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(24) Decks Used Las Vegas Nevada Casino Playing Cards
(24) Decks Used Las Vegas Nevada Casino Playing Cards
Offered by E-Brands
Price: $29.99
2 used & new from $21.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Jackpot., December 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I think it goes without saying that you won't want to be playing cash games with these cards, maybe not even casual poker; the cards all have cuts on two opposite corners and some of them are even marked on the corners or edges with a marker.

The cards, however, are of a good quality and look to be barely used. Most of the cards are of a jumbo print on the corners, only five of mine were normal sized. Also worth noting that in the picture they show various (different) boxes of cards. Again, all but five of mine actually came in the 'original' box. The others are packaged in generic boxes that say "Casino Played Cards" or "Las Vegas Style" along the edges. Mine were all from different casinos, and some of them quite well known.

These cards are real and you get a lot of them.. probably ideal for a lot of drinking game type of people or games like dutch blitz that require a lot of cards.. that's where the jumbo font comes handy!

All in all, great cards.. not for "serious" players, but a great deal and fun for the casual gamer.

Monuments To An Elegy
Monuments To An Elegy
Price: $9.99
53 used & new from $6.18

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly Okay., December 14, 2014
This review is from: Monuments To An Elegy (Audio CD)
Setting aside Billy's huge ego and the awful nature of the Teargarden project.. which is basically meaningless at this point.. try to forget the Pumpkins of decades past. Old fan, new fan, whatever.. Pumpkins have changed and [he] will never revert, even if he wanted to, to the old SP.

Personally, I despised Zeitgeist and loathed Teargarden, and Oceania was the better of all things post-reunion. But this, to my surprise, was half decent. It's no Mellon Collie and no Siamese Dream but it's the best thing Billy has done in a while.

It's catchy and poppy and energetic, but different from classic SP. It's hard to separate the two, especially if you're a Gen-Xer that grew up with this stuff. But, give it a chance and you'll see that there's no denying Billy's remarkable talent and affinity and dedication to music.

Dave's "Scorpion Pepper" Special Reserve 2013
Dave's "Scorpion Pepper" Special Reserve 2013
Offered by trade concepts
Price: $41.99
4 used & new from $37.48

4.0 out of 5 stars Eh, I Guess It's Hot., November 10, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is my second dance with Dave's Special Reserve sauce, the first being last year's Ghost Pepper.

The two are awfully similar.. I'm actually not sure if there is supposed to be a difference? I expect there is since each year's batch is named differently. I prefer the 2012, but that being said they are still quite similar. It seems to be that this one has less of a punch in the face. Then again, I must consider the fact that my older 2012 sauce is now at the bottom of the bottle and thus thicker, and the spices have amalgamated over time and is probably more concentrated.

If you've had Dave's before, you know that it is hot stuff. The first time I had this sauce my senses were through the roof.. or should I more appropriately say through the ground. (Hell, get it?) But now that I have grown more accustomed to the heat and have a ridiculous tolerance, I will put a drop per bite of food. Dave suggests just a couple drops per pot of chili.

The very first time you have this sauce, you definitely will feel just how insane it is. First time Dave-ers.. this is HOT. Many people will say "Oh it's just hot, you can't even taste the flavor!" but they are wimps. Chili-heads will attest that in fact you can discern great differences between sauces and peppers and the more you eat, the better your palette will be.

Anyways, a great sauce. The price may seem steep, but of course it will last you a long time. Years for most people, maybe about a year for people like me.

Price: $12.99
13 used & new from $12.17

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful., November 10, 2014
This review is from: Kiasmos (Audio CD)
For most of us, it may be hard not to think of Sigur Ros or Björk when it comes to Icelandic music, but the debut album of Kiasmos deserves to be acknowledged with the best of them.

Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rassmussen are the brilliant minds behind the group Kiasmos. Arnalds is a BAFTA-winning composer that often used to work as a sound engineer for none other than Rassmussen, while working under his electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup. Having spent time together in the studio, the two became friends and would begin to experiment with music in Arnald’s newly build studio in Reykjavík. Arnalds’ acoustic and piano based minimalistic work with Rassmussen’s heavier electronic beats and synths eventually would form Kiasmos.

This album may be best described as if the Aurora Borealis could speak, leaving an ambiguity for the sounds that will come and go throughout the record. This will feel as if you are on a journey through the hazy morning lit landscapes of Iceland, moving rapidly with motion blur all around you. It puts you in a trance, the line between where one track ends and another begins is blurred.

Is it trance? Is it electro? Is it ambient? Well, it’s a little bit of all three; with hints at New Order and Everything But the Girl this is easily something you can put on in a venue full of people that want to dance and move to the subtle beats, but just as easily a record that you can space out to listening in your car while driving through unfamiliar shadowy villages and apple orchards.

Some listeners may find that there is no variety in each track, that they are too similar, but the songs work together as a cohesive unit. It’s not the type of music you will want to skip to your favourite track and listen on repeat. The album as a whole is what’s going to be played on repeat.

For a debut record, this is possibly the epitome of what a debut should be. Two talented veterans that fate has brought together on our little blue marble, giving the world something beautiful. Where Kiasmos is taking us in this record is unknown, and perhaps you never arrive there. But Kiasmos will always let you know you are alive, allowing the Borealis speak to you at least once last time.

MetroFlash NightShocker USB Rechargeable HeadLight 150 Lumens
MetroFlash NightShocker USB Rechargeable HeadLight 150 Lumens
Offered by CATCHaBUY
Price: $59.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Love This!, November 10, 2014
Great headlight! This is immediately going to replace my other, clumsy Planet Bike light.

First off, the addition of a USB slot to charge is genius! Who needs the USB to have a function other than juicing it up? With the way things are going, USB is probably going to replace a lot of wall chargers and it is such a good idea I am now surprised that many companies haven't thought of it sooner. It keeps packaging and accessories extremely minimal. You will literally be able to charge this anywhere. At home, the office, won't have to bring a charger and you won't have to worry about installing batteries ever again.

The light turns on with a simple push of a (waterproofed) button on the back. (the back piece is removable for charging purposes) There are four settings. A steady light of three different brightness settings, and a blinking light (which blinks to the highest brightness setting)

The installation is something a child could do. Your typical rubber strip that will stretch around your handlebar. Keep in mind this will not properly install to all helmets. I have more of an "eggshell" type of helmet with small vent holes that this band will not fit through. Similarly, even the racing helmets with lots of vented slots may not fit this light..

The band fits around parallel to the direction of the light. That is, whatever you wrap it around will have to be perpendicular to the direction you want the light to face. (The light doesn't swivel) Luckily, since I am using this on my handlebar it doesn't matter and putting the light on and taking it off is a breeze! You can also take the light itself off from the mount completely (though I am not sure why you would do this, unless you permanently affixed the mount to your helmet or handlebar.

Overall a perfect light for what I need on my track bike for city cycling.

Hadley-Roma Men's MSM740RA 220 22-mm Black Silicone Layered Leather Watch Strap
Hadley-Roma Men's MSM740RA 220 22-mm Black Silicone Layered Leather Watch Strap
Price: $22.46
3 used & new from $21.20

3.0 out of 5 stars Good for the price., October 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I purchased this to replace my Victorinox band, which I've had to replace twice before already (the little bands are usually what go) and those bands are SUPER expensive, so I wanted a cheap alternative. I got this because it seems to look comparable in the image and was much cheaper.

First thing I noticed is that it is quite a bit thicker. Not incredibly thick, but maybe a few millimeters. Maybe double the thickness of the Victorinox. The leather feels a little more imitation. It's not brushed smooth like the original, has a "synthetic" feel to it, but according to the back of the band is genuine leather. I like the white stitching and (not that it's seen) the white band on the inside.

The loops feel excessively big, but they need to be just about that size to compensate for the thicker bands. It doesn't look so bad on the wrist, and I think a lot of these things are going to be a matter of getting used to.. but I definitely prefer the look and feel of the original Swiss Army band. However, the price is just too ridiculous to justify getting yet another one. This will suit my needs, provided it lasts at least a year.

Pinzon 550-Gram Turkish Cotton Washcloth, Eucalyptus
Pinzon 550-Gram Turkish Cotton Washcloth, Eucalyptus
Price: $2.73

4.0 out of 5 stars Face Cloths., October 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These are inexpensive, relatively, but are good for my needs. I don't need anything super fancy or soft (this is actually soft, in my opinion) and a lot of the negative reviews seem to be coming from the bath towels. I didn't purchase those.

If you're picky about your face cloths, then go to a Bed Bath or a department store so you can actually feel it. Online ordering for such items seems trivial if you're gonna rant and rave about it.

Scotland Yard - Family Game
Scotland Yard - Family Game
Offered by Buy 4 Less UK
Price: $37.59
17 used & new from $33.79

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars No Way, Sherlock., September 29, 2014
This review is from: Scotland Yard - Family Game (Toy)
This review is for the game itself. I have the original Scotland Yard game, the first edition distributed by Milton Bradley many years ago. So I cannot speak to the quality of the pieces or tokens except for what you yourself would be able to see from pictures or videos online.

The gameplay is really fun! It seems like a completely daunting game initially, but you will find that it is made quite well in that things will often come down to the wire for veterans of the game.

The basic objective is for one player (to play the villian) to escape the detectives (to be played by one or several more players). The villian (Mr. X) is invisible for most of the game and will move from location to location soundlessly. He will only appear at certain times, as deemed by certain turns in the game. All players move using tokens indicating movement by taxi, underground, or bus to stops indicated on the game board. Mr. X's only clues will usually come from the mode of transportation he uses. The detectives have a limited number, but Mr. X has an infinite number. Mr. X also has some special moves where he can move along the Thames via water taxi or also use "black" tokens which are good for any transport and will also disguise how he/she has moved.

It all sounds rather daunting, but a good YouTube tutorial clip to look up would be under the search terms "Tortuga" and "Scotland Yard" .. it prompted me to purchase the game!

I will say the original (classic) set looks much cooler in my opinion. This upgraded version seems to look too futuristic and has lost some of the charm of the original. The only risk you take by an e-bay purchase is that some of the tokens may be missing. I got lucky.

Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System
Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System
Price: $69.14
33 used & new from $58.75

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bright Light, Bright Light!, September 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
So far I think I'll give this five stars. It came very well packaged, the bulb not broken.. that's what I was most concerned about!

The metal pieces are not as poorly constructed as I was led to believe despite the fact (drumroll) it was made in the People's Republic of China. Shocker. But the apparatus I found to be quite stable. The metal pieces are thick and durable. The pieces do come together a little bit haphazardly. You *may* need a rubber mallet to get some of the pieces to stick into each other, which interlock with plastic connectors. Just a little bit of plastic was shaved off due to the tightness. The alternative would be much less desirable, so I don't mind.. I don't plan on taking it down anytime soon. Otherwise I needed no tools at all to assemble.

The pulley string seems a little bit poorly engineered, but having said that it still works perfectly and still seems rather "well" made considering the price and country of origin. The light is super bright, which will make my indoor plants happy this winter and may even take up more permanent residence as I am currently in a location with little to no direct sunlight.

I cannot yet attest to the growth factor of the light itself. I will be sure to update with this information when it is time.

The construction, materials, and appearance suit me perfectly so I am happy with this purchase.

Olde Thompson 8-Inch Senator Walnut Peppermill
Olde Thompson 8-Inch Senator Walnut Peppermill
Offered by Sotabletop
Price: $31.98
3 used & new from $16.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A "Fine" Peppermill., September 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This item is very elegant looking. It is actually wood, it doesn't look like an imitation cheapo thing. It's the real thing. There is no real easy way to set your desired setting for fine/coarseness of the pepper. What I did and seems to work (though it is probably the power of suggestion) is I didn't screw on the top piece all the way, thus making it slightly coarser. Otherwise the pepper will be extremely fine.

A fine peppermill. (it's a pun)

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