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The Dead and Buried
The Dead and Buried
by Kim Harrington
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.86
66 used & new from $0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars It's A Good Read, January 30, 2013
This review is from: The Dead and Buried (Hardcover)
There's something about ghosts, a murder mystery, and a touch of romance that intrigue me. Books with ghost stories are the kind of books I want to sit and read and at the same time I don't even want to touch, because then I start getting all jumpy while reading them. Despite my being a wuss when it's comes to reading a good haunting, I still find myself getting sucked into the story. Sometimes jumping at all the sounds my house makes late at night is part of the experience in reading a good ghost story. Though The Dead and Buried wasn't as thrilling of a haunting as I was excepting/hoped it to be, it was a good one nonetheless.

It's Jade's senior year of high school, and that means starting a new school. Not that it would be very fun to do so, but for Jade this change meant getting out of the small town she has lived most all of her life. Her new start means a bigger school, a nicer home, and new friends. What Jade is about to discover is that her home harbors more than bigger space, and a newer looking home. Something sinister is there, and it's up to Jade to stop it. The thing with Jade is I understood her wanting to move. I loved her protectiveness of her little brother. I felt bad that her step mom was such a you know what toward her, well at least I felt she was. Maybe that's because I'm a mom, and I would have taken the time to actually listen to what my step daughter was saying (if I had one), and not jump to conclusion and accuse her of making up stories like Jade's did. If you can't tell I was was a little ticked over the way her step mom treated her when she tried to tell her about what was really going on in their house, her mom all but basically told her to stop making up stories.

Jade makes some interesting new friends, and I like that each of them had a reason for being in the story. The interesting thing with this story, was that while it's told from Jade's point of view, we also get journal entries, which help paint the picture of the kind of person the ghost is. The ghost being a girl who was a senior the year before Jade moved into the house named Faye, was killed in a so called freak accident in her home, which now the home Jade calls home. The friends Jade makes were some of her friends, and the guy she crushes on was Faye's boyfriend. The more the story unravels, the more I got to see the kind of person this girl was. In seeing the kind of person she was lead to the "who dun it" part of her murder mystery. That was unfortunately something that didn't take me long to figure out.

I like how the haunting was tied into solving who really killed Faye. I thought Kim did a good job at making Jade an unwilling participant in Faye's quest for the truth. With Faye threatening Jade's family and her little brother, Jade had no choice but to help her. I admired her for wanting to protect them, even if she was scared to death over what Faye could do. Even though I liked how the haunting and Jade's new life intertwined, I felt it fell a little short for me. There was something missing from the execution of the storyline for me to really get into it and to really feel that chilling vibe you get when you read a thrilling ghost story. Don't get me wrong, it was a good haunting, just not the one I was excepting. I think this is a story other YA readers will like. It's one I'd even recommend to younger YA readers as well.

Double Crossed (Gallagher Girls)
Double Crossed (Gallagher Girls)
Price: $0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read for Ally Carter Fans, January 30, 2013
Reviewed by Sophie:

I have been waiting for this e-novella since oh, I don't know it seems like months and months. Why? Okay, I adore Ally's writing, her characters and both the Heist Society and the Gallagher Girl series have me on the very edge of my seat waiting for the next (and final) installments. So this morning when I poured my cup of coffee and checked my kindle for the download, I may have breathed a sigh of relief that it was yes indeed, there.

Macey McHenry, the senator's daughter, cosmetic heiress and Gallagher Girl waited for me to read her words as she described her first impression of the always dreamy W. W. Hale, V. And Macey must never be kept waiting. It was so logical for them to meet up because, after all, they do run in the same social circles. The tension, flirtation and most of all their cooperation in working together made for some tense page turning moments.

The story is short but satisfying and yes, it does feature two of my other favorite people from both of the series. I won't spoil it for you; you have to read it yourself. And hey, it's FREE. Many thanks to Disney-Hyperion for giving us this satisfying treat while we wait for Perfect Scoundrels release on February 5th (pre-order at Barnes and Noble | amazon | IndieBound).

Oh and if you download Double Crossed now, you will also get the first chapter of Heist Society and the first two chapters of Gallagher Girls #1 (I'd Tell You That I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You). If you haven't read these series, yet, what better way to get introduced to them than through this free e-novella? In the mean time, I may be re-reading Double Crossed again in the school pick-up lane. If you see me, shhhhhh, do not disturb the reading mom.

Boundless (Unearthly)
Boundless (Unearthly)
by Cynthia Hand
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.05
60 used & new from $3.97

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An exciting conclusion to one of the best YA paranormal romances, January 30, 2013
This review is from: Boundless (Unearthly) (Hardcover)
The exciting conclusion to one of the best YA paranormal romances is finally here! With heart wrenching choices, shocking surprises, and sigh worthy stolen moments, Cynthia Hand pulls out all the stops with BOUNDLESS.

With every good book series that comes to an end, I both dread and can't wait to read the last book. Really these kind of books make me want to cheat and flip to the last page so I know who is paired off with whom, and what happens to each of the characters, but I didn't do that (don't worry Sophie you've broken me of my old habit). Cynthia has created such a fabulous, believable world that I fell in love with the moment I first met Clara. Like all series that I've come to love, series endings also mean saying good bye to the characters I've come to love as well. Although I am secretly hoping one of the characters gets his own spin off or at least stand alone book, because I need to know what he's doing. Yep, you guessed it, this is SPOILER FREE and I'm not giving away names. ;)

This series first gave me Tucker and Clara. Then there was Christian and Clara, and Tucker. Okay I might have switched "teams" on who I wanted Clara to be with each book, but BOUNDLESS slayed me, in a good and heartbroken way of course. I mean, Clara can't choose both guys now could she?! Though I might have had my hopes set on a certain someone I wanted her to choose, I also knew her decision was going to be one she would agonize over, and boy did she ever. I totally understood Clara's heart, and her feelings towards both Tucker and Christian. There's heartbreak, hurt, trust, faith, hope, friendship and plenty of love. I loved the way Cynthia wrote and developed Clara's emotional side and how she felt towards both guys. I got why and how the guys felt the way they did about her. But, that ending left me feeling both rest assured Clara made the best decision for herself, and also a little heartbroken. Yes, I fell for both guys and though I know it's not possible nor would it have been right for Clara to choose both guys (yeah that wasn't going to happen), I still felt bad for the one who wasn't chosen, even though the characters and myself as a reader knew the right decision had been made.

Talk about romance. I LOVE the romance in this book. It's not rushed. It's perfect, beautiful, and exciting. It's all those things I love to read about. I love how both guys declare they feelings for Clara, and yet don't force themselves on her. It's her choice, and her choice alone though each guy is a huge part of her life, whether they're currently in it or not. I don't think Clara could have two more fitting guys like Christian and Tucker fighting for her heart. Along with the guys are other great characters who each took different directions then I had first thought they would. I even loved the role Clara's brother Jeffrey, Tucker's sister Wendy, and Clara's friend Angela all play in this book. Ooh and those shocking revelations and discoveries put some great twists into an already exciting storyline.

Boundless wraps up Clara's story in such a fitting way. I like that this wasn't a story/series that was rushed. Things made sense, events were wrapped up in a manner that was perfect for all that happened, and over all I sat there when I finished the book and had to take a big sigh of relief. Oh nelly do things get a little crazy in the end! If you're a fan of this series, I highly recommend you PICK UP THIS BOOK!

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky Trilogy)
Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky Trilogy)
by Veronica Rossi
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $11.99
72 used & new from $4.03

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Veronica Rossi Has Done It Again!, January 30, 2013
Veronica Rossi has done it again! With an equally captivating love story, an exciting storyline, and a beautiful yet dangerous world, Through the Ever Night is just as mesmerizing as Under The Never Sky.

Like with Under the Never Sky, when I finished this book I wanted more! You know you've read an awesome book when you find yourself at the end of it, and you flip through the extra pages at the end hoping that maybe the publisher snuck in some more wordage and forgot to include it on the last page. Yeah, that's how it is for me with Veronica's books. I want just a little bit more than she gives me, and I say that as a compliment. Let's face it, I'm greedy when it comes to good books, and no matter how much an author gives me, and in Veronica's case she gave me a lot, a lot of twists, romance, anguish, friendship, hope, action, and a whole lot more, it's still not enough. I swear even if I crawled into her incredible world, and was sitting along side Roar, Perry and Aria, I still wouldn't be satisfied.... I'd want more, because I knew I'd have to eventually leave them and come back to reality.

What's a Veronica Rossi book with out it's enticing, and exciting romance. It's not just those swoon worthy moments that got my heart racing this time. It's those moments of uncertainty as relationships get tested, as does the level of commitment, and the depth some of the characters feel for one another is truly put to the test. Aria and Perry. Roar, and well, I'd say Liv as I do love her, but Roar is well Roar. Oh yes, I do have a favorite. While I love Aria and Perry, Roar quickly became my favorite in book 1 and he stayed my favorite in this book. There's just something about him that makes him a memorable character. He brings in the humor to the story at the right moments, and gives some of the other characters the comfort, loyalty, friendship and truth when they need it. I adore Aria and Perry. Their relationship has definitely gotten a lot more trickier and it's not even safe, but these two have that something that I hope will get through anything that's thrown at them in the next book, and I have a feeling it's going to be a lot, considering the way this book ended.

I've totally fallen in love with Veronica's writing. She tells a story that makes me feel like I'm there, wondering around her richly detailed world. She makes it incredibly easy for me to visualize. Her characters become larger than life and I want to know more about them. In this book, there is a lot more I want to know about them, and what's going to happen to them. I quickly got caught up with all that happens in this book. There are a lot of shocking twists, betrayals, and a few surprises that happened in this storyline. I thought I was prepared for what could happen this time around, but I was proven wrong when my emotions got the better of me. Talk about getting my heart ripped out! Veronica proved to me once again that she's capable of throwing unpredictable plot twists my way. Let's just say she's not afraid to kill a character or two off, nor is she opposed to making her characters suffer. Normally I'd say it's through their pain, and suffering that they'll emerge stronger, tougher characters, but with one of them I'm not so sure how something that happened will effect this person.

Through The Ever Night is an epic read, and one I really enjoyed! It's the perfect sequel to Veronica's debut, and one that I'm still thinking about. Like I said above, I need more from this story! Yes, that ending is both perfect, and a killer all at the same time. It's not so much a cliff hanger, as it is one that leaves me worrying about what is about to happen to the characters. I HIGHLY recommend picking this book up today!

Just One Day
Just One Day
by Gayle Forman
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $11.99
79 used & new from $5.23

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read, January 30, 2013
This review is from: Just One Day (Hardcover)
This is one of those perfectly written, beautiful reads that will connect with you while you're reading, and leave you thinking about long after you finish it. Whether you're at that stage in life where you're trying to figure out who you are and where you want to go, or whether you're long past that stage (like me). This is a book about finding yourself, and in following Allyson's story it took me back to those moments and years right out of high school where I had the world at my finger tips, and I had to decide what I was going to do with it. Like Allyson, during my adventure of figuring out the world, was the discovering of who I was.

Just One Day is also a story that encompasses love, loss, friendship, venturing out on your own, fear, hope, accomplishment, and empowerment. I'm talking that empowerment that only one's self feels after they achieve something they never thought possible. Gayle's writing is beautiful. It's raw, it's honest, and moving. Gayle's writing extremely realistic and encompasses so many things that real life throws at us. Well in my case Gayle's writing also offers me something I've always wanted to do and haven't yet done, and that's seeing parts of the world I've yet to see. I love feeling like I was traveling right alone Allyson. Feeling her joys, her worries, and understanding what she was dealing with both with her heart, and with her friendships.

I LOVED this book. This is a book that readers of all ages will/can connect with on some level. It's one I'd highly recommend picking up if you're a teen reader and older.

by Tracy Deebs
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $14.73
72 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars I Really Enjoyed It!, January 30, 2013
This review is from: Doomed (Hardcover)
Given that we live in a world that thrives and mostly runs on the internet, it was only a matter of time before an author took the "what if" I've conjured up in my mind over the years, and brought it to life. Tracy Deebs does just that, and in a really exciting way. I've always wondered what would happen if/when someone found a way to control or unleashed something that would virtually shut down the Internet. How long would it take to effect everyone, how would the world go on, what catastrophic effects would it have on the world etc, etc. I know, late at night when I can't sleep my mind tends to wonder, but you can't tell me you haven't ever thought of the "what if". Even if you say no you have never thought that, I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who did, because Tracy apparently has as well (yay I'm not the only one).

I enjoyed the way Tracy told Pandora's story. Pandora is not only a butt kicking heroine who's stubbornness kind of got on a nerves just a bit through out the story, she's a smart girl, who's also an incredible game player. She's independent, a bit lonely since she lives alone most of the time due to her mother never being around since her work has her flying all over the country. Luckily she has a few close friends who keep going, and until now her father who's never really been apart of her life unexpectedly becomes apart of it again. Let's just say after the little number her father pulls in DOOMED, you'll understand why Pandora's mother never wanted him in her life. Thanks to dear ole' Dad, Pandora's unleashed a monster virus, and it's going to take everything she and her friends Eli and his bad boy older step brother Theo, can do to stop it.

Theo and Eli. I enjoyed the complicated relationship these two brothers had, and I liked the relationship Pandora has with them. She's already friends with Eli, and has her reservations about Theo. Y'all know I like a bad boy, and though Theo doesn't ride a motorcycle this tall brooding, dark her hacker boy definitely fits the bill for a good ole' bad boy in this story. Together these three made for a fun story. They're not only on the run from every Government agency in the US, they also have a time limit to stop the game before the world ends. Yep, you read that right. This virus was unleashed in a game, and though they have to play the game in order to defeat it, they're also dealing with the virus and it's horrific consequences in their own world. Throw in dealing with attacks, accidents, falling in love and oh yeah, traveling around the US without having any sort of internet, way to get $, gas, food etc. and you've got yourself an adventure mixed with plenty of danger and mystery.

I really enjoyed this book! Normally these type of books aren't my thing, but this book surprisingly was. I think part of it had to do with Tracy's writing style, and other part was due to how fast paced and fun this story is. It's one that is full of mystery, excitement, danger, and course has a romance, though the friendship between the characters plays the biggest part in the book. Normally books that are sci-fi or deal with techy stuff lose me, but with DOOMED, I felt like everything made sense. There are a lot of little details that add up as the story goes along, and plenty of bigger reveals that all wrap up by the time the story finishes. Sometimes it's nice to get out of my element and read something I normally wouldn't. DOOMED for me was a really fun read I read in a matter of a few hours. If you're a fan of what I like to call realistic dystopian, I'd definitely recommend picking this one up!

The Cadet of Tildor
The Cadet of Tildor
by Alex Lidell
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.86
104 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars A Mesmerizing Debut, January 30, 2013
This review is from: The Cadet of Tildor (Hardcover)
4.5 stars

I was on a fantasy kick last year and this year has already started off with a bang. Alex Lidell created a mesmerizing world full of intrigue, danger, magic and the type of character chemistry that hooks you and keeps you turning the pages just to see if anything comes out of it. It's one of those books that literally had me going, "Just one more page." over and over again until I was done. I couldn't stop reading it. The Cadet of Tildor introduced to me to some fascinating characters, took me on a dangerous mission that was brutal, hopeful, and extremely dangerous. With betrayal, skilled swordsman, and a lot at stake, I was impressed with all Renee accomplished in this book.

I am a huge fan of girls who prove that they can do what a boy can do, but in a manner that's fitting to the world their character is in and in circumstances that make sense. Meaning it's not something that's forced onto a character, or doesn't make sense for the character to be that way. Luckily this was not the case with Renee. I loved this character. Let's just say in a time when girls wouldn't dare touch a sword, let a lone lead a small band on a rescue mission, especially if that someone was a girl and someone who was part of a royal family, Renee was nothing what I excepted her to be and everything I had hoped she would be. She's stubborn in all the right ways, which aided her on never giving up. Never letting the guys best her, or showing that while she wasn't as strong as they were, she could still very much take out her opponent. I LOVED that she wasn't a damsel in distress. She held her own, asked for help when she needed, and she wasn't afraid to try, even if that meant her outcome may not be that pretty. She never game up. Renee can certainly hold her own, and I respected her for not only upholding what she believed in, but she also does things that prove how loyal she is to those she serves with and cares about. She's definitely a heroine that I won't soon forget about.

The guys in this book are fabulous! I love the way Alex created and wrote the characters and the various relationships. This story is full of family secrets, and betrayals that only add to the story's overall mystery and suspense. In the midst of everything that's going on, there are three guys who are all play different rules in Renee's life that I loved. Alec, Cory and Savory all surprised me. Well I can say I loved Cory from the get go. I liked Alec a lot, and dang it, the direction his story took and what takes place between he and Renee definitely pulled at my heart strings. What I was not accepting was to fall for Savory. Like, at all! Talk about a shocker, I LOVED they way Alex developed all of Renee's relationships, but especially this one. As I mentioned above, there isn't a romance, but there's that hint of one that's hopefully going to be developed. It's obvious about how much some of these characters care about one another and I'm just saying, while there's not kissy scenes, the character chemistry was just as hot, and so fitting for this timeless time period.

The setting of The Cadet of Tildor is so well developed. It reminded me of Graceling in the fact you're thrown right into what's going on right off the bat, vs having this steady build up, which I love. Everything plays out perfectly and in it's own way. If you're a fan of this timeless period where kingdoms rule, betrayals are rampant, magic must be kept hidden, and romance is just on the horizon, then I highly recommend picking up this book! It's that good!! If this is Alex's debut I can hardly imagine what the next book is going to entail.

In Between Seasons: The time between who you were and who you are destined to be...
In Between Seasons: The time between who you were and who you are destined to be...
by Cassandra Giovanni
Edition: Paperback
5 used & new from $5.00

3.0 out of 5 stars It's A Good Read, January 30, 2013
In Between Seasons is a character driven storyline with a touch of dystopia. With it's action and bits of romance, this is a fast paced read I finished in a couple of hours. The premise of the story is what drew me to this book. I was intrigued with what sounded like a complex, desolate world intertwined with romance. I'm a sucker for a romance in a complicated world. I also wanted to know what it was that Kate knew about that was the cause of her being kidnapped and what her family would kill for her. Well that and I also wanted to read about Hunter and find out how in the world he and Kate fall end up falling in love, especially after her kidnaps her.

Let me start off by saying I did like the characters. I enjoyed reading about Kate and Hunter and if I wasn't someone who has read a good number of books and over analyzes each one I read, then this would have been rated higher. Don't get me wrong, it was still a good read, and one I think if you're looking for a book to just sit and read one afternoon you'd like. But for me I needed much more substance from the character's relationship to really fall in love with the book like I was hoping to. Being that this a character driven story I had a very hard time buying into the Kate/Hunter situation that happens at the beginning of the book, which ultimately set the pace for the rest of the book for me.

While I did like the characters, I needed to feel that the situation that Kate found herself in with Hunter was believable, which I didn't. I mean when you're kidnapped by a hot "bad boy" you might find yourself thinking he's hot, but I didn't find her falling for him right off the bat realistic, nor did I buy into him calling his prisoner darling, realistic. I also needed to see more fear from Kate. I get she hated her home life, and she knew there was more going on that was she was being told, but to not show any sort of fear when you're being kidnapped and taking to some other tribe's land was not credible to me at all. I got she was tough in her own right, and I got she sensed she could trust Hunter, and was happy to rid herself of her home life, but I need much more than trust from Kate during this time.

Hunter's actions during the kidnapping made a bit more sense, well some of them any ways. I understood why he was being "nice", and that he didn't have any reason to be a ruthless kidnapper. Again, I felt like with Kate, he should have had his guard up more than he did. Relationship wise I really, really, really wish the relationship between Hunter and Kate was developed a lot more. I need more substance between them and I missed that whole getting to know you phase I enjoy reading in YA books. In skipping over this it made it impossible for me to really connect with the characters and their relationship. I didn't buy into it for much of the book, and instead I felt like it went from Kate being kidnapped to her and Hunter both falling for one another without even getting to know each other. I got they were attracted to each other, but as a reader I needed their relationship to be built up more than it was in order for me to really accept it. I will say I did like both of the characters individually. I liked how they both got each other and connected on a level that only two similarly broken characters could. I just needed more substance during the first half of the story to really fall in love with their relationship over all.

I'm normally a huge fan of a book's setting and the world the author creates, and I liked that Cassandra created a unique world that kind of took a back seat to the characters. It's different from a lot of what I've read lately. There are these other tribes, and parts of this desolate land that we don't yet know about, and I'm definitely curious to find out more about. Cassandra also does a great job at creating this ugly unknown. With a looming war between some of the tribes, threats of death, and there is this small hope of freedom that Kate and Hunter gasp onto.

The Essence: A Pledge Novel (The Pledge Trilogy)
The Essence: A Pledge Novel (The Pledge Trilogy)
by Kimberly Derting
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.90
103 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Fantastic, Must Read Sequel!, January 4, 2013
I fell in love with this enticing dystopian/fantasy world with The Pledge. I loved that book, and I've been eager ever since I finished it to read The Essence. This book did not disappoint. The Essence picks up literally were The Pledge leaves off. There is plenty of danger, action, betrayal, crazy twists, and a romance that I just love. Despite my not re-reading The Pledge prior to picking this book up, it only took me a couple pages to remember everything that had previously happened. Once I remembered it didn't take me long to become full engaged with this storyline.

Now that Charlie is Queen, she is trying to make right the things that have been wrong with her kingdom. Which is proving to be no easy task. There's a lot of unrest and one shocking betrayal that comes out of the new changes. Though Charlie's life is threatened and there's an assign stalking her every move, she's determined as ever to rule as Queen, and win the inner battle she fights every day with Queen Sabara's Essence, which is proving to be no easy task. After all it's hard to fight a battle you're keeping hidden from everyone around you. It's during this time and her preparation to attend the Queen's Summit that I got to see a surprising side of Charlie. Despite her strong determination, and her toughness, I liked seeing this much more vulnerable side to her. It wasn't something I was excepting, but it was something that fit given all she deals with in this storyline. Having said that, Charlie proves she's tougher than ever with all that happens.

I like that it's not just Charlie who feels more mature and grown up in this story line, but the other characters as well. I liked that Charlie isn't the only point of view in this story line. We also get Brooklyn and the Assigns's point of view. Each of these view points only added to Kimberly's vivid story telling. I love how she has this ability to just pull me into what ever story she's telling. Like The Pledge and the Body Finder series, I find myself hooked and unable to stop reading until I finish the book. There's this richness that doesn't just have to do with the world building, but with the way the story is told that I find addicting. Kimberly's writing is engaging and hooks me. I feel like I'm in the story experiencing the excitement of a new adventure, the danger that lurks around every corner in the Castle or bend in the road, and feeling the emotions that come from some of the heart pounding scenes in the book.

Talk about heart pounding, there are some crazy twists in this story I wasn't excepting. There are new characters, and one who poses a serious threat to Charlie and her battle with Sabara's Essence. That's just say I was not excepting this to happen! Speaking of Sabara's Essence, I am amazed at how strong Charlie's will power is in this story. There are some things she/Sabara do that I gasped at, and did not except, but with the way the story is told I felt like I understood Charlie more, and it made me sympathize with the slip in her resolve. I felt like each of the events in The Essence had a purpose in the over all storyline, and each action made sense when it was happening, even though some were a bit shocking. Let's just say magic, love, and the battle for power play a role in a shocking turn of events.

The mythology gets richer, the world proves to be more dangerous and actions that happen in this story change a few closely guarded relationships. The one sure, constant in this story is the relationship between Max and Charlie. I love their swoon worthy relationship! There was a moment I felt like their relationship was going to take a turn for the worse, but Max proves why he's one of my favorite "knight in shining" armor. *sigh* Though I didn't love this book as much as I loved The Pledge, but I still enjoyed the time I spent reading it. There was just something missing from it, and I can't even tell you what that was, but I will say I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I'd definitely recommend picking it up! Now I can't wait for the next installment.

Falling for You
Falling for You
by Lisa Schroeder
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $15.29
85 used & new from $0.01

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Contemporary I'd Recommend Picking Up!, January 4, 2013
This review is from: Falling for You (Hardcover)
Falling For You is a book the encompasses light, love, life, darkness, pain, and this incredible will to keep going. I like to blame this on my freshman year English teacher who always had us talk about the light and dark themes that we found in the books we read, and movies we watch (which has stayed with me since then), but I loved the way Lisa developed and showed the light and dark themes that are at the heart of this story. It's not just with Rae's home life, and her life at work and school, but her friends, the people who come into her life, the actions both good and bad that are done in this story and of course different love interests in this story. Can I just say I loved the differences between the two romantic interests, and don't worry, it's definitely not a love triangle!

What I liked about Rae is she's someone who is infectious. She's someone who brightens the lives of others, and I could not help but be drawn to her. She's a loyal friend, a hard worker, good student, and someone who comes across as driven. She seems to be one of those people in life who is naturally an all around genuinely nice person. Unlike her close knit friends, Rae is someone who's forced to grow up and basically take care of herself. What Rae's ray of light is hiding is something much darker. A home life that is emotional abusive, a step father who threatens her, a mother who's never there for her, and she's put into a position where everything she's worked hard is taken out from under her, and yet no matter what this girl keeps at it. I was so impressed with her strength to keep going.

I love it when a book emotionally hooks me! Lisa did just that right off the bad. My heart broke for all the crap Rae had to deal with at home, and cheered her on for being so courageous and strong when she wasn't at home. Part of me wished I could take her out of that environment, and the other part of me grew livid at her mother for all the things she didn't do. Her mother..... I wanted to feel sympathy for her, but I just couldn't. I had too many issues with the type of her person she was and the lack of mothering and care she showed her daughter, though I understand she probably felt she was doing the best she could. I found interesting to see some of the similarities that both her horrid stepfather Dean, and her first boyfriend Nathan have. Yeah, it was alarming, and thankfully Rae is an intelligent girl.

Let's talk about the romance! First off, kudos to Lisa for writing a smart character who knows when to say NO! I greatly admired Rae for standing up for herself, and though she may not have got was going on at first in her relationship with Nathan, she definitely wasn't afraid to say no, and instead of thinking with her hormones she thought with her head and her gut feeling. Than there's Leo... *sigh* I adored him! He and Rae have this great friendship that slowly turns into something much more, and I loved the way their relationship was developed. It was natural and just made sense. It's one of those relationship that just seemed right. When you read Rae's story you'll know what I'm talking about.

One of the other things I enjoyed about this quick read is the role art has in this story. I liked the artistic side of Rae. She copes with her pain through her poetry. I loved how Rae's poetry and her idea to incorporate poetry in her school's paper sparked something that helped her and others cope with what they've been dealing with. Not only that, but that small act and a few things she does for others through her work are the cause for something much bigger than end up changing Rae's life at the end of the book. I loved everything tied together at the end of the story. If you're looking for a great realistic contemporary, with a strong female character I'd recommend picking this one up!

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