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Magic Shave Shaving Powder Gold - 4.5 oz
Magic Shave Shaving Powder Gold - 4.5 oz
Offered by Pharmapacks
Price: $4.08
31 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for fine hairs, not so much coarse hairs, December 24, 2014
That's not to say it doesn't work at all. Just that it doesn't work nearly as well on coarse hairs that it does on fine hairs. In other words, if you're wanting this for your back, legs,'ll be largely amazed at how well it takes off hair. You're unlikely to be impressed with groin, face, etc. where the hairs may be more coarse.

For my case, I bought it for my face. There, it took three treatments before I saw even the slightest hint of smooth, hairless skin. Even then, it still left stubble on the neck and under my jaw. Comparing this with a safety razor where I could get these hairs quite easily, this was a bit depressing. What it did do a good job of was minimizing razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

A lot has been made of the mixing strategy. Yes, it's pain. But that's because the instructions are faulty. If you mix the way it tells you on the can, not only will you be stirring forever, you'll end up with a very slimy, very inefficient solution that will make you think you got scammed. I'm going to help you.

You need:

- A mixing cup. You can use any cup, or you can get official and get something like Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle, Black

- A spoon. Or something else to stir with. I prefer a spoon but it's up to you.

- A shaving brush. You can use your hand, but I strongly recommend against it. Just get a shaving brush. Like Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

- A large towel - you'll use both ends. Or if you're not into messing towels up, consider something like Kleenex Hand Towels Everyday, 60 Count where you can throw them away when done.

- A preshave balm or lotion, or oil. You want something that is NOT alcohol based. Something like John Allan's Slick Water Lotion, 2 Ounce

- Something to tame the skin afterwards. Something like Proraso Aftershave Lotion, Refresh, 100 ml

Mind you, the above are just recommendations. Choose whatever products you want, just make sure they are comparable to the above. Or don't use them, but be prepared to be frustrated with your results.

First, to give you a sense of scale and scope. A heaping teaspoon is enough for a grown man's entire face. If you're doing legs, arms, chest, etc, bump it up to two teaspoons. This is just to have enough when you're done mixing. Next, your water ratio should be just enough to end up with a consistency between pancake mix and cake batter; not runny, but not overly thick. You'll know it when you see it. Imagine perfectly made oatmeal "stick to the ribs" style. That's what you want. So if you have a heaping teaspoon of powder, put maybe a barely full teaspoon of cool water in. Then stir slowly using the spoon (or whatever). It will look like it's not mixing; it is. It just takes a while.

Here's the hint: you'll know when you're almost done because you'll get hit in the face with a smell that I can't describe, but you'll know it for what it is. If you've ever used NAIR, or any similar depilatory, it's the exact same smell. Once that smell hits you, you'll notice the mixture getting thicker and it'll all make sense (finally). Usually takes me about 2 minutes end-to-end. If you end up with a consistency that seems watery, use a flat edge (i.e. a knife or something) and add a bit more powder, then continue to stir. Conversely if it feels way too thick (like paste), add a half teaspoon of water and continue stirring. After you do it once, you'll get the hang of it.

Second, DO NOT do this after a shower or after washing your skin. It should probably be the first thing you do after getting up on the days you do it (which is every other day, NOT once a day). Why? You want your skin to be oily, to have some coating to protect it, in addition to the preshave. This is how you can get the best result without burning sensation. So don't wait until after showering to do this.

Now, prep your location. By prep, I mean use the preshave, something that is designed to protect your skin from burn and irritation. DO not use regular lotion, it won't do anything.

Now, it's important to note that this, when mixed, is essentially a plaster. It will go on wet and then dry, just like a cast. That's okay. But be prepared for it to "flake" everywhere. Try not to move too much. You don't want to make a mess.

Apply using the shave brush as if you were applying shaving cream or foam. But go in strokes against the grain. The goal is to lift the follicles and help the mixture do its thing. Make sure you get good coverage. You'll notice that the bottom of the mixture looks dry; that's okay. It'll still apply like a plaster. But feel free to drip a bit of water in there if you're not sure.

You'll need to wait between 7 and 10 minutes (depending on skin sensitivity) for the mix to work. During this time, clean out your mug and shave brush. The mixture should rinse rather cleanly in cold water, but the brush will take some hands-on help (it's safe). Depending on how long it stays on you may or may not feel a tingle. That's a good sign. It should not burn.

After the time has passed, this is where people get confused. You can use a dull pseudo razor (like Pseudo Shaver), if you want, but I found much better results just using a warm, damp towel. You can warm up the water while waiting for the mixture to dry, and if you use the disposables, have one that is your warm water towel and one that is your dry towel. Or you can use a single towel that serves both functions. Wipe the mixture off in firm, slow strokes against the grain. Then clean the towel off and go back over the area vigorously to get the remainder. Dry off with the other towel. Finish up with the aftershave.

If you did everything I noted above, you should see amazing results, with certain exceptions (I could never get the mixture to work at all above my mustache, it did 97% of the job in the groin area, and 99% of the work under my jaw). Figure 15 minutes total time to do. But again, you only need to do this once every other day minimum. My arms have been smooth for three days.

FORSKOLIN 250mg (20% Standardized), 60 Capsules - Forskolin for Weight Loss - Pure Coleus Forskohlii Extract
FORSKOLIN 250mg (20% Standardized), 60 Capsules - Forskolin for Weight Loss - Pure Coleus Forskohlii Extract

4.0 out of 5 stars Seemed to work - I think, December 14, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Right now, you're probably wondering why there is a nearly perfect split between "This product WORKS!" and "This product made me sick!". So am I. But I think it has more to do with the instructions.

You're directed to take this twice a day, on an empty stomach. Don't do that. Instead, take it WITH food. For some reason, this will upset your stomach like nobody's business if you take it on an empty stomach, even if you end up eating 20-30 minutes later. For the longest time, I was wondering why I felt ill at work, then I switched up to taking it with breakfast along with my daily vitamin, and suddenly I was no longer feeling ill.

As far as heart racing, there are some herbs and whatnot that your body will react to. I know that this will increase your metabolism, otherwise it can't do its job, but I never experienced my heart going much faster than normal. This might be related to other things being consumed with the product: if you take it with coffee, the caffeine might cause the behavior. Same with sodas, fruit drinks, etc. Drink just water, ONLY water.

I am straightedge, so I can't speak to whether alcohol or cigarettes or anything similar has an effect.

As far as results? I lost 20 pounds across two months. While that doesn't sound like a great deal, consider that the weight loss came without working out; I was already on a fairly strict diet and loosened up a bit ( there's only one food I won't eat. Other than that I eat whatever I want, in moderation ). Problem is, I had started the new diet right around the same time as taking Forskolin, so I have no idea whether it was a placebo effect and the diet was the real power. I've been off Forskolin for two weeks now, and have not gained the weight back despite being able to polish off ribs, pizza, fries, breadsticks, etc.

I can say that this made me less hungry. I was eating less of what I would normally have eaten. You do have to be careful with that though, as your body needs nutrients to get through the day.

DE 2600mAh Lipstick Style Powerbank- Portable External Smartphone Battery Charger - with 3 Function Flashlight (In Retail Packaging)
DE 2600mAh Lipstick Style Powerbank- Portable External Smartphone Battery Charger - with 3 Function Flashlight (In Retail Packaging)
2 used & new from $8.00

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent flashlight, ok charger, rudimentary innards., December 2, 2014
GE Affiliates was kind enough to provide a sample of this charger for my review. (Don't you hate reading a super long review only to end in a tiny sentence disclaimer? I like to tell you UP FRONT that I didn't buy the thing. I digress.)

I echo the sentiments of others. This is a very effective flashlight. So much so that it has replaced an LED flashlight I got at Radio Shack about a decade or so ago that at the time was the brightest thing going (and it's still going, despite never having changed the batteries). So there's that. I mean this is like one of those cop flashlights they'd shine directly in your eyes as they walk up.

As a charger I have not had heavy opportunity to use it, but I did use it to charge up another powerbank that I got from a convention. I found that it charged admirably well. It does have a light indicator to show you when it's charging (red) as well as when it's charging another device. It does not have a power remaining indicator, but I've noticed that with the exception of Duracell and other "battery" companies, most powerbanks do not have a power level indicator for some bizarre reason. It's important to note that this is not designed for you to charge a phone or a tablet while using it, and Apple saw fit to hack their iPads and iPhones so that they won't take a certain type of charge. But I was able to charge my Dell Venus 8 Pro tablet, a Kindle Fire HD, and both of my Android phones without an issue (as long as I wasn't using them at the time).

Battery capacity was also admirable. You should be able to get about 50-60% charge if this is fully charged. Depending on the device, that may not be enough. If you're just needing a charge to make an emergency phone call, this will work absolutely fine. In fact, under that scenario you can power your phone long enough to get the call done if you turn data off.

The downside is that while the case feels sturdy and nice, the inside of it (as I was checking what the battery looked like) is reminiscent of some kid's junior high school electric shop project. I mean loose wires, loose battery, loose USB females, etc. It's appalling to look at, and I'm fairly certain that if you were to hand this to your kid, they'd say "I built that in school!" It's that bad. As long as you don't ever open this thing, you can stand oblivious.

I feel that it's well worth the price though, and if nothing else, it's a very impressive flashlight for when the lights go out. Too bad you won't be able to see it in the dark.

AquaFlow® 5 Function Luxury Large 6" Shower Head / ABS Material with Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxurious Spa-like Experience
AquaFlow® 5 Function Luxury Large 6" Shower Head / ABS Material with Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxurious Spa-like Experience
Offered by F&W Trading LLC
Price: $39.95
4 used & new from $17.04

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Works good for a second bathroom, December 2, 2014
F&W Trading LLC was kind enough to provide a shower head for review.

I normally like powerful showerheads. The one I own was a spur-of-the-moment pickup from Sears that I can't find anymore. I reviewed another shower head from F&W that I initially didn't care for as it wasn't strong enough but after a few uses, it has now become the gold standard.

This AquaFlow showerhead has more functions than the other showerhead. But there are two main things that hold it back from being better than it is. First, I agree with other reviewers that the settings lever is much too difficult to move. It doesn't take a strong man, it's the location; it just doesn't move well with a head this size.

The second is the mist setting. This the only standout setting on a showerhead because you don't find settings like it. And yes, it does put out mist - the problem is HOW it does so. It uses extra airflow to mist the water; the problem is that you lose about 80% of the heat you'd normally get from the water because of this. In other words if you have a hot cup of water and you poured it in front of a fan blowing directly at you, it would mist the water and feel somewhat warm because it'd been cooled long before touching you. Same thing here and it's unfortunate, because it otherwise does feel nice on the skin.

The other settings are a center power spray (which I don't like because it only targets a single small area), rain/normal spraying, and "off", which still drips water out.

The rain setting feels great though, and this would be a good fit in a secondary bathroom. Unfortunately the head isn't big enough to unseat the primary one.

Men's Black Faux Leather Gold Colored Dial Skeleton Mechanical Sport Wrist Watch
Men's Black Faux Leather Gold Colored Dial Skeleton Mechanical Sport Wrist Watch
Offered by M M Electronics
Price: $19.99
3 used & new from $10.48

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Attractive and a novel concept, but cheaply made, November 9, 2014
GPCT was kind enough to provide a watch for review.

Unlike others, I found the band to be one of the most comfortable of any watch I've owned - and I've had plenty of them over the years. In almost every other case, they snagged on arm hairs or didn't have enough fastener holes for my wrist. This one didn't have the snag issue and it was able to fit perfectly.

I love the look of the watch. If you're the kind of person who misses the old school "wind it up and it'll last until the next time" watches, you'll favor this one. There are no batteries here. It also has an appearance that belies its price.

Unfortunately, I picked it up one day and discovered that a small area of the glass face had shattered; a pinhole shatter that looks like stress damage. The watch was never dropped or had anything impact it, so it's a bit odd that it would just shatter like this, but I know some dual pane windows do the same depending on the pressure of where they're at. My area is in a slightly higher elevation, not sure if that was the cause. But given that glass is extremely cheap, I was disappointed to see that thicker, more durable glass wasn't used here. So the price matches the quality you can expect.

In terms of functionality, I had no concerns. It kept time so long as it was wound up, and part of me had fun winding it rather than worrying about batteries. I love the look of it too. But the glass randomly shattering is just not good.

AquaFlow® 2 Function - Waterfall and Water Spray - Luxury Large 8" Shower Head / ABS Material with Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxurious Spa-like Experience - LIFETIME WARRANTY
AquaFlow® 2 Function - Waterfall and Water Spray - Luxury Large 8" Shower Head / ABS Material with Chrome Finish / Enjoy an Invigorating & Luxurious Spa-like Experience - LIFETIME WARRANTY
Offered by F&W Trading LLC
Price: $49.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice. Watch the water heater temperature, November 9, 2014
F&W Trading was kind enough to send one of these to me for review.

I am a big fan of powerful waterflow. I really don't like weak shower output. On the flip side, my water heater doesn't stay hot for very long depending on how much water is coming out. I've tried waterfall/rainfall type showerheads in the past and ended up going back to my powerful one.

After trying the AquaFlow, I wasn't satisfied with its power flow. But it wasn't totally weak. On a scale of 1-10, my current one is a 9. This one is more like a 5. It's not horrible, but not overly powerful.

The one benefit it does have is that it puts out a lot of water, meaning it won't take nearly as long to get clean as it would on a smaller head. Additionally, because of the size of the head, it addresses another concern I had which is the height of the shower head installed by the builder; I don't have to crouch down to get hit by the water, which is nice.

Now, the downside of the water output is, as I said, the water heater seemed to run out a lot faster than I'm used to. That may be due to the temperature outside, I'm not sure. I think if you have a tankless system, this would be an awesome unit. There's really nothing to describe getting hit by this spray on a nice hot shower.

Overall I'm impressed with the unit, and the only thing I would suggest improving is the threading on the pipe fitter. Even going full with a pipe wrench and the right tape, it was still moveable by hand. That shouldn't happen.

The AquaAudio™ Cubo - Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Strong Suction Cup for Showers, Bathroom, Pool, Boat, Car, Beach, Outdoor etc. / Optimized Buttons for Easy Control / Amazingly Powerful & Crystal Clear Sound / Compatible with All Devices with Bluetooth Capability + Siri Compatible - 10 hours Playtime Rechargeable Battery / with Built-in Mic for use as a Powerful Hands-free Speakerphone [100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE IT!] (Silver)
The AquaAudio™ Cubo - Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Strong Suction Cup for Showers, Bathroom, Pool, Boat, Car, Beach, Outdoor etc. / Optimized Buttons for Easy Control / Amazingly Powerful & Crystal Clear Sound / Compatible with All Devices with Bluetooth Capability + Siri Compatible - 10 hours Playtime Rechargeable Battery / with Built-in Mic for use as a Powerful Hands-free Speakerphone [100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE IT!] (Silver)
Offered by F&W Trading LLC
Price: $39.95

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Promising. Needs a few tweaks., November 9, 2014
F&W Trading was kind enough to provide a sample for review.

I won't bore you with technical details. This speaker is able to play music and handle phone calls. I did not get to use the phone call feature since obviously, nobody would hear me anyway with the water running. But it CAN do phone calls. Or not.

Pairing was not complicated, I was able to get up and running with music starting within a few short minutes after an initial partial charge.

I think the charge time is excessive and ridiculous. Over 2 hours to charge this when a Logitech Bluetooth speaker 4x this size takes an hour is illogical. TO be fair, it does have a power save mode after a few minutes so it's not constantly running, but still.

If you're an audiophile you may want to skip this guy. While it does have loud sound and the sound is booming, it lacks fidelity and clarity. It's hard to pick out fine details when the shower is going. I make the assumption that phone calls might be a bit muddy as a result of this. But it IS extremely loud, and in a shower, should echo off the walls nicely to create great (but not clear) sound.


- The suction cup does not work on fiberglass enclosures even if it's glass smooth. Just doesn't. It'll go on initially but will eventually fall off. Glass it works perfectly, but very few people have a four-sided glass enclosure, so if you want it to face you (and thus be underneath the shower head), you'd need either glass or possibly porcelain. I strongly doubt tile would work.

- The volume buttons are specific to the device, not to the A2DP, meaning they don't control the source device's volume. That's a bit annoying, because you have no way of knowing exactly what the device's volume will come through like. It would be preferred to have this device simply control the source device volume which is part of the A2DP standard.

Other than the above it's a solid device. If they were to resolve the A2DP item and the audio fidelity, it'd be a much better device overall. But still worth the purchase.

Scotts PatchMaster - Sun & Shade Mix, 4.75-Pound (Grass Seed Mix)
Scotts PatchMaster - Sun & Shade Mix, 4.75-Pound (Grass Seed Mix)
Price: $9.99
6 used & new from $9.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The stuff works. If you know what you're doing, August 2, 2014
Like me, you likely read these reviews and figured this stuff is a scam. IT really isn't. But the key is to do it right AND HAVE PATIENCE. If you don't do it right, you won't get growth, and if you don't have patience, you won't see it growing.

Thing is, it works well. I put photos up so you can see that it does work. But it's a LOT of work.

First, yes...this is a bunch of shredded up newspaper, feed, seed and a little bit of mulch. It's packaged like insulation, very dense, in a brick-ish form and you have to break it up with your hands. Don't worry, there's no harm from inhaling the little particles, though you may cough and/or sneeze doing so. Your steps are as follows.

- RAKE THE BARE SPOT THOROUGHLY. This means break through the ground at least an inch or two. You may have some thatch, get rid of it. You want nice, bare soil. If you have an aerator or a service that does aeration, it helps, but it's not enough. You need to agitate the ground very well or this stuff won't take root properly.

- The newspaper keeps moisture in and helps the seeds get more of the water over time; despite this, WATER UNTIL YOU SEE SLIGHT POOLING. I know, online searches tell you not to do this. So I didn't at first and saw no activity. It wasn't until I did a slight pooling that I started seeing sprouts. So just water the stuff, use a spray nozzle set to shower or a sprinkler system, doesn't matter. (The key to knowing that everything is soaked good: the mix should turn a blue-green shade.)

- This mix works in sun or shade BUT plants love sun. Means if you're patching in a shaded area, it's not going to grow nearly as fast as a sunny one. Take that into account when planning this. It'll grow, but if you're in a rainy season, it's going to take a LOT longer. If you're not patient then go another route.

- I noticed faster growth when I didn't water every day - maybe once a week or so unless I was in an extended sun period and it wasn't a shaded area. I went on business travel and when I came back, I had superior growth (photo).

- It's unsightly. It looks like cement if you don't know what you're looking at. Take that into consideration when deciding which bare spots to use this on. For now I'm targeting my back yard only, and now that I know it takes a really long time to take root, I may do something different for the front.

- The color of the grass is likely to clash with your other grass. There's nothing you can do about that.
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Starbucks Refreshers, Blueberry Acai (4 Count, 8.4 Fl Oz Each)
Starbucks Refreshers, Blueberry Acai (4 Count, 8.4 Fl Oz Each)
Price: $4.98

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This stuff is FOCUS in a can., July 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Not only does it taste great, I am much more focused after having a can. Better for you than Red Bull or Monster or any of those energy drinks, but the best side effect is that it focuses your mind more than you think possible. If you care about your job (and I say that because very people seem to these days), you'll start realizing ideas and approaches that hadn't even occurred to you prior. You might even see an improvement in your typing, writing, and presentation skills.

Try one first thing in the morning, even if with a cup of coffee. Compare it to when you don't have a can. You'll notice a difference for sure.

The High Druid's Blade: The Defenders of Shannara
The High Druid's Blade: The Defenders of Shannara
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $11.99

4.0 out of 5 stars New to Shannara? This won't make you a fan, July 18, 2014
The common theme with most of the reviews I read before the book came out read like one of three general summary statements:

"Terry Brooks has lost his touch, this book is evidence of that, not even close to his earlier works."
"Great simple read, but I don't know that it's worth buying at this price."
"Just go back and read the Heritage series. Thanks."

I don't think Brooks has lost his touch with this book. If I had to pin it down, the flow of the book feels like he's been pressured to write a different kind of story for a different audience. Which is perfectly fine; but I think Del Rey or whoever is doing the pressuring (assuming that theory is true) needs to allow him to do what he does best. It's also likely that he just wants to please fans as much as he can and is going to end up alienating some of them no matter what he does. Even Shawn Speakman wasn't glowing with his forum review of the book, which is telling. He didn't bash it, but he was clear that it's not going to appeal to everyone.

Now that you have some summary, the thing with High Druid's Blade is that it feels like a much, MUCH better written version of another book I read from a different author, Elseerian: The Second Draeken War #1 (The Chronicles of Lumineia). Taken from the angle of someone who's read (and owns) every other Shannara book there is, I never at any time felt that I had to go back and refresh my memory of anything. Enough is restated that you get the sense of what's going on without being overbearing; this in itself is an impressive feat given how much there is to know about what came before Paxon Leah and the Sword.

As usual, Brooks showcases his excellent storytelling prowess throughout the book and clearly has mastered the English language. Unfortunately, as with every Shannara book starting with the High Druid series onward, there is a very clear lack of character development with the exception of Arcannen. Even he isn't fleshed out nearly as well as earlier Shannara works, and this is disheartening, since Brooks does these types of descriptions very well. Take, for example, his description of Menion Leah and his background, which takes up nearly two pages in The Sword of Shannara, and is capped off with the following:

"Dressed in a multicolored cloak and vest of green and pale yellow, his lean, whiplike frame moved with the graceful ease of a cat. He was not a big man, though several inches taller than the Valemen, but he was broad through the shoulders and his long arms gave him a rangy look."

In those two sentences alone the reader gets at least a general picture of Menion Leah when he first meets Shea and Flick, and it is this ability that drew me to Brooks in the first place. That skill hasn't been used heavily since the Voyage trilogy. It's not on display here, at least not as well detailed.

I will say it's better of a read than A Princess of Landover by a very wide margin, and I never found myself bored with the book. It's just not as thrilling as the Heritage trilogy, not as detailed as the Sword trilogy, and not as "different" as the Voyage trilogy (those analogies, of course, are directed toward those who have read other Shannara books).

If you're new to Brooks or Shannara, I don't think the book will keep you interested. Even though it's written to allow newer readers to enjoy the story, Paxon will come across as bland if you were never exposed to the other Leah members. Aphenglow was never interesting to begin with and she won't be here, and there's nothing here that screams "must read". It's good for what it is, and the score is reflective of that.

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