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Bureau of Missing Persons [VHS]
Bureau of Missing Persons [VHS]
Offered by VHS movies for your VCR
Price: $9.99
22 used & new from $3.80

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4.0 out of 5 stars File your missing person reports at the Bureau..., August 3, 2001
Police captain Lewis Stone is in charge of the Bureau of Missing Persons. It's his duty to see that cases are solved, and during this movie, they ARE solved! He inherits Detective Butch Saunders, played by Pat O'Brien, who is transferred to his department for disciplinary reasons. Butch scorns the work of the Bureau of Missing Persons, and accepts cases reluctantly--except for the case of Norma Roberts aka Norma Williams. Gorgeous Bette Davis plays Norma, who's on the run from the law. She's accused of being invovled in a murder, but Butch knows that's false! In a complicated series of events, the case involving Norma is successfully solved.
Excellent in a supporting role is Glenda Farrell as Belle, "Butchie Wootchie's" golddigging wife who shows up to gouge him for money. A running gag throughout the movie is the search for a gentleman's missing wife--and she turns out to be one of the secretaries at the bureau! The missing wife is played by the wonderful character actress Ruth Donnley, who never fails to please her audience.
This movie has great "atmosphere" and gives the viewer to experience what detective work might have been like in the 30's. Enjoy this movie soon!

Tonin Uptown and Tonin Downtown [VHS]
Tonin Uptown and Tonin Downtown [VHS]
Offered by NaturalTreasures
Price: $10.00
52 used & new from $0.02

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Way to Get in Shape!, August 2, 2001
Although all of his tapes are excellent, I particularly like this two tape set. The first one, "Tonin' Uptown" is for your upper body, and the "Tonin' Downtown" is guessed it, your lower body. The tapes run around 30-40 minutes each and are easy enough for a beginner to do. The music keeps you moving and let's face it...Richard Simmons is just pretty darn motivational! It's hard not to give the exercise routine your best effort, even though he's just on tape! Be forwarned--the toning rings are NOT included with the videos, but you can easily buy them at many discount stores. The students in his class could be you and me...they aren't all drop-dead gorgeous looking models, and I appreciate that. Instead of sitting at the computer, why don't you order this tape and get busy toning with Richard??

Wonder Bar [VHS]
Wonder Bar [VHS]
11 used & new from $3.98

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1.0 out of 5 stars Uneven and Uncomfortable, July 31, 2001
This review is from: Wonder Bar [VHS] (VHS Tape)
A movie starring Al Jolson, and featuring Kay Francis, Delores Del Rio, Ricardo Cortez and Dick Powell is suppose to be excellent entertainment, correct? I found 1934's WONDER BAR to be a bit of an uncomfortable movie, even though I am a fan of pre-Code pictures. There is a rather lavish, tasteless blackfaced musical routine by Jolson called "Goin' to Heaven on a Mule," that most people today will find offensive. One character who visits Al's nightclub is very depressed, gives away all his worldy goods,and wants to commit suicide--and he is actually helped to do this by Jolson's character, to cover up a murder in the nightclub! Gays are also ridiculed--there is a brief scene where a couple is dancing and a young man walks up and taps the man on the shoulder and asks if he can cut in. The man indicates it's okay...and the two men dance off together. Jolson grins widely and says, "Boys will be boys!" There is also a rather violent dance between Ricardo Cortez and Delores Del Rio where he whips her!
I don't know...the whole thing just didn't seem very entertaining to me. I guess I expected more, given the cast. I know Jolson was a tremendously big star on the stage, but I'm not sure that his "larger than life" persona translated quite as well onto the silver screen.
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A Free Soul [VHS]
A Free Soul [VHS]
Offered by VHS movies for your VCR
Price: $17.88
22 used & new from $1.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great pre-Code father / daughter movie, July 31, 2001
This review is from: A Free Soul [VHS] (VHS Tape)
Stephen and Jan Ashe aren't your typical father/daughter team. Although both belong to a stuffy wealthy family, they are both free spirits who want to do their own thing. Jan's thing is an affair with a gangster named Ace Wilfong, who successfully beat a murder rap thanks to her dad's legal expertise! Stephen's thing is alcohol. Stephen's reaction to Jan's rejection of a suitable beau (played by Leslie Howard) and the pursuit of Wilfong leads them into a deal where Jan agrees to give up Wilfong, and Stephen gives up the bottle. When Stephen returns to drinking, Jan returns to Wilfong, and her former fiancee settles the score when Wilfong tries to get rough with her. The courtroom scene at the end of the movie is excellent and moving, as Stephen defends her former fiancee in court.
Lionel Barrymore won an Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Ashe and deserved it. He is a fine, underrated actor and his performance in "A Free Soul" deserves to be seen by audiences of today. Norma Shearer is also memorable as Jan, and fans of Gable will enjoy him as the rotten gangster, Ace Wilfong. This movie comes highly recommended.

Grand Hotel [VHS]
Grand Hotel [VHS]
Offered by Rainforest Trading Post
Price: $8.95
16 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars "People come, people go...nothing ever happens", July 31, 2001
This review is from: Grand Hotel [VHS] (VHS Tape)
Although the whole cast deserves accolades, it is the work of Lionel Barrymore that I find compelling. He plays Otto Kringelin, the regular working man who finds himself incurably ill. He decides to spend his last days in luxury at the beautiful Grand Hotel. He makes the acquaintance of a baron (his brother, John), acquires a girlfriend (Joan Crawford), and gets a chance to tell off his boss (Wallace Beery). He achieves the dream that many people have, but never realize. His acting throughout is honest and you find yourself cheering for him.
The casting of this movie shows absolute genius. Garbo is beautiful and engimatic as Grusenskaya the dancer, John Barrymore is the suave but impovrished baron masquerading as a jewel thief, Joan Crawford as Flamchen never looked more beautiful (although she appears in yet another of her stenographer roles), and Wallace Beery comes off well as the ruthless businessman. All of the personalities blend together to make this a memorable film.
The quote "Grand Hotel...people come, people go, nothing ever happens" is the opening and closing line of the movie, but don't let that fool you! A lot happens and this movie is well worth the time it takes you to see it.

Employees' Entrance (Forbidden Hollywood) [VHS]
Employees' Entrance (Forbidden Hollywood) [VHS]
10 used & new from $15.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars Power! Sex! This movie offers it all!, December 19, 2000
Ever wonder what life in a 1930's department store was like? This soaper packs a lot of drama into every minute--adultery, suicide, depression (both mental and monetary), sex, power,rich people, poor people, board room maneuvers--you name it, this movie has it! Warren William, in a typical seducer role, plays the ruthless manager of a large department store. He stops at nothing to get what he want. He has no qualms about ruining a businessman, firing a long-time employee, seducing young women, controlling his employees lives, name it! Who would want to work for him...? Loretta Young plays the young employee who secretly marries William's protege and pays a high price for doing so in the process. If you have never seen a movie with Warren William, give this one a try! He resembles John Barrymore slightly in appearance, and really shines in his role of the cut-throat business man. This is a classic example of pre-Code Hollywood at it's naughty best.

Curly Top [VHS]
Curly Top [VHS]
Offered by Jessie Books
Price: $9.89
23 used & new from $1.12

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sparkle, Shirley, Sparkle!, November 9, 2000
This review is from: Curly Top [VHS] (VHS Tape)
I read that before Shirley Temple went before the cameras, her mother would lean down close and tell her to "Sparkle." Well, she certainly must have listened to her mother, because I feel this is one of Shirley's best movies. She was definately a polished professional, from the top of her blond ringlet curls to the bottom of her tap shoes, and she knew how to charm an audience. Her dancing and singing are wonderful, and it's easy to see why she was such a HUGE star in the depression era. Shirley "sparkles" throughout this movie, and viewers can only come away pleased after watching this movie. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Three on a Match [VHS]
Three on a Match [VHS]
Offered by lotsa movies
Price: $29.99
21 used & new from $4.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars How'd They Pack So Much into a Short Movie??, November 9, 2000
This review is from: Three on a Match [VHS] (VHS Tape)
This movie may be short, but it has a lot of action packed into it! Beautiful Ann Dvorak plays a discontented wife who leaves her wealthy husband and runs off with a 1930's type sleeze-ball. Her best friends from school, Joan Blondell and Bette Davis comfort her heartbroken husband, played by Warren William, and Joan ends up as wife #2. Bette Davis' talents are completely wasted in this movie, and it's odd to see Warren William in a role where he isn't a seducer or leacherous boss. The story steamrolls to it's conclusion, as Dvorak's son is kidnapped by her lover's gang and the repentant mother must act quickly to save his young life. When this movie ends, somewhat predictably, you kind of breathe out a heavy sigh! It's hard to believe that the whole movie plays out in a little over an hour! THREE ON A MATCH is an enjoyable movie, and a slice of movie nostalgia you can't pass up.

Dance, Fools, Dance (Forbidden Hollywood) [VHS]
Dance, Fools, Dance (Forbidden Hollywood) [VHS]
Price: $4.41
28 used & new from $3.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars See Joan Crawford in her Underwear!, November 9, 2000
Only in pre-code Hollywood could you see young men and women disrobing on the deck of a gorgeous yacht, and jumping into the ocean clad only in their underwear. But the movie they turn the lights off first, so nobody could see anything...well at least that's what they think!! In one of my personal favorite movies, Joan plays rich deb Bonnie Jordan, who after the loss of her family's fortune, must go to work like everyone else. While Bonnie becomes a cub reporter on the local newspaper, her brother Rodney becomes a bootlegger to an ultra rotten mobster, played by the one and only Clark Gable. Bonnie's assignment to discover who murdered the newspaper's leading reporter leads her to a shocking discovery.
Things to take note of: 1)Joan uses a metallic blow drier on board the yacht that looks almost exactly like the blow driers we use today! 2)Attitudes towards cigarettes sure have changed! When asked by her dad why she smokes before breakfast, she replies, "Well I must, darling, if I want to stay thin!"
This is a wonderful example of what movies were like before the production code was enforced. Give this one a try!

Heroes for Sale [VHS]
Heroes for Sale [VHS]

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4.0 out of 5 stars Realistic, Gritty Drama from the 1930's, November 9, 2000
This review is from: Heroes for Sale [VHS] (VHS Tape)
There's nothing sugar-coated in this movie! Silent film star Richard Barthlemess appears as a WWI veteran who endures a narcotic addiction, rehabilitation, career advancement, marriage, parenthood, wealth, labor riots, death, prison, a "Red" scare, police scare tactics, and homelessness. Loretta Young portrays his wife, and the wonderful actress Aline MacMahon appears as his most loyal friend. She raises his son when he's wrongly imprisoned, and is the executor of his accumulated wealth, which he requests she use to run a soup kitchen for the poor. Her performance is beautifully understated, and her love for him shines through.
Although this movie is from the early 1930's, the topics and problems Barthlemess faces could come right off the newspaper headlines from today. This is an interesting social commentary, and certainly worthy of your time.

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