this is price we pay for cheap Chinese goods :\

As for the product, let's just say often you get what you pay for and sometimes you just get taken... "Caveat emptor." After this little exercise, my suggestion is spend the money for something more substantial and don't cheap out. This is a great example of "false savings" where you buy something super cheap and ultimately end up wasting time and/or money returning it only to have spent more time and/or money to get what you really want in the first place... lesson learned.

After contacting Amazon regarding the matter, they have generously decided to take the hit for me even though it was purchased through a 3rd party. Amazon has graciously issued a refund without me returning it.

5-Stars for Amazon, 1-Star for product quality...
Thank you Amazon!

Lenmar AIDCU2 Auto Charger with High Output Dual USB for for Smartphones, iPad/Tablets, MP3 Players and Other USB Powered Devices
Lenmar AIDCU2 Auto Charger with High Output Dual USB for for Smartphones, iPad/Tablets, MP3 Players and Other USB Powered Devices
Price: $10.53
37 used & new from $3.75

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Questionable Quality..., January 13, 2012
Found this today while out @ Fry's for $4.99 so I took a chance. Since my needs are minimal (occasional iPod 5G use in non-iPod integrated vehicles) I thought it might be nice to get one with dual USB ports, just in case.

After taking it out to the parking lot I recall how a number of these chargers don't always work in every car. So I plugged it into my '04 TSX 12V power port and low and behold it lite up, so far so good.

Since my car has dual 12V ports (with flip-up protective covers)and because the charger is not a flush mount (sticks out more than an inch) it appears somewhat awkward and prevents the covers from closing. Next I relocated it to the power port inside the center console storage compartment (below armrest). As soon as I did the device began to flicker. After removing and reinserting it, it failed completely.

Only after closer inspection did I notice the center pin was dislodged and fully retracted (should be spring loaded and fully extended). I grabbed my receipt, product and packaging and immediately returned it (all within 15 minutes of purchasing it). Rather then exchanging it, I decided to wait and reassess my options.

I post this as a heads up to anyone contemplating this model (also branded under other names)...

BTW, I'm not completely heartless so I gave it 2 stars instead of one primarily because of:
- Dual USB ports with 2.1 Amp (max on top port)
- Integral and accessible fuse
- Subtle illumination

Bottom line, I don't expect much of electronics (other then work reliably for a reasonable time) but if a device fails within the first half hour... time to start over. It's also the best way I know to send a message to companies regarding inferior merchandise quality.

Watts Premier 560043 Water Filtration Booster Pump Kit
Watts Premier 560043 Water Filtration Booster Pump Kit
Price: $117.48
2 used & new from $81.23

24 of 26 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The pump you never knew you needed..., January 11, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I realize not everyone out there owns an RO (reverse osmosis) system and perhaps even fewer have one connected to their refrigerator. But if you do, you may want to consider this...

We've owned an RO system since 1994, in fact we still have it. During that time we connected it to our old Maytag refrigerator's ice maker and water dispenser. Neither worked reliably or well. When the ice maker wasn't literally shooting ice cubes horizontally out the cup, it would continually freeze and malfunction (as ice makers do).

Due to abnormally high frequency of repairs the only redeeming value we derived from the parade of service technicians was the opportunity to pick their brains. Time after time, each confirmed why the door mounted water dispenser was so agonizingly slow delivering water. It was primarily due to the reduced pressure from the RO system. Since the storage tank bladder and pressure were operating within spec this made sense.

While having an RO system does provide a cleaner (no minerals) source of water, the downside is low water pressure plays havoc with ice-makers creating "ice dams" that block the H2O feeder tube. The internal ice-maker switch depends on a minimum amount of water pressure to engage. RO system pressure is typically around 7 PSI which dramatically less than city water pressure (about 30-60 PSI depending where you live). Inevitably the refrigerator water line (necessary for ice making) will freeze-up disabling the ice-maker and significantly reduce flow through the door H2O dispenser.

Just about every refrigerator manufacturer recognizes this issue and addresses it within their respective owners manual. Our new Samsung is no exception. In fact, after contacting them and they highly recommend installing a water booster pump specifically for the reasons mentioned above.

So after doing some research I found this Premier model on Amazon (coincidentally from the same manufacturer of our RO system) and ordered it for less than Premier's own website price.

Since I installed it the same time we received our new Samsung I can't definitively state any measurable improvement. But compared with the previous Maytag, water flow is noticeably faster and dispensing pressure is higher (based on observation with pump turned on and off). I realize it may be too soon to report (almost 2 months) but best of all we haven't experienced any ice issues. While I can't unequivocally state this pump is making all the difference, I do feel confident it is helping prevent any recurrence of similar ice-maker issues... so far, so good.

If you've ever replaced your RO system filters, have experience with basic tools (semi-skilled with home repairs) you can easily install this. If not, it shouldn't cost much to have someone do it, I was able to install ours in about 20 minutes. After depressurizing the RO system (same as during a filter change); mount the pump vertically to any wall (under the sink); splice one RO water line; re-pressurize the system; plug the pump into a standard 120VAC outlet (typically available under most sinks for dishwashers and disposals) and your good to go.

As for the pump, it operates automatically (on-demand) and is exceptionally quiet, we never notice it working...
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Case Logic DCB-302 Compact  Case for Camera - Black
Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Case for Camera - Black
Price: $5.99
54 used & new from $0.99

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very flexible design & storage capacity for S95 & accessories, January 9, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After acquiring my S95 I went looking for the smallest possible case to hold it and a few accessories. What I found were cases with nice designs but limited functionality. As in all things in life, everyone prioritizes and makes compromises...

After starting out with the Olympus Horizontal Neoprene and Nylon Case (Black) I found a very nice, stylish and compact case with 2 small issues, a slight magnetic closure misalignment & somewhat offense odor.
Its a great case for the S95 if you are looking to carry only the bare essentials; camera and 2-spare memory cards (w/out plastic sleeves or cases).
You can read my review here:

I also tried the Case Logic TBC-302 Ultra Compact Camera Case with Storage (Black) and found a similar size case but with a very different look and a slightly expanded capacity. While I view the Olympus case as slightly more stylish, I see the Case Logic as more utilitarian. Not only can it hold my S95 and memory cards, but I can also squeeze in a battery.
See my review here:

In my quest to pack just a little more into the smallest case I discovered the Case Logic DCB-302. Unlike the Olympus which sits on you belt horizontally, this case (similar to the TBC-302), is oriented vertically. Personal preference will dictate which you prefer as each has it's advantages and disadvantages. The horizontal orientation makes it less obtrusive when worn on your belt and facilitates easier insertion and removal of the camera. But it tends to bulge slightly when sitting in your car with a seat belt wrapped around you. Truthfully, none of these really work that well in this scenario.

But what really sets the Case Logic DCB-302 apart from the other 2 cases is its exceptionally compact size and flexible storage capacity. Its made from a "ballistic" fabric similar to soft-sided luggage, very durable. The accessory pouch has a fine "mesh" design with a thin vertical red stripe detail that sets it off nicely. The sturdy zippers have perfectly sized "pulls" that are rubberized making it easy to open and close. The interior has a sewn-in light gray nylon lining, sort of generic but effective.

Granted, it is the widest (thickest) of the three due primarily to it's accessory pouch but it also affords the most capacity. The overall outline is slightly larger (barely) than the Olympus case but with just a little "puffier" padding and more rounded corners. Its an attractive and elegant design that appears well made; securely contains both camera and accessories and provides flexible carrying options.

You can either wear it on your belt (thread it through the stitched, wide loop sewn on back) or over your shoulder using the included adjustable shoulder strap that clips to 2 small plastic hook loops (attached at the top back side).

While there is no question this design bulges slightly when worn on your belt its two zippered compartments will securely carry the following:
- S95 Camera
- (3) SDHC Cards (w/plastic cases) (2 spares + 1 in camera)
- (4) Batteries (3 spares & 1 in camera)

If you are willing to pack only one spare battery you can mange this optional arrangement:
- S95 Camera
- (2-3) SDHC Cards (w/plastic cases) (2 spares + 1 in camera or possibly 3 spares if you omit the plastic cases)
- (2) Batteries (1 in camera + 1 spare inside charger)
- Canon CB-2LY Li-Ion Battery Charger for NB-6L Li-Ion Batteries

BTW, I also purchased Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit for Canon NB-6L, PowerShot D10, S90, S95, SD770 IS, SD980 IS, SD1200 IS, SD1300 IS, SD3500 IS, SD4000 IS, ELPH 500 HS and unfortunately discovered the battery charger design is very different from the Canon (much thicker) and will definitely NOT fit in the accessory pouch along with the S95.

All this in a profile approximately 1/3 wider than the Olympus case which I consider to be the slimmest! Given all my requirements (size, style, quality, capacity and very reasonable price, I got it for $5.98) its an excellent value. It's not perfect (nothing is) but it does provide the smallest footprint while carrying what I consider the most essential items for an extended photo shoot.

Case Logic TBC-302 Ultra Compact Camera Case with Storage (Black)
Case Logic TBC-302 Ultra Compact Camera Case with Storage (Black)
Offered by HPP Enterprises
Price: $13.99
27 used & new from $0.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent value case for S95, December 26, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is for Case Logic TBC-302 case used with the Canon S95 camera. For reference I recently purchased this case along with Olympus Horizontal Neoprene and Nylon Case (Black) which I just reviewed here:

After spending several days with the 2 products I've come to admire each but for different reasons. While they both share similar qualities I admire:
- Compact design
- Belt loop mountable
- Reasonably padded
- Room for memory cards

Summarizing the specific pros and cons of the Case Logic:
- Very compact with more conforming outer shell fits in pocket easier
- Little roomier design accommodates camera & 2 memory cards with plastic cases
- Vertically oriented when strapped on
- Better secured zippered closures
- Wide secure belt loop
- Carabiner provides attachment flexibility

- Padding appears a little sparse
- Carabiner loop attachment seems vulnerable
- Confined space makes it difficult to store camera wrist strap
- No space for battery (forget charger)

While the Olympus has a number of pros and cons as well, its easy to wish for a product that combines the best of both. However, given the cost difference (neither can be considered expensive) both provide above average quality, design and features.

It quickly boils down to personal preference: magnetic vs zipper fasteners; formal vs casual style; slightly thicker padding vs more conforming shell. Sometimes there are no clear choices and compromise and price being what they are I think I will end up using both depending on the situation.

Olympus Horizontal Neoprene and Nylon Case with Velcro Closure (Black)
Olympus Horizontal Neoprene and Nylon Case with Velcro Closure (Black)
Price: $4.99
22 used & new from $0.01

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty good fit for Canon S95... considering it's made by Olympus, December 26, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As soon as I purchased my Canon S95 during Amazon's brief "deal of the day" for $229 1 week ago today I immediately set out to find a compact carry case. After perusing countless styles I narrowed it down to 2, this Olympus Neoprene and the Case Logic TBC-302 Ultra Compact Camera Case with Storage (Black). They were relatively inexpensive so I ordered both and evaluated.

Since the issue of "the odor" has become such a contentious topic within recent posts I thought I'd address it first. There is no doubt this item has a noticeably strong (unpleasant) smell inside the case. Several ppl have equated it with kerosene or industrial solvent. IMO the smell is definitely noticeable but not so overpowering unless you decide to sleep with it on your pillow, which of course is crazy... right? That said, I may have found a way to mitigate the issue.

I experimented by liberally spraying the interior with Febreze® Air Effects® Air Freshener Linen & Sky Scent (3-9.7 Oz/275 g). I generously sprayed it several times during the first day and left the case open for about 24 hours to "air out." By day 3 there was a marked improvement, the odor was still there but considerably less. I repeated the process once more and unless you're snorting something out of the case (highly unrecommended), it's almost negligible now.

My next concern was more of a safety/security issue. It regards the magnetic closure which works adequately without the camera but marginally with it. By this I mean it requires an initial downward pressure on the flap to make it conform to the shape of the S95 and magnetically latch. This is possibly due to a slight misalignment between the magnet (embedded in the flap) with the mating metal tab (embedded in the case). Remember, this case was not designed by Olympus for the S95, it comes very close and given time the flap may slightly stretch (as with a new pair of slippers). My thought is each time I squeeze it closed the case will eventually mold itself better to the camera's shape and latch more readily - that's my thought anyway. So far it appears to be working.

However, my biggest fear was having the camera accidentally pop-out while I carried it on my belt. So as an "experiment" I took a little hike yesterday through "Telegraph Pass" here in Phoenix which is a moderate rated trail with lots of altitude changes, large boulders and uneven surfaces. I made sure to maintain awareness and keep a vigilant eye on the camera during my hike. I can now attest that after more than 6 miles, numerous jumps, slides and severe bumps, the camera never left the case :) Perhaps it was the neoprene interior, the snug fit or just dumb luck, either way the camera didn't eject. That said, I'm still not completely convinced of the magnetic closure's strength and would feel more confident if Velcro were used. In fact, I may install some in the future as a precaution.

I'm more certain now than when I started that this case will carry my S95 and 2 SDHC cards securely (if worn on a belt). BTW, don't count on slipping it into your jeans pocket easily as it would be pretty bulky, a jacket maybe. However, if you need additional space for say the Canon CB-2LY Li-Ion Battery Charger for NB-6L Li-Ion Batteries or extra battery, you're out of luck. In fact, be prepared to exercise a little more patience with one other small issue...

If you prefer using the camera's included wrist strap (most do), you may find it a little tiresome winding it into the case every time you holster it. Your options are either: folding it carefully and tucking it next to the lens; allow it to hang outside the case; or just omit it altogether (not a good idea).

Lastly, this may be one of the few times that corporate cost cutting by Olympus may be a benefit to Canon (or other) customers. If you buy this case for the S95 (or other model), you'll be happy to learn that Olympus elected to omit the their name tag from the exterior (unlike the product photo). At least it spares me from surgically removing it with an X-Acto knife...

- Exterior black design is discrete.
- Semi-rigid exterior shell is nominally padded (made from nylon)and compact.
- Soft neoprene padded interior (think wetsuit liner) without uneven or ragged edges.
- Wide horizontal opening facilitates camera insertion and removal.
- Quality stitching throughout.
- Two internal sewn-in elastic pockets for memory cards (for use without plastic cases).
- Wide (heavy duty) exterior belt loop (not elastic and sewn at both attachment ends).
- No exterior logo labels.

- Magnetic catch could be stronger.
- Insufficient space for anything but camera and 2 memory cards.
- Ooooh, that smell...

In conclusion, nothing is perfect and the fact is this case appears well made (aside from the odor issue); has a nice design; fits the S95 (mostly) and offers a good value. Its worth considering and should definitely be on your short list.
As for greater capacity to carry the camera and accessories there may not be much choice but to either carry these items separately or look at a larger case such as the Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Case for Camera - Black.

UPDATE: 01-09-12
Now that I've had ample time living with the case it has really grown on me, in fact it is the case I use most frequently now. The issues with the opening flap have not completely been eliminated (not installed Velcro yet) but since weather has been cooler my jackets and sweaters keep it from opening. Will need to re-examine come spring.

What I have noticed is when the camera is within the case and not on my belt, the flap issue is non-existent. Only after mounting it onto my belt (no I'm not that horizontally challenged either) does the case distort slightly causing the magnet to become misaligned. No big deal really but thought it might help those still sitting on the fence trying to decide... BTW, I too installed the Richard Franiec custom grip and can testify (as others mentioned) it has no effect whatsoever fitting in the case!

As an aside, I did also purchase the Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Case for Camera - Black (sort of went "case crazy" since buying the S95) for a very reasonable $5.98. Without too much detail, it strikes a very good balance between compact size and storage capacity. The overall outline is slightly larger (barely) than the Olympus case but with "puffier" padding. Having two secure zippered compartments, one to contain the camera (no magnet issues) and one for accessories along with included adjustable shoulder strap, it brings this case up to a whole new level. I'm still amazed at how much it can hold within such a tiny footprint!

Bottom line is this, the Olympus case is a wonderful design if you are traveling light and are looking for the smallest, lowest profile. But if your needs require additional space but also want to keep things minimal there are alternatives...

Update 06-25-12:
Well, it's been about 6 months now and most of my concerns have been alleviated. The smell is long gone, the magnetic catch works well enough and the case has conformed perfectly to the S95's shape. Bottom line, I use this case almost all the time now. My biggest sticking point regards any traveling.

Long trips are most challenging as the case is far too small to carry all the necessary items. Even the other cases mentioned are unable to contain the camera, 3 extra batteries, charger, 12VDC adapter and 2 spare memory cards. So my compromise is this; the camera with 2 extra memory cards fit into the Olympus case and all the other items get "squeezed" into the Case Logic DCB-302, or until I find a better case solution.

In the end the Olympus Horizontal Neoprene and Nylon Case has exceeded my expectations and was definitely worth purchasing. If you understand it's limitations you will find it to be a durable, elegant and ideal solution for carrying your camera.

Update: 4-30-13
Well my worst fear has occurred... while traveling out of town to sell our late parent's home I accidentally dropped my camera on an outdoor staircase about a half flight up! Needless to say, the camera did not survive the fall without significant damage but the case did possibly mitigate some of it. Despite denting the housing and creating a malfunctioning lens error, it could have been worse. Can't blame anyone but myself as I had both hands full of stuff and didn't have the S95 lanyard attached to my wrist.

On the positive side of things, I am grateful for AmEx protection plan which extended the original Canon warranty from 12/12 to 12/13. They graciously paid the full cost of the camera which was appreciably higher than the cost of repairs so I suppose things worked out better than I deserve. While I didn't have my S95 to take pictures of our family's home (which we owned for 30+ years) on the final day before closing, I did manage some decent shots and videos with my sister's iPhone.

Bottom line, no case will protect you from yourself or your own stupidity... lesson learned, always wear the wrist strap even when it's in the case!

GGS Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon PowerShot S95
GGS Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon PowerShot S95
Offered by Global_omo
Price: $7.84
6 used & new from $3.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great protection without distortion, December 21, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
If you have any experience with applying screen protectors you will soon see a major difference in quality here. I purchased this for my new Canon S95 because I don't particularly care for thin film protectors with their associated optical distortion issues. Since this is actually glass and not plastic it's slightly thicker than you might expect. But don't be deterred as it has virtually no distortion and is dimensionally precise. It fits the S95 screen perfectly.

As for the installation. I suggest you start with a high quality microfiber cloth and alcohol. Place a few drops of alcohol on you camera screen taking care to prevent any from running off onto the camera housing, I used an eye dropper. Next use the microfiber cloth and very gently wipe away the smudges and skin oils from you where you fingers have touched the screen. You might need to repeat the process a few times using different parts of the cloth to prevent recontaminating the screen. You'll know it's right when you look across the screen at an angle and has a mirror clean reflection.

Of course the trickiest part of the installation is the alignment. I started by removing only the screen protector's adhesive backing film. I turned the camera on to activate the LCD display and help gauge the location of the camera screen's thin (black) border outline (LCD edge perimeter). Keeping the camera on and holding the protector only by its edges, I visually aligned it as best as I could and barely allowed it to touch the LCD screen.

Naturally, it didn't line up exactly on the first try so I ever so carefully lifted the protector by its short edge (using an X-acto knife) so I could readjust it's position. Honestly, it took about 3 attempts but it was never so sticky that I was unable to remove it.

When it was finally right, I used the microfiber cloth to gently press it down apply even pressure over the entire surface. As a preventative measure, I left the transparent protection film on the screen protector (top side) while applying pressure minimizing the possibility of scratching the protector lens during installation. Once attached, just peel the protection film off and you're good to go...

Overall, I'd say this glass screen protector is the best quality I've come across, it's that impressive. It should provide excellent protection from potential scratches (but not severe bumps). It's so optically clear it's practically invisible and I never notice it when using my S95 which is exactly what you want!

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