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Orbeez - Luxury Spa
Orbeez - Luxury Spa
Price: $34.99
66 used & new from $19.53

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3.0 out of 5 stars Kids like but what a mess!, January 14, 2014
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This review is from: Orbeez - Luxury Spa (Toy)
My kids like this product, but the little Orbeez get all over and have to sit in water for several hours before they are useable. By the time they have absorbed water and grown to full size, the kids have moved on to another activity.

Just One Women's Zig & Zag Seamless Printed Leggings (S)
Just One Women's Zig & Zag Seamless Printed Leggings (S)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sooo Cute!, January 14, 2014
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My daughters wear these to hip hop class. They are so fun and cute. Great fit too. Thicker than expected which is really nice.

Wilton 2104-0240 Master Decorating Tip Set
Wilton 2104-0240 Master Decorating Tip Set
Price: $38.99
49 used & new from $35.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this set, January 14, 2014
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I am an amateur decorator and I love this set. It has so many different tips to create many fun designs.

Kurt Adler Elf Sitting on Mushroom Table Piece, 7.5-Inch
Kurt Adler Elf Sitting on Mushroom Table Piece, 7.5-Inch

5.0 out of 5 stars So fun and cute!, January 14, 2014
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This is really cute and has a bit of sparkle to add to its appeal. A great addition to any collection.

101 Piano Practice Tips
101 Piano Practice Tips
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great ideas to get your child to the piano, January 14, 2014
This book has great tips to get your child practicing regardless of skill level. This book is well worth the time as it is a quick read and is really beneficial, by giving you ideas to help your child enjoy their time at the piano and not have it be a chore.

Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Price: $0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Addition to the Dungeon Hunter Family, June 12, 2013
This review is from: Dungeon Hunter 4 (App)
WARNING: My review is for the iPad version so I can't attest to the Android stability although based on the reviews already, I'm guessing it's not an issue.

I've been playing the Dungeon Hunter series on the iPhone (then iPad) since the first game which was a blast! Dungeon Hunter 4 blows all its predecessors out of the water! The character detail has definitely improved, but the environment is beautiful, reminding me of Torchlight 2 (PC game). True it's a hack 'n slash with shallow story, but that doesn't stop me from playing and grinning the whole time! The micro-transaction is fairly innovative. So far (not finished with game), I haven't felt that I HAD to spend real money. I usually end up spending $1-5 to support the developers, but I prefer for it to be my choice and not part of a bait and switch tactic too many games employ (i.e. you get half-way through and then CAN'T progress until you spend money to level up or upgrade). When you upgrade armor/weapons (etc), there is a delay (so far 2-6 min) before it takes effect. Or, you spend a "gem" to have it instantly take effect. That's fair. You do (rarely) collect gem's and start off with 100 (not much). But realistically, the uber cool gear and upgrades come from spending money. I'm okay with stock equipment. It hasn't hindered my playing and actually turns what could be an ultra easy game into a little bit of a challenge at times. To earn 5 stars, I would like to see a little more story development, but that's really a minor point with the amount of fun you will have.

Bottom line: Gameloft has continued to show their gaming prowess and willingness to commit to a franchise with Dungeon Hunter. For free, you CAN'T go wrong and probably will have a good bit of fun along the way.

Infinity Blade: Awakening
Infinity Blade: Awakening
Price: $2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly entertaining!, June 3, 2013
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Novelizations of video games have often been atrocious or mediocre at best. The only exceptions, in my opinion, being the Witcher books (to be fair, the books preceded the games). While this may be a result of setting the bar low, I was pleased to find a novella of a game (an App no less!) that did not only a fair job of capturing the essence of the game itself, but was competently written! The book serves as a bridge between the first game and the second, and, in the process, creates a vibrant and interesting world that has grabbed my attention. I find myself enjoying Infinity Blade 2 even more now! More importantly, I found myself hating to see the book end! Definitely worth the reasonable price of $2.99 (my purchase price). Well done, Mr. Sanderson.

The Last Wish (The Witcher)
The Last Wish (The Witcher)
Offered by Hachette Book Group
Price: $5.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars For Fantasy Fans and Gamers Alike!, July 9, 2012
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As with most Americans, I was first turned onto the books via the video game. Having first assumed the books were written AFTER the games, I passed. I've yet to read a "post-game" novel that was really worth anything (except Rapture based on the Bioshock games because this novel is not based on a specific game which is nice). Anyway, after I discovered that the games were based on the books, I decided to give it a try. And I'm thankful for it! As was mentioned in the current #1 comment, the publisher's description is actually wrong! I'm not sure I would even classify Geralt as an anti-hero. He's a straight up hero through and through (at least in The Last Wish). Sure he collects money for the monsters he kills, but last I checked, our police officers and military don't work for free (groups I clearly consider heroes). Geralt was pulled from his family as a child and forced into this life. Instead of taking the typical Witcher life devoid of morals and emotions, Geralt often finds himself doing quite a bit of good merely for the sake that it's the right thing to do. Again, that's a Hero in my book. You will clearly see the "lesser of 2 evils" theme repeated which was the inspiration for the games (versus Mass Effects obvious good/bad decisions), but this does not negate the often purely "good" decisions he makes (e.g. defending the weak, helping someone in distress, etc.).

The writing (a translation I believe) is quite good! Again, this a really a coherent collection of short stories. There is a minor thread, but it's a thread. This is not, however, a self-contained true "novel" (though I'm anxious to read his actual novels). As has been mentioned, this is a VERY dark world. It's gritty, harsh, and unforgiving. The language is mildly rough (meaning there is definitely the full spectrum of 4-letter words, but they are used infrequently and appropriately... versus modern games that seem to swear strictly for the sake of swearing. Hopefully we grow out of that adolescence). Some stories are twisted takes on the original Grim Fairy Tales (which are a joy upon discovery); others purely created.

If you like character pieces, you'll thoroughly enjoy The Last Wish. If you're a fan of fantasy, you'll be pleased with the world of the Witcher. If you are a gamer, this is hands down the best game-related piece of literature I've stumbled across (again, mostly because the game followed the stories and not vice versa).

See you on the servers!


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Xbox 360
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Xbox 360
Offered by BLINQ
Price: $10.99
226 used & new from $0.38

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4.0 out of 5 stars Arguably the best co-op game to date. Here's why..., June 1, 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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Overall, if you love co-op games, you'll enjoy this. If you like co-op military shooters, this is a must have in your collection. I haven't completed the single player campaign yet, but so far, it's enjoyable. Intense firefights mixed with visceral military story telling make for a fun romp. Otherwise, it's pretty much what you'd expect. I do LOVE the ability to customize loadouts prior to each campaign. That's a nice twist. This review is more about the MP. First...


Graphics are weak. Character movement and the environment are amazing, but look weak. I'm a huge BF3 fan, so graphics are hard to compare (nobody does warfare outside like DICE). Graphics can ruin a game for me, but this falls WAY short of that. Think Homfront. Visually, that's where I put GR:FS. But that's where the similarity ends.

The servers haven't been the most stable. Many games can have 15 second lag. Yes, 15 seconds! You can get kicked out of games randomly (due to "server unavailable"), and Host migrations are common. That said, I was told the developers are working to improve the servers and decrease the drops. Not shocking, but still frustrating.

Weapon leveling is a little slow. This can be argued as a good thing, though. Sometimes it's nice to master one weapon before moving to another. But, if you love your choices, this won't be for you, especially initially. Individual weapon customization, on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the spectrum. You can customize EVERY aspect of the weapon (e.g. trigger, gas system, muzzle, etc). I haven't messed around with it enough but it seems good.

Kinect features STINK!!! Personally, I think Kinect is the most over-hyped, under-performing piece of technology of the new century. You can customize your weapon 10 times faster with the controller than with the Kinect. You'll probably turn it off like I did. Only Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 have effectively integrated Kinect and that only due to voice commands!

There are other petty annoyances, but these outline what I consider to be the most irritating.


Co-op, co-op, co-op! Play the lone wolf and you will die. Try to be the one-man army and your team WILL lose. And to encourage co-op play, GR rewards you like no other game to date (that I'm aware of). Comparison: in BF3, if you spot an enemy and he dies, you get 10 points and the guy killing him gets 100. Hardly fair since he probably wouldn't have killed the enemy without your help in the first place. In GR:FS, if you spot an enemy and he dies, you get 200-300 points and the teammate actually killing the enemy gets 50-75 (plus potential bonuses for headshots, stopping streaks, killing from cover, etc)! I've completed many a round with the top score having hardly shot a single bullet. This may sound boring to some, but surprisingly it isn't, especially when you hear in your ear "I see him," from a teammate then watch the enemy take a bullet and stagger to his death while your teammate closes with "got'em." The occassional "thanks" is nice but redundant.

Play is very tactical. This is a negative for some, because many (if not most) FPS gamers just want to drop in, run around like a chicken with its head chopped off, firing round after round, getting kills, getting killed, hizzah! That's COD or Halo. And that's fine! Those are 2 incredibly fun franchises to play. BF3 introduced a greater level of tactical/strategic play, but GR takes it to a "whole 'nother" level. The cover to cover dash feather is spot on; definitely reminiscent of Gears of War, but more valuable and deadly. The ability to see incoming enemies while in third person cover then ambush them is intense (and frightening when you're the "enemy" making that mad dash). So you take your time and plot your next move, waiting for engineers to throw sensors or pilot their UAV into the battle zone. What if the enemy throws a sensor in your area? Never fear, your teammate tosses an EMP grenade to take it out. MOVE OUT!


Don't get this game if you're the kind of gamer where frustration leads to "rage quit." Don't get this expecting to dominate like you do in the umpteenth installment of COD. And please... PLEASE... don't get this if you don't plan to "play nice with others." Use your mic. Party-up with people using their mics and you will dominate as a team. AS A TEAM! I've already met many wonderful gamers and shared many wonderful victories and wallowed in self-pity after many defeats only to strategize our next approach.

There is so much I have surely forgotten to mention, but one thing is for sure: this is a must have for any serious gamer who loves the enjoyment of cooperative play.

I'll see you on the battlefield... but you may not see me.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - PC
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - PC
Offered by knightdiscounts
Price: $13.24
24 used & new from $4.48

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The little game that could... and does!, April 28, 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Others have written more extensive and technical reviews (and I may still), but here's the "short": If you like the humor and whimsy of Fable and the amazing variety of quests and creatures and world of Skyrim, then this game is for you. Having just poured 200+ hours into Dark Souls and Skyrim, the artistic style of Kingdoms was a little off-putting. Then I "stopped to smell the roses" (or black cohash, really... you'll know what I mean when you play it). When you stop and look around, the scenery and overall artwork of every nook and cranny of this world is absolutely amazing. It's the land of the Fae, not the nords (or the dead for you Dark Souls fans... favorite game EVER, btw). The colors are vibrant and the land is just jammed with beauty. It truly truly is an fantastic world they have created. Even the caves can be stunning, dripping with the history of this war-torn world. This is arguably Todd MacFarlane's best work since Spawn. My only "negative" around the game's appearance would be the characters. While the voice acting is superb (SUPERB), interactions with NPC's can be annoyingly static. Most characters are interesting to look at and highly varied (and often comical in content), but they are mannequins. I prefer the Assassins Creed style interactions but realize this a limitaion with current memory restrictions of games (thank you consoles for limiting development... I'm not a hater since I have an Xbox, but I'm seeing the effects on gaming as a whole). I can't stress how big this world is. Not Tamriel big, but pretty darn big. Our analogy would be: not China big, but US big. And that's big!

The story seems fine to me. It's crafted by R.A. Salvatore who is no fantasy lightweight. While I'm not a HUGE fan of his work, he knows the world of fantasy and it shows. Regardless, I'm engaged. And that's all that matters. Originality is lacking in the art and culture of our world today (theatrically speaking, and I place games in that category). So to tell a somewhat "old" story but with new visuals and other components is not a total negative to me. If you talk to every NPC exhaustively, you'll pick up on character plots that have you mouthing, "oh, no!" And while I'm sure I save the day in the end, I'm anxious to take each step along the way. Again, that's all that matters.

The fighting mechanics are a giddy joy especially after my most recent RPG's (Skyrim and Dark Souls... I won't mention Fallout New Vegas... EVER). Whether you like ranged attacks, medium attacks, or "in your face so I can watch the light leave your eyes" attacks, you can appropriately build a powerful character. So far, I don't get the impression that "dang I wish I had chosen <insert alternate fighting style." All classes are evenly capable of winning as long as you play them accordingly. Don't tank a troll while wearing mage's garb. Just don't.

Perhaps the BEST thing about this game is that you don't need to take my or anyone else's word about it; PC and Xbox have demos that allow you to thoroughly test-drive this game (I'm sure PS3 does to). You play the tutorial level (which sets the story as well) then you have 45 minutes to play in the open world (with some minor restrictions). I replayed the open world portion several times to see which style of play I liked. Not to brag, but Gandalf would come to me for advice (yeah, I crossed that geekdom line a long time ago). If you're a PC gamer, I would even more highly encourage you to play the demo since it unlocks several in-game items for when you buy it (notice I say "when").

Sadly, this game lives in the shadow of Skyrim which is mostly due to the timing of its launch. And let's face it, Skyrim is beyond amazing. If you stop this comparison and enjoy the art and mechanics of Kingdoms for its own sake, I think you'll agree that this game is arguably one of the greatest and most pleasant surprises this past year.

Game on! Scoreboard Boogerwood!

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