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Neewer® Hand-Free Shoulder Mount Stabilizer Support Pad for Video Camera DV / DC Camcorder HD DSLR
Neewer® Hand-Free Shoulder Mount Stabilizer Support Pad for Video Camera DV / DC Camcorder HD DSLR
Offered by sarah5683
Price: $21.00
13 used & new from $18.38

4.0 out of 5 stars The best designed camera rig in the world. But use caution or you might end up with a broken camera., August 17, 2015
The positive:

-There is nothing else on the market that does what this does. It is lightweight and since you have the strap around your shoulder (be sure to tighten this as much as you can, if you dont this will not work very well) to help hold the weight of the camera instead of putting a lot of counterweights on the back like on other rigs.
-Unlike other rigs that needs lots and lots of rails and adjustments to make the camera sit where you like it, here you can easily place the viewfinder of your camera/DSLR right in front of your eye, or have the camera far enough in front of you so your eyes can focus on the LCD screen of the camera. This adjustment only takes a few seconds unlike the rigs that will need you to move things around quite a bit. You can adjust this rig anyway you like. Like me you will probably not understand just how adjustable it is before you try it in real life.

The negative:

While the design of the rig is totally genious the build quality is not. For this kind of money I totally understand that you can't expect everything. There is however one major flaw with it. The plastic it is made of at first seems really solid. It is very thick and it seems very sturdy. The longest extender will make you nervous because it is quite thin. But the other pieces seem solid enough. I have used my rig three times and loved using it. And because the plastic is so thick I really didnt worry too much about its build quality.

That was until this morning.....on my way out to a shoot I just wanted to adjust the rig a bit. Happily the camera was not mounted on it while doing this. When i tightened the screw that goes into the short piece that will raise the camera in height suddenly that whole piece came apart. The reason for this is that the plastic it is made of is very dry/porous. In the bottom of this piece there is a metal wingnut that is just glued/put up into the bottom of the plastic. When you use a bit of force to tighten the screw that goes through this wingnut a few times the plastic will sooner or later come apart from the pressure. The plastic that was holding the wingnut on mine had just colapsed into many small pieces from the force of tightening the screw just a few times. After seeing just how little force the plastic was able to hold I am happy that this happened without the camera on the rig. If this had been made by a quality manufacturer they would have put a bigger piece of metal into the various plastic pieces. This would have been able to withstand the force from both holding the camera and tightening the screws more than a few times. The other pieces that you can put on it have a different design where the wingnuts just put pressure on each side of the plastic. These can break as well but not as easy. So the big design flaw is in the one piece that will raise the camera about an inch. But this piece is fundamental for all uses where you want to put the viewfinder close to you eyes.

This is really sad since there is nothing else in the market today that will do the job as well as this as lightweight and quick. Since there is no other alternatives I will go ahead and buy another one. But this time I will make sure to never tighten that one screw much at all. That way it might hold together a little bit longer. I expect mayby 10-20 times of use if I am lucky. I will actually buy a few more and use them as a disposable thing that you will expect to break every now and then.

I wish that someone would copy this design and make a more solid version. Still mainly in plastic to keep the weight light. But make sure there is enough metal used around the screws for it to not come apart this quickly. I would be happy to pay ten times the price for a really solid version of this product that you could rely on.

If you consider buying this item you should really try it out but use caution:

-do not trust it to hold your expensive camera. Never ever let go of it. Always keep at least one hand on the camera in case the rig collapses. The rig will carry the cameras weight but keep the one hand ready to tighten the grip on the camera just in case.
-dont expect this to last very long. If you dont need the one piece that heightens the camera I would guess that you can expect it to last much longer.
-dont put a heavy camera on the rig. If you are planning on using the long piece that extends the camera away from you body a DSLR is the max weight I would have tried doing this with. With a camcorder the rig will get very front heavy and the long plastic piece will sooner or later break in two. The rig might however be able to carry a camcorder if you put it close to you body and use its viewfinder. But hold on to it cause it might still break when you least expect it to.

Now you are warned and hopefully you will be able to use this rig without your camera falling to the ground.

WD TV Live Hub 1TB Media Center (Old Model)
WD TV Live Hub 1TB Media Center (Old Model)
12 used & new from $189.00

23 of 30 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Could have been so great, July 11, 2011
This box is in theory fantastic. It has great features, and it could have been everything you needed. But because of running a software full of bugs it is almost unusable. If you think about buying it then you should really read this before making your desicion. I normally don't complain about gadgets, I have been happy with most of my 100+ gadgets, but people need to know a few things about this box that I wish I knew before buying.

I have had this for a few months now and instead of getting used to it is getting more and more on my nerves. I replaced my old windows media center PC (because of it's size) with this box. And that would have been no problem if the thing worked like it says on paper. Then it would have covered all my most urgent needs just as well as the media center PC.

Let's start with what works and it's positive sides:

-it starts up really fast (only takes a few seconds)
-you could use it as a network drive or DLNA server even if it is not turned on
-it's easy to set up.
-it looks nice and is very small
-it's wide codec support.
-it's almost silent

well...that's about it....

Let's look at it's features:

The menus and navigation:
-If you have a very limited amount of files on it it navigates quite well. But if you have hundreds of files then just forget about browsing through them. The interface is very slow and it needs to constantly load new items(because of it's lack of memory?), ant it does it slowly.
-there is no way to scroll fast throug a file list. A function where it speeds up the browsing after holding the button for a while is sorely missed. Or a least a jump +100 items at a time function.

As video player:
-it supports a lot of codecs (but still there are files from time to time it wount play)
-it seems to play most HD video files (h264, x264) that is around 1GB in size or less quite well, if you have larger files it almost always decides to stop playback at some point in the video and refuse to resume the playback. The only solution is to find out where it stopped, punch in manually a point a few seconds after the stop point and then it plays fine again....for a while...until it finds some other place to stop. My media center PC had no problems playing the same files. And it seems this has got worse with each sofware upgrade they release. So expect at least 30% of the files you play to stop at some point.
-hoewever....when it finds a file it is able to play through without stopping it plays it with great picture and sound quality. It also supports most surround modes.

As audio player:
-if you intend on using this as a music jukebox then just forget about it. An 30$ mp3-player connected to your stereo does a 100 times better job as a music jukebox
-it doesn't support playlist creation. You can add items to a queue, but you can't save it. And even if you could save it navigating through files is so slow that you would give up fast anyway.
-you can't search for a song. It has a search function, but this does not work. I have tried lots and lots of search terms and ways to search but it never finds anything, or even seems like it is trying to search for anything. I am an engineer and haven't found any way for the search function to work. If I am missing some magic setting or key combination to activate the search function then let me know. It should have been as easy as pressing the search button, choosing "file name", and then "contains", type the word and then press "submit", but it just doesn't do anything.
-it takes about 5 seconds from you press a song title until it start playing
-the shuffle-function does not work. It only shuffles the roughly 70 files that are closest to the one you started playing. So if you have more than 70 songs then you will be forced to listen to the same 70 songs over and over again. I (and probably thousands of others) have tried contacting western digital about this issue (and lots of other), but they do nothing. Instead they use their time on implementing worthless games on the system. This issue is unforgivable. Every single cheap mp3-player I have ever owned does this just fine.
-if you make a playlist on another device (your PC) and save it to the internal hard drive it WILL play the list (with some workarounds). But if the list contains more then roughly 70 files it will just ignore the rest of the songs on the list and continue shuffling the first items. If you want to play the whole list then you have to play the songs without using the shuffle function.
-to be able to display songs ordered by for example "date added" (or most other types of organizing) it needs to have it's "media library" function turned on. If you add anything to it's internal hard drive via a PC-network it decides to recompile more or less it's whole media library. This can take anything from a minute to half an hour. During this process you can forget about using it. All navigation suddenly turns even slower then usual. Press a key and it takes 20 seconds for it to respond. And if you have the patience to navigate the menus and make it play anything the media library process takes 10 times as long.
-you can work around some of these issues by just using the box as a network hard drive and media renderer, and try to control it via for example a mobile phone running a DLNA client (Twonky mobile, PlugPlayer etc). This will make the navigation a lot smoother since the mobile App in most cases have a fast interface that actually works unlike the software on the WDTV Live Hub. And this is the only way to be able to live with this thing. However this also has it's shortcomings. You can't save a playlist from Twonky Mobile to the box since it does not reallys support playlists. PlugPlayer will however let you save playlists on the mobile phone as a workaround.

As photo player:
-most of the same issues as for music.
-just as slow navigation
-takes too long to render photos.

As network drive:
-to me it seems really slow, particularly with large folders, but this could be caused by my top range n-wireless router or something else, so I am not sure enough about this to really give advice. Search somewhere else to find out. If you already have the box then a little advice....if it is turned off it is much faster to access it via a network, probably because it is not busy doing other stuff. Don't try to work remotly on it's hard drive if it is currently playing a mp3 or something else. It will take ages....

Other services:
-most of the services only works in the US. If you live in Europe there is nothing of interest except YouTube. However this is unusable as well since it blocks almost all content because you are trying to play it on a box connected to a TV. This is probably the same for american users.

Most of the issues are known and the few that are corrected in new software versions usually comes with new bugs that didn't exist before. So before you are sure the new update brings something you need then just don't update. It usually only makes it worse. But the developers are really working hard at implementing useless stuff like games (so primitive that it's embarrasing that anyone have used time to program them in 2011) and services that no one has asked for (that are even slower to navigate than the rest of the box).

To sum it up:

-are you going to use it to play video files it will work (with some issues mentioned abowe). A future upgrade might make the playback more stable. So if you don't have too many video files then it could be usable as a video player.
-are you going to use it as a music player then stay away unless you only intend on using it via another DLNA device. Or if you have 70 songs or less, then it will probably work fine for you, and navigation around the songs will be tolerable. If you have lots more then just don't even think about it. This box was probably programmed and tested with a very small file collection and then most stuff will work.
-are you going to use it to view photos and have lots of them then this will just be too slow and irritating.

So be warned....and don't buy until you at least have tried it yourself with lots of files on it.

If the developers dosn't do some serious work with it's software (and really fast) this box is finding a new home in my garbage can and will be replaced by a new and smaller media center PC, or an Android based box from someone else. It is really sad, cause I really wanted to make it work for me and have tried absolutely everything to forgive or work around all it's issues.
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Gorilla Automotive 7017 Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way Paging System
Gorilla Automotive 7017 Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way Paging System

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great alarm but be warned., December 8, 2010
This alarm is really great in some ways, and not so great in others.

The positive:

-It is REALLY easy to install. I am totally useless in dealing with the insides of cars and bikes, and have no experience in doing so. But this was as easy as installing an app to your iPhone.
-It works great. It has a good range. When I park it in the parking space behind my concrete apartment block I will get a message on the pager whenever someone even thinks about touching my bike. Even when I am in my apartment on the other side of the block on the fifth floor. So if you park outside you should have no problems making this work inside a house or an apartment building. I also got an alarm while my bike was parked outside of a large IKEA bulding even if I was on the inside on the total oppsite side of the very large store behind lots of walls and other obstacles. But don't expect miracles. If you plan on parking in a concrete garage system underground...don't expect the signal to get to your apartment.
-The alarm is sensitive enough (and can be adjusted to less sensitivity) and extremly loud. I was a bit concerned about it being loud enough from other reviews, but mounted under the seat of my Honda Hornet it is so loud that everyone within hundreds of meters will look straight at your bike. I activated it once when my seat was removed and it was so loud that it felt like it was damaging my hearing. An alarm can never be loud enough, but compared to lots of others I have tested this is the absolutely loudest.

The negative:
-The remote pagers battery will drain from full to empty in about a weeks time even if you don't use it. This is really strange, since it shouldn't really use that much battery. My wireless PC-mouse last one year on a battery, but this thing uses one in a week.
-The alarm WILL drain your bikes battery really fast even if it's not turned on. This wasen't a problem the whole summer and autumn after installing the alarm since I was using my bike at least once a week. I also use my bike at least every two weeks during wintertime because we usually have really mild winters here. But last winter was unusually harsh. So the bike just stood in it's metal shed (inside a room temperature underground garage) for about two months. Just to make sure the alarm didn't drain the battery I turned it completly off. I know that your not suppose to let your bike rest for two months without charging the battery, but this have not been a problem before installing this alarm. And usually the winter here last for two weeks, but this time it lasted for two months. When I was ready to use the bike again the battery was completely flat. No sign of life whatsover. Reapetet attempts at charging it with high tech chargers couldn't save it. So I had no other choice than to fork out 500$ for a new bike battery. I had my suspision that this alarm had some of the blame for this. But was not sure. After getting a new battery and using the bike all the time during the summer I have had no problem again. But recently the bike was left unused for 2 1/2 weeks (with the alarm turned OFF). When i tried to use the bike again the battery was drained so much that I couldn't get the bike to start. The battery was however not completly flat since the light on the bike worked. So I charged the battery and put it back in the bike. This time however I also removed the cables from the battery to the alarm to make sure it wasnt able to suck power from the battery again. After that the bike was left alone for almost four weeks. This afternoon I went down to start it and it was as if the battery came straight from the charger. The bike started immediatly. So after this I am 100% sure that this alarm drains your battery really bad even if it's turned off, just by being connected to the battery.

So the conclusion is that this alarm is great when using the bike all the time. But never ever leave it connected to your bikes battery (even if the alarm is turned off) for more than two weeks. This will probably leave your bike unable to start. Left for more than four weeks you risk draining the battery beyond rapair. It cost me 500$ to find this out. So for your own sake follow my advice.

I will give it five stars for value and functionality, and zero stars for sucking power from your battery even while turned off. So I end up giving it three stars since it is a really good product, at a good value, if you use your bike constantly.
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