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Compression Shirt Short Sleeve Top - Best Running T-Shirt & Basketball Men's Tee L
Compression Shirt Short Sleeve Top - Best Running T-Shirt & Basketball Men's Tee L
Offered by compressionz
Price: $49.95

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a REAL compression t-shirt, April 4, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I own a number of t-shirts advertised as compression shirts from Under Armour, Champion and Russell, but this is the only one I would say provides real compression. The others are nice (Russell being my favorite for length and material), but they are better described as snug-fitting t-shirts. They do help wick away moisture, but they don't provide real compression. This shirt from CompressionZ is the real deal. You can feel the compression. It is not uncomfortable, and I have worn it all day under casual and dress shirts, but you definitely know you are wearing it, especially around the biceps. Length is nice and long. Rubber hem around the bottom is nice but not sure it is needed. I'm 5'11", 180 - 185 lbs. and a 43-44 R in jackets and a Large fits perfectly. First time it was a bit of a challenge to get it on and off, but that's because it does fit so snugly. No complaints and will get more, as I gradually replace my other non-compression compression shirts. Wish I had found this brand sooner.
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iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13-Gallon Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can
iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13-Gallon Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can
Price: $69.99
29 used & new from $59.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent unit, IF maintained properly, which isn't hard, March 6, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Bought this unit in 2007 and its going on 8 years of use, so thought I would comment a little on reliability and maintenance.

Batty life: Excellent. Unit is on its third set of batteries. It is very efficient.

Reliability: Excellent. Have had minimal issues with it. When problems have occurred (the classic lid opening and closing on its own or opening and not closing), simple maintenance has brought it back to fine working order.

Maintenance: Pretty simple. First, keep it clean. Seriously. Sounds pretty basic, but it IS holding garbage, and you would be amazed (or not) by the amount of crud that can get on the underside of the lid, and, possibly, inside. Even under the best of circumstances, I think 'stuff' can work it's way inside. So, if it starts to act like its being used by poltergeists, then clean it thoroughly per the directions, especially the contacts in the battery housing and ESPECIALLY the sensor on the front. If simple cleaning doesn't work, I take some silicone lubricant and spray it into the gaps around the two buttons on the front, letting it soak down inside. I also do the battery contacts, but I think getting it down around the buttons helps clean it of accumulated debris in there without frying the electronics. I've only had to do it three or four times in the almost 8 years I've owned it, but I'm sure it depends on the amount of use and the environment in which it sits. YMMV.

Hope this helps.

Xitel INport Deluxe [Record From Your Stereo to Your Computer]
Xitel INport Deluxe [Record From Your Stereo to Your Computer]
Offered by BoBotechnic
Price: $62.38
6 used & new from $34.95

5.0 out of 5 stars It WORKS - if a problem contact Xitel support, July 8, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
See my revision below for why I changed my review from 4 to 5 stars.... the problems I had were NOT the fault of Xitel They responded and gave support. While I had already solved my problem, they DID respond.

### OLD REVIEW ###

First, this device does EXACTLY what it claims - it connects stereo components (I only tested cassette, but claims to do any, and I don't see why it wouldn't) to a PC and allows audio data (typically music, but could be anything) to be transferred from the component to the computer. BUT, there are a couple of twists. I'll describe what worked for me in the hope it will help others.

First, on my Windows 7 system the device installed without issue. Windows recognized it and installed the necessary drivers. All good.

But, the included software is useless. It might be great, but I don't know, because the registration keys were not included. And forget customer service. There was a handwritten contact in the back of the manual, but the number was no longer in service. Sent an email, no reply. Looked up the SW manufacturer's website and they state that the SW on the CD is from 2007, is no longer supported, but you can buy an upgrade. Whatever. DON'T PANIC. Just download a freeware recording package, like Audacity. Google it. It is used by thousands of recording musicians, and is very easy to use. It does everything the included software does and more... and better. It is VERY powerful, and it is FREE. There are many other freeware, open source products out there, I just happen to find Audacity easy to use.

To get Audacity to recognize INport, you need to go into your Control Panel to Manage Audio Devices (varies with the OS), and select INport under 'Recording'. You might have to disable other items to force the system to go to the INport. Again, no biggie. Once you have set up the input device, it should automatically be detected by Audacity. If not, you should be able to select it from the main screen. On MY system it is 'Microphone (INport)' and NOT 'Line (INport)'. Go figure. Hit record first, then start your stereo component, and Audacity should start recording your material, which you will see by the wave file appearing on the screen. You may or may not be able to hear the file during recording; it depends on your system. I cannot, but it is not important to me; I just wanted the files transferred. Once you are finished recording, you can 'Export' to a .WAV format (or MP3, or whatever works for you) in Audacity, and you are done. Or, you can edit the file, just like any other audio file. Just be sure to export as a file in a format your player can use, not the default Audacity format.

On my system the INport device affects playback, and the music plays out through my monitor speakers (very tinny), and not my amped computer speakers, which threw me at first. Once I disconnected the INport, I was able to re-enable my standard speaker set-up and everything was fine. Quality of recordings is excellent.

So, the INport will transfer your audio files to digitally save on your PC. From there, you can do whatever you want with the files. For that reason I gave the product 4 stars, taking one off for the lack of functional software and non-existent customer support. Hope this helps some people.

Oh, one other thing. ON THE BOX it states that a turntable must be hooked up to a receiver/amp and the LINE OUT from the rec/amp used as the input for the INport. The INport does not have a pre-amp, which a turntable requires.

### REVISED 09 July 2014 ###:

I need to point out that this post has gone up against a different seller. I DID NOT buy mine from Xitel. I bought mine from MYeHUT Inc. I heard back from Xitel support last night, and they wrote that others have been selling used INPorts on Amazon without registration numbers. Since there were written notes in my manual, I have to figure that was the case for me, even though it was sold as 'New'. Never expected that on Amazon. Anyway, they sent me a link to a website to download and included a registration number in the email. All three software packages installed and worked. They are simple, but they do what they are supposed to do - record, rip, remove clicks and pops. So, I revised my score to 5 stars - product worked, software works, customer support works. Problem was with the other seller. THANKS, Xitel.

36-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Dual-Zone French-Door Wine Refrigerator
36-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Dual-Zone French-Door Wine Refrigerator
Offered by WeCarryAll
Price: $914.95
3 used & new from $899.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous but noisy - stay away from on-line purchase, June 22, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones, who got a noisy one. The unit is beautiful, functional and matches the other SS appliances in my kitchen. It is set up as a built-in under a quartz countertop. The problem is that the every time the unit cycles on, which it does several times an hour, there is a loud pop (sometimes softer, sometimes very loud, but it always happens), followed by a loud buzzing that gradually subsides over several seconds. The unit did it from the beginning, but I was remodeling the kitchen and had hoped that it would be quieter, once it was installed in a cabinet. Not so. My contractor said the buzzing is the compressor and the pop is probably some type of solenoid switch turning the compressor on.

While the unit is beautiful and does its job, the noise makes it very annoying. So, I cannot recommend it to others as an on-line purchase. Maybe, if you can find it in a box store and test the actual unit you will buy, then you can get a quiet one. If it were quieter, then i would give it 5 stars. But, under the circumstances, i cannot.

Commercial Grade Double Gauge Co2 Beer Regulator
Commercial Grade Double Gauge Co2 Beer Regulator
Offered by The Beverage Factory
Price: $52.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not as pictured - cheaper model - bait and switch, September 13, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As noted in another review, the item I received was not as pictured - there is no T-handle, only a screw to adjust pressure. I could have bought that elsewhere for less. Packaging was terrible, clearly not original and no instructions. Will never buy from this seller again and will consider other options than Amazon, because they allow this kind of false advertising. I added an image, so you can see what you really get. No, that knobby piece below the screw is not an adjustment dial; it is a piece of the main housing.
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Tattoo Goo The Original After Care Salve, 0.75 Ounce
Tattoo Goo The Original After Care Salve, 0.75 Ounce
Offered by ACM GLOBAL
Price: $6.29
6 used & new from $1.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Does What It Says It Does, September 15, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've gone through 4 tins of TG while having several tattoos done and just ordered 4 more tins. Keeps the tattoos moist, helps the skin heal, and reduces irritation. I find that shirts rubbing against the new tattoo bother me a lot less, if I apply TG regularly. After the tattoo has healed I move on to the H2Ocean lotion, which is great, but not as good on a new tattoo, at least for me. TG is good stuff and definitely worth the money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) GT-P7510MAVXAB Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) GT-P7510MAVXAB Tablet
3 used & new from $169.99

940 of 964 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A real business tool, June 24, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Have had my GT10.1 for a couple of days, and so far it has met or exceeded my expectations in just about every area. I think I have finally found my laptop replacement.

Look and Feel: Very solid, no creaks or flex. Grey plastic back really does look like brushed metal, feels good and does not feel cheap at all. Dang, it's REALLY thin and light.

Performance: Fast. I have run pretty much all my apps on it and have run videos from YouTube without a hiccup. Very responsive, very smooth. The touch screen in not as sensitive as the one on my HTC Incredible 2 Droid phone , but it is still very sensitive (the one on my phone is almost too sensitive, if that's possible).

Apps: Here's the cool part. Because my phone was already an Android device and I had a Google account, when I set up the GT10.1 it immediately and automatically synced, downloaded and installed almost all of the apps that are on my phone. There were just a couple that did not download, probably because they are not compatible with Honeycomb (phone runs Froyo). THAT was slick and saved me a lot of time and energy hunting for apps. The ones that did not download, like the anti-virus and stock market apps, I easily found substitutes for in the Android Market. Most games downloaded and seem to work without a hitch.

Availability of Apps: I have found PLENTY of apps in the Market that work on the GT10.1 - free, too. I even have one (androidVNC) that syncs to my desktop computer, so I can control it remotely. I had a similar program on my laptop and found it to be a lifesaver at times, when on the road. Can edit MS Office docs - Word, Excel, PowerPoint - although all the features of the main programs are not there. Also am using Google Docs, which has its own pluses and minuses. Am debating whether or not to buy DocumentsToGo Full Version to gain more editability. So far, I can get by with just viewing and tweaking. In general I prefer not to do heavy document creation and editing on the road, even with a laptop, so we shall see. K-9 is an excellent email client and provides more functionality than the basic one that comes with the device.

Memory: I bought the 32gig version, just to have plenty of memory down the road. So far, I have only used a small fraction of it. Honeycomb has a nice, small footprint, unlike some other OSs. The entire inventory of office files I could ever need on the road will fit on a 32gig flash drive with over 10 gig to spare, so I am not worried about running out of memory. Connectivity, you ask? See below.

Connectivity: Much lamenting has been done about the lack of ports for the GT10.1. Well, so far, I have not missed them. It's very easy to move data via WiFi. BUT, I know I will need access for things, like the above-mentioned flash drive. And, while most anywhere I go to give presentations these days they ask for the file on a flash drive to put on their own computer/projector, it would be nice to be able to run a video cable out, if needed. At first I thought this would be a deal breaker for me. But, then I read that Samsung is coming out with adapters for their proprietary port. So, I WILL be able to connect a flash drive or video out, when needed. Would it be nice to have these ports on board? Sure. But, frankly, the device is pretty much self-contained and very accessible via WiFi/cloud, so, assuming the adapters come out, I think the lack of ports is a non-issue. And, I am used to buying accessories for my devices as needed. I also use my phone as a WiFi hotspot, to which the GT10.1 connects flawlessly, and the combination of Android phone and Android tablet is pretty killer.

Keyboard: On board virtual keyboard is fine, quite large, in fact, if you are used to using one on a phone, as I am. I also downloaded Swype, which works fine on Honeycomb. Finally, just for those times, when I might need to do some more significant typing, I bought a Menotek flexible Bluetooth keyboard (kind of like the one in 'Live Free or Die Hard' but wireless). It synced immediately, and it works great. And, the keyboard is almost ridiculously portable (it rolls up/folds up). So, I just leave it in my briefcase and have it, when I need it. Have a leather case on order that will allow the tablet to be propped up like a monitor, so the combination of portable keyboard and angled tablet should be a nice substitute for a laptop.

Battery life: Have unplugged the tablet at 0600, used it off and on all day, and it still had just under 20% juice, when I plugged it back in at 0100 - 19 hours later. That was not continuous use, but more real world use - emails (a lot), read docs, downloads, a few YouTube videos, a few games. Not bad. It only reported about 80% charged this morning after 5 hours plugged into an outlet, but from experience with other devices, I expect both the battery life and the charging time to improve over the next week or so, as it cycles several times. As you can imagine, using video-intensive programs, like some games or lots of videos, drains the battery fastest. Even so, I'd say the battery life is pretty good and more than sufficient for a day's work (and probably play).

So, in conclusion, I think I might have found my laptop replacement, a first for me. I thought I was going to get a Xoom, then an ASUS Transformer, and then this one came along. It is really a very powerful device, given its REALLY small footprint. Is it an IPad killer? Who cares? I have handled IPads owned by business associates. Nice device, but all they ever seem to use it for is to show photos and play songs, maybe blog. Large cool factor. I don't see it as a business tool. I DO see the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a true business tool. The same goes for my Android phone. So, depending on your needs, one or the other probably will be better for you. As for me, I am really sold on the Android OS; it is fast, powerful and small. There are some differences between my phone and tablet versions, but they are minor. If the new version that is due out at the end of this year really merged them, but was not downloadable to my current devices, I would keep both of them, since the differences are so small. That should tell you something.

Hope someone, who is considering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a business tool, finds the above useful. My recommendation is to go for it; I do not think you will be disappointed. It is not perfect, but I think it executes beautifully on all of its advertised features and capabilities, and for that reason I give it 5 stars.

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2.0 out of 5 stars Very poor quality, May 10, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The style was exactly what I was looking for. BUT, after I filled the containers and set it up under good light, I noticed the wire frame of the holder looked like it was dirty. Tried to clean it off, but, when I checked closer, it turned out that the plating job was VERY poor and the 'dirt' was actually bare spots where the plating did not take. It is a shame, since it is a cool retro design. It is not worth it for me to return the item, but I will never buy from this seller again.

Natural Finish Hardwood Coat & Hat Rack By Acme Furniture
Natural Finish Hardwood Coat & Hat Rack By Acme Furniture
Offered by Furniture Creations
Price: $60.48
7 used & new from $42.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Great looking, solid, easy to assemble, March 10, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The title pretty much says it all - this is a really nice-looking rack, it holds a LOT, and is rock solid stable, thanks to the heavy base (which looks fine against the natural finish), and the entire assembly took less than 30 minutes. The only change I did was to use Gorilla Glue to attach the wooden end caps, rather than the supplied white glue. Everyone, who has seen the rack, has commented on its looks, smooth lines and functionality. Rarely, have I put together a product that was so well-designed and well-packaged. Kudos to Acme Furniture (gotta love the name, too). I will definitely look for their name for future purchases. Seller, Cross Country Furniture, was also very fast. Can you tell that I am happy with this purchase?

ASUS USB 2.0 8xDVD Writer External Optical Drive SDRW-08D1S-U (Black)
ASUS USB 2.0 8xDVD Writer External Optical Drive SDRW-08D1S-U (Black)
Offered by Triplenet Pricing
Price: $56.29
5 used & new from $28.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Portable drive that does what it's supposed to do, November 12, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Not much to say, except that it works exactly as intended, is light, portable and seems to be well-constructed. Oh, and it runs with only one USB cable connected, which is nice. Bought it to go with my ASUS 1005HA, and I am very pleased with this drive.

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