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Love At First Bite / Once Bitten [Blu-ray]
Love At First Bite / Once Bitten [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Jim Carrey
Price: $17.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars YES, IT WILL HAVE, I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE :), November 9, 2014
I emailed Shout Factory and they confirmed that, I LOVE THE NIGHT LIFE, will be put back into the dance sequence of, LOVE AT FIRST BITE (woo hoo).

Phantom Of The Paradise (Collector's Edition) [Bluray/DVD Combo] [Blu-ray]
Phantom Of The Paradise (Collector's Edition) [Bluray/DVD Combo] [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Paul Williams
Price: $18.99
18 used & new from $17.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars 5 STARS FOR THE MOVIE, 2 STARS FOR THE NEW COVER ART, July 6, 2014
Seriously, how is it that the artist can get every face pretty spot on, but the face that helped create the Phantom, Phoenix (Jessica Harper) couldn't look anymore generic if it tried?

It's like the cover art was created before Phoenix's part was cast, and the artist was forced to just make up a rather nondescript face to get the posters out.

I mean usually these newly commissioned cover arts either look nothing like the actual actors or look pretty close, but this is the first one that's a mixture of both (sadly for Jessica Harper fans :(
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Frozen [Blu-ray]
Frozen [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Kristen Bell
Price: $24.99
67 used & new from $11.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars 5 + Stars For Movie (But 4 Stars For Really Lame Extras), March 19, 2014
This review is from: Frozen [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
Remember how the studios told us (when Blu-rays first came out) that the great thing about Blu-rays was the amount of space that a Blu-rays disc had, and because of this, that they could include oodles of extras that, due to the limited space of a DVD, they couldn't before?

Remember how we all fell for that (well, I actually didn't fall for it as much as hoped that it would be true, but deep down, I knew that the studios wouldn't follow through with it).

So here we are, years later, and what do we have to show for it, a greatly animated film (quite deserving of in-depth analysis) with the crappiest set of extras to ever (dis)grace a Blu-ray.

We are given a 3 minute, "Musical" number (and I use the word, "Musical", very lightly) that's suppose to tell us how the film was made, but instead comes off as an insanely bad, Oscar production type thing (with lots of fluffy, shiny crappieness, but with no real content or actual value to the viewer).

Then there's a 7 minute thing that briefly traces the history of, Hans Christian Anderson, his story, The Snow Queen, and Disney's slight attempt back in the day to do something small with it (not make it a feature film but to use it as part of a live action/animated feature about Andersen's life) with nothing behind-the-scenes of Frozen included.

Then there's 4 deleted scenes told through temp tracks and storyboards (which are probably the only real effort put into this disc).

Then there's a few video's for the amazing song, Let It Go, as done in different countries/languages.

And the trailer.

That's it.

Wow, all that space and not even a comentary or comprehensive documentary on the production of this film (that apparently went through all kinds of production kaos before finally becoming the film that it is today, and the only way I found this out was by looking up reviews on the disc, but not from the disc itself).

It's a travesty for a film of this ilk to be so indifferently put together on the Blu-ray format, and it's another reason that more people are opting for bootleg versions of these films, because if the studio doesn't see fit to care enough about a film to put some reasonable content on the disc, then why would anyone want to pay the higher store price for something that they can easily pick up for a few bucks at pretty much any flea-market?

It's the studios complacency and cheapness that is driving people to seek out cheaper means of obtaining the newest films, because if the studio doesn't care about the public, then why should the public care about them?
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Jeepers Creepers / Jeepers Creepers 2 (Double Feature) [Blu-ray]
Jeepers Creepers / Jeepers Creepers 2 (Double Feature) [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2
Price: $13.39
30 used & new from $7.33

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2.0 out of 5 stars Jeepers Creepers 2 Has No Extras... NONE!!!, September 13, 2013
First off, I read some reviews that said that both movies were on one disc, well this isn't true, you get two discs.

Secondly, Jeepers Creepers 2 has none of the extras ported over from it's DVD counterpart (NONE!!!).

What a flippin' rip!!!

So be warned.

Dredd [3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UltraViolet]
Dredd [3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UltraViolet]
DVD ~ Lena Headey
Price: $7.88
85 used & new from $3.69

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2.0 out of 5 stars HAVEN'T WE SEEN THIS BEFORE...???, January 9, 2013
What do you get if you combined the movies, Raid: Redemption, Punisher: War Zone, The Dark Knight with Raul Julia from, Street Fighter, you get, DREDD!?!

Okay, so I've never read the Dredd comics (2000AD) but I have seen lots of the artwork from said comics and know that Dredd is suppose to be a big, brutish, lug of a guy, encased in a suit that he barely fits into (one of the things they got right with Stallone in the original version) but what we get in this incarnation is Karl Urban (of Xena, Doom, Pathfinder) who, although a pretty fit guy, looks like a sickly person wearing an outfit that was meant to be worn by a guy twice his size (thus the Raul Julia refference, as he WAS sick when he was making the movie, Street Fighter, and he looked it, with his overtly large costume threatening to consume him at every turn) not to mention the ill fitting of his iconic helmet and the fact that unlike Peter Weller in Robocop, his mouth and chin just don't stand out as good from under the helmet, making him look too small for the thing (once again, Stallone looked pretty good in the helmet).

As for the story, if you've seen, Raid: Redemption, or the last half of, The Punisher: War Zone, then you've basically seen this film; good guys go into a large story, tenement building to get to the bad guy(s) at the top, and have to fight their way through throngs of heavily armed henchmen sent by said bad guy(s) to kill them, and all manner of kayos ensues (heck, the baddies from both War Zone and Dredd have bad facial scars that help to define who they are and why they're doing some of the bad stuff that they're doing).

As for the, Dark Knight reference, it's in regards to the fact that the futuristic cities in both, look more like the downtown of most major metropolitan city, just with a few taller CGI created buildings seen in the distance (another thing the Stallone movie got right, as the comics show Mega City 1, as this multi-teared, Vegas like basterdization, with massive buildings, atop massive buildings, atop massive buildings all decked out in glass, neon and grime).

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad movie per say, it's just that it's not the definitive Judge Dredd movie that the critics were touting it as being, feeling more like a very small scale indie film that was given a bigger budget after the fact, meaning that the script is pretty basic, the effects are added in, after the fact embellishments (that look cool for the most part, but aren't necessary to the story, what little story we get).

Karl Urban is a good actor, but was (in my opinion) miscast in this role (Jason Statham might have been a better choice or even, The Rock could have given the character the iconic profile that is Dredd) and the film plays more like you're watching a HD video game with a basic story plot to move along the action and carnage, but little in the way of character depth or real character development to be found.
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Max Fleischers Superman: Collector's Edition [Blu-ray]
Max Fleischers Superman: Collector's Edition [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ N/a
Offered by Magic SuperCenter
Price: $20.75
19 used & new from $15.97

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1.0 out of 5 stars BLU-RAY BOTCH JOB WITH SOUND SYNC ISSUES, October 31, 2012
Here's the rub, the colours are insanely vibrant and the picture flex and specks are almost non-existent, which when putting on the Warner DVD's is quite evident (and yes, bits and pieces of detail is kind of "Smoothed Over" but where the detail counts, it's there, and the vibrant colours are stunning, not looking over saturated or having any over bleed effects, with skin tones looking normal; I actually found the Blu-ray colours to fit the cartoons more than the Warner DVD's pallet).

But here's the big, "BIG", problem with this set, the sound sync is off (only milliseconds for the first episode, but the next episode, The Mechanical Monsters, part way in when Lois and Clark are talking, the sound is so far off that it sounds like Lois is talking like Clark, as her lips are moving to Clark's spoken line).

I watched 3 episodes from the first disc (on 2 different Blu-ray players to make sure that it wasn't just a player issue) and the second and third episodes (especially the second) started okay with the episode intro and a tad into the episode, but then the sync just goes WAY off (and not just slightly off, but WAY off, people seeming to say other people's lines in the other people's voices, sound effects happening WAY after the sound was made, etc.) and that was only after 3 of the 17 episodes.

It sucks Kryptonite, because if it wasn't for the sound sync issues, I'd actually prefer it to the Warner DVD's (even with the detail issues and the watermark in the lower right of the screen) because of the Blu-ray's vibrant colours, removal of the consistent print debris that plague every frame of the Warner DVD's and attempted sound enhancement which make the Warner DVD's sound flat by comparison.

Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection [Blu-ray]
Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Boris Karloff
Price: $79.70
37 used & new from $59.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE U.K. COFFIN EDITION, A REVIEW, October 7, 2012
Just got in the U.K. coffin edition of this set (which cost $64.88 Canadian in total and arrived in less than a week, was sent on Tuesday and received it on Friday).

So the good news is that the discs are housed in a gatefold packaging and on plastic trays, the downside though is that they are double trays which means that one disc is set on top of another (not touching though) which is a tad annoying but at least the discs aren't slid into cardboard sleeves to be scratched upon removal, and the plastic holding, center hubs release the discs easily (not having to bend the discs in half to free them) and lock back on with ease as well.

The gatefold is itself slid into a cardboard case that has room for the included booklet and the poster cards and then this slides into the coffin, but here too is a slight problem, as the disc case is just a sliver too big for the coffin which creates a tighter fit that makes you worry that either the disc case will mark up or the coffin will eventually split at a seem (it's not a HUGE issue, but it is a tad irksome).

And now for the question that all awaiting this set wants to know, how is the new Dracula restoration?

Well, the picture quality has been improved and Renfield's first meeting with Dracula on the cobwebbed staircase now doesn't look like there's a snow storm taking place (due to all of the white specks and scratches usually visible during this scene in all of this movies other incarnations).

But there are still image issues, such as the close-up of the old ladies hand holding the cross at the beginning of the movie, which is a blurry, out of focus mess (and not done for esthetic purposes nor due to the camera's inability to take sharper close-ups, as the close-up a little later on showing Renfield's cut finger and then the cross falling into view, are so crisp and clear that you can actually see that Renfield's thumb nail has an oddly shaped cut to it) and for all of the talk in the restoration featurette about the removal of the background hiss, it's still there it's just that now, instead of the sound of a waterfall or heavy shower ever present in the background, you hear a lighter, spring shower, but it's still there and still an annoyance (which I don't understand, as the very first foray onto DVD of Dracula, the one with the original 1930's poster artwork on the cover, there's no discernible background hiss at all, but then it's next two incarnations on DVD had insane amounts of it, so why couldn't they have just used the soundtrack from the first DVD on this set?).

Also, there's still an exorbitant amount of image flux, where you can see grain or a lightish gray film, cascade across the image, most noticeable in the scene where Renfield is in his room with Dracula at the beginning of the movie, and really prevalent during the London fog scenes (and no, it's not visible because it's suppose to be fog, it's visible over the fog, like a slight rippling pulse effect, kind of like the camera was filming through sheet rain that wasn't lit to be seen, but a ghost of it is still visible on the image, if that makes any sense).

As for the other films in the set, I haven't gotten to them as yet, but seeing as no restoration was done to these, I'm assuming that the picture quality will be pretty much what you got with the original DVD's of these films as well, as i can't see them being any worse.

Oh, and one more thing, the menu is really annoying, as instead of the usual "Play", "Chapters", "Extras" options we're treated to cryptic symbols, and not cool, monster movie themed symbols either, no, we get these stupid white indiscernible symbols which you really can't judge just by looking, what they do, so you have to play around with them for a bit to figure them out (hint, DO NOT click on the house symbol unless you want to go through the WHOLE disc start up screens again, you know, the stupid screens that you can't skip through but have to sit through to get to the main menu again; I speak from frustrated experience on this one).

Well, I hope this helps some.

P.S. oh, and even though the Dracula restoration quality leaves a little to be desired, it's still worth the upgrade for the overall improved picture quality, but like I mentioned, it could have been better.
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Battle Royale: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
Battle Royale: The Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Beat Takeshi
Offered by westcoastmedia
Price: $23.53
45 used & new from $13.24

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Pros and Cons of the Anchor Bay Release (From Someone Who Owns it As Well As The Arrow Blu-ray Special Edition), March 17, 2012
PRO: This edition has an English language dub on the Director's Cut of the film only (it's a pretty typically bad English dub done using voice actors that don't do the film justice, but it's there for the people that want to see the film but don't want to read the subtitles).

CON: Several; the BIGGEST and STUPIDEST is the fact that Anchor Bay forgot to add a, "Signs Only" English subtitle option, as this film has a lot of onscreen text (i.e. the opening scrawl and an ongoing update of who's died in the game as it progresses, etc.) so what you have to do is keep the English subtitles on while you listen to the English track, but the problem with this (and the one thing that Anchor Bay got right, though without the "Signs Only" subtitle option, this can be a tad annoying) is that the English dub track and the English subtitles differ which can be a tad disconcerting when watching them together (like you have to if you're watching with the English language dub and also want to get the subtitles for the Japanese text that appears throughout the film).

PRO: The picture quality is the best I've seen this movie look, even better than the European Arrow special edition Blu-ray (which is kind of odd, as the subtitles seem to be a direct port from the Arrow edition in content and timing, but the Anchor Bay picture quality is better, nowhere is this more prevalent then in the cave sequence near the beginning of the film; in the Arrow version there's a milky haze to the darkness as the two lead characters make their way into it, where as in the Anchor Bay version, the milky haze is gone).

CON: This edition claims to be the "Complete Edition" but is missing the superior director's cut of the second film called, Battle Royale 2: Revenge (I'm not counting the resent 3D version of the first film because it doesn't add any new content, where as the second film has 20 minutes added to it's running time in the Director's cut).

CON: This set comes housed in one of those "Book" type packages, where the discs are slid into the ends of hard cardboard pages, and upon trying to extract the discs from their housing, fingerprints where unavoidable as were scratches on the fourth disc (which is a DVD which doesn't have the extra durability coating that the Blu-ray's have) so once the discs are out, you may want to do as I did and put them in CD cases. The dumb thing is that the set's packaging resembles a book, but for what reason I don't know as there is no book used in the film to tie this in with (a cookie tin wrapped in cellophane would have made more sense if you know the film, or even a backpack).

CON: "THE GLITCH". Yes, every gosh darn version of the first film (be it Theatrical or Director's cut) has this stupid "GLITCH" near the beginning of the movie (during the first class pandemonium scene where everyone is running around the classroom, there's this pause like "GLITCH", you'll know it when you see it) which I had hoped would be fixed in this version (as it really is nothing more than a "GLITCH" and shouldn't be in the film). I have several different Asian versions of this film on DVD and every single one has this stupid "GLITCH" left in (kind of resembles a really bad DVD layer change).

So there you have it, hope this helps (oh, and the 4 star rating out of 5 is because of the screw up with the subtitles where the English language dub track is concerned, as well as the bad dub itself which could have been done a lot better).
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Apollo 18 (Blu-ray)
Apollo 18 (Blu-ray)
DVD ~ Gonzalo López-Gallego
Price: $4.75
102 used & new from $0.55

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Movie With One Fatale Flaw, January 24, 2012
This review is from: Apollo 18 (Blu-ray) (Blu-ray)
The film was actually better than I feared it was going to be (after reading all of the negative reviews and such) but I found it pretty authentic in it's portrayal of a moon mission gone wrong (granted, I've never done any serious studying of any actual moon mission films, so enthusiasts of moon mission imagery will probably be able to pick this thing apart till the cows come home, but for the average viewer, I found it pretty real, I mean, at least the space suits didn't look like someone's mom had sewn them together with some bed sheets, which is always a plus in my book).

But that being said, this is not a film for people looking for a non-stop action rush, this is a slower burn type of film, in the same vain as the recent, Paranormal Activity movies, but in space.

So if you like stuff to do with the moon landings and have a thing for revisionist history/conspiracy theories, then this film is your cup of tea (or, Tang, as it were, and if you didn't get that reference, then you're not as big a moon mission aficionado as you may have thought you were before you started to read this review '

***SPOILER ALERT*** (go and watch the film, then come back and read this as I think you'll find it quite interestingly compelling)

Okay, so here's my BIG overall problem with this film (and correct me if I'm wrong here) but what we're watching is supposedly, "Found Footage" taken during this ill fated mission, film footage, not video sent back to mission control on earth, cameras with actual film cartridges in them that have to be developed before they can be run through a projector to be watched (keeping in mind that this was way before digital camera technology came into existence).

So here's my problem; how, if the film from the moon cameras (you know, the ones showing Ben meandering about the moon's surface trying to avoid his demented colleague and the rock spider/crab creatures, in his mad attempt to reach the Russian space ship and escape the lunar horror of it all) is still actually in the cameras (as we never see Ben getting the film from them, during his frantic flight for survival) and then what film Ben did manage to bring with him in the Russian space craft was blown up when the Russian craft and the moon obiter crashed, then how are we watching any of this footage???

Let's see, we have some footage stranded on the moon, and the rest has been atomized in the collision between the two ships in lunar orbit, and even if, let's say for the sake of argument, that another mission went back to the moon, better prepared to fight off the, "Moon Mites", then all that they would have is the stuff taken on the moon's surface and nothing taken from inside the space ships because that has been lost in the collision of the two ships in orbit.

So there you have the BIGGEST deterrent to the possible believability of this movie, the one thing that they shot themselves in the foot with, the lack of any explanation as to how any surviving footage could have, well, made it's way back to earth to be, "Leaked" to the internet in the first place (had they been using video cameras everywhere that sent video images and sound, back to mission control then sure, this would have been plausible, but the fact that at one point Ben is gathering up film cartages to be taken back to earth (before everything went, "Loopy") and we never see him bring said film cartridges to the Russian ship at the end (and like I mentioned, even if he had, the ship collides with the lunar orbiter in orbit around the moon) so anyway you slice it, the film could never have made it back to Earth.

Also, really, rock creatures, hasn't that been done to death, but I guess that is the only way they could try and add a, "Chill" factor to the films end by indicating that lots of moon rocks have made their way to earth during the previous 17 Apollo missions and could in fact be rock creatures as well (but the stupid flaw in this theory is that it is indicated that the rocks that are these creatures, are from a recent impact site, which would indicate that the rock creatures were not indigenous to the moon but travelled there on this meteor or asteroid piece of space junk, which would also mean that they weren't present during the other 17 Apollo missions if this impact site was recent).

Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Collection (Parts I - VIII + Jason Mask)
Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Collection (Parts I - VIII + Jason Mask)
DVD ~ Betsy Palmer

26 of 31 people found the following review helpful
I got an advanced copy (official copy, not a bootleg or screener copy, from a place that sells DVD a few days before they're actually scheduled for sale) and I'm here to warn all, that the packaging for the discs is ridiculously inane, consisting of a book with thick cardboard, slide in pages, that are tight, which left 6 out of the 8 discs, looking like someone had taken a fork to the playing surfaces.

So I took the set back to the store and we opened another set to see if I could swap out the damaged discs, and this set also contained damaged discs (I was able to trade out some of the worst discs for slightly less worse ones, but still ended up in the end, with a set that looked like it had been bought used, as most of the discs still have some degree of playing surface scratches).

It boggles the mind that in this day and age, a company would still package discs in tight, cardboard sleeves, but, there you have it, a relatively nicely priced set, ruined by really crappy packaging.

***NOTE: There's apparently some Youtube video that shows you how to take the discs out of the packaging without scratching them, but the scratches aren't being caused by removing the discs from the packaging but from the discs being slide into the tight cardboard pockets in the factory, to begin with, as I was insanely careful pulling out the 8 discs in first my first set (of which 6 of the 8 discs were severely scratched) and then again with the second set I opened to try and swop out the damaged discs from my first set, and most of those discs had some degree of scratches on them as well.
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