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Rockport Men's Business Lite Cap Oxford,Black,9.5 M US
Rockport Men's Business Lite Cap Oxford,Black,9.5 M US

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Has drawbacks, but my options are limited, July 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a decent shoe under the right circumstances. It is a bargain shoe, so be sure to get it at a bargain price.

-The main positive is that it has a removable insole, a capability that is a must for me since I use orthotic insoles.
-It also has a padded back that helps cup my heel, which is narrow. It doesn't do as good a job as a running shoe (I wish), but certainly it's better than no padding.

I don't buy dress shoes often, but I am dumbfounded as to why they seem so poorly engineered and less comfortable than sneakers/running shoes. Logically, if they are considered a shoe for more upscale people, shouldn't they be more comfortable?

-The negatives are almost deal-beakers for me. Specifically, the leather squeaks as the shoes bends with your foot. This isn't too bad, but it's a little embarrassing as I walk through a quiet environment.
-Also, the rim of the sole is painted, and that paint started coming off the front at the toe area within a few days. If someone were to get a look at the shoe, even just by sitting next to me, they'd see it, as the material underneath is gray, not black. It looks very cheap.
-The biggest negative is that the shoes do not "knock" the ground when you go over a smooth surface like a waxed floor, wood, tile, plastic, whatever. Instead it squeaks, much more loudly than the leather. This draws attention to you big time, and screams "cheap shoe." I mean, my sneakers are made of a soft sole too, but they don't squeak, they are silent. These SQUEAK. LOUDLY.

If it weren't for the two pros that I need fulfilled, the cons would definitely steer me away from this shoe. Hope this helps you.

Hiroshige Prints (Ando, Ichiyusai, Utagawa)
Hiroshige Prints (Ando, Ichiyusai, Utagawa)
Price: $1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Quite fine for the price, but flawed nonetheless, January 6, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
All you get is a 1.5 page intro that is very pretentious and kind of silly, and then the prints themselves, which is really all I want anyway (there are probably a little over 60). The variety of prints you get are great; I suspect they are derived mostly from his "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji" and "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo."

The pictures aren't fit to width, much less filling the whole screen - they only take up about 75%. This is sigh-inducing annoying, since I then have to double-tap to fit-to-width, then pinch zoom to fill the whole screen, if I want to properly enjoy the picture. Maybe that's just the way it is for all Kindle books no matter what the book publisher would want, I'm not sure. If so, I hope this ultimately gets addressed, because it will keep me from buying books from Amazon for which I intend to view artist's prints.

Thankfully, the pictures look nice enough at 1:1 viewing, and although the resolution isn't as good as I'd like, zooming in doesn't immediately turn into a pixelated mess either, which is nice. The title of the print is also included on each page, but sadly so is the publisher's web address... tacky. This set of prints is worth its price tag of two bucks, but I will continue searching for better.

Price: $5.00

2.0 out of 5 stars Not what I was hoping for at all, January 6, 2013
This review is from: Hiroshige (Kindle Edition)
For the Kindle edition, as viewed from their sample: All of the pictures are very low resolution, not crisp at all. They look bad even at their normal size, which is only ~75% of the screen (some are only maybe 20%); trying to zoom in to see detail is laughable.

Additionally, there is text that may be informative, but since I don't know FRENCH, it isn't.

I bought a different Kindle edition that has been better, if also flawed - "Hiroshige Prints". It says DELSC on the cover, which is bordered in black and has a seaside view. This one is also annoying in that the pictures aren't even fit to width, much less filling the whole screen, but maybe that's just the way it is in Kindle no matter what the book publisher would want. Which, if so, should be addressed, because it will keep me from buying books from Amazon for my Kindle with which I intend to view artist's prints.

The pictures for the DELSC book are also about 75%, but when you double tap to zoom in, it maintains it's integrity better - the resolution isn't as good as I'd hope, but I can zoom in to a smaller section of the picture and make out what's going on fairly well. The title of the scene is also included, as is, on every page, the publisher's web address... tacky. It's worth $2, but I will continue searching for better.

Alan Wake
Alan Wake
Offered by Store2Door
Price: $39.99
11 used & new from $16.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Why make a disc version if you have to install Steam anyway?, October 10, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Alan Wake (CD-ROM)
I waited forever to buy this game because I wanted to buy the version that had the game on a disc, but the game isn't on the disc. Immediately I find that in order to install it I have to accept Steam's user agreement, download Steam's software, then download the game and use it through them! Why in the world would the publishers even make a disc version? Kiiinda defeats the idea of buying a physical copy, you know? I guess this affords me the opportunity to re-sell it, but given the fact that prices for PC games plummet quickly anyway, this seems a moot benefit.

I rarely buy PC games, and this will probably be the last time I do. I like to feel like I actually own the product I buy, and therefore do not like using Steam because it feels like Steam owns it and I am merely borrowing it whenever I can log onto their site and am then allowed to play the game.

I know my stance is old school and is disappearing, but I just hate being the victim of a bait-and-switch. I hope this helps someone else that feels the same and wanted to buy this.
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Hearts Unafraid Never Go Hungry [Explicit]
Hearts Unafraid Never Go Hungry [Explicit]
Price: $8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic as always, March 9, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Ladybabymiss is simply wonderful. Everyone I play her music to loves her. I listen to it over and over again, and never tire of it. Her whole catalog of work (this album, her two smaller releases by herself, and her work in the duo A Particularly Vicious Rumor) is truly the best find of the past five years for me. I randomly found her on Pandora, and could not be happier... if only there were more like her. Emily Haines, Fiona Apple, Emiliana Torrini, My Brightest Diamond, and Christine Fellows are other female pianists that I love (Torrini's not a pianist, actually, I think), but Ladybabymiss has a certain simplicity to her music and lyrics that is almost impossible to find in today's music landscape (at least for me).

Standouts on this album: Answer the Call, Hungry Waltz, Close Your Eyes.

I will note I like her first album, A Particularly Vicious Rumor, and her first solo release, You Can Call Me, the best, but her second solo release A Private Affair, and this album are almost as good. If you're just finding her I recommend starting at the beginning and definitely buying all of them, working your way up to the present.

Bob's Burgers: Season 1
Bob's Burgers: Season 1
DVD ~ H. Jon Benjamin
Price: $20.69
24 used & new from $9.99

174 of 186 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful show - doesn't assault your sense of decency like so many other comedies these days, March 9, 2012
This review is from: Bob's Burgers: Season 1 (DVD)
I must admit, I strongly disliked the first episode. I turned it off twice on Hulu before finally finishing it. I just barely convinced myself to watch the second episode, and... it was inspired. Bob pretends to be stuck in the walls of his house to escape his family, and slowly goes insane (mostly because he has nowhere to poop). Consistently original and very funny. And most subsequent episodes were equally quaint and amusing.

Over time I realized there were a few fundamental reasons I liked this series more than a lot of other comedy shows around, especially Seth MacFarlane's.

#1: The family is nice to each other, despite how kooky they all are. They are supportive, and clearly accept one other implicitly. That to me is a breath of fresh air in today's comedic landscape. A year or two ago I gave up on Family Guy (after the episode where Quagmire insinuated he would have sex with his daughter once she turned 18) because I was just fatigued by the constant graphic violence and generally crappy treatment of one character to another. American Dad has sadly followed suit after staying pretty palatable for a long time - have you watched an episode of that lately? Count how often one character yells at one another, or says something really hurtful, it's like every 10 seconds. It's just tiresome and a shame, really, because the characters are original and interesting; I just don't see why they have to assault our sense of decency over and over again to make us laugh. Bob's Burger's doesn't do that, it's more like Futurama, where the jokes come from situations and goofy character choices/opinions.

#2: Bob is the straight man, unlike the crazy ones like Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. I love that the central character is down to earth, allowing us to see the family through his eyes. He's a rock that grounds the show.

#3: The show's commitment to keeping the situations real, and creating plots that allow the neighborhood around Bob's Burgers to slowly be discovered. I feel like they are laying the groundwork for a show that has more genuine interactions between characters and community - a more "slice of life" style that will enable storytelling that imbues life lessons in addition to making us laugh.

Of course overall it's just a comedy show, but in this day and age making cynical audiences laugh is a harder game to succeed at. I feel Bob's Burgers does a good job, keeping its integrity in the process - and perhaps more importantly, it allows me to keep mine.
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Helps with calf and ankle pain, September 21, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've had a few knee surgeries and as a result have atrophied calves from being off my feet. Either because of this or for some other reason I haven't figured out, as I've gotten older my ankles will just start crying out in pain when they get cold. The aching can almost always be prevented by remembering to wear these leg warmers, and for that I am very very thankful. Stretching and strengthening exercises help to promote circulation which helps reduce the pain, but just wearing these alone makes the biggest difference.

I've bought one or two other brands of leg warmers, but they were very poor quality compared to these, both in terms of compression, warmth, and comfort. One of them, which I bought very cheap here on Amazon, was scratchy and, more importantly, had elastic bands at the top and bottom to keep them from moving/dropping - but as a result the band would dig into my leg and cause irritation, either of a nerve or tendon, not sure, but it was painful and caused me to stop wearing them. These KD Dance ones, however, are ribbed with the perfect compression for me - they are stretchy and don't feel too tight, but do a good job of not falling down the first few times you wear them after coming out of the dryer. Highly recommended!

As a side note, if you wear these because of leg pain in the front of your leg like me, a good way to stretch those tendons is by sitting Japanese style for 30-60 seconds, repeated twice. Doing so has really helped me to keep the tendons limber, which helps prevent them from aching.

Borax Laundry Booster, 76 oz Box
Borax Laundry Booster, 76 oz Box
Offered by Bay 15
Price: $12.89
18 used & new from $6.74

67 of 74 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute gift from God if you have severely moldy clothes, August 11, 2011

I've been meaning to update this review, so that people don't feel like I tricked them. As my review below states, Borax worked when many other methods did not. But just as a full disclaimer, I must admit that the moldy smell did eventually come back to my clothes. When the Borax and detergent alone became insufficient, I added Oxyclean, and that helped for a while too. Ultimately, though, the smell just keeps coming back for me.

I think my situation is unique in that my entire wardrobe was contaminated for almost a year in the place I lived in, so if there is even a trace of mold left on a few items, they infect the rest all over again. Seriously, FIVE years later and I'm still dealing with it every day. Short of throwing out every article of cloth I own, I don't know what to do. The most sincere advice I can give is this: if you have something musty/moldy that you try to clean a few times and the smell persists, admit defeat, treat it like it's radioactive, and THROW IT AWAY IMMEDIATELY.

Original review:

100% recommended! Honestly, this stuff worked when NOTHING else did. If you have moldy smelling clothes, use this.

I lived in the foggy side of SF for a year and unfortunately had to store my clothes in a wooden closet that smelled musty. As a result my clothes became absolutely saturated with mold, and for the past three years I have been trying to get it out. Honestly, it started out slow and I tried to remove the shirts I smelled that were infected, but eventually it spread to my entire wardrobe.

I tried vinegar, of course, which everyone always suggests. It didn't work a lick, and it's ineffectiveness is part of the reason the mold kept spreading. My advice: Don't waste your time on vinegar if it doesn't fully work the first time. I also tried bleach on my whites - didn't work - or I should say, seemed to work fairly well in that my clothes smelled like bleach instead of mold, but the mold smell came right back after one use and regular wash. I even tried intense heat at the behest of my mother - did. not. work. And it shrunk my clothes.

Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places for help, but these three suggestions were all I could find. Literally the night before I was about to throw 30+ shirts and half a dozen pants in the trash, having finally admitted defeat, I came upon a website that had a user forum, and someone suggested this. BAM! Worked like a charm, and I was literally smiling from ear to ear - it was like winning the Super Bowl, given how many times I'd fought the mold and lost.

Other stuff like Oxyclean and SmellyClothes (or something) were suggested as well, but I never tried them since this works - and it's uber cheap to boot. Awesome.

I've been using it for the past few months each time I wash my clothes, just to play it safe - and because it brightens clothes too, which is nice. No mold smell has been detected, and I've grown unbelievably sensitive to the smell, so it is definitely gone.
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Enslaved: Odyssey To The West - Playstation 3
Enslaved: Odyssey To The West - Playstation 3
Offered by DealTavern
Price: $17.22
117 used & new from $4.50

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Characters I'll remember for years (up there with Xenogears and FFVII), April 7, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It makes me so sad when I see the low price, and hear that this game hasn't sold as many units as expected. I just don't get it, because "Enslaved" honestly has so much going for it: incredible graphics depicting an original and entrancing world; great gameplay containing simple, satisfying fights and varied, fast-paced platforming; a great setting and story filled with danger, thrills, pain, and friendship; but most importantly, affecting characters that you'll remember for years.

I finished the game a week ago and I just can't stop thinking about Trip and Monkey, especially Trip. As the female counterpart to your character Monkey, you develop an incredible bond with her, since you are her protector. She is of course designed to be beautiful and embody the "damsel in distress," but the developers also imbued her with intelligence, compassion, and a longing for companionship, all of which eventually penetrates Monkey's shell. Just as important, though, you bond with her because of the amazing, authentic performance of Lindsey Shaw, the actress who plays her, as she makes it all so real. The voice-acting and motion-capture animation (which captured the actors' facial expressions perfectly), combined with a fantastic script, create so many moments between Monkey and Trip, both tense and quiet, that I just can't stop thinking about them.

This ranks up there with Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII as having the most memorable characters I've ever come across. The developer of the game, Ninja Theory, deserves all the praise it has been getting. I really hope there is a sequel, but either way I will definitely be on the look-out for any other game Ninja Theory comes out with (they were hired by Capcom to do a re-boot of the "Devil May Cry" series).

Addendum: To quickly touch upon the other aspects of the game, I'll simply say that everything fits together well.
--Fighting: Boss battles, in particular, are impressive for being inventive, tense and fun, but most importantly plausible - the developers deserve a lot of kudos for accomplishing this without making them huge, overblown spectacles.
--Pacing: The world they have created is also 100% believable, even without much of anything in the way of explanation - the characters are dumped in this post-apocalyptic world, and you are simply pulled forward by the great pacing of the game, with equal measures of fighting, platforming, and character development.
--Character development: While a lot of the character development is done through cut scenes, plenty of it is also interwoven brilliantly into the fighting and platforming, usually with you saving Trip, or Trip saving you.

Cables Unlimited ADP-3780 DVI-D Male to HDMI Female Adapter
Cables Unlimited ADP-3780 DVI-D Male to HDMI Female Adapter
Offered by BuyInBulk
Price: $3.53
13 used & new from $1.93

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Too big, March 31, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Too big - when you plug in the HDMI cable to this adapter, it won't fit in the space allotted behind my 20" monitor. I guess this isn't the adapter's fault, but I'd still recommend to anyone who might be using this as a workaround for monitors lacking an HDMI out, make sure you have a LOT of room "behind" the port, otherwise it's a no-go.

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