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The Backyardigans - Surf's Up!
The Backyardigans - Surf's Up!
DVD ~ Jonah Bobo
Price: $6.46
68 used & new from $0.25

27 of 28 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Easily the best of the lot., July 10, 2006
I'd say that out of the Backyardigans DVDs that are out now, this one trumps them all.

If you're clueless, the Backyardigans is a show about 5 preschool kids (Tyrone, a moose; Tasha, a hippo; Pablo, a penguin; Austin, a kangaroo; and Uniqua, pink.....person) using their imaginations in their backyard to go to other places (the places represented are the Wild West, a beach, a jungle/desert setting, and a large tower). What makes this show rise above most other kids' shows are its addictive music and its comical moments, as well as its choreographed dance numbers, which compliment the music nicely. It's definately safe viewing for the kiddies.

So the four episodes represented here are:

Surf's Up - Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua search for a beach with awesome waves. But will Lifeguard Austin lead them to it? Music - Afro-Cuban/Surfing style

Riding the Range - Cowboy Tyrone is heading to a Wild West party, while Cowpokes Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha are looking for a theiving bandit. Will their trails cross? Music - Hip-Hop

Race to the Tower of Power - The key to the world is hidden in the Tower of Power, and superheroes Captain Hammer (Austin) and Weather Woman (Uniqua) must prevent supervillians Yucky Man (Pablo) and Dr. Shrinky (Tyrone....complete with long rubber gloves!) from obtaining the key and ruling the world. Music - Latin

Quest for the Flying Rock - It's another race, as the legend of Stone Step Hill states that a flying rock awaits those who undertake a perilous quest. Pablo and Tyrone take the desert path in an attempt to beat Tasha and Uniqua, who are going through the jungle. Music - Disco

All in all, the episodes are great viewing for the kids, and there's enough comical undertones to keep the adults entertained (if you grew up during the disco years, I dare you to watch "Quest for the Flying Rock" and not laugh at the dance moves they use).

There's also bonus content of Tasha and Tyrone dancing (to the tunes of "Shake Your Body" and "Dance By the Light of the Moon", respectively) and previews for some of Nick Jr.'s other shows (like Dora and Diego).

Two complaints that I have (and they don't have to do with the shows themselves) - one, the DVDs don't come with any subtitles on them. I can get around them by using the closed-captioning function on my TV, but still. It's a very minor complaint. And two, sometimes the DVDs are made very poorly, not allowing you to view other features. It's not present on this DVD, but it is on my "Cave Party" DVD, and viewing complaints from other customers, it's imperative that Paramount get on the ball and fix this.

Regardless, if you have little ones, you will not be disappointed, and you'll get quite a bit of wear out of this DVD. My son and I have.
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The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans
Price: $6.99
48 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Good CD, but it can get grating......unless you're a kid., July 5, 2006
This review is from: The Backyardigans (Audio CD)
When I looked for this CD (for my son, of course), I wondered if the songs from the hit show would be included, and which ones.

I was somewhat impressed by the listing, and actually found myself playing the CD even without the little one tagging along.

In case you're clueless or don't have a child, The Backyardigans is a show about 5 preschool friends and their adventures in a backyard. The show itself is actually put together well, as there's a ton of music and dancing. What puts the show above the others (in my opinion, anyway) is the sheer diversity of the musical numbers, from reggae to rock, to hip-hop to country, to show tunes to jazz, and even dixieland, among other genres. This CD represents some of the songs from the show.

To be honest, you would have to watch the show itself (because of all the different dance numbers and the like) to get the full effect. But as an abstract of the show, the CD does its job well. There are 19 songs from various episodes, and many genres are represented here - Latin, disco (side note - if you can, watch the episode "Quest For the Flying Rock"......feels like "Saturday Night Fever" with all the retro disco dances"), big band, jazz, and others. While some of the songs are only 2-3 minutes long (if that....some songs barely range a minute), the CD moves quickly and there's just enough of the song to keep it in your head (and drive you insane, but your mileage may vary).

Since I'm a musician, I really got into the sheer diversity of the genres, and the music itself is put together well. And some of the songs are the "full" version, as in the version you don't hear on the show. I even like the last song being a lullaby, which I put on repeat sometimes if I need my son to go to sleep on a long car ride. My only complaint is that at about 45 minutes, they could afford to put some more songs on the CD, but the rest of the space is taken up by the "Go Go Go" video from "Race Around The World" (which has no songs representing it on the CD).

Still, the young'uns who watch the show will get a kick out of it, and the CD is really designed with them in mind. So if you have kids, I would probably snap this up immediately. If the kids don't watch the show, I would at least give this a try - the many genres here will get kids exposed to other types of music. If you're a fan of music, I would probably check it out (at least privately if you're afraid your friends will laugh at you).

NBA Street Volume 2 - PlayStation 2
NBA Street Volume 2 - PlayStation 2
59 used & new from $5.50

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Takin' it to the Street..., May 2, 2003
If you've played the first NBA Street and are looking for a reason to get the second one, or if you're interested in what the game is about, I'll give you five reasons to get it(at least):
1) Wilt Chamberlin, Clyde Drexler, Dr. J., Magic, Bird, 'Nique, and a bunch of other old school ballers
2) 2nd level Gamebreakers, which switch to a cutscene showing the entire team getting in on the action
3) Special moves which allow kick passes and bounces off the guy's head
4) Be-A-Legend mode, which brings your created character from the bowels of scrubdom
5)Music and beats and announcing that's better than the first
There are a LOT more reasons to get this game, but these are some of the best ones. Suffice to say, if you enjoy NBA basketball, the And 1 commercials, and/or the first NBA Street, there should be no reason why you don't click and order this. It's probably the best playing bball game out there, and the entertainment/replay value is incredible.

Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo Man
Offered by SteazeTrading
Price: $79.95
15 used & new from $29.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Get this game. No, seriously, GET THIS GAME!, January 17, 2003
This review is from: Gitaroo Man (Video Game)
Ah, this game, at first, had me scratching my head. Eh? A guitar to fight enemies? Goofy looking characters? At first, I was like, "It's stuff like this that makes me wonder what our friends overseas were thinking of", and scoffed at it. I finally decided to give it a try. I was wondering because many believe that this game is underrated.
I only have four words: GET. THIS. GAME. NOW!!!
This game is HIGHLY underrated. If you're any fan of Parappa (you liked it, or hated it, but you at least played it), you will love this game. At first, the controls threw for a loop. but after a bit of practice, they became second nature. They are different, and very easy to learn, but you'll sit there for hours playing through just to get better control. It's not a bad thing; this game is just fun.
The story is about a young man named U-1 with little self confidence, wanting to win the hand of his girl from a rich snob by proving himself to her. His talking dog (?) Puma then lets him know he's a desendant of a legendary race of guitar playing heroes (??) who fight evil with an instrument called a gitaroo (???). Hilarity insues, as Puma tries to train U-1 (you) for battle and then you're attacked first by Satan in huggies (?!?), while your uniform has WINGS ON HIS HELMET!
Don't take this as a diss on the game. It threw me for a loop, had me cracking up, and then the game started and I was immediately hooked: The game's characters are colorful, without a doubt. A bee suit wearing Huggy Bear trumpet player, flying keyboard UFOs, and a guy who kinda looks like Buzz Lightyear on steroids. The sounds are some of the best songs I've heard EVER in any video game, as you'll be humming right along with them. The game looks good too, as it gives you a different type of anime flair that has its own distinct flavor.
Difficulty? I was able to blow through the game after a bit, until I decided (since I'm a musician anyway) to check out Master's Play. Yeow, now THERE'S your challenge and replay value RIGHT THERE. Master's Play beat me down like a little girl, and asked me if I liked the beating.
All in all, if you like music or music games, you will love this game. The gameplay is good, the characters are a hoot, the challenge will have you shaking your head (and pumping your fist after the last note of the board), and you can even play the versus mode against the computer, which adds more replay value. Plus, when playing the game, based on certain situations, your gitaroo line may differ, and the song may differ a bit, so it's fun to play through to hear the different variations of the songs you're playing. But why are you still reading this review? GET THIS GAME NOW!!!!!

Legends of Wrestling 2
Legends of Wrestling 2
Offered by You Name the Game
Price: $74.99
41 used & new from $1.98

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars For old school wrestling fanatics only., January 2, 2003
I've been a wrestling fan since the mid 80's. So my interest was piqued when this game came out. I like the new generation of wrestling stars, but things have changed. Wrestling has changed from decade to decade, generation to generation. But anyway, this game is for old school fanatics only.
This game has some of the best legends of wrestling (hence the title). Andre, the Von Erichs, the Funks, JYD, King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd, Million $ Man, they're all in there. If you can recognize all those names, this game is for you. If not, you probably won't get into this as much as Smackdown!, even if this game boasts some pretty good original ideas for matches.
The graphics are pretty nice, in a cartoonish super muscular sort of way. Who was passing out the steroids? Oh, wait...anyway, the sound is ok as well. The control scheme? I liked it because it's different from Smackdown! It's based on a hold/reversal system, and you can combo moves into other moves for devastating results. Or you can counter moves, which makes it good for some strategy and less button mashing. Timing is very important in this system.
I like the cage and ladder matches, as they are new ideas. The ladder match, whatever belt you're fighting for gets lowered down after a little while, which makes things more interesting than the "beat your opponent in 30 seconds" strategy. The one thing I don't like is the difficulty to place the ladder where you want it to be. Maybe I just need more practice. The cage is escape rules; but the cage itself has a meter that you beat down and then you escape.
Over 65 wrestlers are represented in this game, and you can create your own. Myself, I was a bit disappointed that Randy Savage, Sting, and Dusty Rhodes weren't represented in this game (or at least weren't immediately playable). They all seem to have more modern moves, and I never thought I'd see Robert Gibson do the Stone Cold Stunner, complete with finger pointing. It's weird seeing some characters do a Rock Bottom, but considering a simple piledriver was the finisher to end all finishers back in the day, there needed to be an, ahem, update on all wrestlers' moves and such. Regardless, finishers are much easier to pull off, as a simple flick of the analog stick makes it happen.
All in all, this is one of those games where you either like it or don't like it. I didn't play the original Legends of Wrestling, but I do like this sequel. If you're more of a fan of the modern era, then Smackdown! is the way to do. If you have appreciation for what wrestling was before the Austin years, at least rent this game. For me, it was a pleasant surprise.

NCAA Football 2003
NCAA Football 2003
Offered by lakeplacegames
Price: $7.01
257 used & new from $0.01

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars You're not going to find a better FOOTBALL game this year., August 26, 2002
This review is from: NCAA Football 2003 (Video Game)
Why is "football" stressed? I'll tell you in a moment. First, let's go over what makes this title great. For starters, when you pop the disc into your PS2, the game introductions are randomized, much like Madden 2003's. This is quite cool, as it makes you pay attention to what's in the beginning (most games will have the same beginnings to them, so this is a good move). Some of the beginnings are even comical, as watching the Hurricanes' mascot bum-rush someone was quite funny. You could spend a lot of time just trying to look through the different beginnings, but let's get to the game, shall we?
The graphics and animations are clear and crisp, especially on a high-resolution screen. Replays are really good, and the NCAA licensed football is terrifically rendered. I took a double take looking at the players getting hyped in the beginning. It looked so real! Absolutely fabulous, and you're not going to get too much better graphics for a football game, pro or otherwise. Only problem is everyone's faces look the same in a sense, but without putting the names in the game, you're stuck with the likenesses (or reasonable facsimilies). I did have a problem with one thing, though: I'd like to see black cheerleaders at an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) like Howard and Bethune-Cookman, but otherwise, the graphics will blow you away.
The sound is no slouch, either, as most of the teams' fight songs have been recorded on this disc. But the sound doesn't stop there! The commentators are almost as authentic as the commentators for the NFL2K series, with a three-man booth calling the action in a realistic tone (even though the sound repeats itself, but you're going to find that wherever you go). I was playing the game the other day, and decided to leave it on demo mode. I went upstairs to help my gf with some work, and she asked me who was playing on the TV, thinking it was a real game. Now that was without stereo speakers and the like, so just imagine that on a booming system. Oddly enough, though, the sound is better the farther away you get from the game. Mionr point, but whatever. No initial player names because of licensing or whatever, but you'll be too busy playing football to pay attention to this detail.
Gameplay is like Madden, but faster. There's a shorter play clock, and the option, when run efficiently, is THE GREATEST SINGLE PLAY IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL. Anyway, Madden-ites will pick the gameplay up without a second thought, but it's still easy enough for someone else to pick up. Running up the middle with Penn State never felt so good, as the game is fast, but I'm able to follow my blockers and squeeze every yard out of a gain (or get obliterated by a blitzing LB).
What makes this game a keeper, though, is its Dynasty/Rivalry game modes. Dynasty puts you in command of the team, redshirtting players, recruits, you name it. What makes this more difficult than the Franchise mode in Madden is that you can't trade players, so you're stuck with who you have. Rivalry has all the schools' rival teams, and the trophies that they sometimes play for. That alone is worth getting, as you can play for your alma mater's pride.
Two things missing from this game that could make it the best ever: Online play, and the create a play mode. Maybe next year, but these modes would've made NCAA 2003 the best football game ever, just slightly nudging out Madden 2002.
As I stressed before, this is the best "football" game available today. The realism is there, and the fun factor, whether you're playing the computer or against friends, is high. Simply put, the game is a blast, and has incredible depth, and worth your gaming dollar. If you're a football fan, I HIGHLY advise at least renting the game, if not buying it outright.

Playstation 2 NFL 2k3
Playstation 2 NFL 2k3
Offered by DealTavern
Price: $5.96
257 used & new from $0.01

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best pro football game you're going to have this year., August 20, 2002
This review is from: Playstation 2 NFL 2k3 (Video Game)
I know I'm going to get roasted for that title by the Madden boys and gals, but hear me out first. Madden has a lot of nice bells and whistles, but the gameplay is somewhat foreign to me this year. Maybe it's because of the speed, but it doesn't feel completely Madden, if that makes any sense. Anyway, this review is about 2K3 and what's right - and wrong - about it.
First the good. I play with the Eagles and the player face maps are incredible. Freddie Mitchell looks like Freddie Mitchell, not the token black face in the game. A lot of detail was put into the player and animations, and they good extremely good. Some more work could've been done on the stadium models, though.
The ESPN license has done WONDERS for the game. There's some sense of professional presentation for the game, but I have a beef with Dan Patrick in the beginning. Hey, why can't his lips MATCH THE WORDS HE'S SAYING?!?!?!?!?!?! That comment aside, the commentary for the game is awesome, stepping up more than last year's, as the game has a ESPN Sunday Night Football-esque feel to it. I wish that they would bring up a screen showing how long an injured player is out without me having to go into the menu screens during a game to find out, but oh well.
There are plenty of modes to keep most people busy (not as many as Madden), but the Franchise mode is easily the deepest of any football game. Scouting reports of players, NFL Combine, draft, free agent signings, it's all there for 30 seasons worth of coaching decisions. It makes me wonder how long I'm going to keep that high priced offensive scrub on the right side (WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE).
Another gripe with the game is the instruction booklet. This piece of paper is missing a few explanation tips, such as special moves for the defensive line (if there are any) and maximum passing.
That said, with all of the issues I've named here, this is the best football game going for a couple of reasons. First, gameplay. The gameplay is just straight challenging. those who have played Madden and play this game thinking it's just as easy are in for a world of hurt. Yeah, sure, you can get 200+ yards running on rookie, but what about Pro? One thing the 2K series has going for it is its steep steep learning curve. Some people have a problem with this; I like it a lot. It challenges you to learn the game and the little things needed to survive, and then thrive. It challenges you to practice (there's your replay value right there - don't spend it wasting time unlocking cards you're probably not going to use anyway). Those who play Madden know that Madden's difficulty isn't as steep as this one (and before Madden-heads answer back, yes I have played Madden 2003 and returned it because of gameplay issues, and yes, I know about tweaking the AI sliders, as you can do in this game, but Madden's higher difficulties don't make me feel like I've learned anything, other than more money plays).
Second reason, the ESPN license. This gives the game an authentic feel, with replays and commentary that is second to none. AL Michaels is good for Madden, but Dan Stevens and Peter O'Keefe are untouched as far as commentary. The entire game feels like it's come straight out of the ESPN offices. Replays are more rampant, especially after big plays. the split-screen replay is one of the best, and my personal favorite.
All in all, Madden and 2K3 are very close, with each having its own drawbacks and advantages. If you want the best pro football game today, get 2K3 (and don't listen to people saying that 2K3 is still too arcadey. Blitz is arcadey. 2K used to be, but now it's on a par with Madden). However, if you want to best FOOTBALL game, pro or otherwise, it's EA's superb NCAA 2003.

Super Hits
Super Hits
Offered by rockitman
Price: $19.59
13 used & new from $0.01

11 of 19 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Not good enough. You'd do better looking elsewhere....., May 13, 2002
This review is from: Super Hits (Audio CD)
OK some of us Lady T fans are starved for her next CD to come out, so to appease our appetites somewhat, Super Hits comes out. This CD hasn't satisfied my craving; rather, it's made me even more hungry! For a Teena Marie newcomer, all of her really good songs are on there, such as Cassanova Brown, If I Were a Bell, Ooh La La La, and Shadow Boxing. If you've never, ever heard of Teena Marie before, this would almost be a good start. ALMOST.
However, the songs on this CD don't do her justice, as they are a very small sampling of the contribution that this lady has made on the R&B industry. In fact, this CD is almost an EXACT carbon copy of "Lovergirl: The Teena Marie Story".
Is this even worth your time? NO! Want something better? If you are interested in hearing what Teena Marie has done, here are three albums that you can find right here on Amazon:
Lovergirl: The Teena Marie Story
Irons in the Fire
I Need Your Lovin: The Very Best Of Teena Marie
These albums offer a better representation of Teena Marie's accomplishments. Don't bother wasting your money on this rehash of a greatest hits album.
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Madden NFL 2002
Madden NFL 2002
Offered by lakeplacegames
Price: $7.01
390 used & new from $0.01

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best of the series. No contest., December 7, 2001
This review is from: Madden NFL 2002 (Video Game)
When you first look at Madden 2002, you see that the graphics have received a bit of a touch up from last year's version. EA is famous for adding new stats, brushing up on the graphics, adding one or two new features, and not much else. So why does this version blow the other away?
First off, competition is what has brought EA to the forefront. One only has to look at what 989 did back then that brought EA to head of the class. The new competition by Sega Sports will make games better all around for ALL of us, no matter what company or game you're devoted to. Anyway, the make-or-break area of any football game is control. Madden's controls fit like an old glove, with new advancements that make them even better. It takes a while to get used to not hitting triangle to jump on defense to pick off a pass (L1 and R1 do the interception and swat away controls), but once you get them in your brain, along with the defensive swim and spin moves, you'll grow right into the game. The responsive of the game is ultra-realistic, and you'll find more momentum-based moves than you will on NFL2K2. Angles are much more important than last year, as taking the wrong angle will mean the difference between a 5 yard loss and a 55 yard TD run. The passing game is still the same, more or less, with route and receiver-based passing, and the running game requires more patience. When it works, though, you'll sit back and marvel.
The graphics are looking a bit better, but in the game you will ALWAYS see a reason for any incident. Got a 15 yard penalty for a facemask? Click the replay and see the about-to-be-benched player commit the crime. Receivers with stone hands? Watch them drop the rock and how they dropped it. The in-game replays after big plays are great as well, using Matrix-styled cameras and letterboxing.
Sound is, well, Madden and Summerall. It stinks compared to 2K2, but if you buy a game just for commentary, you've either got beaucoup bucks and time, or are misguided.
What makes this title stand out from all the others, are its numerous (and I mean NUMEROUS) modes. Training teahces you how to read (and BURN) defenses. Two minute drill for most scores at the 2:00 warning. Season. But the biggest is, of course, the franchise mode. The only difference between Madden's franchise mode and an actual GM is the bad ties. Sign a player, trade him, and release him (while taking a cap hit for his salary, something that made me think twice about unloading a high priced scrub on the Eagles - offensive lineman, I'm looking at YOU), while doing whatever it takes to bring your team closer to glory. the draft is pretty good as well, but draft a good player and he'll take you to the bank. Don't like the teams? MAKE YOUR OWN! Draft players and insert them instead of your least favorite franchise. Also, I think Madden is the only game that takes into account the new league realignment next year.
This still hasn't touched the most addictive quality of 2002 - the Madden cards. It's like Pokemon - gotta catch em all! The cards have current players, historic players than can be added (Keith Byars - YAH! Phil Simms - BOO! Charles Mann - BOO-YAH!), cheats (toasting DBs, unsackable QBs, points for injuries, QB can't fumble or throw a pick (my fav), and the like), old stadiums, old teams, killer hidden teams (the Marshalls are unstoppable!) and cheerleader cards, which boost up the crowd at games.
When it all comes down to it (and with the recent addition of 2K2 to the PS2 world), I'd say, if you're looking for a good, almost arcade themed game, 2K2 is the way to go. If you're looking for an all-out simulation devoted entirely to football nuts who appreciate the little nuiances (and believe me - there are a LOT of them in here), then get Madden. It's well worth it, and you'll be playing this game for a long time after the season.

Resident Evil Code Veronica
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Offered by MPSSTORE
Price: $79.99
44 used & new from $8.45

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This game is why you should buy a Dreamcast now., August 22, 2001
This review is from: Resident Evil Code Veronica (Game)
OK, I'll admit, when I first saw that Sega was going to take over the production part of the game, I hesistated. Being a fan of the Resident Evil series, I thought that it should've stayed with Sony. All of the games on Sony (except for the...Survivor shooting game) were awesome, bringing me to new levels of terror and fear. Code Veronica, however, surpasses them all to the point where you will have nightmares.
The story takes place a bit after Res 2 (which happened before and during Res 3, if you can keep up). Claire Redfield, while looking for her brother Chris, has been captured by Umbrella and detained on an uncharted island. Of course, zombies come out from nowhere, and Claire has to find a way to get off the island. The plot is top notch, and some parts had me going, "What the heck?", while the creatures had me saying other words I shouldn't say. The game is engrossing, and with the addition of a dark room and surround sound, it's really creepy. Creaking sounds and footsteps will have you wondering what's behind door #1 (giant spiders make quick thump-thump-thump sounds with their legs before they come to chew on you), and the beasts are rendered nicely (in a scare-you-silly kind of way). The puzzles will make you think, as checking everything you collect is the only way to get through.
The graphics are excellent, as shading and cutscenes are beautiful to watch. When Claire lights her lighter, it's a sight to behold, as it flickers realistically. The only problem is the clunky control, as it seems to populate this series a lot. It's a problem, but one you can adapt to (and you'd better, before you become lunch meat).
The replay value comes in the battle game. Beat the game, and that becomes available (successfully complete a puzzle in the game, and Steve becomes available). You can play as Claire, Chris Redfield, Steve, or Wesker, each complete with certain weapons (Wesker's game is insane; you only fight with a knife).
All in all, with the Dreamcast becoming more affordable, I'd suggest you pick this game up. It's easily the best of the series.

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