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The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better
The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better
by Aaron Clarey
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.42
13 used & new from $13.42

2 of 10 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Nonsensical, poorly written garbage. Don't bother., March 4, 2015
What did I just read?! (I have to admit, couldn't finish)
I didn't know who this guy was before buying this book, since then I've done some searching around and long and behold, it's exactly the kind of image of the author that I had in my mind after reading few pages into this nonsensical and poorly written piece.

This is nothing more than a very low IQ, egotistical and angry person (with no idea how to properly write, mind you) going about a topic he clearly has limited knowledge of and trying very hard to portrait a fictional world that I'm assuming he truly believes exists. It's like looking into Rush Limbaugh's mind for a second, or any other very stupid and psychotic people that fabricate worlds and realities in their heads and subsequently spend enormous amounts of energy and time (probably years) trying to justify that reality they have created. Unfortunately, (like the majority of these people) they end up landing in a place where they think they have figured something out, become very vocal about it and never get to realize that they look like loonies to the rest of us.

Do yourself a favor, and do not waste your time with this. If you are wondering what this book is about, go out the smallest town nearby, look for the local trailer park and pick a random 50-60 year old man sitting outside with his overalls and a beer, and ask him to tell you his very stupid view of the world and african-american culture today. That's basically this book, just poorly written and less entertaining.

Diablo III - PC/Mac
Diablo III - PC/Mac
Price: $19.99
115 used & new from $8.98

51 of 64 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Blizzard lost the charm. Diablo 3 mediocre at best., May 28, 2012
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
I was big fan of Blizzard, I practically grew up playing their games and saw how they came up from being my favorite "small video game company" to this titan corporation on the market, and I couldn't be happier.

However, is very apparent to everyone that is not completely blinded by their fanatism for Blizzard, or lacks one cent of objectivity, that Blizzard has transformed into this 100% profit seeking-board pleasing corporation with no other priority other than making as much money as possible no mather what. Look, I'm ok with companies doing that, if their product continues to improve or at the very least remains top quality. Unfortunately that's not the case with Blizzard, they are no longer this "quality benchmark" or "standard placer" on the market as the original Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo games did. And nothing proves it more than Diablo 3.

Basically, if you haven't bought the game, let me resume it in few sentences. They spent far more time in trying to develop this cash milking idea of real money auction house than they ever spent on working in the story line, mechanics, game depth, etc etc. I mean, as their crash-n-burn launch was happening, literally, their message from the Blizzard team on their website was regarding how the real-money auction house was delayed for few weeks.....really? That shows you were their mind is, while millions of players in north america were angry because they couldn't play their single player game that requires full time internet connection, according to Blizzard the most pressing issue at that moment that required inmediate addressing was....the fact that their Real money Auction house was down.

If you are a RPG lover, or just a player that enjoys the occassional good RPG and has played any of the recent your money. You will get bored of diablo 3 in propably a week or 2. The only reason to continue playing this game beyong the first 2 full runs (which happens really fast), is to farm for money or try getting the most amaizing gear ever which btw ends up being completely pointless because there is not even a PvP system (they say it will be released in the future, but they said the same almost 2 years ago about SC2 team support, market and other features, and still hasn't happened).

I mean honestly, coming to play diablo 3 from recently released RPGs like Mass Effect 3, Kingsdoms of Amalaur, Skyrim and others, you feel that this game should be free, or it was made by an Indi company. Err...nevermind, Indi companies have better inspiration and would've probably written a better more compelling story line.

Bottom line, a poor RPG for today's market, specially coming from recently released RPGs that are now half the price almost. Mediocre mechanics, 0 game depth and a story line that a 5th grader could've written better in less than a week. It's basically Diablo 2 with updated graphics and more streamlined and dumbed down interface mechanics and no comparabble story telling. Worst part is...... that you can't expect anything better than this from Blizzard in the future. Oh, yeah, did I metioned that the game failed to work for the first 5 days after lanunch? and that their forums continue to be plagued by people having horrible experiences with errors, crashes, unsupported video cards, and no less importantly a recently wave of hackings that happen on real time to people that have authenticators, double firewalls, etc... and Blizzards resonse seems to be "your problem bro"?? Yeah....

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Xbox 360
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Xbox 360
Price: $19.78
90 used & new from $7.49

6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Combines very well the strong aspects of other RPGs into one., February 7, 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I'm really pleased with this RPG, it's incredibly fun to play and I see it going places.

Basically I feel it combines the strong aspects of several other RPGs, leaving out the "boring" and/or repetitive parts out. Of course this is relative to every individual's taste. But in general I feel it takes basics from very combat oriented RPGs like God of War, but it doesn't go crazy with the moves, combos, etc. It uses some good story telling, but doesn't go crazy with it either (like mass effect) where you feel that you are "allowed" to play 3 mins out of every 15 mins of cut-scenes. And it does include a very decent open world/exploration on it, not quite like Skyrim of course, but then again there is a lot of people that feel overwhelmed by the incredibly large open scenrios that lack direction.

Strong Points:
Combat system:
Incredibly fun, with A LOT of options. You are not "pre-set" into a specific style that then becomes a rinse/repeat scenario until the game ends (like the awful combat system of dragon age). It has a lot of room for "skill development", meaning there are so many ways you could potentially combine the moves, etc to kill your opponents (specially when there are multiple) that it won't get boring or feel repetitve anytime soon. The combat feels fast, very responsive and graphically agreeable, unlike most of the recent AAA RPG tittles that got so much hype.
Role-playing/Story telling:
The RP side of it is very VERY good in my opinion. In fact I've been looking for this "moderate" approach for while now. The story telling is there definitely, but it doesn't FORCE you or tries to shove it up your mouth like Mass Effect does for example, to the point you feel you are just watching a movie in which you ocassionally participate. So in my opinion this is a very good amount of story telling, just enought to keep you involved and also gives you the option to ignore quite a bit of it if you so desire.
Open World:
As I mentioned before, the open world is very decent. There are a lot of side quests that don't seem so obvious to the point they become just boring "extra" work. It's too early to judge the replayability of the game, but I do think it has a lot to offer when it comes down to developing your character outside the main line of progress. The open world gives you options, but it is far more streamlined than Skyrim for example, it has less side conversations, etc. Now, to me, this is good, because I feel Skyrim was just way too big and too little direction on it, to the point sometimes you felt that you didn't know where to beging tackling the pending "quests" or whatver you want to call them. So for me this is the perfect size of open world and character development.
Thank God the developers got the right idea with the controls. There are few, VERY few instances where a controller makes sense over key/mouse, this is one of them. I was growing tired of developers just getting lazy with puting more thought into the controls and therefore just leaving it as an expansive array of keybinds (I'm looking at you Mass Effect). Not only that, but the controls make sense, with moves, combos, etc it adds extra life to the combat system and prevents it from falling into this repetive life-less combat situations.

Graphics: While I personally don't care about this, and I honestly feel they are fine for the game, I know there are a lot of people out there that will find the graphics of this game lacking. For a 2011/12 AAA title that is making you warp $60 bucks out of your pocket, the graphics engine could've been better honestly. However I do understand the reason, consoles, they are still screwing up the PC gamers with their limitations in graphics quality of the games.
Again, this is thanks to the consoles. The amount of settings is VERY limited. Starting with graphics, to sound, controls, gameplay, etc. There are very few things you can customize. Altough the game is very well designed and the interface feels solid, in my case it always bugs me when the options to change little things and customized the whole "experience" to your liking is not there.

Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel for PS3 and PC
Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel for PS3 and PC
9 used & new from $57.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Defective, poorly packaging caused dmg NOT plug&play for PC, January 5, 2012
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I received the item with great enthusiasm due to the good reviews above. However, as I opened the box (not the one from Amazon, but the actual Thrustmaster box) I realized there were small plastic pieces laying around. I realized the wheel was poorly packaged and therefore there was a crack on the plastic with a hole above it. Not big deal really, yes it was broken but I wouldn't return it just for that. However after I installed the drivers I realized (on the windows test screen) that the brake pedal is completely dead. I did my best around re-installing drivers, looking for updates for drivers, nothing changed (of course it wouldn't, the drivers were just right the first time).

Then to top it off, 2 out of the 3 racing games that I tried the wheel on didn't work right away. In both Need for Speeds the wheel was working fine through the menus but not in the actual race. So while I'm sure I could've found a solution with some research, I decided to re-pack the wheel and send it for a exchange due to the defective pedal and broken steering wheel plastic.

So yeah, I'll update once I receive the new one, however having a 1) Broken product due to Poor Packaging; 2)Defective Item, and 3)Not completely compatible even with good driver installation/update; pretty much covers everysingle thing that could go wrong with a product from the customer side.

Rift - PC
Rift - PC
Offered by Game Weiver
Price: $8.25
90 used & new from $0.01

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best MMO-RPG product since WoW, well done/polished/high quality game., March 12, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Rift - PC (Video Game)
Pretty much all I can say has been said in the previous reviews. The game is plain and simple the best that has come out since WoW, and definitely the most polished/well done MMO-RPG out there besides WoW. Basically they took the ideas that were amaizing and worked from other MMOs (many from WoW, no shocking there) and implemented them in what I would say a much cleaner way. Example of this are the "RIFTs", which are a version of public quests introduced by Warhammer Online, yet they made them more appealing and in general better done, however they didn't take all the other bad things of Warhammer with it. Same thing we can say from a numerous of concepts that they definitely burrow from WoW and EQ, taking only the good and leaving the bad out.

The interface, world-physics and graphics are amaizing to be expected of such a new game. They out-do WoW in everysingle aspect in that sense, and sometimes by a mile (like the graphics). The interface is very polished, modern and clean, and incredibly customizeable out of the box, which eliminates the stress of Mod hunting. All the options you want are out there in the interface and very easy to modify them as pleased. The world-physics are on par with WoW, basically you don't feel that you are wacking a mob that is 4 miles away, like you do in Warhammer for example, this game has really good world-physics which is something that has been a weak point of most of the MMOs in the past decade. The graphics are plain and simple gorgeous, even if you run them at low settings you won't be dissapointed. The optimization can improve, but overall I've ran RIFT in different computer specs, including a very cheap no-gamer computer and has done well enough. However, I do recommend a modern video card for a better experience, like a GTS-450 or the like as minimun to run the game confortably.

All in all the game is really well done, definitely a worthy competitor of the leading MMO-RPG out there. However, some food for thought: When WoW was released it didn't look (nor had) nowhere near all the content and quality RIFT has. I remember WoW's launch, and as much as I love the game I have to admit that RIFT destroys the release-WoW in everysingle aspect. Now, the fact that they are releasing a product that can stand toe-to-toe with a 6-year old-WoW is amaizing, and they managed to do it without reducing the quality of the product. So if they have done such a good job with the release of the product, I can only expect good things out of Trion if they game does well (meaning subscriber base). They seem to listen quite a lot to their players, and are not afraid to make changes right away, which is something that made WoW the leading MMO-RPG on its time.

I know this will make some people out there angry, but this is the way I see it : If I was put in a table and shown both products, WoW and RIFT, and I had no prior knowledge whatsoever of either games, and I was told to choose which is the better game, which is a higher quality game: I'd say WoW is a cheap rip-off of RIFT. That's not the case of course, RIFT in fact balantly stole so many concepts from WoW that is impossible to talk about RIFT without talking about WoW, but they implemented them well, in many cases BETTER than WoW and other MMOs.

So my conclusion, if you are looking for another MMO, and even if you arent, RIFT is well worth it's price. It's simply a well done/polished product and can stand toe-to-toe with the leading MMO (WoW) and that's its release version, you can only expect good things out of this MMO in the future if you give them your support (by support I mean buying it and subscribing).

Sid Meier's Civilization V - PC
Sid Meier's Civilization V - PC
Offered by games_for_sale
Price: $10.99
51 used & new from $1.43

226 of 274 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars If you are a former Civilization fan, save your money., September 28, 2010
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
I'm writing this review as honestly and impartial as I can, from the prospective of someone that has played the civilization franchise for over 13 years.

Plain and simple, they dumbed down and washed out the game to make it more attractive and simple for a broader market. If you are a civilization fan, or enjoyed Civilization 4 for its strategy difficulty, its complexity and micro-management as well as the decission making problems and interaction with the AI, then save your money and don't buy this game, because all that is practically gone.

The game has been so streamlined and simplified that is border line irritating for someone that has played civilzation for the past decade. The cool changes regarding combat system, resource limitations, hexagonal grid, (which are great don't get me wrong) simple go out of the window when you are faced with a game that honestly seems to be geared to children and very casual gamers that don't like to think too much and see more action.

Added to that, is the poor (and by poor I really mean HORRIBLE) shape they shipped the game. I've had BETAs of games that were in a better shape than this. The amount of glitches, bugs, crashes and general game issues in Civilization 5 are just borderline un-acceptable. And to get the cherry on the cake, they force you to install and launch the game using STEAM, which is an online based service. So, doesn't mather if you bought your nice little CDs, you still have to go through Steam to install it, and use it. Now, Steam by itself is another company that has a reputation for very low quality services, and in this case they haven't improved anything. I suggest you go through the forums of Steam or 2k games and see the quantity of people that are days without been able to install or play normally their game just because of issues with Steam, in top of that you get the issues of the game itself which are below BETA quality.

The cool looking graphics, leaders in 3D talking their languages, and the incredible simplification (I won't go into detail because it's a lot) of the game simply screams "geared for children, consoles and toysRus shelves". Our beloved Civilzation strategy game is gone, completely.

So again, if you are new to the series and like a simplified strategy game to start, this is good for you. If you are an old civilization fan, or someone who enjoys strategy games for its complexity and micro-management then save yourself irritation and boredom and go out to have a nice dinner with those $[...] bucks. Firaxis has potentially killed his 18 year old franchise with this.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 22, 2011 12:21 PM PDT

Beethoven 9 Symphonies
Beethoven 9 Symphonies
Price: $30.79
28 used & new from $17.27

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars very good interpretation of beethoven as expected, January 10, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Beethoven 9 Symphonies (Audio CD)
Really good, with crisp sound quality as any expected product recently dated, which is the main difference from the older versions of Von Karajan, in which I found the quality of the sound is a little less than perfect. This one is a very good interpretation with a very good sound quality, for the price is a really really good deal.

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