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Yule B Swingin Too by Yule B' Swingin' Too! [Music CD]
Yule B Swingin Too by Yule B' Swingin' Too! [Music CD]

5.0 out of 5 stars Cool Yule, August 4, 2015
This review refers to the "Yule B' Swingin'" Too!" CD(Hip-O/Universal Music).....

"Baby It's Cold Outside"....but you won't even notice with this CD on your changer. It'll warm you through and through with it's oh so recognizable voices and musical styles. From the opening track of Louis Armstrong's classic rendition of "Christmas In New Orleans" to Billy Holiday's wonderful "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm", you'll be smilin' and swingin' to all these fun tunes.

I was looking for something fun, upbeat and just a little different from the usual holiday fare, and wow! did I find it with this one. Fans of swing will find this to be a real and rare treat. All these legendary greats performing some fabulous holiday tunes in a style that that never gets old. It's a match made in music heaven.

Some of the wonderful sounds you'll be delighted by are Louis Prima's "Shake Hands With Santa Clause"(this one will really get you jumpin'),..."Baby,It's Cold Outside", a provocative duet from Ann Margaret and Al Hirt...Dean Martin sings "Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer"(appropriately enough),..Ella treats us to a moving "White Christmas", and Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra entertainingly perform "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus".There are 13 tracks in total, including such greats as Benny Goodman, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, June Christy, Joe Williams, Bing Crosby with The Andrews Sisters and of course... Duke Ellington.

Many of these recordings are quite old but sound great on this CD. It's a mix that will just have you wanting to get up and swing...and if you're new to it..don't worry.. the basic 'swing step' is included in the booklet that comes with the CD!

Nice for a cool yule and a 'hip' holiday - or enjoy anytime of the year.
Happy Trails......Laurie

Whatever Happened To Billy the Kid - Does History Have the Story Right?
Whatever Happened To Billy the Kid - Does History Have the Story Right?
by Helen Airy
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Well Written and Interesting, But Still....I Dunno, July 29, 2015
OK Billy fans, you'll have to decide for yourself on this one. Author Helen Airy has put together a plethora of arguments, statements, pictures and hearsay to try and convince us that The Kid was still alive and well and lived well into the 1930's under the name of John Miller.

Settling in the Zuni Mountain area of New Mexico, John Miller and his Mexican wife became somewhat pillars of the community among the ranchers, native Americans and the Mormon residents. According to statements and tales from various denizens, Miller not only had an uncanny resemblance to Billy, but seemed to know all about Billy, had personal knowledge of the Lincoln County wars, only traveled at night, did not cotton to strangers on his land and even was a might quick(and a dead shot) on the draw.

There are many claims about what happened that fateful night at Fort Sumner, most in this account saying that Pat Garrett shot the wrong man; One of Garrett's own men denies it was Billy, and one who helped bury the corpse also claims it was someone other than The Kid. Billy was said to flee from the scene and eventually assumed the John Miller persona only telling those whom he really trusted who he really was - and there seemed to be quite a few - although everyone for miles around knew.

Although I found the book quite an interesting read, and even found the super-imposed pictures of Billy and Miller amazingly similar, I just wasn't convinced. There are so many testimonials of the people in the area, and the descendents just took it for granted that Miller was the real Billy Bonney. It is hard for me to believe that not one of these possibly hundreds never turned him in or told any outsiders. There was even at least one law man who knew(and believed). Accordingly they loved him as their neighbor so much they all kept his secret - I dunno.

The book however is very well written and put together. It appears quite a bit of research and interviews went into it and Airy lays out her findings very well. If you have a great interest in the legend of Billy the Kid you would probably want to read this book. There are some points that will definitely make you think about it. You'll also find many pictures of the people and the area.

On a personal note - I have twice driven through the New Mexico area that follows The Kid's path and stopped at towns that all had Billy stories to tell, all the way to his well protected grave(Fort Sumner). In Lincoln, I went through the courthouse where he made is infamous escape by killing two lawman, and saw the bullet hole still in the wall at the bottom of the stairs. I asked the residents of the small town - who make their living educating and giving tours to tourists on the legend - which film they felt best portrayed Billy and the events surrounding Lincoln and they all agreed it was "Young Guns"- but said the sequel(where a very old and still living Billy tells his story) was nothing but a Hollywood fluff. I still think both films were great though.

4 stars for a very well written and interesting case for "Whatever Happened To Billy The Kid?

But still...I dunno...
Happy Trails.....Laurie

Nobody Knows Region 0 Japanese W/ Chinese, English & Japanese Subs.
Nobody Knows Region 0 Japanese W/ Chinese, English & Japanese Subs.

4.0 out of 5 stars Get Your Heartstrings Ready For A Workout, July 28, 2015
This review refers to "Nobody Knows"

Well, if this film doesn't touch you deeply I don't know what will. It's a fictionalized account based on true events of four orphaned children in Tokyo, trying to sustain themselves and live somewhat normal lives while trying to stay together. Get your heartstrings ready for a heavy workout.

A young mother with 2 boys and 2 girls ages 4 to 12, moves into an apartment and deceives the landlord into thinking it is just she and her 12 year son. Soon we meet the other 3 siblings and it doesn't take long before they all endear themselves to the audience. Mother, who although easy going with her children, sets down the rules which may never be broken. No noise, and other then Akira, the oldest boy, no one can ever go outside. As she leaves them each day to go to work, they follow the rules, Akira looking out for his younger siblings. But Mom, we soon learn is more childlike then the children themselves. Putting her own social life ahead of the kids, she leaves them for weeks, then again, never to return again.

As Akira tries to balance the budget, frugally using the money she left, and being caregiver to the family, the rest of the kids learn to make do with what they have; survival becomes the objective. Their world falls to pieces; scrounging for food, losing the use of basic utilities, we watch their gradual descent into depression as they live in filth, and their exaltation when they decide to break the "rules".

Everyone of these kids will find a place in your heart. You may feel like grabbing them up and taking them in yourself. I thought the children were portrayed wonderfully by the actors, and could feel all the very real emotions and fears each was feeling. Even the happiness they felt at just the little extravagances, like getting to go out for a walk, celebrating a holiday, hitting a baseball, making a friend. A face full of the joy of a short freedom will stay with you for quite a while.The extraordinary filming also gave a good look at their life and their surroundings.
I loved the music as well.

It's a wonderfully intense story, and worth a couple of views at least. One that will stay with you for quite a while after the view. If you are looking for action and special effects, pass this one by. The only thing that kept me from going 5 stars was that I didn't feel closure at the end; I would have liked to have known more of what the future held for these marvelous children.

Happy Trails....Laurie

Comanche Woman by Johnston, Joan [07 February 2003]
Comanche Woman by Johnston, Joan [07 February 2003]
16 used & new from $3.15

3.0 out of 5 stars Shadow's Story.....3+1/2 stars, July 28, 2015
In the three years Bayleigh Stewart has been held captive by the Comanches, and has been sharing a tipi with "Many Horses" a great warrior, she has not been forgotten by her family and most of all by "Long Quiet". Long Quiet, who is half Comanche and half white man, cannot forget the beautiful girl he met in Boston years ago and on behalf of the Stewart family has been searching high and low for her. Finally after three years he discovers she is now called "Shadow", a woman living amongst a tribe that believes her to have strong powers. It is now up to Long Quiet to return her to her family. The question is will Long Quiet be happy living in the white mans world with Bay when he is a Comanche at heart? And...will Bay be accepted by the world she left behind and how will she adjust to it?

"Comanche Woman" by Joan Johnston is an enjoyable and engrossing romantic Western novel. It is the 2nd in the Sisters of the Lone Star series. The first: Frontier Woman, focused on the youngest of the Stewart girls, the rough and tumble "Cricket" ,who meets her match in Texas Ranger "Creed". This one now turns it's focus on Bay, the quieter middle daughter.

Bay's time spent living among the Comanches changed her completely. She is now strong and self reliant. The second part of the story, takes a turn and is mostly a steamy soap opera. I think I would have like to read more about the actual events of the Texans escape from the Mexican prison, which is also part of the story. Miss Johnston does give a good look at the traditions and ways of life of the Native American during the 1800's.

Many of the characters from the first story return and all have good storylines in this one as well. The gruff patriarch, Rip Stewart, Cricket and Creed(with their new arrival), Jonas Harper, Bay's first love, who really adds an unusual twist to the story, Luke Summers - what's his secret? and of course, the oldest sister Sloan, who was left pregnant and betrayed in the first story; what will become of her. That's next, her story is Texas Woman, which became my favorite of the three.

I personally enjoyed "Frontier Woman" a little more than this one, probably because it was more on the adventurous side. But this one was definitely an enjoyable read, and as she has done before, Miss Johnston has taken me away to another time and place for a while. I would also suggest that "Frontier Woman" be read before this one, as that is where you will get to know all the characters.

Happy Trails.... Laurie

The Cider House Rules (DVD, 2000, Collector's, Brand New)
The Cider House Rules (DVD, 2000, Collector's, Brand New)
DVD ~ Michael Caine
10 used & new from $3.94

5.0 out of 5 stars There's No Place Like Home, July 28, 2015
Sixty years before the release of "The Cider House Rules", we learned in a heartwarming story, from a girl named Dorothy, that if we are ever looking for our heart's content we shouldn't look past our own back yards. In 1999, in another heartwarming but more adult tale, a young man named Homer sets his cap to see the world and discovers also, that home is where he belongs.

All that Homer Wells knows of life is the orphanage in Maine where he has grown up. The orphanage is run by Dr. Larch who has been like a father to Homer and has passed on his medical knowledge to him, in hopes that someday Homer will take his place. The orphanage by the way also doubles as place where unwed mothers come to have their babies...or abortion is also one of the choices. The time is the early fourties, and not only was abortion as controversial as it still is today, but also, illegal.

Homer feels it is his time now, and decides to strike out on his own. Not knowing where he will go or what he will do, doesn't really matter. What matters is that he experiences life. And so he does. Love, happiness, sadness and loss are all part of life's experiences that Homer gains on his journey.

Lasse Hallstrom("Chocolat"/"What's Eating Gilbert Grape")has masterfully directed this wonderful film that captivates from start to finish.The cast is a brillant mix of seasoned veterans and outstanding young performers. Michael Caine took home a Best Supporting Oscar for his touching portrayal of the ether addicted, but caring Dr.Larch. Tobey Maguire, is perfect as the young and intuitive Homer. Charlize Theron, Delroy Lindo, Jane Alexander, and Kathy Baker all add their wonderful talents as well. The film also garnered an Oscar for Best Screenplay by John Irving and was nominated for several others including, Best Picture, Director,and Music.
It's not only a beautiful story, but beautifully filmed as well.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves touching tales of life.
Happy Trails....Laurie

Three Colors The Exclusive - Blue / White / Red (Boxset - Single Keep Case)
Three Colors The Exclusive - Blue / White / Red (Boxset - Single Keep Case)
DVD ~ Benoit Regent
2 used & new from $31.89

5.0 out of 5 stars The Final Gift, July 25, 2015
This review refers to the Three Colors Trilogy(Boxed Set) DVD
To give this trilogy 5 stars hardly begins to express the way I feel about these films. The illustrious career of masterful film maker Krzystof Kieslowski is capped off by this wonderful gift he has left us with. Those of you that have seen it will understand what I mean when I say that once you have
viewed these films, and the characters in them, they will stay with you always.

Although told as three separate stories "Blue", "White" and "Red"
(the order in which they should be watched ), you will find a connection of life
and happenstance relating to the main characters of each story. It should be
viewed as one long story. Think of it as if going to a fine dining
establishment, where the chef has prepared each course to compliment the

In "Blue", we get lost in Julie's world(Juliette Binoche), a woman who
has lost all that is dear to her in a horrible car accident. Her husband, an
acclaimed composer and her little daughter gone forever. She tries to shut
herself off from the world, shedding material possesions and shunnung her
friends, but is drawn back into life by some revealing facts she has learned
about her dead husband.

"White" will draw you into it's web of intigue and
passion, as a Polish man(Zbigniew Zamachowski) plans the ultimate revenge on his
beautiful French wife(Julie Delpy)that he has lost but still loves.

"Red" is the story of chance meetings and fate. Do they happen by coincidence or do we
unwittingly make our own destinies? Valentine (Irene Jacob) is a beautiful young
model who's life takes a turn in a new direction when she accidentally hits a
dog with her car. The dog belongs to a mysterious older man, whose past may be
the answer to her future.

I have only given a short synopsis of each story,
as they must be viewed fresh by the first time watcher. You will find them an
experience you will want to relive soon and often. Kieslowski's unique film
making style combined with the intricate camera work of Piotr Sobocinski, the
lulling music of Zbigniew Preisner, beautiful screenplays by Kieslowski and
Piesiewicz and a cast that turns in no less than stellar performances will move
you like no other film ever has.

Happy Trails......Laurie

Northern Exposure:Complete 1st Season
Northern Exposure:Complete 1st Season
by Rob Ddmc 24426 Morrow
Edition: DVD
9 used & new from $5.73

5.0 out of 5 stars Welcome Back to Cicely, July 23, 2015
Chris in the Morning, the one and only DJ at the little radio station (KBHR) in Cicely, Alaska is about to give the traffic report..."Maggie O'Connell just drove down Main St, and she's going a little too fast". That about sums up the pace of this little remote town, elevation 6,572, that with the addition of Dr. Joel Fleischman, newly arrived from New York City, has a population of 215 quirky, but very lovable residents.

Dr. Fleischman(Rob Morrow) is being held against his will. Going through medical school with the financial help of the good people of the state of Alaska(as he is constantly reminded), he is now committed to serve his time...a few years of medical services in return for his Columbia University education. It won't be so bad...a condo in Anchorage, golfing on the weekends, a nice office in the city..but wait..hold the phone...instead of Anchorage, he's roped into serving his time in Cicely!

As Joel tries everything to find some loop-hole in his contract, you will fall more in love with the wonderful characters and the beautiful surroundings with each episode.'ll have lots of laughs doing it. He is like a fish out of water as this big city yuppie deals with the everyday happenings in Cicely. "I'M A DOCTOR", he says over and over, as he contends with wild animals, plumbing problems, the wilderness, and interacts in the seemingly odd lives of the residents.

There are only 8 episodes in this first seasons, but in those stories you will find some of the best writing TV has to offer.
You can't help but to become attached to the residents. From the native Indians, to the ex-astronaut, the beauty queen, and to the folks who just found themselves there, wanting to start a new life and stayed.

The story lines will definitely keep a smile on your face. There is even the start of some great romantic tension between the Doc and Maggie(the local bush pilot, who also happens to be Joel's landlady). The cast is a marvelous ensemble. It includes Janine Turner, Barry Corbin and John Corbett.

If you are a fan, you will enjoy reliving some time in Cicely with the Doc, Holling and Shelly, Chris, Ed, Maurice, Marilyn, Maggie, and one very large moose! If you have never seen this and are looking for some really fine entertainment, you will find that careful, you may want to pack it all in and move there!

Various editions as well as packages are available; check with sellers for extras, subtitles and language
Happy Trails......Laurie

2 used & new from $19.87

5.0 out of 5 stars Dutch Treat, December 3, 2013
"Enough is Enough..."...says an old woman rising from her bed as she prepares for her last day on earth. Today will be the day she will die, we find out as the film opens. As Antonia goes about her chores and gathers her family around her, we are treated to a wonderful life affirming tale, and look back at her rich and full life.

This 1995 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film(Netherlands) will charm your socks off. It is a comic, sweet, dramatic and uplifting story that I didn't want to end, and wanted to watch it again immediately. Written and Directed by Marleen Gorris, you'll be captivated by this story, the characters and the beauty of the Dutch countryside from the opening frame to the very last.

Antonia's(Willeke van Ammelrooy)story starts at about mid-life. She is returning with her daughter to her small village for the funeral of her mother. The time is just post WWII and Antonia is a widow who is her own woman. She is on her own, with an independent nature and lots of heart. As the years pass, Antonia's line of charming and fascinating family members grow from her own bloodline and the townspeople that just couldn't help but be drawn to her. Each is special in their own way and is very much a part of Antonia's life. They are characters that will have smiling and will draw you into their stories.

A fine film, but check the details of all editions - amazon sometimes mixes reviews for various editions together. This DVD edition is in Dutch with Spanish subtitles and is a region 1 DVD. You may want to check with the outside sellers for languages, subtitles, and to make sure you are getting the edition and language you want. Some editions have English subtitles: Antonia's Line

A wonderful film that shines the light on family and friendship, but not one for the kiddies. There are several scenes with strong sexual content.

Go Dutch Treat....and enjoy.....Laurie

United We Fall (Galactic Community Member Series Book 1)
United We Fall (Galactic Community Member Series Book 1)
Price: $5.25

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Galactic Community Series #1 - Off To An Exciting Ride Into The Future, December 2, 2013
This review refers to the Kindle edition of:
United We Fall (Galactic Community Member Series), by Joseph Mourgos.

So, usually, I like my action stories with cowboys on horseback, shootouts with six guns, and Old West scenes of mountains, deserts, and the lone prairie. But every once-in-a-while, I like to pick up something with the 'cowboys' blasting away with laser weapons, riding in space vehicles, and one that takes me out of the Old West and into the future. This one filled the bill for me.
Author Mourgos, gives a very exciting ride to the not too distant future.

The time is around 2060 - 2072. For me this time frame is one of the things that makes this story a chilling as well as entertaining read. Many of us will still be around - let's see, I'll be around 108 - it could happen!

'Earthers' finally realize that we are NOT alone. While the governments of Earth have been working towards globalization - one big happy planet - there is an entire galaxy of planets that belong to one even huger community. When 2 of the more dominant planets both need one more vote on their side to settle a dispute, they both decide that Earth should now become a member of the Galactic Community. Each for over a decade now, have had their representatives living and working among us (incognito, of course), and each will try to sway the earthers to their side.

It is the ultimate culture clash as these two woo the people of earth in very different ways. One way could mean the mass destruction of life on our planet; the other could bring us new technology that could be life sustaining. As the people of earth prepare for what could be the end for most, it is up to the small team of EDF-1(Earth Defense Force) to save the day - or in this case, the planet!

The story is a very creative and imaginative page turner which builds to a heart-racing space-war. The author has envisioned some very possible technology and happenings for the mid-century: antigravity vehicles; possible teleportation - by internet!; medical breakthoughs; and uh-oh - we may all be forced to wear a "shackle", letting everyone know our whereabouts(I wouldn't like that one, but I'll be 108, so that might be a good thing).

He has given us fabulous characters to love and hate. The 'Earthers' are smart and tough. Advanced in many ways, but still very human; they have hopes and fears; the bonds of loyalty and friendship; and there is even some romance (one an inter-planet); and power-hungry politicians are still among us - some things will never change. The aliens - well, totally alien, but also with their human sides and some power-hungry beings as well.

This book was a fabulous start to what promises to be an addictive series. You should know there is some language; also, there was one scene that was a bit disturbing to me, personally, of a violent sexual attack, however, it did not take me but a minute to get back to the enjoyment of the read.

The Kindle - 5122 locations. Text was excellent; formatting was very good with an occasional spacing problem. All in all, a very smooth read. Also, I was able to borrow this free with my Prime. So thanks for that!

I'll be looking forward to the next in the series! Thanks Mr. Mourgos for taking me away(far, far, away)to another time for a while.

Enjoy the read...Laurie
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Basic Cruising: The National Standard for Quality Sailing Instruction (Certification (U.S. Sailing))
Basic Cruising: The National Standard for Quality Sailing Instruction (Certification (U.S. Sailing))
by U.s. Sailing Association
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.86
35 used & new from $3.97

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Help In Preparing for Certification, November 25, 2013
Basic Cruising is written for a beginner. It carefully explains everything: Each part of the boat, to getting ready, leaving the dock, and going out for your first sail. It also clearly teaches the points of sail(which direction the wind is hitting the sails), and other basic maneuvers which are important to know. If you are feeling the need to have the wind on your face, but first want that all-important certification, this one - in conjunction with some lessons - will be a big help in passing the test.

If you're just getting started Basic Cruising will be a tremendous help. For first time boat owners(of any class) or for those thinking about trying out their sea-legs, the U.S. Coast Guard gives classes on basic boating rules that are free. I would highly recommend these before the sailing lessons. Check with your community services for the closest class near you, or go to any boat show, they are usually represented - or just call - and sign up!
Happy Sailing....Laurie

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