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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
DVD ~ Douglas
Price: $9.95
114 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Greed is no longer good, March 21, 2012
Originally I bought a ticket for another movie and did not see it because this movie turned out to be a lot better than I expected.

Framed as a revenge movie, the inciting incident occurs when young idealist, and greed prone Wall Street trader, Jake Moore's mentor dies in a tragic way. Jake wants to get to the bottom of the mystery of why he died, and get justice for the mentor.

He happens to be dating Gekko's estranged daughter, and so contrives to meet him, and that is where this cautionary tale begins. Michael Douglas has made a career out of playing flawed yet charismatic and engaging characters, ultimately steps in to fill the mentor void, and clearly Gekko's time in prison has given him wisdom, but has this particular leopard changed his spots. You get the awful sense that this idealistic yet naive young broker is swimming with sharks and may get eaten.

Gekko, as his name suggests, is reptilian in nature, and as we know reptiles do not nurture their young or have emotions, and are cold blooded, and ruthless.

I loved the image and the metaphor of someone blowing a huge bubble in the park.

What I found particularly engaging about this movie were some of Gekko's soundbites.

You stop lying about me. I'll stop telling the truth about you.

Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered.

The villain of the movie is Tretton played with much charisma by Josh Brolin. Some of the plot points, I found implausible. For example Jake Moore spreads a rumor that causes Tretton to lose $128 million, and Tretton's response is to offer him a job with his organisation.

I don't about you, but if some young idealistic broker flat out tells me that he blames me for his bosses death, and costs me that much money, I would not be offering him a job or going motorcycle riding with him.

The contemporary side story of the housing market is developed, and part of the collapse at least can be attributed to Wall Street greed, and also more individual greed. Jake's mother, played by Susan Sarandon is a real estate agent who fixes and flips houses, and gets cuaght when the housing market turns.

Like many people Jake is a paradox. He gets a huge bonus check and somehow loses it all, and later bails out his mother even though he himself is broke. This guy makes his living advising people how to invest, and then invests in margin on his own company's stock.

Money never sleeps is ripped from the headlines and topical, because we are still in economic turmoil because of the excesses of Wall Street, and the banks, and all the frauds and the bailouts.

What struck me most from from this movie is that we are all prone to the excess of greed, most of us want to be rich.

I think Michael Douglas does an excellent job, which could easily have gotten another Oscar nomination, for this reprise of his Oscar winning role. I have a high respect for Oliver Stone, not merely as a director but also as a screenwriter, as here.

I encourage you to see this movie, because you will realise that some of the people who offer you advice talk the talk, but don't walk the talk, and it might change your perceptions about how you manage your money, and who you get to manage it. That insight ultimately might be worth more to you than the modest price of seeing this movie or buying the dvd.

Good judgment comes from experience, yet experience comes from bad judgment.

I think you will love it, and I hope this was helpful.

Time Travelers Wife (Ws)
Time Travelers Wife (Ws)
31 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars A different take on time travel, March 20, 2012
This review is from: Time Travelers Wife (Ws) (DVD)
I love movies about Time Travel, and I loved the refreshing premise of this movie, namely, what it would be like to be married to someone who time travels involuntarily, sometimes at the most inopportune and important moments. Indeed, what would it be like to be that time traveler?

The natural metaphor to real life would be when your loved one is not present in your life, and how would you deal with it. If you take it for what it is without exploring it too much, this could be quite an interesting movie, a time travel story and a love story.

If you're like me though, and you do explore, it's a different story. I like that the author breaks the mould of Time Travel stories. For example, in Back to the Future, Marty McFly can travel back in time, and he can see but not meet his previous self, because that would be like matter and anti matter colliding and would be potentially a catastrophic encounter. Also, McFly can do things in the past which alter the reality of now.

In TTW, Henry can travel and meet and give his 5 year old self a blanket after his first traumatic time travel experience, yet things he does in the past cannot change the way things are now.

Even though he cannot change history, he attempts to do so a hundred times.

Henry says he cannot control when he travels or where he goes, yet when he meets the girl in the meadow, he says: 'I will see you next Tuesday at 4,' and he does. How can he do this if he cannot control his TT experiences?

When Clare meets him as an adult for the first time in reality, he does not recognise her, yet she has all these memories going back to 6, this makes no sense whatsoever. If he cannot change history by going back into the past, then how can he meet this girl at age 6, and be able to influence her to seek him out as an adult who has not yet met her? Also, this meeting in the meadow business between a middle aged man and a little girl, a wee bit odd.

Other than that TTW did sustain my interest to the end and does have some touching moments.

TTW stars Rachel McAdams of The Notebook, a top 100 rental on a leading online site for the past several years, and Red Eye (Full Screen Edition), an outstanding thriller which I own. Eric Bana of Munich, plays Henry. Go for it.

I think you will love it, and I hope this was helpful.
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The Iron Lady
The Iron Lady
DVD ~ Meryl Streep
Price: $7.79
140 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars The movie that nearly started a war, March 16, 2012
This review is from: The Iron Lady (DVD)
When I think about this movie I am filled with a sense of inner conflict.

On the one hand I am highly impressed with Meryl Streep's performance, for which she has at long last and deservedly won her third Academy Award after a 30 year gap, and after being nominated for the Academy Award a record seventeen times.

Once every two years she is nominated for an Academy Award. Only Katharine Hepburn has more with four.

Other directors have made movies about our leading political figures. Often these movies are not flattering portraits. Oliver Stone made a satirical comedy about G W Bush, which I found highly entertaining, somewhat of a caricature. Michael Moore made a far more scathing movie Fahrenheit 911. Then we have Primary Colors where where John Travolta played a played a Presidential candidate much like president Clinton. Stone also directed Nixon, a somewhat sympathetic picture of a character many regarded as villainous. Even though these portratits were not flattering you could detect some love or least amusement for the subject.

Now with Iron Lady, we have a movie which defines its subject through the lens of disease, presumably Alzheimer's, although it never states the exact disease. The movie starts out promisingly enough with Thatcher, the grocers daughter, buying a bottle of milk, unrecognised and confused at a local grocery store.

Streep conveys every nuance of Thatcher extremely well. The actor truly becomes the character, capturing, the tone, the accent, the gestures, the body language impeccably.

What happens though, as you continue to watch, too much of the story is frittered away on depicting Thatcher as she is now, her disease, imaginary conversations with her long dead husband, living in the past, with occasional flashbacks, to the significant events of her political life, the romance with Denis, her rise to power, the various crises while she was in office, terrorist attacks, the Falklands War, the H Block protest, which escalated the tensions in Northern Irealnd, and so forth, and ultimately her fall from grace.

I found this focus on defining the character by her disease extremely annoying and tiresome, and a huge mistake by the screenwriters to spend almost 50% of the time focusing on the disease while while forwarding through the significant events. The Faklands war is compressed to about five minutes. The H Block protests last about thirty seconds.

I lived in the UK for the latter part of her leadership. Her insistence on an unpopular tax was the beginning of her downfall, and the cause of her being deposed as leader through the usual shenanigans. Here again we have very short treatment of what could have been great drama in favor of promoting the disease.

When this movie was released several months ago in Argentina, it reportedly escalated tensions in Argentina. A journalist in the Falklands made an unflattering comment about the current female president. There were threats of invasion, and death threats against the journalist. It appears that she knows how to work the situation. Thankfully, this movie did not start a war.

Iron Lady could have been a much better movie with a shift in focus away from the disease.

Recently, I listened to an interview Streep did on the (NPR Fresh Air program), shortly before the Oscars. It was fascinating to learn how she puts together a character, and how she captured all those aspects of Thatcher's voice and rhetoric, the vocal coaching Thatcher underwent to moderate the strident early vocal style. How Thatcher had enormous lung power. People would wait for a break in breath to interrupt, but she would just keep going, much to their frustration. It discussed Streep's entire career. It was extremely well researched. Catch it if you can.

I think most people will appreciate Streep's performance, but probably will not like the movie overall. I will not watch this movie again. I hope that future screenwriters and directors will have more sympathy and sensitivity for their subject than this.

If not for Streeps performance this would be a one star review. Her longtime hairstylist also won an Oscar for this movie.

Hope this was helpful.

John Carter
John Carter
DVD ~ Taylor Kitsch
Price: $9.96
27 used & new from $4.87

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4.0 out of 5 stars A small step for Martians. A giant leap for Mankind, March 13, 2012
This review is from: John Carter (DVD)
I bought a ticket to another movie, but had to wait an hour, so I thought I would pass time watching John Carter.

As JC began I became swiftly swept up in it, forgetting the other movie entirely, as I was so transported.

If you're like me and like movies such Star Wars, I think you will love this movie. I'm not suggesting that it's better than Star Wars, but I certainly enjoyed it than some Star Wars movies.

Like many movies our hero John Carter starts out in the ordinary world, in this case, earth slightly after the civil war. Our hero, a former soldier now disillusioned, has lost his purpose. Now the army attempts to conscript him into service. Being resourceful he escapes custody, stealing the captains horse, survives a showdown with Indians, seeks shelter in a secret cave with walls of gold.

Something happens that transports him to a special world, Mars, with its own rules, where there is a power struggle, between two factions vying for control of the planet, which threatens the destruction of a group of giant indigenous green people, who ultimately become his allies.

Quickly, he is taken captive, but in this special world with its different gravity he has special abilities, which impresses his captors. Pretty soon he crosses paths with an extremely pretty princess, played by Lynn Collins, who has beauty, brains, and fighting skills. She definitely is not your typical damsel in distress. She also has an excellent suntan, sky blue eyes, and a most shapely figure.

Though worlds separate him from the princess, as he crosses the distance quickly, we come to understand the loss that fuels his reluctance, and when you watch you will discover the cause that fuels his purpose.

I have always loved the Tarzan stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs. As a child I would sit in a tree and stop traffic with my blood curdling Tarzan impersonation. I was unaware that he had also written the John Carter series.

This story follows the same mythological pattern set out by Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero has a Thousand faces. George Lucas followed this template in creating the Star Wars series, and other movies that follow this pattern include The Matrix, Batman Begins, and Wanted. John Carter follows yet precedes the pattern, as the book series was written before Campbells book.

Stages of the story include a hero called to adventure, refuses the call, something happens to draw him into adventure, meeting the mentor, meeting the goddess, crossing the threshold, allies, trials and tests, the inmost cave, mastery of both worlds etc.

I loved the imagination and the creation of all these Martian characters.

Disney was disappointed with its opening weekend gross of $30 million, which tracked several million below expectation. Supposedly, the movie cost $250 million to make, but I always take these figures with a grain of salt. The more expensive the movie is, the more impressed people will be, the more likely people are to watch, so figures can easily become inflated. I think word of mouth will help this movie enormously.

If one likes to be swayed by beauty, then one might enjoy the performance of Lynn Collins. I realised early in the movie, that she had not just beauty but a commanding presence, charisma, and acting talent. In fact she has a strong grounding as a Shakespearean actor, having appeared in Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino. I did not recognise her because she had different hair, played a man for at least a portion of that movie, and had a Venetian pallor instead of a Martian suntan, or perhaps a Los Angeles spray tan.

So, it's nice to see the studio not cast a name but cast a great talent.

I loved this movie. I think most people will, and I hope this was helpful.
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Christopher Marlowe: The Complete Plays
Christopher Marlowe: The Complete Plays
by Christopher Marlowe
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.57
117 used & new from $3.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Still climbing after knowledge infinite, March 1, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
You may wonder when reading these reviews to which exact edition they relate and what the contents are.

The Penguin Christopher Marlowe complete plays contains:

Dido, Queen of Carthage
Tamburlaine the Great, Part One
Tamburlaine the Great, Part 2.
The Jew of Malta
Doctor Faustus
Edward 2
The Massacre at Paris

This is all the known Marlowe plays.

At the back of the book are notes on each play explaining meanings of various lines, in lieu of page by page annotations, an 11 page word glossary, and a 14 page list of mythological, historical and geographical names. At the front of the book you will find a 35 page introduction, and several pages of recommended further reading.

The Dr Faustus text apparently is from 1604 version aka the 'A' Text. The 1616 or 'B' text is not included. From my research the B text was substantially altered from the A text adding about 600 lines. If you want to get all the Marlowe including the poems for a modest price, I recommend you get the Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe (Illustrated) edition on Kindle which includes both versions. If you don't have Kindle you can download the app from Amazon. This also includes an apocryphal play Lust's Dominion attributed by some experts to Marlowe.

As an alterantive to Penguin, I recommend you consider Doctor Faustus and Other Plays (Oxford World's Classics) (Parts I and II). This has both versions of Faust but does not include Dido. I don't own this exact version but but I do own the two version of Faust by the same editor Bevington, whose scholarship on this subject is amazing.

If this edition included both Faust texts, I would have given it five stars.

Scholars say that Marlowe influenced Shakespeare. Certainly from my own readership of both Marlowe and Shakespeare there is a conscious intention of the writer of Shakespeare to link those plays to Marlowe. For example, a recent book I read lists over 100 parallel sayings between Hamlet and various Marlowe works.

Today reading the Arden edition of Hamlet, the scene in Act 2 where Hamlet asks the visiting player to give a speech, he quotes 70 lines from a scene in Dido. Faustus is a scholar from Wittenberg. Hamlet, the Danish prince discusses returning to University in Wittenberg. Perhaps he would stay T Dr Faust's house.

Although, some attempt to pigeonhole Marlowe, as only a great tragedian, or say that he is bombastic based on Tamburlaine, sometimes he leverages tragedy to the point of absurdity, and Edward the 2nd, for example is a remarkably sensitive play, and the opening scene of Dido is quite humorous, and Jew of Malta, is best understood as a machiavellian tragedy with farcical elements. Even with Faustus, Mephistopheles is not an obvious villain, but a reluctant fallen angel.

"Bid On Kai me on farewell Faust 1.1.12;" means Bid being and nonbeing farewell.

Marlowe is an absolutely outstanding playwright and poet. His use of blank (unrhymed) verse was imitated by everyone including Shakespeare.

If you're like me, when you read Marlowe, you never know when you're going to be hit by an amazing line. I find inspiration in his work every day.

I think you will love it and I hope this was helpful.

The Descendants
The Descendants
DVD ~ George Clooney
Price: $8.48
26 used & new from $3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Aloha Hawaii, February 29, 2012
This review is from: The Descendants (DVD)
Director Alexander Payne has previously directed movies such as the cult classic Electionn starring Reese Witherspoon, which I own, About Schmidt starring Jack Nicholson, and Sideways starring Paul Giamatti, nominated for five Oscars winning one.

Gregory Peck once said it's hard to make a good man look interesting.

You can probably imagine in a cinematic world peopled with antiheroes, flawed heroes, or unrealistic superheroes, how refreshing it might be, to encounter a good guy we can relate to, in situations that parallel those we might actually experience.

George Clooney plays Matt King, a lawyer, businessman, and hardworking mostly absent father of two girls. He happens to be wealthy because of his descent from the original landowners of Hawaii, the real Hawaiians, who own most of Hawaii. Sole trustee of the family's interests, and now because of succession rules faced with the situation of having to sell off thousands of acres of pristine land to resort developers. Despite his family wealth Doug leads a very modest life. He drives a metallic silver Honda Civic, a sensible car.

When his thrillseeking wife ends up in a coma following a powerboating accident, he is thrust into the unfamiliar role of looking after his two daughters each bringing their own challenges. The younger one has difficulties in school, the older one, well, she's a teenager.

We learn early in the movie that the wife had an affair, making a difficult situation even worse. George Clooney Alex Payne manage to create apposite emotions for the movie goer. While distressed he pads out the front door, dons flipflops and runs to his wife's best friend house. He runs funny. A comic relief followed by a dramatic confrontation. Tension, and shock artfully modified by humor make this movie an emotional wonder.

When he breaks the news of his wife's condition to his older daughter she ducks underwater and we see an invisible breakdown. Some of these scenes are tender. In the hospital there are various monologues to the comatose mother, from a cheated husband, an unforgiving daughter, and a wounded wife.

The presence of Clooney vastly elevates the movie, as does the acting performance of Shailene Woodley, giving a tremendous breakthrough performance as the teenage daughter you worry might go off the rails. Judy Greer, who you probably know from Two and a Half Men appears later in the movie.

The Descendants is among the leading Oscar nominated movies. Although nine movies are nominated for Best Picture, only three I believe are genuine contenders, The Artist, and Hugo being the other two. Nominations for The Descendants include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay.

Previously, Alex Payne won the Academy Award for the Sideways screenplay.

Based on The Descendants: A Novel (Random House Movie Tie-In Books) by Kaui Hart Hemmings.

Now Payne has won his second Academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

I think you will enjoy one of the years best movies, and I hope this was helpful.
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Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, Oedipus, Jason and the Argonauts and 50+ Legendary Books: ULTIMATE GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY COLLECTION
Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, Oedipus, Jason and the Argonauts and 50+ Legendary Books: ULTIMATE GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY COLLECTION
Price: $2.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars More than you can imagine, February 28, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought this because while reading Shakespeare and Marlowe, I discovered that many famous pieces of poetry as their source have Ovid. For example, the the source story of Venus and Adonis poem is to be found in Ovid's Metamorphoses book X. The story of Marlowe's Hero and Leander is to be found in Ovid's Heroides cycle, series of heroic tragedies. Ovid's Metamorphoses contains many interesting stories including the story of Narcissus and Echo, and many many more.

Also included are the complete works of Virgil, Homer. The content runs to thousands of pages, and it would probably be easier to tell you what is not included because it is such a comprehensive collection of both Roman and Greek Mythology, with more than 50 books.

If you were to buy these works separately in paperback or hardback, you could easily end spend hundreds of dollars. Here are a few paperback examples Heroides (Penguin Classics), Metamorphoses: A New Translation by Charles Martin The Aeneid of Virgil: 35th Anniversary Edition,The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I.

I think you will agree that represents a tremendous value for content. It's well formatted with a very detailed and linked table of contents, and you can also search by unique words, if like me, you wish to research any particular story or character..

I think you will love it and I hope this this was helpful.
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War Horse
War Horse
DVD ~ Jeremy Irvine
Price: $7.50
33 used & new from $0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A long faced look at war, February 28, 2012
This review is from: War Horse (DVD)
More recently as Steven Spielberg has become a more active producer, his directing credits are becoming less common.

In 2011 he produced the brillant Super 8, one of my favorites, directed by JJ Abrams, the creator, writer and occasional director of Lost, and the recent Star trek. Super 8 is a great nostalgia piece evoking the early eighties, a movie within a movie, and an homage to Spielberg's earliest movies. Spielberg also produced Cowboys and Aliens, a somewhat weird meshing of two genres.

Now with Warhorse Spielberg directs, and shows his masterful touches throughout. In fact, if you are like me you can see traces of many great movies of the past. The early portions of the movies showing English countryside scenes, and the musical soundtrack of John Williams are reminiscent of John Ford's The Quiet Man. Trench warfare scenes are reminiscent of that all time classic All Quiet on the Western Front. Incidents relating to deserting soldiers are thematically reminiscent of Kubrick's Paths of Glory.

War, as bad as it is, somehow seems worse when an innocent animal is involved, which ultimately makes Warhorse the ultimate anti war polemic. And we have a love story between a young boy Albert, and a horse named Joey. As the movie begins we see the horse being born.

Later Albert's alcoholic father instead of buying a proper plough horse, foolishly pits himself agaainst his own landlord in bidding for the flash horse Joey, instead of a huge Clydesdale, making his tenancy precarious, and imperiling his families limited fortunes. Joey faces many trials and tribulations adjusting to the plough. Here we have a wonderful perforamnce from Emily Watson as the mother, cruelly snubbed during awards season.

When the war happens the father impulsively sells the horse to the military, despite Albert's protests. Albert, understandably distressed, too young to join the military, vows to be reunited with Joey. Meanwhile Joey goes to the front, and we have a poignant scene with his new owner. He and another horse escape the war briefly, and are adopted by a teenage girl. It's not long before the war interferes again, and Joey has a series of adventures.

My favorite scene is when he gets trapped in No Mans land, and both sides have to cooperate to free him. I loved the wire clippers flying scene. I also loved the sub story about the two young German brothers, and the parallel structure about how the British deal with a similar situation.

Ultimately the horse is a silent witness to the horror of war, becoming an effective storytelling metaphor.

Later in the movie one scene I thought was a little overdone, the moment of blindfold recognition. I like to feel emotions in a movie, but not to have them evoked in a contrived way.

Warhorse certainly deserves to be nominated for Best Picture and Best Cinematography, yet I cannot help thinking that actors who vote for awards would prefer as I do to have the story centered around a human character. Nevetheless, when I was a child or young teen I loved watching movies like this, particularly Lassie Goes to war.

Another movie I recommend if you don't mind subtitles is the French movie A Very Long Engagement (English Subtitled), starring Audrey Tautou, and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard. A girl seeks her boyfriend believed killed by being sent over the trench deliberately into no mans land for breaking military regulations. It has huge parallels with Warhorse except the protagonists are human, and also operates as a polemic. A beautifully filmed touching love story set against the war.

I think you will love it, and I hope this was helpful.
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OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies
DVD ~ Jean Dujardin
Price: $16.96
32 used & new from $6.32

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One man can handle it all, February 22, 2012
I learned about this movie after seeing the Oscar nominated The Artist (DVD + Blu-ray Combo)also starring Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo and directed by Michel Hazanvicius.

Dujardin bears an uncanny resemblance to Sean Connery which makes him a natural choice for this role. You may be surprised at how gifted he is as a comic actor, and how funny this movie is. Based on a series of French books called OSS 117 by Jean Bruce which appear to spoof James Bond, it's somewhat of a combination James Bond and Inspector Clouseau, and has a wonderful French ambiance, mood and soundtrack. The attention to detail is incredible.

The first of over 100 OSS 117 books was written by Jean Bruce (JB) 4 years before Ian Fleming's 007 James Bond book. The books have been translated into 17 languages and sold over 75 million copies worldwide.

Curiously, even though Hubert Bonnisseur de la Bath is a secret agent, people seem to know who he is. When a fellow agent and his best friend is killed he gets sent on a mission to Egypt and goes undercover as the owner of a chicken factory. An attractive young lady (Berenice Bejo) is his liaison, and he immediately rubs her the wrong way with his insensitive comments. As he hunts for clues he inadvertently upsets the local Muslims, when he silences a Muezzin who wakes him up with his yelling. And there are Nazis too.

I also recommend OSS 117: Lost in Rio (English subtitled) featuring the same actor and director. I prefer the Cairo movie as it has both actors from The Artist. It's interesting to watch Dujardin's independently moving eyebrows in these movies.

Dujardin has since since engaged an eyebrow coach to coax those wayward brows into submission in his sublime majestic turn as Georges Valentin in The Artist, which has been winning huge during awards season with 10 Academy Award nominations and seems to be destined for Oscar glory. Recently it won 7 BAFTA Awards including Best Picture, Director, Actor, Screenplay, Music, and Cinematography.

If you wish to watch the trailer paste OSS117movie into your browser press CTRL and hit enter.

I think you will love it and I hope this was helpful.

DVD ~ Asa Butterfield
Offered by MPDirect
Price: $9.05
145 used & new from $0.01

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best of the best, February 21, 2012
This review is from: Hugo (DVD)
One of my favorite Oscar moments a few years ago came when after a highly distinguished career, fellow directors Spielberg, Lucas, and Coppola finally presented Scorsese with his first and long overdue directing Oscar for The Departed.

Throughout an illustrious directing career, Scorsese has directed some of the most critically acclaimed movies ever made, such as Raging Bull, Cape Fear, Goodfellas, and The Aviator, and many many more.

Not only is he a great director, he is also a tremendous movie scholar, responsible for keeping in circulation classic movies such as Thief of Bagdad, a 1941 masterpiece, which influenced him, Coppola and Lucas, and the classic Red Shoes by Powell and Pressburger.

In addition he lectures in University on the movies, and you can get his dvd A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, which explores movies by well known directors of the past such as King Vidor, Fritz Lang, Cecil DeMille. Watching this made me realise the importance and contribution of the director.

Hugo leads the Academy award nominations list this year with 11 nominations, closely followed by The Artist with 10, Warhorse, The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, all outstanding movies. Nominations for Hugo include Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

As the movie begins, in one extended shot we zoom through a bustling Paris railway station in 1931, and you become instantly aware that this is no ordinary movie. We meet a 12 year old urchin named Hugo who lives there. Circumstance has committed him to winding and repairing the clocks, and scrabbling for survival as a railway urchin, and we notice that he has a tremendous gift for repairing gadgets, be it watches, clockwork toys, or automatons. Although the story appears to be about a boy, it quickly morphs into a dual story as he comes into contact with a store owner in the station, from whom he steals, and his young granddaughter who befriends him. Secondary stories develop with various other characters at the station.

The store owner played by Ben Kingsley is based on a real life character George Melies, and the story develops in simply amazing ways, and the urchin combines with a young girl to reveal a mystery to which she holds the key, a boy, a girl, an automaton, movie magic, and the story works in wonderful ways.

I saw it in 3D and I believe this is the best way to watch, so see it if you can while it is still in the movies. As you watch the movie moves ticks along like clockwork, and we have extensive intricate imagery that I was at times simply in awe as I watched the movie, we have crosscutting between the events of the time, and silent movies, with parallellism and repetition from classic movies occurring in the actual story. This is where Scorsese's scholarship and love of the movies shows through, as the the two children meet a movie scholar who looks a little like Scorsese, and ultimately the movie becomes a homage to cinematic genius.

Ben Kingsley does an extraordinary acting job, and I was particulaly gripped by one emotional moment few actors could do with the same effect. As you watch this movie, if you're like me you become totally transported, some of the imagery and ticking sound effects remain with me even as I write.

Based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, which explores storytelling with pictures, the author has also written The Hugo Movie Companion: A Behind the Scenes Look at How a Beloved Book Became a Major Motion Picture, a book which I happen to own, as I wanted to read about the naking of the movie.

One thing I notice about Hollywood movies set in France in France is the convention of hiring using English actors to play French parts, and using American actors with English accents. Interesting. It turns out that Martin Socrsese and I share the same birthday so we share a little more in common than a love of the movies. I highly recommend this movie. It's quite spectacular.

I think you will love it, and I hope this was helpful.

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