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The Unauthorized True Story of the Demon House of Gary Indiana: A Hoax or a Happening?
The Unauthorized True Story of the Demon House of Gary Indiana: A Hoax or a Happening?
Price: $2.99

1.0 out of 5 stars 18 Pages of Nothing - GOOGLE IS FREE! Thank Amazon for letting me RETURN THIS JUNK., July 21, 2016
So this is what e-books have brought us to. This is not "so bad it's good" or "a window into a delusional writer's mind" or even a proper vanity-publishing ego-stroke. This is so bad I question wether Amazon rrrrrreallly wants to support this kind of crime against the Kindle industry. Let Zack Bosma sell this steaming pile of wasted time and space on his own website - all he's produced here is a blog post. A really bad blog post. Had I started reading this on some random website or Reddit post, I'd be closing the window (dowvoting where possible) and blowing that taco stand. I can write 18 pages about how ridiculous this thing is!

It's "UNAUTHORIZED" because there's nothing to tell! "Unauthorized"?

Well, I *am* at fault for idly clicking on this, not doing due diligence first. Sounded mildly interesting, I'd heard the story in passing, spotted this title while browsing, and tiny infant Jesus please forgive me, but I was curious. Well, is my face red - from blushing at my stupidity, from anger at the guy who "wrote" this, and from slapping myself repeatedly! I should know better!

But now *YOU* SHOULD KNOW BETTER! Do NOT waste your money on this Blog Post. It has absolutely no value, no story, nothing of interest, no "truth", zip. I thought there'd maybe be a fun hoax reveal. Well, the hoax is this book, and you'd have to be an illiterate, uneducated, unintelligent moron to think this trash is worth anything. And I thought the worst books in the "paranormal" genre were Nightmare in Holmes County, 220 Fifth Street, and The Wall. Those "writers" are obviously mentally ill, though. What's this guy's excuse?

If you're at all interested in "The Demon House of Gary, Indiana" just Google it and you will find everything that's available and worth knowing. And Google is FREE!

Wow, what a rant! I'm shvitzing. If you were duped into buying this YOU CAN RETURN IT within 7 days - yes, you can return Kindle books! Get your money back so nobody else tries this kind of travesty again!

British Royal Family Memes: Hilarious British Monarchy Memes - Prince William, Prince Harry, The Queen
British Royal Family Memes: Hilarious British Monarchy Memes - Prince William, Prince Harry, The Queen
Price: $2.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Even free, it's not worth it, February 8, 2016
A Google search presented as a "book", and an actual Google search will have much more content, so just do that.

Smokehouse Pet Products DSM84229 Mega Mighty Rib Bone Dog Treat Shelf Display Box, 8-Inch, Pack of 2
Smokehouse Pet Products DSM84229 Mega Mighty Rib Bone Dog Treat Shelf Display Box, 8-Inch, Pack of 2
Price: $60.34
2 used & new from $49.89

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Messy but my dogs ADORE them!, December 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These Mega Mighty Ribs are my dogs favorite chew treat. I am impressed by how truly mighty and meaty they are, and I can see how a dog would love them!


1) They're an amazing value, because you can break one treat in half or even thirds. They are huge, thick slabs of ribs with dried meat and some savory fat on them. There are usually two or three long rib bones surrounded by meat in a slab form. You get 20 slabs per box, which can be broken into perhaps ~35 smaller bones. And at my house, everything gets eaten. ~35 treats at this price and quality is a great value for me.

2) They are like 2 treats in one: first they chew off all the meaty goodness, then they chew up the bones. More value!

3) The rib bones are safe to devour. They don't splinter, but are simply soft but heartily gnaw-able. You wind up with about 3 per slab, so I usually throw away two and just let my dogs finish one, otherwise we'd have piles of rib bones "buried" everywhere by my sneaky pups who like to hide their treats.

4) They keep my dogs busy. Oh, do they love working on these! Even my sweet old papillon Gigi, with 9 lost teeth, will spend hours doing her best with the especially soft, easy-to-pick-at ones I set aside just for her. Dachshund Sophie will work on one on and off for a day or two, while my parents' dachshunds Sadie and Gussie will be busy for hours on end, determinedly devouring the whole thing from start to finish. When I present each of them with one, we know the house will be quiet for the rest of the day!


1) They are a crumb disaster, I must warn you. Definitely give these as either outside treats or on an easy-to-clean surface, like the kitchen floor. One of my girls brought one into our bed one day and I had to change the entire bedding, the crumbs were simply everywhere. These crumbs will haunt you if you're not careful. I think it's worth it, others may not. At least give them a try.

2) They are *slightly* smelly, but not offensive. Nothing like the horrors of bully sticks. They just have a kind of greasy, gamey odor but it doesn't permeate the house or anything. Sophie can be working on one two feet away and I'll just get an occasional whiff. It stays on their breath, though, so if you're a stickler about doggie breath, you'll want to brush their teeth or rinse their mouths after they're done. This is barely a con, really.

My dogs and I really love these mega mighty rib bones. I buy them in bulk at least every other month. They never tire of them. They've never gotten sick from them. They are so cute and happy when they have their bones! And that makes ME happy.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Deodorant, 3 Ounce
Philosophy Amazing Grace Deodorant, 3 Ounce

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Absolute rubbish and incredibly disappointing. Far below Philosophy's high standards., August 3, 2014
What an enormous disappointment! I have loved Philosophy products for years, especially their flagship fragrances Amazing Graze and Pure Grace. When I spotted Amazing Grace and Pure Grace *deodorant* while at a department store several years ago, I bought two of each - two for me, two for my mom. (We buy stuff for each other all the time.)

What stupendous genius to create a perfumed deodorant! Though many fragrances do come in body wash and body lotion form, even now only a few perfume makers offer deodorants with their product line. I wish they would. I've no doubt it would be a lucrative success. I'd snap ALL of them right up if there were anti-perspiring/deodorants of Chanel No. 5, Coco Mademoiselle, Tory Burch, Chloé See, Stella McCartney Stella, CLEAN Fresh Laundry, Nanette Lepore, annnnd this list could go on but you get the idea. Since I'm fantasizing, I'll go ahead and dream big: how about they all be anti-perspirants, too! Here in Houston, at least, wetness protection is just as indispensably important as odor control. It would be risky to wear one without the other.

I think the Philosophy deodorants had just come out at the time I first bought them. But I suspect the deodorants were then soon discontinued, since I didn't see them anywhere again for years. Anyhow, upon first discovering Amazing Grace and Pure Grace in that unprecedented, clever form, I was sooo *stoked* to add another layer of fragrance along with the 3-in-1, lotion, and perfume.

But to my surprise and utter dismay, there really wasn't any fragrance at all! Neither the Amazing Grace nor the Pure Grace gave off anything more than a timid suggestion of their true selves. I know the scents aren't super intense in any form, but when the entire reason anyone would purchase this product is the fragrance, it should really deliver.

Since that was a few years ago, I somewhat recently bought another Pure Grace deodorant on the chance that it might've been improved since my initial experience. It hasn't. This visible, streaky white solid has no fragrance, no anti-perspirant properties, nor truly effective *deodorant* properties, and at a price 3 times that of my good ole reliable Irish Spring Speedstick, and even costlier than any of the "Clinical Strength" drugstore brands . . . Well, I find it absolutely worthless and, of course, a disappointment.

I have, fortunately, found an actual "luxury" anti-perspirant/deodorant that works terrifically, by Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. It smells lovely and clean, but it won't interfere with your perfume - you do not have to wear Cashmere Mist perfume to be able to wear the anti-p/deodorant. But you can also wear no perfume at all, and instead the wonderful Cashmere Mist will envelop you in that perfectly perfumed balance between cloying and undetectable.

And that's not all. It is an effective anti-perspirant. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy duty activities like athletics, gym training, running, or spending more than 15 minutes at a time in the suffocating humid heat of Houston and most of the South. But it is just right for me because I don't engage in any of the activities I just described, and I rarely even leave the house except at the "cooler" times of day, morning and evening.

I got off track there but I had a point. I was contrasting the performance of the Philosophy deodorant and the Donna Karan anti-p/deodorant. When it's as hot and muggy as it is here in Southeast Texas, you can break a sweat just going from your house to your car or from your car into work, or into and out of the grocery store. We scurry between air-conditioned havens the way Northerners scurry between cozy, heated retreats from the biting cold. So a deodorant needs to help us make it to wherever we're going without turning into a wilted, sweaty, stinky mess. Philosophy's attempt just doesn't cut it.

Awkward Family Photos
Awkward Family Photos
Offered by DealsEssential
Price: $23.99
100 used & new from $5.41

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Always has my family in tears of laughter. We love it so much we bought a copy for every house!, June 26, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Awkward Family Photos (Toy)
I knew of the irreverent website when I spotted this game for half price at the mall. Since my extended family enjoys playing party board games at get-togethers, I bought it just for the heck of it. I wound up giving it to my uncle Tom for his birthday this past October, since it fell soon after I bought the game.

At Thanksgiving, Tom brought it to my aunt's house and 9 us played after dinner. Three generations were playing, with ages ranged from my mom and her sibs in their mid-to-late 50s, through me, my husband and brother in our early 30s, down to 16-year-old Sammy.

The game play is pretty simple, but we wound up simplifying even more by disregarding any score keeping and simply playing for laughs. We are cutthroat when it comes to Trivial Pursuit, but with games like Awkward Family Photos, the goal is to give the funniest answer, and keeping score or moving around a game board is a drag. Our "rule-relaxed" game play kept up a pace that really maximized the hysterical fun! Additionally, every round includes participation from all players, meaning there is no boring down time while you wait your turn.

As a close-knit family, our submissions relied heavily on inside jokes, shared experiences, and good-natured teasing. We didn't try too hard to keep it G-rated either. ;) Memorably, we discovered that young Sammy has a sharper sense of humor than we've given him credit for. We had fun ganging up on one person after another, even those not present. Throughout the game we were laughing so loudly that the fuddy-duddies in the other room watching football kept asking what all the noise was about.

Since I've only played this game with my family, I really don't know what it would be like to play with casual friends and/or acquaintances. The humor would rely on wider resources, and therefore might not be quite as hysterical as with my family 's experience.

If you play with a group of friends so close-knit they are virtually a family, such as in college or with old friends who grew up together, I expect the experience would be similar to mine. However, as an ice-breaker among strangers, I really just don't know.

Ultimately, I wound up buying the game for each nuclear family, so we no longer must rely on poor Tom having to schlep his game to and from gatherings at our various houses. My mom had the idea of creating additional picture cards using *our own photos*. Goodness knows we have plenty. Removing the anonymity will certainly affect the game play, but the memories may make for even greater laughs. She hasn't made these "personalized" photo game cards yet, so we must wait and see.

Until then, we will keep playing Awkward Family Photos:The Game, along with our other long-time family favorites like Trivial Pursuit (multiple varieties & editions), Charades, Outburst, Sniglets, Balderdash, Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Taboo, Cranium, Win, Lose, or Draw, Dixit, Six Word Memoirs, Wits & Wagers, and more! (Cards Against Humanity is a huuuge hit amongst our friends, but amongst friends is where it will stay, and even only certain friends at that!)

Awkward Family Photos is absolutely the most hysterically funny game I've played in a long time. I highly recommend it to those who like creative, subjective games, and specifically to families. We've all got some Awkward Family Photos of our own tucked away somewhere. We may laugh at the ones we see in the game or online, but deep down, we're laughing at ourselves, too. And theres nothing more fun and refreshing as sharing laughter as a family.

Rush Direct Ultra Chewy Naturals All Natural Beef Tendons for Dogs, 6 to 12 Inch
Rush Direct Ultra Chewy Naturals All Natural Beef Tendons for Dogs, 6 to 12 Inch
Price: $30.76

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars At long last! *These* are the kind of beef tendons we loved and lost!, January 22, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My girls, a papillon and a long-haired dachshund, plus my parents' three smooth red dachshunds (traditional "wiener dogs") used to adore the tendons sold by the Cadet brand. I would also buy Butcher's Block "Grand Royale" bones, and pry the tendons off, so they got two treats out of one.

Well, "Grande Royale" bones are now over 3x their former price, but no longer come with the tendons, and Cadet started turning out horrible, rock solid, splintery "tendons" which bore no resemblance to the ones we'd grown used to getting from them.

I thought we'd never find another affordable and legit bag of true meaty, chewy, ropey tendons.

While these from Rush Direct are $10 more than what we used to buy from Cadet, they are such higher quality than other options, I think it's totally worth it!

The dogs love them. They gnaw away at them happily for hours, and the tendons don't splinter. They're naturally chewy. (Like their name says, I just realized!)

If you are looking into beef tendons as a potential treat for your dog, I highly recommend these Rush Direct Ultra Chewy Naturals, while also urgently warning you about the Cadet brand. Their *bully sticks* are *great*, mind you. Fantastic value. I buy both sizes. But the *tendons* seem like a big problem just waiting to happen, a risk I won't take. Not with these wonderful *true* tendons available!

Hanes Men's 5 Pack Ultimate Tartan Boxers - Colors May Vary,Large
Hanes Men's 5 Pack Ultimate Tartan Boxers - Colors May Vary,Large
Offered by NY Lingerie
Price: $20.37
8 used & new from $20.37

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars My husband looks great in these! ;), November 20, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought them for utility, of course. And they are, I'm told, comfortable and nicely fitting. They are now his favorite kind.

They are mine, too, though. He looks great in them! Gentlemen, keep in mind: your boxers can be very much appreciated by members of the preferred gender.

Hanes has always impressed me, wether it be men's undershirts, underpants, or socks, or ladies' underthings. I love to buy big packs of boxers, socks, and shirts that we can both wear - I wear them as big relaxing jammies and boot socks. Very softs and comfy. Reliable.

Everybody wins with these boxers in particular! Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more, eh what?

DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (48 mL)
DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser (48 mL)
Offered by AbsolutelyPets
Price: $35.00
4 used & new from $35.00

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars DAP products are truly LIFESAVERS! *Absolutely* worth trying, for your dog's health, peace of mind, and comfort. They deserve it, November 20, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Now, I understand this does not work for all dogs. But when it works, it *really* helps. I highly recommend you try it out. If you don't think it works for your dog, pass it on to a friend or neighbor, because it will help *somebody*, and that's great.

First I'll give you a cute testimonial:

When we first brought 2-month old mini dachshund Sophie home, we didn't have a sturdy crate for her. (She was a surprise gift!) All we had was a pop-up lightweight carrier. Well, I placed it at the foot of the bed, and when we had to leave the house, put Sophie in it, with a blankie and toy. The DAP diffuser was already in place for our other dog.

When we returned home just an hour later, little Sophie had somehow turned the carrier 90 degrees and scooted it 5 feet across the floor - and was right up in front of the diffuser. Flush against it.

I think that's a clear indicator that she appreciated it!

Now we have one in our bedroom and the den. We also gave one to my parents, who have three rescued smooth red tweeny dachshunds. (We are a dachshund-loving family!) One of them prefers to nap on the couch right next to the diffuser. I'm not sure if it affects them any other way. But they've adjusted well after being strays and coming to us skin and bones.

Here's my best testimonial and it's truly amazing:

My dainty little terrier/papillon mix Gigi has just turned 11. She was diagnosed with congestive heart disease and given 6 months to live - over 18 months ago! She's our miracle doggie, having also survived pneumonia, a brown recluse spider bite, and 2 different strokes - she even beat the paralysis! She's amazing. She even asks for her pills, knowing the schedule. Takes them like a trooper.

She sleeps under our bed at night, and hangs out down there for hours during the day. The DAP diffuser is 2 feet away directly across from her favorite spot. (In a different plug than the one Sophie maneuvered to.) I also recently started spraying the DAP spray on her little bed-under-the-bed. Now she's not coughing hardly at all lately!

She coughs when she gets excited. The pheremones keep her calm, keep her heart rate down, and therefore are helping her LIVE LONGER!

She's so funny. She actually coughs on purpose to get my attention in the morning. There's a clear difference between fake and real, missy bear!

If any of you readers have a dog suffering from congestive heart failure, I want to add that her medication, Vetmedin, Enalpril, and Furosemide, have also been immensely affective. I used to actually hear crackling when she breathed, which the vet says usually requires a stethoscope. The crackling sound of the fluid in her lungs is much much softer now. And, like I said, she hardly ever coughs anymore, which was her main symptom. She has an immense appetite. She runs as fast as she always has, and is chipper as can be. You'd never know she wasn't supposed to see 2013, and she's gonna bounce right into 2014, no doubt at all.

I truly believe DAP products are helping her survive and beat the odds. It doesn't get better than that. Eleven stars!

Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance
Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance
Price: $9.59

19 of 39 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars *Major Blunder* In First Pages = I Won't Waste Time On Blatantly Inacurrate "Historical" Fiction, September 25, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'm caught in a pretty frustrated temper tantrum right now. Lesson - even if a book is super cheap and gets glowing reviews, download the sample first! If I had, I would've known to avoid this author entirely.

Why? She doesn't bother to check her very basic facts of British culture.

In the very first pages, all the so-called "magic" of this "cherished" novel is blown for me. Sir Charles Wydham is Cecily's love interest, and repeatedly both she and sister Marianne dream of when Cecily might marry him and be "Lady Cecily" - hmmm, NEVER! I stopped reading after the third reference. I doubt I can ever get past it.

How can the author bungle so badly from the very start? Anyone writing this time period has certainly hopefully done some period research, certainly at least read some Jane Austen, but Ms. Donaldson has apparently forgotten Sir John and Lady Middleton, and Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, etc, etc.. Knights and Baronets are "Sir [Firstname] [Last name]" or just "Sir Firstname" and their wives are "Lady [Lastname]". The only way she could become "Lady Cecily" is if her father became an Earl or a Duke and she chose to keep that honorific, a la Lady Catherine de Bourgh remaining "Lady Catherine" (as daughter of an Earl) instead of becoming "Lady de Bourgh".

This is simple stuff for anyone who has read any classic British or historical British fiction, and it's Nobility 101 for British history buffs. She doesn't hold a candle to Georgette Heyer, who knew her Regency era backwards, forwards, upside down, and inside out.

I was so disappointed, I lost all patience. Authors and editors should know their subject matter, or how can I trust that anything else they deliver will be accurate? This author receives glowing reviews - I hope she learns how to write TRULY "PROPER" HISTORICAL FICTION so I can respect and enjoy her work someday.

The very fun read Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders: A Writer's (& Editor's) Guide to Keeping Historical Fiction Free of Common Anachronisms, Errors, & Myths [Second Edition] explains why authors who "assume we won't notice" are lazy and disrespectful of their readers. I learned not to accept such treatment (and I learned to "LOOK IT UP!")
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 16, 2015 2:40 PM PDT

Beef Trachea 6" (Moo Tubes) Pack of 10 Sealed Package Made in USA
Beef Trachea 6" (Moo Tubes) Pack of 10 Sealed Package Made in USA
Offered by Happy Dog Place
Price: $22.98

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A nice afternoon, July 25, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've got 6 dogs in my charge this week, as I dogsit for my cousin and my parents, plus my own two. They're all little: 4 dachshunds, one dachshund/schnauzer and one papillion/Russel. In preparation I stocked up on everyone's favorites, bully sticks and beef tendons, then added these for a verrry special treat.

Today is Day 5, and my mini longhaired dachshund, Sophie, who is only just 2, has been showing some strain. She's bottom of the pecking order (despite being the biggest) and complains about it *often* and *loudly*. So I though I'd show her some special treatment; I took her aside to a quiet room and gave her one of these.

The beef trachea were sealed together in a clean package, and were "fresh" as in no mold or any other ugliness. No bad odors assailed me, just of course the amount you'd expect given the source. They are large, about 5" to 6" long, 1" to 1.5" diameter, and hollow. Sophie started working on hers from the middle, nibbling with her front teeth, which was precious. She was very happy, and I caved and handed them out to all interested parties, reward for not stealing Sophie's like the bullies normally do. The two mixes politely declined. (?!)

It was a blissfully silent home for a good hour, nobody griping at each other, or barking out the window, or tumping garbage pails, or getting into mischief. But they like to be near me, and eventually congregated in my room. Well, the smell was disgusting. Absolutely awful. No candle or inscence could battle it. I couldn't even drench myself in perfume and save my immediate personal space. 4 of the 6 were verrry happy, busy with their chews. But I could not stick around to admire their joyful busy work. I had to banish them to the kitchen.

The chew lasted longer than their interest did! Eventually they were worked down to smaller pieces and only Gillie, the most recent stray adopted, showed the initiative to gather everything up and hide it under his blankie for later. But I would say everyone was deliciously entertained for around 3 straight hours. Not a record, though a nice afternoon's work. For larger dogs, over 30 pounds, it would certainly be consumed faster, but still last long enough to be fun. My little guys chewed with gusto, grace, pizzazz, and savoir faire.

I would say that these are a fairly mess-free chew. They didn't cause any problems on the rug, no stains or crumbs. They are similar to bully sticks and beef tendons, in that they are gnawed into soft, stringy morsels which are nibbled or pulled off. No sharp jagged bits that could hurt teeth or tummies. They may be too "rich" for some, if not used to whole beef parts. For those who like bully sticks and tendons, though, they'll be a welcome variation of the classic beefy goodness dogs crave. So despite the unpleasant aroma that occurs when they are chewed on, I give them 5 stars - the dogs love them.

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