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Life Overpacked: Answers Of The 30 Most Interesting Questions That Every 20 Something's Have In Common
Life Overpacked: Answers Of The 30 Most Interesting Questions That Every 20 Something's Have In Common
Price: $0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars `I really do wonder why people still get married.', March 29, 2015
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The young and handsome Samir Hayat Khan is a new writer form India has written considerable about live and relationships, and to offer a sample of his sensitivity, read the following: `Everybody wants to know the secret to being successful in life. Whether it be in your career or personal life, we all want it all. The real question is: How do we get it? The answer's a simple one: You have to fail, and you have to fail often. You have to learn all there is from each failure. It's that simple. The only other factor is you have to be mindful enough to fail at the right things. There are certain failures in life necessary for the fruition of success. Without them, you'll be missing a piece of the puzzle.'

Now Samir steps into the self help book arena with a self-help book for sharing the questions about life that `20-somethings' have in common. Instead of exploring each question (and that is a delightful taste of Samir's grounded wisdom) a sample of the 30 quests are as follows: `Does money makes us rich?, (sample discussion - Only life and what life is capable of accomplishing matters. Everything else is excess. It's pointless and wasteful. You can have all the money in the world and still be the poorest bastard to walk the face of the earth. I'm pretty sure that would also make you the dumbest), Why we need advice even we know the answer?, Why marriage is still relevant?, Success... Is it the best revenge?, Want her?... Make her laugh..., Still finding reason to love your parents?, Do soul mates really exist?, Does true love really happens in college?, Facing the emotional roller coaster?, Heartbreak... Is it a blessing?, Still confused for the right woman to make your wife?, Rebound love... Does it really work?, Not comfortable that wife earning more money?, Marriage... Is it the proof of love?, Love... Is it noun or a verb?, Losing virginity... Does it really matters?, Is there anything like karma?, Love... Or true love?, Giving reason for ending relationship?, First love... Is it the true love?, Dating someone but not going to marry?, Boyfriend left you with no reason?, At what moment you realized you are falling for someone?, Is it fascinating to date complicated women?, and more.

This is not a book scribed by a psychologist or a sociologist but by a caring friend who dares to ask the tough questions that influence the way we live our lives. Samir offers common sense, a lot of wry wit, and a very warm and understanding manner of communication. Read him and find out. Grady Harp, March 15

A New Orchid Myth
A New Orchid Myth
Price: $3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars `Whispers in the pastel galleries told of innuendoes', March 29, 2015
This review is from: A New Orchid Myth (Kindle Edition)
In response to reading MY LITERARY PROFILE: A MEMOIR this reviewer made the following comment: For those who have fallen under the spell of Helene Pilibosian's edgy, probing, honest poetry this book will 1) come as no surprise, and 2) will come as a very big surprise - that a poet so fine as this lady can write history, particularly an autobiographical book, as cogent as MY LITERARY PROFILE: A MEMOIR. To try to cover the events related in this book would take a review far too long to hold the attention of the reader: a review should only inform the reader of the nature of a book. But in Helene Piliboisan's case we are talking about almost a lifetime of experiences that molded the poet she became ('almost', because she is still very much with us!), and skipping over lightly any portion of this conversation with the writer would seem negligent.'

Though A NEW ORCHID MYTH takes a different approach to poetic themes, the above statement holds true. Best to let Helene proffer her view- `This is poetry, highly metaphorical modern poetry with an exceptional amount of subject matter that is based upon love, understanding and forgiveness. Poems about the states are based upon either travel to those states or reading about them. My love of flowers comes through adequately with orchids and sunflowers leading the reader. Sunflower seeds are delicious and nutritious, by the way, and play a large part in the story the book presents. My love for art is also expressed generously through many poems on the subject, these based upon study of them in college and in galleries and books. The lighthearted theme has a few grotesque moments, these also in a high metaphorical swing.'

A sample follows:

Never sad when I knew her,
she encouraged the orange of citrus
and pushed earthquakes aside.
She didn't hide from metaphors
the weather threw at her,
and she clapped with streetlamps
that loved light more than overcoats.
She had custody over Rt. 1
with adjectives of blue warmth,
wanting to paint scenes swaggering there
to show off their revival
or the revitalizing of sight.

Then there were special-effects
in San Francisco of ragtime,
in Santa Barbara of hip-hop,
in Glendale and Monterey of waltz.
She brought the full moon
out of hiding to San Diego
to revel in the sun's seasons
and listen to the pleasures of poetry.
Dances scattered like the dark's phrases,
declaring the yellow hoots of lights to be owls.
Human jaws grew strong as minds
where subterranean tunnels funneled cars.

The palm trees and the redwoods,
the forests and the yellow hills
without the long shadow of their fires,
boundaries of orchards and farms,
and the traffic of all inhabitants
manufactured her daily fare.
These gave her highways,
many reveries as well as cares.

It could be argued that Helene's poems are songs, so fluid is her balance of idea with the gradual unrolling of words. Yet it is difficult to label them, and there is no need to classify - these are just marvelous poems by a great lady. Grady Harp, March 15

Glenious Alien Landscape
Glenious Alien Landscape
Price: $14.40
3 used & new from $8.22

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5.0 out of 5 stars `An electric Jazz-fusion romp with funky twists and dreamy turns.', March 29, 2015
Glen Ackerman is a Houston-based bassist and composer. His original Jazz-fusion project, resulting in the dynamic Glenious Inner Planet and the much anticipated follow-up The Glenious Alien Landscape, have been lauded by both critic and fan alike. In addition to his original projects, Glen has added his talents to the recordings of many other successful artists including: Chris Cortez, Henry Darragh and Kristine Mills.Though he prefers playing the mad scientist to his own compositions, Glen has performed in many genres and venues. He has shared the stage with nationally acclaimed artists such as: Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, and Bill Charlap. Glen has also been a vital component to the Houston music scene by playing with heavy hitting bandleaders in the Houston area including Woody Witt, Joe LoCassio, and Paul English.

The ensemble is Glen Ackerman - bass, Jeff Sipe, Joel Fulgham and J.. Guzman - drums, Paul Chester, Chris Cortez - guitar, Alex Winkler, Pelayo Parlade - keys, Matija Dedic - piano, Woody Witt, Seth Paynter - saxophone.

The tracks (all composed by Glen Ackerman) are as follows:
Wind Clouds Rain
Bugs Don't Judge
Pure Distance
Dead Moon Falls
Young Boy Daydreams...
... On The Way Home
The Mountain
Funcraft Reprise

Prepare to be assimilated. Ingenious new sounds to stimulate your imagination and please your palate. Grady Harp, March 15

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck: A proven path to money mastery in only 15 minutes a week! (Smart Money Blueprint)
How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck: A proven path to money mastery in only 15 minutes a week! (Smart Money Blueprint)
Price: $0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars `Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will.' - Nelson Mandela, March 28, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Avery Breyer just could be a godsend to most of us who are living paycheck to paycheck while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Finally someone has come up with some practical, easy, quick, and workable suggestions to get out of debt and stay there.

Avery's solid introduction shows us that our problems are not only understood but are manageable. `Maybe credit card debt is the only way you are able to keep afloat right now, although you know that's not a long-term solution. Maybe you feel ashamed that you're not doing a better job of managing your money -- you feel frustrated that you can't get ahead. And maybe you've tried budgeting, but it just didn't work for you.... I promise you that if you read this book and follow the advice in here, you'll be set on a path to a world where you control your money, you have a plan that will ensure you don't run out of money, and you are no longer a slave to your bills.' (Big sigh of relief is in order right now)

What to learn in this book: `put together a budget that will: Help you pay down bad debt, and avoid getting more, Help you reach your financial goals with greater ease, Provide for your daily monetary needs, both now, and in the future, Lower or eliminate your worries about money, Take an hour per month or less to keep tabs on, Actually work.'

So, some techniques: to take control of your money: Track your spending, Track you Income, Always have a backup plan (work overtime, work a second job, start a side business....), Get real about Needs versus Wants, Relationships and Money: Talk about it!, and Have an emergency fund. The benefits of having a budget: Improves your credit rating, lowers stress, keeps you honest, helps you achieve your goals, and helps you secure your basic needs now and in the future.
Avery is so level headed about all of this that the ideas and style of presenting them are infectious. The tips on how to get the right mindset for success is a particularly helpful chapter - one imbued with psychology and realism. And in creating a budgeted life there are budget traps to avoid (self-defeating attitudes plus). And the other areas cover are The Easiest Way to Have More Money, Without Earning More, How to Trim Your Expenses With (Almost) No Effort, Budgeting 101: How to Make a Budget, Month 1: Find Out Where You Stand, Month 2: This is the Part Where You Take Control of Your Money, and Month 3 and Beyond - How to Stay on Track.

Summarizing this book is in many ways unfair. You really need to start form the beginning with Avery and let the benefits of seeping in this knowledge mount. 15 minutes a week......Gotta go. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, March 15

Me - Time Tales: Tea Breaks for Mature Women and Curious Men
Me - Time Tales: Tea Breaks for Mature Women and Curious Men
by Rosalind Minett
Edition: Paperback
3 used & new from $18.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Elixir of Laugh, March 28, 2015
British author Rosalind Minett began her career in the arts as a dancer - in RADA (for those outside the UK, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) - but switched directions when she studied psychology at Birmingham, Sussex and Exeter universities and became a Psychologist. This combination of experience offers her the ability to crawl inside the psyches of her characters while creating a proscenium arch setting in intricate details for her chosen subject - whether writing comedy, historically influenced novels or crime tales - before enjoying a career as a chartered psychologist. She is successfully able to wear the twin masks of comedy/tragedy and still maintain a rather phenomenal sense of finding the humor in the worst of situations and the compensatory dark side of the best of incidents. She is a hell of a fine writer!

ME - TIME TALES finds Rosalind at her witty best. Within the covers of this book of memoiresque stories are ten tales of women past forty and the strange encounters they have with men who are a bit over the edge (or not quite to the edge) and how those encounter turn out. From the first story UNDERWHELMED she sets the tone: `Marian took stock of the fifty-year-old self when she was only forty-five. It meant wearing support knickers and a suggestive smile. It meant thinking positive, just as she advised her sales colleagues every day. Cerise was her positive colour [remember Rosalind is British] and she le collars or scarves of it peep from behind her grey coat, navy mac or black fleecy. She kept her eyes wide open, wide enough, she thought.' And there you have a mirror for the middle-aged female out to hopefully find an encounter only to end up meeting a strolling man and dog whose consciousness is in question and who ends up usurping Marian's dreams and leaving her with the dog to tend!

Each of the ten stories allows the writer to offer the reader some all too familiar embarrassing moments (yes, for men, too) in this Neverneverland (wishfully NeverEVERland) of facing courtship in what we thought would be prime time - but needing to accept it is past time. The titles of her tales hint at the hilarity of the content; Underwhelmed, Blind Date, A Fitting Matter, First Feast, A slight Invasion, Eaten Up, Lament, A Material Trip, As Found, and Anti-Dote.

Looking for a dollop of elixir to lighten the atmosphere of the world as we find it today? Then read Rosalind Minett's treasure trove. Highly Recommended for whatever ails you (or hasn't started to ail you yet!). Grady Harp, March 15

Macally MFI/Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable with Tangle Free Cable Management - 6 Feet - Black
Macally MFI/Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable with Tangle Free Cable Management - 6 Feet - Black
Price: $17.88
51 used & new from $16.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars Finally an Apple Certified cable that is long enough to make sense!, March 28, 2015
MACALLY did what Apple didn't do - create a Lightning to USB cable that is long enough to allow you to not squat to the floor to charge your iPhone etc. This very well made cable is durable, does not tangle, has perfectly fitting ends for both the Lightning and the USB parts and is 6 feet long! It also comes with a Velcro strap that allows you to coil the cable to the desired length you usually use, or to attach the cable for stability to something on your desk.

Knowing this cable is Apple certified means it passes Apple's strict tests and rules for manufacture. And knowing all that allows you to further enjoy the freedom of choice the extra length gives you. This is a quality product at a very affordable price. Recommended. Grady Harp, March 15

I received this free product in exchange for providing an unbiased review.

A Deadly Deed Grows
A Deadly Deed Grows
Price: $4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars `I'm a lawyer who dabbles in business and corporate law.' `No kidding? So am I! What a small world.' Sean/Mira, March 28, 2015
Ohio author Kathryn Long earned her BA degree in French from the University of Akron, followed by a career surrounded by books: she managed a Waldenbooks, writing short stories and song lyrics as a hobby. She returned to school for a Bachelor's in Education and was an employee of the Green Local School system, teaching high school students with special needs Language Arts. Now retired, she devotes her time to writing novels and short stories. She is actively involved as a member of Sisters of Crime. In Kathryn's words, `I enjoy creating stories, weaving a tale using curiously interesting characters, giving them a challenge or two, sending them on a precarious adventure that is satisfying to any reader.'

A DEADLY DEED GROWS being the first of Kathryn's novels this reader has read it is not clear as to whether the manner in which she introduces her book is a constant. But starting her story is an isolated conversation adds a clever dimension to the depth of what is to follow: `She felt the buildup of tension on the trip back. And she knew it came from an obvious source, that anticipation of a goodbye kiss. She didn't know what to expect or how she would respond. Her feelings were conflicted with the person sitting next to her being so friendly, so engaging. She couldn't keep that nagging voice in the back of her head away for long. And it kept warning her that not everything was as it seemed. Still, she liked Sean, couldn't help but like him. She forced that thought to stay with her as they said goodbye. "Well, it's been nice, Mira Stanley. I enjoyed your company despite the ugly conversation about your view of my partner's notorious brother. But we won't go into that again," he said. His words touched her face with short brushstrokes of his breath as his face came within inches of hers. Closer and closer it seemed. And each inch pushed her heartbeat to race faster and faster. "Um hmm," she answered, since her thoughts refused to form into words. "And I hope you feel the same way," he whispered and came closer, backing her against the door. Now, Mira could only see parts of him, but she focused on his lips as they brushed against hers, his voice drowned out by the pounding of her heart. But when he touched her, the beating stopped. His kiss made her stop everything. All thoughts and feelings focused only on one subject. That kiss. And whether foolish thinking or not, she wanted it to last forever.' We have a strong connection to the romance level of this mystery already.

The author's summary focuses on the salient points of the tale; `Mira Stanley has come to Cape San Blas, Florida for one reason--to save Claire Peterson, her boss's aunt, from being swindled and losing her home. She realizes it will be a challenge to defeat Bradley Lane, the unscrupulous land developer, even with her accomplished skills as a lawyer. However, another element adds itself to the equation when Mira meets the attractive Sean Thorndale. The chemistry between them leaves Mira confused and frightened. Sean Thorndale has always been confident and driven with one personal agenda. And it promises to be dangerous. Even if he must deceive others by following Bradley Lane's orders, he'll do it to get justice for someone close to him. At least that's how he feels until he meets Mira Stanley. The attraction builds. Is the danger to Sean worth the risk to their relationship?'

Strong storyline, interesting characters, and a solid mix of romance and mystery. Kathryn Long is towards the front of the line in Chick Lit! Grady Harp, March 15

Jaw-Dropping Geography: Fun Learning Facts About Stone Age: Illustrated Fun Learning For Kids
Jaw-Dropping Geography: Fun Learning Facts About Stone Age: Illustrated Fun Learning For Kids
Price: $0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars `Homo Sapiens are the last surviving members of a huge family tree.', March 28, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Texas author Jess Roche has written some 50 books about geography and natural wonders as well as natural disasters and now she invites us into the ancient interstices of the Stone Age! Though this book is written for readers form the age of 5 to 15 it is so well written and full of well-researched facts that it is as applicable to adult readers who wish to learn about our beginnings. Elegantly illustrated, this is a book for the coffee table - if that is where you leave your Kindle Fire or Nook or other resources where you may access this format.

Jess' comfortable manner of writing encourages learning. In the opening chapter she states, `The Stone Age was one of the earliest points in human history, back before modern humans even existed. We call it "Stone" because early humans had just learned how to make and use tools, and stone was what they used to make them. Before humans learned how to smelt bronze or iron to make tools and weapons, they made spearheads, primitive knives, hammers, and even axes out of stone. Another name for this period of time is "Prehistoric", which means, literally, "Before history". Everything in the Stone Age happened before we had a written language, so everything we know about it comes from archeological evidence.'

Using resources from Thought Junction Publishing who accompany Jess' informative writing we are offered excellent paintings, drawings and photographs to illustrate the words - a technique long appreciated as a solid teaching and learning tool. The areas Jess covers are, "Archeological"? What's That?, How Long Did The Stone Age Last?, Were There Dinosaurs During The Stone Age?, If There Weren't Dinosaurs, What Kind Of Animals Were There?, Wooly Rhinoceros? Was It Cold During The Stone Age?, Did People Live During The Stone Age?, Where Did Early Humans Live?, How Could Early Humans Cross Oceans To Get To The Americas, Japan, And Australia?, How Did Early Humans Survive?, Couldn't They Grow Their Own Food?, How Long Did They Live?, What About Pets?, What Kind Of Tools Did Early Humans Make?, What Were Their Homes Like?, Could Early Humans Speak?, Inventions Of The Stone Age, Stone Age Artists, Did They Have Music, Too?, Why Are Homo Sapiens The Only Ones Left? - all questions Jess answers and illustrates in the most vivid manner possible.

This is an excellent book by a writer and researcher who knows the importance of expanding the thinking experience of youngsters in the most accessible way. Grady Harp, March 15

The Heroine Next Door
The Heroine Next Door
Price: $6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An immigrant experience and midlife crisis viewed through the prism of a Muslim woman., March 28, 2015
South African author Zeena Nackerdien has dual US and South African citizenship and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. She obtained a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. She has been a research chemist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Maryland and a senior research associate at The Rockefeller University in New York. She is the author of several publications in scientific journals and a book chapter on topics ranging from biomarkers for oxidative damage to perspectives on the associations of microbes with breast cancer. As a scientist turned patient advocate and writer, she is intensely interested in building relationships with people from different cultures through storytelling and education. It is that drive that is palpable in this novel THE HEROINE NEXT DOOR - the author's dichotomous life as experienced in apartheid-South-Africa and a Western world responding to the digital information age and emergent diseases: she knows terror, especially as a Muslim woman. She incorporates all of this In THE HEROINE NEXT DOOR, surprisingly her debut novel, by creating a fictional character, Leila, emerging from the darkness cast by personal and political upheavals, who gains a sense of her own identity and contributes knowledge gained in the USA to improving the management of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other illnesses in South Africa.

Leila is a 50-year-old South African scientist, an immigrant living in New York on 9/11, the event that opened her epiphany to chart a different course in her life came, in part, as a result of deciding to channel the death of her fiancée and 9/11 victim, Khalid, in a more positive way. A series of Facebook posts prompt the reader to embark on a journey back in time with Leila in order to gain insights about her life and the lives of three Muslim friends (who represent a fraction of the divergent ways in which Muslims may potentially be expressing themselves in Western societies). Ultimately each journey is as unique as a fingerprint. For Leila, who was unassuming and reactive to adversity for most of her life, using her expertise in science to aid South Africans straining under the burden of different diseases such as AIDS/HIV, having lost loved ones to these, proves to be an inspirational experience.

One of the many shining aspects of Zeena's luminous novel is her sharing the sensibilities of immigrants whose new life in a new country must sort out not only language and dress barriers but also religious or spiritual belief differences. In electing to focus on that turning point moment in history - the 9/11 tragedy - as the stimulus for altering life perspectives she manages to give us all a better sense of understanding and at least a different point of view - both healing factors in a nurturing a wound worthy of comparison to Amfortas' wound in PARSIFAL. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, March 15

Tony Adamo and the New York Crew
Tony Adamo and the New York Crew
Price: $8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars `The hipness, swag and epitome of vocal cool all wrapped up in a to go bag!', March 28, 2015
"As vocalist, Adamo's exciting, highly-energetic interpretations avoid any faux hip inflections. He swings soulfully heavy , has great rhythmic feel, and injects a soul vaccination across the date. His scripted dialog is powerful in presentation and content . There's no hand or lip jive; the " Vocal hipspokenwords" are performed as dit-dot tight as the horns and infectious rhythms behind him. He channels the "Beat" poets Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg, and modern verbalists, Mark Murphy and Gil Scott-Heron." A righteous harmonic journey into the lyrical land of thy rhythm and groove. Old school meets new çool, a cross continental sonic excursion resulting in a beat you feel in your hips but hear with you're feet, this is a real down lyrical throw down! `

`True hipness is a most elusive substance, consistently pursued, often pretended and rarely captured. But make no mistake, Tony Adamo is HIP (capital letters demanded) in full evidence on his new Urbanzone Records album Tony Adamo & The New York Crew. Now we're not talking about some snap-brim fedora, hipster chic, cool attitude take on hipness - but the real deal. We're talking about Miles, Monk and Sonny trading fours after hours at the Five Spot, with Frank and Dino knocking back Jack on the rocks while Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Lord Buckley and Lenny Bruce riff on the world's absurdity - that kind of hip.'

For this album Tony and his Crew deliver what is essentially eleven short films, each one painting a stunningly visual portrait of a fascinating world and some of its most captivating and compelling denizens. Driven on a soundtrack of explosively spirited and utterly delightful music, the spectacularly imaginative screenplay is depicted through a prism that Tony calls Vocal/HipSpokenWord. Or as Tony states, `I would hope that my Vocal/HipSpoknWord story telling reaches across a wide music spectrum to hip old and new generations alike to my new genre of music.'

The ensemble is Tony Adamo - nu jazz vocal/hipspoken word, Mike Clark - drums, Michael Wolff - piano, Tim Ouimette -trumpet, Richie Goods, bass, Bill Summers - Percussion, and Donald Harrison - alto sax.

The tracks are as follows:
Gale Blowin High
City Swings
Buddhist Blues
You Gotta B Fly
Mama's Meat Pies
To Bop Or Not To Be
Picasso At Midnight
Wisdom of Oz
Listen Here Listen Up
General T
Messengers Burnin

A breath of fresh air and an invitation to listen with the heart as well as the mind. Grady Harp, March 15

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