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The Encounter
The Encounter
DVD ~ Steve Sting Borden
Offered by BuckeyeState-Bulk
Price: $8.27
35 used & new from $3.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Made my eyes tear up., December 6, 2014
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This review is from: The Encounter (DVD)
One of the most enjoyable heartwarming Christian films I've seen in a long time. Low budget, not low on the message it gives you how important it is to have a relationship with the savior Jesus Christ. Fine acting, especially Bruce Marchiano who plays the role of Jesus so perfectly, you think you're actually seeing the living Jesus right on your TV. I think God gave us this guy to send out the ultimate message, you can be saved if you have Jesus in your hearts. Great for everyone of all ages. God bless everyone. Share this movie to everyone.

The Sims 4 [Online Game Code]
The Sims 4 [Online Game Code]
Price: $59.99

4.0 out of 5 stars It's fine., October 11, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My daughter loves this game. I have accepted they've cut a lot of things, but for stability and how this game runs. Runs light years better than the previous versions. Seems less buggy and a much easier user interface. Graphics are clean and there is still plenty to dude, regardless of the things removed. 60 bucks is too high though. Should be 39.99.

Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II Blood Tears, Multi, One Size
Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II Blood Tears, Multi, One Size
Price: $40.22
15 used & new from $40.22

5.0 out of 5 stars Took over 2 decades to get a good looking Michael Myers mask, September 24, 2014
Took over 2 decades to get a good looking Michael Myers mask, but Trick or Treat Studios came through 100%. The blood tears adds a totally different vibe for this mask. I think it's more morbid and scary than the original mask the studio makes. It definitely looks nearly identical to the original mask in Halloween 2 after Loomis shoots Michael. Very creepy and one of the scariest masks ever made. Get this mask now. The only nitpick I got for it, is the neck wasn't painted enough, needs more white...
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 15, 2014 5:54 PM PST

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition - PlayStation 4
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition - PlayStation 4
Offered by turntostart
Price: $40.95
92 used & new from $22.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Golden Axe for the next generation!, September 18, 2014
As I get older, I feel more distant from getting into video games, not many games suck me in like the used to when I was a young kid. But there are exceptions. Diablo 3 is one of those games here in 2014. I've spent more time with this game than I have any games probalby in the last few years or so. Yeah, it's a hack and slash game, but a very DEEP hack and slash and the best part about it? The LOOT You get and those very simple, but in depth inventory system that allows you to customize your character in countless ways! From Demon Hunters to Wizards to a Barbarian, each one is a completely different experience and you'll want to try to level them all up! Leveling up for many games a long and tedious process. But Diablo 3, trust me, you'll never get bored. Leveling up is a basic addiction for the game. Exploring every single part of a map, and finding that last weapon and magic spell to add to your arsenal seriously never gets old. You can save (I think) up to 15 local saved characters and can use them all online under your profile. Even better, your friends can play with you locally on the couch with their characters!

I played Diablo 3 on the PC, but honestly, if you want the definitive edition, gotta go with this one. The controller on the ps4 was made for this game, the controls have been streamlined to give you the perfect experience on the ps4 controller. The mouse controls? Blah. No thanks. The touch pad for your inventory system works perfectly.

Diablo 3 on the ps4 is a sight to see and in my opinion, one of the better looking games out there. It's very very good and it can handle the crazyness that happens on screen, even when you got 4 guys on screen releasing their magic spells all at once and 50 enemy hordes coming at you. No slow down, no hiccups at all, this is what the ps4 is made to do.

Diablo 3 is one of those games that can attract any type of gamer. The ability to alter difficulty levels and go at your own pace to level up can be played by anyone. While the game has a mature rating, I don't find it to be too rated M. Meaning, for realistic bloodletting, this is pretty tame. Picture playing Golden Axe with blood. Something like that. I think it probalby could have passed with a rated T rating personally.

So is Diablo 3 worth it? Do you like hack and slash games? Do you like exploring games and adventure games where you destroy the scum of the earth? Then Diablo 3 is for you! It sure is. I"ve put in 20 hours or so and my 3 characters are even near maxed out yet. And I haven't even beat half of the game yet. Blizzard started developing Diablo 3 in 2001 if that tells you anything. The amount of depth, the massive worlds and the outstanding gameplay will get you hooked and you won't want to put the controller down. I was drifting away a bit from gaming for long hours lately, until i got my hands on Diablo 3.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 23, 2014 7:00 PM PDT

Madden NFL 10 - Xbox 360
Madden NFL 10 - Xbox 360
Offered by Media-Recovery
Price: $12.99
362 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Madden 10 is still the best here in 2014., September 12, 2014
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I'm back to playing Madden 10 after playing 15. Mind you, I enjoy Madden 15. But there is something about Madden 10 I can't decipher what is so great about it. In a nutshell, all I can determine is that it's extremely fun, and when it comes down to it, it's about the fun factor. I think the AI is definitely smarter, they did serious patching back when this was out and it was the last many of the original developers from Madden made game, then they moved on after this release. I can tell they put their heart and soul into it. The gameplay is tight, the graphics are still really considering it came out years ago. I also really like the soundtrack. It's the only game along with 11 that had the classic NFL Films music by Sam Spence and I'm' amazed how much that does for the game. The game may not have the latest rosters, but if you can deal with that and just want an amazing game of football. Madden 10 in my opinion is the best Madden ever made. It has legends, lots of modes, and lots of replay value. Even better, you can get it for dirt cheap. Amen to that.

Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II Michael Myers Mask, One Size
Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II Michael Myers Mask, One Size
Price: $44.92
20 used & new from $44.51

4.0 out of 5 stars Looks like the Halloween 1-2 mask for sure but.., September 10, 2014
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Like others have mentioned, the neck is not painted. I suppose I could paint it myself, but really? Paint please. It would look cooler if the entire mask was painted like it was in the picture.

Madden NFL 15 - PlayStation 4
Madden NFL 15 - PlayStation 4
Offered by TreeSS
Price: $44.95
156 used & new from $27.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nobody can say anymore EA isn't trying., August 28, 2014
To say EA isn't trying is crazy.

Honestly, this is the first NFL game where I can honestly say it feels like an NFL game for real on Sunday. No offense to people who like rap music and some today's music, it's not all bad, but I'm glad those days of those terrible soundtracks are gone. It's not NFL Films music which Iso adored in Madden 10 and 11 , but the new music is more of an orchestrated score and I'm completely down with that and it fits the mood of NFL Sunday in most respects. The closeups after a play, the replays, the camera angles, the awesome celebrations, the crowd atmosphere is even great! And do we have lively sidelines for a change? We certainly do!

After the virtual highlight reel the game put you in of the NFC Champ game, you are offered to go into the training modes or dive into the ultimate team or other modes. The training was a nice addition and I learned a lot about the new defensive mechanics and I was instantly having a blast learning how to play again. Was also surprisingly long, they really went all out of this year for training. If you liked mini camp on Madden back in the day, you'll love the training in 15. I knew if the training is fun, the main game had to be fun too right? Well, let's see here...

The difficulty level has gotten tougher IMO. I usually start on pro but went for All Pro and the cpu was hard to stop, but not impossible... The Browns beat me on my first game (Eagles 14 to 10) but it was a fantastic an exciting game and I didn't want it to end. But what stood out? I could play freaking DEFENSE!!! Although I was learning with that new defensive camera angle. Is it me, or did they somewhat borrow from backbreaker? That threw me off back in the day, it's throwing me off now, but it grows on you and I like playing behind the defense for a change and it works well.

Again, I mentioned before, you do occasionally see some pretty outrageous animations especially near the end of a tackle with guys flopping around again like in 25, but it's definitely been addressed and toned down significantly and overall, it really feels and looks good.

Offense feels great as the defense does. The typical controls still will be right home with the Madden guys. Running game is a blast and run blocking continues to improve each year, and I feel the holes are easier to distinguish in this game. Passing is smooth and doesn't seem overpowering. I tried a few of my money plays I learned over the years and they all seemed to be contained. Computer A.I. is smart and mixes it up. I love the play calling screens. Nice and big and easy to read. I really like the ability to look through so many plays and the recommended plays always seem like a good option when you're wanting to do hurry up.

Graphics are fantastic. As good as MLB The Show and NBA2 are...I sure think so. The players face scans are fantastic, and are better than you would expect considering they are usually hiding under their helmets, but there is an amazing amount of detail especially for big name guys like Peyton Manning. Coaches are eerily like their actual counterparts. So much love was to make this look more real than it already did, and Madden 15 gets nearly everything right in the graphics department.

The commentary is the only thing that continues to disappoint. It's an improvement from last year, all be it a miniscule one. I like Nance, but i think I heard his voice over the years too many times on NCAA. The halftime show and end game summaries are very nice though, the broadcast presentation as a whole truly feels like an NFL Sunday broadcast, can probably lean on CBS a bit with the vibe I get when I play.

The game offers online tournaments, connected franchise modes, online quick matches, roster sharing (woo hoo) and LEGENDS are back! I don't know how many yet, but nice to see I can make my own players too and make my own classic teams! Look out everyone, the 86 browns will be coming for you!

Madden 15 is not Madden 25 with updated rosters, this game feels great, feels new, and feels fresh. EA put a lot into their game this year and made me a believer that EA can still make a good football game on a yearly basis if they want to. Madden 15 is proof for me. I give it a 9 out of 10.

bubba 34 oz travel mug classic navy
bubba 34 oz travel mug classic navy
Offered by Firefly Buys
Price: $13.98

3.0 out of 5 stars Don't understand all the love for it?, August 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Don't understand the massive amount of 5 star reviews. First things first, I like the mug as a whole, but for me, it does not work as advertised in one important area to me. But first the good. I love the size. This thing can hold a lot of liquid. If you're thirsty, can't get much better. The skinny bottom also allows you to put in most cup holders in most cars. That was definitely in mind when they made this bad boy. The liquid stays in the cup too, no leaking. Excellent. For cold liquids, it does what it says, it keeps it cold for hours. It says 12 hours, but I think that's pushing it. But You can get a good 6 hours of cold on a hot muggy day.

Now, the main issue I have. Hot liquids. It says on the sticker that it will keep liquids hot for 6 hours. It's not even close to 6. More like 1-2, and saying it's 2, that's probably too generous. After 2 hours, my boiling coffee goes to luke warm. I've tested leaving the lid closed for over 2 hours before taking my first drink. When I took my sip after the 2 hours, the coffee was just luke warm. For me, undrinkable. I hate cold coffee. When you open the flippy thingy to drink, it gets colder even faster. I load up with Coffee every morning, and i like to keep it hot. I pour it in at 8am. By 10, it's cold. 6 hours is false advertising. I can't use this for hot drinks. Change it to 2 hours on the cup for better accuracy bubba. For those who don't mind cold or luke warm coffee, you are not affected. Other than that, it's a great mug.

Noah (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)
Noah (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)
DVD ~ Russell Crowe
Offered by Warehouse Deals 4 Less
Price: $12.72
54 used & new from $6.67

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2.0 out of 5 stars An Atheist director gives his take on the story. Barely., August 6, 2014
First off, I have nothing against atheists and their beliefs. But... I don't really understand why Hollywood thinks that atheist directors should direct movies based on the Bible. IF you're going to do a movie based on a Christian story, regardless if you think it's true or what have you, wouldn't it make sense to base it on the Bible? Obviously everything about it didn't match up very well with the original story in the Bible. Making Noah a suicidal maniac didn't set well with me. I barely got through it. The special effects were good, nothing spectacular, but for future reference, let's get someone who believes the original story, and do this right. Exodus doesnt' seem like it will be much better, also being directed by an Atheist.

Kinect Sports: Rivals - Xbox One
Kinect Sports: Rivals - Xbox One
Offered by lclockworkl
Price: $48.50
51 used & new from $29.45

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3.0 out of 5 stars I miss the old Rare. This is what Rareware has become?, April 14, 2014
Remember Conker's Bad Fur Day? Remember Diddy Kong Racing? Remember Golden Eye 007 on the N64? Remember Banjo Kazooie? Those games are gone and now we get Kinect games from Rare. Make no mistake, I like some of the games in this, the bowling is still a blast, but it makes me very sad that Rare is only doing these kind of games. Average at best.

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