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GoPro HD Hero Naked
GoPro HD Hero Naked
Offered by Just Guy Stuff
Price: $279.99
15 used & new from $110.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars MILSPEC to the bone, September 2, 2010
This review is from: GoPro HD Hero Naked (Camera)
I bought this camera for use with my flying student to gauge their performance during maneuvers and have a permanent record of what we accomplished during their training. What I got was a camera that would fly in all weather and conditions - and record 2.5 hours while being battery limited, not storage space limited. The Camera is very sensitive to the type of memory you use with it - right now the only cards I use with it are the Kingston SDHC 32GB class 4 cards. Read up on the Gopro website as to the memory they have tested successfully with it. Not all SDHC cards are created equal.

Kingston 32 GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card SD4/32GB

Video examples: [...].
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Falcon 4.0: Allied Force - PC
Falcon 4.0: Allied Force - PC
Offered by BLS Mart
Price: $29.99
16 used & new from $11.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars AAR's are the order of the day, July 11, 2005
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Pkg#: 802 Callsign: Rapier Type Msn: Sweep T/O:

0545 TOS/TOT: 0630 Land: 0820

Target: Ivangrad-Mostar

Objectives: OCA Sweep. Prevent strike package from engaging A2A

Name: Ordnance Load: Target:

Rapier 10 512 20mm PGU-28, 2x AIM-120B, 4x AIM-120C, 2x 300 gal DT, ALQ-131 OCA Sweep

Rapier 11 512 20mm PGU-28, 2x AIM-120B, 4x AIM-120C, 2x 300 gal DT, ALQ-131 OCA Sweep

Rapier 12 512 20mm PGU-28, 2x AIM-120B, 4x AIM-120C, 2x 300 gal DT, ALQ-131 OCA Sweep

Rapier 13 512 20mm PGU-28, 2x AIM-120B, 4x AIM-120C, 2x 300 gal DT, ALQ-131 OCA Sweep

C/S: Type Msn: #/Type A/C: TOT: Target:

Sting CAS F/A-18 Dubrovnik

Hornet OCA F/A-18 Podgorica

Snake CAS F-16 Tivat

Focus Alpha EW E-3 N/A

Threat Analysis:

MIG-21Mbis, MIG-23 & MIG-29 in a/o with A-50 support. SA-10 batteries around Sarajevo and Sjenica. SA-6 and SA-11 expected below FL200.

ROE: At will

Alternate Airfield: Amendola, Italy TACAN Ch: 054X

SAR Ch: 102A

AAR Follows:

The Rapier flight departed Amendola and linked up with the F/A-18 strike group. We reached the push point about 60 miles west of Tivat and Focus Alpha called out inbounds out of Mostar. #1 and #2 split north west and each launched a AIM-120B with 2x MIG-29s confirmed. Myself in the #3 position continued till feet dry between Dubrovnik and Tivat. The RWR would flash up with high altitude AA radars and search radars painting fairly regularly. Focus Alpha directed myself and #4 toward Ivangrad and a pair of MIG-21Mbis's showed. I fired inside of 15 miles with a 120B, #4 was late and the 120B went maddog as soon as it left the rails. But not before the MIG-21 got an R-60 off. It went wide but #4 still took shrapnel damage and bugged out west. Both MIG-21s had chutes.

Sting, Hornet and Snake called goal post at this time and reported high concentrations of ZSU-23 and SA-9 activity. 2 Hornets were damaged by AA and Snake had a near miss by an SA-7. Below me an SA-10 lit up, but much to my surprise and relief the missiles went west toward the strike package and ignored my flight completely. That didn't last long - an SA-6 went active about 15 west of Ivangrad. At 25K, the music was on and selected zone 5 west - occasionally beaming the radar to break the lock. I observed 4 missiles come through the clouds, but the launch warning continued long past those initial sightings. I continued to blow west for the coast when the RWR finally stopped yelling. Still, with my head on a swivel I was a bit paranoid. SA's don't stop tracking you unless they have to - and usually when they have a friendly in the area. It didn't take long, Focus called a bogie to my right side at 15 miles, which turned out to be a MIG-21Mbis by the radar. Turning toward I was slow at getting the F-16 radar into ACM mode. He was at 8 miles about 30 right of my nose when I saw the puff's of smoke from the 3 R-60's that left the rails. No choice now but to continue the turn and kick out the flares. The nose was almost dead on, I might've been too close for an AIM-120C shot, but pulled anyway. It went maddog the moment it left the rail and impacted just forward of the empenage. The R-60s reached their gimbal limits and couldnt cut the corner, this time - luckily for me. I reached the coast at about M1.5 having stripped most of my stores except the 2 remaining 120's and the ECM pod on the center. Focus Alpha gave a steer toward Palese Macchie but elected to goto Amendola with the rest of my flight. I never did hear a peep from the A-50 AWACS in the area - that was disconcerting.

100 Suns
100 Suns
by Michael Light
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $50.27
47 used & new from $14.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars To change the nature of what it is to be human, October 31, 2003
This review is from: 100 Suns (Hardcover)
Andrei Sakharov once wrote that a very large nuclear war would be a calamity of indescribable proportions and absolutely unpredictable consequences, with the uncertainties tending toward the worse. As a university student I have collected over the years many dozens of nuclear test photographs and with each viewing, it is possible for a person to change. This collection of photographs is nothing short of beautiful, but at the same time horrifying in its capabilities. If you read through this book, you will not come out the same person.

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