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The Complete Book of Diagrams: Using Graphic Organizers to Teach Higher-Order Thinking, Grades K-3
The Complete Book of Diagrams: Using Graphic Organizers to Teach Higher-Order Thinking, Grades K-3
by Rhonda Henderson Adams
Edition: Paperback
Price: $14.95
22 used & new from $2.63

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Help Your Daughter or Son Organize Her (or His) Thoughts", May 30, 2011
About 11 years ago, when state curriculum goals were introducing new guidelines and requirements for every level of elementary school, there were no printed examples that would support these goals, thus, slowing up the process of achieving the outcomes. Educators would look to their reading and English publishers for examples to support the state mandated goals, at each level.

All the new teachers on the block would come in prepared, as they were just being taught these techniques in college; the older or more established educators would be scrambling to create examples to present to the students, and as such, the outcomes were in need of specific examples, related to the subject area.

This particular consummable book for Grades K through 3 "introduces graphic organizers" to teach higher-order thinking, through the use of sequencing diagrams, web diagrams, and venn diagrams, all aligned with National Standards. This consumable book contains 123 pages of activities to help your child sort and organize his or her thoughts, through short stories, higher-order questions, and a variety of cross-curricular activities, all taking into consideration the need to focus on the subject presented.

Individual learning needs are met in varying difficulty from kindergarten to third grade, using brightly and imaginatively illustrated graphics. For the interested parent, it is not just a matter of drawing a circle on the paper, and having the child list inside the circle certain items, and outside the circle, other items, such "what are you interested in, and what does not interest you?" The national standards correlations (and answer key) will help you in nurturing your child's organizational skills, mentally.

So, if your daughter likes reading, but is not fond of math, you can bring the two curriculum areas together, strengthening both, and more than likely helping her achieve the mandated state standards for learning. Give it a try!

Pylones Stainless Steel Eiffel Tower Cheese Kitchen Grater -Large
Pylones Stainless Steel Eiffel Tower Cheese Kitchen Grater -Large

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5.0 out of 5 stars "An Eiffel Tower Cheese Grater?".....What Will They Think of Next?", May 30, 2011
Want to spark your culinary effort? Add a French grater to the mix, and you will transport yourself back into a French kitchen, so to speak. Actually, this handy "Eiffel Tower Grater" can be more of a wall decoration in your kitchen, unless you use it to grate your cheese, your citrus fruits, even your chocolate. It comes in two sizes, only one of which is available, here. This large one is about six and a half inches by 11 inches high, and would be great if you are preparing to entertain four or five people. If on the other hand, you are preparing your lunch, and want to add a little pizzazz to your meal, this smaller grater is perfect.

My preference is the six inch by three and a half inch grater, which comes in handy if you want to grate lemon, lime, chocolate, or even cinnamon onto your tea, or dessert. After all, how much of the multi-sided grater do you really use; this one is just enough for the size of the meal, and the number of guests, individually.

If you are thinking of having a theme meal, possibly "All Things French", you might get enough of these small graters as party favors for your handful of guests, allowing them to add to the mix, whatever will spark flavor in the entrée or dessert. Vive La France, and Enjoy the Eiffel Tower Grater!

Hugo Complete French: Complete CD language course‚  from beginner to fluency
Hugo Complete French: Complete CD language course‚ from beginner to fluency
by Jacqueline Lecanuet
Edition: Hardcover
24 used & new from $25.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Learn a New Language, Learn French, and Immerse Yourself In the Experience!", May 30, 2011
Whether or not you are proficient in speaking French, this French language course will have your fluency up and running in three months, as well as an advanced course to take you further in understanding the language. This is a complete CD language course --- from beginner to fluency levels; there are two manuals, and each has 3 accompanying CDs to coach you through the process of becoming more familiar, and hopefully, more fluent in the language of France.

This complete guide works at perfecting your pronunciation with the native speakers on the 6 CDs in the set; it builds vocabulary with word lists, key phrases and model sentences; it explains essential grammar, and develops conversational skills through interactive exercises; it also provides insight into French life and culture. If you are only dabbling in a new language, you will be able to read menus, follow directions, and converse, using some of the basic skills learned. So, when you go for breakfast at your hotel, and they serve a chunk of French bread, a brioche, and a croissant, along with butter, jam, cheese, juice, and tea or coffee, you won't get bored thinking "why are they serving me this same breakfast, again?" Remember, you are visiting another country, and participating in their customs, eating their typical foods, and blending in with the regular folks.

Again, DK, is the publisher in conjunction with Hugo Language; DK is known for their excellent software, and Hugo is known for its authenticity in presenting the lesson to the learner. Yes, you can get other language programs from the same publisher; this program will immerse you in the language and life of the French. Take the time and learn a new language!
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Sakura 58350 10-Piece Blister Card Souffle Assorted Color 3-Dimensional Opaque Ink Pen Set
Sakura 58350 10-Piece Blister Card Souffle Assorted Color 3-Dimensional Opaque Ink Pen Set
Price: $13.22
28 used & new from $9.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Artistic Labeling on Non-Porous Objects.....Using Souffle Pens!", May 30, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
If you are the crafty type, you will find these markers perfect for labeling anything plastic, glass, metal, and thicker card stock. Perhaps, you have gathered small bottles and want to store your spices in them; use these "tools" to write on the glass or metal surface, such as ""salt", "pepper", "cinnamon", "coriander", and "lavender", to name a few.

Sakura brand comes in many different formats: opaque, glaze, matte, and Souffle: just like in the making of a soufflé, the ink flows thickly as you apply it to the non-porous surface, giving it a 3-D effect. Allow it 5 to 10 minutes to dry, and you will see the results of your artistic efforts.

You can use these "inks" for cards, invitations, ornaments, even your electronic devices. Perhaps, you will want to put someone's name on the item, and this is a perfect way to emboss the name on the object. This line comes in 10 colors, and the cap indicates the color of the ink. Here's to a craft-enriched experience!

Linnea in Monet's Garden (Linnea Books)
Linnea in Monet's Garden (Linnea Books)
by Christina Bjork
Edition: Hardcover
44 used & new from $0.88

5.0 out of 5 stars "Art Brings Life and Light to Lives of Those We Love", May 26, 2011
Travelling in Paris, recently brought me in touch with the Orsay Museum where Impressionist Paintings are displayed. This was my second visit in three years, but my first visit with Isabelle, the curator, as tour guide. While the museum is going through remodeling, the Impressionist paintings of Claude Monet and his colleagues are housed in new exhibit rooms. Of central interest to me were the Monet works, as we were taking the train, later in the week, to Giverny where Claude Monet bought property many years ago, and designed a garden to inspire all gardeners, myself, included.

The thrill to see the landscape where Monet was inspired draws many questions: Did his paintings inspire his gardening, or did his gardening inspire his paintings? I believe, both! It is quite an accomplishment to allow your work to interweave with your passions and interests, and looking at his acres of flowers, says it all. Life has a way of weaving itself into a beautiful landscape.

So, when it came to telling an eight year old about my visit to Monet's home and gardens, I used the wonderful book, Linnea in Monet's Garden as a prelude to our conversation. I have several books for engaging children in discussions on famous artists and their works; this one rises above many. The co-authors present the story of Monet and his garden and his paintings to an energized child, who when nurtured can relate to the first-person account of a young European child who traveled with an elderly friend, to visit Monet's home and gardens, the green bridge over the lily pond, the single-colored rooms in his house, and the sheer palette of colors in his gardens. (Coincidentally, I, too, named the rooms in my house by lighter shades of colors: rose for "spring's beginnings"; aqua for "summer's calm"; yellow sunshine for "golden autumn"; soft blush for "winter's sunset", and white of whites, to include every color of the rainbow's spectrum. Each of the rooms depicts a separate season; one represents all.)

This book contains full-color reproductions of some of Monet's paintings, ink and water color illustrations, a narrative of the visit to Giverny, Monet's home and gardens by this elderly man and the young lively child who displays enough enthusiasm to bring all the flowers into bloom. So, take the hand of your child, and carefully introduce her to as much of life as possible; someday, she will probably visit Monet's Gardens and Home, and have volumes to share. Draw out the creative spirit in your child! Bring good and truth-filled literature to your child's light! That's it, bring as much light into her life as you possibly can, so she can also pass on the light of learning to others.

Paris (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
Paris (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
by Rosemary Bailey
Edition: Paperback
40 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars "A Well-Planned Travel Guide.....To An Adventure!", April 30, 2011
If I would have seen this book a year ago, I would have noticed the great advantage to such a wealth of information "all in one place". The fact that it weighs less than a pound is an advantage all by itself. Over the past year, I have searched the internet on every topic related to Paris, and I have lots of pages printed out. Now, I see the advantage to taking this book along, as it contains information for each of the geographic neighborhoods in Paris, including the Metro stops nearby, eight guided walks, significant details about the various museums; the sectional maps are easy enough to read and follow the path to wherever I am going.

The METRO, the underground subway is the most efficient way of getting around so large a city. Having been there before, I have a good handle on transferring from one subway line to another; using the METRO map of color coded lines will guide anyone through the lower levels of this city.

DK is one of my favorite publishers; the photography, the specific maps and directions for getting from one point to another are all here; there are all kinds of cutaways and illustrations in dimensional form to point out the various details of the building, the garden, or the museum. Now, the question is, will there be enough time to rest from following this wonderful guide to a city such as Paris.

When I typed in the title of this book in Amazon's browser, a wealth of information followed: there were anywhere from 26 to 96 other guides on cities and countries of the world, all published by DK, revised over the last four years. Certainly, the historical and geographic information are enough for any armchair traveler, on the move, or just for reading, in a rocking chair".

This is the kind of book you read through on the flight there, in one's hotel room, but never standing on the corner in a major city; you would be asking for trouble displaying your vulnerability with so many opportunistic people moving about. Here's to a fun-filled, and guided time away! "Happy Travelling!"

Keter Easy-go Multi Purpose Garden Cart
Keter Easy-go Multi Purpose Garden Cart

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Eco-Friendly Easy Go Gardening Cart.....on Wheels!", April 26, 2011
I actually purchased this, today, at Aldi, knowing that it will help me move things into my garden without causing back injury, or even "tripping", me, that is. I didn't have a wheelbarrow anymore; the original "relic" got dumped years ago. This item is made of 30% recyclable content, made in Israel (wow, that's something new), and when I went to the website of keter dot com, I saw the other eco friendly products that they produce.

Interestingly, I searched for this on Amazon's website and the keter dot com site, and neither site had any reference to it. Here it is, a good 8 hours later, and there's a picture of it, though it's not available. Maybe this review of the product will encourage Amazon to stock and sell these "easy go eco carts"; they are big enough to hold whatever fertilizer or garden food you want to use, maybe even two products, (in their bags of course); it's a 14.5 gal container with only two attached wheels, and a handle in the top, where you might want to put your gloves.

I am going to reduce wear and tear on my body, while I beautify my garden. It's a win!

Blown Glass Classic Red Diamond Facet Ornament 3"
Blown Glass Classic Red Diamond Facet Ornament 3"

5.0 out of 5 stars "Glassworks That Are Worth Every Breath.....And More !", April 20, 2011
On a trip through Washington state many years ago, I purchased a bluish
ornament much like this; it was the only one I had, until several years ago. I noticed a storefront window at the Seattle Tacoma airport; the entire window glistened like a bouquet of colors, the colors of the rainbow. So, as it was Christmas day and I was homeward bound, I bought this red ornament "to go".

Now, the purchase didn't satisfy me, but it whet my appetite, and on my next family visit to the same area, (and I made eight family visits in three years), I searched to find the downtown store (Westlake) that sold these in a gorgeous array of colors. The prices were much cheaper and the assortment was magnificent. Can you imagine a glassblower holding a hot pipe in his mouth, in high temperatures, as the molten glass mixed with ashes from St. Helens volcano is formed into what appears to be a blob of glass that, when heated and forced to expand by the glassblower's breath, turned into a glistening ball. It's a sight to see that is quite unique.

Only three other times have I seen the artist blow the glass into magnificent shapes: once in the Murano glass factory in Italy, another time at the Rossi glass blowing studio in Niagara Falls, and on a larger scale, the Chihuly Glass Studio, this one on a television special.

Needless to say, I picked up two more red glass ornaments, and fastened all three, separately, to a flimsy but attractive holiday wreath, rather than using some "made elsewhere" fake berries. "Voila!" I now have a permanent 24/7/365 wreath that graces the dining room area. And yes, I have collected many other of these "Glass Eye" ornaments gracing my home space. And the shipping came easy.

Finding the Birthday Cake: Helping Children Raise Their Self-Esteem (Let's Talk Book)
Finding the Birthday Cake: Helping Children Raise Their Self-Esteem (Let's Talk Book)
by Elizabeth Wagele
Edition: Paperback
Price: $8.89
51 used & new from $0.89

4.0 out of 5 stars "Insightful Book Aimed At Developing a Child's Self-Confidence!", April 16, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
For those of you who are interested in figuring out your child's personality, or your own, for that matter, this is a great child's version. The Enneagram is a psychological measurement tool based on nine personality types; the many textbooks that explain this theory are very good, and each author has a technique to help you understand whom you are dealing with.

Still, after several courses studying my own personality on the Enneagram, I find this children's version quite simple and creative. It is written for a child to read and process. It will give the child observational skills of identifying the characteristics of friends, and how to engage in simple give and take, yet developing confidence in her or his own personality, and learning to accept one another's gift, their personality.

I would encourage you to read the 5 other reviews for each reviewer's contribution to appreciating this book. The idea of using the symbol of a birthday cake is refreshing; learning to manage the personalities is the challenge. In the meantime, "Happy Birthday!"

The Big Box of Birthday Cards
The Big Box of Birthday Cards
by Benton Mahan
Edition: Cards

5.0 out of 5 stars "Birthdays Are Meant To Be Celebrated and Shared!", April 15, 2011
If there's a gift that keeps on giving, here's a box of 52 5" X 7" greeting cards, 2 each of 26 designs,with envelopes, ready for the birthday person to send back to others when his or her birthday is over. It will take a little preparation for the parent to help the child process the idea of sending someone a card, but it will be well worth the effort as years go on.

It's refreshing and exciting to receive a card from a young child; it's something to keep on the table to remind yourself you are loved. So, parents, even if these aren't presently available, buy some cards for your child to send to others. I've received such cards from a young child, and I treasure them. And, most of all, enjoy the message behind the words: "Happy Birthday!"

Since there are two of each card, you could keep them in pairs for jig-saw puzzle-making; just cut the card half of both cards, and laminate them; keep one of the laminated cards whole, and the other could be cut up into 8 to 10 jig-saw pieces. For a younger child, these laminated cards, uncut, could be pairs of cards to use in a card game fashion.

"Happy Birthday!" and "many more!"

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