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Face the Music: A Life Exposed
Face the Music: A Life Exposed
by Paul Stanley
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $22.04
116 used & new from $10.98

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars i was disappointed, June 21, 2014
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I once watched a video about paul Stanley who was talking about his time with KISS. he said KISS stood for one thing, "nothing is sacred". and that thought is painfully obvious in this book. paul Stanley spent the entire time talking about only 2 things, the corporate side of the rock and roll business and how much he disliked everyone around him. here are some examples.
he called his best friend for over 20 years, gene simmons, self obsessed. he also didn't even bother to invite gene to his wedding.
he says KISS guitarist, ace frehley couldn't play well and wasnt
that talented . i own the KISS album,"alive 2" and ace cranks out one of the top 10 best guitar solos ever.
he says, KISS drummer, peter criss, had no talent, never grew musically, and couldn't sing at all due to his raspy voice. however, i saw KISS live in concert in 97 and peter criss pit on the greatest drum solo ive ever heard in my life. also, peter criss is the one who sings on one of KISS's biggest single ever, "beth". he has one of the prettiest voices ive ever heard. he also refers to peter criss as "fat and lazy".he also said "peter failed to grow musically after 20 years." he says he didn't like peters girl friend in the same breath as she was a born again Christian. that's highly offensive,. after peter criss isn't in the band anymore, paul starts right in on talking crap on new drummer, eric carr..
later, a new member gets in, named vinny. paul Stanley designs an aunk facepaint designs for him only to turn around and call it ridiculous later. he also made fun of vinny for not wanting to come hang out when there was a crowd about. this from a guy who says he suffered with extreme social phobia his whole life.
after MTV finally takes them in, renewing their popularity and fame, he starts talking crap on them too. despite the fact that he admits KISS was in a slump until their video made it big on MTV.
he talks bad on other musicians too. he said, guitar god, jimi Hendrix "didn't start off playing purple haze". "purple haze" was the first song on jimi Hendrix's first album, "are you experienced ?".
he talks bad on OZZY osbourne, saying OZZY went through too many different line ups. at that point in the book, it was in the early 1980's. the reason OZZY had a lineup change was because his best friend , randy Rhodes , died tragically. and, OZZY's book, "i am ozzy" was a billion times better than this one.
on one part, a woman gave him the old monica Lewinsky treatment and then said, "merry Christmas". and instead of saying, "merry Christmas", "i love you" or even" thank you", all he was worried about was that she didn't say, "happy hannukah". he continues this unappreciative attitude throughout the entire book.
he met guns and roses one time, and called them all losers, addicts and even started correcting their music,
karma does bite him back though as he gets into a car accident and no one even calls him. he is mad when he goes home and his wife wont wait on him. he actually got mad because she had to go to work and wouldn't be there to feed him his pain killers. calls her "not warm or bright".
he has a lot of trouble understanding a new girl he meets who sees the good in ppl because he only sees the bad.
eric carr, the drummer, dies and , at the funeral, paul is worried about what ppl are thinking about him . he wasn't even worried about the death of his friend.
another time, he gets a part in "the phantom of the opera", and has to be coached on his singing. after chapters and chapters of talking down on all of his bandmates' musical abilities.
he becomes a speaker for children with facial deformities and tells them, "life will be tough ,lonely and painful. he didn't put anything uplifting or motivational in the book that he may have said to them. its bad enough he's a jerk to his bandmates, friends, lovers etc. but these were children !
another thing he spends a lot of time talking about is how he and KISS are not bi. but, he calls his face paint, "make up", they dressed up in drag on paul's birthday party, ace and eric make out a bar, and ace and pete went oral. if he was trying to make himself look straight, he failed miserably.
but, the thing that bothered me the most was that he had a business partner who was very instrumental in getting KISS to be a super band. but , paul begins to suspect the guy is a child molester. paul confronts him and he admits it was true. paul continues to talk to the guy, doesn't call the cops or child protective services and goes right along as usual. it wasn't until the guys drug use got out of control that he quit talking to the guy. this makes me think that paul was more concerned with success than whether or not small children were being abused. and they eventually become friends again and paul ends up at that guys funeral, grieving.
the whole time the book goes on, he is obsessed with success. i can see wanting to be famous and sell records, but that is ALL he talked about when he wasn't putting people down. so now paul Stanley, who i used to see as , that really cool guy from KISS is a corporate predator, back stabbing, self obsessed, jerk who would rather have a child molester on his team so he could be successful than to do the right thing and turn him in.
i DO NOT recommend this book. there are way better books about rock stars out there. the first 2 that come to mind are "no one here gets out alive" about jim Morrison and "i am ozzy", about OZZY, obviously.
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DVD ~ Daniel Brühl
Price: $9.58
105 used & new from $0.35

4.0 out of 5 stars the best real racing movies yet., June 13, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Rush (DVD)
im a race fan so I jumped at the opportunity to see this film. I thought it was really good but could have been a little bit better. the basic formula was racing and life. it was a bit heavy on the life side. I would have liked to see more racing myself.
as far as racing movies go , I can think of 6 I like. this won would rank 3rd among them. they are "3", "dale", "days of thunder", "rush", "cannonball run", and "death race 2000". now, 3 of those are real and 2 not. I like "rush" better than the real ones but less than the pretend ones.
do NOT mistake this movie with the 1992 movie, "rush" about heroin. that one wasn't any good but the racecar one is great.
it was, in my opinion, on of but not the best movie of 2013.
so, I say, if you are into racing of any kind, you should check out this movie. I could even see a couple watching this together. there is actually enough love to keep the women interested too. this is an all around good movie. the only ones I think who may not benefit from this are children.

No Title Available

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars still great., May 12, 2014
so what ? this season isn't as good as the previous ones. when you have something as great as "duck dynasty", not as good means "super fantastic". so seriously, theres nothing to complain about. its like when all these idiots started saying "star wars sucks now because phantom menace was only the 4th best star wars movie". that still makes it better than all but 5 of the movies in the world.
quit complaining ! and if you're not down with season 5 then don't watch it. nobodys making you.

The Meanest Of Times
The Meanest Of Times
Price: $12.99
64 used & new from $0.87

4.0 out of 5 stars the album title really says it !, May 2, 2014
This review is from: The Meanest Of Times (Audio CD)
IF you've listened to their previous albums, you've grown accustomed to a few things. these would be fighting songs, old celtic countries folk song covers, love songs, funny songs, Scottish instruments playing, and drinking songs.
this whole entire album abandoned much of the old Scottish and irish stuff for heavy guitar. now, ive got no problem with heavy guitar but I wasn't happy to hear a very , very big lapse of bag pipes and such. on previous albulms, they've had no trouble whatsoever, blending the guitar with bag pipes. it was that essential quality they made them who they were for a big part..
another thing I noticed was that the happy go lucky attitude was gone too. no more joking around. even their drinking songs and fighting songs and protest songs all had very serious, very dark, harrowing overtones.
a number of the songs made me want to hit the skip button because of their too serious content. and the last thing you hear are bells ringing. not nice, happy heavenly, angel bells. this was more like funeral bells. it ended on such a downer.
NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS ! the guitar was heavy and it ROCKED ! it wasn't a bad album just different. it talked about moving to boston, again. which says to me these guys have the same sort of love and pride the irish have but for boston. maybe , while americans dream of going to Ireland, the irish dream of going to boston. its just good to see someone so proud of where they're from.
my 3 favorite songs on the album were. "flannigans ball" which is Irelands answer to "watermelon crawl". LOL ! my second was "rude awakenings". it was about a guy waking up in a strange place after a night of drinking but it was done kind of more dark than funny. and my other favorite was "johnny, I hardly knew ya". its to the tune of "when johnny comes marching home" only totally rocked out. so 4 out of 5 stars it is. it was good enough just not super.

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line
NASCAR The Game: Inside Line
Offered by DealTavern
Price: $25.94
52 used & new from $8.38

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars name IS completely wrong., January 23, 2014
I got this game for Christmas. its a real pain in the butt to get used to. until you can afford to buy all the parts you need, you are basically "paying your dues". ie: getting the crap kicked out of you by other drivers. its borderline abusive. then, after the first season, you should have the money to buy all of the upgrades and are a contender.
there are some minor annoyances like having to drive a plain and unoriginal car that you cant change during the season mode. another thing is having to go to practice 3 times before you can go to your next season race. you can skip past if you want, but that's still obnoxious. but, the biggest problem is, in most NASCAR/driving games the key to winning is simple. drop to the INSIDE LINE and own it. however, this game, INSIDE LINE, doesn't work that way. in fact, most of the time, its easier to drive on the outside. why even bother to call it "inside line" if that particular strategy doesn't work ? they don't call "grand theft auto" something like "don't steal cars" or "force unleashed" like "don't use the force at all".
now onto the cool stuff. there are trivia questions whenever the game is loading to give you something to do while you wait. im getting very close to the 150 achievement. there are A LOT of crashes that can end up in parking lot like bumper car sessions. your stats are kept for you per racetrack. and the computer actually syncs up with your driving style. it lets you drive for a bit and then analyzes your driving style. then it lends a helping hand in your problem areas. for instance, I hardly ever use brakes or do anything but floor it on any driving game. but its necessary to this game. so the computer simply took on the responsibility of braking for me when I needed it.
I do have to say, this game was very frustrating at first until the first season was over. but I didn't give up and now its fun. so just hang in there and stick it out for the first season and the game will become way better. out of the 3 NASCAR games I own, it rates 2nd to me. NASCAR 2000 for the N64 would be 3rd and NASDCAR 2005: chase for the cup would be first mainly because I can be DALE EARNHARDT and drive in the featherlite, truck and nationwide series also. plus, im nearly unstoppable at that game. but this ones good too. I say its worth your money.

Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath Live Gathered In Their Masses (CD+DVD)
Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath Live Gathered In Their Masses (CD+DVD)

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars best album of the year., January 6, 2014
first, lets just say im PISSED about having to pay $30 for a CD. I didn't even want the DVD but that's just too bad for me I guess.
that being said, the CD is great ! im going to go down a list of things that make LIVE albums good. then im going to say which of those things are on this album.
1- sound good live. they sound GREAT live. no problem there at all.
2- is recorded right. all of the music sounds good. there is no low sounds, background hissing or poorly mixed music here.
3- a really awesome guitar solo. sadly, no. however, there are some longer than usual guitar parts that make the songs better than usual.
4- a good blend of the great songs from the past and the new ones. I personally think they had too few of the new songs. but that didn't take away from the overall quality of the album which was still great.
the only 2 reasons this album got 4 stars instead of 5 were forcing the fans to buy a DVD AND the CD together. any hardcore fan would've shelled out the extra bucks for the DVD anyway. but not giving us a choice wasn't too cool. AND the other reason was the inclusion of the song "god is dead?". for 43 years, OZZY has been trying to convince everybody he's not evil. and then they throw a song with that title on their latest album ? not a good move in my book. and yes I listened to it a few times to make really sure I caught its meaning. I understand its just about a guy in spiritual crisis. but he's asking "is god dead ?" not proclaiming that he may be. but them singing the words "god is dead" over and over makes the song suck.
I definitely recommend this set to any black Sabbath fan. if I were you, I'd spend a gift card someone gives you on it or ask for it as a present to get around the corporate machines power move.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 14, 2014 12:07 PM PDT

DVD ~ Tom Cruise
Price: $5.99
43 used & new from $1.98

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars a refreshing and fun science movie., December 4, 2013
This review is from: Oblivion (DVD)
it was good but not as good as they made it sound.
on the cover, there were many flattering adjectives used to describe this movie. I think they fell short.
1-intense. this wasn't exactly a war movie or a psychological thriller, so no.
2-spectacular-yes-there were some great visuals and neat ideas.
3-ground breaking. no. while the movie was very pretty and very full of great science stuff, there wasn't anything going on I haven't seen before.
4-visually stunning-yes. this movie was full of "lord of the rings" worthy graphics with the awesome epic scale back drops and what not. it is very beautiful for many scenes and is pretty for stretches sometimes adding to the overall entertainment and artistic value.
5- mind blowing-no. it takes a lot to really blow a mind. while there are a lot of unexpected things going on. i'd call it more ironic than mind blowing. there were a few places that made me go, "whooooooaaaahhhhh, dude!" but no mind blowing.the cover also says he will "question everything he knows". that is I was waiting for a big ending like say any of these movies...."planet of the apes", "total recall", "matrix revelutions " "death race 2000", "1984" , "a midsummers night dream", "2001: a space odyssey" or "fight club". of course, I cant tell so you will just have to watch. its worth it.,
this is morgan freemans third movie I know of where he gets to be a great mind. the others are Lucius fox from the second batman trilogy and when he played GOD in " bruce almighty". this character is Morpheus like. Morpheus is the black guy in the "matrix" movies.
on the cover, it says that tom cruise finds a beautiful stranger. the chick he's already with was very very pretty. she had a nice body, not trashy, but nice. she had really pretty eyes and a heart melting smile. what did he even need this new woman for ? someone was mixed up there. I did not like that part.
this movie is about a guy who can pilot spacecrafts in a post apocalyptic earth. THINK "terminator" meets "top gun".
all in all its pretty good. it made my top 85 movies of all time list.its a lot better than a lot of the junk that's been coming out lately. so its refreshing and fun.
one mistake that was made is that sometimes when they show tom cruise flying around nearby wreckage to repair drones, the wreckage is of new York and sometimes Washington DC. but he's never gone long.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The First Avenger
DVD ~ Chris Evans
Price: $29.03
21 used & new from $6.48

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars GOD bless captain america !, November 27, 2013
the guy who plays the red skull, a Nazi, was the same guy who was Elrond in "lord of the rings". it was funny to see him take on such a big switch in roles. but, they both are grumpy roles, I guess.
there are some other really awesome things going on in this movie like a nearly unstoppable shield, the power of the gods, and disintegrater beam weopons .
this movie has tie ins to the other movies with avengers in them. unlike the X- men movies which are put together all helter skelter these movies stay true to eachother.
it would've gotten 5 stars except for 17, coutn em, 17 historical inaccuracies. they are mini skirts, flying cars, women officers in the military, t-shirts with pictures on them, robotic arms, handheld cameras, remote explosives the size of cell phones, one man rocket like submarines, low cut fronts on womens outfits, transponders with no antenna, Asian army soldiers, rotar propelled mimissles, knee length skirts in the military, one of the machine guns, a stealth bomber, mini rockets, and a wireless video camera.
I really like this movie a lot. it is way better than the old captain America movie from the 80's although it was good too. chris evans totally pulls off a very believable captain America. he is a guy who is what every soldier wants to be, a guy you can believe in and a guy who instills patriotism in us all.

WWE: Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection
WWE: Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection
DVD ~ Goldberg
Price: $9.19
47 used & new from $4.00

0 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars missing many of his BEST moments., October 19, 2013
IM NOT buying this DVD. this is supposed to be all of bill Goldberg's best matches. its incomplete and extremely watered down without these.
1-vs the hitman in a NO DQ match.
2- vs booker T
3- VS raven. when he was still winning his streak. not the title match.
4- vs scott steiner, not the no DQ match.
I mean, he only lost like 7 times. you might as well show them.
5-the 3 story cage match.
6- clips from the royal rumbles he was in where he fought multiple attackers by himself and won.
7-vs brock lesnar at WM.
8-THE FIGHT he got into vs stone cold.
I could go on and on. I really don't see why they make these videos if they are going to only put in half the effort. the DVD DOES look good, just not as awesome as they could have and should have made it. the fans want more !
so i'd say buy it. the matches are listed in other reviews. just don't expect it to be all it could.

Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360
Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360
Price: $34.93
348 used & new from $18.73

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars near perfect, October 3, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
as compared to other video games, i'd rank it 3rd of all time just behind GTA 4 and knights of the old republic. so, i'd rank it second behind GTA 4 as far as GTA games go.
there are a lot of new side missions to do that are fun. to name a few , parachuting , golf , and hunting. the golf isn't the stupid , kind where you just hit the ball to see how far it'll go like on TBOGT. ITS more like regular golf. there are also 2 other favorites from other GTA games like street racing and drunk driving. however, the drunk driving isn't as authentic as in previous games like GTA 4. its more silly and rounded. plus, its usually only a few blocks you have to get to not all the way across town. the longer way was funner in my opinion.
the regular missions are usually filled with bullet storms and chaos but I did see a large number of missions which were not just like that. THEY had many interesting and unique missions from GTA games past. this was refreshing and liberating.
I use cheat codes A LOT on nearly every game Ive ever played. I consider games way to difficult to beat otherwise. and they are. I never would've got through VICE CITY,SAN ANDREAS OR GTA 4 without them. all this relying on luck and flukes to pass missions is ridiculous. but , now there is a game that just ROCKS and didn't kill me ,initially, over and over. I died maybe 20 times during this entire game. it was great fun. that was the key thing that made it beat out san andreas in my opinion. games are much funner when you don't have to do the same thing over and over again.
the cops were a pain. they were more like a militiant force who hunted me down at all costs. plus, they only had to shoot me 3 or 4 times before I was dead. even on 2 stars, they would not stop unless I hid. they followed me into buildings , even my home.
there was a lot of redneck stuff on this game. one of the 3 characters you control is a methead dealer/user. there is a big city right next to a big desert so theres a lot of redneck stuff to get into like 4 wheeling, many off road vehicles, hunting and more.
there are what is called light RPG elements. some RPG's are open ended, have choices and have multiple characters. this is true here as well. I really like that about GTA 4 and 5. my favorite video game genre is RPG's and I think its awesome that they combined my second favorite kind of game[GTA] WITH rpg's .also, if you've had enough of one guy, you can just switch off to another.

ANOTHER THING I liked about this game is you start with money. you aren't just some low life punk. you are 3 guys who have money and the connections to make waaaaay more.
you will see a lot of the cool cars from older GTA games. you can run into cool cars a lot. in vice city, there were lots of cool cars everywhere and wide streets so you could fly like crazy. they have that here. in san andreas, they had a lot of different style cars. in number 5 there are trucks, off roaders, sports cars, muscle cars and you never have to look too far for some vehicle to suit your needs. in GTA 4, there were too many regular cars. that is NOT a problem in this game. its like they took everything wrong with the older games and changed them. only , unlike most games, they nailed it , mostly. plus, they have way more options at the custom car shops. most are for making your car faster and cooler but, there are also some awesome new additions like bullet proof tires and armor.
I said, earlier that it was near perfect. so I guess I have to say what was wrong here. there was a racetrack that I couldn't bet at hooked to a casino I also couldn't bet at. there was the vinewood bowl which was, of course, a spoof on the Hollywood bowl. but I couldn't go there to enjoy music. the language was the worst yet of any GTA game. now I expected bad language but this was over the top. I have a very high tolerance for foul language and I still found it to be a bit much. I just didn't like having to turn down the TV whenever anyone walked by because they let the N word fly over and over and over again . I missed mission plans from having to turn it down because they cussed 3 or 4 times in every sentence. plus, the "humor", if you could call it that was disgusting. it made me want to barf a few times.
this last part did happen only once but it was the thing that pissed me off more than anything. Michael, a mob guy with an disrespectful and out of control family has a son. this son is heard cussing other players online. he frequently says horrible things about sexual assaulting other players and their families. plus, at one point he brags about making fun of a baby who was born disabled. that was uncalled for and sick.
so, other than the language and a few minor ways the game could've been improved like gambling, this game gets a 9.9 stars out of me . and in all of video game history only 8 games ever got and 8 or higher in my opinion. this game rocks and ive had a great time wasting my life away obsessively playing it. I highly recommend it.

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