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1.0 out of 5 stars the screen only worked for a week, July 23, 2016
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I used this model for more than a decade, great 3G phone.

I got this as a replacement and the screen only worked for a week.

very disappointing

PBL Pro Heavy Duty 8ft Light Stand, Air Cushioned, for Photo or Video
PBL Pro Heavy Duty 8ft Light Stand, Air Cushioned, for Photo or Video
Price: $32.49
2 used & new from $31.88

1.0 out of 5 stars top piece keeps coming loose, July 23, 2016
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seems sturdy but the top piece keeps coming loose, wiggling or falling off

don't buy

There Goes Rhymin' Simon
There Goes Rhymin' Simon
Price: $6.99
107 used & new from $3.42

5.0 out of 5 stars Paul Simon at his happiest. Deceptively simple rendering of deep concepts, July 17, 2016
The title certainly comes from Simon's formative high school years in New York, some street corner jerks making fun of the fact that he was a songwriter.

I feel this is Paul Simon's best and most consistent ever. "An American Tune" melody is based on an old protestant hymn "O sacred head". It's about immigrants coming to America. And that they don't always find what they were optimistically looking for when they came ..."Kodachrome" was the best 35 mm picture film, before digital pictures. Simon is saying that the pictures can never live up his memories of the events pictured. For Paul Simon, this album is his most upbeat (he finds things often sad and is sometimes depressed)..."Was a Sunny Day" and "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" are pleasant and happy and whimsical. I remember listening to "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" at a bad time in my life and it always cheered me up

"....They've got a Wall in China that's a thousand miles long. I've got a Wall around me that you cant' even see..." jeez is that ever true! One so the main things wrong with this country. Too many people with too many walls.

"Loves Me Like a Rock", backed up by a black Gospel doowop group. Happy Happy Mother Love. "Tenderness" is a commentary on people who are too honest but lack any empathy. Can't find a bad cut on this album.

These song are deceptively simple rendering of deep heartfelt concepts. Many of his later records are full of flashier instrumentation meager melodies and full of really trivial lyrics

Holst: Egdon Heath, Hammersmith, Fugal Overture, Somerset Rhapsody, Etc
Holst: Egdon Heath, Hammersmith, Fugal Overture, Somerset Rhapsody, Etc
Price: $19.30
56 used & new from $7.23

4.0 out of 5 stars not the Planets, but moody gloomy Impressionist Egdon Heath, July 8, 2016
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Holst, despite the German sounding name, was thoroughly English. He remarked once that he didn't think his most famous work, "The Planets" was his best composition!

Holst and composers Arnold Bax and Ralph Vaughan Williams often hung out together. One hears reflections of each of their music in the others works. Bax and Holst once both went partying to Spain, Mallorca. Bax wrote his short piece "Mediterranean" to celebrate this experience!

Of the pieces herein, I most like the dark foggy and moody, gloomy Impressionist Egdon Heath. the piece is dedicate to dark gloomy English author Thomas Hardy. Very Dorset/ Cornwall/ Casterbridge. The Hickok and orchestra play this with great feeling. I also like their rendition of the Somerset Rhapsody .

McEwen: Three Border Ballads
McEwen: Three Border Ballads
Offered by anthonyattic2
Price: $34.99
15 used & new from $7.33

3.0 out of 5 stars late romantic/ impressionist border ballads, July 8, 2016
A bit like Wagner, a bit like Sir Arnold Bax (both McEwen and Bax like to go off to remote parts of Scotland to compose). .

While these late romantic/ impressionist border ballads are interesting, I would very strongly recommend McEwen's The Solway Symphony on Chandos by the same conductor.

If you like these , you will love those!

Scots Impressionism!

Bax: Symphony, No. 2 / Nympholept
Bax: Symphony, No. 2 / Nympholept
Offered by Amazing Discount Shop
Price: $12.88
19 used & new from $5.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Nympholept may well be the greatest tome poem Bax ever wrote, July 1, 2016
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Having spent a year or so listening over and over again and over to Bax works and all their performances , particularly his shorter tone poems, IMHO The magical Nympholept may well be the greatest tome poem Bax ever wrote and Thomson's rendition is it's most mystical and otherworldly performance. Truly entrancing. More exotic, more beautiful than Handley's better recorded version or any other performance to date.

the visitor in the deep woods of Ireland happens upon a Wood Nymph and is so hypnotized by her beauty he is stopped in his tracks, transfixed, like Rip van Winkle.

The unhappily married Bax may well have been thinking about girlfriend /mistress/ protégée Harriet Cohen when he wrote this. He loved young women and really tended to romanticize them...all his life...

It is truly a sad tragic commentary on the way his music was received by the stuffed shirt prigs of Royal Academy that this wonderful early piece was NEVER performed in his lifetime. Bax wrote it and never heard it and, as I said, it is one of his finest. Poems "Tintagel" was well known, "The Garden of Fand", were well played in his lifetime, but not this, if he only know what he had written...

Bax and the Irish poet George Russell "AE", (as the story goes in Lewis Foreman's book "Bax") , were in a remote part of Ireland. They heard "Faery", the little people, playing music. (I take him at his word). Bax was blown away. mystified. He tried over and over again to capture this experience, in "Spring Fire", in The finale to the Third Symphony, in "In the Faery Hills".etc In many pieces. This is one of his most successful attempts

More later on the Second Symphony. Bax, who identified strongly with the Irish, not his fellow Britons, was really enraged, really violently angry at the way his country brutally put down the Irish during the 1916 Easter Rebellion and killed, machine-gunned innocents, many of Bax Irish nationalist friends. (and there was WWI and his failing marriage too effecting him). Bax First Symphony is chock full of anger, wraiths and ghosts from this experience and many reviewers think this Symphony is full of that angst too. I don't quite agree. While the Second is not as pleasant and mystical as his most popular Third there is a lot of beauty and mysticism here too and Thompson mines it well.

But this CD is well worth having for both, or if only for the shorter tone poem Nympholept . Thomson get the tempos subtly perfect in both. He understands

by Lewis Foreman
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $60.00
44 used & new from $25.66

4.0 out of 5 stars tantalizing glimpses at one of the last centurys greatest composers, June 10, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Bax (Hardcover)
Bax was quite prolific, one of the most prolific composers ever.
Bax was rather opaque as this book shows is. He was very shy and retiring, Spent months and years alone writing in unheated hotels in remotest Scotland and Ireland. He was from a rich family, independently wealthy, did not have to work for a living, for example, conduct and often did not go back and revise his earlier works as did his contemporaries and buddies, like Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst, Peter Warlock, EJ Moeran, Sibelius, etc.

While this is maybe the best bio , the best vision of him available of the enigmatic figure, it is lacking. The reader often gets' little of no feeling what was going on in Bax's head. Many chapters are fascinating, Bax heard the music of Faery along with Poet AE (George Russell) in Glencolumbcille, Ire and it entranced him. (we take him at his word). This ecstatic Faery music he heard he tried to capture again and again in his music "In the Faery Hills", "Spring Fire", the end of the Third Symphony, " Nympholept" , etc. So that part is wonderful, but then the narrative goes on to things that sound like little more than Bax laundry list, or a boring list of people at some party. With all of the letters to all his lovers extant, there must be some something that elucidates his thoughts and state of mind. All the principles are now dead, so tell us what they said...

Bax love life played an important part in his music. He fell for a young Russian woman, Natalia Skarginski, put her up at his parents house, followed her to Russia only to have her use his money and dump him. He went back to England and married Elsita, had children, then eventually grew tired of her. Then he met young pianist Harriet Cohen with whom he carried on a passionate love affair for decades. His wife refused him a divorce and they separated. By the time his wife eventually died and he was free and could have married Cohen, as people expected , Bax had fallen for another younger woman Mary Gleaves who he was with for the rest of his life. He apparently liked younger women, he romanticized them, thought of them as goddesses incarnate. This love turmoil charged much of his music.

I also would have like to see Mr Foreman put some symbol in the text to indicate he is changing subjects, there will be some tantalizing insightful passage and then proceed without mark, into lists of trivia, Some symbol or line break to let us know he, Foreman is changing subject. which he does often.

Also, there is much musical score and much reference to the many Bax albums now out. In addition to the written musical score, it would be useful for the next edition if Mr Foreman would tell you this passage he refers to is like in the most famous recordings, like Bryden Thomson's Chandos: recording tract 1, time: 3' 32" rather than just the publishing the score. Most of us, I included, are not that good at reading musical scores.

Odd to say but some of Mr Foreman's notes in CDs (he has written Bax notes in practically every Bax CD there is) , some of his CD notes are actually more complete and thorough than what is here in this book!

Time for a new edition?

Then there is Bax own "Farewell my Youth" autobio and it's even more opaque, except at the very end!

Sir Arnold Bax, IMHO, is one of the greatest composers in the 20th century, Bax is certainly one of the top 5 composers (as his friend Ralph Vaughn Williams also heatedly pointed out to the dunderheads at British Royal Academy of Music, quoted herein). He is certainly the most underappreciated. His music yields its virtues, subtleties and complexities only upon repeated listening. He deserves to be played much more and he deserves to be heard much more. There are so many better known 20th c composers whose works are downright boring and painful to listen to....

I love Impressionism and there is so little of it. Dive into Bax! The more you listen the more you'll like.

This is the best book out on Bax, but it leaves the reader wanting a lot more.

The Bonnie Raitt Collection
The Bonnie Raitt Collection
Price: $10.06
235 used & new from $0.01

2.0 out of 5 stars Great songs, really poor compressed sound, April 23, 2016
with the songs on this collection it should be wonderful. Bonnie Raitt has done great Blues. However the recording quality is really poor. this is really compressed. The vinyl albums these hits come from sound great. I wish WB would go back to their vaults and remix these songs. I know they have much better versions than these. Do Bonnie juistice!

My Funny Valentine
My Funny Valentine
Price: $5.99
75 used & new from $2.96

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Miles Davis LAST great album, April 11, 2016
This review is from: My Funny Valentine (Audio CD)
Miles Davis had, in the fifties this truly wonderful "alone in a crowded room" lost and melancholic sound.that would pierce your heart. He could sell the songs like no one else, (except possibly Stan Getz). He was the King of the Cool Jazz trumpet.. But later he was constantly restless looking for the latest and newest sound.

He would play, on stage, with his back to the audience. He was one of the very few black Jazz musicians with a huge following among whites in the day

This was his LAST album in the hugely popular Cool Jazz style. This is the Miles that sounds like Kind of Blue. He went on the his second quintet, Fusion, took a nose dive into coke...took too much acid...See Don Cheadle's excellent movie "Miles Ahead" to see what happened

this is a great warm heatfelt album. This is the Miles Davis everyone loves, the later stuff , not so much

I wrote a review 20 years ago like this for this album and got so much hate mail from purists, I deleted it. No hate mail please!
I call them as I see them.
I bought them all, in vinyl and later on CD
I've listened to Miles stuff, well, since he first recorded it

This one you will love, everyone, newcomers, All of it but particularly the title track
Miles music after 1963, less and less. .

The Very Baddest (2xCD)
The Very Baddest (2xCD)
Offered by lola's dream
Price: $12.89
70 used & new from $4.41

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars great songs, Terrrible sound,, March 12, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Very Baddest (2xCD) (Audio CD)
Love the congs, I listened to these for decades


REALLY rolled off highs
REALLY murky muddy lows, but no deep bass

you'd think for a new compilation they would get the sound right

skip this set

I hate to write bad reviews, there is always someone who loves everything no matter how bad.
Just trying to save you money

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