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Panda 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Adapter w/ WPS button - 802.11 n, 2.4GHz - Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8, Mint 14/15/16, Ubuntu 12.10/13.04/13.10, Fedora 18/19/20, openSUSE 12.2/12.3, Lubuntu 12.10/13.04, Kubuntu 12.10/13.04, Kali Linux 1.0.3 and Raspbrian Wheezy
Panda 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Adapter w/ WPS button - 802.11 n, 2.4GHz - Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8, Mint 14/15/16, Ubuntu 12.10/13.04/13.10, Fedora 18/19/20, openSUSE 12.2/12.3, Lubuntu 12.10/13.04, Kubuntu 12.10/13.04, Kali Linux 1.0.3 and Raspbrian Wheezy
Offered by Panther One
Price: $13.99
2 used & new from $13.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Plugged it in and it worked on Linux Mint 17, Zorin OS 8, and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, June 19, 2014
I have an older dell laptop a D630 that I test linux operating systems on. I could not get the wireless working on it without trying to jump through a bunch of hoops. I read some of the reviews that stated that this product worked well with linux, and boy did it ever. I have a laptop that triple boots Mint 17, Zorin OS 8, and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. As soon as I plugged the wifi dongle in, all three operating systems recognized that I had local wifi signals within a matter of seconds. For those struggling with wifi signals in linux, I could not recommend a product more.

Big Mouth Toys Obama Punching Bag
Big Mouth Toys Obama Punching Bag
Price: $14.43
28 used & new from $13.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Come on Really, Calling this item racist, January 13, 2013
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I read over multiple reviews while thinking of purchasing this item, and I came across people saying that this item is racist since there were no republican items similar to this on Amazon. In order for it to be racist everyone on the other side of the political spectrum (Republican) would have to be white which is not the case (Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, Alveda King, Thurman Thomas, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, etc.). If you want to say it is biased toward a political party then fine, but calling it racism is ignorance. If you want to say it is disrespectful then fine; however, racist is a large nonsensical jump. By the way if you want to know the true story of racism in America, why don't you do some research on what party supported abolition? If you would like somewhere to start take a look at Reverend Wayne Perryman's book "Whites, Blacks & Racist Democrats" You can get it here on Amazon for about 10 bucks. After you read it, come back and then make your racist comments about this item. People calling this racist just proves that more and more United States Citizens don't even know their own history. Come on people. In the days of kindles, nooks, etc., do some reading and research every now and then.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 8, 2013 6:43 PM PDT

TRENDnet Wireless N 900 Mbps Dual-Band Gigabit Router, TEW-692GR
TRENDnet Wireless N 900 Mbps Dual-Band Gigabit Router, TEW-692GR
Offered by founderdirect
Price: $39.98
20 used & new from $39.46

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1.0 out of 5 stars Massive Issue with PS3 connectivity!!!!, January 23, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Bought this trendnet router because I also owned a 633 which still works great after 3 or so years, but I just wanted to upgrade. Router pulled amazing speeds on my xbox, laptop, desktop, iphone, ipad, etc.; however once a PS3 was connected either wired or wirelessly (tried both, tried two different ps3 systems) the network would crash. It was not a simple reset either that was required. In order to get it up and running again, the whole router had to be reprogrammed. Took about 6 hours to test the problem fully (I am a computer technician). Googled the problem after I discovered the source, and I found that many others are having the same problem. I am sure there is some work around; however, routers all advertise simplicity. I don't want to have to fool with tweaking a router to make it do what it was supposed to do straight out of the box. Oh well, I hope this saves others the frustration, because I lost a weekend that I can't get back, setting this thing up and then troubleshooting the product. One thing though, I seen others that complained about trendnet tech support. I will be honest, I loved their tech support. Yes, my techie was not English, but he had a pretty good grasp of the language. He was also very polite and knowledgeable.

Rechargeable Controller Battery Pack for XBOX 360 - 3600mAH
Rechargeable Controller Battery Pack for XBOX 360 - 3600mAH
Offered by Axiom Inc.
Price: $3.98
5 used & new from $3.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars Bought two, One worked, January 15, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought these for my xbox about 5 months ago, and I have just got around to using them due to me playing ps3 more. However, I found out that no matter how long I charge them only one will work. I guess I got a lemon. However if you look at the various sellers who are selling these across amazon, you will find that a lemon is pretty common. Charge last for about 5 hours on the other one just so you know. Buy at your own risk.

X-Men: Destiny
X-Men: Destiny
Offered by Price For Less
Price: $19.00
91 used & new from $6.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars I have NEVER seen so many unfair reviews on Amazon, October 5, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: X-Men: Destiny (Video Game)
For comparisons if you liked Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 or 2. There is no reason that you should not like this game. Now to the other reviewers.

I see alot of whining on here about graphics. I have been playing games since 1984, and I honestly don't see what people are complaining about. This game has similar graphics to any other good guy fights off hordes of bad guys game. People are expecting role playing games graphics where the battles are smaller therefore more details can be put into the characters on a game where you are actually required to wipe out close to 50 enemies multiple times throughout the game. You can't have as good as graphics on small figures on a screen. Now if you want to complain about cut scenes, I can understand. There was alot of times that I noticed the mouth mechanics were not that good in speech and in design. However who really cares about good graphics in cut scenes, they are there just to fill the gap in between the fighting anyway.

I also seen alot of whining about repetitive moves. Come on people if a publisher is going to make this type of game how many different moves can you expect. In the old days, you had kick, punch, drop kick, and if you were luck throw (Double Dragon, Punk, Bayou Billy, etc. Here you have weak hit, strong hit, block, weak hit strong hit combo, weak weak strong combo, weak weak weak strong combo, r2 sq combo, and r2 circle combo. It is according to what powers you choose to what these buttons actually do. So you have three main power paths each with seven different moves at least if I did not forget any. So at least 21 different moves. This is fairly decent. Ultimate Alliance does have more but it is because you have a wider variety of characters to choose from.

I was a little thrown off by the fact that you can't create your own character; however, I see that this was done so that they could mold the story to the three characters that you have to choose from. This did not bother me too bad after I figured out that you really do have in depth control over your characters powers, and that was the main thing that I was concerned about. You can use iceman's utility power throughout the game which allows you to turn yourself to ice to weaken the effects of an enemies attack. Or you can use havok's defensive power which allows explosive shot to pass through you, etc. Most of your powers can be changed up on a whim by pausing the game, and making the changes. Also many of your powers can be powered up by using experience points that you get from defeating bad guys to level up. So you can change your offensive powers, your defensive powers, your utility powers, and your suits which have powers involved in them. You get to choose your power path also. In addition to this you get to purchase what moves you want to use throughout the game. There is alot more choice here in customization than what you have in Ultimate Alliance.

As far as the lenght of the game is concerned, I played it on the second hardest mode out of your choice of three. I beat the game in about 7 hours. I had a little trouble defeating a Sentinel, and one other boss. I can't remember the name. Now as far as replay value. I can see getting bored due to the fact that if you choose the X-men path or the Brotherhood path. There is not alot of variety. The paths intermingle alot. However, the dialogues and the cut scenes for the three distinct characters are fairly diverse.

About your enemies. Honestly, I thought that the game got easier as it went along; however, the characters at the beginning are not very diverse in their attacks even though they can tear you up quick unless you learn to block or dodge. The diversity of their attacking increases as the game goes along; however as you go through the game, you learn how to use the various powers so that you find your niche, and not much can stop you. Every enemy does have a pattern; however, you have to alert for those patterns or they will get the drop on you. There is one type of soldier with mutant powers that can wipe you out most of the time with two hits. This can be difficult unless you are watching for them, and you attack them before they attack you. As far as who you will be fighting. The enemies change throughout the game. Basically, there are three main types of enemies. You will also run into bosses that you will be familiar with like Gambit, Magneto, Juggernaut, Sentinel, etc. Yes the main boss is not that well known; however, I did not find him irrelevant based upon the story.

I say all of this to say. Personally, I really enjoyed the game, and I am playing it through a second time currently teaming up with the Brotherhood since I teamed up with the X-men the first time. I will be honest in saying I am not liking the second play through as much as the first even though I changed my power path. I believe the reason why is that the story is so similar; however, I would have hated to have been run off by bad reviews to not at least play this game through once. Also if you are a trophy nut, I do believe that it would be very possible to platinum on this game. Having played it one complete time through, I got almost 50% of the trophies. Now that I have played part of it again I am up to 65%, and I really have not went that far into the second replaying maybe a couple of hours in. I am also playing on the hardest difficulty, and I really can't tell much difference between it, and the lower difficulty. Oh well, I will quit rambling. Do yourself a favor though, and try out the game for yourself.
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A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I am a missional, evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, ... emergent, unfinished Christian (emergentYS)
A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I am a missional, evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, ... emergent, unfinished Christian (emergentYS)
by Brian D. McLaren
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.48
256 used & new from $0.01

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Believe the Author is Full of the Love of God, October 1, 2011
First of all, let me say that I don't agree with everything that the author stated in this book; however, I do see that he is constantly striving to know Jesus more and more. I also feel that he is being very honest in his assessment of the issues. Unlike a lot of theologians he has not stated firmly any concept in this book; however, he has shown his pathway of logic that he used to arrive at the theology which he now holds. I wish that every theologian would admit to their lack of understanding of the fullness of God. The Bible states itself that God's ways and thoughts are above our ways and thoughts. I am radically conservative myself, and I admit that I distance myself from some of the theology espoused in this book. However I have to admit that the more I learn of God the more I realize how little I know. I really took away some key phrases or nuggets from this book that I believe I will hold onto as I would from books of Tozer, Augustine, Ravi Zacharias, Strobel, McDowell, etc. If we can fault the author in anyway, I would fault him for loving too much. Often when we embrace the love that God shines through us to other people, we get carried away, and we want all to go to heaven no matter their theology. The author clearly denies being a relativist in the book; however, he gets dangerously close on pg. 293. I understand his heart though because I have found myself in the same predicament at times. For example, Mormons are such good people, and my heart yearns for them to go to heaven. However, I understand their flawed theology. I am sure the author has been reamed by many. Possibly by many that I even respect; however, I don't feel reaming is the way to go. I would like a little further explanation on pg 293 because I do feel the author has grasped part of the Bible which is really important; however in the process, I feel he has also missed part of the Bible. It is important to relate to people on their level and within their thought system to show them Christ in words and in ways that they can understand. For this reason, Apostle Paul tried to reach the Greeks with their statue of the unknown God. However, we also cannot fail to see that once Paul reached various groups for Christ. He did not let them rest in the ways of their old religion, and he was not happy with them just annexing in Christ as God. He constantly guided the churches through various letters into correct theology. If you read this my brother (the author), my prayers go out to you, and I thank you for sharing your heart with me through the pages you have written.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 10, 2013 8:05 AM PDT

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Playstation 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Playstation 3
Offered by HDB Family, LLC
Price: $24.44
403 used & new from $6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Over 70hrs. played, December 1, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
As stated in my review title, I have played over 70 hours now, and I feel that I can give this game a proper review. Honestly, I hated the story the first three missions then it started making a little more sense. I was very disappointed at first with the single player. I played the game on hard mode because I like a challenge, and I noticed that I really did not have to do to much myself on the first three levels. It was like I could just sit back and take cover and the computer would do the work for me to progress through the mission. However after the third level, there were periods of time when I would have loved to have had a little help bypassing certain parts of the game. I tried playing the game on the hardest setting at first but at level 4 I gave up after being stuck for 3 hours at the same part getting shot over and over again like bad dejavu. I have to say that this game does have a very good storyline after you get into it; however, I love the multiplayer alot more. I have played multi player war games now for almost 10 years, and this game has the best multi player that I have ever played. It seems like every week they are tweaking the game with an update to make the multi player more balanced and the action to flow well. There are plenty of items to purchase to customize your soldier the way that you want including camo, guns, knives, grenades, face paint, gun attachments, killstreak rewards, special abilities, etc. Also once you get fairly good at the multiplayer, you can buy contracts which are basically bets that you can do a certain action within a specified amount of time, and these help to upgrade your character quicker providing you with money and experience. I gave this game a four star because I honestly felt that the single player could have been better. Personally, I liked the campaign mode in Modern Warfare 2 alot better. For that matter, I liked the campaign mode in Medal of Honor better. However, the multi player deserves a five star all around due to customization, flow, nice maps, etc.

To Save a Life
To Save a Life
DVD ~ Randy Wayne
Price: $8.99
73 used & new from $3.11

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for youth groups and youth pastors to watch, August 10, 2010
This review is from: To Save a Life (DVD)
I really loved this film because I really think it speaks to what a Christian should be especially a Christian in school. I like that it pointed out the hypocrisy that sometimes infiltrates and overwhelms churches, and it sought to correct that hypocrisy. However, I do not like the fact that it was pointed out by cursing in church. I gave another christian movie a really bad rating because there was cursing in the church. After watching this film, I have had to re-evaluate why I rated that movie so low. It comes down to this. The cursing in the other film was done by someone who was supposed to be a Christian who supposedly helped lead back one of her friend's who was a prodigal. The problem here is that you have a hypocrite leading back a prodigal. I believe if the blind lead the blind that they both fall into the ditch like the Bible said so I really see no redemption in that movie. Here you have a person teetering on the edge of becoming a Christian pointing out the hypocrisy in the church by cursing to get their attention then confronting the hypocrisy. Here in this movie, the cursing did have a redeeming value. Now don't get me wrong about how much time I am focusing on the cursing, this movie curses very little. If I remember correctly, it uses two or three words. I really don't like Christian films cursing; however if they have to have it, I believe it was used appropriately in this movie. I really wished they would have left it out and just replaced it with someone throwing something or kicking something. Even Jesus flipped a few tables out of frustration so this fits better in a Christian film in my opinion. However, this film shows the journey of a young boy from sinner to what I would consider a normal baby Christian. It also shows the importance of showing the love of God to those who normally would not be shown love by the world. Overall, I would recommend the movie to most youth pastors and youth groups; however beware of the few curse words, I know some Christians don't want to allow anything like that around their youth. If you really want to watch it without the cursing, you might be able to pick up a curse word blocker like tv guardian or guardian angel to block out the few words that it does have. God bless.

48 Angels
48 Angels
DVD ~ Shane Brolly
Price: $5.68
34 used & new from $0.79

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2.0 out of 5 stars I really don't understand this movie, August 10, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 48 Angels (DVD)
I bought this movie because it was recommended in a flier that I get from a nationwide christian book store. I like purchasing Christian films just to see what is out there. This movie is just confusing. There are alot of irish sayings that add to the movie; however, I just don't get them. Also from what I understand, one of the main characters dies in the movie, and the little boy believes there is a sign from heaven that the man went to see God. However, the man was never saved so I did not quite get this. The movie really does not provide an ending for the main character. Also the movie had a few curse words in it. If I am not mistaken, one teenager said f--k in the movie. He was fussed at for using this word; however, a christian movie dropping a f-bomb is really not my favorite thing to watch. I mean there were only like two curse words in the movie; however, the movie really does not make a good enough point to me to make it worth those two words.

No Greater Love
No Greater Love
DVD ~ Anthony Tyler Quinn
Price: $9.93
97 used & new from $1.12

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars I enjoyed it, but I don't think it is worthy of five stars, August 10, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: No Greater Love (DVD)
I found the movie uplifting and encouraging. I thought that it really showed the true power of love, and I felt that it covered the doctrine of divorce very well. I think the movie was recorded very nicely, and it seemed like good quality film. One thing I see from watching many christian films is that they are poorly recorded; however, most have a great message. This film was really top notch. I also enjoyed seeing stars from Disney in this movie like the guy who played in Not Quite Human and the teacher from Boy Meets World. I think it was a moving film but not the best that I have seen. However, my father did cry according to my mom which in itself is a miracle. lol.

This is a spoiler comment upon the doctrine behind the movie so don't read if you really are interested in watching the movie.

I see that some people had a problem with the way that the marriage was treated in this movie. I believe it was handled right. The pastor thought that the couple was divorced. Now, one was saved, and one was lost. The husband wanted the wife back, but the wife felt she could not go back because then she would be unequally yoked with a sinner. I think this is pretty Biblical. Once the pastor found out that the divorce never went through. Then, he encouraged the husband and wife to stay together which is also Biblical. As long as the unbelieving spouse will strive with the believing spouse, then they are supposed to stick together. I don't really see what problem people are finding with this. It is straight up scripture. The pastor thought that they had both divorced when they were unbelievers so requirements on avoiding divorce did not apply to them as non-believers. I just really don't see what people are fussing about. If you need the scriptures, I can give them to you if you comment on my review. I am very schooled on this subject since I had to go through a divorce a couple years back at the request of my ex-wife. Since then, I have read book after book analyzing the scriptures on divorce. I have even studied the scriptures in greek and hebrew. This was really sound doctrine.

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