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Organic Kombucha Starter Kit (5 Gallon Supply) by GetKombucha with 6.5 Inch Organic Kombucha Scoby, the Largest in North America for 9 Straight Years - 1 Pound of Certified Organic Loose Leaf Tea for Kombucha, Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice (Fairtrade and Organic), Ph Strips, Recipe Guide and More!
Organic Kombucha Starter Kit (5 Gallon Supply) by GetKombucha with 6.5 Inch Organic Kombucha Scoby, the Largest in North America for 9 Straight Years - 1 Pound of Certified Organic Loose Leaf Tea for Kombucha, Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice (Fairtrade and Organic), Ph Strips, Recipe Guide and More!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect replacement for your Wacom Thinkpad Tablet!!!, August 15, 2013
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I found a Lenovo X60t ThinkPad on eBay for $107 and was excited to have another ThinkPad. It did not come with a stylus, so I had to do some searching around and Amazon does it again! This stylus works out great. It fits right in the slot and clicks solidly into place inside the ThinkPad stylus holder. The laptop screen responds just fine to input by the stylus. Perfect replacement for the old one, and it even comes with extra nibs.

Apple iPod touch 32GB Black MC544L/A (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Apple iPod touch 32GB Black MC544L/A (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Offered by USA Discount Inc.
Price: $194.95
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5.0 out of 5 stars Actual Owner of iPod Touch 4G, September 8, 2010
Alright, so Best Buy got the 32GB iPod Touch 4G in stock so I drove an hour to go get one. I was not disappointed. I will run through the features I have come across so far.

Body: Aside from moving the sleep button to the right and making the back of the device slimmer and more flat, not much has changed. Yes, the chrome back is still there erg! It was so pretty for the first 30 seconds.

Ram: The Ram on the iPod Touch is only 256 MB, so do not believe the talk of 512 MB, it is simply not true.

Wireless: Fully supports A/B/G/N

Vibration: There is no vibration, so do not expect that.

Multitasking: Works real well and very smooth transition

Display: While the display on the iPod is not IPS like the iPhone do not think it suffers in anyway. This display is so beautiful and crisp to look at. I cannot even distinguish the pixels, and text on a website is like you are reading out of a book, it's so refreshing. I played a digital copy of "UP" on here and the colors practically jump off the screen, very nice. Apple's icons are so much more vivid and sharp, while 3rd party developer icons who have yet to make an upgrade for the new displays shows what a step up this new screen has to offer.

Speaker: I am not sure of the quality of the speaker on the 3G iPod Touch, but on my 2G iPod Touch it was very tinny and I only used it for game sound. Here on the 4G there is a new spot on the bottom left for the speaker and it has risen in clarity. Music is very listenable and clear, however nothing replaces a good set of earbuds, but when you're in a jam, you won't be gritting your teeth with this speaker.

Processor: The new Apple processor is a sure win for this device. Everything loads very fast and switching from one screen to another is very swift and smooth. Crash Bandicoot finally has a nice framerate to play with on this iPod and for once I did not regret buying that game.

Front Camera: This is the camera that is primarily used for Facetime. It's resolution is at 640 X 480. After taking a few pictures with it, you will notice how it is really not for taking stills, but works fine for videochatting (which I have not tried, but did run some video tests with it). Obviously Facetime will work better in well lit areas, but then again, doesn't any camera?

Rear Camera: Again stills are just so so. What really bugs me is when you go to take a picture, you see how crisp the preview is, then you take the picture and you can see it blur. The tap to focus works nice for adjusting exposure and well lit photos look very decent on the display. It's when you upload them to your computer when you notice how not so decent they actually are. While this may be a negative for many people, if you are like me, you want to just upload photos with this device to FaceBook and capture funny moments with the video camera. If I want to take a really awesome picture, I'll pull out my DSLR, but for me this iPod's capabilities are more than adequate for my quick shooting of certain events. The video captures quite nicely, while not superb like an actual HD camcorder does enough for me for again, capturing fun moments. Don't worry, you don't cringe while watching the video, it's more than adequate and produces vibrant colors and a fast framerate. Some may complain on this, and believe me those reviews will be here shortly, but then again why not buy an HD Camcorder that is made for HD content? (I'm not ignorant to HD quality either, I'm a huge fan of it. I run a 3D 65'' 1080p display with Blu-ray and Dolby Tru-HD decoding surround sound system)

Microphone: Testing out Skype my friend told me I was coming in loud and clear. I also played back a video I made on the iPod on my computer and the microphone captures top notch audio. Very crisp and clear, I was quite pleased.

Battery: While I haven't tested out Apple's claims of 40 hr. of music, let's be honest who really does that? I'm sure Apple's claims are quite credible in their battery life depending on how the device is used.

One note I should also make, my iPod Touch 2G accessories, (car charger, wall charger) work with my iPod touch 4G. Apple sometimes changes stuff like the charging pin on the iPod's to make a person have to buy new accessories. Anybody remember when the iPod Video A/V cables had the Audio and Video switched around so people couldn't use their cables with the iPod? Well they could, they just had to switch the audio and video cables in the port around. Anyways, away from this funny piece of marketing history.

Is the new iPod worth it? For me, upgrading from the 2G Touch, yes! The display is brilliant, the speed of the processor amazing, video quality is very much enjoyable and the rear camera is excellent for taking quick fun shots. If I had one word to describe this iPod, it would be fun! You can't handle one of these without feeling like a joyous kid, (I'm 22) and the business aspect is still there and quite useful. I would highly recommend this iPod Touch as a worthy upgrade to any generation of the iPod Touch you may own and if you don't own one, there has never been a more perfect time to go out and get one! Don't hesitate to leave a comment here if you have a question for an actual owner. I'll do what I can!
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Sony HT-SS2300 Component Home Theater System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Sony HT-SS2300 Component Home Theater System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

5.0 out of 5 stars WOW WOW WOW, June 28, 2009
This is a great home theater system, the hdmi inputs are superb for connecting all of your HD equipment. Spider-Man 2 on blu ray will have webs flying all around your living room, and you can always tell where the fire fights are coming from in Halo 3 on the 360. Sound is good, bass isn't overbearing. This system is recommended only for people with hdmi equipment. If you're looking for taking the ultimate spin in a blu-ray / gaming entertainment system, and need a sound system to power it, this is it.

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