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Life n Soul BM101-BR IPX4 Mini Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
Life n Soul BM101-BR IPX4 Mini Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
Price: $24.99
3 used & new from $24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Dynamite, in a small package!, May 9, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Dynamite can come in small packages. Apparently, so can portable speakers.

Ok, let us get straight to the point. How does this portable speaker sound? I would say it sounds a little bit better than the built-in the speakers on a mid-price laptop. It has a little bit more bass than a built-in laptop speaker and the sound quality is also dependent on the surface that you set it on. For best results, put the BM101 on a sturdy, non-vibrating surface. You can also set it on top of a heavy book to give you the cleanest possible bass.

One of the first songs that I played on it was "Another One Bites the Dust" to test out the bass output. Needless to say, considering the size and the fact it is powered by a small battery, I was impressed. If you have just bought a laptop and you enjoy listening to music without having to resort to wearing headphones, then this is for you. The sound quality that you will get out of this unit is much better than what you will get out of a typical Inspiron's or Thinkpad's built-in speakers. Naturally, there are high-end, multimedia laptops with top-notch name brand speakers that may sound better. I am comparing this to your typical, mid-price laptop from the likes of Dell and Lenovo, and not something high end like Alienware.

This is a terrific product with a niche market. Most people will not need this. I suspect most people will find it more convenient to listen from a pair of small ear bud headphones. However, for those who are unhappy with the sound they are getting out of their laptop, or those who would rather not have an ear bud headphones blasting music into their ear canal, this is a good choice. It will work with your mobile phone, iPod, and laptop. Basically, anything that has bluetooth capability.

The key to getting good sound quality from these speakers is to set it on a surface that does not vibrate. Otherwise, keeping in mind the small size and the power source, there really is not much more you could ask for. By the way, carrying it around on its strap is not going to give you good sound quality. It needs to be stable. The less you allow the body of the unit to vibrate, the cleaner the bass output.

This is an impressive product. Do not let the low price fool you. If you are one of those users who need a product like this, you owe it to yourself to try this out. I am sure there are more expensive products on the market, as well as more economical. You will have to test them out and find the best cost-benefit ratio for your requirements. This product is a good starting point for your search.

Let me just say that I did not test the unit's water resistance. I am a careful user and do not subject my electronics to water. However, this product is designed to be water resistant.

Highly recommended.

Febreze HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier
Febreze HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier
Price: $69.99
8 used & new from $69.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good air cleaner for large rooms., April 19, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I got this to replace an old Holmes HAP-240 air filter.

I was initially surprised at the size of this Febreze unit. Clearly, it is meant to be placed on the floor. The instructions says that for best performance, it should have about 3 feet of clearance all around. That means it is designed for use in larger rooms.

This filter uses two large cartridges. The surface of the cartridge has carbon bonded to the fibers. It is a HEPA unit. However, it does not ionize the air. There is a small compartment at the top where you can insert Febreze brand air fresheners. The unit can run just fine without the scent cartridges. As far as electrical consumption is concerned, this unit is energy star rated.

I am using this in my bedroom. Since the room only measures 15ft by 16ft, I have the unit on its lowest setting. At this setting, you cannot hear the fan at a distance of five feet from the unit. It is quiet. I have been using the product for less than a month. The filter cartridges are still clean. I suspect they will last another 3 to 4 months at this rate. The scent cartridge has lost some of its fragrance, but that is alright with me.

The product is of good quality and feels sturdy. I suspect most people will use this in the kitchen. The size of the unit and the amount of air that it can pass through the filter cartridges at the high setting should help you keep your kitchen from smelling like the food that you just cooked. This is a very good product that sells for a very reasonable price. It should serve you well if you have the room to accommodate the physical size of this filter. For smaller spaces, you may be able to get away with a small table top air filter. This one will be too big to put on your desk. If you need a unit that can process a lot of air in a short amount of time, this unit will be good for you. Just keep in mind that the higher the fan speed, the higher the noise level of the unit. At the lowest setting, you will not be able to hear the unit working.

You can run the unit continuously, 24/7. However, if you are concerned about your electrical consumption, you can run the unit only as needed. I have not looked into it, but perhaps there are many different scent cartridges that you can get for your unit. I did not like the smell of the one that came with the product. But perhaps the manufacturer offers other scent varieties. It is certainly worth looking into.

Highly recommended.

Cable Matters® SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station - Supports 3TB+ Hard Drives
Cable Matters® SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station - Supports 3TB+ Hard Drives
Offered by Cable Matters
Price: $22.99
2 used & new from $22.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Takes the "hard" out of working with hard drives!, April 19, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a wonderful peripheral to have for those who work on data recovery. You can also use it to add an external hard drive to your computer if you have an extra SATA hard drive available.

This desktop adapter works on both 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives. It has its own power supply, allowing the connected hard drive to receive its power from the A/C outlet rather than drawing power from your computer's USB port. As such, it will not add any additional burden on your system's power supply and motherboard. The unit even has its own power switch in the back. That way, you can leave it constantly connected to your computer without the need to constant having to unplug the power cord. In short, very convenient and very useful.

I have done a lot of data recovery from desktop and laptop hard drives. In the past, I depended on a contraption consisting of a SATA to USB adapter and a power supply. It worked, but it was also a hassle. Now, with this new adapter, all I have to do when someone gives me a hard drive is to insert it into the top slot of this adapter. No need to connect cables and a separate power supply. Life is easier.

There are a lot of peripherals and devices out there for your computer. Once in a while, someone comes up with a product that really can make your work easier. This is one of those.

Even you are not a data recovery technician, you can still find this device useful. Say you have an extra SATA hard drive from your old computer. You can take that drive, reformat it, and use it as a backup device for your current computer.

The build quality is very good. The transfer speeds are good enough for use as a backup device. And the fact that it has its own power source make this equipment very valuable to those who work on computer hard drives. However, it does not work for IDE drives. This one is SATA only.

Highly recommended. This device takes the "hard" out of working with hard drives and makes it easier.

All-Clad Textiles 100-Percent Cotton Checked Kitchen Towel, Pewter
All-Clad Textiles 100-Percent Cotton Checked Kitchen Towel, Pewter
Price: $7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars This ain't your mother's kitchen towel!, April 3, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Kitchen towels are normally humble items. Is there such a thing as a "luxury" kitchen towel? If so, then this All-Clad towel would count as one. When it comes to kitchen towels, this one is high end.

The sample of the product that I have is very attractive. The color is called pewter. In terms of usefulness, this one might be a bit larger than the typical towel, allowing it to absorb more liquid. It also has an anti-microbial agent to keep molds from colonizing the material and breaking it down. Let me confess that I have not tested the effectiveness of this agent. There are sure to be some questions out there. For example, will washing the towel remove its anti-microbial properties? I did not put the product to the test. I suspect one could wash it repeatedly, and then let it sit while its wet to see if it develops that musty smell. But I like the product too much to subject it to such a test. I like using it in my kitchen.

What would be the product's selling point? The anti-microbial properties? It's luxurious feel? Both. It does have a luxurious feel when you use it to dry your hands. Although I did not really put the anti-microbial properties to the test, it does seem to really work. Usually, when you leave a moist towel sitting out, it starts to get that musty smell. The kind of smell that prompts you to add a little bleach to the wash to get the stink out. This one has not developed that smell. Which is a good thing. The design looks too good and you would not want to subject the towel to bleach. Even thought it has antibacterial properties, my recommendation is to avoid creating a situation that may require you to use bleach to wash the product. Take care of it like you would a quality product. I suspect that this is one of those products that you buy once and you will never have to buy another for a long time if given proper care.

This All-Clad kitchen towel may offer more quality than you need, but then it never hurts to have more quality than you need. And, it's not like the product cost a fortune. The price is very reasonable for the quality that you get. I am sure there are other uses around the house for this towel. Actually, if the color was solid rather than patterned, it would serve as a nice gym towel. And you may not have to worry about what will happen if you forget to empty out your gym bag after a workout, only to find out a few days later that the sweaty towel you left inside now smells like mildew. The window pattern design on my particular towel screams "kitchen" too loudly for me to ever consider using it as a gym towel. However, perhaps solid colors may become available in the future. And when they do, you can bet that I would be buying a few for gym use.

Highly recommended! Order one for yourself. Order a second for your mother.

Fruit Infused Water - 80 Vitamin Water Recipes for Weight Loss, Health and Detox Cleanse (Vitamin Water, Fruit Infused Water, Natural Herbal Remedies, Detox Diet, Liver Cleanse)
Fruit Infused Water - 80 Vitamin Water Recipes for Weight Loss, Health and Detox Cleanse (Vitamin Water, Fruit Infused Water, Natural Herbal Remedies, Detox Diet, Liver Cleanse)
Price: $2.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Not enough flavor!, March 26, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Don't expect Kool-Aid!

Let me confess that I have not tried all of the recipes in the book. The book came with an order of an infusion water bottle. Of the ones that I have tried, the taste were not what you would call "bold". So what do they taste like? They taste like water with a bit of subtle flavoring. And the key word here is "subtle". If you are used to drinking soft drinks, kool-aid, Tang, and instant lemonade, you will find the taste of "infused" water to be rather unremarkable. If you do not have a sensitive palate, you might find the taste boring. Let me put it this way. If you compare these to hot sauce, what you get out of the infused water is not even going to be spicy. So, if you can accept the plain taste of water, you will be fine with this.

Having said that, I cannot fault the book for the lack of taste. This is to be expected really. Say you mix kiwi, strawberry, and water. You should realize that even fresh strawberries will not taste as sweet as the typical powdered drink mix. Therefore, that should tell you that there is no way your infused water is even going to come close to the taste of Hawaiian Punch. It will not even be close. You can add Splenda to make the taste more acceptable. I am having to do that, as I do not like plain water. Typically, I drink diet soft drinks and iced tea sweetened with Splenda. I rarely drink plain water. Therefore, it is understandable that I will not be impressed with the amount of taste that you can get out of an infuser. Some people just demand a strong, bold taste. Whereas some like mild. If you are of the latter, you will enjoy these recipes.

Intermatic TN-HB11-COMBO Combo HB11K and TN111K Plug-In Timers, 2-Pack
Intermatic TN-HB11-COMBO Combo HB11K and TN111K Plug-In Timers, 2-Pack
Price: $26.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid Performers, March 26, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Good, solid device timers.

These are simple mechanical timers for electrical devices. One unit is meant for indoor use. The second unit is a heavy-duty, water resistant outdoor unit. Both devices have been reliable for me. Unlike a digital timer, these units work in a manner similar to an analog clock. First, you set the current time using the small aperture near the middle of the rotating ring. And then, using the four push pins, you set the time for the device to switch the power or off. The grey pins turn the power on. The red ones turn it off. Basically, the pins have tabs that flip a small switch near the edge of the ring.

As I said, both devices work the same way. Both are very durable and very reliable. I currently own several of the indoor units. Some of the units have been in continuous service for over five years. They are basically foolproof. Are they perfect? Almost, but not quite. I found that the units run a bit behind, time-wise. For example, let us say that you set the timer to switch the power on at 6:00PM, using the printed time guides on the ring. The switch will actually turn on at about 6:20. The good news is that it is consistent. After a few times, you can compensate. If you want the power to turn on at 6:00PM, you can set the pins at the approximate time that is fifteen minutes early. It will take a few adjustments, but be patient. Ofcourse, if you have a power failure, the unit will lose time and you will have to adjust. Think of these units as if they were electric clocks and treat them that way. Both units produce a small amount of heat.

I have not owned the outdoor unit, until now. So far, so good. I use it to control a small outdoor light. However, I suspect most people will use these to control christmas lights. And the unit is ideal for that purpose. I am not an electrician, so I cannot tell you the current capacity of the unit. But christmas decorative lights do not draw a lot of power. However, I would read the specifications of the unit before using it for something that draws a lot of current, like a refrigerator, for example. Compare the current requirements of the equipment that you want to control with the capacity of the Intermatic to make sure that both will work together. You do not want to exceed the capacity of the timer.

Both units are sturdy. These products are well-made. What they lack in precision, they make up for in reliability, durability, and longevity. These units will lasts a long time.

Highly recommended!

Infuser Water Bottle 28 ounce - Made with TRITAN Copolyester - PLUS Recipe eBOOK INCLUDED - Twist Cap Style Drinking Cup
Infuser Water Bottle 28 ounce - Made with TRITAN Copolyester - PLUS Recipe eBOOK INCLUDED - Twist Cap Style Drinking Cup
Offered by IC IMPORTS
Price: $39.99
3 used & new from $9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Keep your expectations reasonable!, March 19, 2015
This is another good choice for those who are looking to purchase an infuser water bottle. All of these bottles basically work the same way. They soak the flavoring ingredients in the water, while preventing the ingredients from escaping the bottle while you are drinking. I reviewed another brand of infuser from "One Savvy Life" and it is also a very good product. Both are made from the same Tritan material. Therefore, both will have the same properties of durability and of light weight. The seal is pretty tight, so you can expect this bottle to be leak proof.

This past weekend, I loosely packed slices of strawberries and kiwi in my infuser and filled it with water. I then allowed the bottle to sit in the refrigerator for 3 hours. How does the water taste? Compared to beverage made from powder mix, the taste is very slight. You can smell the ingredients, but the water is far from what you would call flavorful. What does it taste like? It taste like water. If you are expecting your water to taste like Kool-Aid or even Arizona Ice Tea, you will be disappointed. The taste will not be that strong. My advice is to keep your expectations reasonable. I find that I have to add Splenda to make the water sweet. I like bold taste, rather than subtle. So, perhaps I will always have to add sweetener to make the infused water more appealing.

Pyranha Wipe N Spray 32oz
Pyranha Wipe N Spray 32oz
Offered by Lake View
Price: $21.31
18 used & new from $11.95

5.0 out of 5 stars The answer to those pesky Georgia gnats!, March 8, 2015
This review is from: Pyranha Wipe N Spray 32oz (Misc.)
Repel those pesky gnats! I know you hate those pesky gnats. Guess what! So does your dog. They can get in your dog's eyes and ears, causing irritation. If your dog could talk, he would be begging you to keep those gnats away. Contrary to popular myth, he does not find them tasty.

This product works just as well on dogs as it does for horses. It actually lasts longer on dogs than it does on horses. Having said that, there are better, longer-lasting insecticides for your dogs. For flea control, you are better off with a spot-on product or an oral product. However, those products, especially the oral preventives, are not effective in repelling flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. To repel flying insects, you need a spray on product like this one.

I keep my dog on a heartworm preventive all year long. The product that I use is called Sentinel Sentry. It prevents heartworms, controls intestinal parasites, and prevents flea eggs from developing into adult fleas. However, it does not kill adult fleas, nor does it repel those pesky southern gnats. So the situation calls for a companion product that will pick up where the Sentinel Sentry left off. You can use the excellent and long-lasting Ultrashield EX, by Absorbine. Or you can use this Pyranha Wipe N Spray.

The Ultrashield EX can last up to 28 days for dogs. Which is much longer than it will lasts on horses. However, because the fly-repellent properties is much, much shorter than the flea-killing property, you will actually need to apply more often than 28 days to repel gnats. Pyranha Wipe N Spray uses Pyrethrins rather than Permethrin. It degrades faster in the environment and on your dog. So, for fly-repellent purposes, you might want to use the Pyranha product instead, since you can apply it more often. Every week if necessary, but spray lightly. Ultrashield, you can reapply every four weeks or so, unless you give the dog a bath.

Which product to use? If your primary concern are fleas and ticks, go with Ultrashield Ex. If you already have a flea-control product on your dog and simply want to repel flies, gnats, and mosquitoes, go with Pyranha. The ability to repel gnats will only last as long as the citronella scent is present. I suspect it may be that scent that keeps the gnats away.

A couple of things to note: This product is also effective on spiders and roaches. The former may require a little time, but will soon depart from this life soon after being hit with this product. Pyranha is oily and will leave an oily spot on any surface that you spray. It will eventually evaporate, but you do not want to spray on floors. The area will be very slippery and dangerous to walk on until the spray has evaporated. The oily spray may possibly attract dust to your dog's coat. It has not happened with my dog, but I have seen it happen on dark bay horses, especially after they roll on the ground.

Highly recommended, but best used with a longer-lasting flea control product. For simply repelling gnats, this product is perfect.

UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide & Repellent - 32 ounce
UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide & Repellent - 32 ounce
Offered by etopso
Price: $26.94
6 used & new from $20.86

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Repels Pesky Gnats, March 8, 2015
I saw how effective this product was on the horses at a boarding facility. One day, I read the label on the bottle and saw that it can also be used on dogs. Afterwards, I went to the local farm supply store and bought a 32 oz. bottle.

I keep my dog on a year-round heartworm preventive that also has flea prevention properties: Sentinel Sentry. That product not only prevents heartworms, but it also controls several types of intestinal parasites. Additionally, it prevents fleas from reproducing. However, it does not kill the adult fleas. Nor does it repel those pesky gnats. This Ultrashield EX is the perfect companion for the Sentinel Sentry during the warmer months. Together they prevent my dog from bringing in fleas from the dog park as well as keeping the gnats away from him when he is outside.

According to the back of the bottle, each application will last about 28 days for dogs. This is much longer than the effective range for horses. However, if you have an indoor dog, you will most likely give him a bath every two weeks. You will have to reapply the product after a bath. I give my dog a bath every two weeks. I can attest that this product will kill fleas for that 2-week duration. However, the gnat-repellent properties do not last that long. The fly-repellent properties, based on my experience, will only last as long as you can smell the product on the dog. After the scent has worn off, so has its ability to repel flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. On an indoor dog like mine, this would typically last for approximately five days.

Ultrashield EX is quite powerful. It is a permethrin-based insecticide. While Permethrin does not have the quick knock down power of Pyrethrin, it is capable of lasting longer. Having said that, you should probably not reapply this product too often. Even though the ability to repel flying insects only lasts five days, you would not want to reapply every five days unless you gave the dog a bath in between.

If you want to apply a fly-repellent more often and you do not have ticks in the area, you may be better off using another product called Pyranha Spray and Wipe. That one uses Pyrethrin. It offers faster knock down of insects like roaches and spiders. However, it will not last very long. It will have to be reapplied often. But, that can be a good thing if your main purpose is to keep gnats away from your dog. And Pyranha Spray and Wipe is cheaper than Ultrashield EX. Both are excellent products. The Pyranha is a little bit oily and may attract dust to your dog's coat, however. Both smell like citronella. I suspect it is that smell that repels the gnats.

Ultrashield is an excellent alternative to spot-on flea control products. It is a perfect product to compliment an oral flea control product like Sentinel Sentry and Trifexis. What those products do not have is the ability to repel gnats. Ultrashield does that very well.

Highly recommended for both dogs and horses.

Treat Dispensing Chew Ball, Large
Treat Dispensing Chew Ball, Large
Price: $9.65
42 used & new from $6.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Five-star toy for your dog!, March 7, 2015
Do you have a dog that is hard to entertain? If so, you might want to try this. Most dogs can chew on a bone or a piece of rawhide for hours. But there are some who do not like to chew. And those dogs are hard to entertain indoors. There will be many times when you just do not feel like going outside to take your dog for a walk. For those times, what you need is a toy that will entice the dog to entertain himself and keep him from constantly making demands of you. This Starmark product is one of the better dog toys for that purpose.

Naturally, how attractive the ball is to your dog will be determined by how much he likes the treat that you put inside. Meat is the best treat. You can mix some kibble in there with the meaty treats. Your dog will figure out the best way to get the treats out of the ball. Mine figured out that the best way is to pick up the ball and drop it. The ball will bounce on a hard surface, causing it to release a little bit of its contents. If I load the ball with something really enticing, like bacon bits, my dog will be occupied until he gets it all out. Mix a small amount of bacon bits with kibble and your dog will be captivated by the Starmark.

This is an excellent product to keep your dog occupied. He will expend a lot of physical and mental energy trying to get the food out of the ball. With a little creativity, you can figure out the best foods to pack in the ball. You want the ball to release just a little bit of the food at a time. That way, you can keep your dog occupied for a reasonable amount of time with a minimum of effort on your part.

Highly recommended!

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